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MANAN FF DESTINED LOVE STORY #2 last part pg 146 updated (Page 15)

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Part 12

The car came to a halt in front of the airport at the arrival area. Nandini observed her surroundings with a surprise. 
"Manik yeh Tum Mujhe airport kyun Laye ho...Woh bhi itni raat Ko..." Nandini asked giving a questioning look. 
"Raat Kahan hui hai Nandini... It's only 9 pm... Just have some patience... You will know why I bring you here..." He smirks hiding about the arrival of Navya and Cabir. 
"Yahan kaun hai jisse Tum Mujhe milwana chahte ho..." Nandini still didn't figure out why he brings her here.
"Oh ho yaar Tum kitne sawaal puchti ho... Can't you just wait for sometime..." He said in an irritating tone.
Nandini make a pouty and puffy face and folded her hands on her chest like a small child. 
Manik chuckles at her behavior... Cabir and Navya's flight already arrived as per Manik's timings and they were supposed to be coming out any minute. 
"Ok let's get out of the car and take  some fresh air.
She stepped out and stands by the passenger door leaning her back to it. 
The peoples start coming from the arrival entrance and Manik was waiting eagerly.

Nandini was busy playing with her fingers when she heard someone called her name. 
It was a familiar voice she lift her head to see Navya standing in front of her with a hand bag on her shoulder. 
"Navya... Tum... Yahan..." Nandini was heck shocked with the sudden appearance of Navya right in front of her eyes. 
Both of the girls pulled each other into a very tight and big hug... They both sobbed and sniffed feeling each other's presence a very very long time.

Cabir came and gave a hug patting Manik's back. 
"Maine socha nahi tha Ki main do din mein tujhse phir milunga..." He tightened his hug and asked.
"Ab kaisa hai tu..." 
"Never better... You tell me how do I look... In just two days... How different do I look..." Manik asked. 
Cabir checked him from top to bottom and said. 
"Umm... Face looks fresh... You look healthy... And the most important thing... You look happy..." Cabir said.
Manik grinned very widely showing his teeth. Both of them know the reason behind his happiness none other than Nandini... 
"So Kab kar raha hai shaadi..." Cabir asked. 
"Kahan yaar... She didn't say yes... She is confused...,and scared..." Manik said  looking at Nandini.
"Par kyun... Why is she scared... " Cabir asked.
"Of loosing me again... She thinks that her destiny is not loyal to her... It will snatch me away from her again..." He said. 
"Koi nahi... You don't worry... Ab hum aa Gaye hai na... Navya usko mana legi... Just relax... Tu tension mutt le..." Cabir patted his shoulders.

They smiled at each other and turned towards Nandini and Navya.They were still standing hugging each other. After quite a time they break the hug and Navya cupped Nandini's face in her palms and asked. 
"Kaisi ho Nandini... It's been ages since we saw you... Humne Tou ummeed hi chod di thi... Tumse Milne Ki... Tum Aise gaayab hui... Kisi Ko bhi bina bataye... " Navya was busy in ranting.
Cabir cuts him off... 
"Navya... Tum yahin saare sawaal kar logi... Ghar chalte hai... Phir... You can talk as much as you want..." 
Cabir and Manik settled the luggage in the trunk of the car.  
Navya came and hugged Manik and cried again.
"Manik... Tumhare saath itna bada accident ho Gaya... Aur kisi ne Mujhe Kuch bataya nahi... Itni parayi thi Kya main..."Navya sniffed. 

"  Here goes the emotional drama again... Navya Maine kaha na... Tumhari conditions Ki wajah se we hide it from you... Otherwise there was no other reason..." Cabir said patting her shoulders and winking at Manik.
"Navya... Dekho I'm alright now... And I drove the car today and bring Nandini here... All by myself... See..." He pulled back from her and showed her.
" you were alone there... That's why we didn't informed you... Now relax... You shouldn't take tension in this condition... Ok" Manik said holding her shoulders. 
Navy smiled in return. 
Manik sat in the driving seat and Cabir beside him...
Nandini and Navya settled themselves in the back seats and they drove off.

