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Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan
Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan

MANAN FF DESTINED LOVE STORY #2 last part pg 146 updated (Page 95)

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Part 19

It was late in the night when Mukti Aliya was helping Nandini packing her stuff, Manik came out in the balcony and make a call. 
The phone was ringing on the other side but no one  was picking up. 
'Common Dad pick up pick up.. I know you might be sleeping but this is urgent... I wouldn't mind disturbing your sleep today...' Manik was murmuring to himself. 
The phone went on the voicemail. 

He cuts it and dialed again. 
It was ringing still. After few rings someone picked up. 
"Hello... Who is this at this time of the night..." The person didn't check the caller ID.  
"Dad it's me... Manik..." He answered. 
"Manik.. Are you alright.. Where were you all this time... I was worried for you... No calls no messages... And this time of the night... Every thing ok... Tum Theek Tou ho naa" He panicked and started darting questions on him. 
"Dad dad relax..l I'm fine and everything is alright... I just woke you up to inform you that I'm coming..." He gives the heads up. 
"Manik... Since when did you started informing me that you are coming to Pune... You never did... So tell me what's the actual reason... Why did you wake me up in the night to give this information... Say it clearly..." Mr Malhotra came to the point. 
He knew it that his dad will figured it out that Manik is hiding something. So he decided to tell him the truth. 

Nandini was watching manik talking on the phone from the glass window while giving the stuff to Mukti and Aliya. 
She couldn't hear him talk but she can see that it's something very serious. And she prayed that everything went well when they reach Pune. 

Outside when manik said everything , his dad said. 
"Ok Manik... Come straight home and meet me in the morning... I need to make some arrangements and I have to call an emergency board meeting... And also I have to take care of something very important... So don't go anywhere else other than home... Do you get that..." He asked Manik in a very strict and firm tone. 
"Yes dad I understand... And I will see You in the morning..."  

After confirming he hang up the phone. When he came inside the room the suitcases were ready for both Manik and Nandini.
Nandini asked by her eyes is everything fine he showed his thumbs up to her. 
"Guys I will go and load up the car so that I can go on straight till we reached without taking any stops..." Manik took the car keys from the table. 

"Manik you wait here.. I will go... Abhi abhi tune bola naa Ki you want to be alert and cautious.. Just for the safe side... You never know who is keeping an eye on us..." Dhruv interfered and offered his help..

Manik side hugged him and let him go. He thought he can rely on his friends at any time of his life. 
Till than they took out all the bags out and makes plans of when to leave in the morning. In the meanwhile Manik gulped down a full can of energy drink to stay awake for 3-4 hours so that he can sleep after they reached. 

After Dhruv came back loading up the car with gas and oil... Saying bye to all they left the flat. Manik and Cabir makes sure that there is no one watching or awake to see their moves. 

On the way Nandini was enjoying the cool breeze flowing from the Windows. When they were outside the city limits Nandini asked. 
"Sab theek hai naa... You talk to dad right did he say anything..." 
Manik was concentrating on the road but turned around and gave a smile to her. 
"Of course sweetie... Everything is fine I just want to give a heads up to dad that we are coming..." He said. 
"But Manik why did you wake him up this late... What if he gets worried... " na felt bad to disturb his dad's sleep. 

"It's fine Nandini... I have to wake him up because it was important to let him know about us so that he will be prepared for everything... And that he won't be surprised to see is together... Samjhi Tum... Ab ziyada soncho mutt... And take some rest... It's gonna take 3 hours to reach... Ok.." He said holding her hand and giving a kiss on her knuckles. 
She gave a big assuring smile and relaxed resting her head on the back of the seat. 

When they reached Pune it was 4am in the morning everyone was asleep in the mansion including Nandini in the car. Manik parked the car in front and checked that Nandini was sleeping like a baby with her mouth  a little open. He came out and opened her door and lift her up in his arms. 
Watchman came running and opened the front entrance for them.  

