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MANAN FF DESTINED LOVE STORY #2 last part pg 146 updated (Page 2)

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Part 11


After hanging up the phone Cabir was looking out of the balcony thinking something. 
He felt a pat on his shoulder and turned around to see Navya was standing with two cups in her hands. 
Cabir and Navya moved in a luxury apartment with 3 bed rooms , a huge hall , a living room, and dining room and a big costume made kitchen. 
All the bedrooms have balconies. 
As per Navya's wish they chooses the location near the beach , because she wants to see the beach or ocean from her apartment so they were living in a high rise building somewhere near Versova. 
 "Kaun tha phone per..." She asked. 
"It was Manik..." He just answered. 
"Tumne Abhi tak bataya nahi ke Manik Delhi mein kyun ruk Gaya..." Navya asked with a questioning look. 
Cabir still didn't said anything to Navya about Manik's accident and that he was hospitalized. 
"Come here... I have to tell you something.." He grabbed the cups from her hands and make her sit comfortably on the chairs. 
"What's the matter Cabir... You looked tensed... Is something wrong...," she was getting worried by his actions. 
"Listen Navya... Agar Tum pareshaan nahi hogi tou... I want to tell you something... But promise me first... Ki you won't panic..." He said holding her hands. 
"Cabir you are scaring me... Kya baat hai saaf saaf bolo..." Navya said. 
"Acha theek hai hum promise karte hai hum panic nahi honge..." She pressed her hands on Cabir's. 

"Dar-assal Delhi mein Manik ka accident hogaya..." He said. 
"Kaisa accident..." Navya almost shout in a loud voice... 
"Relax... Relax... Actually Harshad shot him... And... " Cabir explained her everything... From Harshad's threats on the phone...
to Manik getting shot...
to him being taken to the hospital...

Navya was listening to him carefully without saying anything.
"Navya... Kuch bolo..." He shook her. 
"Kya bolein Cabir... Itna sab Kuch ho Gaya ... Aur aapne Hume bataye bhi nahi..." She had tears in her eyes thinking about Manik's condition. 
"Then why did you left him alone their... How will he mange..." She asked. 

"Woh... Akela nahi hai... Woh.. Manik ke paas... N..Nandini hai..." He Said at last. 
"Kya... Kya kaha..." Navya screamed and got up from the chair. 
"Pehle tum aaraam se baitho.." Cabir made her sit again. 
"Cabir aapne humse itni badi baat chupayi... " Navya is shocked to hear about Nandini. 
She collected herself and sat straight and asked him. 

"Par aap logon ko Nandini mili Kahan..." She asked, now she wanted to know everything about her. 
"Aap logon ko nahi... Sirf Mujhe and Manik ko... She worked in the same hospital where Manik was admitted... She did his operation to take out the bullets ...," and he explained everything to her about Nandini and Manik. 

"But I didn't say anything about Nandini to Mukti Aliya and Dhruv..." 
Cabir said. 
"Nandu... Wapas aa gayi... Yeh tou badi khabar hai... Woh Doctor banna nahi chahti thi... But it was her late baba's wish that she becomes a Doctor... Cabir aapne Bahut hi achi news sunayi hai... " Navya turned to Cabir and said. 
"Kya hum usse mil sakte hai..." Her voice shows lot of excitement. 
"Abhi ek Aur good news baaki hai.." 
"Manik Nandini se shaadi karna chahta hai... Aur hum Dono ko Delhi bulaya hai..." He said waited for her reaction. 
This was a really good news for her as she knows how much Nandini loves Manik at that time.
Nandini could have done anything for Manik. 

