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Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan
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MANAN FF DESTINED LOVE STORY #2 last part pg 146 updated (Page 80)

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Part 18

The crowd dispersed from the ground of orphanage and even Fab5 Nandini and Navya went back to Cabir's apartment. 
Outside  the ground a man was noticing every move of Fab 5. As soon as they left he called someone. 
"Hello..." The person opposite side answers. 
"She is back..." The man said. 
"who is back..." The voice other side ask with gritting teeth. 
"Nandini Murthy , she is back..." 
The man said. 
"What...are you kidding me... You know you can be fired for this silly joke..." 
"No ma'am I'm not joking around , I'm serious, you can call this orphanage and confirm... I just saw the Fab 5 performance here and at the end Nandini Murthy came congratulated them..." The man confirmed. 
"But how can this be possible... After so many years... Anyways... Keep a close eye on them and keep me posted... " she hung up. 
The man looked around to check on Fab 5 but they are nowhere to be seen. 
"Where are they gone... Oh my god... I lost them... Ma'am will kill me if I don't give her the information..." He opened his phone and dialed someone's number and went away. 

"Cabir... Why did you bring me here... I told you to take me home..." Mukti was hell irritated with everyone's attitude when Cabir brought her to his apartment instead of taking her home. She was Really very mad on  Manik and Nandini. 
"So that we can sort this out once and for all... I want you and Manik to clear things first..." Cabir closed the door after all of them were in his flat one more time. 
Mukti didn't want to talk on this topic further. 
Aliya came and sat on the couch beside Mukti. 
Navya and Nandini exchange their looks. Cabir wanted Manik to initiate the talk so he signaled Manik to talk. Manik came and sat beside Mukti and Aliya. 

"Mukti Kuch Tou Bol... Since after the performance you didn't say anything... Gussa kar gaaliyan  de daant de... But aise Chup tou mutt baith... Please..." Manik pleaded to her. 

"Kya bolun Manik.. Kuch bolne ko baki Kya reh Gaya hai... Tune tou shaadi karli na.. Bas baat khatam... Tujhe jo chahiye tha Woh tujhe mil Gaya hai naa... Ab main baat karun ya na karun Kya fark padta hai..." Mukti didn't even looked at him. 
Which hurts him but he composed himself and said. 

"Fark padta hai Mukti... Tum log meri family ho... I can't bear your silence... Teri naaraazgi mujhse bardash nahi hoti..." 
"Tabhi... Tabhi... Tune hamare bina shaadi kar li... Kyun ki hum Teri family hai... Rehne de na Manik why are you even wasting your energy in explaining... Ja na Tu apni wife ko lekar jaa... Tujhe Jahan bhi Jana hai... Yahan time waste kyun kar raha hai..." She cut him off in her ever taunting voice and she was not in a mood to listen to him at all. 

Cabir came forward and sat on the opposite couch. 
"Mukti Ek baar uski baat sun le... " he said. 
"Don't you dare Cabir... Don't you even dare to defend him... You are equally responsible... Tujhe bhi koi fark nahi padta... You were there na.. With him in his wedding... So don't even think about it.." She cuts Cabir too pointing her finger at him. 

"Yea Cabir... You went with Navya... And you didn't even feel to inform us... You could've at least said something... We would've attended his wedding..." Aliya also joined Mukti for the fight. 
"Leave it Aliya... Who are you asking... Them..." She raised her hand to point  on Manik and Cabir than Nandini..

"Isko jo Karna tha Isne kar liya... So there's nothing to cry or beg for..." Mukti gave a look to Nandini. 

"Aisi baat nahi hai Mukti... Just give me a chance to explain... Let me tell you the whole thing..." Manik again pleads. He couldn't see his friends specially Mukti , who is very dear to him like a sister in this way being so mad and upset on him. 

"Phir Kaisi baat hai Manik... Tune Abhi Abhi kaha na Ki we are your family... So tune issi family Ko chod ke uss ladki se shaadi karli... Jo tujhe Marta huwa chod kar chali gayi thi... Aur palat kar dekha bhi nahi Ki Tu jee raha hai ya mar raha hai... Baat karta hai..." Mukti scoffed and turned her face away from him. 

