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MANAN FF DESTINED LOVE STORY #2 last part pg 146 updated (Page 40)

archu_asok Goldie

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Posted: 17 May 2016 at 12:52pm | IP Logged
Shocking promo. Can't wait for update.
All the best for ur exams. Do well
Keep smiling
Stay blessedSmile

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Cute_Inaya Goldie

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U know... as usual mei apni studies mei busy thi...
But all of a sudden... mujhe yeh promo yaad aa gaya...
Mujhe yeh promo na past incident lag raha hai...shayad issi ki wajah se manan separate hue ho...
Am I right...

Take care...
see u soon...
Love you...

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Vandyandy Goldie

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Posted: 18 May 2016 at 3:24am | IP Logged
Hey crystal
What's this yaar...

Where did Manik n Cabir go ?????
And who the hell did this to their car...
Meaning breaks fail car ke kisne kiya hai ?????

Nandini was so worried ...
Is that asshole Harshad back with his revenge again..

It's getting to my nerves 
Plz update soon..

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Sreeja_babu Goldie

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Posted: 18 May 2016 at 7:41am | IP Logged
OMG!!!!ShockedShockedShocked So scary promo...
vry vry sry dear 4 late commenting...
Seriously wt s happening?? D prty must b sure 4 nandu...
bt agn manbir in trouble...so scary n shocking...
I think harshad came 2 knw abt manik's hideout...
Eagerly waitin 4 d update dear...
Do continue dear...

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Redcrystal Senior Member

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Part 14

"Manik , where are you... Did you even remember the time of the party... It was 8pm... And  Now it's 8:20... We are late... you are not even here yet..." As soon as Manik picked up the call Nandini started talking without even letting Manik say hello. 
"Nandini Nandini relax... Hold your horses... I'm on my way I'll be there in 15minutes... So just calm down..." Manik puts  the phone on the speaker so that he can drive and talk. 
"Tumhe pata hai na... That this party is specially for you because you won the competition... And tum hi late jaaoge tou Acha lagega Kya.." Nandini was still at the point that they're going to be late for the party...
"Not just me.. Cabir bhi late hoga... He is with me.. We both are coming to pick you up..." He said. 

"Hey Nandini... How are you.. Don't worry we will reach  on time... " Cabir greeted Nandini. 
"And Manik is the heart of the party... Uska late jaana tou banta hai... And imagine you and Manik entering the hall and all eyes on you... How does that look"Cabir continues. 
Manik increased the speed of the car to reach there on time. 
"I don't want to be in the spotlight... I wanted to stay away from this publicity... But Manik why did you stop me from going to the party alone...Ab tak tou I would've reached there..." Nandini was very irritated because she was never late anywhere. And she wanted to avoid going with Manik because of the circumstances.

"I wanted to see you in that dress which I gave you Yaar... Sab se pehle main Tumhe dekhna chahta tha.. That's why I stopped you..." Manik said very lovingly. 
Nandini blushed hearing him. 
"Ab blush karna band Karo... And exactly 10 minutes ke baad come down...ok.." 
"Manik... Kya kar raha hai... Yeh Tera romance baad mein continue kar Lena... Filhaal concentrate on the road... Thodi speed kam kar..." Cabir interrupted him getting panicked with the way Manik was driving. 
Manik tried to break the car but it didn't go through... 
Manik looked at Cabir with a blank face and tried to break again. 
Phone was still on the speaker. 

"Manik.. Drive carefully... Speeding karne ki zaroorath nahi hai... Take your time..." Nandini said. 
"Cabir breaks nahi lag raha..." He started to concentrate  now as he figured that the breaks is not working. 
"Don't joke around Manik... Dekh mera dil Bahut kamzor hai... Mazaakh mutt kar..." Cabir took lightly. 
"I'm not joking damn it... Breaks are not working... I can't control the car..." Manik was really worried now. 
"Guys what's going on... Manik Cabir... Are you guys ok..." Nandini was also worried now. 
"Nandini I'll call you in a minute..." Manik was about to cut the phone... But Nandini screamed. 

