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MANAN FF DESTINED LOVE STORY #2 last part pg 146 updated (Page 146)

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Oh my god!!
This story is also ending soon...
I love ur stories...
Finally manik found his life..
U portrayed everyone's emotions very well..
Chachi's courageous speech...
Cabir's brotherly consolations...
Manik found his breath back when Nandini got consciousness...
She is his soul..
It was wonderful and emotional update..
Thnxxx for the pm...
Looking forward to read the next part...

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Part 25

Last chapter

She tried to see where the firing is coming from but suddenly another bullet hit her stomach and she felt herself falling on the ground and drowning in the pool of her own blood and the world went dark. 

She woke up with a jerk. Sweat slicked her body while her breathing wheezing in and out. Her heart rate is going off the charts. 
But a strong arm engulfed her before she understood that she just saw the bad dream of that incident. 

"It's ok... it's ok... sweetheart... it was just a bad dream... you are fine... with me..." she heard Manik's soothing words in her ears which calmed her nerves. 

He pulled her into him more to give her comfort and protection she needed the most. 

Her heart rate slowed and her breathing evened out. She felt calmer. 

"Are you ok ..." he asked caressing her back. 
"Hmm..." she replied resting her head on his chest. 
He lays down on his back taking her with him. 

It's been two weeks since the incident happened, but it seemed just like yesterday. The shivers, the screams and the gunshots. Though the wounds have been filled , but still Everything is so fresh. 

Manik is more devastated in the process of healing Nandini. Because he lost his so called mother in this mishap. He kept a constant smile on his face since Nandini recovered her consciousness. 

Despite of him doing all the last rituals of his mother. He still kept his senses intact. 
He didn't let himself breakdown. Even now after everything is getting back to normal, he remembers the day when it's Nyonika's funeral. 

Right after Nandini got consciousness he checked on Nyonika to know her condition. But to his dismay she and Harshad were pronounced dead as soon as they brought them to the hospital. They have been dead long back. 

At the time of the funeral Manik stood on the grounds of the funeral place without any emotions. The priest was doing all the chanting and Manik's mind was thinking the thing which he goes through since he was a child. 

He lived a life without a mothers love or her care inspite of his mother being alive. She never care for him. She's always after his dad's money. She never even wanted him as her son. She just kept him so that she can get money out of his dad. 

He never knew what's a mothers touch is. His life has been lonely because of the devoid ness of his parents love. He never felt that concern and that care from them. 

Today his heart felt a pain and that twinge when he sees her mother laying on the woods lifeless. Thousands of daggers pierced his heart seeing her like that. Few drops of tears fell on his cheek. 

He was standing still when the priest came and ask him to lit the woods. 
His dad came forward and side hugged him to bring him out of his thoughts. 

He took a glance at his dad and then at the priest. He grabbed the fire from the priest and went forward to lit up the woods. 

He stand back and watched her mother passing on to another world. She could have been a good mother to him. 

Silent tears flowed from his eyes which he wiped after some time. 

Nandini knew his state, but because of her weakness she was being quiet. She wanted to talk to him. She wanted him to take out his frustration, his aggression, his helplessness everything he has bottled up inside him. 

Nandini has been discharged after five days from the hospital. She came back home and all the family decided to stay in Goa till she fully recovered. 
And as per her wish they both will exchange their vows after she completely recovered. 

But a very beautiful thing happened in this chaotics. 

Abhimanyu and Mukti decided to get married. 
It was when Nandini discharged from the hospital, when they announced their good news. 


"Guys we have something to tell you..."Mukti said when Nandini was settled on the couch after she came home. She rest her head on Manik's shoulders who was sitting beside her. 

They settled down in the backyard on the chairs to get the fresh breeze from the ocean and also the free atmosphere which Nandini was missing staying in the hospital. 

"I don't know if this is the right time or not, but you guys are my family and I can't do anything without letting you know..." Mukti said and took a deep breath. 

"We decided to get married... I know it's not the right time... but after seeing you both..." she pointed towards Manik and Nandini... 

"Me and Abhi realized one thing... that life is too short and very unpredictable... and it's really insane to waste it when you have such a nice companion and a loving partner standing beside you to spend the life with you..." she took a breath again and continued. 

"Manik Nandini yours is a very different kind of love... unconditional... everlasting... no one can really describe your love and your bond in words. 
A very special kind of love. But I'm not that strong like you guys... staying away from each other for so many years you both have never stopped loving each other. You are made for each other. No one can separate you... both of you fought with the Mother Nature for each other's life..." hearing Mukti saying such good words for them, Manik held Nandini's hand in his and took it to his heart. 

"I pray that you both stay like this always... but guys for us we decided that when you all are here then it's the right time for this... so what do you say...". She asked. 

Manik gave a kiss on Nandini's head and said 
"Mukti... if you feel the time is right than it's right... there's no questions or further discussion after that... kyun guys..." Manik looked around at others. 

"Yea Mukti I'm happy for you..." Aliya added. 
"So we thought of getting married here in our backyard in a small ceremony like the way we decided for you both... in a catholic way..." Mukti said excitedly. 

Abhimanyu who was listening to her conversation said 
"I only have my dad from my side so that's it for me..." 

"But only one question... Nandini..." Mukti looked at her and said. 
"Will you be able to stay up and handle it... the exhaustion.." 

