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Abhigya TS:Its All About Trust[COMPLETED]

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Hey my dear readers I am here with my another work on Abhigya.This story is based on the current track.Enjoy reading and let me know about your reviews.
                        Abhigya TS:Its All About Trust.


Pragya sat in her room as tears fell from her eyes continuously as Tanu's words continued to ring in her ears.She can't believe that the relation which kept her fighting everyday even after facing all the insult,haters and hurts from her loved ones ended last night by her own hands.All the moments which she spend with Abhi till last night flashed infront of her eyes and she closed her eyes tightly as she know all those moments will never happen again.She couldn't believe in-spite her hardwork Tanu won just like that.All those sacrifices,all those pain now became useless.Just then Bulbul's death,her Maa's accident,her won near death incidents flashed infront of  her eyes and she opened her eyes with determination.
''No I won't let her win.After facing all this problems and nearly loosing my mom i won't let her win''said pragya to herself and wiped her tears.Then she stood up from the bed and left to Akash's room.

Once she entered Akash room she saw Rachana,Akash and Purab sitting with sad and tensed face.Purab was the first to notice her presence and stood up with panic seeing her red eyes and dull face.
''Di are you alright?''asked purab and Pragya looked purab.
''I am fine Purab.But if we didn't act soon.No one will be fine''said pragya 
''But bhabhi what happened?''asked Akash.
''I signed the divorce papers last night when i was drunk Akash''said pragya shocking everyone as they can't understand how she come to know about this.
''Di how did you come to know about this?''asked purab.
''Tanu told me purab and now we have only one and finally plan to get the truth out of her''said pragya and others looked her in confusion.
''What plan di?''asked Rachana.
''I will tell you Rachu.But where is daadi?''asked pragya.
''Actually she left to meet Abhi Jiju''said Rachana.
''For what?''asked pragya and purab answered with hesitation.
''Actually di before few minutes i talked with Abhi and he told me everything that happened last night and when i informed daadi she got angry and left to meet Abhi''said purab.
''Okay then.Once she comes i will tell you about my plan''said pragya and everyone was surprised to see her this calm even after knowing about what happened last night.
''Di are you actually alright?'asked purab and pragya looked purab with confusion.
''Ofcourse I am alright Purab.Why won't I?''asked pragya.
''Woh Di i am just surprised to see you so calm even after knowing about your and Abhi's divorce''said purab and pragya gave him a sad smile.
''Well what you expect Purab?That i will be broken or crying tons of tears over his betrayal.No purab i am not going to be that girl anymore.Yes i am hurt now and his betrayal is literally killing me.But this time i won't let the hurt consume me and break me.This time I am the one who is going to win Purab''said Pragya with determination.Seeing her determination everyone smiled a little ,but Rachana can see her pain and she gave her hug and pragya hugged her tightly.
''Everything will be fine soon di.Whatever happens we are with you''said Rachana in a soft voice and pragya nodded.
''I know Rachu''said Pragya and they decided to wait for daadi.
Daadi was sitting in her room waiting  for Abhi to arrive in anger and disbelief that out of all people her own grandson would do something like this.She was really hurt by his actions but she didn't know how she is going to console his lovely bahu when she will come to know how her own husband betrayed her like this.But first she have to talk to her grandson and teach him a lesson.She really had enough of his actions and today she will set him right.Just then she saw Abhi entering her room and sh stood up from the bed and looked him with anger.
''Daadi what you asked me meet you as soon as possible?''asked Abhi and the next moment he felt a burning pain on his left cheek as daadi slapped him hard.
''Daadi..?''asked Abhi in shock and confusion why daadi slapped him out of blue and now he also noticed how angry she was looking.
''How could you do this to my bahu Abhi?How could you take advantage of  pragya's drunken condition and make her sign divorce papers.?''shouted Daadi in anger and Abhi stood speechless as he didn't know how to answer her.
''I can't believe you are my grandson Abhi.Did you even know how much pragya loves you and what all she sacrificed for you.I can't believe out of all people you will be this selfish and manipulative.I really glad today that you parents died before seeing the true colors of their son.Because if they are alive now they would have felt ashamed to have a son like you.''said daadi and Abhi felt someone stabbed him in his hearts by her words.
''Daadi please let me explain''said Abhi as his eyes got moist hearing her hurtful words but he know he deserved this for betraying a innocent girl like pragya.
