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MANAN FF DESTINED LOVE STORY #2 last part pg 146 updated (Page 69)

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Sorry for late reply 
Both the updates were just awesome!!
Nandini had handled the situation well!!
And the way she made manik cabir and Navya understand her point of view was just awesome!!
Mukti is seriously mad at nandini more than anyone!!
And this Aryaman!!
Why even he came!!
And our jealous manik is back!!
Mukti is also getting suspicious Uff!!
and finally manik told dhruv about marriage!!
Waiting for next!!
thanks for pm
Take care 
Keep smiling 
Love you 

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Awesome update
Continue soon
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Excellent update...
Manan's & cavya's convo was nice...
Manan's moments were awesome...
Manan's & aryaman's convo was superb...
Manik tld dhruv dat he's married 2 Nandini...
Luved it...
Plz continue soon...
Waiting eagerly...
Take care...
Stay blessed...
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nice update dear
cabir's also annoyed with nandani that she didn't tell truth to rest of fab5 members bt love the way how calmly nandani made him understand importance of their friendship in her life n she can't see them break apart jst by a mere misunderstanding that's why she took that decision n now cabir's also agreeing with her decision
finally cabir also know the truth that why she left earlier n his respect for her increase more love their bond
manan moments was blissfull
fab3 thought aryaman as nandani's husband n manik's anger knew no bound if it was in his hand he would rip apart aryaman then n there bt he's controlling jst for nandani bt looks like mukti has doubt on manan
cabir's also confused by new found information of nandani's husband hope they clear this mess soon
finally manik tell dhruv that he's nandani's husband hope he'll understand his pov
cont soon
keep smiling
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Amazing and lovely story 
Plzz updated soon..
And pm me..
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Hello dear
Sorry for not commenting 
As you know I was always busy 

But I take out the time to read your stories. 
You are a very talented writer

Coming to the update let Nandini say the truth now
Before it creates problems

Very nice update 
Mukti is being a stubborn friend 
In my point of view
She should see from Manik's side too

Thanks for the update 
Take care
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Part 17 

"Yeh Tu Kya keh raha hai buddy... Tune shaadi karli... Tu mazaakh kar raha hai na mere saath..." Dhruv couldn't digest the fact that his buddy , his brother like friend can go to such an extend. 
Even though he knows the dept of Manik's love for Nandini , but marriage???? 
"I'm not joking Dhruv... I'm dead serious... I married her..." He tried to convince Dhruv. 
"Par itna bada decision... You didn't even informed us... " Dhruv is still trying to get hold of the fact. 
"Haan buddy mere pass Aur koi option nahi tha... I couldn't just leave her there and come back... And... Main usse yahan Kis haq se le ke aata... " Manik was explaining. 
"But itni jaldi Kya thi..."
"Jaldi..."  Dhruv was saying when he interrupted 
"Yeh jaldi kahan hai Dhruv... It been eight years... I've waited for her for eight god danm years... In fact we have waited for eight years for this moment... Tu tou janta hai na Dhruv... Tujhse tou Kuch bhi nahi chupa hai..." Manik said in desperateness for Dhruv to understand. 
"How I was lonely, how I missed her, how I lost and than found myself... Tu sab Kuch janta hai..." Manik said. 
"Haan buddy I know... I know your sufferings , I know your tadap for her... And Mujhe Teri shaadi se koi aiteraaz nahi hai... Only thing was why didn't you inform me , us..." Dhruv asked in an unbelievable way. 

"Because... Tum sab Nandini se naraaz thei... In fact main bhi... We all were very mad and upset on her... That she just disappeared without any rhyme  or reason... But reason tha buddy... Bahut bada reason tha... For her disappearance..." Manik paused. 
"I will tell you that later... But for now... I just want to tell you that... I can't live without her anymore... I want to keep her in front of my eyes always..,  Aur I couldn't find any other better reason  than this... Tu hi bata Aur main Kya karta..." Dhruv can see the pain and helplessness in his voice when Manik bend his head down. 
Dhruv came forward and pulled him into a bone crushing hug. 