Nandini smiled at her and forwards a hand to Mukti. 
Mukti grabbed her hand bending forward. 
"Mukti... I will be the most happiest person if you get married... with my brother like friend... it's always the right time when you think it's right... 
I am recovering... so don't worry about me... I will handle it... aur Waise bhi Mujhe koi kaam thodi na karna hai... I'm already bored staying in the hospital for so many days. It's gonna be fun..." Nandini gave her ok...

"So guys tomorrow... in the evening we will invite the priest here and we will exchange the vows..." Mukti said. 

"Waise Mukti... I have one question..."
"Tu itni intelligent kab se ho gayi... itni badi badi baatein... and now shaadi... wow yaar... manna padega..." Cabir can never let any occasion or time leave without giving out his jokes. 

"Oye... don't be smart huh... I'm always like this... it's just that I do not show my smartness... warna I'm tou intelligent than all of you..." Mukti praised herself. 
Everyone smiled at her. 

Aliya came up and said. 
"Guys even I have something to tell you..." all of them kept quiet. 

"I don't know about you Dhruv, but I want to tell you what I feel for you in front of these sweet people who happened to be my family and keeping all of you as my witness I want to confess my feelings for him..." turning to him who was sitting beside her Aliya hold his hands and said

"I love you Dhruv, I've been in love with you for a long time... in fact for so many years... but I was expecting that maybe you will come forward and accept me... I can see that you are still shy in confessing your feelings...even if I do not get the positive response from you... I will still love you..." Aliya was looking directly into his eyes constantly to hear something from him. Dhruv didn't say anything. 

Instead Cabir is the one who said. 
"Wow Aliya... I salute you... in this time and generation if you are expressing your feelings without hesitation... it doesn't mean that you are out of line... and if Dhruv do not response even now than I will say that he is the most unlucky person..." he got up from his place and hugged her. 

Dhruv's gaze at her didn't move. He held on to her hand and making her sit he said looking into her eyes. 

"No Cabir, I'm not unlucky... but I'm the luckiest person alive... it's not that I don't love her... it's just that I was hesitant to say it out loud... but now that I know... I'm going to accept it... Aliya... I love you... I've loved you like forever... I don't know since when... I don't even know myself... and I wanted to be with you till my last breath... will you be mine..." he asked. 

"Yess..." without waiting for a second she answered and hugged him in the same sitting position. 

Now that all of them know about them they applauded being happy for them.

"Chalo... at least Manik and Nandini's love story had inspired them to realize their love for each other..." Cabir said again. 

"I'm happy for you guys too..." Said Nandini sitting properly. 

"So guys we will take rest and get ready for tomorrow..." Mukti got up and went inside. Abhimanyu followed her. 

Cabir and Navya excused themselves calling the night off..

Aliya and Dhruv also went away from there to take a walk on the beach now that they declared their love for each other. 

Manik and Nandini were only left in the porch. 
Manik got up and offers his hand to Nandini. 
"Nandini let's go inside... tumhe sardi  lag jaayegi... your body is still weak...". Nandini slide her fingers in his hand and gave a little nudge on it. 

"Manik... let's sit hear for sometime... Acha lag raha hai... itne Dino baad... itna peaceful and calming atmosphere... sit naa..." she said with a request. 

Manik didn't say anything and sat beside her. 
She took his hands in his and slide her fingers in between his fingers. 
With her other hand she started making circles on his hands. 

They both were enjoying the quietness and the silence. The only noise thatis coming is from the waves of the water and the crickets chirping. 

"Manik I wanted to tell you something..." she broke the silence by her sweet voice. 

He looked at her with a surprise. His eyes were still holding so much of pain and depth in it... that spark and that zing was missing from there. There's an uneasiness and loneliness in them. 

"Manik... you know since I have this accident and I gain my consciousness... I didn't see you smile openly..." she turned and looked into his eyes. Cupping his face in her soft hands. She continued. 

"Itne din ho Gaye Manik... tumne khul kar hasa bhi nahi aur roye bhi nahi... I miss your smile your laugh Manik..." she said. 

Manik was looking at her clueless without blinking his eyes. 

"You have been taking care of me  like your baby. Making sure that I get my medicine on time... I eat properly... I do my exercise daily... everything... you feed me... you clean me... every little thing you have been taking care of...but..." she took a breath. 

"You didn't gave a pure and hearty smile to me..." 

"Manik please mujhse baat karo..., apne dil ki saari bhadaas nikalo... I know you have bottled up so much here..." she kept her hand on his heart... I want you to blurt it out... whatever is in here... please take it out..." Nandini's voice got emotional and heavy. 

He didn't say anything still. He stayed like that for few minutes. Then he lays himself down on the long couch resting his head on Nandini's lap spreading his feet across the couch. 

"Main thak Gaya hoon Nandini... I'm tired...I want to sleep..." he said and closed his eyes. 

Nandini combed his hair with her fingers. She started rubbing his forehead with so much of love. 

"You know Nandini... since I was young... I didn't get my parents love... main apne maa baap ke pyaar ke liye tarasta raha... I have both my parents... but I never felt like I have any one of them for me... dad was always busy with his business... and Nyonika never cared for me..." his eyes were closed and Nandini continued to Combe his hair. 

Nandini herself didn't know a mothers love as she lost her mother and father when she was very young... but the two motherly women in her life, her chachi and her grandmother has never make her feel like she don't have a mother. They both took care of her and loved her more than her anything. 

