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MANAN FF DESTINED LOVE STORY #2 last part pg 146 updated (Page 127)

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When all of them got ready Nandini looked for her mangalsutra but couldn't find it. She turned to Aliya and Mukti and said. 

"I left my mangalsutra in my room, I'll go get it..." Nandini said and walked out the room before anyone can stop her. 
She came in her room and went towards the dresser to search her mangalsutra. She heard a click on the door and turned to see who it could be. As usual her naughty husband is standing near the door leaning his back on it. 

He was looking like a prince in a light yellow color kurta and churidaar pajama. She felt a little tingling in her body. Because there stands her man who looks like he just  emerged from a film fare magazine. 
And Nandini's mangalsutra was hanging from one of his hand.
"You are looking for this right..." he asked her. There's a different kind of naughtiness in his eyes. Seeing him like that Nandini was already clean bowled. 
"Haan..." she cleared her throat and tried to look away not able to handle his intense gaze."can I have it..."
" tou yahan aakar le lo..." he said in a very soft yet hoarse voice. 
Her heartbeat started racing to the unlimited speed. But she didn't bother and started taking slow steps to him and raised her hand to get her mangalsutra. 

He moved his hand on the other side and didn't let her take it. She glared at him with a plead. 
"Paas aakar le lo..." he said. 
She took couple of more steps towards him. He pulled his hand back some more. 
"Aur paas..." he whispered again. She was already started melting with his mesmerizing and capturing gaze. 
She was standing so close to him that her face is few inches away from him. His warm breath is fanning her face. He moved his hands up on her neck, trailing his fingers all the way at her nape,  he tied on her mangalsutra on her neck. 
In those few minutes she Almost lost the balance in her knees and she grabbed his kurta to prevent from falling. 
He framed his hands around her waist and pulled her closer. 
"What.." he teased her." You waiting for something else ..." he smirks at her shy face. 
She came out of the trance and composed herself. "Nahi tou..." "main... woh... mm... mangalsutra lene aayi thi..." she fumbled on her words and moved away from him. And walked back to the dresser again. 
'Aiyyappa... aap bhi naa... main hi milti hoon aapko mazaakh karne ke liye... abhi abhi I was lost again in his charm...' she was mumbling to herself which Manik noticed. 

Manik grabbed the bowl of haldi and rubbed it in his palms hiding from Nandini. He fold his hands behind him and called Nandini. 
"Nandini, Ek minute..." 
she turned around and asked by her eyes. 'What'. 
He started walking towards her. Taking very slow steps. 

He advanced towards her holding her gaze with his. She couldn't look away from him. Her heart started to beating faster. She was loosing control. 

As soon as he reached closer to her she froze in her place not expecting what to do. Because she knows that he can do whatever he wants. As he thinks that she is his property and he has all the right on her. 

He grabbed her by her shoulder so close that their lips were just millimeters away. Her eyes went wide. And within no time his lips were on hers. 

His hands wander from her shoulders to her bare back. He shifted one of his arm to her hair and other went down to her lower back clutching it tight. 

Tingles rushed up her arms through her chest and and went down to her thighs making her go week in her legs. 

"Manik..." she moaned his name in his mouth. 
His lips left hers but his face still hovering over hers. He looked into her eyes and brushed his lips against hers one more time. 

He lifted her face with his index finger and said in a very hoarse voice. 
"It's my right, always to put haldi on you first. Never ever provoke me... ever again..." he was still so close to her that she can feel the rhythm of his breath. "Challenge karogi tou... khud he phans jaaogi..." he continued. 
Than she realized what just happened. Manik has rubbed haldi on her body 

When she looked over herself she saw that her arms and shoulders and her neck, it's all covered with haldi. She tired to looked at her back but she couldn't. Now that she is conscious she can feel something damp at her back too. 

He pushed her towards the mirror and made her look pointing towards the mirror. She tilted her head to see and her bare back is fully covered with a yellow color. 
She hugged herself and checked her back. Her bare back is all covered with haldi. 
"Manik..." she yelled. "You messed up my whole body..." she said irritatingly. 
He laughed out... "madam... your body is my property, so I have all the right to mess it up and do whatever I want... samjhi tum..." he said authoritatively. 
She was stunned by his answer.