"Par Cabir... What about the rest of the gang... Agar unko pata chala tou... Kya hoga... Mukti Tou  bilkul bhi Manik ko nahi chodegi..." Even though Navya was very happy for Manik and Nandini but she also was worried for others that how will they react. 
"I told that to Manik... But he said once this marriage happens than he will handle everything..." He said. 
"But you know Navya... Ek baat Tou hai... 
After I saw them together... I realized that... 
Manik is really incomplete without her... I saw how he came back to life by just her touch... Just her presence... Jis Manik ko hum jante hai na... Jo kisi Ki parwa nahi karta...Who is away from Life...
 Do all The things recklessly... Without getting worried for himself... 
He is changed now... I saw a shine in his eyes... 
He really loves her a lot... And I want his happiness... 
I know that they will be very mad
But let this happen... Let this marriage happen...l 
than we all will handle the situations all together..." Cabir explained. 
"Him bhi Bahut Khush hai... Dono ke baare mein jaan kar... Maata rani unn Dono ko ab kabhi alag na Kare..." Navya prayed. 
"So when are we leaving..." She asked. 
"Tomorrow in the evening.. Kal shaam ki flight mili hai..." He said. 
"Theek hai.. Dono Ki  shaadi hai na... Tou I'll go and shop for both of them tomorrow morning... Than we will leave... Manik will be busy to do all this..." Navya was very excited to meet Nandini and see them getting married. 

Next morning in Nandini Murthy's house. 
"Nandini... Nandini..." Manik was screaming from the washroom.
Nandini was cleaning up the bed and was
About to take out  Manik's clothes when she heard his screams. 
She peaked from The washroom door and asked. 

"Kya hua Manik... Kyun chilla rahe ho..." 
"First you come inside... " he demanded. 
"No...Tum wahin se bolo... What do you want..." She answered in the same way. 
"Remember I told you that I need help for cleaning my back... Can you please scrub my back... Yaar I'm not able to do it... " he said pleading. 
'Aiyyappa... Why do you have to put me in these kind of situations...' She asked her Aiyyappa as usual. 
"If you are done complaining to your Aiyyappa... Than can you come in... I'm getting cold.." He said. 
After thinking something she said. 
"Ok... You turn around to the other side..." 

And as an obedient child he turned around facing his back to Nandini. 
Nandini stepped into the washroom. 
'I'll just clean his back and leave as soon as possible... No big deal Nandini... It's easy... Tu kyun ghabra rahi hai...' Thinking all this she went near his back and touched it. 
Thousands of volts of current pass through her veins. 
She suddenly pulled her hands away. 
'Itna bhi easy nahi hai...' She thought. 
"Nandini... " Manik called her softly looking at her tilting his face to his back. 
"If you take this much of time than I'll freeze... Do it fast naa..." He said. 
"Kar tou rahi hoon... Main thodi na expert hoon iss kaam mein..." She too answer. 
She filled the bucket with hot water and splashed it on his back. 
And taking the soap he started running it on his back. 
Manik felt that a shiver ran through his body as soon as she touched him. 
He could feel her soft feathery fingers on him and wanted to turn around and took her in his arms. 

But he was controlling himself.
 When she was done applying the soap...
She took the sponge and started to rub his back slowly and softly including all the areas where he couldn't reach. 
His shoulder blade , in the middle of his back , his neck and all over his back.

The touches and her closeness is driving him more crazy... After done she was about to take water to clean off the soapy bubbles he thought of a mischief and opened the shower. 
Before she could come out of the sudden panicky situation... And realized what happened...

Manik pulled her in the front and took her lips in a passionate lip lock.
She got shocked with his sudden move but she started responding to him after few seconds. She slide her hands around his neck and fixed her fingers in his hair and pulling him closer.  
They were getting drenched with the water flowing on them and their bodies were getting closer and closer to each other. 
Manik was kissing and sucking her lips like no other. His hands were roaming on her back exploring her each and every part.

