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MANAN FF DESTINED LOVE STORY #2 last part pg 146 updated (Page 141)

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Posted: 11 January 2017 at 8:05pm | IP Logged
So so sorry for replying late

But the update was really awesome

All the songs selections was my favorites

You did good in describing all the families dance sequences

Everyone enjoyed the Sangeet ceremony

But yeh kya Nandini is gone

Please please don't separate them.

They already suffered a lot

Please jaldi unko milado

And the promo is so scary

Manik will find her but don't hurt them please

Waiting for the update


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mein ek month active nahi thi aur inna sab kuch ho gaya woh bhi ek hi chapter mein...

Update was surprising yet shocking... it was blend of all the emotions all together...

starting of the chapter was on happy note but in the end all the thing got upside down...

majnu Manik wanted to spend his time with laila but but bauji(his dad) pakad lete hai woh bhi red hand... eee
that was so embarrassing moment for him in front of his
dad... but i enjoyed it...heheehee

Loved Manik and his dad's conversation... really his dad love him very much...!!

Manik 's dad and chachi helped him out...awww..

I really liked Mr.Malhotra and Nandini 's bond...His dad gave her a gift...this was very special moment...good good..

Hayeee... Manan moments...these r like cherry on the cake...!!

he just can't control himself around her...their moments were so romantically penned down.. ...

Manan convo part was very heart touching... her insecurities were giving us the clue of what's coming in the future...not only manik became worried but I also became... but yeah everything will be okay in the end but before that they have to give one more test of their love...

Nandini koi wish karein n manik usse pura na karein aisa ho hi nahi sakta...but yeah he was tensed n in dilemma how to fulfill that wish...

but cabira helped him out...

Then at sangeet venue ...
Mukti was teasing manik...But poor mukti khud hi target ban gayi...heheeheee

Mukti being shy and all...Yeh tou kisi ne socha bhi nhi hoga... haha
Everyone was enjoying at her cost...

Venue and church pics were too good...
Songs were superbly chosen...loved all of them...

I really enjoyed each and every performance...
Especially chachi's and Manan performance...these were superb...

now now here comes the climax...
tntna tnatna...

church scene...
Both were very happy n excited..but who knows what is stored for them in the future...

In the blink of an eye Nandini was gone...it was like yeh kya ho gya...kab or kaise...pta hi ni chala...

How harshad sneaked in...he must be aware of their arrival..

U know seeing Manik in that condition was heart drenching...
he wasn't able to cope up with the reality...u penned it down so good...it reminds me of kyy kidnapping scene but u included your touch n flavour in it...

entire chapter was penned down marvelously ...

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promo is equally shocking...

I'm looking forward for some thrill full chapter...

it's gonna be exciting...

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Part 24 

One hour earlier before Nandini disappeared. 

He was sitting in the chair outside the villa thinking about how his plan will work when he won't get a chance at all. The villa is under constant surveillance and he can't do anything or even touch any of them. He was unintentionally praying that somehow either Manik or Nandini or anyone can go out of the house so that he can get a slight chance to make his plan work. 

He was so surprised that he hasn't been recognized yet. How can anyone even recognize him when he changed the whole geography of his face. He has worked very hard over his face not to be recognized and that too in no time. 

He has to look like one of the security members at least. Otherwise he has no chance to get into the group. He also has to drown his hands with blood to get into their squad. 

His phone buzzed all of a sudden. He saw the caller ID and picked up the phone. 
"Nyonika... you can't just stay quiet right. Why are so impatient. I told you I'm working on my plan. You have to have faith in me...". He said. 

"How much longer Harshad... it's already so many days. And you didn't do anything yet. That filthy son of mine and his stupid little wife is having fun and the happiest time of their life, when I'm sulking and being frustrated as he*l. When will you execute your plan."  Nyonika was just blabbering her frustration out. 

"Oh shut up will you... wahan baith kar baatein karna bahut aasaan hai...when you get to see me than you will understand what all I'm going through to get an entry here. So just wait until I call you. Don't disturb me when I'm on my mission.." Harshad too answered her in an arrogant way. 

But without taking any heed on his talk she said. 
"By the way why are you awake at this time. Whats going on. And for your information I'm in Goa... whenever you need me just give me a call...". 
"I'm working on something big so just let me work on it.." and without hearing the answer he hanged up the phone. 

'Hopefully I'll get a chance before they take their vows again..' he thought. 'I don't need anything from you guys..' he looked at the villa that is silent and quiet before the dawn. It looks very peaceful. 
'I just want my life to be peaceful exactly like yours. For that I have to have what you have...money... which you have taken away from me Manik...'he put his hands in his pant pockets. 
'And I will make sure that you return every penny back to me. You ruined my career. Now if you don't give me back what I need than you will pay big time Manik..' he talks to himself when he heard some noises inside the gates of the villa. 
He hides himself behind the bushes and saw that Manik and Cabir was sitting in the car and Nandini came and joined them. 
He moved his hands in a victory and said. "Bingo.." he looked at the sky and thanks. ' you do listen to people..' he thought. 

After they left he followed in his black car without opening the head lights. He didn't want any of them to notice that he is following them. He texted someone to meet at the corner of the street. 

After driving for couple of minutes, two men were waiting for him at the corner of the street hiding from Manik's car. Harshad pick them up and followed them. 
"Where are we going boss..." one man asked. 
"I don't know.. but I know that they will go and stop at some place for sure...just be ready for my signal. When I say without making any noise you have to do the job...". Harshad said. 

"You don't worry boss... we are very good at our work..we won't disappoint you...". Harshad makes a stop at a good 100 feet away from Manik's car when Manik parked his car in front of the church. 
Manik was so excited that he is trying to fulfill Nandini's wish that he didn't noticed the car that was following them. 