"Nooo... Don't hang up... Stay online... What's happening... " Nandini asked. 
"It's nothing... I think breaks mein Kuch problem hai..." Manik wanted to calm her down but he himself doesn't know what's happening.
"Manik leave the accelerator... Maybe the speed will go down..." Cabir's hand was sweating but he didn't want to show his fear to Manik so he was looking at the road and the traffic. 
"I am... But this stupid car is not slowing down... I don't know what's wrong with it... " Manik is frustrated because firstly the cars breaks not working and secondly Nandini is hearing everything. 
"Manik Cabir Kya hua... Are you guys ok... Say something... Talk to me..." Nandini is pacing her room with restlessness not knowing what to do how to help...
"Maniiik... Watch out... Yaar main Abhi marna nahi chahta... Please kuch kar..." Cabir is scared to death  with the way things are going. 
Manik is trying all his best dodging the cars coming in the way to manage the road but the speed of the car was not coming in control and the breaks are gone. 
"Guys Kuch tou bolo... " Nandini asked again...
"Nandini... You know na I love you... So don't worry I will come to you... Wait for me..." Manik diverted his mind to calm Nandini... 
"I love you too Manik and I trust you..." As soon as Nandini says the word love she heard Cabir's scream...
"Maniiik..., " 
"Maniiik..." Nandini screamed standing in her room. 

She was shaking her head from left to right. Her delicate and fragile figure was shivering. She was wet all over due to sweat and her eyeballs were moving very fast under the closed eyelids as if was searching for something. 
"Maniiik..." She screamed so loud that the eardrums got hit by the high pitch. 
Manik woke up with a jerk hearing her scream and registered that Nandini was sitting on the bed , her bare back facing  him. 
He sat up and held her by her shoulders from the back. 
He felt that her body was trembling very bad under his fingers. 
"Nandini... Are you ok...  It's ok... It must be a dream... "He started rubbing her shoulders. 
She was not in her senses. Her hair is disheveled with few strands sticking on her forehead because of her sweat. Her face was wet as if someone has splashed water on it. 

"Manik... Manik..." She was mumbling his name to herself. 
"Nandini... I'm right here see... Main Tumhare paas hi hoon..." Manik tried to hug her to bringing  her closer but she was still in the impact of the dream. 
"Manik Tumhe Kuch nahi hoga... Main Tumhe kuch nahi hone dungi... Main Tumhe Kuch nahi hone  dungi..." She was mumbling again..
Manik shook her hard by her shoulders and bring her out of her trance.
"Main yahin hoon... Mujhe Kuch nahi hua hai... See I'm perfectly fine... It was just a bad dream... Come here..." He grabbed her into a hug. 
She didn't even noticed that she was void of clothes and the duvet was not helping either. Slipped almost half of her front showing off most of her clea***e. 
Manik pulled the sheet and covered her... And he heard her sobs. 

"Nandini... baby... Sshh main yahin hoon... Main kahin nahi jaa rahaa please Calm down... "He rubbed her back to sooth  her but she was clutching him tight digging her nails in his back and sobbing hard. 
"Manik... Manik... What if... What if...he separates you again from me... I can't live... Without you now... Main mar jaaungi Manik main tumhare bina mar jaaungi..." She was sniffing and blabbering in his chest making his bare chest wet from her tears.
"Koi Hume alag nahi kar sakta koi bhi nahi... Samjhi Tum... No one..." He tightened his arms more to assure her his presence.
"He warned me to stay away from you... But I took it lightly... I didn't take his warnings seriously... And... And he attack you... He messed up your breaks... When you were coming to pick me up... " she said holding him tight by his chest. 
"Kiski baat kar rahi ho Tum..." He asked getting confused. 
She didn't answer getting scared. 
He shook her and pulled himself away from her and he cupped her face in his palms. 