The tank top  she is wearing is not doing any good to her as it was stick to her body... 
Her heartbeat was getting faster and faster against Manik's chest and her body was getting deeper and deeper to his.
He slipped his tongue into her mouth and devoured each and every corner of her mouth...
She let him explore her as her hands started to roam on his bare back and started rubbing her fingers on his back. 
Her touches is making a havoc in his body. 
He cluched her waist through her top and digged his nails into her giving the marks all over her waist. 
He lift her holding her waist and make her sit on the slab on the corner. 
Noe she came to his level of height.
He slide the straps of her top and started giving her wet kisses on her neck shoulder and biting her here and there. 
Her fingers are fisting in his hair on and off and she tilted her head to give him more access. 
He lift her top from the waist and his fingers were climbing up to her ribcage and he cluched it with both of his hands on each sides. 
She let out a gasp due to his sweet tortures and unexplained  pain. 
His hands were moving up and up more and she let him do till it reached its highest.
"Manik... " she moaned his name in a gloomy voice. 
Manik came out of his trance and figured out where he was and what is he doing. 
He looked at her with a dreamy look. 
"Kya kar diya hai Tumne Mujhe... I couldn't control myself... " he said resting his head on her forehead.
Her  heartbeat was coming back to stable.
She cupped his face in her palms and kissed his forehead.
"I love you Nandini... I love you..." He said in a husky tone.
She was not expecting his confession in this place. 
She smiled at him widely.
"Madam... If someone says I love you naa... Than the answer should be... I love you too... Not a smile..." He showed a fake anger. 
"Manik... Tumhe Aur koi place nahi mili thi... Apna confession Karne ke liye..." Her smile became more broader. 
"Kyun... What's  wrong in this place... It's very romantic... And there's not a romantic place better than this..." He looked around..
"Seriously Manik..." She said still in his hold. 
"Seriously... Mujhe Mera jawaab chahiye... Right now... Warna... I will take it out from you my way..." He warned her in Manik Malhotra's style.
"Ab Tum Mujhe se bhi quboolwaoge..." She asked popping her doe eyes out. 
"Haan..." He said and nuzzles his nose in her neck. 
She giggles by his sweet tortures. 
"Ok ok... Wait... Mujhe neeche utaro... Let me at least change my clothes... I'm all wet..."
She pleaded.
"No... I want to hear it now..." He again demanded.
He was standing very close to her water still dripping on their bodies. 
"You know... Isse achi situation Aur nahi Hogi... I love you Bolne ke liye... Tou bolo na... Do you love me..." He asked very se***y... Going dangerously close to her mouth. 
"Haan..." She could just mange to say that.
"Haan what..." He demanded again looking straight into her eyes. 
"Haan... I love you too..." She said lost in the dept of his eyes. 
"Phir se bolo..." He was excited to here it from her. 
"I love you Manik... I have always loved you..." She whispered.

He took her in his embrace in the same position her sitting on the slab and him settling himself in between her legs. 
"Tumne Mujhe jeene ka maqsad de diya Aaj..." He said nuzzling more in her neck. 
They stayed hugging each other for quite a while. 
"Manik..." Nandini broke the silence.. And whispered through his chest. 
"Hmm..." He just hmmed 
"Hum washroom mein hai... Kab se pani waste ho raha hai... Let's go out... Please... You have to have your breakfast and medicine and I have to have it too..." She explained.
He broke the hug and smiled sheepishly.
And moving away from her and he let her leave. 
Manik thought
'You'll get the surprise of your life today Nandini... Just wait...' He moved back his hair from his forehead.

After having their breakfast and done with everything Nandini was busy in some work and Manik was doing something on his laptop when they heard the doorbell. 
"I'll get it..." Nandini walked towards the front entrance.
Manik hide his smile from her as he knows who it can be. 

"Amms... " Nandini screams with joy and happiness throwing her hands around her neck. 
"What a pleasant surprise... Why didn't you inform me... I would have come to the airport to pick you up..." She said hugging her. 
"Actually... Kanna... " she was about to say that Manik knew about her arrival... But she saw Manik coming out from the living room. 
He indicated her not to say anything.
"Actually... If i informed you... Tou how will I see the cheerful and happy face of my Kanna... That's why I surprised you..." She said. 
"Hello Amms... How are you..." 
Manik came forward and bend down to take Amms blessing and 
"Aaah..." He screamed in pain. 
Nandini right away break the hug and bending down to hold his chest. 
"Manik... What are you doing... Abhi tumhare internal stitches heal nahi hue hai... Why do you have to do stupid things..." She almost yell on him and started rubbing his chest. 
"Bahut dard ho raha hai..." She asked getting concerned.
"Nandini I'm fine... See Kuch nahi hua hai..." He showed her the spreading his arms apart and getting a little embarrassed because of the way she was treating him in front of Amms. 
"Stitches... What stitches..." Amms asked very surprised by both of their behaviors.

"Amms... Aap ander chaliye... I will explain you everything..." Nandini picked up her handbag and closed the door and all of them came inside the living room. 
"Can you guys tell me what going on..." Amms asked not wanting to wait more. 
Manik brought a glass of water for her and Nandini make her relax on the couch.
"Amms... Manik Ko Harshad ne goli maari  thi... He shot him..." And Nandini told her all the details that she knew.

