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MANAN FF DESTINED LOVE STORY #2 last part pg 146 updated (Page 104)

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awesome promo

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update soon

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Wow really a brilliant and adorable promo

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I'm really excited for the update now...!!
It can one & only one Manik, full of naughtiness...!!

he was kissing her like maniac...heheee

awww... loved it when he became a kid...sulk n crib like a baby does for his mommy... same he does for his nandini..he looks so cute...

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nice romantic promo..
waiting for update..
and all the best for ur class and new job

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What a lovely promo sweetheart...

Naughty Manik and his cute antics ...awww...
He is such a baby...
Their moments were lovely...
 Manik Malhotra aap ko kaun rok sakta apki legally wedded wife ke sath time spend krne se...

I am so excited ...
Take ur time...
will wait...

Take care..
love you...Embarrassed

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Part 20

It was morning and Nandini couldn't sleep out of the discomfort of her situation. She woke up leaving manik without disturbing him. She was restless as it is so she went to the washroom and got fresh and went out of the room to get some hot coffee to sooth her inner system. 

As soon as she came downstairs she saw that Mr Malhotra was yelling on someone on the phone before he hang up. She walked near the dining table where he was already having his breakfast.
He gave a morning fresh smile to her. 
"Good morning... Dad..." She hesitantly wished him. 
"Good morning... A very good morning to you too... You woke up so early..." He asked.
"Yes... New place so..." She left the sentence in the middle.
"I know I can understand... Come have breakfast with me..." He invented her for the breakfast. 
She seated on the right side of the table. 
"What do you want to eat beta.." Ashaa tai asked Nandini. 
"Just a cup of hot coffee Aunty... " she answered. 
"Only coffee... I'll bring some toast along with it and some omelet..." Ashaa tai said. 
Nandini nodded her head in a yes and she left for the kitchen. 

"We never get to talk and meet each other before right.." Malhotra said taking a sip of his tea. 
"Jee.. You are right.." Nandini was very nervous fidgeting with her fingers under the table. 
"Relax... Don't be nervous... I'm Manik's dad.. So in a way I'm your dad too... Be comfortable..." He said noticing her. 
"So you are that girl who changed my son from a monster to a human and than again changed  him back to a monster..." He said. 
Nandini shot her glance up to him with a surprise. 
"I saw how my son changed so much in these past 10 years... You really make him a responsible person... And I'm glad and thankful to you for that... The things which I suppose to do as a dad... You took care of that for him..." He paused
"But to tell you the truth I was very upset with you when you left him... I wanted to send a search team for you just for my son... For his happiness...  But than again I thought that you and your love was not good enough for him... Maybe you were not worth him... If you truly loved him than you shouldn't have left him... That's why it's better you too stay away from each other... But Than again I got to know the real reason of your leaving..." He stopped. 

Nandini was hearing him with concentration, but when he said that he knows the reason of her leaving, she was shocked and stunned. 
"Surprised to hear that I knew the reason... Yes I know the reason... Manik is my only son and not to mention the only heir to Malhotra groups of industries... What goes on in his life, who comes who goes from his life... I know everything... I keep a tab on every little detail... I have to... Because I love him too much... Only thing is I don't interfere... I want him to deal with his things by his own..." Malhotra shifted in his chair and relaxed. 
Nandini was really surprised and impressed by his information. And also his love and concern for his son. Totally opposite of Nyonika. 

"I knew that you will come back to my son's life because you both love each other very much... Manik never took interest in any other girl after you left and you concentrating on your studies to become a good doctor shows that you both were still in love with each other... You just needed time to realize that... That's why I didn't disturb you in USA and in Delhi... And I never let Manik know where you were... I wanted you guys to meet by yourselves... So I left everything on time.. And here you are sitting with me as my daughter-in-law..." He smiled. 
Nandini's heart felt a relief after this long talk from him. But she was still confused how he knows about her things. 
"But dad, how come you know about me and my whereabouts.. You tou didn't even meet me..." She asked. 
"You are forgetting something here beta... I'm the owner of Malhotra Industries... And I have sources all around the globe..." He said smiling to himself.
"Main chahta Tou main manik Ko bata sakta tha... But..." He was interrupted by manik. 
"But aapne bata kyun nahi bataya dad... If you knew where she was... Then why didn't you tell me... Aapko pata tha na dad that I was searching for her like crazy maniacs... Phir bhi aapne Kuch nahi kaha..." Manik was already awake and not feeling the presence and warmth of Nandini beside him, he came down looking for her and when he heard his dad and Nandini were having conversations he stopped in the midway and was  hearing them talk. 