Manik gave the watchman instructions to bring their luggage from the car and went straight to his room upstairs. He put her down on the bed without disturbing her sleep. After changing he went to bed too , to get some sleep as it's going to be a busy day ahead. 

Next morning Mr Rohit Malhotra was sitting on the couch with the news paper after finishing his breakfast. 
Mr Rohit Malhotra is a man with high dignity and high caliber. He is the owner of Malhotra group of industries which is one of the top 5 leading companies of India. He built this whole empire alone with his capability, his hard work and his sharp brains. He is a shrewd businessman, but he failed in leading a happy family life... That's because he misjudged the person he loved... He couldn't understand the real motive of that person... He was torn when his simplicity was misused by this greedy , manipulative and a very cunning woman. But he always stayed calm because of Manik. Now that Manik is a superstar and famous.. He has his own fame  Mr Malhotra can take the step he was waiting to take since a long time. He can give what he wanted to since a long time. He cannot return his son's childhood which was lost in between their parents tiff. But he will try to at least to give him a secure life for his future. 

His caretaker brought his vitamins with a cup of tea and a glass of water. 
The care taker was an old woman in her 60's who looks after Manik's dad for a long time. She also loves Manik a lot. 
"Rohit... Manik aaya hai Kya raat mein... Maine uski gadi dekhi hai bahar..." She asked handling him the tea. 
"Yes Aasha tai... He came and he came with a huge surprise for us..." Rohit seems happy when he said that. 
"Kaisa surprise..." She was excited to know too. 
"Iss baar Woh apni patni ke saath aaya hai... " he said.
"Matlab..." She asked. 
"Matlab yeh ke usne shaadi kar li hai... Aur apni patni ko saath laya hai..." He explained. 
"Aap sach keh rahe hai naa... Manik ne sach mein shaadi kar li hai..." 

Aasha tai was excited as well as happy to hear the good news. 
"Haan Haan Aasha tai dad bilkul sach keh rahe hai... Maine shaadi kar li hai..." Manik came down from the stairs and ran and hugged his father. His dad also patted his back with affection.

Nandini also followed Manik and  went forward and bend down to take his blessings. 
"It's ok it's ok... God bless you... So you are that girl... Jiske liye mera beta deewana ho Gaya tha..." Mr Malhotra put a hand on her head. 
Nandini blushed and felt embarrassed by his comment.
"Don't be embarrassed... I'm glad that you came back in his life... I'm relieved now... " he side hugged Nandini. 
Manik smiled and felt elated hearing his dad's comment. He is glad that his dad liked her. 
Nandini bend and took the blessings of Aasha tai too. She also blessed her with moist eyes being happy for Manik. 

"Ok now tell me something... Who else knows that you are married..." Manik's dad asked turning to him. 
"My four friends, Nandini's amms and two of her colleagues... But why dad... Is something wrong..." Manik was now worried. 

"No nothing is wrong... But you know naa whenever your marriage news comes  out in open than you know what will happen... Specially Nyonika... When she will get to know than she will try to harm any one of you or both of you... So I have to take a drastic step..." Mr Malhotra said sitting on the couch. 

"I've called an emergency board meeting after lunch to announce something... So both of you get ready for that..." He said looking at both of them one by one. 
"But dad why do you need us in the meeting..." Manik asked. 
"It's for both of you... I can't give you the details now... So just get ready and come to the office in an hour... I have somethings to take care of... So I'm  leaving now..." He added. 

"Cabir Dhruv Aliya and Mukti are on their way here... They want us to get married again with all the rituals and traditions..." Manik informed him. 
"That's a good news... Even I was not present in your wedding... I will get a chance to attend it too..." Mr Malhotra got excited hearing about the marriage. 
 Mr Malhotra left for office and Manik and Nandini went to their room to get ready. 