"Haan Maine Ki hai yaar shaadi uss se... But kyun Ki... Yeh tujhe Sunna padega... " Manik yelled this time to make her listen  to him. 

"Nahi sunna Mujhe Teri safai... Kyun sunu main.. Why should I even listen to you... Did you think of me or us when you were marrying her... One call... Just one phone call... And we would've flied to you... But you didn't care... You never thought of us... You did what you wanted to do... So don't even yell on me..." Mukti said in the same similar tone.

Manik was shocked with her anger and her attitude. He kept quiet and was just finding ways to pacify her and make her understand , but she doesn't want to hear anything. 

Nandini's eyes were moist by seeing her husband in that state. She was feeling sad that he has to go through so much. 
She walked taking slow steps towards Mukti and sat on her knees on the floor in front of her. 
She didn't wanted to interfere in their matter , as it's Fab 5's matter , but Mukti was not at all ready to hear anything from anyone so she thought of saying something. 

She took Mukti's  hands in hers. 
"Sorry... " she looked up into Mukti's eyes and said very softly. 
"I'm very sorry... We all are..." Mukti tried to take away her hands. But Nandini tighten her hold. 
"Tumhara ghussa bilkul jaayez hai... Humne Tumhe bina bataye shaadi kar li... Trust me if I can go back and change it... Than I will definitely change it..." Nandini started explaining. 

"But Mukti shaadi tou ho Chuki hai... And unfortunately we can't change that fact... So iske badle mein Tum Hume jo bhi sazaa dena chaho dedo... Hum tumhari har sazaa ke liye tayyaar hai... But Please Hume maaf kardo... Please..." Manik was looking at her and kept quiet still. 
"And one more thing Mukti... I think you should let Manik explain what he has to say... At least one last time..." She continued and without hearing her answer she got up and walked back to Navya and stand with her. 
Mukti didn't answer or said anything back to Nandini , which was very unexpected. Taking the chance and opportunity Manik took his next step. 

Manik went and hold Mukti's hands. 
"I'm really sorry yaar... I didn't mean to hurt you or Aliya or Dhruv. In fact I didn't even want to get married without you guys... But sometimes things happens and there's no legit explanation to it... But I will tell you why I married her... That too in such a haste.." Manik said. 
He sat comfortably holding Mukti's hand. 

"Jab Mujhe hosh aaya in Delhi hospital , Nandini was my doctor. I was so angry on her that as soon as I saw her my pulse rate raised to the peak , Doctors handles me with lots of difficulty. I didn't talk to her in fact I didn't looked at her. She was begging me , pleading me to at least give her one chance to explain why she left me...but... One week, one full  I stayed in the hospital and I didn't talk to her.." He paused. 

"Cabir has some  different plans for me which I was not aware of. He somehow played a trick on me and I ended up in Nandini's house. But I didn't talk to her still.  Nandini became frustrated because I was not talking to her , but she didn't give up , she didn't leave hope.
Than after Cabir left something happened , Nandini fell in her house from the stairs. From the top step she rolled all the way to the bottom. It was almost 10 to 15 stairs... She was unconscious right in front of me in my arms... I felt like I lost myself again... I lost my breath , my heartbeat stopped,  I thought that I'm gonna loose her again..." His eyes became moist. He take a look at Nandini who was also listening to him. She gave him a smile. 

"I called her name so many times but she was not answering me. I didn't know what to do.. I was so helpless at that time. I thought that I wont hear her voice again , but somehow I managed to call Cabir and thankfully he didn't left for the airport... Than I decided that this is it , I can't stay away from her. There's not a single percent chance that I can survive without her. 

Even though I wasn't talking to her but my heart was satisfied that she was around me , in front of me , but when she was unconscious for that long , than I realized that there's no life for me without her. She was and she is and she will always be my lifeline. My heart will stop beating without her... I wanted to keep her with me always so I took the decision of getting married to her , Coz that's the only real and legal way to keep her with me. MAKE HER MY WIFE..." He took a deep breath. 
"She didn't even know about my decision... Aur tou Aur I called her Amms and Cabir and told about my decision without letting her know.. Till now she didn't know that I was the one who called Amms..." He looked at Nandini again. She too returned his look with a surprise. 