"Dad makes sure that I got all the luxury of life and I was raised in the hands of nannies and care takers... Nyonika never wanted me... but when I was born she always used me as her ticket for getting out money from my dad..."
Manik continued. 

"You know I never call her mom... because I never felt or got that motherly love from her..." 

"When I grew more I found my friends... Cabir Dhruv Aliya and Mukti... they understands me my pain... because they also came from broken families and they can feel what I feel... loneliness... emptiness... darkness around us...loveless life..."

"Then we became close as one family... and we started living for each other... taking care of each other..." 

He took one of Nandini's hand and hold it near his heart. 

"But you know Nandini..." he took a deep breath.
"When I was doing Nyonika's last rituals... I felt bad... in fact it hurts Nandini... it hurts here ...a lot..." he rubbed her hand on his heart. 
Nandini can feel his heart beat racing faster under her palm. 

"I felt like something was taken away from me... I feel empty again..." 

"Even though she was not a good mother... but my existence is because of her... she gave birth to me... I felt like I became an orphan now..." Manik's voice choked in his throat. And tears started rolling down from the side of his eyes. 

"Why Nandini... why did this happened with me... I shouldn't feel bad... I shouldn't feel this pain... because she never loved me... she never cared for me...as a matter of fact she hated me... she always plotted how to hurt me... how to bring me down... than why... why Nandini why does it hurt so much here... why does it makes a difference... that she is gone... she is gone from this world..." he turned around and snuggle his face into her stomach and cried like a baby. 
Nandini's heart felt heavy seeing him hurting so much. He kept so much of pain inside him. His heart was feeling the emptiness because his mother is dead. 

That mother who never been a good mother to him at all but still he feels for her. 

She can feel her top getting wet due to his tears. She didn't disturbed him nor does she stopped him from crying. Instead she cries with him. She wanted him to blurt out his inner pain through his tears. 

"She didn't deserve such a horrible death Nandini... she didn't..." Nandini heard him again in his sniffing. 

"I felt bad it still hurts Nandini it still hurts..." he hugged her tight from her waist and cried his heart out. She caresses his head and cries with him. She wanted this. She wanted him to empty his pain, clear his mind and lighten himself. 

She knew that he was having loads of pain inside him. But seeing him suffering so much hurts her too. She was sad that he has gone through so much alone. His life was lonely all the while. 

But now she will fill his life with all her love and care and she will not leave a single second of his life empty. 

After few minutes she felt his body relaxed against her stomach. His heartbeat evens out. His body was calm and his breathing was settled. She slouched backwards and checked on him. A smile crept on her lips and her teary face seeing him asleep in her lap holding her waist like a baby. 

She caresses his head softly without disturbing his sleep. His facial expressions were showing peace on it. His sleep makes him an innocent child. She rest her head at the back of the couch and closed her eyes. 

She didn't remember when sleep took over her. But  When she opens her eyes she found herself on the bed cuddling herself in her mans arms. Her head was resting on his heart and he was holding her tight and sleeping peacefully on the bed. 

When he woke up he studied her face intensely. Feeling the constant gaze on her Nandini stirred in her sleep and opened her yes. 
Manik gave a heartfelt smile to her. 

"Good morning sunshine.. how are you feeling..." he asked giving her a kiss on her forehead. 

"Good morning to you too... I'm feeling fresh and taaza..." she said and remembered last nights confession. 

She lift her face and rest it on his chest. 
"How are you feeling Manik... last night you were very... sad... are you feeling ok now..." she touched his cheek with her palm. 

Manik read her face and hugged her pulling her on top of him. But being careful with her bruises on her stomach. 

"Nandini... you are really truly a very pure person... you live here you know... in my heart..." he pointed his fingers towards his heart. 

"How did you know I was suffering so much... that I was keeping so much of pain in my heart..." 

"Because of you I feel light... I feel relaxed... I let out my pain my devastation from my heart... and I even slept on your lap... i slept peacefully after so long...I even gave your tiny and weak body pain by making you sit for so long..." he said smiling. 

She smiled in return. 
"No Manik you didn't hurt me... but if I helped you in bringing out the pain from your heart than I think that I succeeded in doing my job and fulfilling my duty... that's what we are for sharing each other's pain and sorrow and happiness..."

"I love you Manik... so much that you can't even imagine... you are a very good human being... after hearing you last night... about how you feel for your late mother... my respect for you has risen to a higher level..."

"Even though you went through a lot in your life with your mother... you still feel for her... you know why... because you have a very good and pure heart... and somewhere deep down in your heart you loved her... as your mom... " 

"And there's nothing wrong about it at all... she is going to be your mother whether anyone like it or not... I'm very glad that even though you being her son... you came out to be such a gentleman... and I love you and respect you for that...". She concluded. 

Manik's heart overwhelmed by her words. She thinks such highly of him that his love for her have grown even more in this few minutes. He didn't say anything in return just hugged her close to him and whispered. 

"I love you too sweetheart... more than you know...". 

Nandini speaks after few moments. 
"If you don't mind can I ask you something..." 
"Aisi koi cheese nahi mangna jiski wajah se yeh ho jaaye..." he laughed and showed her bandages on her stomach. 

She smiled too with him. 
"Suno naa..." 
he was still laughing. 
"Acha ok... bolo..." 

"I wanted to go see Nyonika's grave and pray for her soul..." 
He went quiet. 
She waited for his reply.

