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MANAN FF DESTINED LOVE STORY #2 last part pg 146 updated (Page 29)

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Part 13

"Nandini... Jawaab do... Chup kyun ho..." Manik brought her out of her trance. 
"Hmmm..." Nandini turned and lift her head to look at him. She grabbed a pillow under her head and said. 
"Manik... Ek baat kahun..." She asked. 
"Haan... Bolo na..." He said while resting his head on his elbow lying on his side. 
"Tum kitne weird ho Gaye ho nai..." She said. 
"Matlab..." He gave a questioning look. 
"Matlab yeh... Ki I have a doubt now... For sure... Tumhe goli dil mein lagi thi na... Kahin uska Asar brain pe tou nahi ho Gaya..." She was very serious. 
"Nandini saaf saaf bolo... Kya Bol rahi ho..." He was getting irritated. 
"You have changed so much... Your style changed , your way of expressing things changed..." She said taking a deep breath. 
"You confessed your love in the bathroom  , you proposed me in the bed room , and now you are asking me to marry you tomorrow on the bed lying on top of me... Isko weird nahi bolenge..." She said the whole thing in one go. 
Manik laughed out loud and Nandini covered his mouth with her palm. 

"Kya kar rahe ho... Amms jaag jaayengi... Be a little quiet..." She said leaning on him and makes him lie on his back. 
He was still chuckling under her palm. 
And he bring her closer holding her by her waist. 
She was on top him now.
Being back to serious  mode he pulled her more close to him and said. 
"Weird nahi... You can say I became practical... Because I can't stay away from you anymore... Not even for a single second... And to be with you always... This is the one and only simple way..." He glanced at her. 

"Tou Manik we can do the engagement naa... Than we will marry when you can inform all of your friends... Aur waise bhi Mukti  , Aliya and Dhruv bhi Tou nahi hai naa yahan per... " she tried to explain all the odds and the consequences they will have to go through.
"Don't worry about all those things... I will handle everything and Mukti Aliya and Dhruv too... Bas Tum yeh bolo Kya Tum kal mujhse shaadi karogi..." He cut her off and... His expressions were damn serious.
"But Manik kal hi kyun... Why do you want to marry tomorrow itself..." Nandini asked. 
Manik sat on the bed making a pretzel and hold Nandini's hands in his. 

"Nandini eight years... We have lost eight years of togetherness... All the happiness  , sadness  , happy moments  , sad moments , every little details of our lives... We missed so much... So now I don't want to miss any single second of our lives living separate... " he took a pause then continued. 
"I want us to be together... And face all the goods and the bads of our lives together... You know since we met... We didn't even slept without each other... Not even for a single night and you think we can stay away from each other..." Manik finished and waited for her response.
But to his surprise she didn't say anything. She was listening to him quietly with all the attention.
He pulled her to a sitting position and make her sit face to face.
"Nandini... Tell me something... Within this two weeks your leave is gonna end... You will go back to your normal routine life and I will go back to Mumbai and will be busy in my life... There won't be ME in your life and there won't be YOU in my life... Will you be able to live like that without ME in it... Because as far as with me... I can't even think of my life without YOU in it..." He said again. 
Nandini was silent imagine the situations were there's not gonna be Manik in her life. 
She shudders with just the thought of a life living without him. She got scared and all of a sudden she climbed on his lap and hugged him tight.

He understood her fear of staying away from him and he hugged her tight pulling her to him on his lap. 
He heard her sobs on his neck. 
"Nandini... It's ok I understand... Even I can't think of living without you... Sshh... Please calm down... I'm right here... I'm not leaving you... Calm down..." He started rubbing her back with a lot of love  to assure her that he's here for her. 
The loneliness of last eight years flashed in front of her eyes. 
She clunged to him more tight as if... Feeling that if she leaves him than he will disappear again. 