"Than everything happened very quickly that Hume Khud bhi nahi pata Aur shaadi ho bhi gayi..." 
"But when I proposed Nandini in a very simpler way her first question was how can we do it without all of you guys... She wanted to get married in front of all of you , because she knew the importance of all of you in my life... She knows that if she is my lifeline , but than you all are my life... There's no happiness or no happy moment without you all..." He rest back on the couch. 
"I know I did a big blunder without letting you guys know I married her.. But I will do whatever you say to make it up.." 

There was a silence after the whole revelation. 
Cabir came and offered a glass of water to both Manik and Mukti. 
"Par Mukti... He forgets to mention  something very important..." Cabir said looking at Manik. Mukti lift her face and gave a questioning look to Cabir. 

"Yeh mahashay.. Jo hamare saamne baithe hain... Sound and healthy... He won't be sitting here in front of us... ALIVE... If it wasn't for Nandini... " everyone was surprised and confused. 
"I'm telling the truth... Agar Nandini nahi hoti to yeh zinda  bhi nahi hota..." 
"His surgery was successful, Doctors took out the bullets. Everything was fine... But him... He was not in a mood to live... At all.. Yeh jo hamara rockstar hai na.. Iss ne pura plan kar liya tha Marne ka... At some point his heart stopped beating.. Yes you heard me right..." He turned his face around and gave a look to everyone. 

"His heartbeat was gone.. Phew.. Doctors gave him electric shocks , they also gave him CPR.. I saw it with my own eyes... And at last Doctors too gave up... But Nandini... She didn't left his side.. She was holding his hands in hers and rubbing it , crying her heart out.. Looking up at something , maybe she was fighting with her Aiyyappa... Than all of a sudden a miracle happened the monitor started beeping again... And he came back to life... " Cabir paused. 
"I don't know how... But this stubborn head came back to us again... "
"Next day when his cardiologist came he too explained and stated that how Manik's life was saved by some kind of miracle... He was surprised that in the history of his professional life Manik's case was a little different... After. Successful surgery he could've went into coma or he could've gone... Forever from this world..." Cabir finished. 

 Nandini was standing there beside Navya shedding tears hearing and thinking about the situation she had been through when Manik was in that state. Even Mukti and Aliya's eyes got moist. 

"So basically you mean to say is Manik owes his life to Nandini.."  Dhruv asked. 
"Umm kind of... You can say that..." Cabir answered. 
Manik got up and went to Nandini and side hugged her and wiped her tears. 
Every one notices it. Manik hold her hand and both of them came to Mukti and sat beside  her on either side. Manik puts his arm around her shoulder and Nandini held her hand. 
"Dekh yaar , meri har khushi Tum logon ke bina adhoori hai... Tum log na ho tou main Khush hoke bhi naa Khush rahoonga ... Maaf kar dena... " he squished her shoulder. 
Mukti hide her smile and makes a straight face. She understands the scenario and her anger subsided to quite an extend. 

"Don't think that if you talk in a lovey dovey way than I'm gonna forgive you... Main ab bhi tujhse naraaz hoon..." She said showing her fake anger. 
"Yes and you have to bear the punishment also what say Mukti..." After hearing the whole story even Aliya's heart got mellowed a little. 
"Yes Aliya is right you have to bear our punishment.." Mukti said very seriously. 
Manik and Nandini also played along  because now they knows that her anger is almost gone. 
"But atleast give me a hug yaar... You didn't even hug me after hearing about our wedding..." Manik said. 
" not now..." Mukti said which startled everyone. 
"What do you mean..." Manik asked. 
"Matlab yeh ki... Tune shaadi tou karli... Par we were not there... So you have to marry Nandini again..." Mukti atlast prescribed her punishment. She is also a one hell of a person. 
"What... Are you ok... What are you saying..." Manik was very surprised to hear her punishment. 
"Hamari shaadi Tou ho Chuki hai..." He added. 
"Yaar Mukti yeh kaisa ajeeb sa punishment hai..." Cabir also joined Manik. 
"Abhi tune whole punishment nahi suni... Manik will marry Nandini again with all the rituals and till than they both will stay separate..." Mukti dropped another bomb. 
Manik scoffed at Mukti. 