Harshad smirks at the thought."Nandini and her stupid beliefs. I knew she will make Manik do something silly. That's why I was expecting any silly thing. Anyways.." he turned towards his men and said. 'I'm sure she will go inside to pray. One of you go inside with all your materials. And as soon as you get a chance just grab her and bring her out. I will wait for you outside the door. And be very careful. Those two boys must not know your presence at all...". Harshad gave the orders. 
"Yes boss.." one man stepped out of the car and walked towards the church's side door. 
"You.. go and back him up.." Harshad ordered the other man. 
The other person also went out and followed the first man. 
The first person went inside the church before Manik and Nandini even enter the church. He hide himself in a place where no one can see him. 
And in the mean while he took out a piece of cloth and put some liquid on the cloth from a tiny bottle. 

He watched Manik and Nandini's every move. When he saw that Manik was walking back to see the church's interiors. That's when he makes his move carefully. He walked very quietly towards Nandini and placed the piece of cloth on her mouth holding her head with his hand. She couldn't move as the liquid chloroform was very strong. 

Within seconds Nandini blacks out. And as it is she was a very delicate doll. The man lift her in his dirty hands and ran as fast as he can and was out of the side door. Harshad and the other person was waiting right at the door. The door of the car was already open. They settled themselves in no time and they were out of the church's premises in a flash. 

Present time. 

Cabir make Manik sat in the car forcefully and they went back to the villa. No one knows yet what happened except Manik's dad. Cabir already informed him before coming here. He came running down the stairs in his night suit. 

As soon as Manik enters he grabbed him in a tight hug. 
"I'm sorry dad... I'm so sorry... I didn't follow your rules... I didn't listen to you and see I lost her..." Manik breaks down again like a little boy in his dads arms. He is crying vigorously hiccuping like a baby who lost his favorite doll.
"Manik... relax son, relax... we will fine her...you don't worry at all..." Rohit rubbed his back to sooth his pain. It's not helping. Cabir's eyes got moist seeing his friend, his brother in this condition.

He never saw Manik like this. Even when she left him he didn't break down to this extend. 
'Maybe because they are married now. They are life partners now... even I can't bear the separation from Navya...' he thought. He pour a glass of water for Manik and passed it to Rohit. 
"Manik listen to me..." Rohit pulled him away from his arms and make him sit on the couch. He gave Manik the glass of water. 
"Drink this first..." Manik listen to his father like an obedient boy. 
He sat beside Manik and asked Cabir the whole story. Cabir narrated the whole thing.

All the family members came running down one by one hearing there hustle bustle, including Amms, Chacha and Chachi. 

When Amms heard about Nandini's kidnap she sanked down on the sofa in a shock. 
"Nandu..."they turned around hearing Chachi's gasp. 
"Meri bachi... kahan hogi...pata nahi kis Haal mein hogi..." she started crying...
"Hey babaji... pata nahi kaisi kismet banayi hai aapne uski... nazar lag gayi uski khushiyon ko,..." Chachi was blabbering sniffing her nose.

"Usse dhoond ke laa do... meri bachi ko koi wapas laa do..," Chachaji came and side hugged her. 
"Shannoji... ghabrao nahi, hum zaroor dhoond lenge hamaari Nandu ko..," Chacha ji said patting her shoulders. 
Manik looked at Amms, she is quiet without saying anything. He can feel her emptiness. She is just staring at nowhere. Manik took slow steps and said. 

"I failed you Amms I failed in protecting Nandini... I failed everyone...I even failed myself..," he sanked in front of his knees and lower his head with his hands folded. 
"I'm sorry Amms... I'm really very sorry..." 
His eyes shed silent tears. When he sniffed everyone can notice that he's crying. 
Shanno Chachi got out of Chacha jis embrace with a jerk and pulled Manik up grabbing his arm. 

"What do you mean you failed Manik... I want my Nandu back... it's your duty to bring her back safe and sound to us.., I don't want to see this defeated person sitting in front of me... I want to see my Nandu's hero... who never gives up... who always protect her from all dangers..." she hold him with both the shoulders and shook him and said in a stern voice wiping her tears. 

"Don't you dare pity yourself...you are much more better than that... Nandu is now Nandini Manik Malhotra... you can't just give up like this and accept your defeat..." 

"I don't want to see your sad face sulking here and wasting your time here ..you need to go find my daughter right now... and most importantly you need to go find your wife... your pride..., your life...and..." she pointed her index finger to him with a sharp look. 

"Khabardaar... don't you dare come back without her..," Chachi's whole speech has literally shook Manik. He didn't say anything. He couldn't say actually. He just hugged her. 

'Maybe mothers are like this... like Chachi... a bit emotional on situations like these... and also a bit angry and mad...and when their children looses hope they gets stern and become more aggressive to make them realize that this is not the end.. there is  hope.. there is always a small ray of hope that shouldn't be gone...and push the child to go get them..."Manik thought. He prepared himself gathering all his strength and said. 

"Thanks Chachi.. for not giving up on me... thank you so much..." he smiled with his teary eyes and left and bend and touches her feet and turned around to touch Amms and Chacha's feet to take their blessings before even anyone can say anything. He took few fast steps towards his father and hugged him. 
"Wish me luck dad..." he said in his ears. 
Rohit patted his shoulders and said. 
"All the best son.. bring my daughter-in-law with you..," 

He turned to Cabir and said...
"Cabir let's go..." and he flashed outside. 

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      Far away in the outskirts of the city in an old go down, When Nandini opened her eyes.. she saw herself tied to a chair in a dark place with only the lights from the sun is coming through the broken window of the hall. There was a small bulb hanging far away in a corner which is not helping in lighting the place. 

She looked around and checked that she was in a huge hall, a place where there's dirty walls all around and boxes are stacked on top of each other at the left corner. 
She could also noticed that few men are standing beside those boxes. 

And two familiar people are talking facing their back to her. She tried to recollect them who they can be. Her present state is very gloomy to recognize them. But she figured that one of them is a lady. 

The lady went out of the hall and the man she is talking to turned to look at her. 
Nandini blinked her eyes couple of times to see who he is. 
"Harshad..." she whispered.
But Harshad already heard her. 
"Ohhh... so you are awake..." Harshad came walking with a gun in his hand. 
She couldn't clear her view still but she can see clearly now that Its Harshad..

"Why did... did you bring...me here Harshad... ab... ab Kya chahiye tumhe..." she said with difficulty.
"Bahut kuch... Aur sab kuch... Manik destroyed me, my life... and he just can't enjoy his life after ruining me...so I want him to go through the same pain... now he will know how it feels to snatch away the life from someone.."