"Nandini... Please talk to me... Don't be afraid... Share your fears with me... Share your feelings with me... What's making you insecure... Tell me honey... I'm here... I'm right here..." He gave his assurances to make her feel secure. 
She loosened her grip and rest her head on his shoulder. 
"Manik... You know... No matter how much  fun I make... Or try to be jovial from outside... The fact is even I can't imagine my life without you... Just the thought of you going away makes me scared... I can't stay away from you not even for a second... Main soch hi nahi sakti Tumse dur rehne ke baare mein..." She makes her grip tight again hugging him.  
"Tou Maine Kab kaha Ki main tumhe chod kar kahin jaa raha hoon... Jab tak Tum Haan nahi karti... Main tumhe sone nahi dunga..." He traced his fingers on her hair. 
She chuckles.

"Tou tumhe poora yakin hai Ki main Haan hi bolungi..." She asked with a tease. 
"Yup..." He makes an interesting face and said. 
"Aur agar main naa bolun Tou..." She teased him again. 
"Bolke Tou dekho..." He framed his fingers in her waist and tightened it.
She kept quiet for a while and pulled herself away from him. 
"Kya hua..." He asked. 
"Manik... Let's get married..." She said with a serious face and than she smiled. 
"What... What did you just said... Say it again..." He asked with disbelief.
"Let's get married... Main jald se jald tumhari ho jaana chahti hoon... Taaki no one... I mean no one can separate us..." She said. 
He pulled her again in a big bear hug with so much of emotions and happiness that she has given him in just saying a yes to him. 
"I love you Nandini... I love you so much..." He whispered in her neck. 
"I love you too Manik..." And she answered back. 
They drifted into sleep dreaming about the new morning in their life that will bring the togetherness they were waiting for years. 

Next morning Amms woke up at 6am a little different from her daily routine because she slept late and she noticed Nandini was missing from her bed but she ignored thinking that maybe she woke up early and she went downstairs to make the breakfast. 
When she came downstairs she saw Nandini and Navya in the kitchen. 
Nandini went upstairs back again making excuse  , and that gave Navya a chance to talk to Amms. 

Navya almost let Amms know about Manik's plan to get married with Nandini today itself. 
First Amms was surprised and than panicked too... But Navya handled her very gently by explaining her about how important it is... To get them both married before anything else happens. 
To a certain extend Amms understand the delicate situation. And after all she knows how much her grand daughter has suffered staying away from Manik. The only light and star of her life.
After the breakfast Manik and Nandini sat in front of Amms and Manik took her hands in his. 
"Amms... I wanted to tell you something... But I don't know how you will react... Actually I wanted to ask you something..." Manik asked hesitantly.
Amms smiled at his nervousness and said. 
"I think I have a slight idea what you wanted to ask me... But still I wanted to hear from you... So go ahead..." She said. 
"Amms... Woh... I mean... " he was looking here and there to choose the correct choice of words to express his feelings. 
"Bolo Manik... Ghabraao nahi... Main sun rahi hoon..." Amms pushed him to say what he wanted to say. 
"Woh... Amms...
I wanted to marry Nandini today... With  your permission and blessings... " phew at last it came out... 

Nandini was waiting for this to pass as it was the difficult situation for her too...
Because even she wanted to know Amms reaction. 
Amms smiled widely. Manik and Nandini was surprised seeing her face and they exchange their looks to each other. 
"What happened... You both look surprised... Actually... Thanks to  Navya , she already gave me a hint that this was coming so she prepared me ahead of time... That's why I was not shocked..." She said. 

