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MANAN FF DESTINED LOVE STORY #2 last part pg 146 updated (Page 107)

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In the afternoon after lunch. 
"Yeh sab kahan chale Gaye Navya, did they say where they are going... " Nandini said while coming out of her room. She slept after the lunch. 
"Hume Manik Aur Cabir ka tou pata Nahi... Haan Aliya and multi  went to check nearby stores for some nice gowns and accessories for the functions... and dhruv went with them..." Navya said drinking her juice.
"You slept for a while nai... tumhari tabiyat to theek hai..." Navya asked seeing Nandini rubbing her eyes. 
"Haan who raat ko barabar neend nahi hui na issiliye..." Nandini sat on the couch next to her. Navya have no idea that Nandini slept with Manik in the store room.

"Nandini two three days mein tumhari shaadi hai Aur tum bilkul bhi dulhan Nahi lag rahi ho... jao kuch ache se kapde pehno Aur apna huliya bhi sudharo..." navya said studying  her not so good clothes and a little messy hair.

"kitni ajeeb baat hai na Navya... kismet ne Hume mujhe Aur Manik ko ek doosre se 8 years dur rakha... and now.. who hamari shaadi Kara rahi hai... in every way possible..." Nandini said thoughtfully.  
Navya too smiled and said" kismet tum dono ko Aise jodna chahti hai ki tum dono phir kabhi Alag na ho... Aur dekhna... mata rani tum dono per hamesha apni kripa banake rekhengi..." Navya touched her hands. 
"Agar amms ya chachi hoti tou.. woh tumhe aisi haalat mein bilkul bhi Nahi baithne deti..." Navya said getting mad. " go and change into something good..." 

Nandini became sad remembering her family. This is the third time she is going to get married to Manik, but her family is not present. She suddenly start missing chacha chachi and her brother Rishab. She didn't met him for two years. He must be   done with his college. 
"I'm sorry Nandini...". Nandini heard Navya and turned with a surprise.
"Sorry kyun bol rahi ho..." Nandini asked her. 
"Humne tumhe Sab ki yaad dila di..." Navya said. "Tum sab ko miss kar rahi ho na.." she asked. 
"Miss tou kar rahi hoon... but I don't know how to tell them and what to tell them... I mean of course they will be happy hearing about my marriage... but what if they get upset that I already got married without them..." Nandini was being confused and then she became sad also not being with them at her most important days of her life. 
Just then they heard the door bell..
"Main dekhti hoon..." Before Navya get up Nandini walked towards the door.
As soon as she opens the door her eyes popped out and her jaw fell open. She covered her mouth with both of her hands. 

"Oh my God, Chachi, Chacha..." she jumped and hugged Chachi. "Aap log.." she was so surprised that she couldn't talk out of shock. 
"Chal main tujh se baat nahi kar rahi... tu ne tou hume yaad bhi nahi kiya.. woh tou Manik ki wajah se hum yahan aaye hai... warna.. tu yeh shaadi bhi hamare baghair kar Leti hai na.." Chachi faked her anger and blurted out..
"Oh ho Shanno ji... aap bhi aate hi shikayat le kar baith gayi... thoda saans tou le lijiye..." Chacha Ji said and Nandini went and hugged him with teary eyes. 
"Arey Nandu rone ki koi baat nahi hai ab tou hum sab aa Gaye hai na.. dekho... Amma Rishab.." Chacha ji rubbed her back. 
"Rishab.." Nandini went and hugged Rishab. "I missed you.. so much..." she sniffed again with happiness. 
"Me too Dii... and congratulations on your wedding..." they all have a very happy time meeting and greeting each other. 
"Amms... I was missing you too..." she said hugging her. 
"Haan Kanna... when Manik told us about your friends plan I was so happy for you.. see Aiyyappa is making your relation with Manik so strong by getting you married so many times... God bless you kanna..." Amms blessed her kissing her forehead. 

"Waise Nandu... yeh Mangalsutra aur yeh sindoor tujhe bahut suit kar raha hai... badi hi pyaari lag rahi hai tu..." Chachi said hugging her with love. Nandini blushed and bend her head down. 
"Kya chachi aap Abhi Abhi  naraaz thi aur naraazgi khatam..." Manik came and bothered  Chachi. 
"Apni beti se bhi koi ziyaada der naraaz reh sakta hai bhala..." Chachi kissed Nandini's forehead. 
"Main tou bahut khush hoon ki kam se kam meri beti ko apni khushiyaan waapas tou mili." Chachi touched both Manik's and Nandini's chin and kissed them. 