He knows how Manik broke down after Nandini left... How they almost lost him because of his excessive   alcohol use... How he was fed up with life... And With lot of difficulties they brought him back... But still he was not interested in living... How He just fakes a plastic smile for them , just for his friends. 

Dhruv was happy but he still have that pricking in his heart that he didn't inform them , him about his marriage. 
"Buddy I'm happy for you... Trust me... Mujhe Teri khushi chahiye... Tu Khush hai tou bas... But Tu Mukti and Aliya ko kaise batayega... It will be very difficult you know... " Dhruv  said. 
Manik's face lit up with light. 
"Tune maaf kar diya Mujhe... You are happy??? No heart feelings..." He asked.  
"Isme maaf karne ki Kya baat hai... Tune shaadi ki hai... Koi crime tou nahi kiya hai... But..." He stopped. 
"But..." Manik looked at him. 
"But.. Dil mein  Ek baat reh jaayegi.. Ki main apne buddy ki shaadi mein nahi tha... I wasn't a part of it..." He said like a defeated person. 
Manik felt guilty of not informing his friends about his marriage. 

"Sorry Dhruv..." Both Dhruv and Manik turned towards the owner of the voice who said sorry..
Nandini who came to meet Manik before sleeping...stopped and was standing there listening to their conversation for a long time. She didn't want to interfere in the friends  talk. But when she saw that guilty face of her husband she couldn't control and makes her move. 
"I'm so sorry... That we did this without you guys... Without your presence... Please Hume maaf kardo..." She pleaded in front of him. 
"Tum sorry kyun Bol rahi ho... You guys didn't do a crime yaar... Shaadi ki hai tumne... So don't be sorry... Anyways  Congratulations... " Dhruv coolly said and hugged Manik and then Nandini together. 

"This is a good news yaar... Haan Yeh alag baat hai Ki Tum dono ne yeh baat chupaayi... But still party tou banti hai... Kyun Manik..." Dhruv leave both of the and asked him. 
"Of course party Tou Hogi Zaroor... But first we have to tell Mukti and Aliya too... Phir karenge na party..." Manik said. 
"Well good luck with that..." Dhruv showed his thumbs up. 
"Acha Tum dono baatien karo... I'm off to sleep..." Saying this he went inside. 

Manik rest his arms on the railing bending on it. Nandini noticed that he's still tensed. She wanted to make him relax but she couldn't help it anymore. She can understand that his friends are his life and until they know the truth and they are ok with it he won't be satisfied. 
She went and puts her palm on his hands. 
"Pareshaan ho..." She asked. 
He didn't answer. 
She want him to spill what all he was thinking. She went closer to him and grabbed his arm with both of her hands and rest her head on his shoulder. 
"I know you are tensed... Sab theek ho jaayega..." She said. 
On that note he took his arm away from her and said. 
"Kaise Nandini... Tumne dekha nahi... How Dhruv reacted after he knows the truth... And when Mukti and Aliya knows , how will they react... " he runs his hands through his hair. 

"They will come around.. they will accept it... Trust me..." She tried to calm him. 
"I don't know man... I feel so guilty right now... I should have informed them about our marriage..." He said disappointingly. 
She went ahead and hugged him and he got  startled. 
"I can't see you like this... Please... Don't loose hope... We will tell them... " Manik wrapped his arms around her. 
"Soon..." She replied. 
She turned and said 
"Acha Manik... Tomorrow is a busy day so we need to sleep..." Saying that she turns to leave. 