" acha ok..." he make her relax. " let me help you clean up..." he took her in the washroom and after wetting a towel he wiped off all the haldi from her body. He wanted to do lot more with her body but he was controlling his raging hormones. 

Nandini on the other hand is trying to keep a distance from him so that she can be normal without going close to him. Because all this touching and getting close is not doing any good to either of them. After cleaning up they came out. Nandini turned to him and frame her arms around his neck. 

"Mr patidev... aapne tou apna kaam kar diya... ab mujhe bhi mauka dijiye... apna kaam Karne ka..." she said rolling her mouth.
"What kaam..." he asked putting his palms on her bare waist. It gave her a shiver again. But she avoided.
"Yahi,  Aapko haldi lagane ka..." she said touching her nose to his. 
"No no... you can't do that... main haldi waldi Nahi lagane waala..." he moved back from her and lift his hands up in the air. 
"Acha aisi baat hai... ok mujhe bhi aata hai mere handsome husband ko kaise haldi lagate hai..." she walked towards him holding her own hands behind her back. 

"Tum kuch bhi kar lo... I'm not gonna let you put the haldi on me..." he warned her. 
"Kuch bhi naa..." she rolled her tongue in her cheek in a mischievous way. 
He nodded his head. 
"Such lo..." she asked again and walked slowly towards him and he was walking back. He didn't noticed that his back was close to the bed. She grabbed the opportunity gave a little push. He landed on the bed. 
Before he composed himself. She sat on his lap and tied her hands around his neck again. 
"Mr husband..." she trailed her index finger from his forehead all the way to his cheek going down to his chin. He got an electric shock from her fingers. His heart started hammering in his chest. He was lost in the moment for now. 
She lifted his face with her finger and bringing closer she gave a feather like peck on his lips. He was drowned in her touches and closed his eyes. His hand travels around her waist. But she never mind and tried to be focused, because she has to put haldi on him. 
Grabbing the most beautiful opportunity she took the small bowl which was lying on the bed already, she dipped her finger and applied it on his cheek. He feels the touch of her fingers and his heart and mind was flying in the air.
She gave another kiss on his forehead.
He clutched her waist very tight. "Nandini..." he whispered.
She giggled. 
He came back from his la la land and jerked her hand away. 
"Mere kaam tou ho Gaya..." she got off from his lap and shake her finger in front of him. She was giggling like a little girl. 
"Nandiniii... youuu..." he ran after her to grab hold of her... but she was very quick this time and ran out of the room. 

Decorations for haldi

All the ladies gathered in the backyard to do the ritual of haldi. One by one starting from the oldest applied the yellow goowie paste on Nandini's body from her shoulders down to her hands to her feet and all over her face. They also applied the paste on each other too. 

"Arey sandal paste kahan hai..." Chachi asked looking for it.
"It should be here only Chachi..." Mukti said. 
"Maybe I forgot to bring..." Chachi said. "Mukti can you bring it.. if it is not on the kitchen counter than it should be in the storage next to the kitchen..." she said. 
Mukti said ok and walked inside. Abhimanyu follows her hiding from every one. Mukti searched the bowl of sandal paste but it was not there. She went inside the storage room next to the kitchen and looked for it. And she found it. When she was about to go she saw that's Abhimanyu was standing there blocking her way. 
"Abhimanyu.. what are you doing here.." she asked looking surprised. 
"I need to talk to you..." he replied. 
"Not right now... I'm in a hurry.. I have to go... Chachi is waiting for me..." Mukti said. 
"I know... but Chachi can wait few more minutes.. I'm not gonna take lot of your time.." he walked towards her. 
"Listen.. mera Rasta chodo... I have to go.." she too walked towards the door. Her mood was fine and she was liking the way Abhimanyu taking over on her. 
"Ok than.. let me apply this haldi on you than you can go... waise bhi you didn't let anyone touch you... and I'm sure you wanted me to apply it first on you... so here I am.." he shows the little bowl of haldi. 
"Haha... you wish...you must be kidding right... you live in a dream world.."Mukti said sarcastically. 
"No... I live totally in a real world.., and my intentions are clear.. I want to apply this on you with a clear heart and pure intentions..." he stepped forward and she stepped backwards. 