"Nandini look at me... Meri taraf dekho..." He asked her firmly.
"Mujhe tumse koi alag nahi kar sakta... Yeh baat apne mind mein print karlo... I won't let anything come in between us... And I won't let you go away from me... Main tumhe hamesha apni Nazar ke saamne rakhunga... Don't be afraid of any body... And there is this beautiful fact between us now... Main tumhara pati hoon... We are husband and wife... So trust me Kuch nahi hoga...," He kissed her forehead.
"Aur rahi baat Harshad Ki... I know you are afraid of him... Tou tumhe darne Ki koi zaroorath nahi hai... Woh jail mein hai... And I will make sure that he won't come out for at least 15 to 20 years... Hmm... Ok..." He again pulled her into a tight hug.

He remembers how after the car crashed into the trunk of the giant tree... He pulled out Cabir and walked away... Right at that moment the car blew up making both of them fly at least ten feet in the air... And fall on the ground.
Both him and Cabir didn't gain consciousness  for two days and when he came back to his senses Nandini was gone... 
He searched for her like crazy person , like maniacs but she was not to be found...how can she be found when she was not even in India.

"When you met with that accident eight years ago... "She bring Manik out of his thoughts. 
"I wanted to go to cops to file a complaint against him , but he kidnapped Rishab... And he send me a video of Rishab with someone pointing a gun at him... I got scared to death Manik... I didn't know what to do..." She was shivering from the thought of those days when she went through so much.
Manik wanted to know the reason why she left him , but the reason was this dreadful he didn't know.
"He puts a condition on us that if we want Rishab safe and sound and alive than we have to leave India as soon as possible... " she hiccups in the middle. Manik grab the jug of water from the table and pouring it into the glass she fed her.
After taking a sip she continues.
"And if I didn't agree on his condition... Than he will kill you in the hospital and he will shoot Rishab... " she paused. Her hands were cold like ice just imagining her past. 

He put her face on his shoulder and started caressing her hair to give her comfort. And let the turmoil come out which she went through alone. 
"I didn't believe him... And I still wanted to contact police at that point but he said that he is the one who failed your cars breaks and he will kill you just injecting poison in your IV... And he will do it... Manik..." She looked at his face lifting her eyes. 
"I didn't have any other option... But to leave you... Main bahut bebass ho gayi thi... He didn't leave me with any other choice and... You know... " she sniffs 
"You know he didn't even let me see you in the hospital... When you were unconscious... I don't get to touch you before going... I was so helpless Manik... So helpless..." She broke down again in Manik's arms and cried not able to control more. 
Manik let her cry so that she can let it all out of her system.
He just hold her tight in his arms. 

"That accident comes in my dreams and haunts me... And reminds me of leaving you in that condition...  I'm sorry Manik... I'm so sorry for leaving you... Main Aur Kya karti... Mere paas tumhe chodke jaane ke alaawa Aur koi rasta nahi tha..." She said in her weeping voice. 
"Sshh... It's ok... It's ok... That time has passed... Now we are together naa... Ab hum saath hai right... So forget about the past... I will make sure that we will stay together like this... And I will protect you from all the dangers and problems... Don't be scared of anybody... Ok..." he cradled her like a baby bending at the back of the bed. 
"Try to sleep... Main yahin hoon... Tumhare paas..." He trace her head with atmost  love and care.
He was shocked on her state and got worried about her... He didn't even imagined in his dreams that Nandini has went through all this alone and she has to face so many hurdles in life.
'And I was thinking that she betrayed me... She left me... Dhoka  diya hai usne Mujhe... Jabki... Mujhe koi idea hi nahi tha... That there was a death sword  hanging on her head... I misunderstood her..l if I were in her place... Maybe I would have done the same thing... ' he thought... And hugged are more to assure her that she was with him, in his arms , away from all that horrible and painful past. 
After some time he felt her heartbeat stable and saw that she was fast asleep. 

