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MANAN FF DESTINED LOVE STORY #2 last part pg 146 updated (Page 55)

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That was dream!!!!
Seriously I was really scared!!
But you were write this had to come out this way only!!
and her leaving manik was valid at that time !!
Because harshad could have harmed manik and rishab!!
But now things are sorted!!
But a bigger problem mukti!!!
Uff their morning fight seriously!
And the kisses wow!!
Now coming to promo!!
I am pretty excited 
Mukti nandini amne samne
And ease don't end the story it's really very beautiful!!
Waiting for next 
Thanks for pm 
Take care 
Keep smiling 
Love you 

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waiting for the update dear..
plz plz update soon
shaan... IF-Dazzler

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Excellent promo...
Mukti's taunting nandini...bout her marriage...
Manik wanna tell her dat manan got married...
But Nandini stopped him...
Luved it...
Plz continue soon...
Waiting eagerly...
Take care...
Stay blessed...
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waiting for the update dear plz plz update the story..
eagerly waiting
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Part 15

Once they leave from the room to return the key to the reception they were stopped by the receptionist. 
"Excuse me sir you are Mr Manik Malhotra right..." The receptionist asked. 
Manik nodded his head and Nandini looked surprised and hold his elbow. 
"Sir yesterday your friend dropped  this car keys here in case you needed it..." He handed over a car keys which was actually Nandini's car keys. 
Nandini recognized it. Manik took it from the receptionist and walked away pulling the small carry bag. 
Nandini's car was sitting right in front of the hotel entrance. 
They drove off to the house but not before picking up the food that they ordered for to go. 
Once they reached they were welcomed by Navya with a broad smile hugging Nandini.  Amms hugged Nandini and blessed her and she was very happy seeing her in a happy mood. 
Nandini and Navya served the food and everyone started eating. Amms finished early and left to her room.  As soon as Amms left Manik turned towards Cabir and said.
"Ok Cabir... Your plan worked... " 
"What plan..." Cabir gave a surprising look.
"Plan to bring me and Nandini together... And that too using that douche bag Harshad as the reason..." Manik reminded him.
"K... Kya... Matlab Kya hai Tera..." Cabir was startled as his lie was caught. 
"Dekh Cabir...don't  try to be smart with me... Like you know me better than anybody... Same way I know you better than anybody... I know... Yeh Tera plan tha... To scare both me and Nandini that Harshad ran out of jail... And there's still danger to my life... And all that crap... Haan..." Manik cleared everything.
"Haan yaar... I love you both... And I knew that you guys love each other a lot... That's why I planned this... And I did everything for you guys... And thankfully my plan worked..." Cabir also clarified.
"Par tujhe kaise pata chala Ki Harshad is still in prison..." Cabir asked. 
"I have my sources too... And I even know that he is under strict supervision... 24/7 that he can't even move anywhere without letting anyone know... So that part is solved now... What about Mukti..." He asked.

Cabir started his blabbering. 
"I got a call from Mukti early in the morning... She was getting suspicious about why we are here in Delhi again... Maine bahana bana diya ki Navya ko Manik se milna tha isiliye hum log yahan aaye hai..," Cabir detailed everything. 
But Manik was somewhere else thinking about something...but Nandini was listening to his conversation very carefully. Because she knows Mukti's nature she is very hyperactive person. 
"Manik... Did you hear what I said..." Cabir bring Manik out of his trance. 
"Haan... What were you saying..." He asked. 
"I asked what did you plan... What's your next step..." He paused and continued. 
"Woh hitler ki choti behen hai... Usko Kya bolne ka plan hai... Today when she called I somehow managed... But... I don't know how you will tackle her Manik..." Cabir said taking the bite from his plate. 

