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MANAN FF DESTINED LOVE STORY #2 last part pg 146 updated (Page 66)

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wow amazing and exciting promo ab manik kia kare ga aryaman k sth plz update soon

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Manik is going to kill aryaman from sure without any warning 
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Sorry I couldn't respond to the last couple of updates. 
Shaadi ho gayi
This is good 
Manik took Nandini to Mumbai also 
Very good
But yeh Kya hua
Mukti acted different 
I agree with Nandini 
When the fab3 will,know about there marriage they will get hurt
Because they are friends and family together 
Nandini did right 
But she should not prolong it both Manik and Nandini should tell them together 

Amazing twist 
But don't separate manan 

Thank you
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Interesting promo
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Cabir is such a tease...ek mauka ni chodta manan ko embarass karne ka...
Finally they r in mumbai..
Finally the faceoff of fab3 and nandini happens..
Liked the way nandini handle them..
Manan part was hot..
Loved it..
Cont soon.
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Awesome promo
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Part 16

Next morning on the breakfast table Manik was still in a hazy mood , Nandini didn't tell the truth. 
"Nandini why did you have to hide the truth yesterday... Bata deti naa ki who your husband is... Baad mein dekha jaata..." Cabir also offended  her decision. 
"Cabir Tum bhi ghalat samajh rahe ho... Yesterday you guys see naa... How Mukti Aliya and Dhruv got so emotional seeing Manik after so many days..." Nandini gave a pleading look at Manik who is not in a mood to hear any of this. 
"Agar unko pata chalta ki Manik ne shaadi karli hai... Forget about Kiske saath ki... Woh log Manik ki shaadi ka sunkar offensive ho jaate... And on top of that... If they know that he married me... Tab toh Aur bhi bada masla ho jaata... Unhe acha nahi lagta... They will feel hurt..." She stopped eating and started explaining. 
"Mere jaane ke baad.. You guys were the one who handled him..." She pressed Manik's hand on the table to gain his attention. And it worked. He lift his eyes to see her moist eyes. 

And now he was also listening to her.  
"Whatever has Manik went through after I left...you all were there for him... To console him , to wipe his tears , to be there for him.. When he needed me I was not there ... But you four never left his side.. You guys tolerated his tantrums , his attitudes his every misbehavior..." A few tear drops fall from her eyes. 

"And Mukti... She is like a sister to him... And Manik is like a friend cum brother to her...   Agar pata chalta tou Usko kaise lagta... When she get to know that the girl who left him , who broke his heart... He went ahead and married the same girl... That too without anyone's involvement... Usko Bahut Bura lagta... She will feel  hurt , left alone... She will feel that Manik preferred me over her , over them..." Manik Cabir and Navya was listening to her explanation very keenly.  

"I know that I did wrong in hiding this truth... But if you guys noticed...but I noticed that...more than everyone Mukti is more mad with me.. That I left her brother like friend... And she felt his pain too... All these years... But trust me my intention was not bad... Just to save more turmoil between you guys..." She wiped her tears after finishing her explanation.   
"I know that Mukti is already mad on me... Woh mujhse naraaz hai... But main nahi chahti Ki Meri wajah se Tum logon me beech koi galatfahmi ho... " Nandini said. 
"And Cabir... Just think about it... Agar Mukti ki jagah Tum hote... Aur Tumhe mere Aur Manik ki shaadi ke baare mein pata chalta... how  will you react..." She asked him. 
Cabir took a deep sigh and gave a smile to Nandini. 
"You are right..." He answered.
" I will definitely feel bad and hurt..." 

"I'm impressed Nandini... I'm really very impressed.. Tum humare baare mein Itna sonchti ho... Itne saalo baad bhi.. I never expected... Even I didn't thought what will Mukti or Aliya or Dhruv will think... I thought that we will handle the situations.. What will they go through after knowing the truth... I never gave a thought on that..., kyun Manik I'm sure... Tu ne bhi nahi socha hoga..." Cabir praised Nandini's thoughts and her concerns for them. 

"I know that Mukti is already mad on me... Woh mujhse naraaz hai... But main nahi chahti Ki Meri wajah se Tum logon me beech koi galatfahmi ho... " Nandini said. 