"Tu paagal ho gayi hai Mukti... Tujhe pata bhi hai Tu Kya keh rahi hai..." He said. 
" yes I know what I'm saying.. Acha  Tell me something... Tum logon ne court marriage ki ya mandir mein..." She asked. 
" mandir mein..." Manik answered. 
"So I'm sure without any rasam ke tumne shaadi ki hogi... Right.." She asked again. 
"I can see that Nandini ke haathon mein mehndi bhi nahi lagi hai... Tune jaldi jaldi karke shaadi karli Aur iss bechari ne Kuch nahi kaha hoga... Kyun Nandini..." 

Nandini who busy was listening to her and smiling she didn't answer, instead her smile grew more wider. 
"I knew it... Tune aisa hi kiya hoga...Mujhe rituals ke baare mein ziyada tou nahi pata... But I know that for every girl it matters a lot... So you will get married again in front of all of us again..." She said in a finalized way. 
Manik liked the idea of getting married to Nandini again , but he didn't like that he had to stay away from Nandini again. 

"Mukti... I can marry Nandini 100 times but staying away from her , no no I can't accept that... No no no no... It's not done..." Seeing his impatience everyone laughed. 

"What..." He glared at all. 
"What are you guys laughing at... I am not going to stay away from her... That's final..." He said making the decision. 
"Listen Manik... Just now you said that you will bear whatever the punishment is going to be... So in few weeks your birthday is coming till then you have to stay away from her... And on your birthday you both will be married and than you can do whatever you want..." Mukti also was a bigger stubborn head. She makes up her mind that she will punish him. 
"Yes Manik , Mukti is right, we are your friends yaar... And we didn't enjoyed any of your rituals... Cabir ki shaadi tou Bas ho gayi... Par atleast let us live to remember all the things we do in your wedding... Please itna tou you owe us..." Aliya second Mukti's decision. 
"Haan tou Maine kab mana kiya hai... I'm ready to marry her again... But Tum logon ki yeh Kya demand hai... That I have to stay away from her... We can stay together and than we can still fulfill your wish naa..." Manik is trying all his best to convince them to be with Nandini but Mukti and Aliya is not agreeing at any cost. 
"Nandini just now you the one who told us that you will bear whatever the punishment is gonna be... So if you guys really want our forgiveness than you have to agree with us..." Mukti turned towards Nandini and stated her decision. 
Nandini doesn't know what to say. She looked at Manik who was eyeing her that she should not accept their decision. 

"Ok... " Nandini nodded. 
"What , seriously ... How could you agree to such a silly and unreasonable thing... There's no reason to accept it... Common man..." Manik was ranting like crazy glaring at Nandini.

"Cabir why are you keeping quiet... Kuch Bol naa... Tu kyun chup chap khada hai..." Manik attacked on Cabir...
"Main Kya bolun yaar... Nandini agreed on their decision.. So there's nothing to say..." Cabir got baffled by Mukti's and Aliya's decision and he feels for Manik. 
"Waise Manik it's not silly... Trust me you will enjoy every bit of it...  We will choose a venue , we can do all the rituals in a grand way... After all it's gonna be the wedding of the lead singer of Fab5..."  Aliya was exited  already started planning. 
"Whatever... I can't believe it Nandini how can you agree to this..." He was fuming with anger not believing her. 
"It's enough now Manik... Don't get mad in Nandini now... So it's decided... Wedding will be after two and a half weeks on your birthday... But before that there will be Sangeet , mehndi than girls and boys party  separate... Like bachelors party..And what else... Aliya am I missing something.." Mukti asked her. 

"Mukti how will Manik celebrate bachelors party... He's not a bachelor anymore..." Cabir is trying to find a fair solution for Manik's situation. 
"Haan tou ab ho gayega Kuch dino ke liye... Hai na Manik..." Mukti puts an arm around Manik's shoulder. 
"I still can't believe that you guys are planning to torture me with these kind of way..." He flared his nose and looked at Nandini who trying to think how she will control his anger. 
"Nandini tumhe jo bhi karna hai Karo.. Mujhe Tum logon se Kuch nahi kehna..." He banged his feet on the floor and walked into his room. 