But she felt a tug in her top. She saw that Manik was holding her top in his fingers with a pouty face. 
"Aise hi chali jaaogi..." He asked like a small kid. 
"Tou Phir..." She came near him making an innocent face. 
"No good night kiss no hug... Itna you haq banta hai yaar mera... " he pulled her by her waist. 
"Hug Tou Abhi Abhi kiya na... Aaand kiss... Manik kisi ne dekh liya Tou... " she also started teasing him. 
She snaked her arms around his neck. 
"Haan Tou dekh lene do... Main darta hoon Kya... Official biwi ho Tum Meri... Agar main chaahun tou Tumhe Abhi utha ke le jaaon apne Ghar... Aur Tum Mujhe Rok bhi nahi sakti... Samjhi tum..." He squeezed her waist pulling her more close...
She shivered with his proxy. 
"You know main tumse inn sab time waste ka gin gin ke badla loonga... " he nuzzles his face on her cheek going down  on her neck. 
She tilted her head to give her access. 
"What yaar... I can't even romance with my wife when I want to... Why all this complications for me only..." He kissed on her neck and gave a bite on her. 
She cluched his shoulders behind. 

He nibbled at her earlobe and she was trembling in his arms. 
He felt her wobbling  and hugged her tight lifting her from the ground. 
"Nandini..." He whispered in an extreme seductive voice that a shiver ran again through her body. 
"Chalo na hum... Hum chupke  se apne Ghar chalte hai... We will come back in the morning before anyone wake up.." He pleaded. 
She didn't answer. 
He put her back on the ground and without breaking the hug moving his head back he looked at her questioningly. 
"Manik believe me... I am so desperate to go to our house , but..." She stopped 
"But????" Manik raised his eyebrows annoyingly. 
Seeing his changing facial expressions , she changed her topic. 
"But... Now that I'm your official wife... Don't you think I have to enter the house with all the rituals... And to do those rituals you need your friends who is your family... For that we have to wait... Till they know our truth... Nai..," she explained. 
"Oh common... Kitne excuses hai Tumhare paas..." He left her irritatingly and turn to the railing. 
"Sometimes Mujhe lagta hai ki tumko maza aata hai Mujhe irritate karne mein..," he said. 
She went close to him and turned him. 
She cupped his face and pressed her lips to his thin and inviting lips closing her eyes. 
He was startled by her sudden act but he lift his hands and moved his fingers inside her hair and pulling her closer he responded  to the kiss with equal fervor. He needed this kiss right now. 
Which Nandini knows very well that's why instead of talking she just kissed him. 
They kissed each other sucking and biting their lips. Manik slipped his tongue inside her mouth and sucked her tongue devouring the flavors from her and she returned his favor back by doing the same. 
They left for the need of oxy. 
He pulled her in a hug resting  her head on his chest. She wrapped her arms around him and said.  
"I love you Manik... And trust me I can't wait to enter our house together, you by my side... But I want all of us to be happy while we entered , I want to start our new life in our house with happy faces  and with all of our friends..." 
"I know I know... I can understand... I hope that time come very soon..." He whispers resting his chin on her head. 

Next Morning everyone was getting settled on the table for breakfast Navya and Nandini was arranging the items and Mukti Aliya also helping them. 
Than the boys came one by one. When Aryaman sat on one chair Mukti insisted Nandini to sit beside him forcefully. Nandini hesitated , but Mukti didn't listen to anything and make them sat beside each other. 
Manik didn't like what's going on around him right now. 
And if it was in Mukti's hands than she would make Nandini and Aryaman feed each other. But thankfully that didn't happened. And from her peripheral vision Mukti  was also noticing Manik's behavior. 
Manik was fuming and getting aggravated with Mukti's behavior. The way she was hell bend to keep Nandini and Aryaman together was literally getting  on his nerves. 
Nandini noticed Manik's annoyance and stood from her place and said. 
"I'll be right back... " and went into the kitchen. 
Manik senses relieved for a bit. Nandini came back and was about to sit when Manik said. 
"Aan Nandini... I think you have to check my stitches because I feel a little pain inside..." Manik got up from his place. 
"What.. Really... Phir Tum Perform kaise karoge..." Nandini asked being concerned. 
"That's why I'm asking you to check if it's serious or not... If it's ok for me to perform..." He was finding the excuse to take Nandini away from that Aryaman. 
"Ok Chalo... I'll examine you..," she said went into their room. 
As soon as they entered he pulled her with a jerk holding her shoulders in a tight grip. 
Nandini understands that it was Manik's excuse that he wanted her not to sit there anymore. 
"Kya zaroorath thi Tumhe Mukti ki har baat sun ne ki... Haan...  Bolo..." He lift her shoulders to bring her to his level. 
"Enough of hiding game... That's it now... I can't take it anymore... Do you understand..." He was spitting anger from his mouth. 