"Abhi I'm telling you, don't even dare coming near me..." Mukti was taking small steps backwards.
"Warna Kya karogi... you'll scream... ok go ahead... scream as loud as you want... I only want to put this thing on you... chachi said that if I put this on you than you will become my wife somehow..." he also took small and slow steps towards her. "I don't believe in this rituals... but I seriously want to marry you..." he said. 
"If you really really do not want me to apply this on you than stop me..." he came very close to her. She couldn't go back further as her back already hit the wall behind her. Mukti' says face was shocked after hearing him about marriage.

Abhimanyu lift his hand with the paste in it closer to her cheek. Mukti turned her face on the other side. He still takes his hand near her face. 
He touched her cheek with his haldi hand and she closed her eyes feeling the coldness of the paste. And also the warmth of Abhimanyu's fingers. He caresses her cheek slowly with love. 
He cupped her face in his hands. And turning towards him. 
"Look at me Mukti..." he demanded in a softer tone. 
She opened her eyes to see his intensive eyes on hers. 
"I want to marry you.. I want to take care of you... I want to share your pains and sorrows... shaadi kar lo mujhse mukti..." Mukti felt the pure intentions in his pleads. She felt the sincerity in his voice. She smashed herself on to him, that all the haldi on his hands smudged on her face and her hair. 
She sniffed in his chest. He felt happy and content. 
"Ab ro kyun rahi ho.., yaar you agreed on my proposal... still you are crying..." Abhimanyu tried to cheer her up. " tum ne apni life ka Ek, one and only correct decisions liya hai... and you are crying..." Abhi said. 

Mukti jerked herself away from him and looked at her furiously." You mean I agreed to marry you... and this is the only right decision that I took of my life..." she asked. 
"Yes... absolutely.." he shrugged his shoulders. 
"So I should feel lucky..." she asked again. 
"Yes..." he replied taking it easily. 
"Ok than I'm not going to marry you..." 
"What... so you agreed... you will marry me... yesss yesss.." Abhi pulled his arms with the victory. 
Than Mukti realized that she just agreed on marrying him. And she was in an awestruck position right now. 
"Thank you thank you..." he bend in and kissed her cheek. "Just wait till I propose you officially..." he kissed her again. She is looking at him blankly. 
'What just happened..." is all she can think..
Abhimanyu drag her out of the store room. And left her there to proceed with his other plan. 

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After Nandini's rituals were done it was Manik's turn. Chachi arranged everything again to perform the ritual for Manik. She already send Nandini inside to take a nice warm shower and get ready for the mehndi. Navya went with Nandini to accompany her if she needs any help. 
Mukti came and stands beside Chachi. She was looking for Abhimanyu and found him staring at her from a small distance. She got shy and turned away from him. 

"Manik beta... pata nahi kehna chahiye ya nahi per... Mujhe kuch  Acha nahi lag raha..." Chachi said being sad. 
"Why Chachi., what happened..." Manik asked sitting on the flower bed waiting for someone to apply haldi to him. 
"Nandu ki taraf se hum log hai... as her family... even for you we are your family... and your friends are also here... but agar tumhare koi apne hote tou aur Acha lagta... like your dad or mo..." Chachi stopped herself from saying the word mom. Because she knows how Manik's and his moms relation is. 
Manik felt the pain which he always use to hide within himself for so many years. He knows that he never have a decent mother who could fulfill his wishes. He is very unfortunate in this matter. But he has no other choice. 

"Koi baat nahi, hum ban jate hai Manik ki family..." Mukti said. " I will be his sister..." she continued. 
"And I will be his brother.." Cabir jumped in the middle.
"Aur main... Nandu ki dadi tou hoon , ab Manik ki bhi Dadi ban jaati hoon..." Amms forwarded her hand and touched his chin. 
"Mujhe tou tum waise bhi Chachi kehte ho... so I will be your Chachi too..." Chachi gave a smile. 

Manik's eyes started brimming with tears. He was overwhelmed with the love he is getting from his friends and from Nandini's family. 