Amms mouth was left open by hearing the whole thing. She got worried for Manik and Nandini as well... 
Because somewhat same situation came for Nandini years and up years ago.
'Aiyyappa... Why do theses innocent children has to go through so much... Why do thay have to suffer...' Amms thought and her eyes were filled with tears.

Manik sat next to her and hold her hands. 
"Amms... I'm alright now... Ab main bilkul Theek hoon..." Manik's heart overwhelmed seeing that Amms care for him so much. 
He side hugged her. Nandini also felt so much relaxed seeing Manik and Amms jelling up together. 
All three of them spend some quality time together.. They have their lunch and they talked on random things. Even Rano their house maid came and helped Nandini in cooking and other things. 
It was after the maid left Manik decided to speak to Amms about his decision.
When they were relaxing after lunch Manik came and sat on his knees in front of Amms. 
Nandini was surprised watching him.

"Amms... Main Nandini se shaadi Karna chahta hoon... And iske liye I need your permission..." Manik said holding her hands sitting on his knees. 
It was a shocked and one heck of a news for both Amms as well as Nandini.
Nandini's eyes shot opened but...  For Amms somewhere down in her heart she knew  that this was coming. 
A small ray of light came on her lips. She looked at Nandini first before responding. 
"Manik... I have no objection with your decision... But son... You should be asking Nandu first... And the look on her face and by her reaction I'm sure you didn't ask her yet... " she said patting his hands. 
"You are right Amms... But in Nandini's life there's no one important than you... That's why I asked you first in front of her... If you are ok with it than I will ask her and also convince her..." He explained with a slight smile first looking at Amms and turning his gaze towards Nandini.
The changing expression on her face clearly shows that either she's confused or shocked or she is scared of something. 
She didn't know how to react to this as this has to be the special day of her life... That the one person who she wants to spend her life with... Is asking the permission from none other than her Amms itself.
There's still a hesitation in her eyes... Or we can say a fear of loosing him again. 
She didn't trust on her own destiny.
Destiny can't be this kind to her... To grant her wish this easily.
It has always snatched away her closed ones from her.
She didn't know what to say or how to respond so she walked from the living room and went into her room.
Both Amms and Manik watched her leave.
"Manik... Are you sure about your decision..." Amms asked.
"Yes Amms... Maine bahut soch ke yeh decision liya hai..." He said. 
"Yahan baitho... Mere paas..." Amms make him sit beside her. 

"Listen... Son... I know... Both of you have suffered a lot... Destiny ne Tum Dono Ko ek doosre se alag rakha... and now again  destiny has brought you two together...but Manik... Tumne jitna suffer kiya hai na... Nandini ne bhi utna hi suffer kiya hai..." Amms remembers those days when she handled Nandini.

"Nandini tumhe chod ke Tou aa gayi thi... But... Woh apna sab Kuch tumhare paas chod gayi... Her soul , her heart ,her smile , her liveliness everything... She was empty when she went away from here... " Amms took a deep breath. 
"We went straight to USA right after... We admitted her in medical college and Rishab ka speech therapy treatment start ho Gaya... But Nandini... Usne jeena chod diya tha... Na kisi se baat karti thi... Na kisi se dosti karti thi... Sirf school se ghar... ghar se school... It took me and shanno six months to a year to bring her back... ". 

"Almost After a year she started to sit with us , talk with us ... " Amms continues.
"Now that you have taken a big decision about your lives... I want to see happiness  for both of you... But tumhe nahi lagta... You have to be more careful... After all it's the matter of both of your lives..." She asked him.

"I understand Amms... You are worried for both of us..l even I know there can be some hurdles... That's the reason why I want to do this marriage as soon as possible... With just you giving your blessings... For me only you are the elder..., and my dad... I will take Nandini directly to him after we are done getting married... So I want your ok..." He said. 
She smiled and puts her hand on his head.
"I'm ok with your decision... Always be happy... Ab jao Aur usse manao..." she said. 
Manik gave a hug to her and said. 
"Thank you so much Amms..." And he got up and leave from there. 