"That's not a big deal... I'm not worried about that part now... My worry is Nandini's transfer and her extended leave... I have to make sure that she will get transfer to Mumbai before we leave from  here..." Manik said sitting on the dining table chair. 
"Leave... Transfer... But... Main kaise... I mean... Itni jaldi yeh sab Kuch... " Nandini was confused with Manik's statement. 
"Haan ... Now you will be staying with me naa... In Mumbai... So you have to take a transfer... And  even Mumbai mein ache hospitals hai... You can try anywhere..." Manik tried to clear her confusion. 
Nandini didn't say anything. 

"What are you thinking... Koi problem hai...?" Manik asked. 
"No it's not that...problem Tou  nahi hai... Actually I never thought of this... Excitement mein shadi tou ho gayi... But now that I'm thinking I don't even know if I can be transferred or not..." Nandini said thinking. 
Manik puts a hand on her hand and gave her the assurance that everthing will be alright. 
"Tell me something... What's your speciality... Like are you a general physician or..." He left the sentence and waited for her answer. 
"I'm a cardiologist..." Cabir coughed as soon as he heard the word cardiologist. 
"Wo..hoho... What did you just say... Cardiologist... Yani ki dil ki Doctor..." Cabir was still digesting what she said. 
"How do you think that I was assisting Manik's surgery in the emergency... My residency is going to finish in one more year... So I don't know if I can get a transfer..." 
"What do you mean... If you can get a transfer or not..." Manik interrupted her. 
"Woh... Dr. Abhimanyu... Right ask Dr. Abhimanyu what you have to do... Or how you have to apply for the transfer... " Manik was getting very restless thinking about her getting a transfer or not.
"I'm sure he knows about rules and regulations more than you..." He finished his talk. 
Navya and Cabir was watching Manik's uneasiness. 
"Manik relax... I'm sure there's some way... Tu kyun tension le raha hai..." Cabir tried to calm him. 
"How can I relax man... I'm not letting her stay here... Alone..." Manik got up from the chair and walked to the couch. 
Nandini studied his behavior and signaled Cabir to relax and got from her chair and walked near him. 
Manik felt her touch on his shoulder and turned to her. 
"Manik... Calm down... We are together naa... And who told you that I'm gonna be living here alone... I was just giving all the scenarios..." She made him sit on the couch. And to a certain extent Manik was calmed by her touch.

"You have to go for the check up right... For your ultra sound... Than I will apply for my transfer... And I will also check with Abhimanyu... what are my options... I'm sure there is... I will find something which favors us... Ok... " she looked into his eyes...
He hold her hands and said. 
"Nandini... Whatever the options are... I'm not leaving you here... You are coming with me to Mumbai as soon as possible... " he tighten his grip on her hands.
He was scared... Even Nandini was scared... What if... God forbidden... What if they will have to stay away from each other. 
This thought strike both of them. 