"But no body can take the place of a father... am I right..." a manly voice grabbed everyone's attention. And all eyes turned towards the direction. 
Manik's father Mr Malhotra was standing in the entrance of the garden along with Abhimanyu's father Dr. Rajeev. 
"Dad..." the tears that was halted from flowing all of a sudden came down on his cheeks. He ran to him and hugged him for his dear life. "This is  better than everything. I  was expecting you tomorrow dad... but this is the best surprise I got of my life..." Manik said and both father and son became emotional. 

"Tou boliye behenji... ab bhi koi kami bakhi reh gayi hai...". Mr Malhotra asked. 
"Nahi bhai Saab...chaliye...aap hi ki kami thi... Sab se Pehle aap haldi lagaiye apne  bete ko.." Chachi said. 

All sat around Manik. Mr Malhotra dipped his index finger in the turmeric paste bowl and draw line on his face.
Everyone laughed at the way he applied haldi on Manik. They all were having lots of fun in doing the rituals. When done everyone went inside to freshen up to get ready for mehndi. 

The all wear casual anarkali frocks with churidaar s. Everyone was looking so good. Even though this was not the most grand function but as they have each other as their family and friends they do not need anybody else. 

The girls sat in a circle to apply mehndi on their hands. They hired couple of mehndi girls from the town so that it will be safer for them. 
"Mukti yeh idea kiska tha..." Chachi asked. 
"What idea Chachi..." she asked her. 
"Yehi catholic wedding ka..." 
"Mine... why you didn't like it..." Mukti got curious. 
"No no... I liked it... but you know it will look weird nai... you guys will wear western dresses and your hands will be full of mehndi.." Chachi thought. 
"No Chachi... it won't look weird but it will look interesting.. kabhi apne dekhi hai aisi shaadi, where we are doing all the Indian rituals and doing the wedding totally differently... trust me Chachi  bahut maza aayega..."  Mukti explained excitedly. 
"Haan mazaa tou bahut aa raha hai..". Chachi' voice was interrupted by Abhimanyu's voice. 

"Ladies and ladies... can I have your attention please..." Abhimanyu came in the hall with Manik Cabir Dhruv and even Manik's and Abhimanyu's dad with them. 

All the ladies looked up. 
"I have a very important announcement to make.." he said looking at Mukti. 
Mukti's heart was fluttering with anticipation with What's gonna come next. 
Abhimanyu came close to Mukti and held her hand. He make her stand up and faced her. 
"Mukti... I Abhimanyu wants to make witness all my friends and family who are present here and" he bend down on his knees and asked. "Want to propose you... will you marry me... will you be by my side through out our whole life. Will you be my wife. ..." Abhimanyu said with love. 
Mukti was dumbstruck with this announcement. She was expecting a proposal but not so soon and definitely not in front of her friends like this. 

"Jawaab do Mukti... my knees are killing me...I can't sit like this more..." and everyone burst into laughing on his comment. Mukti too smiled and looked here and there. 
She nodded her head. 
"Aise..." he asked..." you have to accept my proposal verbally... apni sweet si awaaz mein accept karo... so that all will witness it and hear it... and you won't go back from your words..." Abhimanyu asked again.
"Yes Abhimanyu... I will marry you..." she said. Add suddenly the hall echoed with claps and woos and cheers..

Abhimanyu put his hand in his pocket and took out a blue velvet box and opened it in front if her. 
Mukti gasped out loud. And cover her mouth with hers hand. Abhimanyu took her hand innis and turned to look at his father.
"Dad... may I..." 
His dad nodded his head quickly. Abhimanyu slide the ring in mukti's ring finger. And before Mukti could react to any of this Abhimanyu pulled her in his arms for a big hug. 
Aliya got up and ran towards Mukti and hugged both of them. 
"Congratulations guys..." she said. 
And one by one Manik Cabir Dhruv and Navya came forward and hugged them and congratulated them. 
"Wow Mukti... we didn't know that you guys were in love...baat yahan tak pahunch Gaye Aur hume kuch pats bhi Nahi..." Manik asked. 
You are right Manik... ab we all have to punish Mukti for hiding this big news from us.. so guys what punishment should we suggest for her..." this time Cabir added his point of view with a lively way. 
"How about if we get them both married... with Manik and Nandini..." Aliya gave a suggestion. 
Everyone goes quiet. 
Abhimanyu said.." that is a superb idea... kyun Mukti... what do you say...shaadi karle..." Abhimanyu said pressing her more to himself who is still in his arms. 
Mukti bend her head down blushing and smiling.
"Arey... arey... hasi tou phasi... isle matlb hai ki is ki bhi Hana hai..." Manik said bending down to study mukti's face. Being shy she hide her face in Abhimanyus chest. 