''No Abhi I am really tired of all your lies and excuses.From today you are not my grandson and I am not your daadi.Do whatever you want and marry whomever you want.But just keep this in mind Abhi once you marry that selfish Tanu and will leave this house and will ever let you know where I am.''said daadi and left the room before Abhi could replay and Abhi sat on the couch as tears rolled down his cheeks as daadi's words continued to ring in his ears.
''I am sorry daadi.I am sorry.But i really didn't have any choice''said Abhi as he broken down completely.
Daadi entered Akash room after talking with Abhi.She was too hurt after talking with Abhi knowing how much her words hurted him.But she know whatever she said was true and now Abhi has to learn how to treat pragya and not take her for granted.As she entered the room she saw pragya sitting on the bed resting her head on Rachana's shoulder with closed eyes.Akash was the first to notice daadi.
''Daadi how it went?''asked Akash and hearing this everyone looked at daadi.seeing daadi pragya's eyes got moist and daadi came and sat beside pragya taking her in her arms seeing her moist eyes.As she soon daadi's arms encircled her pragya finally broke down completely feeling her motherly touch and comfort.
''Shhh beta calm down.He is not worth your tears''said daadi caressing her back softly.
''How could he do this to me daadi.After all the things i done to and for him he just used me to get want he want when i was not even in my sense.I did everything in my power to prove my love for him daadi and even i sacrificed many of my loved ones for him.Even after all this why can't he see how much i love him.Am i destinied to be unloved forever by my husband daadi?''asked pragya and everyone's eyes got moist hearing the raw pain in her voice.Daadi pulled her out of her arms and cupped pragya's face in her hands and wiped her tears softly.
''No beta.Don't ever talk like that.You are the most selfless and loving girl i have ever seen in my life and anyone would be lucky to you as their life partner and have your love.Well Abhi is really unlucky to not realise this.Now i want you to be strong beta.I know you are hurting but if we let this marriage happen then we can't do anything.All this time i wanted the truth to be exposed because i wanted both of you to be happy .But now i want the truth to be exposed so that Abhi will realise the mistake he made and i want to see you in peace soon beta.So we have to do something and expose Tanu soon''said daadi and pragya nodded.
''You are right daadi and i already have a plan.But we need some help for that''said pragya looking everyone.
''What is the plan bhabhi?''asked Akash and pragya explained her plan to everyone.
''Nice plan di.But are you sure this will work?''asked purab and pragya nodded.
''I am sure purab.Knowing Tanu i am sure she will react just like we want once i execute my plan''said pragya.
''Okay di if you are so confident about this then i we trust you.We will do as you say''said Rachana and pragya gave her a small smile.
''Thanks Rachu.''said pragya and Rachana just smiled.
''Okay guys now i will leave.I really want to go to temple to calm my mind i will be back soon''said pragya and others nodded knowing she need some peace after whatever happened.
''Ok bhabhi.I will drop you in the temple.''said Akash but pragya shook her head negatively.
''No Akash i will take the taxi.Thanks for the offer though''said pragya with a smile and Akash nodded his head in understanding.
''But please careful beta''said Daadi with concern and pragya nodded.
''I will daadi.I will see you all in the evening''said pragya and left to her room to take her mobile and purse.
Pragya entered her room and went to the bathroom to fresh up and once she came out she took her purse from the wardrobe and mobile from the table and was about to leave the room when Abhi entered with a sad face and red eyes.As soon as Abhi's eyes landed on pragya she came see the guilt in them.
''Pragya can we talk?''asked Abhi deciding to tell her everything and apologise for what he did.Though Abhi know he didn't deserve her forgiveness he can't live with this guilt which was killing him slowly.
''About what?''asked pragya and Abhi flinched feeling the coldness in her voice.
''Pragya I am sure by now you know what i did last night and i want to apologise for it.I know what i did was a big mistake pragya but please forgive me.You have to understand why i did this.I didn't have any other choice.Please pragya forgive me''said Abhi with guilt and pain and pragya just gave him a blank look.
''You want my forgiveness?''asked pragya and Abhi nodded.
''Yes pragya''said Abhi.
''Okay i forgive you''said pragya  and Abhi looked her in shock.
''You forgive me?''asked Abhi and pragya nodded.
''Yes.That's what you want right.so i forgive you.Anything else you want to say?''asked pragya.
''No pragya.But..''said Abhi.
''If you didn't have anything else to say then i will leave as i have to go out''said pragya and started to leave the room while Abhi looked her in shock.But as pragya reached the door she stopped and looked back at Abhi and gave him a bitter smile.