Nandini choose a red saree with white border and matching blouse to wear decided to leave her hair open. She was standing in front of the mirror and was doing her make up when Manik came out of the washroom bare chest in just a towel drying his hair. Nandini didn't notice but he saw her and quietly walked behind her and frame his arms around her naked waist. His hard chest was brushing her bare back. 
Nandini startled by his action. 
"Manik... Tumne Mujhe Dara diya..." She said patting his hands on her waist. 

He rest his chin on her shoulder and watched her from the mirror. 
"You are looking hot in the saree... This is the first time I'm seeing you in the saree... " he tighten his hold on her waist and she gasped  by his gesture. 
"Manik... Kya kar rahe ho... Dad said that we have to be in the office in one hour.. We will be late... Please get ready..." She tried to open his grip but his hold was very tight. 

"Tum office aise chalne waali ho..." He asked looking at her in the mirror.
"Haan..." She answered with a simple nod. 
He started dropping light kisses on her bare shoulder which was exposing due to the deep neck and an open back. 

"Oh no... I won't be able to control myself.. Agar Tum aise chalogi tou all my concentration will be on you... And I can't keep my eyes off of you... No no you have to change..." He nagged like a child. 
"Manik Kya bachon jaisi baatien kar rahe ho..." She got mad now.

"Bachon jaisi baatien... Acha  Bache yeh sab karte hai..." He turned her around and started his kissing session. He dug his face on her neck and gave an open mouth and hard kiss there sucking on her skin. 
She hissed with pleasure. 
He trail small yet seductive kisses from her shoulder to her ear followed to her jaws and cheek. 
She hold his shoulders. And whispers. 

"Manik... " 
"Bache yeh bhi karte hai Kya..." He whispered slowly and slammed his lips on her half open mouth and sucked her strawberry flavored lipgloss totally. Her fingers automatically followed in his hair pulling his face more closer to her responding equally.  
They kissed each other thoroughly. When Both of them were out of breath they left there mouth resting on  each other's forehead. 
"Nandini sach mein...Tum apni saree change karlo.. Seriously I won't be able to concentrate..." He said cupping her face. 
She gave a genuine smile to him and said. 

"Ok..." She understood his feelings and went to change. 
When she came back she was wearing a red and green combination anarkali suit with green churidar and matching dupatta. 

Red and green anarkali frock 

Manik was already ready in a grey suit with a black collared  shirt and was fixing his hair. 
He saw Nandini and gave a smile to her. 
"Ab theek hai... Now you're satisfied..." Nandini turned herself around and modeled herself to him. 
He hold her shoulders anf jerked her close to him. She collided with him resting her hands on his chest. 

"Aise modeling karogi tou we won't be able to reach in time for sure.." He bend down and kissed her cheek. 
"Kyun.." She tilted her head and gave him more access. 
"Kuch gadbad ho jaayegi..." He whispered coming so close to her lips. 
She understood his double meaning and pushed him away. 
"Nahi ... Dad will be upset.. Let's go..." She adjusted her hair and taking her dupatta all ready to go. 
"One minute..." He stopped her again on her way. 
She turned around to look at him. 
He walked slowly and went behind her back. 
He moved her hair to the side and touched her shoulder. She shivered by her touch. 
He grabbed the string and tied her Dori of her shirt. 
He bend down and gave a kiss on her shoulder. 
"Tumhari Dori khuli hui thi... " he said later. 
She smiled at his care for her and stood still. 
"Ab chalein..." He asked and they both came out. 
Manik and Nandini were in front of the building of Malhotra group of industries. 
The watchman came and took the car keys and take the car away. Manager of the company came and escorted them to the top main floor of the building where Mr Malhotra's office was situated and the conference rooms were also located. 

As they stepped out of the elevator the staff who was working on that floor greeted them , Manik and Nandini gave a traditional smile to each and every one. Though no one knows Nandini, but since she came with Manik all of them was giving respect to her. 
They went straight into Rohit Malhotra's office. 

There were two other people waiting for them with Malhotra. 
Manik and Nandini say their greeting to R.  Malhotra. 