'Oh Aiyyappa... Manik... how he must be feeling... he should be devastated by my disappearance... help him out please... I need to talk to him...I have to talk to him...' Nandini's eyes filled with tears. 
"Harshad...can you...Can you... let me talk to him... please..." she requested.
"Ha ha ha, you are kidding me right.."Harshad mocked her. 
"Never... I will never let you talk to him.." he said about. "Tadapne de usey...jaise main tadap raha tha jail mein..." he gritted his teeth lifting her face to him.
 And then he pushed her face with a jerk. 

"Harshad p..lease...please Ek...baar... just...once let me... t..talk to h..him..I... b..eg you..." it took all her strength to talk as she has been given a Avery high dose of the medication. 
"Ha ha ha... wow... Nandini Murthy... no no Mrs. Nandini Malhotra is begging me...this is something new... woh Nandini jo kisi  ke saamne nahi jhukti thi... is now begging me...I like it I really like it..." he started clapping. 
Right then the doors of the storeroom were open and the very unexpected person for Nandini entered. 
"At last... at last my wish got fulfilled...of separating you and that filthy son of mine... at last... thank you Harshad... kam se kam... because of you I get to see my wishes get fulfilled...". Nyonika came and side hugged Harshad. 

Even though Nandini was not in her senses but she gave a very disgusting look to Nyonika and Harshad. 

Because of them Manik has to suffer so much. 
"Hey..." Nyonika came closer to her chair where she was tied up with ropes. "You little w***h... don't you dare give me that look...do you understand... warna you won't even see Manik's face before your life ends..."Nyonika held her face tight digging her nails in Nandini's cheeks. Nandini looked at her furiously. 

"Huh... you..think...you could stop him...he will come..and..and he will show you your real..place...you know him...Nyo...Nyonika...he will take revenge from both of you...this time ..you guys...didn't just..messed with Nandini...his love..but...it's Mrs Nandini Manik Malhotra..you guys took a very huge risk..with his life now..his wife..and expect your end is near.." 

The room echoes with the slap Nyonika gave on Nandini's face.

 Nandini pursed her lips with the pain she felt by the slap. But she didn't reacted. She didn't wanted to give the happiness to Nyonika showing herself weak. 
A thin line of blood started oozing from the corner of her lips. 

"Shut up.. just shut up..." Nyonika pointed a finger on her. 
"Look at you, you are not even in your senses.., and you are challenging me..huh..you know I can kill you right here right now... and your so called husband can't do anything..." she grabbed Nandini's hair in her fist and laughed sarcastically. 
"You think I will get scared by your slap... this shows your weakness Nyonika..." Nandini got more strength from God knows where. She replied Nyonika back with more aggressiveness. Her hair is being pulled vigorously but still she is trying all her best not to show her vulnerability. 

"You know you can't separate us.. and... who better than you can know about your darling son Manik than anyone... you have a very good idea that once he comes here...how he will teach you and him a lesson which you both will not forget your whole life..." 
"Enough..." they both startled by Harshad's roar.

"Enough both of you...I'm not here to witness your bickering on each other... so before I loose my mind just shut up...". Harshad screamed again. 

"I need to know where she is..I just can't sit quietly and wait for his call Cabir... I have to find a way..." his suspicions and alert nature started working. He sat in the car coming out of the villa and was about to leave 

"Wo wo wo... ruk ja mere bhai..."Cabir quickly grabbed the passenger door and literally pushed himself in and closed the door. 
"Manik manik... calm down calm down... getting panic is not gonna work yaar... kahan dhondega tu usse itne bade Goa city mein... he could've taken her anywhere..." Cabir makes sense..

"Think Cabir think... or think about anyone who knows this city's ins and outs... Teri nazar mein koi bhi aisa Insaan nahi hai who knows this city's darkest areas..like godowns or storages or old buildings..coz as far as I know Harshad, he did his homework thoroughly before taking this major step.." Manik speed the car out of the villa like a lightning. He didn't see that  cops car is following them in a regular vehicle. 

"Now you are talking... my detective is back... let me think..let me think..." Cabir encourages Manik's sharp thinking skills and started thinking. 
"I know one person who can guide us to the dirtiest and darkest areas of this place...I'll lead you the way..let's go...but I'm not sure if he's in town or not..."you Cabir's mind flashed a familiar face and he got excited. 

"Even if he's not there, we will find him.. just show me the way..." Manik is controlling himself with lot of difficulty. He knows if he breaks down and leaves everything in the hands of experts, he will not know where his lifeline Nandini is. And how she is. In what condition she is. 
Thinking about it his eyes got moist. But he jerked away the tears by blinking his eyes couple of times.

They went to the club where this man can be found. But it was still early hours and the club was active in the night. Both of them entered to find the place empty, only the cleaning people where there. 

Cabir enquired about this man but they didn't know where he can be. Manik asked every person present there but they have no idea. They came out and see a man coming in. 

From him they found out the the person they are looking for has not come to work since last three four days. 

After requesting and bribing with money they got his home address. 

With a lot of difficulties and almost driving for more than one and a half hour they found his house at the other end of the city in a very slum type of place. 

Manik has to park his car at a far distance as the cars can't go in there. It was fishermen's neighborhood and it's very smelly with fresh fish. 

Both of them covered their noses and went deep inside the place. But to their bad luck even after going to his house they couldn't find him their. 
His wife told them the same thing that the man they are looking for didn't come home since last three to four days. 

Disappointed they came out of their house and was walking away when they heard a boy calling them. 
"Saab... oh Saab..." 
They turned around to look at an eight to ten year old boy was standing wearing a very  old and worned shorts and a very old t shirt in from of them. 

"Saab tum mere bapu ke bare mein kaiyku poochta hai..." he asked in his native language. 
"Kuch maaloom karna tha Kya...tum hamari koi madad kar sakte ho..." Cabir asked him. 
"Kahin tum log woh desi saab ke bare mein jaanna chahta hai... mera bapu... uss desi Saab se milne ke baad bilkul choo mantar hogaya... chaar din ho Gaya... par bapu ka koi pata nai..." the boy said. 