After the unexpected proposal of Abhimanyu and after settling down the girls went back to their mehndi designing. 
"Ladkiyon... mehndi ki rasam hai koi gana tou gao... " Chachi asked the girls who came along with the mehndi girls. And the girls grab some utensils from the kitchen and started singing songs.

mahandi mahandi mahandi mahandi
mahandi mahandi aj mahandi lagane ko
ayi hei bahana aour teree bhabheeya
mahandi mahandi mahandi mahandi
mahandi mahandi mahandi mahandi
aj mahandi lagane ko
ayi hei bahana aour teree bhabheeya
mahandi mahandi mahandi mahandi
mahandi mahandi mahandi mahandi

The girls were done with the mehndi designs and now they were feeling hungry. But their respective partners bring food for them to feed them. But Nandini went upstairs to take some rest. Manik was restless and he wanted to feed Nandini some how. He makes a plate and went upstairs. He saw Chachi going to Nandini's room. 

"Chachi.." Manik called her from the back. 
"Haan bolo Manik.." she said. 
Manik forwards the food plate to her and said" woh actually.." he hesitated. "Woh..." 
"Oh ho Manik... tum kab se sharmane lag gaye.. bolo Kya baat hai... yeh mere liye hai..." she checked the food and understanding that this food is for Nandini. She teased him. 
"Haan aapke liya hai..." immediately it came out of his mouth. 
Chachi gave a very wide grin. "Tum sach mein bahut hi clean heart ho... you don't want to make anyone upset... haina..." she asked. 
"Jee..." he gave a surprising look. 
"I know you wanted to feed Nandini as she didn't eat her dinner.and uske haathon mein mehndi lagi hai... am I right..." she asked. 
Manik bend his head down and smiled sheepishly. 
Chachi lift his face and bringing him down gave a kiss on his forehead. 
"Meri Nandini is very lucky that she got you as her husband and her partner. And I'm thankful to waheguruji that he brought you guys together again..." she gave a small pat on his cheek. "Jao usse khana khila do..." she said lovingly. 

"But what about woh rasam... that I can't see her after her haldi..." he asked curiously. 
"Koi rasam insaan se bad kar nahi hoti... aur yeh sab rasme hum insano ki banayi hui hai..." she smiled. 
"Sure naa..." he asked again to make sure. 
"Ab jaao warna main phir se restrictions laga dungi..." she said with a fake anger. "Aur Haan... itne bhi bhole nahi ho tum... Mujhe pata hai yeh maasoom si shakal bana kar mere saamne Mujhe patane aaye thei na..." Chachi asked. 
"No Chachi... bilkul bhi nahi... aisi koi baat nahi hai..." Manik tried to give explanations. 
"Theek hai theek hai... go now..." she ordered again. 
"Ok ok... but Chachi... Kya meri maasoom shakal kaam kar gayi... " he asked... and Chachi just nodded her head and gave another pat on his cheek. He grinned wide and went to the room laughing, where Nandini was resting. 
Chachi gave blessings to both of them. 

Manik walked slowly inside the room without making any noise. And as expected Nandini was relaxing on the bed. Resting her head on the headboard. Her hands and legs were covered with mehndi. 
She opened her eyes hearing the slight noise. As soon as she saw Manik she turned her face away.
"Manik tum yahan Kya kar rahe ho... Chachi said that we can't see each other..." she said freaking out. 
"Don't worry, relax... I took Chachi's permission before I came here..." he pulled a table and chair in front of her beside the bed. 
"Sach keh raha ho na..." " Haan baba... sachi... you can turn around now..." 