Nandini turned to Mukti...
"Mukti... Thank you so much... For accepting our relationship... Aliya it means a lot... As Manik said... We are friends cum family.. And to keep us together and happy I will make anything possible... I just want to see us all together once again like before... Old times..." She said holding Mukti's and Aliya's hand. 
"And don't worry Main Manik ko mana loongi..." She said with a smile and went into the room. 

Manik was standing in the balcony resting his elbows on the railing. 
She went quietly from the behind and back hugged Manik locking her fingers on his stomach. 
He didn't move or react. 
"Naraaz ho... " she asked in a polite way. 
He still didn't answer. He was very upset. She turned him to her and hugged him. 
But he didn't hug her back, he was standing hanging his hand on his aides. 
" I know Mukti ki demand unreasonable hai... But Manik tumne dekha naa... Woh Kuch sunne ke liye tayyaar hi nahi thi... Atleast she stared talking to you... Me..." She paused. 
"Let her anger her frustration relax a little... Than we can think of something.. Any solution..," she said. 
He held his shoulders and pulled her afar.
"Baahar tou bada ok ok Bol rahi thi.. An yahan... You are being nice to me... How can you agree on her decision... Nandini... How can you agree to stay away from me... Tum reh logi mujhse dur... Haan bolo..." His eyes were full of pain just thinking about the thought of staying away from her. 
"If I agree in front of them doesn't mean that I'm ready... How can you think that Manik... Wahan I agreed just to handle the situation.. Iska Matlab yeh nahi ki main tumse dur rahungi..." Nandini answered looking into his eyes reading his pain. 
"Than... Kya Matlab tha Tumhara..." He was not understanding her at all. 
"Yahan baitho pehle..," She make him sit on the swing that was there. 
"Manik... Tum yeh Bhool rahe ho.. Ki Tum Manik Malhotra ho...THE MANIK MALHOTRA... Remember... You are underestimating yourself..." She said holding his hands. 
"What do you mean..." He asked still not understanding. 
"Tum Bhool Gaye kaise Tum mujhse Milne aate thei... Without any of them knowing... Humare beech mein pyaar hua itna sab Kuch hua... But Tumhare kisi friend ko Kuch pata nahi tha... " she reminded him.
"Tumhe mujhse Milne ke liye kabhi kisi ki permission ki zaroorath nahi padhi.. We are talking about me here... Nandini... Tumhari Nandini... Jo ab Mrs Manik Malhotra ban gayi hai... And now with this fact tumhe mujhse ya Mujhe tumse koi dur nahi rakh sakta samjhe..." 
"So let's relive our memories... " she came close to him sitting beside him on the swing she rest her head on his shoulder. 
"We lost 8 years of our life living away from each other... So let's recreate those memories again.. Like old days humne Bahut Kuch khoya hai... Par ab nahi... " she make him look at her by cupping his face in her small and delicate fingers. 
"Manik main tou tumhari hi hoon ... Officially... "Showing her mangalsutra and her vermilion
"This is the proof... And this will always stay with me... So tumhe mujhse Milne ke liye bahana doondhne ki bhi zaroorath nahi hai.. You can meet me whenever wherever you want... And You can do whatever you want to do... After all hum married hai.. This formality is only for our friends... And Cabir and Navya hai na.. Woh bhi hamari help karenge.." She said. 
A mischievous smile dangled on his lips. He understands what she is trying to do. She is trying to make everyone happy by agreeing with them. Outside she let Mukti win and here she is pacifying him to make things easier so that all of them be in a happy mood and get back together again like old times. 
He slide his hands around  her waist  and like a small baby he pulled her onto his lap and makes her comfortable. She also frame her arms at the back of his neck. 

"So I can do whatever I want with you.. Hmm.." He tucked a stand behind her ear and He nuzzles his nose on her cheeks. 
"Hmm.." Butterflies started somersaulting in her stomach.. Since last night she was also longing for his touches. 
"Soch lo.. Phir baad mein don't complain that I was being very unreasonable and not letting any chance go to come near you..." He moved her hair aside and dipped his head on her neck and gave a bite in her neck. 