Manik is  lost in her talk , her concerning nature , and her love  for everybody who is connected to him... And how can he forget... It's because of him , his own safety she left him...
"Manik... Kya soch raha hai.." Cabir shook him to bring him out of his trance. 
"Haan... What..." He said blinking his eyes. 
"But Nandini... If you are concerned about us so much... And cares about us that much.. Than why did you leave in the first place..." This question was the heaviest one of all for Nandini..
Both Manik and Nandini exchanged their looks. Nandini wanted to share this information with them one way or the other. 

"Cabir Tu hi soch... Just with the small emotional encounter between us stopped her from telling the truth yesterday... So you think that she will hurt us or me willingly... Kuch Bahut bada hi hua hoga naa... That she left..." This time Manik took Nandini's side. 
Nandini's eyes got moist again thinking about those days and now that Manik is here by her side. 
He pressed her hand to assure her. 
"Ohh Acha... So she already told you the reason... Aur Hume Abhi tak Kuch nahi pata... Theek hai theek hai..." Cabir was acting like a drama queen. 
"Cabir rehnede naa..." Manik insisted. 
"Nai Manik kabhi na kabhi tou pata chalna hi hai  na... Tou why not now..." Nandini said. 

Nandini started narrating the whole story of the past... That how Harshad blackmailed her for Manik's and Rishab's life... And how Cabir also got hurt badly due to the accident Harshad planned along with Manik. 
All this while Manik moved his chair and puts his arm around her shoulders. 
On the other hand Cabir was getting furious listening to the horrible truth. 
He was fuming with anger on Harshad. Navya was having tears in her eyes hearing about what all her one and only close friend went through all alone. 
Cabir got up from his chair and went near Nandini and making her stand up he gave her a big tight hug. He patted her head and back like trying to take away the pain of all those years. 
Manik and Navya saw this brotherly gesture of Cabir and was overwhelmed. 
"Hats off to you Nandini... You truly love Manik a lot... I thought that Manik was just wasting his life after you who don't even bother to look around and find out how much he loves you and care for you... But you break all the records... Kissi ke pyaar mein ussi person se dur rehna... Jis se Tum pyaar karte ho... It's very difficult... Really I solute you... Ab samajh mein aa Gaya why you didn't let the truth out yesterday..." Cabir said sitting back on his chair. 

"Ok guys what's the plan today..." Cabir changed the topic. 
"I talked to my family doctor yesterday he asked me to come in today..." Manik informed.   
"Ok so you go there and I will take Navya to her doctor... It's her checkup today..." Cabir said. 
"Nandini Tum bhi jaaogi na iske saath... " he asked Nandini.
"Yes I will go with him... Because I have to explain everything to his doctor.." Nandini added. 

Both Manik and Nandini went in the room to get ready but as soon as Manik entered he locked the door behind him. 
He pulled her with jerk by holding her elbows. Her back smashed to his chest. 
"Kahan jaa rahi ho..." He nuzzles his face in the crook of her neck from the back. 
"Ready hone..." She very innocently answered.
"He gave a kiss on her neck and sucked the skin under her ear. 
She gasped closing her eyes. 
He framed his hands around her belly and pulled her more closer onto him. 
"I'm sorry..." He whispered in her neck. 
She opened her eyes and cupped his face staying in the same position. Resting the back of her head on his shoulder.

"Sorry kyun..." She asked. 
"For yesterday...  I didn't understand what you were feeling... And for reacting without thinking..." He rest his chin on her shoulder.
"Tum Aaj bhi mere Aur mere friends ke baare mein itna sochti ho..." He said making a guilty face. 
"Manik Woh mere bhi friends hai... Naraaz hai Tou  Kya hua... But they still care for me... And when they get to know that we are married... Tou dekhna Woh kitne khush ho jaayenge... Haan they will definitely get mad that you got married  without informing them... But eventually they will accept it when they will know ke hum Dono Ek doosre se Kitna pyaar karte hai..." She said caressing his cheek. 
"Acha...Kitna pyaar karte hai..." He came in a teasing mode and blow air on her cheek. 