"Kya jaante ho tum... hume batao... tumhe inaam milega..." Cabir said. 

"Mereko inaam nai chaiye saab meri choti behen bhooki hai... uske liye khana la do..." he said. 
"Tum jo chahte ho woh tumhe milega... hume batao please.." it was Manik who came down on his knees to his size. 

The boy looked at both of them and said. 
"Mera bapu kidhar hai woh tou main nai janta.. par Maine chupke suna, mera bapu uss desi Saab ko purane godaan(go down) ka pata bata raha tha...aur woh desi Saab bola ki jab tak kaam poora nahi hota mera bapu gaayab ho jaaye..." he said. 

"Kya tum hume woh pata de sakte ho..." Manik got excited and asked him with a hope. 

"Nahi Kya tum hume wahan le jaa sakte ho..." Cabir cut Manik and asked instead. 
"Hum tumhe bahut paise denge...". Cabir bribed him. 

"Paisa nahi chaiye Saab... mere ko padhna hai... tum kuch kar sakta hai tou bolo..." he was a smart kid. 
"Haan Haan tum jo chahte ho woh hoga... par tum hume wahan le Chalo please... humare paas time nahi hai..," Manik's tone was very requesting.

 Cabir took out some money from his pocket and gave it to him. 
"Yeh apni maa ko de aao... Aur unko batana ki tum kaam se bahar jaa rahe ho... par jaldi aana..." the boy went inside and quickly came back. 

"Chalo  saab..," the boy is after all honest and clean hearted person. He agreed immediately. 

It took them more then an hour to get to the place even after Manik's drive which is faster than a lightning speed. This place is out of the city limits to even figure it out. If it wasn't for this boy then. No way they could have figured it out where Harshad's going to hide Nandini. 

Manik jumped out of his car and was about to run inside. 
Cabir stopped him by his arm. 
"Listen Manik.. we can't act in haste here. We should have a plan.. we don't know what we are putting ourselves into.." 
Manik jerked his arm from him...
"Cabir are you serious.. right now I'm not in a condition to think problems... I need to see if Nandini is here or not.. and if she's ok or not..,you do all the thinking part and take whatever steps needed to be taken.., please Cabir let me just find her first...if I don't come out in five minuets than call the cops..," he said and with listening to him sneaked into the building from a side entrance. 

After passing the dark and dirtiest rooms and going through a different kind of smell he reached that hall where he can see Nandini tied to a chair. 

Without thinking anything he just barged into the room. 
"Nandiniii..." he screamed and ran towards her, but before that he was stopped by Harshad's goon in the midway. 
"Manik..." Nandini got excited... "Manik... I knew it tum aaoge..." the tears which was settled in her eyes came flowing down. 

"Wow Manik... manna padega... without any clue where I've take Nandini... you figured out the place...bravo Manik bravo..." Harshad came in the light. 

"Harshad Harshad Harshad... tch tch tch... tu Nahi sudhrega...," Manik and his signature smirk. Even at the time like this he didn't forget to irritate Harshad. 

"Nahi Manik main bahut sudhar Gaya hoon... issi liye Maine direct Teri dukhti rag per attack kiya hai..." Harshad felt proud. 

"I can see that Harshad...you stoop so low that you attack on the very weak person... agar himmat hai tou mere saath akele muqabla kar naa... Nandini ko jaane de..." Manik wants to provoke Harshad so that he can let go of Nandini, but Harshad didn't listen to him. Instead he signaled his men to attack him. 

Three men came running to attack him with their sticks but thankfully Manik ducked down pulling the men down who were holding and pounced out and dashed at them swirling himself. He hit all at once with his long and strong leg. Two of them came down on the floor but the last one tried to hit him again on his head from the back. 

"Maniiikk..." Nandini screams and he ducked to save himself. 
He wanted to go near Nandini and let loose her free from those harsh ropes that's making her delicate wrist wounded. 
But someone grabbed his stomach from behind. He ticked his foot on the ground and somersault the person who's holding him. That person came down in his front head on. 

Due to dusty floors and the old building the place is full of dust and sand floating in the air. 
As he tried to hit another person who's coming his way a bullet passed close to his arms and hit the wall behind. 
"Maniiik..." Nandini screamed again hearing the gunshot. A chill sliced up her spine for a second that she could hear nothing but her own heart pounding. 

From somewhere two more men came and held Manik's hands securely and make him captive. 

"Harshad please... don't shoot... please don't shoot don't shoot at him.."
Harshad gave a dangerous laugh. 
"Manik... jitna bhi ladna hai maarna hai maar le.." Harshad was standing watching him fight with his filthy men without moving from his place. 
"Tu Bach ke tou nahi jaa sakta.." he screams. 

Manik bend down breathing heavily still held struggling to get out of the grips from Harshad's goons. 

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"Dekh Harshad yeh Teri aur meri fight hai... iss mein Nandini ka koi kaam nahi hai... usse jaane de... I will do whatever you asked me...". Manik said still being tired on his knees. 
The empty stomach and the tiredness is making him weaker. But his stamina is still intact. He can't give up now. Until Nandini is safe. 
"Nooo... Manik I'm not leaving you hear alone with this monstrous people..." she scoffed at Harshad and Nyonika. 
"Oh shut up... " the place echoed with a slap again which Nyonika did on Nandini's face. 
"Nyonikaaa... don't touch her.." Manik growled. 
Anger tore through Manik's nerves and he is trembling with rage. 
"Don't you dare touch her.." his voice gave a shiver to Nyonika but she hide her fear. 

Nandini was struggling with the ropes from a long time from the back to open it. She somewhat is successful in doing it.
She waited for the right time to break free and run to Manik. But there's no way she can run without getting hurt. 

Harshad took out some papers from his coat pocket and slammed it on the table that was in his left side. 
"I want you both to sign these papers..than you are free to go..." he said. 

"What,... are you serious... how can you let them go, how can you leave them free..." Nyonika grabbed Nandini's hair in her fist and pulled her face up..
Nandini didn't scream or yell in pain. Though she is feeling immense pain as her hair is being pulled very hard by this heartless woman. Nandini just pressed her lips together tight to suppress her pain. 