"She has make you suffer so much... still you wanted to pray for... " Manik said with a surprise. 

"Yes Manik... whatever she was... doesn't matter anymore... she's gone now... at least we can pray so that she can get her soul in peace... you should come with me too..." she said. 

He didn't answer again. 
"Can we go..." she asked again. 

"Yes we can... but after Mukti's marriage... and after you healed completely..." he said. 

"Thank you..." she climbed more on his heart and gave a kiss on his chin. 

In the evening the wedding ceremony was held in the backyard of the villa. The priest has been invited to offer the essential rules and to pronounce them man and wife. 
Mukti and Abhimanyu were married at last. 

They were all sitting on the chairs when Mukti and Abhimanyu were gone to the hotel after their wedding. 

Manik was smiling constantly. Seeing his nonstop smile Nandini felt happy but got curious. 

"What happened Manik... you were smiling since a long time... not that I don't like it... but is something going on..." Nandini asked. 

His smile widens more. 
"I was just smiling on my stupidity... or I can say my... dumbness..." he said. 

"Why...what did you do..." Cabir asked this time..

Manik wrapped his hand in Nandini's shoulder and took her hand in his. His expressions became serious. 
"When she was laying on that hospital bed unconscious fighting for her life... you know what I did..." he asked. 
No one asked what. He continued. 

"I went to the same church from where she got disappeared and fight with her Aiyyappa... and I don't know what all I said..." 

Everyone still went quiet. No know said a word. 
And Cabir broke the silence. 
"I was the witness..." Cabir was sitting by navya. He looked at her and said. 

"You know Navya... Mukti bilkul sahi kehti hai... yeh dono ajeeb hai... we can't describe their love in words... when Manik was in hospital in Delhi... fighting for his life... Nandini fought with her Aiyyappa... to save him..," he paused. 

"And when Nandini was doing the same..., fighting for her life Manik fought with her Aiyyappa again... yeh tum dono hi kar sakte ho..." Cabir said. 

"Tum dono ke pyaar ke saamne Aiyyappa bhi Kuch nahi kar sake..." Navya added. 

"But I was thinking something..." Manik said interrupting everyone. 

"I thought... why not we do our wedding in the same church.. you know just so we say thanks to God... that he returned our lives happiness and makes us all happy again..." Manik said. 

"That's a very good idea Manik... and I'm so glad that you started believing in God again..." Nandini was excited hearing him. Because he never talked openly about believing in God. 

"So done... it's decided then...we will do all the arrangements over there... deal.." Manik clapped his hand and said. 
"Yup..." everyone agreed with him. 


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Mukti  went to Delhi along with Abhimanyu so that Abhimanyu can apply for a leave to go for their honeymoon. And also to attend Manik and Nandini's wedding. 

Cabir went to Mumbai to settled the pending matters which they left there. Navya stayed with the rest of Nandini's family to take care of them. 

Navya's condition doesn't allowed her to travel to and fro all the time. But she is happy that she can spend as much time as she can with her dear Nandini who is more like a sister to her. 

Amms went back to Mangalore to give her students a break for a week to attend Nandini's wedding. 

Everything was settled down and all were waiting for the D day. 

Nandini asked Mukti to be her maid of honor. Mukti was overwhelmed by her offer. She hugged Nandini and cried for giving her this opportunity. 

Navya and Aliya also joined the line of being her best girls. 

Finally it was their wedding. 

As per Manik's wish the vows were going to be taken in the same church from where she was abducted. 

Nandini's Chacha is going to give her away. She  was dressed beautifully in her wedding gown and standing there to be walked down the aisle for her Prince Charming. 

They all managed to come and convince the priest to be a part of the wedding and make their dream come true of taking the vows in the most magnificent and beautiful church. Not to mention a very historical and familiar church too. 

She walked down the aisle with her Chacha. Her one hand is held on to her Chacha and another was holding the flower bouquet. She was looking ethereal... elegant... stunning... a pure beauty... 
words are short to describe her beauty. 

Mukti Navya and Aliya were standing on the stage waiting for her to arrive. Manik's best man is Cabir and Dhruv. Because he wanted both to be present at his sides. As he can't choose in them. 

Manik could watch Nandini walking down that aisle with taking a breath of his own. He could forget the whole world just looking at her. 
He watched her covering the distance between her and him with a passion. 

As she came near Manik took a few steps forward and gave his hand to her. 

Her Chacha gave her hands that she held into Manik's. She smiled with watery eyes. Chachajis eyes became moist seeing her daughter getting married after so many hurdles... not to mention again. His heart felt overwhelmed. He kissed Nandini's cheek and said go kanna live your life. Nandini's eyes filled with tears. 
Shanno Chachi came and took him with her to the chairs in the front of the rows. 

Manik hold her hand in his and walked to the father. 
The priest came forward and sprinkle some sacred water on them. 

He cleared his throat and said. 
"Ladies and gentlemen... we are very delighted to be here on this wonderful occasion on the wedding ceremony of these two beautiful souls. But before I continue... these two wonderful people has something to say to each other.." 

Manik turned to look at her. She turned to look at him. 
Nandini than handled her bouquet to Mukti who was her maid of honor. Without lifting her vail she looked into his eyes and said. 

"I love you..." 

A wide smile spread on his face. 