She understood his mood and tried to get away from His grip... But Manik is Manik. 
He tighten his hold and kissed her cheek and turned her towards him face to face. 
She was bending her head down. 
He held her waist with one hand and lift her chin with his index finger. 
"Bolo na... Kitna pyaar karte hai... Haan..." His voice is making her knees week. He kissed her another cheek. 
He pulled her more that her front smashed his chest. She grab his shoulder for support. 
"Manik..." She just whispered his name. 
"Haan... Bolo... Kitna pyaar karti ho mujhse... Mujhe Janna  hai..." He nuzzles his nose on her cheek and without breaking the skin contacts he lower down on her neck. 
"Tum sharmate hue Aur achi lagti ho.." He said in a seductive voice...
She moved her hands in his hair and said. 
"Hume jaana hai... " in a very soft voice. 
"You think I care... I want to know first... Ki Tum  Kitna pyaar karti ho Mujhe..." Leaving his waist he cupped her face in his palms and before she replies he fused his lips onto her. 

He kissed and sucked her lips. 
"Bolo naa..." He murmurs in a dreamy voice. 
"B..Bahut..." She moans with very difficulty as he was not letting her talk. 
"Show me..." He demanded. 
She fisted his hair and responded to the kiss with equal fervor. To show that she loves him more than anything in this world. He is her lifeline as she is to him. 
She showers her love and affection in this one mere kiss. They kissed each other vigorously and passionately till they are out of breath. Leaving her mouth he trails small kisses on her jaws , neck , collarbone and under her ear. 
At the same time Manik's hand went behind her at the zipper of her kurti and he unzipped her. 
"Manik... We have to go..." She moaned while her hands are clutching his back for support.
"Jaayenge naa... But let me... Finish... What we started..."
His hands were roaming inside her kurti playing with her stomach and his fingers travelled upwards towards her ribcage. Moving further his fingers found his destination.

"Manik..." She moaned his name again and he smashed his lips on her mouth again for another sensational kiss sucking and biting on her mouth. His tongue dipped into her mouth to taste her thoroughly overpowering her and making her moan his name again and again which is arousing him more and more. 
"Nandini..." He groaned in his mouth. 
"Hmmm..." She couldn't say more. 
"I want you... Now..."  He said in a voice which she couldn't deny to  his demand.   She shivered by his demand. Her heart started beating faster. 
He makes her walk near the bed without breaking the kiss. He made her sit on the bed and his fingers were doing his job. She was melting more and more under his touch and couldn't control anymore. He can feel her pounding heart under his chest. 
Her panting and moaning has given him the permission to do whatever he wants. He felt that they have already wasted so much of time being away from each other for so long but not anymore.. He didn't want to spare any single minute. He just want to love her , cherish her , give her worlds happiness. 

He took off each other's clothes and covered each other with the duvet and hovered on her. Claiming her his one more time by having the most sensational lovemaking session in the mid morning. He gave her few pecks on her lips and cheeks and drinks her tears after having her one more time. After they climaxed he laid down and took her shivering figure in his arms. 
Her heartbeat came to normal after few minutes. He was dropping small kisses on her hair on and off. 
She held his waist by her hands. 
"You know... I'm thankful to your Aiyyappa... That he send you back to me... I will not let go of this opportunity just like that... " he said making circles on her shoulder. 
"I will make sure that we live our lives to the fullest... I want to make you happy and fulfill your wishes... I want to love  you every single second of my life..." He declared his love again.
"I love you Manik..." Nandini confessed her love. 
"I love you so much..." 
"I love you too... Nandini... More than anything in this world..." He responds back. 

Till late afternoon they left the flat to meet the doctor. In the car they have their cute fights again. 
"Manik you said that we have to see the Doctor in the afternoon now it's almost evening... We at already late..." Nandini was worried that maybe the doctor will leave before they reach. 
"It's not my fault Waise... Meri wife Mujhe bahut distract karti hai... With her cute antics..." He said concentrating on the road. 
Hearing his comment about wife she blushed and her cheeks turned pink. 
"See see... Exactly like this..." He pointed to her cheeks. 
"She blushed so cute that all my concentration turns towards her..." He smirked at her blush. 
"Me... Maine distract kiya hai... Who started with that..." And she left her sentence in the middle.
"With what... Bolo bolo..." He was in full mood of teasing her.
"Nothing..." She makes pouty face and turned to see out of the window.
"Ok baba... I won't tease you anymore... " he calmed her down. 
"I already talked to the doctor and informed him that we are gonna be late... " he said. And Nandini smiled. 