"Yeh lo bhai saara luggage aa Gaya..." it was a familiar voice which makes everyone turned to the back. 
"Abhimanyu, you too.. when did you reached..." Nandini was surprised to see him. 
"Ohh tou it was all a surprise for you... no one told you anything right, I was in the same flight with your family you know..." Abhimanyu said. 
Everyone walked inside and went to get fresh. Nandini arranged food for them. Meanwhile Aliya Mukti and Dhruv also came back from the shopping. 

Mukti and Abhimanyu came face to face again one more time. 
Abhimanyu was looking forward to this meeting because he wanted to know Mukti's decision as he already knows that Mukti also feels the same thing about him. 
He came in the kitchen to help Nandini but instead of her he found Mukti there drinking water. 
"Wow look who I found.. mera tou aaj good luck chal raha hai..." he said smirking mischievously. 
Mukti tried to leave. But he blocked her way. 
"Mukti why are you avoiding me... I'm seriously waiting for you... I really want to give us a chance... ab tak you were busy in your life, but now, from where I see you are settled and your friends are also moving on in there lives... I want to start a life with you... please think about it..." Abhimanyu all of a sudden get very serious with his tone.
Mukti saw the seriousness in his eyes and was lost in the depth of it. And Nandini who was coming to get the food saw all this from outside the kitchen. She felt happy for both Abhimanyu and Mukti. As they both are very special people for her. She decided that she will do something to get them together. 

After all the members of the family were done with there food, it was still so much time left for the night to over. So Chachi said. 
"Bhai tum logon ko kahin ghumne Jana ho tou jao hum log rest karenge... waise bhi bahut thakaan ho gayi hai... aur kal se saari rasmein shuru hone waali hai..." 
"Haan bacho tum log jao aur ghum aao... we all will rest for the day..." even Amms also agreed. 
"Chal Rishab... let's go have some fun..." Manik said putting his arm over his shoulder. 
"Nahi jeeju, I'm also tired you guys go... I will rest.. kal se hum dhamaal karenge.." Rishab was not in a mood too. 
"Haan yaar Manik I just saw this very nice place nearby. Let's go there..." Aliya said. And everyone agreed. 
All of them changed and went to the nearby pub Aliya and Mukti was talking about. 

It was a small and cozy pub with lots of drinks, music and some good atmosphere. They were really missing the time spending together in a disc or clubs. 

They all entered as pairs including Navya. She hesitated first to go with her stomach showing a good amount. But Nandini and Mukti and Aliya instist so she came along. 

So everyone was having fun with each of their partners. But something unexpected happens. Somehow Manik gulps down a very strong drink which was there on the counter. 
Actually it was Mukti and Aliya's mischief. 
"I'm telling you na nothing will happen. He can manage a strong drink..." Mukti insist Aliya and Dhruv. While Nandini was sitting with Navya to give her company. 
"But Mukti.. he didn't drink after he came out from the rehab... what if he gets mad on us... what if he won't feel good when he gets to know..." Aliya was worried. 
"Kuch nahi hoga yaar.. we are here only naa we will handle him... and Nandini is also here... who better then Nandini can handle drunk Manik..." they agreed with much difficulty. And settled with the bartender. 

And he sneakily spiked Manik's drink with a strong booze. 
Suddenly the music was loud and wild. 
Manik started dancing in his mood on the music. 
"Ab dekho Manik the rockstar ka kamaal..." Mukti signaled Aliya and Dhruv. Cabir noticed that there's something fishy going on in these three. So he went to talk to Manik but instead he started singing. 

Bach-kaniyaan, thodi thodi aaj hogi
Zara bachh ke dikha
Man-maaniyaan, phir bhi nahi chalegi
Chahe hoja tu khafa
Jaana hai toh jaa, tujhe bhi hai pata
Saari raat hogi chedd-khaniyaan

He went to Nandini and pulled her by holding her hands. 

Banda main bachelor, tu kanya kanwari
Aaja ho jaaye thoda, lucky tu lucky me
Banda main bachelor, tu kanya kanwari
Aaja ho jaaye thoda, lucky tu lucky me
Haathon mein haath ki hai baat puraani
Aaja ho jaaye thoda, lucky tu lucky me

Aaj raat, aaj raat, Lucky tu lucky me
Aaj raat, aaj raat, Lucky tu lucky me

Nandini was like what the... how am I a kanya kunwaari and how is he a bachelor. She lift herself up holding his shoulders and smell his mouth. 'Oh Aiyyappa... he is drunk... ab yehi baki reh Gaya tha..' she thought. But Manik tried to kiss her feeling her so close to him. He pushed him. 
'How will I handle him...' she palmed her face. While he make her go swirly around fast and makes her dizzy. 