"I love you very much, I want to spend my whole life with you. The ups and downs.. I want to share all the bad phase and good phase of life with you... I want to have a normal life with you, where I can fight with you and than you will came and do all the manao me..." both of them smiled at her last sentence. Everyone who is witnessing this occasion sighed hearing those simple yet very meaningful words from her. 

"Can you be there with me... as my partner..." she asked. 

Manik nodded in a yes and took her hands in his and said. 
"Yes I will Nandini... let me tell you what I have to say... " he took a deep breath and said

"I learned the real meaning of love when I met you... after you came in my life I knew that there's this emotion called love that exists in this world..." he leaned forward and continued. 

"I've never imagined my life without you... you are my life... you are the meaning of my existence...I will take care of you and never leave you until death took over me... I'll always be there for you... will you promise me to be there by my side... always..." the edges of his eyes were watery. His voice became heavy when he asked. 

She nodded her head in a yes vigorously. He bend down and kissed her forehead from her vail..

"I love you...more than any thing in this whole universe..." he said aloud. 
They turned back to the priest. The audience applauded on their extraordinary confession. Some of them sniffed hearing them wiping off their noses. 

The priest said the words he has to say to both of them. In the end they said "I DO." To each other. 

"You can exchange the rings..." the priest announced. 
Manik turned to getbthe ring from Cabir and Nandini turned to get the ring from Mukti. 
They both exchanged the rings. 

"I pronounce you man and wife, You may now kiss your bride..." he said making a cross sign on them. 

Manik came forward and lift her vail and turned it over. Nandini's eyes were ready to spill the tears that were ready to flow. 
He wiped her tears with his lips and pressed his lips to hers. An unexplained emotion went through both of their bodies. 

Standing in a pure place and exchanging their wedding vows and promising to be together all the life gave them a sense of security again. They felt relieved. They felt that tons of weight have been lifted from them. They are one now from every angle. 

He left her mouth and hugged her. 
Cabir Dhruv and Abhimanyu came at his back and hugged him. 
Navya Mukti and Aliya came behind Nandini and joined the hug to make it a group hug. 

The family who were witnessing their small and precious ceremony applauded for them. After wrapping up from the church they went back to the villa to celebrate their happiness. 

A huge tent has been set up at the backyard of the house for celebrating the party. The poles of the tent is rolled up in the twinkling lights. Few tables were covered with floral table clothes and chairs were normally like a regular one. Cabir Dhruv and Abhimanyu have taken care of these little details to give a party look. 

Manik already insisted to not be very flashy or more loud as per Nandini's health conditions. He wanted it to be a family event. 

There was a beautiful cake arranged on a small table at the far end of the yard and right in front was a dance floor that was outline by the flower pots. 

The weather was being very co-operating with them it's very sunny and windy  as it's still day time... with warm breeze flowing everywhere and the oceanic scent is enhancing the atmosphere more. 

But Cabir Navya and Dhruv Aliya and Mukti and Abhimanyu wanted to remember this special occasion... so they arranged a small musical party just for the family including their elders. 

"Manik... I know you wanted to have a very quiet party so that Nandini don't get exhausted... but Nandini... you better half has a surprise for you..." Cabir came in the middle of the dance floor and said inA loud voice.

"For that I wanted to both to come here on the dance floor..." he said again.

Manik offered his hand to Nandini and she slid her fingers in his large hands. 
They walked to the dance floor. He held her by her waist and she framed her hands around his neck. 

"Here you go..." Cabir started the music. 

They started grooving on the music as it's very soft and melodious. Nandini kept her head on his shoulders going more closer to him. Manik hugged her from her waist. 

Tu aata hai seene mein
Jab jab saansein bharti hoon
Tere dil ki galiyon se
Main har roz guzarti hoon

Hawa ke jaise chalta hai tu
Main ret jaisi udti hoon
Kaun tujhe yoon pyar karega
Jaise main karti hoon

Haa.. Aa..

Hearing the words of the song Manik got overwhelmed. He pulled himself back a little and lift her chin. She looked up and found  his watery eyes on her. She raised her eyebrows and asked what happened. 

He shook his head to say nothing. He leaned his head and gave a kiss on her forehead. The song continues.

Meri nazar ka safar
Tujhpe hi aake ruke
Kehne ko baaki hai kya
Kehna tha jo keh chhuke

Meri nigahein hain teri nigahon ki
Tujhe khabar kya bekabar

Main tujhse hi chup chup kar
Teri aankhein padhti hoon
Kaun tujhe yun pyar karega
Jaise main karti hoon

Haa.. Aa..

Manik thought... she really knows him inside out... she can read him like an open book... she can heal him with out any medicine... only thing he needs is her love... her smile... her being... her support... he just need her by her side all his life and he can spend his life without any complaints. 

Tu jo mujhe aa mila
Sapne hue sarphire
Haathon mein aate nahi
Udte hain lamhein mere

Meri hasi tujhse
Meri khushi tujhse
Tujhe khabar kya beqadar

Jis din tujhko na dekhun
Pagal pagal phirti hoon
Kaun tujhe yoon pyaar karega
Jaise main karti hoon

The song was done and everyone applauded. Manik got emotional. But he recovered and wiped his face and said.

"Guys this is not fair... you also have to join us... to celebrate... after all we are family..." he called everyone.

They all joined them and have a very comfortable and best time ever. The sunset turned into a very welcoming night. As the whole family was tired and they all were worried for Nandini's health they wanted to called the night off. 