"Hey Nandini common in... Tumne Hume bataya nahi Ki tumhara husband itna handsome hai... " as soon as Aliya opened the door for Navya's house she showed her excitement towards Nandini.
Nandini didn't understand what she was talking about. 
"Husband... But..." Nandini was shocked to hear the word husband. 
"You come naa... He couldn't stay away from you for few days also... " Aliya  dragged her holding her wrist and pulled her to the living room. 
And what she saw was enough for her to puts two and two together. But what was he doing here.
"Aryaman... Tum yahan..." Nandini gave a shocked and surprised look to him.
Aryaman got up from his place and went forward to give  a side hug.
"How are you Nandini..." He said. 
Mukti and Dhruv were also watching them interestingly. 
"I'm fine..." Nandini hide  her temper from everybody else and asked in a very softer voice.
"Tum yaha Kya kar rahe ho... Aur tumhe Yahan  ka address kaise mila..." She gritted her teeth. 
He bend his head and said.
"Me and Dr. Abhimanyu and some more doctors came to Mumbai for a conference and Dr. Abhimanyu told me to give this transfer papers to you... He was busy with a meeting so he send me here... But when I came here... Yahan Tou nakhshaa hi Kuch Aur tha... So I kept quiet..." He was very softly explaining her everything. 

"Guys we know that you wanted to talk alone but sab ke saamne Kya khusar poosar kar rahe ho... Yahan aao na.. Yahan aa kar baitho..." Mukti said giving a big grin... That nobody understands whether she's taunting or joking. 

Both Nandini and Aryaman sat on the couch. 
"Navya and Cabir Kahan hai..." Nandini asked not finding both of them. 
"Cabir took her to the doctors appointment..." Mukti answered and 
"We want a treat yaar... Tumne shaadi karli Hamare bina Hume bataya bhi nahi... Now that your husband is here... We need a party what say guys... " Mukti's facial expressions were showing something else while she was talking good to them. 

"Party... Kaisi party..." They all turned to see that it was Manik who enters after parking the car.
"Arey Manik... See Nandini's husband is here... So we are asking them for a party..." Mukti said watching his expressions.
Manik was shocked to hear Nandini's husband and when he looked at the person they are preferring  as Nandini's husband , His anger rose and he fist his hands on his side. 
'How dare he...' He just thought and went forward. 
Nandini stand up and move away from Aryaman to calm him down before some more scenes  are created... 

All this was noticed by Mukti. 
"Manik.. Tu Yahan kaise... Aur Nandini ke saath..." Mukti asked him. 
"I went to my family doctor to show myself but Nandini insisted to come with me so I took her..." Inspite of getting mad on the given scenario he played along with it unwantedly. 
"Ohh... Tu usse yahan se pick kar ke apne saath le Gaya..." Mukti also not leaving any stone to take out the words from him. 
"Mukti Bas bhi kar yaar Tera interrogation... Kyun vakilon ki tarha jira kar rahi hai... Nandini is my doctor since the accident... She was handling my case... So she had to come with me... Now Can  I get a glass of water..." He asked her politely suppressing his anger. 
"Yeah sure... " and Mukti went to get a glass of water for him.
"Waise Tu itna kyun react kar raha hai... We all know that you loved Nandini a lot... You ruined your life for her... But usne agar kisi Aur se shaadi kar li hai tujhe bhulake... Tou Tu Kya kar sakta hai..." Mukti taunted him going closer.
"Mukti... Bas kar yaar..." Manik controlled his anger and said gritting his teeth. 
Meanwhile Nandini was thinking of ways to get Aryaman going from here... In fact she wants to get him going away from Mumbai...

She stood in the middle of the hallway staring at Manik who watched her with an angry look. 
'Oh Aiyyappa... This is not gonna be good... I know that look..." Nandini is already getting nervous by his angry look. 