"Manik and Nandini meet advocate Lalit Kumar, he is a well renowned lawyer of our nation. He is our lawyer for today's activities and also to make everything legal..." R Malhotra introduced them. 

They shook hands with each other. 
"And meet Mr. Chopra... Judge of High court..." Malhotra introduced the other elderly person. 
Manik and Nandini was a bit surprised but they thought that it's better to keep quiet. 

"Mr Malhotra.. The papers are ready they just have to sign it..." Lalit Kumar spread the papers on the table. 
"Manik Nandini you have to sign these papers..." Malhotra indicated to the papers. 

Manik looked at him with a questioning look. 
"Ohh... Let me give you the details, After signing these papers your marriage will be legalized and registered under Indian law... And because the judge and the lawyer both of them are here you don't have to go through all the legalities of the court and all..." Malhotra explained. 

Manik came forward and going through the papers for few seconds he signed it and indicated Nandini to signed it too...
After them Mr Rohit Malhotra, the lawyer and the judge also signed as the alibi. 

"Malhotra congratulations... According to Indian law they are legally married now..."
The judge shook hands with every one and congratulated  Manik and Nandini too. 
Nandini felt a relief that they are legally married now. 

Rohit Malhotra told the lawyer and the judge to wait in the conference room as the meeting is going to start in few minutes. 

Before going into the conference room Mr Rohit Malhotra told manik and Nandini. 
"Listen both of you... Whatever will happen in the board meeting... Make sure that you both say ok with my decision... When the meeting is done I will explain everything... But in the conference room do not say a word... Ok..." He looked at them for their answer. 

"But dad what are you planning... It seems like you are doing something very big.." Manik asked. 
"It is something big... But this way you both will be safe and your lives will be out of danger... No one will dare to touch you..." Mr Malhotra said confidently.

"As you say dad..." Manik agreed with him. 
They all gathered in the conference room. There were 21 people seated around the huge conference table with one file in front of them. Manik and Nandini were the one who were new to all the members.  

"Gentlemen... I called  this emergency meeting for a very important reason..." Mr Rohit Malhotra announced in the conference room sitting on his main chair. 
"You all know Manik Malhotra my son... He got married to this beautiful girl Nandini Murthy and according to Indian marriage law Nandini is now legally Nandini manik Malhotra..." He introduced Nandini to the board. And he also showed the marriage certificate which he ordered as soon as they signed it.
The board members applauded and congratulates them. 

"So as you see I called this meeting to announce something very important... As I am The main share holder of this company with 83% of shares I am transferring some of my shares to my son and my daughter in law and making them a part of this company too... Of course I will take care of the company in their absence... But still they will also be a part of this company..." Mr Rohit  Malhotra said. 

"Malhotra Saab... How much percent are you planning to transfer..." One of the board member Mr. Khanna in his 60's asked him. 
"As  I have 83% of shared I'm transferring 43% on both Manik and Nandini's name... Rest of the 40% will be mine still... And the left 17% will be all yours  equally..." Mr Malhotra said.  

"As per your decision... Manik and his wife will be the main share holder of this company ... Than what about your position Mr Malhotra ... " another member Mr Jindal asked. 

"They will not be a part of the day to day programs of the company... They will be a part of this company as the main share holder but I will manage it... And in any circumstances... After me my shares will automatically go to them... Than they will become the owner of this company and they will have the authority to buy your shares and make it as their own wholly ..." Mr Malhotra explained. 

Manik was taking in all the information what all his dad is giving. But on the other hand Nandini have no idea what is going on here... She was very confused, as she do not know a,b,c, of business...but as Rohit said to keep quiet and not to interfere, so she was just passing the time. 

"But Mr Malhotra why all of a sudden this change... Why do you want to give the maximum shares to them when they were not even involved in this..." Mr Jindal asked again.
"Woh Kya hai na Mr Jindal... One day or the other this was bound to happen... I was just waiting for my son to get married... So that I can take the major decision of my life... Manik being my son... All my property and my company shares will automatically be transferred to him... Now as he is married, it will be transferred to both of them... Simple..." Malhotra added. 