Manik pulled her into a bone crushing hug and Nandini also held him tight to give the assurance that she is here with him... 
She is not going anywhere...
"Manik... If the hospital people don't work with me... Than I'll resign... And apply in Mumbai... Even  I can't live without you Manik... Not anymore..." She whispered in his chest. 
Cabir and Navya who was watching them got up and came to near them. Cabir sat beside Manik and Navya sat beside Nandini.
They both hugged them in a group hug.
"Guys don't worry yaar... Hum Kuch na Kuch solution nikal hi lenge... Why you guys are taking tension..." Cabir said. 
"Haan Nandu... We will work something out..." Navya too added.
They broke the hug.
"Waise... I'm a very sincere and dedicated Doctor... And taking into consideration over my track record... I don't think they will ignore my appeal for transfer... I'm sure they will accept it..." Nandini said. 
"Ok... When is Manik's appointment..." Cabir asked. 
"We can go today... But I have to make sure with Abhimanyu first..." Nandini took her phone out and started dialing Abhimanyu's number. 
Cabir grab the chance and informed both of them man out the flight info.
"Waise... Main Tum dono Ko bata dun... Maine Aaj raat Ki flights book kar di hai... Hum sab Ki..." Cabir said looking at them waiting for their reaction.
"What... Tonight matlab... Itni jaldi..." Manik looked shocked. 
Even Nandini hang up the phone and turned to them. 
"I know I know... Tum logon Ki kal hi shaadi hui hai... Abhi Tum logon ke goochipoo Karne ke din hai... But... I can't afford to leave Manik here again... " Cabir teased them and smiled. 
"Cabiiir..." Manik glared at him and looked at Nandini. 
Her cheeks were red due to the embarrassment..
Even Navya giggles hearing Cabir. 
"Cabiiir Kya... Main jhoot Tou nahi keh raha... Kyun Nandini..." He looked at Nandini , but nandwent in the kitchen excusing herself. 
"Tu kabhi nahi sudhrega naa... Baaz nahi aayega naa..." Manik looked at him with an angry look.
"No yaar... Main itna acha chance chodunga thodi... But seriously... I booked your flights too and it's in the late night..., so be ready wahan jaakar jitna romance Karna hai kar Lena... But ab wapas chalte hai..." Cabir said. 
"What about Amms..." Nandini came with a glass of water and sat next to Navya on the couch ignoring his comment. 
"Oh yeah... I for got to tell you... Yesterday I discussed everything with Amms... She said she has to go back as soon as possible... Because she left her school back there... Woh keh rahi thi... Ki Woh kisi ke kehte par... Emergency mein aayi hai... Kyun Manik..." Nandini didn't know yet the actual reason of Amms arrival.
But she still didn't understand what Cabir is talking about. 
"So I booked her flight for her too... We all will leave together for airport we will see her off first than we will board our flight..." Cabir explained everything. 
"Wow... Cabir... You are so fast... You managed almost everything... Really Manik is so lucky to have you as his friend..." Nandini thanked him. 
"Isko agar Tumhare pyaar mein paagal hone se fursat mile tou yeh Kuch karega na... Par koi nahi... Ab aage se you have to take his responsibilities..., because dikhne ko tou more than 6feet ka strong man zaroor hai... Par ander se bilkul bacha hai..." Cabir gave a very affordable brotherly look to Manik. 

They all went to the hospital for Manik's ultra sound except Navya... She stayed back to pack Nandini's and Amms clothes. 
Here in the hospital thankfully Manik has recovered almost. Just a little bit of soreness is left inside. 
Abhimanyu was very impressed with his speedy recovery. 
The good thing was Aryaman was not at the hospital because he has a night shift.  

Nandini took a breath of relief as she didn't have to answer his unnecessary questions. 

Later Nandini and Abhimanyu together applied for her transfer and did all the formalities that was needed.  
Till they came home the luggage was ready with tha help of Navya and Amms. 
They eat their dinner and left for the airport. 

When they reached Mumbai it was two or three in the morning. Cabir took all of them to there flat and without opening the luggage or anything they just changed and crashed in the rooms. 