Mr Malhotra didn't expect his son to overheard them but now that he already knew everything, it's time for his son to understand things. 
Mr Malhotra smirked with humor.
"There's not a big reason for me not telling you... But you know what manik... Every thing has a way to it... 8years ago you guys were very immature... Even though you Both love each other immensely, but you guys didn't know the actual meaning of life..."
"Sometimes in this life to achieve something you have to give very extreme tests...  You have to sacrifice the most precious things of your life... And you both has learned the biggest lessons of life itself... By Not trusting each other... Nandini you didn't trust Manik in sharing the most important thing about Harshad... And manik you didn't trust her completely... " he paused and looked at them with a smile.
"As there's an old saying that says... if you both are meant to be than there's nothing in this world that can stop you from coming together... You both are made for each other... Inspite of all the hurdles... All these years of separation and all the pain you have been through... You were DESTINED to be together... And this was the correct time for it..." He concluded.
Manik went close to his dad and side hugged him. 

"This is what I loved about you dad... You were always positive... But because of that... That horrible person..." He left the sentence in the middle gritting his teeth with anger remembering his so called mother who taught him to be the selfish person. 
"I know Manik my son... Because of that selfish and self centered woman you lost your childhood and you became a monster... But thankfully... It's my jeans that saved you... You were a nice and decent man from inside... And I'm thankful to this sweet girl that he saved you on the correct time..." He gave a hand to Nandini and Nandini went from the other side to hug him. 

Aasha tai was coming from the kitchen bringing Nandini's breakfast. Her eyes got moist seeing both her masters son and daughter-in-law was hugging him from both the sides. After a very long time maybe ages ,She has seen her master this happy. 

"Bhagwan Kare aap log hamesha aise hi rahe... Khush Aur bahaal..." Aasha tai prayed for them. 
All three of them settled down on the dining table. 
"Waise dad... Now you know na... How much we love each other... And I'm sure you also knows the reason behind her leaving..." Manik asked
"Umm hmm..." Mr Malhotra hmmed sipping his tea. 
"But I don't understand one thing... Why did you do what you did yesterday... I mean... What was the purpose of all those transferring property and taking our signatures... All about those stocks..." Manik started eating the eggs and toast Aasha tai brought for Nandini... 
"To save you both from further dangers... Because I knew it, that woman Nyonika will not stop bothering you guys from harming you... But Now she can't do anything... If she tried to harm you and God forbid if something happens to any of you then the whole property will automatically transfer to charity and trust funds..." Mr Malhotra explained. 

Manik again got mad hearing Nyonika's name. 
"You think dad that she will keep quiet after knowing all this... She is such a ..." He stopped eating and fist his fingers under the table. He also stopped himself from swearing. 
Nandini hold his hand under the table to calm him down, and he calmed himself to a certain extend feeling her touch on him. 
"I know son... She is not going to keep quiet... That's why I have an idea..." Malhotra said. 
"You all decided right... That you want to go to Goa for the wedding... So I talked to Shetty and arranged everything over there. We have our own villas there and one I just brought which no one knows of..., so... Tum log wahan jaao and do whatever you have to do... And you can also plan your wedding properly..." He said. 
"Really dad... Than we should leave as soon as possible... To save time..." Manik was excited and seeing him calm Nandini also feels good. 

"Saabji... Doctor Saab aaye hai... Apne bete ke saath..." Watchman came in to give the information. 
"Tou unhe ander le Aao..." Malhotra said. 
In a few minutes a man in his 60's with an average personality and a decent height came in with a young man along with him.
"Aao Aao Doctor Kya Haal hai Aaj subah subah..." Malhotra asked. 