''And yea congrats for your and Tanu's wedding''said pragya and left the room closing the room leaving a stunned Abhi behind.Abhi didn't know how to react seeing the coldness in her for him and he understood he really did hurted to the core this time and punched the wall as he didn't know how to make up to her.
Pragya entered the temple covered her head and closed her joining her hands once she reached the statue.
''Hey maa plase give me strength for what  I am going to do.I really want your support this time and please don't let me down this time.This is my last chance to reveal the true colors of Tanu.Please help me maa i really can't tolerate another defeat anymore''prayed pragya silently to the god and opened her and took the prasad  from pandit.

Once pragya came out of the temple she decided to visit the park as she was not ready to enter that house again soon and left to the park which was in walk able distance from the temple.As she entered the park she smiled seeing small children playing and smiled at their innocence and sat on a beach under a tree and just looked around the park.Just then she saw a street dog laying under a tree and from its condition its clear that it didn't have good food  for many days.seeing the innocent creature in hungry pragya's heart melted and she decided to buy some food for it.From her childhood pragya always wanted to open a animal care foundation so that she can provide shelter for animals like them.But she never got the chance to star one as she never had enough money for that.so whenever she saw street dog and wounded animals she never failed to help them as much as she could.
After few minutes Pragya reached the dog with some food water and a plastic bowl.Then she kept the bowl on the grass and got the attention of the dog by whistling.As she expected the dog looked her immediately and she signaled it to come near her.After few moments of hesitation the dog started to get up and started to walk towards her limping.Only then she saw the wound on the dog's left leg and it looked fresh as the blood was still wet.She decided to feed the dog  first and take it to hospital.
Once the dog came near her she petted it  for few moments and then she fed the dog with  food and water.Once the dog ate and drank the water it came near her and licked her hands and pragya smiled at this gesture.
''You are welcome dear.Now lets take you to a doctor''said pragya and left the park as the dog  followed her.
Once pragya reached the hospital she showed the dog to the doctor and the dog assured her that the dog is completely fine expected the wound on its leg which will heal in few days.Then she gave the doctor some money requesting him to hand over the dog to some animal care and left the hospital once the doctor promised he will do as he asked.
Pragya entered the mehra mansion from the hospital and left to her room to change the clothes.After taking a bath and changing her clothes pragya sat on the couch in the balcony and started to read a novel.Pragya who was lost in the novel didn't even notice Rachana entering the room and sitting on the chair near the couch.Rachana felt good seeing the small smile playing on pragya's lip and became glad that her di was feeling little bit good now.
''Di''called Rachana placing a hand on pragya's leg and pragya looked her from the book.
''Arrey Rachu what are you doing here?''asked pragya with a smile.
''Woh di i just came to tell you that i spoke to doctor and she said she will take care of everything''said Rachana and pragya smiled.
''Thanks Rachana.''said pragya and Rachana nodded.
''Okay di lets go and have some dinner.Daadi is waiting  for you''said Rachana and pragya left the room to have dinner with others.
Pragya stoop up from the chair after finishing the dinner and turned to go to her room when she saw Abhi coming running down the stairs with tensed face and when she pragya standing in the kitchen he came running and hugged her tightly surprising her and others.Pragya who was first shocked pushed Abhi slightly once she came out of shock.
''What are you doing Abhishek?''asked pragya with a glare.
''Pragya are you alright?''asked Abhi ignoring her question and glare.
''Ofcourse I am fine.Why won't i ?''asked pragya in confusion.
''Then why there are blood stains in your saree which you wore this morning?''asked Abhi and this got everyone's attention.
''What blood stai...?''asked pragya but then she realised it must be the blood stains of  the dog which she helped.
''That blood is not mine.Its a dog which i helped in the park today''said pragya and everyone breathed in relief.
''Now if you are finished questions me can i go and sleep?''asked pragya and Abhi felt like he was slapped seeing her irritation and nodded.Then pragya left to her  to change and sleep.
Next afternoon Abhi entered the house with Tanu from shopping and saw Pragya sitting on the sofa in the hall with packed bag on the floor.seeing the packed bags Abhi got tensed and Tanu smiled in victory.
''So finally you decidec to leave the house pragya?''asked Tanu with a cunning smile.But pragya smiled seeing her and stood up from the sofa.
''Why should I leave MY house Tanu?''asked Pragya and Tanu's smile left her face.
''well you and Abhi and divorced so then how can you stay in this house?''asked Tanu and pragya smiled again.