She made them sit beside her on both her sides. 
"Listen Manik... I know you guys , both of you have suffered equally... Living away from each other... And of all the people... I will be the happiest person if my Kanna will be happy in her life... What more do I want... And you both are mature enough to take your own decisions... So I am ok with it..." She paused and than continued.
"But... You know what you are doing naa... Baad mein koi problem ya Aur Kuch Tou nahi hoga na..." She showed her concerns.
"Aap bilkul fikar mutt kariye... I will handle everything... And I promise you I won't let any problem or any bad thing even touch Nandini... I won't let anything happen to her... Trust me Amms..." He gave the guarantee Amms wanted to hear. 
"I trust you Manik..." Amms assured him. 
"But what about the arrangements... How will we do all the preparations  today itself..." Amms asked. 
"Woh Amms... Cabir..." Navya interrupted...
"Cabir na... He left early in the morning and said that he knows people here and he will make all the arrangements and come back... Till than we have to be ready..." She said with a wide grin. 
"Par clothes  , jewelry... What about that... " Amms,asked again.
"Humne sab intezaam kar liya hai... Hume pata tha Ki Manik in sab ke baare mein sochega bhi nahi... Isliye hum sab Kuch apne saath Laye hain..." She gave a victorious look giving herself a pat in her mind. 
Nandini and Manik gave an appreciating look to her. 
Amms blessed them both by putting her hands on their head. 
"Chalo... Nandini... Hum log ready hote hai..." Navya told Nandini and they both went in the room.     
Manik went outside after calling Cabir and making sure about his whereabouts.
He took the cab and joined him. 

It was evening when Cabir and Manik came home after arranging everything.
From the temple  , to the priest who's going to get them married , and the flower garlands and what all was necessary to get two people married.
Till than Navya made Nandini ready turning her into a beautiful bride. And when Manik was trying to entered the bedroom she denied his entrance saying that now he will see her in the temple.
Nandini reminded Navya about Manik's medicine.
"Navya... You are not letting me meet him... But at least let me give him the medicine... He will only eat by me..." Nandini request her. 
"Hum hai na... Hum khila denge... Ek din Woh hamare haath se kha lega..." Navya said and taking the medicine she went to the other room where Manik and Cabir was getting ready. 
After knocking the door she entered and offered the medicine to Manik. 
Manik got little upset  not seeing Nandini with the medicine.
"Nandini ne kaha hai Ki tumhe yeh dawai khani zaroori hai... " Navya informed him. 
"Haan rakhdo... I will eat later..." He said lightly. 
Navya understood his carelessness and said in a firm tone. 
"Dekho Manik...l know that... Daily you eat medicine with her hands only... But today  to keep yourself fit and fine you have to eat it even without her...ab shararafath se yeh khalo... Hume bhi ready hona hai..."  She said and left from there. 
Cabir laughed at his wife's attitude. 

While both Navya and Cabir getting ready in the washrooms Nandini grab the chance and sneaked out of her room and went to Manik's room. The door was half opened. She peaked from the door and called Manik. 
"Manik..." She whispered slowly...
"Haan..." He answered back. He was about to open the door fully but she stopped him. 
"Don't open the door... Tumne medicine le li..." She asked. 
"No..." He hesitantly answer.
"Ok.. Close your eyes..." She said.
"Close your eyes... Please..." She pleaded again. 
"Ok..." And he closed his eyes. 
She pulled her veil to cover her face and entered the room. 
Taking the medicine and the glass of water she came near him. 
"Open your mouth..." She said. 
Like an obedient child he open his mouth with his eyes closed. 
She put the medicine in his mouth and makes him drink water and was leaving the room. 
He pulled her with a jerk holding her elbow , that her back collided with his hard chest.
Her heart skips a beat with his sudden pull. 
"Manik... Navya ne kaha... That you can't see me..." Se said worried. 
"Sshh... My eyes are closed... Few more hours... Just couple of hours... Than you will be mine... No body can keep me away from you..." He whispered through her veil (ghungatt)..
She shivered with the thought and releasing herself from his grip She ran into her room. 
'Don't worry Nandini I'll make everything alright... Just let this marriage happen...' He said to himself.