"Whoever agrees with me can sign these forms and make this deal final... The judge of the high court and my lawyer is going to be the witness of this deal. And whoever is thinking Otherwise and  do not agree... I will buy their shares and that member can be dismissed from this board..." Malhotra continued very firmly not giving any chance to think otherwise.

All the members agreed on the decision and they signed the papers to finalize the deal. One or two members who did not agreed, they too signed it with disheartened. 
Every member congratulated Manik and Nandini for being the half owner of the Malhotra group of industries. 

Manik was meeting everyone whole heartedly because he somewhat understands what just happen..
But Nandini was just smiling for the heck of it... Because she didn't understand anything at all.

They all came back to the mansion where rest of the fab 5 were already waiting for them with Navya.
Nandini hugged everybody one after the other. 
"Yaar... Yeh Tum log Office kyun Gaye thei... Kahin tere dad ne tujhe apne business se Aur jaayedaad se aaaq tou nahi kar diya Teri shaadi ki khabar sun kar..." Cabir asked making a joke. 
"What... Cabir.. Why would dad do that... But... Something opposite happened today..." Manik said excitingly and narrated the whole story. 

"Really...  Are you serious... You are kidding me right..." Instead of Cabir.. Mukti yelled this time. 
"Tum logone... Dobara shaadi ki... Court marriage... Like seriously... You guys married for the second time and we were not there... AGAIN... I can't believe it..." Mukti was damn surprised. 

"Oh yeah... I didn't realize that..." It rings a bell for Manik. 
"Maine aise socha he nahi..." He added. 

"Really Manik... Tu itna dumb head kaise ho gaya... " Mukti is mad again. 
"But seriously guys dad was so serious and was so professional that I didn't even realize that we are signing out marriage certificate... And we are marrying again legally..." He said coming to reality. 

"Wow... Hum Yahan iski shaadi ki planning kar rahe hai... Aur this dude has already married for the second time... At least hume inform kar dete... So we could have come their to say congrats..." Mukti's temper was rising. 
"No Mukti... It's not like that... It's just the formality ... Business ke liye karna pada... I told you guys everything naa..." Manik started explaining her again. 

"Mukti... We were not planning anything... We just did what dad asked us to do... Hume to pata bhi nahi tha ki wahan Kya home wala tha... Aur dad ne kaha ki just follow what ever I said and humne wahi kiya... Shaadi tou dobara  hogi hi jaisa Tum chahogi... Ok..." Nandini sat beside Mukti and explained her to calm her down...

"Really... It means whatever we planned for your wedding... Like a destination wedding wohi hogi naa..." She asked her. 
"Yes... Whatever is your plan we are up for it... So don't be sad and upset please..." Nandini asked her again. 

"Alright then... I have an idea... Tum logone Indian style se to shaadi kar li hai right... How about a catholic style wedding in Goa... We will do all the rituals. Like sangeet Mehndi bachelors party and girls party and in the end the Christian style wedding... What say guys..." Mukti turned to see everyone's faces. 
Everyone was quiet. 

Aliya was the one who broke the silence 
"Wow what an idea Mukti... Amazing why not... We can have this kind of the wedding ... It can be the first and one of a kind wedding... Manik Nandini please say yes... Please..." Aliya was also excited.
Nandini looked at Manik for his response. 
"What... Aise Kya dekh rahe ho... I didn't say no... I told you naa... I'm always ready to marry Nandini hundred times... Not a problem for me...but guys you all are forgetting that Navya is pregnant.. We have to think about her well being also..." Manik reminds everyone. 

Navya was listening to their conversation and got startled by hearing her name.
"Hamari fikar mutt Karo... Hum theek hai... Bas Humse ziyada kaam mutt karao.. That's all..." Navya said. 
"We all know Manik that Navya is pregnant ... And we all will take care of her... You don't need to worry for that... You just have to say ok for this..." Aliya and  Mukti  said. 