"If you don't tell the truth either before or after the performance , than I will tell everyone..." His grip on her shoulder was tightening that she felt pain. But she didn't say anything. Because she knows that right now if she says anything than it will backfired on her. As her man is in a very possessive mode. 

"Phir chahe jo bhi ho... Koi Bura maane ya bhala...Whatever will be the consequences... I will handle it... But I want you to accept that you love me in front of everyone... Without any hesitation and fear...  Do you understand..." He demanded with aggression.
She just nodded her head. 
"Ab main Aur bardaasht nahi karunga uss Aryaman Ko... Jo tumhare aas paas ghoomta Rehta hai.. Aur Aaj to usne hadd hi kar di... why does he have to sit beside you... Aur Tum... Tum usse mana nahi kar sakti thi... Kya zaroorath thi uske Bagal mein baithne ki..." He was so mad at the fact that he couldn't claim his wife as his in front of his friends . 

"But Manik it's not my fault , Mukti was..." 
"Oh don't give me that lame  excuse.." Manik cut her off
". Mukti ko Tum mana bhi kar sakti thi... Or you should have given any excuse of being busy ...   but nahi Tumhe tou bas..." And he digged his fingers on her shoulders. 
"Manik  dard ho raha hai..." She winced in pain. 
"I don't care..." He yelled in the same way, but then he realized what he just said and left her shoulders. 
He started rubbing her shoulders very softly. 
"I'm sorry..." He bend down and kissed her shoulders on both sides. 
"Main Kya karoon... I can't see that person near you... I don't like the way he looks at you... " he was still frustrated. 
Nandini smashed herself into his chest. 
"I'm sorry Manik... Meri wajah se you have to go through  so much and meri wajah se Tum itna naraaz ho rahe ho..." She started crying. 
Manik embraced her and rubbed her back. 
"No Nandini don't say sorry , it's just that... Hum Dono Ek doosre se eight years dur thei... And I don't want to stay  away from you anymore... It's so frustrating that mere Doston ko convince karna Kitna mushkil hai... " Manik rest his chin on her head and said. 
"Tum bilkul bhi tension mutt lo Manik... I will tell the truth today..." She assured him. 
"Sab theek ho jaayega..."
She rubbed his back. 
He snuggles more to her and they stayed there like that for few more minutes. 

In the evening the performance was held in the open air ground of the orphanage. Keeping in consideration of their security they also kept it all under closed fenced and , security had been strictly taken care of. The arrangement was of almost 3 to 4 hundred people. So the ground was full of people and the young children. 
They have to perform as per the crowds demand so Manik collaborates  few beautiful songs specially for the young children for this performance. 

Inside the orphanage Fab 5 were getting ready for the going in. Nandini came in as Manik's Doctor, but Mukti allowed Aryaman in as Nandini's husband which makes Manik's mood ticked off already. Navya was giving company to Cabir. 

Cabir noticed Manik's off mood and sneaked Nandini out to meet him. 
Manik was standing in one of the empty room of the orphanage near the window looking out watching the stars. Nandini quietly walked behind and hugged him from the back , Framing his waist. 
He looked back and gave a faint smile , because he don't like the way things are going on around him. He want to spend that quality time with Nandini which was taken away from him long time back. 
"Don't be upset please , at least not before the performance..." She said very softly. 
He entwined her hands with his and brought it to his lips for a light kiss on her knuckles. 
"I'm not upset , I just want things to be normal again , like the way it used to be before..." His voice was very depressing. 
She walked in front of him and cupped his face in her palms and pulling him
To her she gave a nice and lovely kiss on his forehead. 
He closed his eyes to feel her soft touch. 
"We will definitely be normal as before... Please don't give up , not now... And trust me... Everything will be alright..." She assured him. 
He pulled her in a tight hug. This is what he wanted. 
The assurance from her the that she is there with him , the good  wishes from her which he missed all these years before every performance. 
She gave herself to him and they both stood there like that for a couple of minutes. 