"Nyonikaaa... I said leave her alone... don't you dare touch her... warna... koi papers per sign nahi milega..." Manik screamed venomously.

"Soch le Manik.. tu bhi jaan se  jaayega aur... Teri yeh Nandini bhi.." he came to Nandini and ran the tip of his gun to her cheek all the way to her chin.

"khamakha Mari jaayegi..." he pushed Nandini's face to the other side with a jerk. 
Nandini was looking for an opportunity to break herself free and she got one when Nyonika left her and picked up the papers. But before that Nyonika grabbed her gun that was on Harshad's other hand. 

Without letting any one know Nandini took out her hands from the rope and kept her hands still at her back.  

Outside this old building Cabir was waiting for the cops to attack in time. As soon as the cops arrived with full force they covered the whole place. 
Cabir and few police men aimed at their targets slowly went inside the building without making any noise.

"I will not sign any paper until you let her go..." Manik pointed towards Nandini. 
"There's no way and no question of letting you go Manik... why are you even wasting my and your time... just sign the papers... and I promise I will let you go..." Harshad said in a tone that's not believable. 

"I'm not gonna come in your manipulative words... you let her go or no signs..." Manik was struggling from their grip to make himself free. 

"Oh common Manik... just sign the god damn papers and save the time so that we all can leave from here..."  Nyonika said waving the papers in front of them.

"But what's in that papers.." Nandini can't just give rest to her curious mind. 
"You want to know what's in this.. at the time like this you should be worried about your life not the papers..." Nyonika didn't want them  to know. 

"Why are you scared Nyonika... I know what's in those papers... you want me to sign off everything to you... whatever dad has given me and Nandini.. am I right.. because you  never care about me... you always car about money..." Manik smiled with pain. 

"Oh enough already...yeh melodrama ke liye time nahi hai mere pass... just sign the papers and leave.." Harshad screamed. 
"What's the guarantee that you will leave us free..." Manik's asked. 

"Sign it and you'll see.." Harshad said again. 

"Nooo..." everyone turned to Nandini as she grabbed a gun from the chair that's on her side. Stumbling and shaking she aimed the gun nowhere.
"No Manik... these people don't deserve a single penny of dads hard earned money... we will not sign any paper..." she pointed the gun on Nyonika and than Harshad' and than towards the two men who was holding Manik. 

"Leave him or I'll shoot you..." Nandini said to the goon men. 
Harshad startled a bit but he noticed that Nandini was still shaking due to the effects of the dizziness she was still in. 
The men didn't listen to her. She shot a random shot in between them on the floor. 

"I'm not a perfect shooter, so just leave him otherwise you will get hurt.because I will shoot wherever I want..." She said the men again. 
The men looked at Harshad. 
He gestured them to leave. As soon as they leave Manik tried to run to Nandini but Harshad stopped him. 

"Uh uh... Manik wait... you are still at my aim... I will not hesitate to put the bullets in your and Nandini's body if you do any smartness. So tell her to use her brains and just drop the gun... look around you... you both will be dead if I give one signal..." Harshad said moving towards them. 

Nandini was walking towards Manik. There was a good ten to twelve feet of distance between each other. 

"Nandini listen to me... please sweetheart drop the gun. We will get out of here safely... but please give the gun back to them..." Manik was scared now after looking around seeing a few men holding guns aiming at them. 

Manik expected that Harshad will definitely be prepared for this but he was well prepared this time. 

All of a sudden they here the announcement. 

Manik and Nandini was happy to here the cops. But Nyonika was very upset. She got panic. She started blabbering in her panicky state. 

"I told you Harshad that these two are not reliable you should have killed her as soon as you got her... these too are worthless and brainless creatures... they care for each other but my so called son forgot that this world depends on money... without money no one will entertain you... and this little idiot here..." she pointed out to Nandini 
"Once she got the money she will leave Manik and she will go her way..." she said very angrily with irritation. She don't even know what she is talking about. 

"Shut up... shut up... let me think... we can't let them leave. Let me think... let me think..." Harshad pat his forehead with his gun. 

The men grabbed Manik again taking the signal from Harshad. 

As soon as the goon held Manik. Nandini fire a shot at him. And a very unexpected thing happened. There where gun shots firing from everywhere. Manik ducked looked around to see the goons who were aiming at them are down.

All of a sudden there's only noise of firing. And because of the dusty floor no one can figure out what's going on. Who is getting shot and who is shooting. His concentration was on Nandini.

" Nandini... ducked down...don't keep standing..." he screamed. 
"Try to cover yourself from something or anything..." he was yelling and could see Nandini's silhouette going down. Because of the extreme dust the visibility is almost zero.

When he saw Nandini laying down he thought that Nandini heard him and followed his rules. 

After only just thirty seconds the extreme noise of gun shots were quiet down. And he can hear the tapping of shoes and saw the police men coming in taking control of the situation. 

The police force came barging inside to grab the rest of the men. Manik ran to see where Nandini is. In the strong dusty air he couldn't see properly. He remembers her laying down but he didn't imagined that she is laying on the floor lifeless. As soon as he saw her he screamed his lungs out. 

"Nandiniii..." he ran to her and lift her in his arms. She was unconscious. 
"Nandini wake up...wake up please.." he couldn't figure it out what happened. But suddenly he felt wetness in his hands at her back. He looked at it and saw that it's blood. 

"Nandini... yeh Kya ho Gaya..." his eyes was shedding tears. He lift her and checked her back. But the blood was coming from her front. He lift her top and checked that she has been shot on the upper part of her stomach. 

"Help me... someone please help me... Cabir... oh God..."he screamed pulling Nandini lifeless body in his arms holding her tight. 
"Nandini get up... please you can't just die on me Nandini... wake up..." he was shaking her crazily. 
"No no... this is not happening... this cant happen... why... why do I have to go through this...
Nandini you can't leave me... you have to wake up... you have no choice... wake up..." he is bending down and shaking her but of no use... 
Nandini is laying in his strong like a lifeless doll with her hands spread on each of her sides. Her blood is flowing non stop. 