Everyone was ready and were stepping out of the house to leave for the temple..,,
Right than a car came in the driveway and stopped in front of them. 
And the person coming out of the car was Abhimanyu. 
Nandini Manik and Cabir smiled seeing him. 
He came forward and greeted everyone. Took the blessing from Amms bending and touchy her feet. 
"Abhimanyu... How are you son... Aise achanak... Kya baat hai..." Amms asked. 
"I think I'm disturbing you guys... You are ready to go out... Maybe going in a wedding..." Abhimanyu studied all of their attires. 
No one said anything. Amms also exchanged the looks with Manik and Nandini. 
Looking at their panicky faces he said. 
"I won't keep you guys long... I just came to check on Manik and Nandini... How are they feeling ..." 
Nandini interrupted and says. 
"Abhi... Manik is fine... Recovering very fast... And his stitches has almost healed... I'll bring him in to do an X-Ray for his chest in a day or two..." She hide her fallen part from Amms signaling him to stay quiet.
Abhimanyu smiled. 
"Ok than... I think my job is done...so I'll take your leave..," he said and turned to leave. 
"Dr. Abhimanyu.., " Manik called and gestures Amms to say something. 
Amms understands what Manik wants. 
"Abhi... Bete darassal baat yeh hai..." And she explained everything to him. 
"What really.., pehle kyun nahi bataya...  She's like my sister... I'm happy for her..,," Abhimanyu was excited to hear about there wedding. 
"Abhimanyu... You can join us if you are free... " Manik gave him the invitation. 
"Of course... Why not... Tum agar nahi bhi kehte tou bhi I will definitely come..." Abhimanyu answered. 

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After all the discussion about the way they left for the temple. 


Nandini's attire 




They reached the mandir and Manik  and Cabir went inside to check the arrangements and when everything was settled Manik text Navya to bring Nandini and Amms inside. 
All the ladies that is Navya Amms and Nandini walked the steps of the mandir along with Abhimanyu. Cabir came down and hold Nandini's hand from
One side to walk with her. Navya took Amms up to the place where the Havan for the ceremony was arranged. 
Manik Amms and Navya watched how Cabir and Abhimanyu was bringing Nandini to the Havan. 
Amms eyes filled with tears. First of all her Nandini is getting married though not in the way she thought of...but still she's getting married. And everything was going on in a very smoother way. 
"Aaj Cabir Aur Abhimanyu ne Nandini ke bhaiyon ki Kami poori kar di..." Amms said softly. 
Panditji said Manik to take his seat and started chanting the sacred mantras.  And Nandini was also asked to sit beside Manik. 

Pandit make them were the garlands while chanting the mantras. After the garlands were exchange... He asked the brides parents to do the kanyadaan...
Both Abhimanyu and Cabir got up from their together to do the kanyadaan. Amms and Nandini looked at them. 
"Hum dono hi Nandini ka  kanyadaan karenge... " Cabir and Abhimanyu said together.
Nandini was overwhelmed by hearing them her eyes were filled with tears. 
Panditji nodded his head in an ok and both of them gave Manik's and Nandini's hand in each other's.

Manik holding Nandini's hand

Manik looked and holds Nandini's hand and lift his eyes to look at her. A lone tear fell from her eyes seeing the support she's getting from them. 
'I promise you Nandini... I will never leave this hand and will stay by your side in all the times... Whatever be the situations I will be there for you always...' Manik promises in his mind and pressed her hand. 
'I will always be there with you Manik... I just need your love and support... That's all...' She looked at his eyes which has love and only immense love for her.

Amms got up and put the leaf and dry fruit and a flower in their hands and pour holy water on them.
Mangalsutra and sindoor thaali

Than the Panditji asked to do the gathbandhan. This time Navya got up from her place and tied both ends of their stoll and dupatta. 


Pandit asked them to stand up for the pheras and continued with the mantras. They started the pheras by promising each other staying together always in sickness and in health, in good and bad times , no matter what the situations will be they will face it and handle it together and always be there for each other. 
After the pheras were done Panditji asked Manik to put the vermillion on her head which he obeyed with love and devotion and then he tied the mangalsutra around her head. 
"You are an married couple now... You can take the blessings..." Panditji announced. 
Both of them took the blessings from all including Panditji. Everyone was happy and excited that atlast Manik and Nandini got married. 

Cabir took them to the dinner to the Radison plaza hotel one of the best hotel in Delhi where he has booked a room for both Manik and Nandini for their special night. 