"Abhimanyu... What are you doing here..." Before any further discussion or talk Nandini almost screamed. 
"Yahi... Yahi..., this is the reason I came so early... As soon as Abhi saw the picture of your son and your daughter-in- law he said that he knows both of them..."Dr Rajeev Khattar told him. 
"Acha...maybe from the hospital you worked in Delhi... Right..."Malhotra said happily.
"Yes Uncle Malhotra she is my junior... And she is like my little sister... Right Nandini..." Abhimanyu said. 
"Abhimanyu, how are you man..." Even manik got off from his Cabir and shook his hands. 
"It means they all know each other except us... Malhotra this is not fair... You got your son married and didn't even invite us..." Dr. Rajeev complained to him. 
"It's not that Doctor... Aaj kal ke bache... They do all the things by themselves... Hume bhi Kahan batate hai... Waise manik you know Rajeev... And Doctor this is Nandini my daughter in law and Nandini this is my Doctor who keeps me fit and also my close friend..." Malhotra tried to take it in a fun way. 

Doctor Rajeev kept a hand on Nandini's head and blessed her. 
"But uncle I have very good idea... Why don't you join us in Goa... We are redoing our wows again in a Catholic way... It's my friends wish as they were not present in my wedding either... So you and Abhimanyu can join us..." Manik offers the invitation to them. 
"And let me tell you one more thing... Top secret... Abhimanyu is the one who did Nandini's kanyadaan... So officially you and him is her family now..." Manik bend close to Dr.Rajeev and whispered.
"Now this is something new... Than by this Nandini is my daughter... Ab Tou aana hi padega..." Rajeev said excitingly. 
"Good morning everyone..." Mukti came out getting fresh. Everyone's eyes turned to her. 
"Mukti vardhan... What a pleasant surprise... Tum yahan..." Now this was a surprise to all present in the dining hall when Abhimanyu called Mukti's name. 
"Abhimanyu you know Mukti... How come..." Manik was really surprised.
"My Dad and her dad are friends... We know each other since childhood... But her set of friends were different so we didn't interact with each other a lot..." Abhimanyu elaborated.
"Ohhh... Such mein... The world is so small... Hum Kab Kahan kise mil jaaye, we never know..." Manik said. 
"This is what I told you just now... Everything has its way to happen on its designated time..." Malhotra said.
"What's upp... Abhimanyu... Long time no see... How are things..." Mukti asked formally.
They moved away from both Dr Rajeev and Malhotra to talk further. 
"Nothing much... But I know Nandini very well... And I was her senior Doctor you know..." Abhimanyu said. 
They exchanged all the information about Manik and Nandini's wedding that happened in Delhi... And how they planned to have another wedding in Goa. 

But in all this conversation no one noticed that Abhimanyu was watching Mukti with some other kind of gaze time to time. He actually was interested in Mukti in a different way. He wanted to Marry her, but she was attached to her friends more than her family... She didn't want to go away from them that's the reason Abhimanyu stopped himself from expressing his feelings. 

Now, seeing her after so many years those feelings are coming back... Which only Abhimanyu can feel. He wants to try his hand again with her, but on a serious note this time. The way she has turned up, the way she looks now is taking Abhimanyu's breath away. Mukti is also feeling comfortable talking to him. But Abhimanyu want to take the steps very pre-cautiously. 

It was decided that Abhimanyu will join them a day later and his dad and Malhotra will join them on the rehearsal dinner two days later. 

Cabir also joined the conversation as he heard noises and came down. And Cabir and Navya will be coming by the flight as it will be too much of a burden on Navya's health if she travels by road. 
Only manik Nandini and Dhruv Aliya and Mukti was the one who were going by road. 