As the car was ranting with the roads with speed Nandini and Navya started their conversation.
"Navya... Tum Kaisi ho... Shaadi kar li... Baby and all Haan... Wow Navya... " Nandini shows her excitement...
Navya blushed hearing about her marriage and the baby on the way.
"Yeah... It's been two years now... And the baby's news was very exciting for both of us... " she answered bending her head down.
"I'm so happy for you... Congratulations... How is your health... You and baby everything fine naa..." Nandini's Doctor Mode was on.
"Ya ya... Starting mein nausea and vomitings and upset stomach... Sab tha... Lekin now Me and the baby are perfectly fine..." Both Nandini and Navya were chitchatting like the old days... 
As if they didn't even got separated.
"Tum batao... Doctor ban gayi ho... Pehle se hi Tum sunder ho... Ab Doctor ke lab coat mein and stethoscope mein Aur bhi sunder lagti Hogi... Hai naa..." She teased her.
"Yeh Tou tumhe Manik se poochna chahiye Navya... Kyunki... Sab se ziyada issi ne dekha hai... Nandini Ko Doctor ke roop mein... Kyun Manik..." Cabir interrupted.
Both Manik and Cabir were  enjoying the conversation going on in between both the girls. 
Now it was Nandini's turn to blush and and at the same time getting scared. 
She remembers the time when Manik was in the hospital... She felt a chill ran through her spine when he use to just see her in the lab coat... With stitches  , bruised skin and on the hospital bed.
But she straightens herself and Manik  was observing each and every expression of hers from the rear view mirror.
To make the atmosphere light Manik said.
"You know Navya... If you don't see her in her lab coat na than... She doesn't even look like a Doctor..." He jokes around. 
"Arey Aise kaise... She is the one who looks after you in the hospital... For everything... Hai na Cabir... Agar yeh Doctor nahi lagti hai... Than how come you are on your feet in just one week... After that horrible accident... Haan bolo..." Navya counter attack him. 
And Manik kept quiet. Manik knew that it's because of Nandini he is stable now... Otherwise there is no chance that he would be ready to get better. Forget about getting better... 
He was not even ready to live.

 And talking and joking around... They reached home. They all stepped out of the car Nandini and Navya went inside where Amms was already waiting for them. 
"Nandini... Kahan reh Gaye thei Tum dono... Itne der ho gayi... I was getting worried... " as soon as they entered Amms asked Nandini.
And then she saw Navya.
"Yeh Navya hai na... Tumhari college Ki friend..." Amms asked. 
"Yes Amms... This is Navya... We went to pick them up... Even I didn't know Manik kept it as a surprise... That's why we were late..." Nandini explained her. 
Navya went ahead and hugged Amms.
"How are you Amms... It's been so long... " Navya asked. 
"I'm alright... And it's so good to see you... Yeh mangalsutra... Yeh sindoor... Tumhari shaadi ho gayi hai..." Amms touched her mangalsutra and asked.
"Jii Amms... Hamari shaadi Ko do saal ho Gaye hai..." Right than Cabir entered with Manik with the luggage.
"Cabir hamare pati hai..." She pointed to Cabir. 
"Not only she's married... But Amms she is expecting her first baby... She's five months pregnant..." Nandini informed her about Navya's pregnancy.
"Oh really... Congratulations beta... Bahut bahut Mubarak ho Tum dono Ko..." Amms wished them. Cabir went forward and took Amms blessings by touching her feet. 
"Khush raho... Kaise ho Cabir..." She asked.
"I'm fine Amms..." Cabir replied.
"Amms ab hum aa Gaye hai na... Hum Manik , Aur Nandini Ki shaadi jald se jald karwa denge..." Seeing the hopeful expressions in Amms eyes Navya said in excitement.
Nandini looked at Manik first surprisingly and than at Amms and said. 
"Excuse me... I'll go take out the dinner..." And she went away.
"What happened... Did I say something wrong..." Navya panicked.
"No Navya... You didn't do anything wrong... It's just that Nandini didn't say yes... Yet..." Cabir informed her. 
"Itni si baat hai... Just watch me... How I will make her say yes... You don't worry Manik... And Amms aap bhi bilkul be fikar rahiye..." She side hugged Amms. 
"Nahi Navya... Don't force her... I want her to say yes by her own will and wish... Not forcefully..." Manik stopped her. 
"Manik... Don't you trust me... I know her... And Mujhe pata hai Mujhe Kya Karna hai..." Navya said chirpily and went in the kitchen. 

