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MANAN FF DESTINED LOVE STORY #2 last part pg 146 updated (Page 106)

priyasmiley Goldie

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Posted: 06 October 2016 at 10:52am | IP Logged
awesome promo 
it will be nandu family 
very excited fr update 

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shruti1997 Goldie

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Posted: 06 October 2016 at 11:17am | IP Logged
update soon plz

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Vandyandy Goldie

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Posted: 06 October 2016 at 11:47am | IP Logged
Thank u crystal ...
At least EK promo TOH DIYA...HEHEHEH

AACHA promo hai...
Manik Nandu slept in a store room ...ufff KESSE dost hai ...
Important day and one wants his/her family's lay to be there...

I think Rishab HOGA...

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Friendsforever9 Goldie

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Posted: 06 October 2016 at 1:56pm | IP Logged
Awesome promo 
I think it's Nandini's family 
Update soon.. 

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Nimisaxena Groupbie

Joined: 05 January 2016
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Posted: 06 October 2016 at 1:58pm | IP Logged
Awesome Promo....
may be nandini's family on d door ...
excited for update...
continue soon...

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MAshah Groupbie

Joined: 25 April 2011
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Posted: 07 October 2016 at 6:46am | IP Logged
Marrying for the third time wow

This is something
This story somewhat semis like continuation from
The end of seasons one
It looks like after Manik's and Cabir's accident happens in season one and
Your story is continuing from there
But nice thinking
Kaash real kyy mein bhi manan ki shaadi hoti
It would really be a treat to all us viewers

But you writers are giving us all our imaginations
And keeping the love for manan alive

Hats of to you guys
All of you

Thanks for that

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Vandyandy Goldie

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Posted: 15 October 2016 at 11:08am | IP Logged
Hey crystal 
Update soon plz...
Promo DEKHKAR gayab HOGAYE ...

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Redcrystal Senior Member

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Posted: 16 October 2016 at 6:27pm | IP Logged

Part 21

Somewhere in Delhi central jail after the midnight.

 A woman entered with her poise personality and stiff figure. It was after midnight and almost all the prisoners were sleeping. 
The path was echoed by the sound of her heals and disturbing the sleep of the other prisoners. They shift there positions and swear under their breath and went back to sleep. 
She stood in front of a cell and waited for the constable to opened the lock. As she entered the cell she heard the relief breath of the prisoner. 
"It's about time Mrs M that you showed up..." but before he continued the whole cellar was echoed with the sound of a slap. 
"How could you??? How could you missed it Harshad??? How could you missed the target... I would be very happy if you would have killed him and went to jail... then I would have given you the reward which you would have cherished for lifetime... how could you even missed it with such a small distance..." 

"What Manik Malhotra zinda hai..." he barked covering his cheek with his palm. 
"But I shot in his heart.." he was shocked with the revelation. 
"Well I guess he had so many people to pray for his life so he survived. And on the other hand Nandini is in the picture. Woh wapas aa gayi hai... pata nahi kahan se..." she throws a piece of news paper on his face that falls on the floor. 
He lift it up and checked on the front page and got the shock of his life. Manik and Nandini were standing in the middle and two old aged men and one middle aged man was standing beside them. 
He started reading the information that was given. And his facial expressions changed into a mixture of panic and shocked. 

"Mrs M did you read it... it says that they were legally married now and Mr. M, I mean your ex has transferred almost all of his wealth to their names..." he looked up to face her again. 
"I know already, don't explain me again.." she went straight to him and fist his collar of the dirty jail shirt. "I gave you so many chances to finish them off, but you failed again and again and again... even 8 years ago you missed the chance and now you missed it again... I cannot trust you anymore Harshad..." she pushed him with a hard jerk that he fall back on the stone bed. And she was about to walk out. 
He got up straightening himself quickly and came close to her and hold her arm. "Nyonika you just can't leave me here.. I didn't know that Manik survived, otherwise I would have tried all my best to go out from here and do my unfinished job... give me one last chance... I will definitely finish what I left...". He begged in front of her. 
"No use Harshad... if anything happens to them, then the property will directly go to trust funds all over the world. And we will not get a single penny... it's final now that I only have space academy left for me...". She sound so disappointed that Harshad too felt down. Then he came back in a second to the reality. 