Their sleep was disturbed by the doorbell. Actually it was doorbell and the banging the door. 
Cabir woke up and came out of the room and saw Manik is also coming out from his room. 
"Who is this Yaar... Itni subah subah... Tu kisi ko expect kar raha tha Kya..." Manik was irritated because his sleep was disturbed and he's tired. 
"I know who it can be... And it's not subah subah... Dus baj Gaye hai..." Cabir answered. 
Manik didn't get him. 
As soon as Cabir opened the door someone jumped on him and hugged him like a baby.
And that someone was none other than Mukti. 
"Cabiiir... At last... You guys are here..." Mukti screamed in his ear. 
Cabir closed his ears with his index fingers. 
"Mukti I will be deaf one day for sure..." He complained her. 
"What Yaar... I was missing you... Ek tou Tu bina bataye chala Gaya... And ab complain bhi kar raha hai..." Mukti hit his shoulder and got down from his grip. 
"Manik..." Mukti heard Aliya and turned towards the direction of Aliya's gaze. 
And after seeing Manik standing in his black T. Shirt and gray sleeping track with his disheveled hair and sleepy posture , Mukti covered her mouth with both of her palms. 
She took slow steps towards him in disbelief. 
When she reached him she touched him with her fingers. 
After making sure that it was him fit and fine and healthy standing in front of them , she grabbed him in a bone crushing hug and started crying. 
Manik hugged her back and his eyes also got moist feeling his sister like friend in his arms. 
He rubbed her back to sooth the pressure out of her. 
"Tujhe pata hai... Hum sab ka Kya Haal ho raha tha... Tujhe uss Haal mein dekh ke... It was unbearable... It was heartbreaking... " she apoke at last sniffing. 
"Sshh... It's ok... That time has passed... I'm perfectly fine... And I'm with you all... Don't even think about it... Woh Ek bad phase tha life ka..." Manik was still rubbing her back.
"Hum tujhe dekh nahi sakte thei... It was really such an dreadful time man... " Mukti separates herself from her. 
"Manik how are you feeling now..," Aliya hugged him too...
"I'm fine... Abhi just today... I have my ultrasound done... It says that I'm healed almost 90 percent... Just ten percent is left Woh bhi inside... And with proper medicine it will also be healed..." He gave the assurance. 
Dhruv too came forward and gave him a hug...
"We all got very scared... Hum samjhe ki..." Dhruv tighten his hug leaving the sentence in the middle. 
Manik too hugged him back. 
Dhruv was always like a small brother to him who he never had. 

They were having a group time but this was all watched by another person... Nandini... Who woke up by the screaming of Mukti and came out to see this. 

Her eyes was moist too seeing the love and emotional bond of these five most important people of her life including Navya. Who just came
Out of her room. 

"Oh my God... OMG... Is This Nandini... Yes I am right.. This is Nandini..." again Aliya is the one who spot Nandini standing at the doorway. 
She walked near her and showed mixed emotions on her face. 
"How are you Nandini... After so long Tumhe hamari yaad aa hi gayi..." Nobody understands if Aliya was taunted her or asked her. 
"I'm fine Aliya... Tum kaisi ho..." Nandini straighten herself and answers her. She was not expecting to meet all of them this early. But she covered her uneasiness. 
Dhruv too came forward and said hello to her. 
Cabir who was silent since a long time watched Mukti's facial expressions and broke his silence. 
"Mukti... Tu nahi milegi Nandini se..." He asked. 
Mukti too walked near her but Manik followed her this time. 
He knew that something is going to happen now. 
"Hello Nandini... " she gave her a weird look that no one understands. 
She looked her very carefully and asked. 
"Tum yahan kaise... I mean Cabir ke Ghar mein... Cabir was in Delhi so how come you here in Cabir's house... " she asked suspiciously. 
Cabir and Manik slapped themselves in their minds. They never thought about this question. 
"Mukti... You know Nandini is a doctor..." This time Navya said. 
"Oh yaaa... Did I forgot to mention... That Nandini was Manik's Doctor..." Cabir makes a face and said hiding his sheepiness. 
"Ohhh... So guys already met... In Delhi... And Cabir... Wah Kya dost hai Tu... Itni badi baat chipayi..."Mukti scoughed. 
"Maybe it slipped out of my mind Yaar... Itna sab Kuch ho Gaya tha... So maybe I forgot..." Cabir clarified.  

Mukti has still not forgiven Nandini. Because of her Manik had went through a lot... And he is like her friend cum brother. 
Mukti saw him suffer too bad.
"Mukti you know she's a very good doctor... It's because of her constant care I recovered so fast..." Manik want to end this uneasiness in between them. 
But Mukti didn't gave a heed to Manik's talk. 
Her eyes stopped at Nandini's neck and than she looked at her fore head. 
First she didn't believe what she saw , but than she looked again and