Nandini turned around and looked at him. He pointed to the food plate. 
"I brought food for you..." he said and make spoon for her. 
She opened her mouth and started eating. After few bites she took the spoon from him and forwards a bite to him. He looked at her questioningly. 
"I know tumne bhi khana Nahi khaya..." she said and put the bite in his mouth. 
They finished the food. Manik fed her water too. After she is done with the water she held his wrist and make him sat beside her. 
" thank you..." she said resting her head on his shoulder... " for making every moment memorable for me.." she took a deep breath. "Even though we are already married you are making me live every moment like an unmarried girl... making it more exciting, more interesting and more lively. You are fulfilling all my wishes... and thank you so much for that..." she lift her face and gave a tight kiss on his cheek. 
"I love you..." she said. 
Manik puts an arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer. 
"Tumhe thanks kehne ki koi zaroorath nahi hai... I want to see you smile every time. I want you to be happy always... and I promise you that I will never ever let this smile leave your lips..." he said pulled her more. 
"And I love you..." he concluded. 
They stayed in each other's arms like that for so many minutes. Taking in their scents. The silence is speaking for them and they are enjoying the quietness to the fullest. 

Manik got up after some time.
"Let me meet dad... since the time he came I didn't even talk to him..." he said. "you take some rest... I'll be back in sometime..." he gave a peck on her forehead and turned to go. Then again thinking something he came back. He bend to her face and said. 
"You are looking beautiful... as usual..." and he left without hear her reply.
Nandini pat her head and smiled widely.

Manik went to the terrace where his dad was sitting on the resting chair and was in deep thinking.
"Hey dad... what are you doing here alone..." he asked. 
Rohit didn't answer.
"Dad.. are you ok... you are lost somewhere..." he said again.
Rohit got off from the chair and walked to the railing. And after few seconds he spoke. 
"Harshad escaped from the prison...". Mr Malhotra said and Manik was shocked to the core after hearing the news. 
"But how..." he composed himself and said. " he can't be, the security around him was extremely tight. How can he escape.." 
"Nyonika.." Mr Malhotra just said her name and Manik's face goes red with fury. But before he say anything Mr Malhotra continues. 
"Nyonika bhi lapata hai... she is nowhere to be seen. Aman told me that after she speaks to me she left for Delhi... from there she disappeared somewhere and Harshad also escaped..." Mr Malhotra turned to Manik's and hold his shoulders. 
"Listen to me son... and listen very carefully.. I have already talked to the commissioner of police here, he is one of my friend. He called extra security from Mumbai... you just have to do only one thing... do not go out of the villa. Jo bhi chahiye... whatever anyone ask just ask the servants or guards to go and get  it. Until this wedding is over and Harshad is caught, don't let anyone go out of here understand..." he said in a firm tone. 
Manik nodded his head. 
"But dad.. he is a very dangerous man.. he is a criminal.. he can do anything... how can we be safe from him..." Manik really got scared this time. Because what all Harshad did with Manik and Nandini, anything can be expected from him. 
"Don't worry son... I've taken care of everything before I came here... you just enjoy your functions..." Rohit Malhotra said. 
"When you knew this.. why didn't you let us know, why didn't you tell me before..." Manik asked. 
"I didn't want to disturb you... most importantly I didn't want to take away the smile off your face... you look good when you smile and it gives me happiness when you are happy..." Rohit pressed maniks shoulders saying this. 
Manik was so glad after hearing his dad. He already knows that his dad care for him a lot but he didn't expect this much concern from him. That his smile is so precious for his father. 
He hugged his dad very tight. 
And Rohit hugged him back too. 

End of part 22

Hello friends and my lovely people 
How are you all 
I know I'm late and I'm so sorry for that. 
But I'm very very busy.
In spite of being busy I gave you a very long update
So how was it. 
Please please give me your feed back 
And let me know
How do you like it. 

Because I really didn't have time and I wrote this update in pieces 
So I need your honest comments 

And thank you for everything 
Thank you all for all your love and support through out. 