"Ok than done deal... We will leave from hear once all the things are ready.. Like dresses and preparations and also we have to book everything from here ..." Manik said. 
"Tou don't worry for that bro... Booking of hotels and halls is my and Dhruv's responsibility and dresses and jewelry is girls responsibility... Right girls..." Cabir added. 
"Yes of course... But guys we will keep this simple and beautiful with only close friends and close family... Not many people... Because we want to have fun on our conditions... Without involving media and public... Kyun..." Mukti asked. 
"You are right Mukti... Let's keep it as a private affair... Sahi hai na Manik..." Dhruv asked...

"I don't have a problem as far as you guys are happy..." Manik said. 
"Tou issi baat per group hug ho jaaye..." Mukti said and gathered everybody. 
While they were hugging Mr R Malhotra entered the mansion. 
"Arey wah... Yahan tou dostana chal raha hai..." He said. 
All of them meet and greet him and shared their plan with him. 
He was very happy for them and gave his assurance that he will definitely be a part of their program. 
Saying bye he left for his room. 

After deciding the venue and dresses and everything they have their dinner and retired to their rooms. 

They were alone in there room and Nandini relaxed on the couch. 
"It was one heck of a day right... So much has happened today... " Manik crashed beside her keeping his head on her shoulder. 
"Frankly I never expected that dad will take such a big step... I guess he was just waiting for me to get married so that he can take  the major decisions for us.. To make us secure..." He said. 

Nandini was in deep thought. He turned her face towards him and asked. 
"Kya soch rahi ho.." 
"Hmmm..." She came out of her trance. 
"Yehi ke... In one day I turned from Nandini Manik Malhotra to the richest Mrs Nandini Manik Malhotra with owning lots of shares and also a part of the top most company in the country.." She said. 
"I know... Even I didn't realize this..." Manik added. 

"But Manik was this necessary... I mean yeh sab karna zaroori tha Kya..." She was not comfortable with the fact that she is now involved with the Malhotra group of industries, well not practically but at least her name was attached to it.

"Aann... I don't know Nandini.. I have a thought of it... But I couldn't get to the conclusion.. First I thought that maybe dad want to compensate for all those years when he was not there for me... Than again I thought , now that our names are involved in the company so now people will think twice to harm us... Because if something happens to us than no one will get anything and all the properties and money will automatically transferred to the charity funds all over the world... So in way it's a kind of insurance for the safety of our lives... And you don't worry about anything.. Our lives will move on as the way it is... Nothing will get distracted or disturbed..." ..,,,,he explained and assured her. 
She gave a smile and got up from the sofa and said 
"I'll go get fresh..." And went into the washroom. 

She came out of the washroom with a blank face thinking very deep and also she was looking a little pale. Manik was relaxing on the bed with his hands behind his head resting on the headboard. He noticed her pale face and her lost somewhere. She stood  in front of the dresser and started combing her hair lost in her thoughts. He got up and went near her and hugged her from the back. His hands encircled her around her waist.
She didn't say anything still lost somewhere. 
"Nandini... Kya hua... Tell me naa..." He don't have that much of patience to stand there and relax so he asked.
"What happened... You are lost somewhere... Are you ok... You look pale too..." 

"I guess Mukti's wish after all came true..." She was bending down avoiding his gaze. 
"What do you mean..." He asked surprisingly.
"Woh... Actually..." She hesitated.
"Bolo na Kya hua.." He pressed his hands around her waist.
"I... Got my periods..." She said with a voice which he didn't understand at all. 
"Huh.. What..." He asked again.
"I got my periods..." She said again with a little louder voice. 
"Periods... Matlab..." He didn't understand first and looked at her. Than it hit him. 
"Oh ohhh..." He made literally an O shape out of his mouth. 
Nandini smiled shyly but waited for his response.
"I guess you are right.. Mukti literally wished very strongly to keep us separate.." He too smiled hesitantly.
"Chalo koi nahi... At least she will be happy that we are listening to her... Truly..." He smirked. 