"Cabir... where are you...damn it... why can't anyone hear me..." he was agitated with the given situation. He didn't want to leave her sight for a second to go around and look for Cabir. 
"Sir we already called an ambulance...check her pulse if she's breathing..." one of the police inspector came and told him. 
Manik checked her pulse putting his forefingers on her neck. The cop checked her wrist to find her pulse. 

"She's still breathing... she is alive...but I'm not gonna wait for the ambulance... I can't take the risk on her life, just call Cabir I will take her to the hospital myself..." Manik said with his teary face where dirt lines formed because to the dusty air. 

Cabir was looking for them and he came right at him when he heard Manik's screams. 

"Manik are you ok..." he sat near them. 
"Cabir... Cabir... dekh Kya ho Gaya... Cabir kuch kar... I want my Nandini... I want her back..." he screamed and shout holding her lose to his heart. 
"I will not leave them those b*****ds... I won't leave them..." Manik screamed.

"Aaahh..." he screamed and cried again in agony. In pain.. in frustration. In restlessness. 

"Manik sab ko Goli lagi hai...Harshad and Nyonika bhi wahan pade hai, dekh..." Cabir showed him. Manik took a look at them. 
"Pehle let's take her to the hospital.." Cabir said 
"Bring her out... I will bring the car..." Cabir was very hurt and angry at the situation right now. 

'Why God why... why they have to suffer... they've been suffering the pain of separation ever since they fall in love.. why can't you just let them live happily... why can't you leave them alone... you just love giving them pain... people call you When they are in need... if you give them pain then they will stop believing in you.' Cabir murmurs to himself in frustration fisting his arms in the air and ran out. 

Cabir didn't know any hospital near and he was worried how will he take them on time. But fortunately or luckily the boy who brought them here was hiding somewhere near. As soon as he saw them he came forward and offered his help. He guided the way to a hospital nearby. 

They went to the nearby hospital that was almost 15 minutes away. The distance of fifteen minutes was like fifteen hours for them. This is the longest drive he could ever have in his whole life. 

They stopped the car at the emergency entrance. Manik lift her in his arms and ran inside and puts her on the stretcher. The hospital staff dragged the stretcher straight towards the operation theater. 
As soon as they are in Manik was left out with Cabir in the corridor. Cabir pulled Manik in his embrace to give him all the support he needs. But Manik is no condition to be calm and relaxed right now. 
Cabir make him sit in the chair on the side and he started calling the family. 

Manik rest his head in the wall 
behind and closed his eyes. A line of tears started flowing from the edge of the eyes. 

Paas aaye
Dooriyaan phir bhi kam na hui
Ek adhoori si hamaari kahani rahi

Aasmaan ko zameen ye zaroori nahi
Jaa mile jaa mile
Ishq sach wohi jisko milti nahi 
Manzilein manzilien

The time when Nandini took care if him when he was in hospital flashed in front of him. How he met her after so many years. How they got back together. How they became one after marriage. Everything was running like a movie clip in front of his closed eyes. 
They were happy. They were joyful. They were enjoying. But all of this goes poof like a dream. 
He never thought that he will loose her again. This feeling is taking his heartbeat away. It's making him choke his breath in his heart. 

Rang thei noor tha
Jab khareeb tuuu tha
Ek jannat sa tha yeh jahaaan

Waqt ki ret pe kuch mere naam sa
Likh ke chood Gaya tu kahaaan

Hamaari adhuri kahani
Hamaari adhuri kahani

After a good full hour the lights of operation theater closed and the Doctor came out removing his mask. 

"Doctor how is she...is she safe... did she lost lot of blood... can I see her..." Manik showers lot of questions on him wiping his tears. 

"Relax young man... calm down,.. she is out of danger now..." as soon as doctor said that Manik released a breath of relief which he was holding. 
"But she lost a lot of blood and she is very weak. Because of that we have to wait for her consciousness... to check her vitals...then we can say her complete blood report." 

"Woh hosh mein kab tak aayegi..." Manik asked hopefully. 

"We can't say yet...,,The bullet has just hit her two centimeters away from her aorta. She is saved by mere inches... she is out of danger now... but due to the blood loss her blood pressure has gone down so it can take eight to twelve hours for her to recover and wake up..." Doctor patted Manik's shoulder. 
"Don't worry young man... she'll be fine.., just pray for her health... she survived a near death situation..."
Doctor walked away from him. 
Manik sank back into his chair. 

Everyone came to the hospital as soon as they got the news. Manik was sitting on the chair with Nandini's blood on his t- shirt. Chachi saw it first. She came to him and place her hand on his shoulders. 
He lift his face and looked at her with his red swollen eyes. 

"Chachi main le aaya usey... but she's not talking to me Chachi.., tell her na... to talk to me... she is sleeping and not getting up... please Chachi aap usey daantiye naa... woh zaroor aapki baat maanegi..." Manik broke down in chachis arms again crying his heart out like a baby.. 
Chachi was heart broken hearing his cry. 
"Manik... beta sabar karo...woh ab khatre se baahar hai... thodi der mein hosh mein aa jaayegi... tum sambhalo apne aapko..." Chachi rubbed his back. 

"Aur nahi to Kya... she has to come back to us...usey wapas aana hoga... hum sab ke liye... aur tumhare liye...". Amms said. This is the first time she said something after all day long. 

Rohit too came to him and said. 
"Manik, son don't loose hope now... you did your job... you fulfilled your duty by saving her... now it's the Gods responsibility to bring her back to us... so have faith... everything will be alright. ..." 

"Haan Manik..., Nandini ko uske Aiyyappa pe bahut trust hai na... he will bring her back..." Mukti told him hugging him..." just don't loose hope now...". She too patted his back. 

Manik heard every one. He still feel restless. He walks away from each one of them slowly taking one step at a time. He can't see her like this wrapped in bandages. He grabbed the keys from Cabir's hands and just ran out of the hospital to his car. 

He drove on the streets of Goa city not knowing where he was going. He just drive and drive... maybe running away from all these disastrous situations. But he can't... he can't run away from her...  
He can't leave her like this and go anywhere. Driving all this while he came in front of the same church from where Nandini disappeared. He parked the car and went inside. As it's night so there's only a few people who was already leaving. 