Cabir came and informed that the performance is going to start. So they separated and Manik went ahead to join the rest of them. 

Nandini Navya and Aryaman were seated in the first few rows. 
Fab 5 were settled and took their spots as always. Manik in the middle ,  Cabir with the drums , Mukti and Dhruv with their guitars and Aliya with her key board. Aa soon as the light were turned on the crowd started cheering them. And they started their song. 
All of them started singing together. 

I'll be alright, I'll be alright

I'll be alright

Manik looked at Nandini and winked at her while he sang and she blushed looking here and there.

Tu hai toh tedi medi rahe
Ulti pulti baatein
Sedhi lagthi hai
Tu hai toh joote moote vaade
Dushman ke irrade
Sache lagthe hai
Jo dil mein taare vaare de jagah
Woh tu hi hai, tu hi hai
Jo rothe rothe de hassa
Tu hi hai wahin

Manik came and take rounds around his friends to express his feelings towards them. 

Jaane kyun (jaane kyun) dil jantha hai
Tu hai toh, I'll be alright
(I'll be alright, I'll be alright)
Jaane kyun (jaane kyun) dil jantha hai
(yeh, yeh ,yeh)
Tu hai toh, I'll be alright
(I'll be alright, I'll be alright)

Cabir started this time with so much of enthusiasm looking at each other. They all where moving there bodies according to the rhythm.  

Saari duniya ek taraf hai
Ek taraf hai hum
Har khushi toh, dur bhage
Mil rahe hai gum
But when u smile for me
World seems all right
Yeh meri zindagi
Pal mein hi khil jaaye
Jaane kyun

Jaane kyun (jaane kyun) dil jantha hai
Tu hai toh, I'll be alright
(I'll be alright, I'll be alright)
Jaane kyun (jaane kyun) dil jantha hai
(yeh, yeh ,yeh)
Tu hai toh, I'll be alright
(I'll be alright, I'll be alright)

(Yeh yeh yeh
I'll be alright, I'll be alright
I'll be alright
Yeh yeh yeh
I'll be alright, I'll be alright) "- 2

(Jo dil mein taare vaare de jagah
Woh tu hi hai, tu hi hai
Tu hi hai) (low background voice)

Manik again puts a hand around Cabir and than Dhruv and than Mukti and than Aliya and gave a side hug to each of them one by one. 

Chote chote kuch palon ka
Dostana yeah
Jaane kyun ab lag raha hai
Jaana maana yeah
Coz when smile for me
World seems alright
Yeah sare pal yahin
Yun hi tham se jaaye
Jaane kyun (jaane kyun)

Jaane kyun (jaane kyun) dil jantha hai
Tu hai toh, I'll be alright
(I'll be alright, I'll be alright)
Jaane kyun (jaane kyun) dil jantha hai
(yeh, yeh ,yeh)
Tu hai toh, I'll be alright
(I'll be alright, I'll be alright)

Tu hai toh tedi medi rahe
Ulti pulti baatein
Sedhi lagthi hai
Tu hai toh joote moote vaade
Dushman ke irrade
Sache lagthe hai
Jo dil mein taare vaare de jagah
Woh tu hi hai, tu hi hai
Jo rothe rothe de hassa
Tu hi hai wahin

All of them again sang together enjoying there togetherness  as friends , as family , and for being there for each other. 

Jaane kyun (jaane kyun) dil jantha hai
Tu hai toh, I'll be alright
(I'll be alright, I'll be alright)
Jaane kyun (jaane kyun) dil jantha hai
(yeh, yeh ,yeh)
Tu hai toh, I'll be alright
(I'll be alright, I'll be alright)

Jaane kyun (jaane kyun) dil jantha hai
(yeh, yeh ,yeh)
Tu hai toh, I'll be alright
(I'll be alright, I'll be alright)

As soon as the song was done there was a huge round of applause for them when they stand up from there places to say thanks to them. All of them were still clapping when Manik grabbed their attention with his voice. 