"Umm... Aryaman can I talk to you for a minute...alone..." She asked Aryaman but was glancing at Manik to see his reaction. And as usual  he is fuming with anger. But she has to what she has to do.
Aryaman got up and went with Nandini to the guest  room which was next to the room where Manik and Nandini was staying. 
"Awe... How romantic... They want to talk alone..." Again Mukti added fuel on Manik's anger.
Manik flexed his facial muscles and turned his face away to hide his anger from others. 
Banging the glass on the dining table he went into his room. Luckily both the rooms open in the same balcony.

"What's going on Nandini... You... Married... " as soon as they came out in the balcony Aryaman started his questionnaire. 
"Aryaman Tum yahan kyun aaye ho... Now because of you things got more messed up.." Nandini also got mad on him. 
"Because of me... How would I know that there's a drama going on here... Tumhari shaadi ho gayi... Tumne kisi ko bataya nahi... Kisi ko invite nahi kiya... And I don't even know who your husband is..."

"I'm her husband... Do you have any problem with that... And who do you think you are to yell on my wife..." Manik came from the other rooms balcony and said in a solid tone. 
Aryaman got startled by his voice and straighten himself. 
"No no Mr husband... I mean to say... Mr Manik Malhotra... Why would I yell on her... It's just that she is my friend and my colleague... And she didn't invite me in her marriage... So I asked you know... Nothing serious..." Aryaman said in a very nervous tone. 

Manik came and puts his shoulder on Nandini to show more domination on her and also show Aryaman that he can't talk to Nandini as he likes. 
"Ok... But from next time be careful... She's my wife and my life... I won't tolerate anyone talking to her like that... Understand..." He said very strongly. 
"Umm... Manik it's ok.. Calm down.." Nandini interfere by holding Manik's arm tightly and handled the situation and save Aryaman from more of his wrath. 
"Aryaman... Tum yahan se jaao... We will manage it here.." Nandini told Aryaman. 
"Yeah you don't have to stay here for long... "Manik added too
"You shouldn't have come here in the first place..." He continued. 
"Guys... If I'm not wrong... I think you guys need me here..." Aryaman said hesitantly. 
"Your friends didn't know that you are husband and wife... And they think I'm Nandini's husband... Don't you think if I go... Than it'll  be a problem..." He said again. 
"No... I can't take this anymore... " Manik gets frustrated again with the whole situation. 
"Nandini lets go... We will tell them The truth... Now..." He pulled Nandini wrist. 
"Manik Manik relax... Just listen to me... Cabir Ko Tou aajane dou..." But he didn't listen to any of her plead and walked out from the room to get more surprised.
They saw that Cabir has already arrived with Navya and Mukti already informed then about Aryaman.
"See I told ya... Nandini's husband is here..." Mukti said as she saw Manik and Nandini came out and followed by Aryaman.
Cabir thought 
'Manik ka Tou samajh mein Aata hai... But who is this... Mukti kise Nandini ka husband Bol rahi hai...' 
"Who is this..." Cabir asked. 
"Cabir Mukti told you na... This is Nandini's husband.. Dr Aryaman..." This time Aliya joined Mukti's taunting session. 
"Didn't you met him when you were in Delhi..." Aliya asked again. 
"No I didn't met him... Maybe I missed him..." Cabir said. 
Mukti's doubt was now getting solid.
'Definitely something is going on with them... I'm sure they are hiding something...' Mukti thought. 
All this while Dhruv... Who is Manik's buddy... Studying Manik's reaction and his uneasiness. 
"Ok ok guys... Calm down... We will deal with all this later... First I have a news for you..." Cabir totally changed the topic.
"When we were coming back... We met our neighbors Mr Rustomji... He is a very respected person in out community... He runs so many orphanages... He asked me a favor... That can we perform on the  annual day in one of his orphanage..." Cabir looked at everybody.
"And I said yes..." He continued.
For a few minutes everyone went quiet. 
"Guys... What happened... No reaction..." He asked again. 
"What's there to react... We are always ready for performance... " Manik looked at the rest of fab3
"Yes we are in..." Mukti also joined and than Aliya and Dhruv were in too.
"But there's one small clich..." Cabir added 
"We are doing this performance for free... As a charity show... I said ok for it without asking you guys... Are you ok with it..." He asked hesitantly.
"What are you talking about Cabir... We never say no to the charity events... And this is about orphans we are talking about..." Dhruv said with lot of confidence. 
"What say guys..." He asked others. 
"Yes.. I'm in" Mukti said. 
"Me too..." Aliya said. 
"You don't even has to ask..." Manik smiled. "But when is it..." He asked again.
"It's tomorrow... At 5 in the evening..." Cabir said. 
"It's too early... But koi nahi... We can do it..." Mukti and Aliya said together.
"Yes... We will wake up early and jam together on the terrace... This way we won't be distributing any of the residents..." Cabir said. 
All of them agreed on the plan. 
As it was late in the night they decided to settled down in Cabir's house itself.  And as there were only three rooms and Cabir's and Navya's were already allotted.. So they decides that all the girls will sleep in one room and boys Will  sleep in one room. 
Boys which include Manik Dhruv and Aryaman. Yes Mukti somehow managed to make Aryaman stay in the house as she is hell bend to find out what's going on. But with her decision Manik is very mad and frustrated. And Aryaman is paying for his frustration. 
It was late night when all were asleep Manik came out of the room in the balcony. He wanted to see Nandini , Talk to her , take her in his arms. He was finding out ways to reach her when he felt a hand on his shoulder.
"Nandini..." He turned with a big smile on his face but got disappointed to see Dhruv standing there. 
"Nandini... Tu Nandini ka wait kar raha tha... Itni raat Ko kyun..." Dhruv asked with suspicion.
"No... Woh actually... I thought..." He couldn't answer properly.
"Manik what's going on... I didn't say anything in front if anyone before... But I'm sure... There's something that's bothering you... Don't you want to share it with me... Your buddy..." Dhruv asked like the old times.
"Woh actually... How should I say..." He still stumble.
Then he just hugged Dhruv all of a sudden. 
Dhruv also hugged him back and patted his back. 
"Bol na Manik... Kya baat hai..." Dhruv insisted.
"Dhruv..." They separated and Manik held him by his shoulder.
"I am Nandini's husband... Not Aryaman... We got married... Me and Nandini... Three days ago... " Manik spill the beans to his closest buddy his one and only... Dhruv 