All of the members arranged a very cozy and quiet hotel room for their night. Cabir wanted to take them to the hotel but Manik said he will go by himself. 

He took the car and make Nandini sit in it by opening the passenger side door for her. 

The ride to the hotel was quiet. Both of them didn't talk to each other. 

It's been a while for both of them since they got intimate with each other. Forehead kisses and cheek kisses and few light pecks on the lips were all they were doing since Nandini's accident. Other than that they just slept into each other's arms. 

Now they both are nervous. Manik was controlling himself because he didn't wanted Nandini to get hurt in any way. But Nandini wanted him to be that possessive and aggressive Manik again when it comes to her. 

They reached the hotel. Stepping down from the car the valet service guy took the car to park. They both walked inside to check-in into their room. 

"So... finally... we are here... after all the hurdles and bumps we are one... together..." Manik break the silence when they entered the room. 
Nandini sat on the couch and smiled at him. She was a little tired but she didn't want to show her tiredness to him. 

Seeing her quiet he said.
"Tum fresh ho jaao... I'll be right back..." he was about to go out but stopped in the middle hearing her. 


He turned around and watched her simple and pure face.
"Please don't go... not now..." her tone was soft and inviting. He knows what's gonna come next. 

She got up from the couch and took slow steps towards him. 
"I wanted to devour each and every moment with you... I want to stay here in you arms... please stay with me..." she speaks very softly like whisper. 
Manik didn't say anything. She came very close to him and rest both of her palms on his hard rock chest. It did something to him. Her touch is initiating the beautiful desires within him. 
His hands automatically lift to grab her and pulled her into a tight hug. This is what she needs.
In fact, This is what they both needs. Each other's arms each other's closeness. They felt content and complete.

Nandini stood still in Manik's embrace for don't know how long. The calm and steady beat of his heart is what she needs to comfort her. He always felt warm and welcoming and his solid arms is very soft and tender to her. 

He straightens himself and lower his head and kissed her. 
Manik's mouth is soft against her, comforting and relaxing. 

But Nandini's Heart desire for something else. She has had enough of his caring and soft touches. She wants something more. Nandini shifted so that she could wrap her arms around his neck. She raised her tiptoes to meet his height and pressed herself against his hard body. 

She parted his mouth and let him in, Manik can feel the hunger in her kiss. He's still scared of being rougher or hard on her. 
Nandini tilted her head to give him more access. 
With the growing passion and extreme intimacy he instantly changed. His entire body got tensed. 

He knew that he couldn't give her what she wanted. Because she's still weak. They can have their entire life to have as many intimate moments as they can. But now she needs rest. 

He drew himself back from her leaving her swollen lips and blushed face which looks irresistible. But for her he has to control his emotions. He need to go out and get some fresh air. 

"What happened..." she asked him surprised.
A muscle twitched in his jaw. 
"Nothing... I'll be just right back... I forgot something on the reception desk.." before she could ask him what, he left. 

She watched him leave out of the hotel room. She wasn't ready for this. Manik is taking all the precautions he could to keep her healthy and safe. But she do not want that right now. She want to get closer to him, get intimate with him. 

It's been three weeks since he's taking care of her and being Best in  protective of her. He's handling her like a glass doll. If he handle her roughly than she's going to break. 
Nandini wants to show him that she's not so delicate... she can't break with his love and his intimacy. 

She wanted him to make love to him. She wanted to laugh and spend fun time with him. Since the incident they didn't laugh heartily. They didn't have those teasing moments. They didn't have those romantic time like they use to be. 

He came back with in fifteen minutes. 
Nandini was ready to talk to him. She was waiting for him. As soon as he came she came close to him and grabbed his collar with an authority.

"What do you want... why are you not coming close to me... why are you keeping the distance from me... answer me Manik... am I not beautiful anymore... or am I not fulfilling to you..." Nandini's eyes started shedding tears. 

"What..." Manik got startled by Nandini's sudden attack... he didn't expect her exploding like this.
"What are you talking about sweetheart... why will I think that.." he held her shaking body by her shoulders that's getting restless more by the second.

"Then why are you going so far away from me... what are you afraid of..."

"I'm afraid of hurting you Nandini... I'm afraid that my extreme love will hurt you... you are very weak... still recovering... I'm scared that my love will give you pain more than pleasure..." 

"No Manik... I need your love in every form... your love will not hurt me... but you staying away from me is giving me pain... hurting me so much... I can't bare with the fact that you are so close to me and still can't love me... that is very painful... I want your love Manik... I want you to love me... I can't live without you Manik... my being is because of you... I love you Manik... make love to me... make me yours again... coz I'm only yours... I want to live for you... and I want to die for you..." she started sobbing in his arms saying that. 

The second he heard those words from her he grabbed her by her shoulders and pressed his lips to her. It was a very passionate kiss. There's no gentleness, no politeness in it like earlier. 
He realized what all she goes through to ask him this. His love his care... because she is a girl of few words... who never expresses her feelings and that too so intimate feelings. 

Manik kissed her hard and hot, claiming her full mouth. She parted her lips and he slide his tongue inside and sucked her tongue hard that she could feel his mouth on hers. She leaned into him and held her tight by his waist. She glide her hands around his neck and could feel his hard muscle against her lower body. 

"I'm so sorry baby... to keep you from this... " he said in between the kisses.
"You can't imagine how I was controlling myself... how I was keeping myself away from you..." his voice was hoarse.