''Tanu,Tanu,Tanu.You are really innocent you know.Just because Abhi divorced me doesn't mean i will leave the house you know.Actually Abhi divorcing  me helped me a lot you know.Because from now i don't have to waste my money on unnecessary people like you,his sister.''said pragya still with a smile and Tanu looked her now with nervousness.
''What are you saying?''asked Tanu and by now everyone joined them in the hall including Aaliya and Mithali.
''Well i will tell you clearly.I want you and Aaliya to leave the house this moment packing all your things and if Abhi want to join you he can with pleasure''said Pragya shocking everyone.
''What...but how could ..no you cannot do this''said Tanu and pragya smiled seeing her panicked state.
''Oh Tanu but i will do as i said because i can as this is my property.so why should i keep you in this house when i don't have any relationship with Abhi anymore?''asked pragya and Tanu was shocked as she never expected this from pragya.
''But how could you do this to a pregnant woman?''asked Tanu.
''Well why should i care Tanu.You are not my sister or relative to care about you and your so called child.so take your bags and leave now.''said pragya and then looked at Aaliya.
''And yea you too leave with her.I already packed both of your bag to help you know''said pragya with a extra sweet smile.
Abhi who stood silently all this time decided to speak as he had enough of  her .
''Stop it pragya.I had enough.''said Abhi and pragya turned and looked him with a raised eyebrow.
''I never thought you will be this selfish and throw out us out of the house.You really don't care about me or my child?''asked Abhi and Pragya laughed a little.
''Abhi why should i care about you anymore.I mean when you decided to divorce me why should i even care a bit about you.And even if i care about you why should i care about her child which is not even your's in the first place''said Pragya shocking everyone.And Tanu eyes got wide as she never thought that pragya will tell the truth in front of everyone like this when she didn't any proof  to prove this.
''What the hell are you talking about?Ofcourse this is Abhi's child.How could you even talk about me like this pragya.Just because i am staying in this house doesn't mean i will let you talk bad about my and Abhi's child badly''said Tanu and started to shed her fake tears which made pragya roll her eyes at her crocodile tears.
''Oh please Tanu stop your acting will you.I am really tired of this.If you hurt because of my house then leave this house''said pragya and daadi,Rachana,purab and Akash tried hard not to smile seeing the fablous acting of their pragya. 
''Pragya enough i won't hear another word about my baby anymore''said Abhi and pragya looked him with a glare.
''Why Abhi?Why should i stop?As i said before this baby is not even yours.Why don't you believe me when i say this is not your baby?''asked Pragya.
''I don't believe because Tanu will never lie about something like this.So stop your heartless talks''said Abhi and pragya shrugged.
''Then leave my house this moment if  you can't hear anything bad about your child''said pragya and Abhi glared at her.
''Okay pragya we will leave''said Abhi shocking Tanu.
''Abhi what are you saying?why should we leave?''asked Tanu and pragya smiled seeing her plan started to work.
''Tanu after hearing all this insults about the baby i can't stay in this house anymore.I can take of you and the baby even without this money so take your bag we are leaving this moment''said Abhi looking pragya with glare.
''No Abhi i won't leave this house.I mean this is your house why should i leave when i am carrying your baby?''asked Tanu folding her hands on her chest.
''Tanu you want to say in this house even after she spoke all those thinks about our baby?''asked Abhi in disbelief.
''Ofcourse she will stay here Abhi.Afterall she only wants this money and luxury na?Thats the reason she is claiming the baby is yours when its really Nikhil's''said pragya and Tanu looked her in shock.When Abhi opened his mouth to protest pragya stopped him.
''I know Abhi you won't believe me.That's why i collected evidence''said pragya and she took a two folders which was on the table.Then she placed those floders in his hand.
''This is the DNA test of  her baby which i did to find out the truth.One folder has the results which i did with your hair and another with Nikhil's now you can see the test results by yourself''said Pragya and Abhi opened the folders and when he checked the result he was shocked to fond out that the baby's DNA matched with Nikhil's not with his.He couldn't believe what he is seeing and turned to look Tanu.
''What the hell is all this Tanu?''asked Abhi and Tanu's didn't know how to escape from the situation when she was caught red handed.
''Abhi you are doubting me over this simple test.I am sure she made this fake test results by giving money to the doctor''said Tanu.
''Oh really so you are saying that your mother is a fake doctor?''asked pragya and Tanu looked her in shock.
''What?''asked Tanu and just then Tanu's mom entered the hall with her father.