They both were lying down on the bed after the day's events what all went today. 
"So now no kissing and all the lovey dovey things,..haan..." He asked trailing his fingers Up and down her arm. 
"Aisa nahi hai... You can... I mean to say ... She shied and hide herself in his chest. 
"I can... What..."he teased her with his nose nuzzling on her head. 
"You can... You know... " she was still shy.
"I can kiss you and do some romance with you right..." He said. 
She smiled at his comment.

"You know now that this topic is in open, I wanted to discuss with you somethings about our future..." Manik sounds serious when he talks.
"What about future... "Nandini asked lying in his arms resting her head on his chest.
"Yehi... Ki when can we plan to have children..." He said calmly.
But Nandini felt shy and hit his chest lovingly.
"Dhatt... " she hide herself in his chest. 
"Arey... I'm serious... " he chuckles.
"I really want to know what do you think of extending our family..." He asked. 
"Before I give my opinion... I want to know what you think about it..." She answered.
She wanted to know his thinking first so that she can figures it out what's cooking in his mind. She knew that his childhood was a very messed up one with a very dominating and controlling mother and a very powerful, yet an insecure father. Who fails to give him enough love to mold a boys childhood in a positive way. 

"To be frank... I think right now our first priority should be to complete your residency... Than we should think about children..." He paused. 
"And what's the second priority..." She asked. 
He didn't answer. 
"Manik... Kahan kho Gaye..." She shook his shoulder.
"Hmm... Kahin nahi... Kuch soch raha tha..." He said still thinking something deep. 
"Manik... You can tell me... Whatever you are thinking..." She has an idea what his mind is working on. 
"I don't know yaar... I'm very confused... I don't know if I'm ready yet... To be... You know to be a father..." He hesitantly said rubbing her shoulder. 

She knew it... She always has this feeling in her mind that he will feel very restless and undecided when it comes to talk about children. Even though he initiated this topic, how much uncomfortable he is to talk about it. But he needs to talk about his insecurities and discuss it with her so that they both can make their lives beautiful and lovable in future with understanding each other. 
She rest his chin on his chest and turned his face to look into his eyes. 
"Manik meri ek baat maanoge..." She asked with a smile.
"Kya..." He too noticed the sincerity in her eyes.   

"Abhi Abhi tumne kaha na ki first I have to complete my residency... So let's do that first... Than we will think about extending the family...hmm..." She nudged her chin on his chest. 
He looked into her eyes to see that she is trying to change the topic to make him feel comfortable. 
He caresses her cheek and rubbed his thumb on it. 
"Topic badal rahi ho..." He asked. . 
"Nahi badal nahi rahi... But I'm thinking something..." She was making circles on his chest. 
"What..." He asked. 

"Yahi jo Tum keh rahe thei just now. ..." She looked into his eyes and said 
"That if you are ready to be a father or not..." She said. 
"I didn't mean like that.. I mean Of course some day we will become parents... But you know... The way I was grew up... I don't know if I can be a good after or not..." He spoke his insecurities to her. 
"Why do you think like that..." She asked. 
"Nandini you know naa how my parents were... Don't you think that I can't become a fitting father or a devoting father to my children..." He said with so much of sadness in his voice. 
"No I don't think so..." She answered point blankly. 
"Really.. You dont think so..." He was curious of what she was going to say now. 

"No I don't agree with what you said just now ,that you cannot be a good father.. But I think that you will be a great father.. Who will love and adore your children very much... You will be a very protective father who will protect the children with his life..." He was adoring and admiring her face while she was praising him. 

"You will a very loving father who will love his children more than anything in this world... And you will be a guiding father who will teach his children how to live a free and comfortable life... You will be an understanding father who will be like friends to his children..." She was going on and on.

