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MANAN FF DESTINED LOVE STORY #2 last part pg 146 updated (Page 134)

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Shocking promo 
Update soon...

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W...H...A...T... THE F**K ...




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Hell of a shocking promo .. and the news at tge end too... but yeah continue soon. Eagerly waiting  ... take care         ... stay blessed... Smile

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Awsm promo
Why are u ending it so soon?

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Shocking promo cont soon

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Plzz cont soon

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Tooo shocking promo...
Waiting for update
But why are u ending this story???

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Important note

Dear friends
I'm using some real pictures of Basilica church of Goa. Other than that the story is totally a fiction. It has nothing to do with real life or real places.
If by chance I'm hurting someone's feeling, than I really want to apologize.
I didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings. 


Part 23

It was the day of Sangeet, And they all were very excited that they will be on their own to perform not being cautious. No one will be there to judge them though they are THE best but still they want to be themselves. 

After lunch everyone left to their rooms to get ready for the event. Mr. Malhotra asked them to enjoy to the fullest but staying in the premises. 

Manik wanted to see Nandini and he was trying to sneak in her room but right at that moment his dad caught him. 
When Manik was slowly opening the door of her room Rohit pat on his shoulder. 
"Ahem ahem..." Rohit coughed. 
He straightens himself hiding his embarrassment. 
"Woh... dad... I'm just...umm.." he stutters with words. 
"Haha... I can see myself in you  right now... Main bhi aisa hi hua karta tha, don't worry..." he bend closer to his face and whispered. 
"I won't tell anyone..."
Manik hugged his dad on being a typical teasing father. 
"I love you dad...". Manik's eyes became watery. 

"You know I've seen a different side of you since last couple of weeks. And I really loved this side of yours. Because of you all,  I'm living the time of my life. Me and Nandini are very thankful to you..." a tear drop fell on his cheek despite of his struggle to stop it. 
"I love you son... your smile and your happiness matters to me so much... kaash I would have given you this before..." Rohit got emotional too. 
Manik diverts the topic noticing the box in his hands. 
"But Aap yahan, koi khaas kaam hai..." he asked. 
"I came to give this to Nandini. Actually I didn't gave anything to Nandini. I don't know all this rituals but I thought I should give her something from me..." he forwarded the box to show Manik what he brought. 
"Ok dad.. lets go give it to her..."
"Oh and Manik.." before Manik knocked on the door he called him. 
"Yes dad..." 
"The security people are all on their duty. They are watching and covering the house very strictly. You can enjoy the events without any tension..." Rohit assured him. 
"Thanks dad..." Manik was glad that everything was happening as it's supposed to be. 

Manik knock on the door. In few seconds Chachi opened the door. 
"Oh Manik bete... tum..." she was surprised to see him because they were just downstairs together. 
"Woh actually Chachi..." he hesitated and Manik's dad came in front. 
"Actually.. I came to see meet Nandini..." he said. " so I bring manik along..." 
"Aaiye na bhai Saab..." Chachi said and Manik took a breath of relief. 
"Thanks dad..." he whispered into his dad's ears when Chachi gave way to them. 
Amms was also there helping Nandini getting ready. As soon as Nandini saw Rohit she went  and hugged him. 

"I'm sorry I'm disturbing you people... I know you are getting ready, but I have something to give her..." he trace his hands on Nandini's head with affection. 

He pulled out a jewelry box and placed it on Nandini's hand. 
"I did not know the rituals, but I thought of giving you a gift... I hope you like it.." he said. 


Nandini took the box from his hands and opened it. Her mouth was wide opened in an awe. She covered it with her hands. It was a beautiful diamond set. 
"Dad this is beautiful. I loved it..." she hugged him again. Manik was enjoying the way Nandini and his dad building the bond between them. 
"God bless you my child... khush raho..." Rohit blessed both Manik and Nandini.  
"Ok kids... be ready and get down.. tab tak I'll check the arrangements..." saying this Rohit left the room. 