Than Manik's voice echoes in the microphone again. 
"I want to dedicate this one more song to a very special person in my life... Without that person I'm nothing, my being is complete with that special person..." He said and settled himself on the stool with the guitar in his lap. He hit the strings of the guitar and looked in the audience for the glimpses at the love of his life... Nandini.

Again a huge round of applause echoed in the ground. 

Abhi mujh mein kahin 
Baaki  thodi si hai zindagi
Jagi dhadkan nayi 
Jaana zinda hoon main Tou Abhi 
Kuch aisi Lagan iss lamhe mein hai
Yeh lamha Kahan tha mera 
Ab hai saamne 
Issey choo loon Zara 
Mar jaaun ya jee loon Zara 
Khushiyaan choom loon 
Ya ro loon Zara 
Mar jaaun ya jee loon Zara 

Ho oo Abhi mujh mein kahin 
Baaki thodi si hai zindagi 

Flashes of the time which was spend without Nandini has been going on in front of him. How he suffered the loneliness pain , how he went through a lot trying to find her , how he lost himself in the alcohol. 
And the other side Nandini felt goosebumps on her whole body hearing his painful voice. Her eyes were brimming with tears. She thought of the time she spend without him. How lonely she was , how she forgot to live without him , how she was living like a dead body without her heart and soul within her. She covers her mouth to stop from making noise due to crying. 

Hoo dhoop  mein jalte hue tann Ko 
Chaaya pedh Ki mil gayi
Roothe bache Ki hasi jaise
Phuslaane se Phir khil gayi
Kuch aisa hi abb mehsoos Dil Ko ho raha hai
Barson purane zakhm pe marham laga sa hai
Kuch aisa raham iss lamhe mein hai 
Ye lamha Kahan tha mera 
Ab hai saamne 
Issey choo loon Zara 
Mar jaaun ya jee loon Zara 
Khushiyaan choom loon 
Ya ro loon Zara 
Mar jaaun ya jee loon Zara 

Cabir and Dhruv and Mukti and Aliya who were listening to the song equally can feel the pain he has went through. Their eyes started getting moist as he is going further and further. They literally went through on the path with him when he was going through tough times without Nandini. 
Nandini was crying without noise and Navya notices it sitting beside her ,and pressEd her hands to calm her down. 
But the tears were falling from her eyes  like rain drops , hearing the soulful voice of her husband. 

Dor se tooti patang jaise, thi ye zindagani meri
Aaj ho kal ho mera naa ho
Har din thi kahani meri
Ik bandhan naya peechhe se abb mujhko bulaaye
Aane waley kal ki kyun fikar mujhko sata jaaye
Ik aisi chubhan iss lamhe me hai
Ye lamha kahaan tha mera aa

He forwarded his hand in front of him with an open palm , and he make a fist out of his palm to catch hold of something , like the time which was already gone being separated from his soul and to grab hold of his life... Nandini... Before she disappears again... and pulled it towards his heart and tears fall from his eyes. 

Ab hai saamne
Issey chhoo loon zara
Mar jaaoo'n ya jee loon zara
Khushiyaan choom loon
Yaa ro loo'n zaraa
Mar jaaoo'n ya jee loon Zara 

The audience were quiet and observing the singers desperation and his pain , as they don't know what's going on here , why he is being so depressed and down. But ,

Nandini couldn't hold it any more , she was getting very restless. The resistance in her has already given up she stands from her place and started taking slow steps. 
Manik saw her getting up and coming out of her lane. 
He got up from his stool and puts the guitar with the support of the stool. 
Nandini's eyes were spilling non stop tears hearing his emotions. She increased her pace and started taking big big steps. And after coming out of her lane she started running towards the stage. 
The crowds attention diverted towards her. It was a pin drop silence after the song was done , and no one clapped yet. Nandini climbed the few steps of the stage and going over she ran and smashed herself on to Manik throwing her arms around his neck. 