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Manik and Cabir went upstairs to keep the bags in their room. 
"Manik... Listen..." Cabir called him.
"Haan..." He turned to him. 
"Sit here..." He pointed towards the chair and said. 
Manik sat on the chair and Cabir came face to face near him and sat on the bed in front of him. 
"You know what you are doing right... I'm asking you again... Are you sure about your decision..." Cabir asked. 
Manik stand up from his chair and walked near the window and said. 
"Cabir... Main apni life mein iss se ziyada kabhi sure nahi hua..." Manik let out a gasp. 
"I'm 200 percent sure... " he turned around and said.
"Jo hona tha Woh ho Gaya... But now... I can't stay away from her... I can't imagine my life without her man..." He paused 
"Whenever I thought that after this two weeks what will happen... I have to go back to that empty and lonely life... You know I got scared like heck... I can't just leave her here and go back... I love her yaar... Not only today , not only yesterday , but since last 10 years... No no I loved her all my life... Aur tu hi bata... How can I live without her..." Manik's eyes got moist saying all these.
Cabir went and hugged him. 
"Main yeh Tou janta tha Ki you love her a lot... But today I saw the dept of your love in your eyes... " he patted his back and said. 
"But she didn't said a yes yet.." 

"She is sacred man... She don't trust her destiny... But I gave her an ultimatum... That she has to answer me till tonight..." He said with a smirk. 
"I know she also loves me a lot... And she also can't live without me... That's why I want to give her that security... That safety to assure her that no one is going to snatch me away from her..." He continued.
"Navya hai na... She will explain her... Let's go down... " Cabir said. 
"Cabir ek Aur baat hai..." Manik stopped him. 
"I want to marry her tomorrow..." Manik said. 
"What... Are you ok... How will you marry her tomorrow.. How can we arrange everything so fast..." Cabir startled by one more impulsive decision of Manik. 
"I don't know... Mandir mein... There is no place purest than a temple... Once I marry her I'll do all the other formalities... But I can't wait anymore..." He was walking restlessly. 
"Manik... One by one Tu Mujhe heart attack de raha hai..." Cabir sat on the bed holding her head. 
"I've decided... And I'm not going to change my decision..." Manik said in a stern voice. 
"I know... How stubborn you are... Mujhe hi Kuch karna padega..." Cabir said. 
In the kitchen Nandini was pouring the food into the serving  dishes. 
"Nandini... Ek baat kahe..." Navya asked filling up the glasses with water. 
"Haan... Bolo Navya..." 
"Tum kismet mein believe karti ho..." Navya asked. 
"To a certain extent yes..."Nandini took out the plates and started arranging on the table.
"It's the kismet only... That snatched away Manik from me... For eight long years... How can I not believe on destiny..." Nandini gave an upsetting answer.
"And it was destiny... Jiski  wajah se Tum dono phir se mile... Maata rani chahti thi... Tumhare Aiyyappa chahte thei Ki Tum dono milo... And see you are here together again... Fighting all the odds... " Navya said placing the glasses on the table. 
"And the amazing thing and the most important thing is... Your love... It didn't change at all... Instead it grew more stronger... And more deeper... " 
"Tum dono ek doosre se kitna pyaar karte ho... Yeh Tou tumhe operation theater ke table per maalom ho Gaya hoga naa..." Navya said 
Nandini looked at her. 
"Cabir told me everything... How Manik was fighting for his life... How he lost his heartbeat... How you snatched him away from the death bed... And how he came back to you..." Navya reminds Nandini about the accident. 
Nandini's eyes got moist. 
Navya held her by her shoulders. 
"Tum Dono ek doosre ke liye hi bane ho... Aur Tum Dono kismet waale ho... Jo tumhe tumhara pyaar wapas mil Gaya... Warna Socho ... Kaun itne kismet waale hote hai... Aaj kal..." Navya said. 
"Aur Kya Tum reh paaogi... Manik ke bina..." She asked. 