She hissed. 
He sucked her skin on the same spot and kissed her. His hands travels upwards to her back and pulled her more to him so that there's not a single mm left in between them other than clothes. 
He wanted to ripped the clothes apart and do what all he wanted to do. 
She moved her hands into his hair. 
"I w...won't... Complain.." She too whispered pressing her lips on his neck not able to control her own desires. 
"Acha.." He pulled his face to look into her eyes staying the same way. 
He rubbed her lips with his thumb. 
His eyes were getting deep brown diluted with his overbearing needs. 
He leaned closer and smacked his lips onto hers for a very sensuous and hungry kiss...

He sucked and chewed and took the life out of her lips. He was so desperate as she was not getting enough alone time to spend with her. 
She can feel that he's getting aroused beneath her. And even she wanted him now , but their bunch of friends were waiting for them outside for their verdict. She wanted to separate herself to tell him that they are waiting. But he's not letting her. 
His kiss became aggressive and more passionate by the passing second. His hands started exploring her going under her kurti. He wanted to grab onto the asset he was looking for. His breathing become uneven and he felt that she also needs air. 
He moved his lips down to her neck and started sucking and kissing it. Nandini was combing her fingers into his hair tilting her head on a side note I give him more access.. His fingers found his destination and he tugged her more closer to him lifting the her kurti up. 
"Manik.. Hum balcony mein hai..." She whispered.. Handling her breath. 
His lips didn't break the connection with her skin. She moaned under his kisses. He stood up holding her in his arms in the same way and went inside the room. Closing the door with his foot he took her to the bed. 
He tucked her top off of her and she helped him took off his T Shirt and he hovered onto her. 
"Nandini...if you keep me away from you..." He was kissing and sucking her like a hungry bird. 
"Than don't blame me if you get hurt..." He was working on taking her pants off. 
"I never blame you for loving me..." She was murmuring under his pleasurable tortures... 
"Even I can't stay away from you..." She said and again her lips was sealed by him. Stopping her from talking further. 
Then started his extreme lovemaking session which left Nandini speechless and breathless. She can understand how he might be controlling himself staying away from her. Because she was also going through the same thing. 
They kept their voices low as their friends were right outside the door. Manik covered her mouth to suppress her moans and his grunts and groans. The sensational and pleasurable ride of their love came to an end. Manik fell on her bare chest to even his breath. 
"I love you Manik..." She whispered in his neck. 
"Hmm... " he balanced his breath 
"I love you Meri jaan... And I missed you too..." He answered.
She smiled and rubbed his back to ease his uneven heartbeat.

Their sweet relaxing moment was disturbed by the knock on the door. He flared his nose again. 
"Manik baahar aa yaar... Aise door band kar lene se mera punishment change nahi hoga.. Abhi ke Abhi Dono baahar Aao..." Mukti screamed from outside. 
Nandini giggles seeing Manik's frustration. 
"Hans lo.. Mera bhi jab waqt aayega na tou gin gin ke badle loonga... " he lift himself with the support of his elbows. 
She bend down and pecked his nose. 
"I'll be waiting for that time..," she said smiling. 
"Acha I'll go in the washroom you go out and handle them and I'll join you  in a little bit..." She pecked his nose again. 

He got up and put his track on and went to the washroom to get fresh and take a quick shower. When he came out Nandini went inside to get fresh. Manik came out of the room and Mukti Aliya and Cabir were waiting for them. 

"See I told you.. Yeh uske bina reh nahi sakta... " Cabir teased him joining the others. 
"Cabir.. Tu bhi... You joined them too..." He glared at Cabir. 
"Majority rules you know..." He answered back.
"Nandini Kahan hai... Aur Tum log without agreeing to our deal gaayab ho Gaye..." Mukti asked. 
"She's coming... And we didn't disappear.. Almost the whole of India  sleep in the night... So we were too..."  Manik went to the kitchen to get a glass of water and an apple along with it..

Meanwhile Nandini too came out.
Watching and noticing both of their condition Mukti thought of teasing them. 
"Tum dono... You can't spare a single minute right , staying away from each other... Hai na... Ho Gaye shuru..." Mukti said eyeing them from top to bottom. Nandini turned red due to embarrassment. 

"Kya Matlab hai... Ab main Kya apni wife ke saath romance karne ke liye bhi sochun... Ya Tum sabse permission loon... What yaar Mukti... You are not talking sense..." 
"I'm talking perfect sense.. We decided to give you guys punishment and before saying anything Tum log disappear ho gaye.. So you guys ok with it..." Mukti asked. 