"Common Mrs. M. You are giving up... I don't believe it... just because the property is gone doesn't mean that it will not come back to us.. don't tell me that you are just letting go millions of dollars(crores of rupees) just like that..." he said and smirked. 
Nyonika looked at him with a questioning look. 
"Trust me... I won't let that happen... you just take me out from here... and leave the rest on me..." 
"And what will you do..." she folded her hands on her chest and asked with confusion. 
He said some stuff in a whispering tone that only they can here. " abhi itna hi... tomorrow is my hearing just arrange something for me and take me back to Mumbai... I'll handle from there..." Harshad smirked dangerously that even Nyonika was influenced by his confidence.
"But they are not in Mumbai..." she said. 
"If they are at the other side of the world I will find them... you don't worry.. you just have to trust me for one more time..." he came forward and gave her a side hug. To which she got surprised. She jerked it away and left from there. 

It was a very beautiful morning and very fresh too with the freshness of the oceans breeze and the chirps of the birds close to their ears. The sun has not risen yet but one person is already awake. And that is Nandini because she couldn't sleep properly as she has to wake up early to get back to girl's room and send Manik to his room. 
"Manik manik... get up..." Nandini shook him by his shoulder which was completely on her chest with all his weight on her. His leg was wrapped around her waist that she couldn't move an inch. 

"Ummm... sone do naa Nandini... Abhi subah nahi hui hai..." Manik whispered in a very sleepy tone. 
"Aiyyappa.. yeh Mujhe phasaayega..." she blabbers strugglingto free herself from his grip. "Manik subah ho gai... please letme go and you too go in the room.. agar kisi ko pata chala tou Acha nahi hoga..." she was trying to remove his left hand from her but he was not budging at all. 
"Oh ho... you didn't let me sleep in the night too... let me sleep.." he settled his face more into her neck and said. 
She somehow managed to free her hands. "Listen Mukti and Aliya will feel bad.. last night Maine tumhari baat Maani na... now your turn to listen to me please utt jaao..." she tried to get up. 
"Ok.. Ek shart pe.." he has to make conditions at this time too. 
"Bolo jaldi bolo..." she is getting worried that what if the two girls wake up and not finding her with them how will they react. 
"Kiss me.." he lift his face and asked with half opened eyes and a cute smile. 
She pecked his lips and pushed him again. 
"No not like this... give me a nice and s**y kiss..." he didn't agree on the small peck. 

"Manik please baad mein naa... Abhi tum apne room mein jaakar so jao..." she pleaded him. But he is not in a mood to listen to her. He dipped his head and his lips met hers. 

He pressed his lips with a soft tender touch. Then his kiss became passionate. 

Nandini could barely breath. The feel of his mouth on hers has already taken away the life out of her. His lips were soft but still firm on hers. He teased her with gentle stokes through his tongue. She responded equally to him. With a slow licking on her lips he make her open her mouth and his tongue slid inside. He grazed her lips and teeth and tasted the morning taste of hers which is making him more intoxicating. 

She groaned totally turned on. His hand were roaming on her ribs and her stomach and her waist. Clutching her parts. 
Manik can feel her sensitive parts are responding to his touches. Her body throbbed, but it's so unfortunate that this can't go further. 
" Manik..." she whispered as soon as he left her mouth to breath. 
His large hand settled on her tiny stomach. He gripped her tighter and then he released her. 
He pulled himself back and leaned his forehead on hers. 
" I'm sorry... I couldn't control.." he smiled and pecked her nose. 
"Few more days... than you don't have to control..." she touched his cheek with love. 
After gathering herself she pushed him to make him sit. This time he didn't argue but his mood was a little off. 
"Kya yaar... apni wife ke saath time spend karne par bhi paabandi hai... this is not fair.. I don't want to agree on this condition..." his eyes were still closed and he was mumbling in his sleepy position. 

Nandini stands up and pulled him by holding his hands. She kissed his cheek and smiled on his cuteness. 
"Aww Mela baby... bas kuch hi din... phir tou main tumhari hi hoon, I'm all yours..." she said and started folding the mattress and the blanket so that no one can figure out their little secret. 

"Acha ab tum chalo... let me go and check on Mukti and Aliya..." she said dragging him outside and pushing him inside his room.

After settling him on the bed she went to the girls room. To her good luck both were sound asleep. She went to the washroom and freshen up. And came down to make herself coffee. Sleep is gone from her eyes. And as it is Manik is not beside her so she couldn't sleep. 