''Mom ,dad what are you doing here?''asked Tanu in shock and they just looked her with hater and glare.
''Well i will answer your question Tanu.Actually its is your own mom who did the DNA test of your baby.So if you claim that the report is fake then are you telling your own mother is liar?''asked Pragya and Tanu stood in shock as she didn't even know what to do now.Just then Tanu's mother went to her and slapped her hard.
''I can't believe you are my daughter.How could you play with all this people's feeling  just to satisfy your selfish needs.I felt ashamed that i gave birth to you.From this moment you are not my daughter and don't even enter my house again.''said Tanu's mom in anger and turned towards other.
''Whatever Pragya saying is true.The Baby which Tanu is carrying is not Abhi's but Nikhil's.so Abhi leave this characterless woman for good''said Tanu's mom.
''Thank you so much for you help aunty''said Pragya to Tanu's mom and she nodded.
''Its okay beta.You don't have to thank me.Its I am who should say sorry as my daughter destroyed your life''said Tanu's mom.
''Please Aunty don't apologize for something you didn't do.''said pragya .
''Okay beta we will leave now and if you need any help you can call me any time you want''said Tanu's mom and pragya nodded with a small smile.
''Sure Aunty.Uncle thanks for suppoting me''said Pragya looking at Tanu's father.
''Its okay beta.We just did what is right.''said Tanu's father and left the house with Tanu's mom.Once they left Pragya turned and looked at Tanu with a victory smile.
''So Tanu do you have anything left to say?''asked Pragya and Tanu looked down in defeat.
''Now Tanu i want another help from you.''said Pragya and Tanu looked her confusion.
''Don't be confused i will tell you what the help is.Now i want you to confess all the crimes you and Aaliyah did from the beginning .Otherwise i will make sure the whole world know what you did and get you arrested.you know i can do did with money like you said just before.so what are you going to do?''asked pragya.
''I will tell everything.But please don't put me behind the bars.''begged Tanu and pragya nodded.
''I will.Now tell everyone all the truth''said pragya and Tanu confessed everything what her and Aaliya did till now.
Once she finished telling everything Abhi looked her in disbelief .Then he sat on the sofa as he felt he couldn't stand from all the shock he is going through.
''You guys can come in now''said Pragya and the police entered with Purvi.Once purvi saw pragya she ran and hugged her tight.
''Thank you so much for helping me di''said purvi and pragya smiled nad kissed her forehead.
''Its okay purvi.From now you can live in peace as everyone know you are innocent''said pragya and purvi nodded.
''Now inspector arrest both of them now''said pragya and Tanu looked her in shock.
''What?But you said you will not get me arrested''said Tanu and pragya smiled at her.
''Well i lied.Take them inspector and Akash give the inspector the video that Tanu just confessed''said Pragya and Akash with a nod removed the memory card from his phones and gave it to the inspector after taking a copy in his laptop.Then the police dragged Tanu and Aaliya out of the house.
Once they left the house pragya took a deep breath and turned towards Abhi and looked at him.Abhi on the other hand looked her with tears in his eyes.He felt really ashamed for not believing her all this time and couldn't believe she went to the extend of changing her own self to make him see the truth.Then pragya look a file from the table and forwarded it to Abhi.
''This file contains all your property papers.I changed all your properties in your name''said pragya and placed the file near him when he didn't respond.
''So there is no need for this papers anymore''said purab and took the divorce papers which pragya signed from his pocket and daadi smiled seeing this.
''Arrey beta how did you get this?''asked Daadi and purab smiled.
''Well i called lawyer  yesterday and threaten him to give the papers back.So he gave me back ''said purab with a smile.
''That good purab.Now please tear those paper.It gave us really a big trouble''said Akash and purab went to tear it with a nod when pragya's voice stopped her.
''No purab don't.I want this divorce''said pragya shocking everyone and Abhi felt like someone pulled his life out of his body hearing this.

-To Be Continued.

With Love,


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super awesome start buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!  you left it at a cliff hanger plz continue super soon!!! =)                    plz plz plz =)  
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Awesome start ,Scarlett :)
Continue soon ..
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Amazing start!! I loved how in just one chapter Tanu and Aliya;s truth came out, and I wish they did this in the show!! I wonder why Pragya wants a divorce? I hope her and Abhi decide not to and stay happy together!! Thanks for the PM, and update soon!!!ClapThumbs Up
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amazing as always!! 
Thank You for the PM.
Continue soon SmileSmile
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Nice sotry and do continue!

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