Manik came into the room and saw Nandini was sitting on the edge of the bed bending her down. 
He walked slowly towards her and sat beside her. 
He took her hand in his and held it. 
"Nandini... Tum aise kyun chali aayi... What happened... You didn't like what I said..." He asked. 
She didn't answer.
"Ok I'll ask you officially..." Saying that he sat on his knees in front of her and said. 
"Dr. Nandini Murthy... I Manik Malhotra... Tumse shaadi Karna chahta hoon... Aur saari zindagi tumhare  saath guzaarna chahta hoon... Will you marry me..." He waited for her answer.

Instead of saying yes she asked. 
"Manik tumhe nahi janna ke... Where I was all these years... Why I left you... What was the reason... " 
"Nahi... I don't want to know... Where you were... Why you left me... What was the reason... Only thing matters to me is... You are here... I'm here... We are together... And the important thing is... We still love each other... We care for each other... And we can't live without each other... And that's more than enough for me..." He said very confidently. 
"Destiny has brought us together once again... And I don't want to ruin this chance... And I will not let you ruin it too..." 
"Haan the circumstances were very unusual... The way we met... But hum mile naa... That's all..."he concluded.

She was listening to him very carefully. Than she said. 
"Manik Tum jis haalath mein Mujhe mile... Do you even know... What all I went through... How I've controlled myself... You know operations theater mein... I couldn't even move my fingers to operate you... Agar if by any chance main tumhe uss haalath mein main milti  Tou Tum Kya karte..." She asked with moist eyes. 

Manik never imagined in his life that he can even see Nandini in that condition... He will never ever be able to see her like that. 
"First of all... Mere hote hue tumhe Kuch nahi ho sakta... I won't let anything happen to you... And if by any chance... Or in the worst case scenario... Aisa Kuch hua bhi Tou... Main Zameen Aur aasmaan hila doonga... But tumhe Kuch nahi hone doonga..." He got aggravated...
Nandini make him sit beside her and held his hand. 
"Yeh duniya Hume ek saath nahi dekh sakti... Just Harshad is not the only one who did that to us.. There are other people too..." He knows where Nandini is pointing. 
"Nandini..." He took his face in his palms and said. 
"Listen to me... Don't worry... Please... Have faith in me... This time even your Aiyyappa is on our side... Nothing will go wrong..." He tried to calm her down. 

"I'm terrified of loosing you again Manik..."she whispered looking into his eyes. 
Manik sees the fear can be clearly seen through her eyes. 
"Nothing will happen Nandini... See even after so many years we are still together safe and sound... In one piece ..." He tried to cheer her up.

" no Manik... You were not just hurt... But you almost died... Goli tumhare dil Ko choo kar nikli thi... Your heart almost stopped beating... I can't loose you again..." She cried hiding her face in her palms. 
He knew  the facts was that... his life has so many threats... But one of the biggest one is gone now. 
But he can't see her cry like this. He pulled her close and simply held her. He stroked her thumbs at her cheeks to pacify her misery right now. 
"Nandini... I'm not that young now... Main 8 years pehle waala Manik nahi raha... I can handle the situations now... Mujhe ek chance deke Tou dekho..." He said softly. 
"But Manik you got shot recently... Not 8 years ago..." She exclaimed again.
"That's because... Maine Woh goli Mujhe lagne di...l let that happen to me... kyunki...kyunki... Main jeena hi nahi chahta tha Nandini...l tumhare bina Mujhe yeh zindagi nahi chahiye... I don't want this life if you are not there in it... Do you understand that..." He said in a firm voice.  
"I want to spend my entire life with you... And if you are not there with me... Than to he** with this life... I don't even want to live..." He stood from the bed leaving her hands and went to the balcony with anger filled in him. 
Nandini followed him.
"Manik... Khabardaar... Jo Tumne apne aap Ko hurt kiya Tou... " she pressed her Hand on his chest and said .
"Yeh life ab tumhari nahi hai... Yeh Meri hai... Iss par Sirf Mera haq hai...  And I won't give you the permission to hurt or destroy it... Do you understand..." She said authoritatively.
"Mujh par apna pura haq jata rahi ho... But you are not saying a yes to my proposal..." He a shed putting his hand on hers. 
She bend her head down and didn't answer.  
"Ok I'll give you time till tonight... You have to answer me either tonight itself or tomorrow morning... And I want the answer to be yes... I'm not gonna take a no for an answer..." He said and left from there. 