The phone was ringing constantly and disturbing Cabir's and Navya's sleep. 
Both of them didn't wanted to pick up the call as they were tired because of the previous day's hustle bustle. 
Navya sneaked her hand out from under him and grab the phone from the night stand  and without looking at the caller ID she turned it on. 
"Cabir... You Idiot... Stupid... Where are you... We went to your apartment and your watchman said that you guys left town a day before and you didn't inform us..,," Mukti started shouting and screaming as soon as Navya turned the phone on. 
Without reacting on her yellings she sticks the phone to Cabir's ear. Because she knows Mukti's nature and understood that she is not in a mood to hear anything.
"Tu sun raha hai... Ya Abhi bhi so raha hai... Answer me man... Where are you guys..." Cabir popped his eyes open hearing Mukti's yelling. 
"Haan... Haan hello... Mukti itni subah subah phone kiya... Everything alright... Tu itni subah kaise utth gayi..." Cabir was still in his sleepy mode but he tries to make himself awake so that he can answer her properly. 
So that he can't be caught in any way. 
"Tu ne time dekha hai it's 10 in the morning and you are saying jaldi... We went to your house last night and it was lock... I wanted to check where you are... Tu hai Kahan.. Navya bhi nahi hai Ghar par..." She was interrogating him like lawyers. 
Cabir got up and sat on the bed to think and answer carefully. 
"I'm in Delhi with Navya..." He said very coolly... 
"What... Delhi... Wahan Kya kar rahe  ho Tum Dono..." She literally screamed in his ear. 
He pulled the phone away from his ear and rubbed it. 
Navya was fully awake now with their high pitch conversation. 
"Mukti you will make me deaf one day... " he said. 
"Chillaun nahi tou Aur Kya karun... Why didn't you guys tell us that you are going..." She sounds upset. 

"Time hi nahi mila... You know naa... I didn't say anything to Navya about Manik's condition... But she... Woh mujhse sawaal jawaab karne lagi... Ki Manik ko kyun chod ke aaye... And all that..." Cabir started explaining. Navya gave a 'what-the... Why-you-dragging-me-in-this 'look. 
"And when I told her about Manik's accident... Woh zidd karne lagi ki Mujhe Manik se milna hai... Abhi... Aur main usse yahan le aaya... Ab I can't deny her  for anything in this condition na... That's why I brought her here..." He said mouthing a sorry to Navya for dragging and putting all the blame on her.

"Ohhh... So when are you guys coming back... And how's Manik... Uska phone nahi lag raha..." Mukti inquired  again. 
"He is fine... Maybe main usse le hi aaun... And We'll be here for another couple of days.. " he said. 
"Ok say hi to Navya and Manik se mila tou meri baat karwa... I'm missing him Yaar..." She said. 
After few more minutes thay hang up. 
"Cabir... Humne josh mein aa kar yeh shaadi tou karwa Di... Ab baki sab ko kaise samjhaeyenge... " Cabir saw Navya's concerned and worried face...
"Navya you don't take tension... It's not good for your health... Me and Manik will handle everything and all of them... You just support me.. That's all..." He side hugged her. 
"Yeh bhi koi bolne ki baat hai... I'm always with you..." She gave him a wide smile. 

Manik was feeling very uncomfortable taking all the weight of Nandini on himself. He was not healed completely. Still a little bit of pain is left in his stitches near his chest. 
He felt a little twinge in his chest  , but he didn't want to disturb Nandini's slumber who was sleeping wrapped in the sheet spread like a cocoon and cuddling into Manik's chest like a baby putting all her weight on him...  
As she was drained emotionally because of the dream and remembering the past and on top of that...
The exhaustion of last night too... So he wants her to take complete rest. 
But as they say that two People who loves unconditionally are connected by their hearts... So as if Nandini felt Manik's uneasiness she opens her eyes and said 

"Good morning..." And trying to register where she is and in what conditions she is. 
When she realized that she is on top of him... She got up with a jerk and got confused and panicked. 
"Manik... Why didn't you wake me up... You can't put this much pressure on yourself still... The internal stitches haven't healed completely..." Saying that she pulled him and started examining him. 
He held her hands and asked concerning. 
"Are you ok... Tum theek ho naa..." He caresses her cheek with his palm. 
She looked up into his eyes and saw lot of love and care for her..
" yes... I'm fine... Jo dil mein itne saalon se chupa hua tha ... Ek burden sa tha that's gone now... I'm feeling relieved... " she smiled and kept her hand on his on the cheek. 
" ok ... That's so good... Chalo lets order some food... I'm hungry..." He said and came out of the bed. 
Nandini also wrapped herself more with the sheet and sat beside him. 