Somewhere in Mumbai. 
"Find out where Harshad is... I want to know the answer in half an hour..." Nyonika said someone on the phone and hang up.
In about twenty minute she recieved a call. 
"Ma'am.. Harshad is in Delhi jail... Under strict supervision... He has charged with attempt to murder.." The caller said. 
"Book a flight to Delhi on the first available flight... And need the best lawyer of the nation with me when I meet him..." Nyonika demanded. 
"And don't tell me that I can't meet Harshad... Because I'm not in a mood to here any negative comment right now... So arrange a meeting with him... Do you understand..." She said it out loud to make herself clear. 
"Yes ma'am..." The caller obeyed as he has no other choice but to say okay.

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The journey from Pune  to Goa was very pleasant all in all. Even though it was a longer   journey of almost 7 to 8 hours but still when the company is right and joyful then the longest journey will also becomes short. 

They reached the villa somewhere in south Goa far away from the hustle bustle of the city environment. 

Cabir and navy also came as their flight was at the same time. They all entered the villa that was gated and guarded by the security guards with full on security. 

Everyone's mouth fell open seeing the scenic beauty of the villa. It was surrounded by greenery and lots of trees and also attached to the beach. 

"Wow Manik manna padega tere dad ki choice ko... What a place man... Aisa lag raha hai that I'm in heaven..." Mukti said coming out of the car after parking. 

She wanted to go around and check what all they will enjoy in coming few days. 

"Mukti lets go inside first let's get fresh eat something than we will explore the place, what say guys..." Manik said. 
"Yes I need to get fresh first..." Aliya added. 
They  all went inside to get more amazed seeing the inside architecture. It was well built villa consisting of 5 plus bedrooms in the first floor and living room, dining room and kitchen and a hall in the ground floor. Not to mention a back yard deck with a nice and elegant seating arrangement on it and a huge swimming pool at the back of the house that also connected to the beach. There was also a small indoor open garden room where there was a small pond for people to dip their feet in the water and sit and relax. 


Dining room 

Manik and Nandini's bedroom

Cabir and Navya's bedroom 

Extra bedroom 

Garden room

Back yard deck


Swimming pool.

Store room bed

In Manik's bedroom Nandini was arranging their clothes in the closets emptying the suitcases. Manik came out of the washroom half naked with just a towel wrapped around his waist. His hair was wet and water was still dripping from his bare and breath takingly beautiful torso. Nandini's breath got hitched seeing her gorgeous and handsome husband like that who has all the traits of a Greek god. 
Manik smirked mischievously on her and came close. 

"Done with starting process..." He blow air on her face. 
She gulped her saliva and blinked her eyes. He kissed her cheek and said. 
"I know you have a very handsome husband... But he will get sick if you don't give him the clothes..." He used a very s**y tone to get her attention back. 
Nandini also thought of being naughty watching him like that. 
She took a bold step towards him and glide her hands on his bare and muscular chest. She traced her fingers all the way up to his neck. 
"Woh Kya hai naa... Mera husband bahut hi hott hai... So when I see him in this condition..l don't want to resist him... I want to do all the naughty things with him..." She too use her ever huskier voice and start seducing him. 
A trail of electricity ran through his system by her seductive touches. 
He shivers. "Acha..." He too utilizes her proximity and pulled her with a jerk so that her front collided with his naked and wet chest. 
"So what naughty ideas are running in that cute mind of yours..." He dug his face and bite the soft part of her neck. 
Her plan backfired and she was the one who was trembling with his closeness now. 
"Bolo na... Kya Kya ideas run kar rahe hai... Chup kyun ho gayi..." He trail soft and wet kisses on her neck and shoulder. 

His fingers are making circles on her bare waist as she was wearing a crop top. 
"Mm..Manik..." She murmured his name..
"Kya hua... Abhi Tou bahut wild ideas aa rahe thei na... Phir ab Kya hua... All the ideas... Gone... Phew in the air..." He didn't stop what he was doing. His lips was rubbing all over her cheeks and jaws... 
At last he found her lips and captured her In a passionate kiss. She gave in to his tortures. 
Her mouth was silky and soft and she tasted cool and minty as she was sucking on a mint candy. She was already drowned in his pleasures and on top of that he was doing all sorts of teasing things with her. 
Her proximity aroused him to a certain extend that he was ready to stripped her off of her clothes and lay her down right there but he is bound and tied with the given circumstances. He lift her top and moved his hands up to grab her assets and he was about to open the clasp of her b**.
"Manik..." She moaned in his mouth...