"Nandu I've done almost everything... I'll go get ready now... chaliye amma hum bhi ready ho jaate hai..." Chachi saw that Manik and Nandini want to spend some time together so she excused herself. But before closing the door she banged it with her bangles. 
Both Nandini and Manik startled and turned. 
"Jaldi aana... ziyada der mutt karna..." before she goes she winked at them and closed the door behind her. 

Nandini was dressed in midnight blue lehnga and a matching blouse and dupatta. It feels like the stars came down to enhance her beauty sticking on her clothes. Nandini saw that Manik was wearing almost same color kurta and white pajama to match with her. 



Manik turned to Nandini and was staring at her. His hard eyes taking her in. His face is showing so many emotions at a time. And the most revealed emotion was love. 
Nandini felt self conscious. She lifted her chin and met his gaze. Manik stepped closer to her 

He took her face in his hands and looked into her eyes for a long moment. He wanted to smash his lips into hers and kiss her hard and make her moan his name, but he didn't. He knows that if he starts anything than it's not going to stop. He couldn't control himself. 

But still he moved closer to her, letting her know that he is about to give her a kiss. He wanted her to pull herself away, but she didn't. 
She moved more closer to him willingly. His lips met hers. 

Her mouth was welcoming as always. Her lips were sweet tastes like strawberry because of her lipgloss. Her skin soft under his fingers. 
It was a slow kiss that Nandini moaned in his mouth causing him to grow so hard. 
But he ignored the urge to take her right there. 
His fingers roam on her bare back clutching her skin. 
She could feel his anxiousness through his hands which is not ready to leave her body. 
She broke the kiss before it take them any further. 
He looked at  her lips, they were pink and swollen and her face was looking damn beautiful. She bit her lower lip with anticipation, but he stopped her. 
"Hey, That's my job... don't ruin it.." he dabbed his thumb over her lips and said. 
"Let me touch you Nandini, please..." His pleas killed her and she couldn't stop him anymore. But she has to, otherwise they can't go down soon and it can create a scene. 

She looked at him and nodded. She pulled his face to her and kissed him gliding her fingers behind his neck. 
His hands is all over her body to explore every inch of her. His fingers digged into her waist and pulled her more closer. 
He left her lips and dipped on her neck nibbling and dropped slow and seductive kisses. 
Their intimate moment was broken by the knock on the door. 
"Nandu tum log jaldi ready ho kar neeche aa jao... hum sab wahin wait karenge..." it was Chachi who gave the information and went away. 
Manik rest his forehead with hers. He pulled her for a hug. She was so close to him that she could feel his tightness in between her legs. Every inch of her body was pressed against his. There was no space in between them. 

His face spread in a wide smile. 
"Yeah I know... your touches, your nearness just turned me on. I don't know how I'm gonna go out in this condition..." his voice was raw, he is hiding his face in her neck at the sensitive parts. 
Nandini tighten her grip and held him like that.  She want him to be normal before they go out. 
"Just one more day... only today and tonight then I'm all yours... I won't stop you...ever..." she said softly. 

She make him sit on the bed. 
"Thanks for making my wishes come true..." she said when he sat beside her. 
"Manik Ek baat kahun maanoge..." she asked taking his hands in hers. 
"Hamesha aise hi Mujhe pyaar karna... kabhi bhi mujhe apne se dur mutt karna..." she said very softly. 
"Nandini I will always be there with you...why are you feeling so insecure..." Manik asked looking at her. 
"I'm not insecure, I'm just saying, Ek baat dil mein aayi tou Maine keh diya..." she paused. 
"And... don't get mad... just hear me out ok... agar kabhi main tumse kuch der ke liye dur ho jaaun..." Manik covered her mouth with his palm. 