"But before that I have a very important thing to tell you guys... " Manik all of a sudden changed the topic. 
"What... this time of the night.. It's almost close to midnight... What's important..." Mukti jumped again. 
"No Mukti I'm serious... Listen to me first..." Mukti kept quiet seeing his serous face. 
"Listen guys... Today we perform in open... And there were lot of people there... And if I'm not wrong... And I'm 100% sure that there were spies of Nyonika spying on us... Aur ab tak she probably got the news that Nandini is back..." He paused. 
"So before she create any problem for us... I want to take the precautions..."

"What kind of precautions..." Cabir asked. 
"I want to meet dad... Her right hand Harshad is not here but maybe her other people are there for her to help her... So before she take any step I want to go to Pune and say all the truth to dad and then we'll take it there..." Manik explained. 
"But what do you want to do..." Cabir asked again. 
"I didn't decide anything yet... But this time I don't want to take any chances... I will prepare everything before hand so that no one will snatch away our happiness from us again... And Mukti whatever you want to plan for the wedding you can do it in Pune..." He concluded. 
"Ok... And I have a very good idea... We can plan a destination wedding too... So that only we can do all the things and be away from all this hutle bustle of our enemies...What say guys..." Mukti got excited again.
"I'm planning to leave right now..   So that I can meet das before morning.." Manik told his decision atlast. 
"Abhi what do you mean now... Itni raat ko..." Mukti and Cabir said together. 
"I told you guys that I don't want to take any chances..." Manik said seriously.
"Manik Kahin Tu apne punishment se bachne ke liye tou yeh sab nahi kar raha naa..." Mukti asked squinting her eyes. 
"Mukti I'm serious here... And you are joking... " he glared at her. 
"I'm just asking..." She turned around. 
"So the question is... You guys want to come with us or you want to join us later in the day time...  Coz I want to meet dad ASAP..." He asked. 
"Yaar Navya Abhi Abhi soyi hai... Do one thing you go ahead with Nandini... We will leave in the morning and also we will collect our things too so that we can stay as long as we can... What say Mukti..." Cabir said thinking something. 
Mukti got up from her place and went to Manik. 
Manik looked at her with a questioning look. Mukti hugged him all of a sudden. Manik hugged her back with a smile. 
"Teri khushi ab koi nahi Cheen sakta... Tu samajhta hai... Hum Chup baith kar tamasha dekhenge... No never... We all will make sure that no one dare to do any mess with us anymore... "!she smashed herself to him again. 
"I'm very happy... For you bro... Tujhe Teri zindagi wapas mil gayi... I'm very happy..." She said with a moist in her eyes. 
Manik signaled Nandini with his eyes to join them. Nandini comes close to them. Mukti left Manik and hugged her. 
"Welcome to our family choti... " she said caressing her hair. She used to call her choti in the college days. 
Nandini's heart felt satisfied that atlast she is fine now. 
"Don't think both of you that I will forget about my punishment... You have to pay for it you know..." She faked an angry look to them. 
Manik pulled her in a big bear hug smiling wide. 

Yaaron Dosti badi hi haseen hai 
Yeh na ho tou Kya Phir bolo yeh zindagi hai

Koi tou ho raazdaar 
Begharaz Tera ho yaar
Koi tou ho raazdaar 

Cabir Aliya and Dhruv came to them and join the group hug. And Manik felt content. At last his friends are together again. 

Yaaron mohabbat 
Hi tou bandagi hai
Yeh na ho tou Kya Phir
Bolo yeh zindagi hai

Koi tou dilbar ho yaar
Jisko tujhse ho pyaar 
Koi Tou dilbar ho yaar 

End of part 18

Hello friends 
Here's the other part 
And this part is very emotional to me because 
I put lots of my personal emotion in it 
As you all know friends plays an important part in ones life
So I can't see friends breaking apart. 
Tell me how's it. 

And regarding the LIFE PARTNER 
It's already done 
I'm searching for some beautiful pictures 
And some finishing touches. 
I'll update it till tomorrow night so please have patience 

You all wanted long long updates so it takes time my dear friends
And when I start writing there's no stopping 
Even I couldn't stop myself that's why it takes me so long

If you don't want long updates  just letme know 
I'll make it short for you.