Manik stopped himself from going more further. He let go of her lips but still gave small pecks on her mouth and chuckles lazily.
"Sorry... I know I was overboard... But you know I can't resist when you are around..." He pressed his forehead to hers and stands there smiling at his own actions. 
She too rubbed his bare back and smiled. 
"Sorry Bolne Ki zaroorath nahi hai... You know you can do whatever you want... I'm all yours... But few more days... Than no restrictions..." She too kissed the tip of his nose. 
"Acha change karlo... Warna sach mein bimaar padh jaaoge..." She pulled herself from him and took me it her clothes. 

After having their dinner and a grand tour of the whole villa dancing on the cool sand of the beach everybody settled in the backyard of the house on the deck enjoying the night view of the ocean. 
Nandini was sitting in the corner on one sofa with Manik lying down resting his head on his lap. Mukti and Aliya was relaxing on the chaise lounge, Navya was settled on the single sofa while Cabir was sitting on the beanbag he brought from inside. And Dhruv was settled  on the railing with his legs on both the side of it. 

All were tired of traveling since two days. They were discussing on the wedding how it will take place and when it should happen. 
"Manik yaar it's a perfect place to get married... Beach wedding in the day time..." Multi said playing with her own hair. 
"But yaar, how will we arrange the dresses if it's a Catholic wedding... And Mukti you said we will also do mehndi and sangeet... How will it look mehndi hands on gowns and all... Don't it look weird..." Aliya was worried about the looks as usual. 

"Hum waise bhi har Kaam hatke karte hai... So you all will put mehndi and wear the traditional gowns as per the rule... It will be more attractive... And it's a family event just we friends and some family members..." Manik said while he was playing with Nandini's fingers on his chest. 
"Yaar Manik... We didn't even thought of that part yet..." Cabir tried to remind him by signaling with his eyes. As it was a secret between him and manik that they were planning to give Nandini a surprise.
"Yeah yeah Cabir... I'm taking care of it already... Don't worry..." Manik eyed him to keep quiet.
Nandini didn't noticed it. 
"Oh yeah I totally forgot... Manik  tujhe deal Tou yaad hai naa..." Mukti shot up and sat straight.  
"What deal..." Manik took it easy and he really forgot. 
"What do you mean what deal... You and Nandini are staying separate from today till your wedding... Bhool Gaya..." Mukti reminded him with waving her hands in front of him. 
"What...are you serious... Woh deal Tou Kab ka khatam ho gayi..." Manik said irritatingly.
"No no no... Just because you went to meet your dad I was lenient with you... Now that your wedding will be in three days from today so you and Dhruv will stay in one room and me Nandini and Aliya will stay in one room... And that's final... And no more arguments... Tune promise kiya tha..." Mukti again stressed on her words.

"This is not fair... We are in such a romantic place and as newly married I want to spend time with her yaar... You cannot keep me away from her..." He toned down and sat up and pulled Nandini in a side hug.
Nandini blushed by his sudden pull.
"Nandini Tum hi samjhao isse... Mujhe Tou bahut neend aarahi hai... I'm going to bed... Aliya chal yaar... Warna yeh khamaka hi sar khaali kar dega... And Nandini Tum iss monster Ko samjha ke aajaana..." Mukti without waiting for anyone's  answer left from there, followed by Aliya.

"Nandini don't even start it ok... You know I'm not going to agree on any of your conditions..." Before Nandini's could say anything he showed her his hand. 
"Cabir... Tum hi samjhao naa... It's just a matter of few days... Not days only nights... Yeh kyun nahi samajh raha..." Nandini pleaded Cabir and asked his help. 
"I'm sorry Nandini... I'm very tired as it is... And very sleepy... Tumhare Iss stubborn head Ko Tum hi sambhalo... Chalo Navya..." Cabir too give up and left with Navya.