She was enjoying her coffee when she saw Mukti was stepping down the stairs rubbing her eyes. 
"Good morning Mukti... you are awake so early..." Nandini wished her with cheerfulness. 
"Haan yaar actually new place na so I couldn't sleep... and waise bhi we were so sober last night that we didn't gulped down a single peg.." she said settling herself on the chair. 
Aliya too joined them after few minutes. "You guys left me all alone in the room..." she whined as soon as she rest herself on the couch. 
"Waise... Nandini why do I get a feeling that you were not next to us in the night..." as Aliya says her doubt Mukti too added. 
"Haina haina... even I felt that..." she waved her hand towards Nandini and Aliya and said. "Nandini tum kahin Manik ke paas tou nahi gayi naa..." 

Nandini chokes on her coffee and got startled. 
"Be careful Nandini..." Aliya in spite of her doubts came to her and rubbed Nandini's back. 
"I'm fine..." Nandini gulped her own saliva and said. "Woh actually I was... using the washroom often in the night so maybe that's why you guys didn't felt me... you know it's that time of the month..." she hesitantly said a lie feeling guilty. 
"Ohh... ohhh." Mukti realized the situation. " Arey yaar phir tou koi faida nahi hua tum dono ko alag rakhne ka... waste ho Gaya yeh chance..." Mukti said shaking her head. 
"You are absolutely right Mukti. We should think About something else now..." Aliya also joined her. 
"No no please... don't do any such thing.. warna wo tumhara dost hai na... wo chup nahi rahega... so bas itna punishment kafi hai..." Nandini said suddenly. 
Aliya and Mukti exchanged their and was mute for a few seconds. Then they bursts into laughter holding their empty stomachs. Nandini too smiled with them. 
"Don't worry choti... we know how your monster is... I'm sure he is giving you a real hard time because of this punishment. But woh pyaar tou tumhe bahut karta hai na, so cheer up uss ko mana lenge..." Mukti got up and side hugged Nandini. 

Navy's joined them too. "Subah subah tum log yahan Kya kar rahe ho..." she said pouring herself orange juice from the fridge. "Hume theek se neend nahi aayi..." 
"Same here yaar... even we couldn't sleep properly." Aliya said. 
"Navya tumhari tabiyat kaisi hai... tum theek ho naa... I mean yesterday after the journey and new place... everything fine with you???" Nandini asked Navya getting worried for her. 

"Haan Haan hum bilkul theek hai. Bas thoda thakaan ho jaati hai.. tumhe tou pata hai na.. Abhi yeh uneasiness tou delivery tak rahegi haina..." Navya replied. 
"Wow yahan tou subah subah puri mehfil jami hai..." Cabir came too.
"Mujhe bahut bhook lagi hai... khane mein Kya hai..." he asked checking in the fridge. 
"Bahut kuch hai... aa jao..." Nandini said showing all the delicacies that was set up by the servants of the house before even they woke up. Cabir started munching on the Apple. 

"What yaar... yeh kaisi condition hai tum logo ki... apni hi biwi ke aaath time spend karne par paabandi laga di..." Manik came down being fresh but with an irritating face and tone. 
'Oh ho... he woke up at the wrong side of the bed today... iske Ander ka sher kahin jaag na jaaye...' Cabir thought. " what happened Manik, didn't you sleep properly last night..." Cabir asked. 
"Nothing..." Manik gave a look to him. "Waise bhi teri dosti dekh ki Maine... tu ne group badal liya... jab Mujhe Teri ziyada zaroorath thi tabhi tune Mujhe akela chod diya... beimaan..." he was acting totally dramatic in front of Nandini and all the other girls. 
And in return all the girls started giggling. Including Nandini. 
"Hans lo... maza aa raha hai na tum sab ko... jab meri baari aayegi na... main bhi gin gin ke badla loonga..." he sat on a chair and Nandini offered him a glass of juice. He gulped down in one go with irritation. 
She gave a wide smile to him. 
"Cabir tune mera kaam kar diya na..." he asked changing the whole topic. 
"Yup... everything is done... but you have to come with me after the breakfast..." Cabir answered doing some gestures with his eyes. 
"Yeh kaunse kaam ki baat ho rahi hai..." Nandini asked both of them looking at them one by one. 
"What's cooking in between both of you... Kya chupa rahe ho..". Mukti asked. 
"Kuch nahi yaar... it boys talk... it has nothing to do with you..."Cabir tried to divert them and it worked. 
"Guys Dhruv kahan hai..." Aliya asked. 
"Maybe he is sleeping... koi hai nai na disturb karne ke liye... so he is taking his sweet sleep..." Manik said looking at Aliya. He knows that Aliya is avoiding Dhruv for a long time now. It's about time she has to think seriously about their relationship. 

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