Nandini was stunned thinking about that...
'Yeh tou Maine socha hi nahi... What if Manik leaves me and go back to Mumbai... How will I live without him... No no Aiyyappa... I can't... I just can't...' 
"Nandini... Kahan kho gayi..." Navya shook her and Nandini came out of her thought process. 
Manik and Cabir joined them and they all sat for the dinner including Amms. 
After getting done with the delicious dinner , Cabir and Navya excused themselves saying that they were tired. 
And Amms went upstairs because it was too late. 
Nandini was cleaning the last things in the kitchen thinking something and Manik  was helping her. 
"Kya soch rahi ho... " observing her he asked going closer to her. 
"Hmmm... Kuch nahi... Bas aise hi..." She answered. 
"Waise... Your time is almost up you know... I want my answer..." He trace his finger from her shoulder all the way to her fingers. 
He entwined her fingers with his and fold her hand on her stomach. 
He blows air on her neck and said huskily. 
"I want a positive answer..." And he kissed her on Her neck. 
She shivered with his touches and closed her eyes. 
He smirks mischievously seeing his effect  on her. 
She tried to move away from him but he didn't let her. 
"Manik koi aa jaayega... Mujhe chodo... Jaane do..." She whispered pleadingly. 
"Na... Koi nahi aayega... Everyone is tired ... " he said tightening his grip on her stomach. 
"Mmain Amms ko dekh kar aati hoon... "And before he says anything she ran out of his grip. Manik too followed her. 
Nandini walked into her room and her mouth fell open to what she saw.
Amms was dusting the bed with her hands to make it ready for her comfort. She saw Nandini standing in the door and smiled. 
"Wahan kyun Khadi ho Kanna... Come here it's already late... Come let's go to sleep..." She called her to sleep. 
'Aiyyappa... Ab main Manik se Kya bolungi... He is tou coming upstairs to go to sleep... Aiyyoo... Ab Kya hoga... Why... Why... Aiyyappa aapko hamesha main hi milti hoon... Trouble mein laane ke liye...' Nandini thought making faces looking up and moving her hands. 
"Kya hua Nandu... Kya soch rahi ho... Aao naa..." Amms called her again. 
" umm... Amms... Woh main pani Lana Bhool gayi... I'll just go down and bring the water... Ok..." She said and left from there fast. 
Only to be pulled into the corner of the corridor. She was about to scream but her mouth has been closed by a strong hand. 
She panicked but than she came back to normal seeing Manik in front of her. 
"Umm... Hmm...hmm" Nandini was trying to talk but couldn't.  
"What...Kya kehna chahti ho..." Manik asked in an irritating tone...
She pointed his hands and asked her through her eyes to remove his hand and open her mouth. 
He realized that and removed his hands. 
"Kya hai Manik... Why did you pull me like this... Amms dekh lete tou..." She asked avoiding his gaze trying to be ignorant. 
"You think I care... And don't act innocent... You know why I pulled you like this..." Manik was serious this time and controlling was himself holding her hands. 
"Why.. " she still pretended that she didn't know..
"Listen Nandini... I saw that Amms is settling herself in your room... That means she is expecting you to sleep with her... But let me tell you... I'm not going to sleep without you... Agar Tum mere paas nahi hogi tou main saari raat terrace par tumhara wait karunga... But I won't sleep..." He tighten his grip on her hands and stated what he has in his mind. 
"Manik yeh kaisi zidd hai... Main Amms se Kya bolungi..." Nandini gets panic... Because she knows Manik will do what he's saying. 
"That I don't know... Aur agar Tum meri baat nahi manogi... Than you have to pay for the consequences..." He leaned in closers of her. 
"What consequences..." Nervousness is making her hands sweat. The rush in her stomach was tightened.
"Don't tell me... That I didn't warn you..." he went closer to her so close that he was mere inches away from her lips.  She can feel his warm breath on her face.
Before she even understand what he is trying to do... Their lips touched each other...
Because... He brushed her lips with his. 
She froze in her place... And sucked her breath in her throat. 
He smirked and left from there. 