Anyways I'm saving the best for the last 
Your wait will be worth it trust me hope you will like it. 

So till than take care and stay blessed. 
And always keep smiling.

And last but not the least. 
Thank you all so much for the beautiful comments
Very appreciative words and encouragement 

I couldn't have wrote this much without your support 

The following 143 member(s) liked the above post:


Cute_Inaya Goldie

Joined: 18 August 2015
Posts: 1821

Posted: 12 July 2016 at 11:31am | IP Logged

Yayeee...I am first one ...SmileTongue

what an update sweetheart...
It was Outstanding...Fabulous and...Superb update...

Very emotion you penned down so well...
Heart touching really...even I got emotional too...

Starting part ...Think of the devil and the devil is here...
Nyonica iski hi kami thi...Ouch uhhh...

Then...Mukti was so angry with them...
But she was right on her place...( hum gussa bhi unhi  se hote hai jinhe hum apna mante hai...aur bahut pyar krte hai...)

Manik was  trying all his best ...but nahh ...mukti tou manik se bhi stubborn hai...
then nandini calmed her down ... a little...

Then manik told them everything...
That part was so emotional... bahut mushkil hota hai... bad phase ko yaad krna...
Finally mukti maan tou gyi...aur sab bhi...

Awww...Punishment time for manan...hehe...
Manik was so frustrated ... bichara kitna try kr raha tha...

Awww...loved the way nandini pacifying him...
he can't stay away from her...
But Manik nandini tou tumhari hi hai... aur The Manik malhotra ko kaun rok sakta hai... WinkSmile

Then naughty manik is back...their moments were so romantic... beautiful...and hot too...
Embarrassed Embarrassed

Then teasing part was good...
Mukti and manan part it was superb...
loved their bond... it was adorable...

wow ...destination wedding...I am so excited for that...

(I agree with you ...Friends are life line...
They stand by your side through the good as well as the bad ...)

Loved it alot...
U penned down so well honey...
U did a splendid and fabulous job...

Or short update... A big no...
U know na I love ur long long updates...
short se mera kya hoga...??? Tou plz  nhi...

Keep up the good work...
Thanks for pm...
keep smiling...
stay blessed...
Lots and lots of love...

Edited by Cute_Inaya - 13 July 2016 at 10:03am

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Vandyandy Goldie

Joined: 27 July 2015
Posts: 1614

Posted: 12 July 2016 at 11:35am | IP Logged
Just missed it ...agggrrr






















Edited by Vandyandy - 13 July 2016 at 11:49am

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hijabEfajr Goldie

Joined: 12 December 2014
Posts: 2122

Posted: 12 July 2016 at 11:57am | IP Logged
Wow awsm update,
Thnx GOD mukti is fn n0w.
Thanx 4 the p.m

Conti s0onish

The following 1 member(s) liked the above post:


shruti1997 Goldie

Joined: 25 May 2015
Posts: 1607

Posted: 12 July 2016 at 12:15pm | IP Logged
Awesome update
Loved it
Mukti was angry with Manan
Manik was hurt with Muktis
Mukti to give Manan
A punishment
Manik was so cute
Yeyyy Manan will have a proper
Wedding eagerly waiting
For it
Manan cute romance and
Make out loved it
Manan going to pune
Waiting for the next update
Update soon

Thanks for the pm

The following 1 member(s) liked the above post:


manya_189 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 25 January 2015
Posts: 2661

Posted: 12 July 2016 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
Love the long updates!
Loving the way story is turning out to be ^_^ I

The following 1 member(s) liked the above post:


xini123 Groupbie

Joined: 06 November 2015
Posts: 132

Posted: 12 July 2016 at 12:29pm | IP Logged
wow such an emotional update mukti and manik part was best

The following 1 member(s) liked the above post:


cutypie04 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 23 January 2015
Posts: 3295

Posted: 12 July 2016 at 12:30pm | IP Logged
Superb fantastic update dear
Loved every bit of it
Beautifully written
Continue soonnn
Tnx fr d pm
Stay blessed
Keep smiling :)

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