His eyes got moist with brimming years. She lift up and looked into his eyes with tears. 
"Manik what happened... Yeh aansoo..." She cupped his face and wiped it with her thumbs. 
"You think so... That I can be a very good father..." He asked holding her shoulder. 
"I know so... Because... I know my Manik... How much caring, loving and understanding he is..." She pressed her palms to his cheeks and shook it making a baby face. 
"You really see that positivity in me naa..." He wanted to make sure or give his heart that surety that he is going to be a good father to his children.  
"Yes... I do... Did you Remember Manik when we were in college how you protected me from every evil , from Soha's clutches , from pandits bad intentions, and also from Nyonika's wicked planning... You somehow managed to keep me safe from all these people... So just think about it... When in future you have your children of your own how protective you will be..." She poked his cheek teasing him. 

He grinned with happiness thinking about all those days. 
"Sach mein... Those were some days naa... We use to be so vulnerable but still always  there for each other... Thanks Nandini for reminding those beautiful days... I was indeed like your savior... Right..." He said pecking on her head. 
"Hmmm..." She eat her head on his chest now.

"We will definitely have children as soon as you finish your residency and when you becomes a full fledged Doctor... Till than I will utilize the time and romance with my wife fully..." He shift his position  and was on top of Nandini now. He started giving small kisses on her neck and under her ear. 
"But you need to wait for few days to romance..." She said giggling. 
"Tumne kaha ki I can kiss you so now you can't   stop me from kissing you..." He smashed his mouth on her delicate and soft lips before hearing her reply. 
He kissed her senselessly tasting each corner of her mouth and his hands were roaming around her upper part of the body leaving her breathless. 
Kissing and teasing and playing each other they went to sleep after some time. 

Next morning somewhere in Mumbai..
As soon as she saw the head lines of the news paper she got up from the chair being furious.
"What the heck... How can this be possible... I won't let this happen..." She blabbers to herself and dailed someone's number. 
"I told you to keep an eye on those two... You can't even do a small job... You are fired..." She cut the phone and dailed another number.

The phone was picked up and before she shouts and yells on the opposite person, he was the one who makes her quiet. 
"I knew it Nyonika... That you will call... Because now the ball is in my court and the game is mine... You have no option left... You have played enough with my son's life... Now no more playing... " it was Mr. Rohit Malhotra who answered the phone.
"What the heck... Mr Malhotra... How can you do this... You can't just snap me out if the company and give everything to Manik and Nandini... I won't let you do this... I'm coming to Pune... We need to talk..." She was struggling very hard to keep her calm. 
"There's nothing left to talk Nyonika... The decisions have been made... And all the deals were finalized... There's nothing you can do now... And I'm warning you... Stay away from my children... Otherwise you will loose the things you have now and space academy will be a gone case from your hands... " Malhotra warmed her and cuts the call. 
She was fuming in anger and throw  the phone on the floor. 
"Harshad, where are you... I need you right now... Only you can help me... I have to find you..." She said to herself.

End of part 19

Hello my lovelies 

Sorry sorry sorry sorry 
Bahut saari sorries 
I know I'm very late this time
Actually I was having my summer break after Ramadan and my summer class 
I was spending time with my cousins watching Korean dramas 
I watched three famous Korean drama 
Boys over flowers, Heirs and Pinokkio
They were so good and very addictive I couldn't just leave it in the middle. 
So I didn't write anything for the whole last week. 

But here is your update 
So tell me honestly how do you like it. 
Is it boring interesting or what. How was Mr Malhotra's reaction according to you. 
How many are excited for their third wedding Woh bhi Catholic style and in Goa. 
Letme know what do you think of the update. 

And once again I'm so sorry. 
Thank you all for waiting for the update. 
I love you all 
Take care and 
Stay blessed 
And keep smiling. 

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mallee Goldie

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Awesome update...
Harshad is going to come back hope he doesn't create any problem

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