And Manik pinched her cheeks and sway her head on the sides and started singing again. 

Committent ke naam pe tu roz kare waar
Tere aage peeche ghoomun
driver bann ke main car
Co co.. college ka hero tha main
Tha main superstar baby
Pad gaya mujhpe bhaari
Tera pyaar pyaar pyaar
Break-up hua toh main dedh ghante roya
Phir pehli baar raat ko main chain se soya
Bed pe lete lete jal gayi light
Socha main hoon Macho Man
So lets get lucky tonight

Nandini was trying to make Manik relax but he is not in his senses to understand what she is doing. She sat on the chair with her head in her hands. She didn't want to deal with drunk Manik. At least not now. But all the others were enjoying there lovely bickering. 

Suddenly Mukti appeared in front of Manik and Nandini and sang. 

Tera luck luck luck, aaj naiyyo chalna
(chalna, chalna, chalna...)
Saare zamaane mein
Laakho deewaano ne
Roki raahi meri badi hi ummeed se
Dilon ki be-imaani se nahi me anjaani
Mauko pe dhoke diye maine bhi qareeb se

Mukti also danced swirling around Abhimanyu and and shaking her bootie and getting excited. But to her surprise even Abhimanyu joined her avoiding all the ignorance from her. 

Na main rokun, na na main tokun
Na na main teri in chaalon pe fida
Aa sikha doon, aa aa dikha doon
Na na.. na bhoolegi tu meri ye adaa

Banda main bachelor, tu kanya kanwari
Aaja ho jaaye thoda, Lucky Tu Lucky Me
Banda main bachelor, Lucky Tu Lucky Me
Aaja ho jaaye thoda, Lucky Tu Lucky Me
Haathon mein haath ki hai baat purani
Aaja ho jaaye thoda, Lucky Tu Lucky Me

 Abhimanyu pulled her holding Mukti's waist. She collided with a bang with Abhimanyu's chest. And before she could react Abhimanyu gave a tight kiss on her cheek and left her. Just like that. Mukti was frozen on her place for few seconds. But her trance was broken by Manik's voice. And she smiled on herself touching her cheek. Abhimanyu also noticed this from a far. 

Banda main bachelor, tu kanya kunwari
Aaja ho jaaye thoda, Lucky Tu Lucky Me

Aaj raat aaj raat, lucky tu lucky me
Aaj raat aaj raat, lucky tu lucky me
Aaj raat aaj raat, lucky tu lucky me
Aaj raat aaj raat, lucky tu lucky me
Aaja ho jaayein thoda, lucky tu lucky me

Nandini came and sat beside Navya. "Kya baat hai.. why are you looking worried..." Navya asked. "Nothing yaar... I think Manik is drunk.. and waise hi woh apne hosh mein mushkil se koi baat manta hai, ab pata nahi how will I handle him..." Nandini said getting more worried. 

"Nandiniii... tum yahan baithi ho..." Manik came stumbling and almost fall on her when she hold him. "I was looking for you.." he said with a pouty face.  "Acha you were looking for me... even I was looking for you.. you know what I was very tired, let's go home.." she said holding Manik's arm in a tight grip. He came near her ear and whispered. "Aaj bhi tum mere saath sleep karogi naa..." and Nandini startled by his question. She didn't want anyone to know that last night she was with him. She puts a finger on her lips and said"sshh... its a secret.. no one should know... only our little secret..." she too whispered in his ears. 

"Guys Kya secrets ho rahi hai..." Mukti came and ask seeing them.  "Sshh... it's our little secret... " Manik mimicked just like Nandini.  "Acha Hume nahi bataoge..." Mukti insist to know...  "bata doon..." Manik pulled Nandini to him and asked. Nandini said no glaring with her eyes.  "Nooo... warna Nandini naraaz ho jaayegi..." he puts his finger on his lips again shooing himself. Everyone giggles on his behavior. He is looking exactly like a cute kid.     

"Guys, let's go. Bahut drama ho Gaya.. iss raat mein... we have to leave now.." Cabir got up from his chair and gathered everyone." I'll take Manik Nandini and Navya and Abhimanyu Dhruv you bring Mukti and Aliya..." he decided. 

They came out of the pub and settled in the cars as Cabir suggested and drove back to the villa. 

In the car Manik was being very stubborn that he will not sleep without Nandini. "Manik samjhne ki koshish karo... sab log aaye hue hai... Chachi Amms and if you create any drama then they will not feel good... and Mukti and Aliya they will not let me..." she turned to Cabir and said" Cabir tumhi samjhao na.." 