Radison hotel

After enjoying the dinner and stealing glances from each other getting embarrassed in the presence of the family they were sent to their suite. 
Rest of them that is Cabir Navya and Amms went back to the house. Leaving them here. 
Suite for Manik and Nandini 

It was not that traditional but... Cabir , with the help of Navya's suggestion has arranged everything according to the first night for a newlyweds. There was a canopy bed in the middle of the room that was decorated with flowers... And opposite to the bed is two closet and a door to the washroom. On the right side a door is situated that opens to a balcony.
Nandini also noticed a small hand bag that Navya has packed for both Nandini and Manik. It has there necessary items. 

Nandini stand in front of the mirror of the dresser and thinking about the events happened in the whole day. 
When she woke up she was just Nandini Murthy... But by the day ends She is now Nandini Manik Malhotra. She blushed by the thought of it bending her head down. 
'Aiyyappa... Yeh sab... Itni jaldi... I'm not alone anymore... Manik will be there by my side always...' She murmurs to herself. She touched the vermillion on her forehead and her eyes got moist. 
"No more tears..." She got startled by Manik's sudden voice she heard from the back. 
He was watching her standing from the back and came closer to her. 
He wiped away the oncoming tears and said. 
"No aansoo , no loneliness , no darkness , nothing... There's no place of all this things in our lives anymore... Understand..." He lift his eyebrows and said. 
She nodded and smiled.
"khush ho..." He asked very softly and politely.
She nodded her head again. 
"Shaadi ke baad tumhari bolti kyun band ho gayi hai... Har baat ka jawaab sar hila kar de rahi ho..." She moved her head in opposite direction. 
"see... I told you..." He teased again. 
"Manik..." She hit his chest and hugged him. 
Manik laughed and hugged her back. 
"I'm so happy and thankful to your Aiyyappa that I have you back in my life..." He said resting his head on his chin. 
"Acha suno..." He pulled himself from her. 
"Sab Kuch itna jaldi jaldi hua... That I didn't get time to give you this..." He took out a small velvet box from his sherwani pocket and place it in her palm. 
"Yeh Kya hai..." She asked. 
"Khol kar dekh lo..." He fold his hands on his chest. 

There was a classic three diamonds ring in white gold with the middle diamond is 2 carrot and the side diamonds is 1 carot with beautifully twisted design on the side and with small diamonds attached to it.

Diamond ring.

"Manik... This is beautiful..." She said touching it and feeling it with her fingers. 
"Tumhe pasand aayi..." He asked happily.
"I loved it Manik... It's really beautiful..." She said excitingly.
Manik took out the ring from the box. He came down on his knees and asked her hand. She forwards her hand very happily. 
"Tumhe aiteraaz tha na mere propose Karne ke style per... So let me tell you again. 
MRS Nandini Manik Malhotra... I love you... I love you so much... Thanks you for coming into my life... I will cherish you like a precious and priceless treasure all my life... Are you happy being my wife..." He said. 
Nandini laughed at his weird way of confessing and proposing again. 
"what... Say something quickly... Otherwise my knees will start hurting..." He said making faces. 
She held him by his shoulders and make him stand up. 
"Tum bilkul... Weird ho... Zara bhi nahi sudhroge... Hai na... " she said grabbing him into a tight hug. He laughed at her too. 
"I love you Manik... I love you so much... Thank you too for coming in my life... And I'm very very happy... Being Mrs Nandini Manik Malhotra..." She tighten her hold on him. 
"Ouch..." He said. 
Nandini looked at him tilting her head..."Kya hua..." 
"Yaar yeh tumhari jewelery... It's poking me..." He said annoyingly. 
She blushed by his remark. 
"Sharma kyun rahi ho... Nikalo na isse..." He said. 
"Buddhu ho Tum..." She hit him on her shoulder. 
"Arrey... Maar kyun rahi ho..." He rubbed his shoulder. 
She didn't say anything. He understands what she meant but he was teasing her and enjoying her reaction. 
"Ohhh... Ab samjha... I have to take it out right... Like thaaat..." He bend and peaked on her face. 
"Pehle bolti na... I would love to undress you..." He said and realizes what he said. 
Nandini turned herself away from him. 
"I... I mean... To say... I would love to take it out..." He corrected himself.
She walked away further from him. 
"Hey... Kahan jaa rahi ho... Itna asaan nahin hai... Aaj mujhse dur nahi jasakti..." He said holding no her elbow and pulled her with a jerk. Her back collided with him. 