"Nandini... Tumhari shadi ho gayi Aur tumne Hume bataya bhi nahi..." Mukti asked her with a sarcasm. 
"Hume itna paraya kar diya ki... You didn't even invited us... Atleast Manik ko invite kar leti... Woh tou tumhara sabse Acha dost tha naa..." Mukti taunt her. 
But Cabir Navya exchanged their looks with surprise. 
Manik moved forward to handle the situation but Mukti continued her sarcasm. 
"Kyun Manik... Maine theek kaha na..." She asked him. 
"Mukti... Actually... The thing is..." But Mukti interrupted again. 
"Waise who is the lucky one... Jisse tumne shaadi ki... Hume bhi tou batao... Manik Tu mila hoga na... You were there na... Whoever that handsome is..." Manik was about to tell her who Nandini's husband is but Nandini pulled his t shirt from the back and stopped him. 
"Bolo na Nandini kaun hai Woh..." Mukti asked again. Everyone including Navya and Cabir was curious to know how Nandini will answer her now. 

"Mukti... Itne Dino baad mile hai... Ek hug bhi nahi dogi..." Nandini totally changed the whole topic. 
She stepped forward and hugged her. 
But Mukti didn't responded to her. 
Nandini moved away and hugged Aliya too. She just gave a formal smile to her. 
"Tumne bataya nahi Nandini ki who is your husband... " Mukti asked being curious now. 
"Batati hoon na Itni jaldi bhi Kya hai...  Abhi Tou hum mile hai... Kuch baatien karte hai... Kuch Tum Sunao Kuch main sunati hoon..." Nandini dodged the question again. 
"I'm here ... You are here..." Nandini added
"Tumhe pata hai Mukti... Humne jaise hi Nandini ko hospital mein dekha... I forced her to come with me to meet all of us..." Navya understands what Nandini is trying to do so she supported her. 
"She took a leave from the hospital for two weeks and she will stay here with us..." Navya said. 
"But letme tell you something about my husband... He is very smart and handsome... And he loves me a lot..." Nandini said. 
Manik was very confused and looking at her with lots of questions in his eyes for her. 
She ignored his questioning look for the moment to handle the situations first. 
"When I will introduce him to you na... Jab main Tumhe uss se milwaungi... Tum bhi bahut khush ho jaaogi..." Nandini said with excitement stealing few glances from Manik. 
Manik felt happy hearing his praises but he was mad that why Nandini is not letting Mukti know the truth. 
Mukti Aliya and Dhruv buy the lie that Nandini was saying. And she didn't asked further questions regarding her husband. 
They divert their conversation towards Manik as he has return after so many days and they as Fab5 are spending time together after so long. 

Manik was feeling very uneasy spending time with them because Nandini was not part of the group conversations. 
She is in kitchen helping Navya preparing food. 
They force Manik to go with them to jam for sometime. So all the members of Fab5 gone out. 
"Nandini tumne bataya kyun nahi... Apne Aur Manik ke baare mein..." Navya asked after they settled on the couch. 
"Navya... Tumne dekha nahi... How Mukti got so emotional seeing Manik... She loves him so much in fact Aliya and Dhruv also loved him too... If they got to know that he's already married me... They will be very upset."Nandini explained.
"... Right now they are angry with me... Let them see me for some time and let them spend sometime with me... Than I will tell the truth..." Nandini said. 
"But till than what will you do... How will you and Manik stay together..." Navya is getting worried now. 
"We will stay here in your house..." Nandini said. "If you don't mind..." 
"Tum tension mutt lo Tumhare liye theek nahi hai... Leave everything on me.." She relaxed her. 
"Why will I mind... And it's not tension... But Manik... Usko kaise handle karogi..." Navya is still worried. 
"I told you naa... I will handle everything..." She got up and hugged her. And suggested her to take rest. 

It was late in the night when Cabir and Manik arrived. Cabir knew that Manik was not in a good mood. He was there with them but his mind was somewhere else. Before he take his frustration out on anything he made an excuse of being tired and retired to his room.
Manik too walked to the room where they slept last night. As he walked into the room he saw that Nandini was relaxing on the bed resting her head on the headboard. 
He smiled first but than he changed his mood to a angry one and went into the washroom.
Nandini opened her eyes with the loud noise of the door. She understood that he's very upset with her previous statement. She got up and took his T Shirt and track out from the suitcase and waiting for him. 
He took a shower and came out with just a towel tied around his waist. Nandini's breath was stuck in her throat. They didn't get to spend time together alone after their first night. 
He saw her sitting on the edge of the bed with his clothes in her hands. He slowly walked towards her. 
She was getting goosebumps on her whole body as he approached her. But as he reached he just snatched his clothes from her and walked away. 