And Manik lift her up from the ground in His strong arms and held her close to him , so close that he buried his face in her soft and silky hair. He smiled with that teary  face with happiness. At last his wish was fulfilled. She was once again his with no one in between. 
Nandini was crying harder clinging onto him. 
"I love you Manik... I love you..." She said not very loudly  but the microphone that was hanging from his ear can make everyone hear her. 

And at that moment the public started applauding slowly and than the whole ground was echoed with clapped and whistles and what not. 

Manik whispered in her ear
"I love you too Nandini... I love you so much..." 
He puts her down without breaking the hug. 

Manik and Nandini didn't noticed that Mukti and Aliya's face were fell open and hanging on the ground  as if they are seeing the un imaginary. They couldn't believe at their eyes at the site in front of them. 
Though Mukti had a vague idea that this can be possible but Nandini will accept it like this , they have no clue at all. 
On the other hand Cabir , Navya and Dhruv's faces were cheering happily for them. 
And even Aryaman somewhere gets a relief that he didn't have to pretend to be Nandini's fake husband anymore. Manik was smiling constantly with this pleasant acceptance. 
He gave a peck on her head and breaks the hug. Both of them wipes off their tears with a smiling faces. 

They came down at the back stage where their friends were waiting for them. 
Cabir and Navya hugged both Manik and Nandini. Dhruv too came forward to hug them. 
Mukti and Aliya were surprised that Cabir and Navya had  also knows something they don't know... 
Manik and Nandini came near both of them. 
"Mukti Aliya... We can explain... " they bring them out of their trance. 
"Explain what... That even though she is married... You both still love each other..." Mukti snapped at them. 
"Idiot... Tujhe Abhi bhi samajh nahi aaya... Nandini Meri wife hai... Not Aryaman's... I am her husband..."  Finally Manik dropped the bomb on them. 

Mukti was taken aback...
"W.. Wait... Wait... Wait.. What... Come again..." It was Aliya's turn to freak out. While Mukti was still digesting the fact. 
" yes... It's true... We got married only a couple of days back. In Delhi..." Manik  puts a hand around Nandini's shoulder.  
Nandini who has been keeping quiet since they came down from
Stage gave a fake smile getting nervous. 
She was waiting for both the girls reactions. 
"Ohhh my God..." Aliya opened her mouth wide. 
"Wow what a revelation... And who else is part of your secret..."
Turning to Dhruv she asked. 
"Dhruv you also knew it..," 
"No ..., Mujhe bhi aaj subah pata chala..." Dhruv said starlight away without getting himself in trouble.  

Both Manik's and Nandini's concentration was on Mukti who DIDNT utter a word. 
"Mukti... Kuch Bol..." Manik asked her giving her a shake. 
She still didn't reply. But she turns to Cabir and said. 
"Cabir... Are you going home... Can you drop me... Because Aliya DIDNT bring her car with her..," Mukti asked Cabir totally ignoring Manik. 
"But Mukti answer naa... Talk to me... Say something..." Manik hold her shoulder. She politely removed his hand and asked again. 
"Cabir are you dropping me or shall I call a cab..." She was suppressing her anger and emotions to not create a scene here in a new place. 
So Cabir signed Manik to leave her alone. 
Manik whispered in Cabir's ears to take Mukti to his own flat. 
Cabir agreed and they all left from there. 

End of part 17


Hello people 
I'm giving you the surprise update without any promo 

Now the cat is out of the bag
Every one knows the truth 
Dhruv accepted 
How will Mukti and Aliya handle this and 
How long will it take to accept them. 

So now start commenting and give me long long comments 
And as you all know I have started a new FF 
Dancing dreams 
Do want me to give an update for that FF 
Or shall I continue with this and get over with the up coming 
Emotional drama in this story

Let me know before I start working on the other one

Thanks for supporting me with your live and care 
Take care and stay blessed 
Keep smiling always. 

Love you all

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sabhanamh Senior Member

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Continue with this

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