"You think yeh samjhega... hosh mein hi isko samjhana mushkil hai... aur aisi haalath mein tou isko tumhare siwa koi aur nazar bhi nahi aayegaa..." Cabir too gave up.  "Yesterday you managed na somehow, so aaj bhi kar lo..." he said winking at her. 

"What do you mean she managed yesterday, Nandini kal raat tum kahan soyi..." Navya asked suddenly. Cabir explained everything to her. She laughed on Manik's conditions. "What's so funny Navya, tumne joke maara, Mujhe bhi sunao..." Manik asked getting excited.  "Nothing Manik, humne koi joke nahi sunaya... ye lo ghar bhi aa Gaya..." Navya said. As soon as Manik heard he grabbed Nandini's arm and hold her tightly. Like he was not letting her go.   Others also came behind them. 

They all came out of the car and went inside. But Mukti stopped and walked for Nandini and says. "Chalo na Nandini already late ho Gaya hai... I'm sleepy... let's go..." she pulled Nandini's hand. 

"Nandini mere saath aa rahi hai..."Manik pulled her closer to him.    "What, it was already decided na that Nandini will stay away from him till the wedding now what..." Mukti gets irritated and angry.         

 "Now yeh... ki you already played a prank with Manik and he is not in his senses. If you force him than he will for sure makes a fuss here which is not good for anyone.. and on top of that Nandini's family is here... so we don't want any drama at this time of the night..." Cabir explained in polite way. Mukti understands and let go of Nandini's hand. 

"So this was all your prank..." Nandini asked getting surprised. Mukti Aliya and Dhruv exchanged their glances. 

"It was not just mine. But Aliya and Dhruv were also included...so don't just get mad on me..." Mukti turned her face to the other side. 

"Anyways guys, sorry to disturb you all, but I need to talk to Mukti... if you guys don't mind..." Abhimanyu interrupted. All of them looked at him and Muki at the same time. "We need to sort something's out for real..." Abhimanyu looked at Mukti with a strong gaze. To which Mukti didn't say no. Because all of them noticed how he was singing for Mukti in the pub. 

"It's decided now.. Aliya you go with your boyfriend and Nandini you take Manik with you and Mukti you manage with Abhimanyu..." Cabir said. 

"What... what do you mean to say..." Mukti glared at Cabir. 

"Listen Mukti... you are a grown up now. So I want you to relax and think about your life. Where it's gonna go from now on... with Abhimanyu in it... and Aliya and Dhruv till now you guys avoided talking on your relationship... it's high time now that you should finalize things... tum log Manik ke liye abhi tak wait kar rahe thei... now that he is already getting settled in his life you should also do the same. So this is the best time to sort your things... now I don't want to argue anymore... I have to take care of my pregnant wife yaar..." Cabir pulled Navya in a side hugged. Who was listening to all of this. But she gave a smile on his last sentence. 

Nandini pulled Manik inside first and with very difficulty she managed to take him to the room. After closing the room and locking it "Manik I will take your clothes out jab tak tum fresh ho jao..." she said and went to the closet. But Manik pulled her and she falls on his lap with her back touching his chest. He frame his hands on her stomach and pulled her so close to him that she can feel his warm breath on her neck. He nuzzled his face in her neck and kissed her there. 

"Itni mushkil se tou yeh mauka Mila hai... so you think I will just ruin it like that and let it go..." he sound totally like a sane person. "matlab..." Nandini asked tried to turn around. But he didn't let her move. He was dropping wet kisses on her bare shoulder. Which is making her shiver to the core. 

"Matlab yeh meri jaaneman..." he lift her top and slide his fingers inside her top from the front. "Ek strong peg will not make me drunk... and waist bhi I already knew Mukti was going to play that prank with me... so I exchanged the drink..." his fingers were roaming on her bare ribs giving her goosebumps. 

"Manik... youuu..." she pushed his hands and turned herself to face him.."this was all your act... tum naatak kar rahe thei..." her eyes were opened wide. 

"What... everything is fair in love and war... and I cannot just let you sleep in a separate room away from me... samjhi tum..." he smirked and before she react to him. He pressed his lips with hers. 

Nandini felt helpless, but she enjoyed her helplessness around him. He is after all her one and only THE MANIK MALHOTRA no one can beat him in pranks. And when it comes to their being together he will not let any living being on this planet to take Nandini away from him. He already suffered enough and Nandini too. So he will make sure that they both stay with each other always. 