How ironic... it's the same place where Nandini got disappeared in the morning, and he came to this church in the same night. He didn't know why. He is also Drawn towards it. He sat on his knees in front of the bench and stare at the statues of mother Mary and Jesus for a long time. 
At last tired of staring he started talking. 

"She came to you, out of happiness. Out of devotion. She was happy... and in that happiness she didn't forget about you. She always remembers to come to you and offer her thanks to you... but you disappointed her and me..." he was looking in the front and speaking his heart out. 
"She made me believe in you.. and I somewhat started to have faith in you... but you broke my trust again...despite of the risk that our lives are in danger, I still bring her here... because I was having this slight comfort in my heart that you will support us and protect us... but you disappointed both of us... you lost my trust again..." he kneeled on his knees and combined his hands. 

"she believed you... she always believed you... never ever lost hope in you... and you... you are giving her this in return..."
"she just came to visit you... with so much hope and expectations... please don't make her loose that..." 
"You can't do this to me again..." his face was covered with tears that was falling non stop from his eyes. He was trying unnecessarily to wipe it off but it's not stopping. 

" she trusted you... she has blind faith in you... and you... you let her down... usse agar kuch ho Gaya naa.. than I will never ever step into your house in my life...". He looked unbelievably. 

"Uske badle mein meri jaan le lo, but please usse theek kardo...main uske bina jee nahin paaunga... mar jaaunga... agar woh theek nahi hui toh... than I will take my life away... here right in front of you... do you understand..." he yelled. 

"You have to understand, I'm not giving you any other option... you have to give her back to me...". 

"Nandini... please wapas aajaao... you know I can't live without you..."
Manik is lost in his thoughts fighting with himself and expecting a miracle to happen and his Nandini could just appear from the entrance and run in his arms. But that's not going to happen. At least not now. 

He felt a pat on his shoulders. He turned around and saw Cabir standing with s heartfelt smile in his face. 
"Chalien..." Cabir didn't say anything as he already heard his plea when he was watching him struggling with the God from afar. 

"Tu chal main aata hoon..." Manik didn't budge from his place. 

He felt very heartbroken seeing his brother like friend suffering so much. He couldn't do anything to take away his pain. But at least now that the things are in control, Cabir decided that Manik should fight and let out his frustration however way possible. He followed him when Manik left the hospital. 

Cabir kneeled beside him in front of the bench. 
"Manik... I know you can't see what Nandini is going through... and I'm sure woh uupar waala bhi tum dono ko itna suffer hote hue nahi dekh sakta... " Cabir glanced at the front and said. 

"But Manik she is your life... and in the same way you are hers. she needs you right now more than anything... tujhe nahi lagta jab usey hosh aaye tou tujhe wahan hona chahiye...
 woh tujhe dekhna chahegi, Manik jab woh apne aankhein  kholegi... be there for her Manik... when she opens her eyes... trust me you will forget everything seeing her back..." 
As they say that there's someone made for everyone to bring back the liveliness and hope in ones life. 
Cabir is playing that part in Manik's life. 

Manik got up with a very heavy heart and followed Cabir to the hospital. 

 The whole family is waiting out side in the waiting room. Even Amms wanted to wait till she wake up. 

He entered her ICU room and closed the door behind him.

He leaned at the door and watched his soulmate, his Nandini, his lifeline is laying on the hospital bed still unconscious in wires and IV pipes attached to her delicate body. 
Oxygen mask is covering half of her face. Some bandages were sticked to on her forehead and arms for the bruises and scratches that she's got other than the gun shot. 

She still looks beautiful in her unconscious state. It took Manik's breath away seeing her like this. He never thought that he will ever see her like this in his life. He never expected. 
A lone teardrop fall on his cheek. He walked slowly to her and watched her constantly without blinking. 
Then he turned around and grab a stool from the side and sat on it close to her left side. 

He hold her right hand in his and entwined her fingers with his. 
"Nandini... please waapas aa jaao... I can't live without you... dekho tumne kaha tha you will never leave my side ever... you have to keep your promises... meri zindagi kuch bhi nahi hai Nandini... tumhare bina main kuch bhi nahi hoon..." her back of the hand is resting on  his cheek. And his tears are flowing on her hand. 
"I love you Nandini... please mere liye... wapas aajao..." he said again. Pleading and begging he didn't know when he fall asleep resting his head in her bed he didn't remember. 

It was morning and sun rays hit his face and the movement in her body wake him up. He saw that she is moving her hands and face and gaining consciousness. 

When Nandini was getting back the ache in her body was still intact. She couldn't focus on her surroundings as if she was getting the worst flu ever. She was in bed, which means she survived. The bullet that hits her has taken away her consciousness. 

Last thing she remembered was going down on the floor. But she heard Manik's voice telling her something. She couldn't recollect what. 

Where is he. Is he alright. What if he got hit too. No no... I have to find him. She tried to open her eyes,but the heavy sedatives is making it very hard to move her limbs. 

With very difficulty she opened her eyes. Her eyelids still heavy. The first thing that came out of her mouth is 


"Manik..." she became restless. 


"I'm here... Nandini... my dear... I'm right here..." Manik hold her hand in his and bend down on her. He caressed her forehead. 
"Are you ok... open your eyes sweetheart... look at me..." his voice is choking in his throat hearing his name from her after one full day. It's an overwhelming feeling seeing your life getting back to life again. 

Nurse came in the room and was happy to see Nandini awake. 
"I'll call the doctor... please don't stress her..." she ran out of the room to get the doctor. 

Nandini opened her eyes. 
"Where am I..." she turned her head to her sides to check. That she is in a hospital room. She saw the IV is connected to her arm. 
"You are in a hospital honey.. you have been hit by a bullet..."Manik gulped down the lump in his voice and said. "Now you are out of danger... doctors saved you... and you here with me...".

"How are you feeling now..." he asked after studying her for a few seconds. 
"Very...weak... and pain here..." she took her hand to her stomach where she has been hit. It killed Manik to see her in pain. 