He slides his fingers on his waist and held on to her digging his nails in it squeezing her tight. Her ribcage tightens. She sucked a big chunk of air in her lungs. 

He nuzzles his nose in her hair and inhaled her smell. He even rubbed his nose in the crook of her neck taking the toxicating smell and was lost in her giving her small wet kisses on her neck and under her ear. 
"You smell so good seorita... "He said in a hoarse voice.
She can feel his warm breath on her skin which was giving her goosebumps   All over her body. 
He took off her jewelry one by one placing wet and hard kisses on her shoulder and neck and under her ears. 
He took off the hair pins that was holding her hair. And her silky hair fall on her back. 
He opened the zipper of her top and let it down all the way to her back making her free. He gilded her sleeves from bothe the sides and makes it bare. 
He bend down and couldn't resist anymore and gave a bite on her shoulder. 

Nandini was getting wobbly by his loveable tortures. She is getting weak in her knees so she turned herself and framing her hands on the nape of him she hugged him tight.
He grinned widely by her gesture. 
He pulled her from him and taking her face in his palms he said. 
"Open your eyes Nandini..." He demanded. 
She opened her eyes to see his chocolate brown eyes fixed on her with in an intense gaze. 
Shiver ran through her spine by the intensity of his gaze. 
He pulled her face to him until his lips captured hers. It started as a slow and gentle and a sensual kiss and turned into a passionate one. She parted her lips giving way for him to enter and explore her every nook and corner of her mouth. 
Her hands moved at the back of his neck gripping his hair and pulling him more further. 
Both of them moans in each other's mouths letting out the gasps. 
He left her mouth and traces his lips on her cheeks , jaw , neck and her shoulder giving her small wet kisses. 
He starts pushing her to the bed and made her sit on it. 
One by one he start peeling off her clothes and his too. When he was done they were left in their inner garments. He grabbed the sheet and covered themselves.

His hands swayed over her upper parts of the body stroking  it , soothing it , pulling and pressing it , 
And her body responds to his aggressive touches and leading her rest of her body into an explosion. 
She was moaning and giving him more access.
He reached up and said. 
"I've waited for this moment for so long... You have no idea..." And he took her mouth into his. Sucking and biting it to the core leaving her exhausted. 

He nuzzles her neck leaving her mouth to let her breathe and gave wet kisses on her neck biting it , licking it , again down to her br***t. 
He started playing with it with his tongue and fingers and taking his own sweet time with each of them. 
She makes a fist with his hair and pulled him more. 
He lift his gaze to look at her as if asking for the permission. She blinked her eyes. 
He took it as a yes and hover over her again. 

He moaned something to himself which she didn't understand and pushed inside her. She screamed and twitchedin pain... but he covered her mouth with a soft kiss to drink in her scream.
"Nandini is this your first time... Are you a virgin..." He asked. 
She blinked her eyes again which lead the tears off of her eyes too. 
" even I have saved myself... I didn't wanted to do it until I found you... " he said and pushed himself once again.  
She gasped with sensation , this feeling is something which she never gone through or which she can't explain. 
She grabbed his shoulder , his back digging her nails into his skin. 
"Are you ok... Does it hurt..." He asked politely.
She didn't want him to stop what he was doing so she nodded in her head. 
"God Nandini you are so beautiful and so soft..." He went closer to her face and said seductively and pecked her on her lips. 
He moved inside her pulling out again with deeper and deeper thrust , and she felt loosing her self to him second by second and minute by minute.
He felt her shuddering under her when he takes her to the most amazing ride of her life that she ever rode...and that too with the one and only person she wants with.  
He moaned and groaned her name in the most se**est  form ever holing her tight to himself until he exploded with her.