She stands up and went near him. 
When he was about to wear his T Shirt she went from the back and hugged him holding his bare waist. He shivered by her touch. He left the shirt like that and turned his head to look at her. 
"Naraaz ho..." She whispered on his chest.
He didn't answered. But he didn't move also. 
She pressed her lips on his back for a big kiss inhaling the fruits shower Jell  from him. 
Manik's breath is also uneven by her sweet gestures.
She rotate herself and came in front of him without breaking the hug.
Due to her height she fits on his chest perfectly. And him being a stubborn head as always didn't bend his head down. 
He clutched his back tight from the back and hugged him. He still didn't move. She lift her head and looked at him with so much of love in her eyes. 
She knows that she didn't took the right decision of not letting them  know about their relationship. 
But she is right to a certain extent. 
She started giving him small open mouth kisses on his chest. It's making very difficult for Manik to control. He gave up and hold her slide his hands around her waist and pulled her closer.
She framed her hands around his neck and climbed on his toes to come to his height and slammed her lips on his. 
And that was it for him. He framed his fingers behind her neck and taking  control he started kissing her back. 
He sucked and bite and licks her lips. And making way he entered her mouth and tasted her mouth thoroughly. When they both were out of breath he left her mouth and kissed her cheeks and trail kisses on her neck and ears. And he hugged her. 

They stand like that for a while. 
"Kyun kiya Tumne aisa... Bataya kyun nahi... Hamare baare mein... "Atlast he spilled out.
She  makes him sit on the couch and cupped his face in her palms. 
"Maine aisa kyun kiya... Yeh Tou Mujhe bhi nahi pata... But at that time... When I saw you and Mukti hugging together and the way she was crying... Meri himmat nahi hui batana Ki..." She leaves his face and rest her head on his chest. 
" she loves you too much... In fact they all love you so much that I couldn't tell the truth... Agar hum unhe yeh batate Ki hum dono ne shaadi kar li hai... Tou un per Kya guzarti..." She said. 
"Haan Tou... Me and Cabir were there naa... We should have handled... You should have at least given a chance..." Manik was still irritated. 
"Manik Tum samjh nahi rahe ho... They were with you all your life... " she hesitated a little but continued...
"Even when I was not there with you... But they were there for you... They took care of you when you were in a vulnerable state... Aur Tumne dekha nahi Ki Mukti kaise ro rahi thi tumse lipatt kar... Usko bahut Bura lagta... Agar usse pata chalta Tou..." Nandini tried  all her best to explain him and he was understanding also. 

"So when are you planning to tell the truth..." He asked.
"Just few days... Lemme spend some time with them... Then we will both tell together... And I have full faith in Aiyyappa... Woh koi rasta Zaroor batayenge..." She said hugging him. 
"You know jaise Cabir Ko pata chala Ki how we love each other... They all will understand our love too... And Cabir ko tou reason  bhi nahi pata hai... Ki why I left..." 
"Even Cabir was angry with me in the start... But he came around and see we are together as husband and wife..." She said. 