Take care and stay blessed 
And always keep smiling 

Love you all

Wait for the surprise 

Sneha dear thanks a lot for all your help
The trouble you go through to get all the pictures 
I really appreciate that. 
And a big THANKS to you for such long and interesting comments
Thank you 

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Finally like finally I am first...haaiyeee...TongueSmile

Secondly ... I am really sorry for being this late..
Actually it just slipped out of  my mind...

Wow... Update was Fabulous... Awesome... Amazingly beautiful... honey pot...

To start with the start...
Nandini and chachi was preparing breakfast for everyone... then Manik joined them...
Manik was teasing her aur chachi apne sone munde ka sath kaise na deti... hehe..
That part was very good...

Then Break fast part...
Chachi 's demand for celebrating all the rituals .. manik being the obedient son in law kaise na kehta cahchi ko...
Then chachi announced ki bride and groom ek durse se nhi mil sakte... 
Manik was like whattt...Shocked
Mukti being the evil soul enjoying his condition...
Here comes the saviour ... Cabiraa... wow kya idea diya...Smile

Then Manan convo...
Manik was saying he will apply haldi paste on her first..
Nandini dear when you know your hubby so well tou challenge nhi krna chahiye tha na...

Then Bedroom part...
Aww... when Nandini saw her dashing hubby wo tou clean bowled ho gyi... hehe...WinkEmbarrassed

Manik and his naughtiness..
Yrr yeh naughty avatar mei bhi itna cute lagta hai na...
Hayeee... loved the way he applied haldi on her...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

When Nandini see herself in mirror she got irritated... 
Then Manik said na... Ur body is my property and I have all the right to mess it up...Oh God... How possessive...
I really loved his lines...
That part was so hot and awesome...

OMG... Nandini is no less...either...
The way she applied haldi paste on him... 
Firstly I was shocked... ki yeh Nandini hi hai na.. haha...
Really Manik ki Company ka asar hai...
That part was  hot and superb...
Loved their Moments ...

Sweetheart pics is not working for me... I can't able to see them...
Anyways...Moving on...

Abhi applied haldi on mukti and purposed her...
Aww.. their part was cute...

Then... The Emotional part...
Cutie pie... u made me emotional Cry.. ''Indeed family is a blessing''...

When everyone was saying ki wo Manik ki side se bhi hai..
Manik was so overwhelmed with the love he is getting from everyone.. ...
That part was so touchy...
Then here comes Mr. Malhotra... I am so glad wo tou hai Manik ke sath...
that part was beautiful... and heart touching...

Then Abhi proposed mukti in front of everyone...
Aww... finally mukti accept his proposal.. 
That part was really amazing...

Mehandi function were done..

Then Manik and chachi part...
Awww... Manik was behaving soo innocent infront chachi... 
But chachi bhi sab samjh gyi...hehe...LOLWink

Then bedroom part...
Manan were feeding each other...
There moments were so cute... loved it...TongueBig smile

Then Manik and His dad's part...
Ooo... Harshad aur Nyonica dono gayad hai...
Now what are they planning...

I really Loved it ...
U penned down each and  everything so really well ... 
U did an amazing and great job sweetie pie...

Thank 's for pm...
Keep it up...
Keep smiling...
Keep shinning...
Stay always blessed...
Lots and lots of love...

Edited by Cute_Inaya - 08 November 2016 at 6:47pm

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ruchi116 Goldie

Joined: 25 May 2015
Posts: 1864

Posted: 01 November 2016 at 8:29pm | IP Logged
Amazing promo waiting for the update

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zarakhanarlover IF-Dazzler

Joined: 06 February 2015
Posts: 3723

Posted: 01 November 2016 at 9:00pm | IP Logged
Awesome update...

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megha94kumari Goldie

Joined: 09 August 2015
Posts: 1819

Posted: 01 November 2016 at 10:55pm | IP Logged
amazing part

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DesaiK Senior Member

Joined: 23 July 2015
Posts: 950

Posted: 01 November 2016 at 11:09pm | IP Logged
Superb hope harshad does nt create any problem in manan wedding

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rockstarlover IF-Rockerz

Joined: 20 October 2013
Posts: 6396

Posted: 02 November 2016 at 12:25am | IP Logged
beautiful update
loved manan moments
mukbhi r going to be married wow
manik is so caring
loved it
cont soon

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