End of part 16 

Hello sweet people 


I know I'm late 
My bad
Because Ramadan started and summer class also started but I will 
Give you the regular lamba waala updates if you give me full response 
With long comments. 
So how's the update 
Give your feedback and your point of view .
What will be Dhruv's reaction,with he take it maturely or act like Mukti. 
Give me lamba lamba comments 
I'm waiting. 

Thank you and stay blessed. 
Take care and keep smiling always. 

Love you all 

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Ressyyy ...
Will try to unress soon...

Yayyeee...I am first...

Once again ''Ramadan Mubarak'' to you too ''My Sweetness'' ...

Update was Superb... Fabulous... Awesome...honey...

Starting part...How maturely she explained everything to them...
She loves manik alot ki usse connected jo bhi person hai wo unke bare mei bhi sochti hai...
I really like CabNi part... bro sis bond...
That part was superb...

Then Manik apologized...
Aww...he wants to know ki How much she loves him...
naughty boy... 
Then their romantic moments...ishhh...
Loved bedroom part...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
It was so passionate ... really beautiful...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Then their cute fight...that part was really nice...

Then aryaman...uhhh...kya zarurat thi isse aane ki...
Mukti is being suspicious...
really kitne question krti hai...
Mukti yaara...tumne na wrong profession choose kr liya hai...
tumhe tou detective hona chahiye tha...

Manik was so angry... How nicely he threatened aryaman...
really mujhe yeh aryaman Zehar lagta hai...

Manik told The Truth to dhruv... I think wo maturely behave krega...aur manan ko support krega...

Loved it...
very beautifully describe cutiepie...
U did a fabulous and superb job...
Looking forward to it...
Thanks for pm...
Keep smiling...
Stay blessed...
Loads and loads of love...

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