All of a sudden she thought something and hit him on his forearm couple of times. 
"Ouch... Ab Kya hua... Maar kyun rahi ho... Maine Kya kiya hai..." He said rubbing his arm. 
"Last night tumne aisa kyun kiya... Tumhe nahi karna chahiye tha..." She wanted to ask him bluntly but she was shy and hesitant. 
"What..." Manik popped his eyes out thinking something else..
"What nahi karna chahiye tha... You were not ready for it... But tumne kal raat tou Kuch nahi kaha..." He turned to her getting surprised. 
"Buddhhu... Mera Matlab Woh nahi tha... Kaise kahun..." She murmurs to herself. 
"Nandini... What's the matter.., you look so confused... Do you regret anything about last night..." Manik was serious now. 
"Offfooo... Tum Ek minute chup raho... Let me ask you this way...Yesterday night tumne mujhse yeh kyun poocha ki am  I a vir... "And she left the sentence in the middle. 
"Virgin..." He finished her sentence. 
And she bend her head down getting shy and embarrassed. 
"Maine socha..." He couldn't find a reason. 
"Kya socha... Ki Nandini Murthy Tumhe Bhool jaayegi Aur kisi Aur ke saath... Tum aisa soch bhi kaisa sakte ho... You didn't have faith in our love... Ok I left you... It doesn't mean that I will find someone and get married and all you know..." She started talking and went on and on.
Manik was surprised by her change of attitude.
"Agar Tum nahi bhi milte na tou bhi main aise hi Zindagi guzaar leti but... Kisi Aur ke baare mein soch bhi nahi sakti..." 
"But Nandini you didn't even try to meet me or approach me..." Manik exclaimed.
"So what... it doesn't matter Manik... Chalo theek hai Maine Tum se Milne ki koshish nahi ki... But what about you Manik... You searchd for me everywhere right... You couldn't find me... Tou did you move on????.. Why didn't you find a beautiful girl and moved on or have an affair or anything... Bolo..." She asked with a stern face. 
But Manik was in a different world. 
"I never felt like that... Mujhe kabhi kisi ki zaroorath mahsoos hi nahi hui... Actually you know what I never spend a day without thinking about you... Whether it was with love or anger... Tum kabhi meri life se gayi hi nahi..." 
"Exactly... This is what I'm trying to telling you... Main tumse dur gayi zaroor thi... But apna sab Kuch Tumhare paas chod kar gayi thi... I was living like a dead body...
 I was just living without heart and soul... Because Woh toh Tumhare paas reh Gaya tha..." She said. 
"Phir main... Main kaise kisi aur ke baare mein..." She was down. 
"Ok ok baba... I'm sorry... Main kaan pakadta hoon... I'm really very sorry... I shouldn't have asked you that.. Woh bhi aise time per..." He bend down and tried to look into her eyes trying to change the topic.
"Manik..." She hit him again on his arm. 
"Ouch ouch... If you hit me like this than stitches Phir fresh ho jaayenge..." He laughed and rubbed his arm again. 
"Waise Ek baat bolun... Kal hamari shaadi hui hai ... Aur aaj hum jhagda kar rahe hai... Yaar lets do some romance Yaar.. . Instead of fighting..." He frame his arms around her shoulder and pulled her towards him. 
"Hum jhagda nahi kar rahe hai... Bas we are clearing some things ... Which was necessary... Romance ke liye tou saari life hai... Ab utho fresh ho jaao... I'm hungry too... And you have to take your medicine too... " she pushed him and send him to the washroom. 