Manik thought of some mischievousness to lighten the atmosphere.
"Husband and wife Haan... But hum husband and wife Ki tarha behave Kahan kar rahe hai... And Woh bhi newlyweds... Hamari shaadi kal hi hui hai na..." He asked questioningly tracing her hands on her waist. 
"Manik... Yeh Kya kar rahe ho..." She giggled. 
"No I'm just making sure Ki you are my wife... And that too newly wedded wife..." He tucked his hands inside her tank top and traced it all the way up. 
Her heart skipped a beat by his touches and the way his hands are traveling all over her body.
He bend her head on the side and kissed hard on her neck leaving a make on it. 
She hissed in pain. Hearing her hiss he licked her marks with his tongue to ease the pain. 
He tucked her tank top off of her head and hovered on her giving soft and slow kisses on her neck , shoulder , her chest and he kissed her sensitive parts over her lingerie. 
Nandini slide her fingers in his head. 
Manik moved to the side and opened the hook of her lingerie and makes her free of clothes. 
He bend down and started kissing and sucking her private parts of the body. She lift her waist to give him more access.
He took off her rest of the clothes and throw his towel too. And covered themselves with the duvet. 
He didn't leave any single place on her body that is devoid of his sweet and seductive tortures. After loving her like no tomorrow he claimed her his again taking full control of her. She moaned and groaned his name when he was thrusting himself more and more deep inside her. He drank all her cries and moans in his mouth taking her mouth in his in deep passionate kisses. 
He rest himself on her after the most sensational ride yet again. She hugged him and felt relax and secured  in his arms. 

After their breath came to a settled tone they changed and lie down in each other's arms to sleep. But before that.
"Manik... Are you sleeping..." She asked making design on his chest with her index finger.
"Hmm... No not yet..." He whispered back.
"Tum Abhi bhi upset ho..." She asked. 
"No... " he said. 
"Maine theek kiya na"
" ek hadd tak theek hai..." 
She was quiet for few seconds.
"I love you..." She hugged him by his waist. 
He took her in his arms by pulling her closer on his chest. 
"I love you more..." He said. 
They both slept peacefully in each other's arms making sure that both of them are not upset with each other. 

End of part 15

Hello friends 

I know I'm late 
Kya karun
It's summer break... Families coming over or
We going to meet them so very busy with family and friends
 But I will take out time and update for sure
Thoda late hoga
And I also started  a new FF too 
So  coming to the update
How's it
You have to tell me sincerely 
Is Nandini's decision right or wrong
Drop your opinions please and lemme know your point of views
Waiting for your comments. 

How can I end without saying thanks. 
Thank you all for your support and encouragement to write 
And there's a topic for writers appreciation and tribute to writers efforts 
I want to thank the person who created that topic for writers. 
Thank you all once again. 
 Now start commenting.

Take care and stay blessed 
And always keep smiling.

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Posted: 28 May 2016 at 1:25am | IP Logged
Update nice tha!
Bt nandini shud hv said everythng...u knw...the more she delays the mre they feel hurt. Yeah they will feel hurt n angry at 1st bt they wd hv given them a chance to explain themselves...its their frnd's life afterall!
Bt 4 her pov she is ryt upto sme extent!
She could hv risked it.
U knw she has her support 4m her husband n frnds!
Anyway nice update!
Update soon
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Very less romance nandini should tell them about marriage and best thing that aryamann is not there want to see more manan romance
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Superb amazing fantastic update dear
Loved every bit of it
Very well written
Continue soonnn
Tnx fr d pm
Stay blessed
Keep smiling :)

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Author: LoveAngelsimmy   Replies: 517   Views: 87335

LoveAngelsimmy 517 87335 16 September 2017 at 12:49am by Dayadarshu
|fireflieshaven|MaNan AT#150|MaNan Hamesha

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Author: firefliesHaven   Replies: 1199   Views: 27118

firefliesHaven 1199 27118 19 February 2017 at 12:27pm by -shenz-
manan manan manan..

Author: sonali_ace   Replies: 2   Views: 4655

sonali_ace 2 4655 11 June 2015 at 8:48pm by sonali_ace
manan manan manan..please vote guys

Author: sonali_ace   Replies: 0   Views: 2904

sonali_ace 0 2904 11 June 2015 at 8:41pm by sonali_ace
MaNan MaNan MaNan...the best...Cabir the jaan...(edited...updated)

Author: MaNanmatic_Sana   Replies: 2   Views: 13853

MaNanmatic_Sana 2 13853 23 February 2015 at 7:40am by 8seetha

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