She rubbed herself to feel his hardness more. The wanting which was resisted since a long time began spiraling in her belly. The wanting heated her and melted her insides. 

Both were tired of waiting. Both wanted each other. He wanted to take her. She wanted to give herself to him. He wanted to feel himself inside her. She wanted to fell him inside her. His hard muscled inside her. 

Going out of breath he pulled himself few inches away from her. 
"You have no idea how I want you... naked, screaming my name when I'm inside you..." his voice was hoarse which make her more weaker in her knees. 

She clutched his collar in her fist and pulled her more closer that their noses collided. 
"That would be very nice...because I want the same..." she kissed him on his lips again.  
He smirked teasingly.

"Are you sure... that's what you want..." 
she cupped his face in her hands. 
"You want more proof..." she kissed him again. 
He moved back and unbuttoned his shirt,  untucked it from his pants and dropped it to the ground. As she watched him he took out his vest that was inside. He took off his shoes and stepped out of them. 

He bend down on her and slammed his lips on her shoulders. He gave open mouth kisses on her bear shoulders. 
She shudders with his sudden attack. Her hands went to his bare and beautifully sculpted body. She grabbed his nape with her fingers. 

Manik's hands automatically travels behind her back to her zipper while his tongue is doing all kinds of designs on her shoulders, neck and settled under her ear giving sweet little bites on her sensitive parts. 

Her dress slide down her all the way to the ground leaving her only in her inners. She was wearing a peachy laced inners that goes with her gown. 

He inhaled deeply looking down at her from top to bottom. He went behind her and grabbed the pin that was holding her hair in a bun to let it loose. 

He walked back and stand in front of her. 
"You are looking breathtakingly beautiful..." he said in a hoarse voice. 
He reached for her and pulled her against him with a jerk. Than he lowered his head down claimed her lips. There was nothing soft or calm or polite about this kiss. He was hot and deep that it took her totally off guard. 

His hands gripped the back of her head in a way that she can tilt and give him more access. So that he can plunge his tongue deep into her mouth and explore her mouth thoroughly. 
He moved his hands in her back up and down her body. 
Desires are fighting to come out of her chest heating her body. 
She wanted to feel him. His hands on her body. That's what he is giving her. She wanted to get lost in his touches and his love. 

His hands stopped at the clasp of her b**. He unclasped it and in no time it joined the other clothes on the ground. 
Seconds later he cupped her bre**ts exploring the softness of her skin with his fingers. 
His fingers are settling on her n***les doing pleasurable things to her. 
He rubbed the peaks in between forefinger and his thumbs. 

A sharp pleasure shot through in between her thighs where her muscles tightened and she felt heat flowing from there. 

Manik's hands reached her last garment that's left on her. That too was gone on the floor. 

She was fully naked standing in front of him. For a second she felt shy. He is still half dressed. She covered her front with her hands. 

"Kya hua..." he asked in his heated husky voice. 
"Nothing..." she turned her back to him. 
He held her shoulders from the back and whispered in her ears. 
"Don't worry... I'm getting myself ready for you..." 

he quickly shed off his clothes, and his clothes landed on the floor. He grabbed her, turned her around and she was been lowered to the bed in no time. 
She was shaky and unfocused. 
It's been a long time for him too, they both were trying to be in their controlling phase till now. 
But there's no waiting now. This is it for both of them. 
He hovered on her holding her face in her hands and kissed her taking his mouth fully in his. 

He explored her body as she wriggles under him. Let his hands glide over her thighs and and caressed her. He back up his hand and touches her fingers to her soft skin of her br***t. 
Then He was in between her thighs. He filled her already wet sensitive parts ready for him, with one smooth push. 

She went from gloomy to actively involved in his love making. 
She closed her eyes to feel his erected and hard self inside her. 
He could see her face, drown in his love. 
He found the rhythm and the very depth that touched her core. She  relaxed, he shifted slightly and keep her moving with him. 

He pumped into her slowly, then fast... and then slow again. 
She shudders and shivers with his movements. Her hands slipped behind his shoulders digging her nails into him. 

"Open your eyes baby... and come for me..." his husky voice bring her out of her trance. She opens her eyes and found his chocolate orbs fixed on her. 
He cupped her br***ts and rubbed her very tips of her n****es. 
That teasing brushed her insides with more desires. He pump himself faster massaging her b***sts. 
"Common sweetheart noww..." 
his command was so unexpected that she felt her insides out. 
She rode with him up and down with her waist and hips matching his rhythm. Their bodies grind into each other's with the fastest pace ever. 

He pushed in deep one last time for their release together. He dropped his hands on her hips and fell on her    

A little later he slid off from her and laid down on his back pulling her on his side. She rest her head on his shoulder. He hugged her and gave a kiss on her head. 

"I love you Nandini... did I hurt you.." he asked. 
"No Manik you didn't..." she gave kiss on his bare chest. 
"You can never hurt me.. I love you more... I feel complete now... content... this is my home Manik... your arms protects me... I feel secure here..." she said. 

"Thank you so much Nandini... for coming back into my life... and for making me complete too... this is where I belong... with you..." he tug her hair strands behind her ear. 

"But one thing I wanted to ask.." 
"Will you be this demanding... all the time... like... you know... before we do anything..." he teased her. 
"Matlab..." she got confused. 

"Matlab yeh meri jaan... just now what you did before everything... will you always be like this you know..." he hesitated. But Nandini got his point. 