She happily surrendered herself in his kisses and framed her fingers in his hair. Manik's hands were roaming on her soft and delicate back. He gripped her neck with one hand and her waist with another and bite her lips to find his way inside her mouth. She let him come inside so that he explored every corner and sucked her life out. 

At last he moved away and rest his chin nuzzling on her neck cradling her head to his shoulders. 

"Nandini tum naraaz tou nahi ho naa..." he asked playing with her hair. 

She thought for a while and lift up her head to look at his face. Where she only find immense love for her. "How will I be angry with you... you took so much of effort... just to be near me... I feel lucky that you love me so much that you can't stay away from me... and I love you too... I'm really happy that you do all sort of things  which sometimes make me smile..." "and you know everyone fell for your act, even Cabir couldn't figure it out..." she gave a peck on his nose. "But Mukti and Aliya ki condition ka Kya..." 

he pulled her by her waist and said" it's our little secrets.. no body has to know.." and he kissed her again. "But Cabir ko tum itna seedha bilkul mutt samajhna... he is one hell of a smart person...about what I feel how I feel... when I do what... he knows everything... he knows about this also..." Manik said Playing again with her fingers. 

"Oh yeah... I forgot to thank you... for bringing my family here... thank you so much..." she again kissed his nose.." how do you always know what I'm feeling and what I want." She asked. 

"Because... I'm the owner of this..." he pointed his finger on the middle of her chest. "Your heart... and I'm the ruler of this.." he pointed towards her head "your brain..." "yahan Kya chalta hai I can know without you telling me..." he smiled. She hugged him tight holding his neck in the same position sitting on his lap. 

"I love you Manik... I love you so so much..." she said sniffing. 

"I love you more sweetheart.. more than you imagine.. chalo give me a very cute smile.." he said hearing her sniffs. She smiled and hugged him more tight. 

End of part 21

Hola people

How are you all. I know I'm late but what should I do. The interest of MANAN is loosing on India forums so I'm also loosing interest in writing. 

All the fans are moving to wattpad. But they all forgot that we met here first. India forums is the place where we first find our MANAN and where we get connected. 

Not on wattpad. 

But people are not giving any importance to India forums anymore. And even though being very busy I still love to write here. Not on wattpad. It's on you guys to respond or not.

If you guys are not interested anymore to read my stories just let me know. I will stop writing. It's comfortable for me to write here. 

So waiting for your reply. My next story updates will totally depends on your reply and your positive response. So do let me know if you guys are interested or not. If you want me to continue or not. I have always given you long long updates but your response was really making me disappointed.

Life partner by destiny was one of the loved story but still the response was so low that it was very disappointing. 

So waiting. Thanks a lot. 

Stay blessed and take care

Keep smiling 

Love you all. 

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riyaparo IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 October 2016 at 8:45pm | IP Logged
beautiful part
loved it
waiting for next
please continue soon
thanks for pm

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Tiara115 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 October 2016 at 8:57pm | IP Logged
Manik is a very nice actor and a sweetheart for bringing nandus family  .. 
How can nyonika be so cheap that she wants her own son to die
Plz don't quit  . I know everyone is leaving forum and you are right that it's the first place where maan fictions were there but still the response is decreasing but Plz don't discontinue .. 
I really want to read ur stories 
Waiting eagerly for next 

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jesse93 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 October 2016 at 9:21pm | IP Logged
Love it dear,
love the way he tricked his friends so that he can be with Nandu.
Haash seriously he's just sooo...
Can't find any words for him and for you too dear for giving us such cute and beautiful update and I am toh always here and will never leave you and your stories cause I love them.

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samiamalhotra Senior Member

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Posted: 16 October 2016 at 10:02pm | IP Logged
Awesome update...
Manik so naughty...hahaha...
Manik is such a understanding person like he brought Nandini family there...
That prank...hehehe...
Ab o jerk nyohars aa Gaya...urgghh...
Please don't separate them and don't let them harm...
Continue soon...

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rockstarlover IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 October 2016 at 10:09pm | IP Logged
awesome update
loved manan morning romance
he made chacha chachi amms come for their marriage wow
drunk manik was so cute & adorable
but he was not drunkLOL
no one can beat manik malhotraLOL
loved it
cont soon

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soyashi1992 Groupbie

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Posted: 16 October 2016 at 10:33pm | IP Logged
Nice update your all stories are amazing plz don't stop writing and continue the stories. Your stories have all the essence which requires for any story

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Dhruvi12 Newbie

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Posted: 16 October 2016 at 10:40pm | IP Logged
Nice update sorry for not commenting on previous chp  of both story

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