'Aiyyappa... Kahan phans gayi main..." Blabbering to herself she took the water and went into the room. 
Amms was already lying down on the bed. 
Nandini put the water on the night stand and covered it. 
She covered Amms with the blanket and lay down beside her. 
"Nandu... Kanna... Tune Kya socha hai..." Amms asked. 
"About what Amms..." She asked ignoring the topic. 
"About the marriage... I know Kanna... You are sacred but... I want to tell you something... Whatever decision you take... I'll be with you... Ok..." Amms said. 
Nandini gave a weak smile to her... And waiting for her to fell asleep. 
And because of the tiredness Amms slept with in half an hour. 

Nandini slowly without disturbing Amms got off the bed and walked to the door.. And came out of the room closing the door after her. 
She heard Manik's melodious and soulful voice from a distance. 

Muskurane ki wajah Tum ho
Gungunane ki wajah Tum ho
Jiya jaaye na jaaye na jaaye na o re piya re
Jiya jaaye na jaaye na jaaye na o re piya re

Nandini checked the room... Manik was not there she started closing all the lights and went to the stairs that leads to the terrace. 

O re lamhe tu Kahin mat jaa
Ho sake tou umr bhar tham jaa
Jiya jaaye na jaaye na jaaye na o re piya re
Jiya jaaye na jaaye na jaaye na o re piya re

Nandini stopped at the doorway of the terrace and listened to his song. His voice always soothes the stress going on in her mind and heart. 

Dhoop aaye tou chaanv Tum laana 
Khwaahishon ki baarishon mein 
Bheeg sang jaana(2)

Jiya jaaye na jaaye na jaaye na o te piya re
Jiya jaaye na jaaye na jaaye na o te piya re

The meaning of the song says it all to her... what he wants and what he's offering to her... His life his company... His everything.

Jo mile usmein kaat lenge hum
Thodi khushiyaan thode aansoon baant lenge hum
Jiya jaaye na jaaye na jaaye na o re piya re
Jiya jaaye na jaaye na jaaye na o re piya re

After he stopped singing... She walked slowly behind him and glide her hands around his waist from the back giving him a back hug. 
Her touch gave him a chill and he rubbed his arms with his hands feeling the goosebumps under his fingers.
How did she do that to him. She always gives him that shiver whenever she touches him.
He felt relaxed as now she's here with him... Close to him...  But she took too long and he's been waiting for God knows how long... He thought 
'Oh God... I've been waiting for her for like decades... Agar Woh Meri zindagi mein wapas nahi aati... then I would've died waiting for her... That much I love her...' 

"Sorry... I'm late... " she whispered closing her eyes tightening her hold on his stomach. 
But Manik is Manik...
He loves teasing her.
So He walked away without looking at her. 
Nandini tapped his feet with irritation. 

'Aiyyappa... Ghussa tou iski nase pe rehta hai... Aapko iski nose hi pointy banani thi... Golu molu nahi bana sakte thei aap... Ab I don't know how long he will take to get back to normal... Chal Nandini... Go and manaofy him...' She murmured to herself and walked behind him. 
She saw that he went to the spare bedroom that is on the other side of the house...
so she entered the room. The lights were off only the night bulb was on. 
He was lying on his back with his hands under his head and eyes closed. 
She smiled heartily seeing him acting like a stubborn kid who is angry because he lost  his favorite toy. 
She came in and locked the door behind her. 
Without making any noise she climbed the bed lay down beside him resting her head in his shoulder. 
She is so close to him that he can smell the aroma of her flowery shampoo. Her hair smells so good. 