Manik went to the reception desk for some work... When he came back he saw that Nandini was trying to tie her dori of the blouse she was wearing. It was a zigzag dori from the back exposing some of her back and her pale and milky stomach and waist was shining from the clothes...and to match with that she is wearing a lehnga with a matching dupatta which was at the moment kept on the bed. 
Nandini's dress

"Aiyyappa... Why do you have to make girls clothes complicated... Manik bhi nahi hai... Otherwise I would've asked him to tie it for me..." But her breath was stuck in her throat with the sudden touch of Manik's fingers. 
"Banda haazir hai..." He whispers close to her ear in a seductice voice. 

She let out a gasp and fist her hands on her sides. 
He tied her dori and trace his fingers from her shoulder to her fingers. 
He slide his fingers on her bare stomach and hold it tight. Her heart skipped a beat by his slow and sensational touches. 
He pulled her with a jerk and her back collided with his chest. 
He put his lips on her shoulder for a wet kiss. 
She tilted her head on her side to give  more access to him. 
He clutched her stomach and traced his lips to her ears giving small and tiny kisses. 
She was feeling week in her knee. Her balance is going out of control because of her wobbly wobbly knees. 
He was busy in kissing her... And she couldn't handle his sweet tortures and before loosing completely she turned around and hugged him right. 
He smiled widely by her shyness. 
He too hugged her back. 
They stood like that hugging each other for  sometime and than Manik said. 
"Nandini... " 
"Hmm... " she said. 
"I want to Kiss you.." He said. 
She held his back in a tight grip. 

"I didn't kiss you since yesterday... In the morning you were not in your senses and than you fought with me for that thing and than..." She didn't let him continue and closed his mouth with hers pressing her lips with his. 
He was surprised by her move but respond  to the kiss closing his eyes. 
She slides her hands on the back of his nape and he cupped her neck with both of his palms. 
They kissed each other with passion and intensity for some time exploring each other's mouth and enjoying every bit of it... 
But they were disturbed by Manik's phones ring...
They brake the kiss for oxygen and checked the caller ID. 
"I knew it... It has to be Cabir... Aur kaun ho sakta hai..." Manik said in an irritating tone. 
"Manik... Common... Give him a break... Itna sab tou kiya hai usne hamare liye... Don't say like that... Maybe there's something important that's why he called... Other wise he wouldn't disturb us.." Nandini pacifies him. 
Manik picked up the call with a frown in his face. 
"I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I know I'm disturbing you newly wedded couples... But it was important..." Before Manik get mad Cabir started talking. 
"This Better be good.. Otherwise... You know..." Manik talked in an angry voice.
"I know... Sorry bola na... It's about Mukti... So if you guys are free.. Than come home... We need to talk..." Cabir said. 
Manik said ok and hang up the phone. 

End of part 14

Hola people

Done with my exams
Now I'm free till June first week so I will try to update both the stories on time and I will also try to start a new FF too. Hopefully.

Coming to the update 
It was a dream but but but it was related to past 
This was necessary because the past have to be revealed this way. 
And this was already planned when I started this FF 
So how do you like it. 
Was is it up to your expectations. 
Is it a valid reason for Nandini to leave Manik. 
(Harshad is a very very bad person here... Capable of doing anything)
I want to know your views 
Please comment and lemme know
Small long any size of comments. 
Long hoge Tou I'll be very happy
But write something about it. 

Thanks for your patience 
And your prayers 
I appreciate your support towards me and my stories. 

I love you all 
And thanks a ton
I love you all 
Take. Care and stay blessed 
And always keep smiling. 

And don't worry MANAN will not be separated in my stories. 

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Nice update now past is clear and no flashback their nandini clear all the thing and their morning lit bit romance is also nice eagerly waiting for next update
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manan were awesome
Thnx for pm
Stay blessed

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