"Don't talk like that... don't ever talk about getting separated... tumse dur hone se Pehle main apni jaan de doonga..." 
"Hum kabhi bhi alag nahi honge... siwaay maut ke hume koi sl*g nahi kar sakta..."
Nandini smashed herself into his chest. 
"Per tum kabhi bhi kisi bhi haalath main himmat nahi haarna..." Nandini said hugging him tight. 
Manik pulled her with a jerk. 
"Nandini kyun itni depressing baatein kar rahi ho..." Manik thought he didn't even told her about Harshad's runaway. Why is she talking like this. 
"I don't know Bas... I'm skeptical I think... Ek saath itni khushiyon ki aadat nahi hai na... so maybe I'm just worried... kahin hamari khushiyon ko meri hi nazar na lag jaaye..." she said. 
Manik pulled her again to hide her in his arms. As if protecting her from the whole bad world. He hugged her tight. 
"Kuch nahi hoga... hum hamesha saath rahenge aur khush bhi rahenge... samjhi tum... and don't talk rubbish..." he warned her. 
"Ok baba... nahi karungi... calm down..." she could feel his heart beats faster and diverts the topic. 

"Acha Mujhe kuch aur kehna hai... and I promise it's not depressing..." 
He didn't say anything. 
"Manik..." she rest her head on his shoulder. 
"Meri Ek aur wish hai... Kya tum puri karoge..." she asked very innocently. 
"Bolo... agar mere bas mein hoga tou zaroor puri karunga.." he said giving a kiss on her hair. 

"I want to go to the famous church in Goa. I want to visit there before I take vows with you..." hearing her wish Manik stayed still in his place. 

He didn't want Nandini to think that he can't fulfill any of her wishes. That too this small one. But how...
'How am I gonna fulfill your wish Nandini, dad has strictly ordered me not to go out of the house, that no one should leave the premises of the villa. How will I explain you...' Manik thought with so much of resentment. 
"Manik Kya soch rahe ho..." she shook him by his shoulders. 
"Hmm...Kuch nahi..." he answered thoughtfully. 
"Ok I will let you know when we can go according to the situation..." he pressed her shoulders. 

Finally the bride and the groom arrived at the designated venue, which of course is at the back of the house. It was very simply decorated with the seasonal flowers and lights to enhance the scene. A small stage has been set for the bride and groom to be seated. 
The sound of the waves is giving natural music to the atmosphere. And the ocean is adding an extra element to the decorations. 


Manik and Nandini stepped down the deck to join others. As it was only a small family event with few friends involved, all are present there ready to rock n roll on the music. 

"Kya Manik, Ek din aur hai tu sabar nahi kar sakta na... 24/7 tujhe Nandini ke saath rehna hai, haina..." Mukti bombarded with complaints as soon as they entered. 
Manik felt embarrassed in front of all of them but he recovered and said..
"Mukti jab Teri shaadi hogi na... than i will ask you and Abhimanyu that if you both can stay away from each other..." hearing him Mukti turned red feeling the taste of her own medicine. 
Abhimanyu was standing right beside her so he too added something. 
"True that Manik. I totally agree with you. When we get married than I'm gonna take her away from you all for at least 6 months so that no one can bother us..." he put his arm on Mukti's shoulders and pulled her closer. 
"Kyun Mukti main sahi keh raha hoon na." Mukti bend her head down fidgeting with her fingers not to know what should she say. This is the first time it's happening to her that she is being shy.  And everyone got a chance to tease her. 

"Arey Cabir,look here... our very own Mukti... sharma rahi hai..." Manik called Cabir. 
Cabir came and joined the teasing team. 
"Oh ho ho... yeh Mukti ho hi nahi sakti... Mukti, where did you hide our friend... what did you do to her..." Cabir was annoying her more.
"Cabir chup kar..." Mukti's voice came out of her mouth as a whisper. 
"Dekha iske moohn mein tou zabaan bhi nahi hai... I'm pretty sure now...this is not our Mukti.' Cabir couldn't stop. 
"Bas karo Cabir..." it was Nandini who tried to stop Cabir. Because she can see that Mukti is being uncomfortable. As Abhimanyu and his father are both watching her and enjoying her uneasiness. 
Aliya came and diverted them. 
"Ok guys... let's start the program. So as it's a very casual and family event. One by one each couple will come in the middle,  sing and dance whatever they want..." she turned towards the older people and said. 
"Uncles and aunties you are also invited to dance and sing whatever you want."  

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