He didn't move. She frame her hands on his waist and cuddles herself more to him. Also her face is in the crook of his neck. 
He turned slightest that his lips brush her hair. 
"Tumhara mood theek karne ke liye ek baat kahun... "She whispered in the hollowed part to his neck. 
 He didn't answer and she didn't wait for his answer too. 
"Mera jawaab Haan hai..." She said very very softly. 
His heart rate start rising again by her answer but to make sure what she just said he ignored her. 
Nandini got surprised by his cold reaction.
She thought maybe he fell asleep.. So she lift her face and checked..
"Did you hear what I said... Or are you sleeping..." She asked resting her chin on his chest. 
"Main tumse shadi karne ke liye ready hoon... "As soon as she said he opened his eyes and grabbed her by her shoulder and pulled her on top of him. 
"What did you say... Phir se bolo.. I want to hear one more time..." His excitement was on a different level today... He was so happy that words are getting shorter to describe his happiness. 
"Yes... Yes.. I'm ready to marry you... I want to marry you..." She smiled heartily. 
"Oh Nandini... My love... My lifeline... You have no idea  how happy I am now... You can't even imagine my happiness... Thank you thank you thank you so much... " he squished her in his arms and said. 
"I love you... I love you very very much..." And confessing again he switched the position and pinned her down on the bed. 
And before she can protest their lips crashed together for lovely kiss. The intensity and of his kiss made automatically opens her  mouth for him. 

He slipped his tongue inside her mouth and felt that she tasted so good. Her lips and her mouth is both delicious. She moaned softly under his mouth. 
He pulled her closer and kissed her harder. 
His hands went inside her top and he squeezed her waist. She gasped in his mouth again. 
He kissed and kissed her untill both of them were out of breath. 
He left her lips and gave a trail of soft kisses on her jaws and chin and cheeks. 
Her fingers travel into his hair and she make a fist in his hair. 
After few more kisses he rest his head in the crook if her neck. 
She can feel his warm breath near her neck. 
This feeling that both of them are close to each other is something that is incredible and indescribable. 
"Nandini..." He whispered. 
"Hmmm..." She was lost in his proximity. And hands were caressing his head.  
"Tumne jo khushi Mujhe di hai na... There's nothing compare to that... And you know I can give away all my  money , my property , my everything just to be here with you in your arms , you in my arms... This is where I belong... And I don't want to loose this at any cost... So..." He hesitated first but he continued.
"So I want to marry you tomorrow..." He dropped another bombshell. 
Suddenly she popped open her eyes and her hands stopped the movement. 
She was quite she didn't answer. Few more minutes passed. 
"Tum chup kyun ho... Jawaab do... " he shook her by her shoulders. 

End of part 12

Hello people
I know I know I left again at a cliffhanger 
But it's gonna be worth your wait for the next update trust me. 
So coming to the update I don't know how long it came out Coz I was just typing and typing what all came into my mind. 
I didn't even do any spell check so tell me how is it
Is it good  , up to your expectations or not or did I bore you. 
I want to know your opinions. 
So please comment and let me know. 
I'm expecting the response close to my other story. 
So start commenting. 
And last but not least. 


Note: this story is already posted on wattpad with a different title 
Because this title has been already used by someone else 
So my story's title is
I'll post the link on page 1


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Manik's surprise of Navya's Arrival was surely loved by Nandini. Cabir understanding Manik & knowing the reason for his smile & happiness.
Manik is such a stubborn baby, he wanted to sleep with Nandini in his arms only.
Nandini's answer is Yes. The Happiness & Excitement in Manik's behaviour is a sign of it!

Can't wait for the next part!
komalpopli Groupbie

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Posted: 27 April 2016 at 9:23pm | IP Logged
Awesome awesome...i love this story very much
Plzzz post on wattpad also... Star Clap
megha94kumari Goldie

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Posted: 27 April 2016 at 9:27pm | IP Logged
too gd.. waiting for their marriage
navneetdhandal Senior Member

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Posted: 27 April 2016 at 9:32pm | IP Logged
awsome update deraSmile...simply superb...
StarStarStar now evrything is sorted...
nd its not at all boring and its beyond my expectation really superb update...
Staars_Firefly Groupbie

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Posted: 27 April 2016 at 9:36pm | IP Logged
No need for a proof check and all, it was a perfect update..I was waiting impatiently..Thank god..Nandu agreed..I thought she will again talk some blunder..Ab aage kya hoga???Waiting..May God bless you..Keep smiling...
sri_valli Goldie

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Posted: 27 April 2016 at 9:36pm | IP Logged
Awesome update yaar...navya and nandu reunion was a epic and u described it beautifully...Navya's words made an impact on nandini's decision.. Manik has his own ways to get his things done whether it is bringing nandini to terrace or getting nandini's approval for marriage... Eagerly waiting for manan marriage in next chapter

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