The throbbing pain is making her irritated. She tried to a get up. But the sharp pain in her stomach is very bad and didn't let her. 
"Uh uh... honey don't get up yet... you are still in pain... please... leti raho.." he came near her and make her elevated by adding one pillow more under her head. 

"Tum...theek...ho..." she asked glancing at him. 
Suddenly his eyes goes watery and he remembers the previous day's fight and survival. 
"I'm ok...I'm perfectly fine..." he hide his pain in his voice.. but Nandini can figure it out how devastated he could have been in her unconscious state. 

She lift her right hand and signed him to come. 
"Yahan aao..." 
He came forward near her. 
She glide her hand behind his neck and pulled him with her weak hand. 
She make his head rest on her shoulder. 
Manik felt relaxed and comfortable on her shoulder. He felt that he is home. This is his home. Where he can survive for a lifetime. He didn't even realize that he is wetting her shoulder with his tears. 
"Never... never ever do that to me again...you gave me a heart attack... never in your life think of leaving me alone like this... I will not talk to you than... don't ever pulled that stunt on me... samjhi tum... you took my life with you..." he was taking out his frustration by blabbering his heart out. 

Even Nandini got emotional and a line of tears started from the edge of her eyes. 
"I'm sorry... I'm very sorry... ab kabhi Aisa Nahi karungi... but only on one condition..." she said. 
Manik lift her face and glanced into her eyes that is only mere inches away. 
"You will not cry again... promise me that you will not let any of these precious pearls let go from these beautiful eyes..." Nandini touched his eyes and wiped of his tears. 

A smile break through from his dried lips in this situation. He couldn't resist himself from kissing her. He pecked her lips lightly smiling.

"I promise... but tum bhi promise karo... ki jaldi theek ho jaaogi..." he said looking at her lovingly. 
She nodded her head in a yes. He moved up and kissed her forehead. Doctors entered the room along with the family members.

"Well well I think by the looks and condition I can see that this beautiful girl has already started healing and recovering..." doctor said. 
"But ladies and gentlemen... this is still ICU... and these many people are not allowed here... her wounds are fresh... she needs rest...and she will be transferred to a regular room... after that you can visit her..." doctor informed and one by one they emptied the room. 

"She had to stay here at least for a week. Because as I told you... she survived almost a near death situation.. we wanted to make sure that she recovered completely..." Doctor gave the instructions.

"What about the wedding..." Nandini asked innocently getting worried.
Manik laughed at her innocence heartily thinking at the state she is in and still worried about the wedding..

Nandini felt so happy seeing him laugh openly from his heart. She knew that he must be worried to death because of her. But she make him laugh. 

End of part 24

Emotional right 
I know even I got emotional writing it

Hello friends 
How are you all 
Busy with the exams or preparations

This is the last second chapter
The mpnext will be the last chapter and then epilogue 

So how is it. 
Give me your comments and lemme know wedding hogi 
Ya Nahi

Let's see who will guess right. 
Thank you all everyone for all your support through out 

I will miss writing this story
But every good thing comes to an end 
With a good note. 

So with a hope of getting good response 
I'll take your leave
Take care and stay blessed 

And always keep smiling 

Love you all

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Cute_Inaya Goldie

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Posts: 1821

Posted: 21 January 2017 at 9:25pm | IP Logged

Yayyeee... As usual me first...

Sorry honey pot for being late...

Update was heart wrenching... as well as action triller and superbly awesome honey bun...

U know First part was so Interesting... I mean I was so curious like usne kidnapped kiya kaise.. 
But I must say he has made a very good plan though...
Har ek move pr wo beast well prepared tha...

That Money mined women... 
Hufff... She doesn't deserve to be called a Mother...  How could someone stoop so low...

Second half  was so emotional..
When Manik was crying in his dads arms and blaming himself... 
He was so lost ... he was cursing himself for everything happened to her...
He can't imagine his life without her...
She is his Sanity... his world revolve around her... 

Then chachi boost him up...
She puts some brain in his mind...

Chachi herself was so shattered but when She saw her Manik needs her...
She forget all her pain and worries and consoled him and gave him strength...

U made my eyes teary...
Well portrayed  sweetie ...

I agree with u sweetheart ...
Mother 's love is like nothing else in the world...
She protect us ...She loves us like anything ... when she saw that her children is loosing hope tou wo humme fight back karne ke liye encourage karti hai..
Really Mumma jaise koi nhi...

Finallyyy... Dectective Manik is back in action...
That's the spirit my boy...

I really loved my tigress Nandini ... the way she was giving back answer to them...
It was really very good...

That little boy ... he is an angel for Manik...
He help him alot...
Sadly is the bitter truth of our society ...
Kids wants to learn... they want education but sadly they don't have enough opportunity...

Manik ki hero wali entry...
The whole fight sequence was superb...
It seems like I am watching some action movie...

These people are so blind in their revenge...  But they forget that life is too short to waste time  hating people...

Finally Nyonika and Harshad's chapter are closed... they are no more...

OMG...  Nandini was shot...
When he saw his life is laying lifeless... 
He lost his sanity... he was feeling so helpless...

Cabir was also feeling so helpless ... 

Hospital part was so emotional... 
Song was perfect for this situation...
I can't even describe in words how I was feeling that time when  I read that part...

Manik 's condition was unbearable... 

Church part...
Manik was complaining to God... he was
 begging for his life...
Really sweetheart u just nailed it in that part...
It feels so real... 

Cabira is in true  sense a good friend cum brother... who never his leave his buddie alone even for a second...  

Thank God... Nandini gain her consciousness..
The way she called Manik...
And then Manik cried in her arms.. 
That part was soo emotional...

Then He took a promise from her... 
Too cute...

Yup... Of course sweetie pie Shaadi tou hogi aur Zaroor hogi...

Really Well penned each and everything ...
U did an amazingly wonderful job sweetheart...

Loved it...

Thanks for pm..
Keep Smiling...
Stay blessed...
Lots and lots of love...

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Cynto Groupbie

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Posted: 21 January 2017 at 10:11pm | IP Logged
Pliz don't let harshad touch nadini pliz it a request

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