Both of them spend some time alone. 
In this time Manik received a text from Cabir that they are reaching Delhi in the night. 
And Manik text back that he will pick them up so wait for him. 

 Manik took permission from Amms and take Nandini for a long drive. And Manik insisted to drive.  
"Tum guide karo... I'll drive... And you have the navigation na... So no big deal.." He said. 
Nandini was quiet not talking and thinking something.

To cheer up Nandini's mood Manik turned on the radio and the RJ on the radio was announcing. 

'And ladies and gentlemen... Hear goes the romantic classic song in our very own kishore Daa's mesmerizing and melodious voice ... By special request by some of our friends... 
And I would like to dedicate this song to all the lovers who is listening to it... Enjoy..." 
The music started and kishore kumar's voice soothes the atmosphere...
Manik roll down the window to get the fresh breeze. 

Pyaar manga hai tumhi se 
Na inkaar Karo

Manik looked at Nandini with so much of love while concentrating on the road...but Nandini was in her own world thinking deep. He puts a hand on her shoulder to make her turn and she looked at him... And confusion was still there in her eyes. 

Pyaar manga hai tumhi se
Na inkaar Karo 
Paas baitho Zara aaj tou ikhraar karo

Manik stopped the car on a
Secluded road  were only a couple of cars were passing by once in a while. The night was bright with the moonlight lighting up the area with soft and gentle breeze touching their faces. 

Kitni haseen hai raat 
Dulhan bani hai raat 

Machle hue jazbaat 
Baat Zara hone do

Mujhe pyaar Karo 
Mujhe pyaar Karo

Pyaar manga hai tumhi se na inkaar Karo

Nandini stepped out of the car because the words of the song was just too much for her to handle. 

Pehle bhi tumhe dekha
Pehle bhi tumhe chaha 

Itna haseen paya
Saath haseen hone do

Mujhe pyaar Karo
Mujhe pyaar Karo 

Pyaar manga hai tumhi se na inkaar Karo

Manik walked around the car and came near Nandini and stands beside her. He took her hand in his and caresses it to make her feel secure and relaxing...
And show her that he is there for her for good this time. The song was still going on. 
She softly and gently kept her head on his chest and wrapped her hands around her waist. 
Manik took her in his embrace and rest his chin on her head wrapping his arms around her shoulders.

Kitna madhur Safar hai
Tu mera humsafar hai

Beete hue Woh din 
Zara yaad Karo
Mujhe pyaar Karo 
Mujhe pyaar Karo 

Pyaar manga hai tumhi se na inkaar Karo 

They stood like that for quite a while forgetting about the surroundings
Luckily the place was far away and the traffic was not into flow so nobody was there to interrupt them. 

Manik break the hug and cupped her face in his palms. 
"Nandini... Main tumhe chod kar Kahin nahi jaa raha... Aur tumhe bhi kahin jaane nahin doonga... Not this time... Not ever..
You have to come out of this insecurity... Give me all Your fears  Let me make you mine... " he tried again to make feel confident.
"Do you trust me..." He asked again lifting her chin with his fingers. 
She looked into her eyes. After thinking for few seconds. She nodded her head. 
"No... I want to hear it... Say it if you trust me..." He demanded and answer.
"Haan Manik... I trust you... I have always trusted you... I already told you that... But..." 
Manik cuts her off putting his fingers on her lips.
"No ifs and buts... Leave everything on me... " he kissed her forehead for assuring his support for her. 
"Chalo...main tumhe kisi se milwata hoon..." He grabbed her hand and opened the passenger door for her.
"Who... Yahan Tum kise Jante ho... " she asked surprisingly.
"Oh madam... Delhi is very big... And Mera bhi jaan pehchaan ka koi ho sakta hai yahan..." He said. 
She smiled at him. 
"Theek hai chalo..." She said with a huge smile and hopped in the car again. 
Manik wants to surprise her so he put the way to the airport on his phone before sitting on the drivers seat. 

End of part 11

Hello people 
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You will get Nandini's answer in the next update.
And one more surprise coming up.
Till than enjoy 
Have fun take care and stay blessed 
And always be happy and keep smiling. 

Love you all


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Maneesa Senior Member

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Posted: 20 April 2016 at 8:55pm | IP Logged
yayiee first one to comment bt I haven't read yet bt I'm sure it was amazing asusual
stay blessed
keep smiling

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