End of part 13

Hello people 
A long long update 
I tried to,give you shorter one this time but
Once I started writing it went on and on and on and before I noticed 
It was this long. 
I know right------- But only for you guys 
And the way as you all wanted------ the marriage 
I have given everything in this chappy
So in return I want long long comments and your feedback.  
Don't think that something is going to happen 
NO nothing like that 
But ya lots of interesting twist is on the way 
So ENJOY and give your opinions.
 Thank you so much 
Stay blessed and take care 
And always keep smiling. 

This story is a complete fan fiction nothing to do with reality 
So the places and pictures used in this is only for entertainment purposes only
And I don't know anything about Hindu weddings 
I only know it by Bollywood movies. 
The rituals described in this story is totally make believe stuff and pretend things
 So if I hurt anyone's feeling regarding the rituals
I'm sorry for that. 

Thank you 
Love you all

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Finally I am first...
Will try to unress soon...


Wow... wow... Manan got married...Dancing
kitna kuch ho gaya naa...
Mujhe toh invitation hi nhi mila ... but I am so dheet sabse phele aa gyi...heheWinkLOL

Update was wonderful...Outstanding... Superb... Awesome...
Mind blowing...etc ...etc...
Manik explained her... sirf judaai ka soch kr hi... she was so scared... she can't imagine her life without him...
Finally she said yes... wahhh... 

Then Navya explained everything to Amms...Amms maan bhi gyi...
Then Manik was so nervous... aww... poor baby... but loved the way Amms accept their decision...

Cavya... bestest friend ... They define the true meaning of friendship...

Aww ... Manik ko nandini ne medi khilai... aww... that part was cute...and sweet...

Then abhi ne bhi join kr liya...
really loved that part...when cabir aur abhi ne bhai wali sari  responsibilities puri ki... nandini was so happy...

Then manan made promises in their mind...
Aankho hi aankho mei promises ho gaye... wahh.je wahh...

Finally Vivaah sampaan hua... 

All the pics were superb ...awesome...
 I really loved nandini 's attire...

Aww... manik proposed her again... ring was really beautiful...
Manik tease her... hawww yeh kya keh diya manik...
Nandini tou getting all shy...

Their moments were so romantic... so passionate...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
So hot...
They became one... really kaise kr leti ho honey...
Can't describe properly ...  I am tou blushing ... my cheeks turned red... 
Really loved it...

U describe so amazingly... marvellous ...

Waise mujhe bhi rituals ka nhi pata.. But I have full faith in you..  kabhi kisi ko hurt kr hi nhi sakti app...so chill...

Kudos to you...
Really loved this chappy alot...
U nailed it love...
Thanks for pm...
Keep it up...
Keep smiling...
Stay blessed...
Lots of love...

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anshikagarg126 Goldie

Joined: 17 June 2015
Posts: 1369

Posted: 06 May 2016 at 12:14am | IP Logged
Loved it
Thanks for pm
Take care
Continue soon
Stay blessed

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zarakhanarlover IF-Dazzler

Joined: 06 February 2015
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Posted: 06 May 2016 at 12:21am | IP Logged
Beautiful update

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rockstarlover IF-Rockerz

Joined: 20 October 2013
Posts: 6396

Posted: 06 May 2016 at 12:26am | IP Logged
beautiful update
manan r so adorable couple
their love is so blissful so pure
cavya r sweetheartsBig smile
loved the pics
finally manan r marriedDancing
nandu got 2 brothers
abhi is a very sweet person
their 1st nightEmbarrassed
it was so romantic
loved it
plz cont soon

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Tiara115 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 21 August 2015
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Posted: 06 May 2016 at 12:33am | IP Logged
Wow.. such a long update.. thank u 
Finally manan are married. ..
Really excited for next 
Do update soon
Waiting eagerly

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samiamalhotra Senior Member

Joined: 02 April 2016
Posts: 368

Posted: 06 May 2016 at 12:35am | IP Logged

Finally manan married...

Their first night...


Waiting for next update...

Continue soon...

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