"Manik... stop that..."she hit him playfully on his chest getting all red. 
"Arey... ok ok..." he stopped her hands... 
"Acha baba... I was just teasing you... but I don't mind... you being demanding... especially at this moments... I like your wild side too... in fact I love it..." he teased again. 

"Manik.. bas karo naa..." she nagged still hitting his chest. 
He laughed and she joined him too. And they drifted into a slumber. 

            THE END  











And special thanks to Inaya and Sneha for helping me with the songs and dresses. 
Thank you so much both of you guys. 

MY ID IS Redcrystal7867

You can follow me over there to read my stories. 
Whoever wants to continue reading my stories see you  all there.

So goodbye from this story. 

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Cute_Inaya Goldie

Joined: 18 August 2015
Posts: 1821

Posted: 01 March 2017 at 8:35am | IP Logged

Embarrassed Embarrassed

Finally I am here...
It's been an year since you start this beautiful story called "Destined Love Story"...

From the very beginning  till now...
 You really Amazed me...
Liked your different style of narration...Clap
Really loved it sweetheart...

When uh post the very first chapter of this story...
I was very curious plus every readers of your's was like this story has something...

Jaise jaise story proceed hui.. hume sweet sweet shock bhi mile hehe... 
Even though I really liked every bit of it...
But honestly uh defined the actual meaning of "True Love"..

And now Finally the story ended...
While reading na My eyes got moist ... it's not like that ki I didn't know aisa hona wala hai but jab actually story finished ho gayi..
Tou digest krna mushkil hai...

Anyways finally they got their happily ever after...
I am happy for them... 
But I am gonna  miss them...

The way uh showed their bond.. their eternal love... everything ... it touched my heart...

Thank you soo very much honey pot for writing this story...
You Are My Star Writer...
My Shining STAR...Star
Yes indeed you are...

And u'll always find me beside uh in every situation... u know what I mean right...

Okay enough of my rantings...

Last chappyy...
 As usual it was Wonderful... Amazingly Awesome and Mind blowing honey pot...
As well as emotional too...

Starting part... Nandini is getting better... 
And the credit goes to Manik...
He was taking good care of her...

Manik was trying to be happy but inside he was feeling devastated...
Scars tou reh hi jate hai na...
He was feeling emptiness...

After all he lost his mother..
I know this two didn't share that Mother and Son 's relation...
But still She was his Mom...
Chahe wo jaise bhi thi but thi tou uski Mom hi na..

He was pretending that he doesn't cared but Nandini being his soul mate understand his inner turmoil...
But she kept quite because he wants ki wo khud express  kare...
That part was really touchy and emotional...

Then... Mukti announced that she and Abhi want's to get married...
Then Alya also confessed her love for Dhruv...

Then the most sensitive and heart touching part ...
Nandini want's to heal him and she want's him to blurt it out...
Manik poured his heart in front of her...
His pain ...his cravings...
His longings...
Like he was asking why this happened with him...

That part was really very emotional...Cry Cry

U know I was crying I don't know why but It's like I am feeling his (Manik's )pain...Cry Cry
U did a really fabulous job honey...

Morning part was...
When Manik woke up in the morning he was feeling good...
It's a saying ki pain share karne se kam ho jata hai...
And Nandini assured him that she was always there for him ...
That part was amazing...

Then The big day arrived...
Manan got Married ...
Loved the way they both confessed their love ...
MaNan are love...

Then Priest announced them hubby and wifey...
That part was beautiful and amazing...

Then Nandini sing a song for her hubby...
Awww... loved it...

Pics are really very beautiful..
Good choice...

Then ... their wedding night...WinkEmbarrassed
Hufff...(blushing blushing.)
Manik was controlling himself because he didn't want to hurt her...
Awww...my gentle man...

But oh God...
When Nandini told him after that they both lost in each other...
Their passionate and hot moments...
U know while reading na I had goosebumps... hufff..
And I am blushing like anything...Embarrassed Embarrassed

I loved this chappy alot...
As usual U did an excellent job...


Take a bow meri jaan...Clap 
Once again thanks for writing this story ...
All the very best for your future works...

I won't say good bye... because  I don't like goodbyes...
Aur waise bhi  tumhara peecha kaha chodhna hai maine...hehe ...
Tum Jaha Mei Waha... (where ever You are.. There I am...)

Stay always blessed and healthy...
Keep shining ...
Ton's and lot's of love...

Edited by Cute_Inaya - 07 March 2017 at 6:29am

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Vidhiarora1 Goldie

Joined: 11 September 2015
Posts: 1287

Posted: 02 March 2017 at 2:39am | IP Logged
Ohhh mmyyy 
Loved ur story 
Sooo sooo much yr

I  will really misss this 

Thanks for such an amazing story yr

"):):)#):) i m happy 
:(:(:(:( i m cryyiiinnggg tooo

Take care
C u in wattpad btw
Heee Heee 

Love u loads 

Tiara115 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 21 August 2015
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Posted: 02 March 2017 at 4:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Redcrystal

Res 1

When will u unres it
Tiara115 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 21 August 2015
Posts: 4176

Posted: 02 March 2017 at 4:04am | IP Logged
Wow.. such a beautiful ending 
Manan together forever 
Haha manik teasing nandini for being bold 
Maniks emotional brust about nyonika was heart touching
Will miss this story for sure

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