Befor Nandini turned to Dhruv he too left hiding his face.  
"Manik please na try to understand... Mukti phir se koi scene create kar degi... Maan jaao..." She requested him with a puppy face.
"Meri jaan, this puppy face is not gonna work... Ok and instead of working you are tempting me more to just take you in the room right now... So don't even think about it..."  He was not in a mood to listen to her at all. 
"Acha lets do this... I will go and see what's  going on with them inside and try to convince them than I will tell you what is their decision... Ok..." She asked again politely.
" Theek hai let's go in..." He took her inside with her. 
He went to do some work on his laptop and she went in the kitchen to grab a glass of water. 
She don't know how to explain him and make both the girls understand. So she was avoiding all of them and was going in the room to change. Their room was on the other side of the villa so she has to pass the store room it was  as all the way in the corner. 
She was pulled by her elbow into a dark room. And when she was about to scream, her mouth was covered by a big manly and rough hand. 
Her eyes were wide open but because of the darkness she couldn't figures it out who it was, though she felt the warmth of his closeness and can feel that who it can be. 
She struggled to loosen herself but the manly grip was very tight. 
"Ummm..." She mumbles under the grip. 
"What... Ek minute... Theek se Khadi raho..." His voice gave her a relief. 

She understood that this action can be done only by her one and only mischievous and naughty husband. Whose name is Manik Malhotra. 
He searched around and checked if the coast is clear or not. Than slowly he removed his palm from her mouth. 
But before she says anything or argue with him for grabbing and pulling her like this in the dark room. Her mouth has been covered with the soft and this  line of lips of his own seductive and mesmerizing patidev.

She closed her eyes feeling his warm breath on her upper lip while he was kissing her slowly but still there is that passion and eagerness involved in it. 
She was completely lost in the softness of his lips, the way he is exploring her mouth with his tender lips and the way his hands are rooming at her back. 
She responded equally to him as its been a long day for both of them. His tongue was dancing over her lips to make way inside and she whole heartedly gave way to him by opening her mouth. 

He licked and sucked her tongue and she replied by doing the same. He kissed her thoroughly sucking and nibbling on her lips. She too slide her hands behind his neck and pulled him closer to feel the warmth of his body. 
His hands went to her waist and he lift her off the ground by holding her waist close to his stomach . After a good few minutes when they felt lack of oxygen he left her mouth and leaving her on the ground he dugged his face in the soft and favorite part of her neck hugging her. 

They were silent feeing each other's company. She broke the silence.
"Manik... Kya hogaya... Why do you look so restless..." She whispered in his chest. 
"Restless... Yeh Tum keh rahi ho.. Bahar Tou you agreed on what all they said... " he said not leaving her. 
"Why do you have to go with what all they say... Ab main kaise reh paaunga tumhare bina... Three days... Haan bolo... Aur Kya Tum reh logi mere bina..." He asked acting like a small boy making a pouty face. 
She chuckles on his cute face.

She cupped his face in her small soft hands and said. 
"Main tumse dur Kahan hoon Manik... It's only a matter of nights... Than in the morning we will be together again... Right.." She tried to make him understand. He held her arms and said. 
"Nope... I can't stay away from you even for the night... Ya tou Tum unn logon Ke sone ke baad yahan aa jao... Ya phir main Abhi jaa kar un sab se kehta hoon ki Mujhe ye deal pasand nahin hai..." He whined like small kid. 
"Per Manik... You know na Mukti Jab zidd per aati hain tou kisi ki nahi sunti..." Nandini tried to convince him. 
"And don't you know jab main zidd par Aata hoon Tou Kya hota hai... Bas Main Kuch nahi janta... I don't want to hear anything else... Now either you go and tell them, or let me tell them frankly..." Manik's mood was on the verge of being mad. 

"Bahut reh liya tumse dur... 8years is more than enough... Don't you think so... Aur tell me something... Yeh sirf main hi Tumhare pass aane ke excuses dhoondta rehta hoon... What about you... Don't you want to be with me always... Don't you get mad when they tried to keep you away from me..." Nandini opened her eyes and looked at him. She actually got startled by his question. 
"Of course Manik... Even I want to be with you always... But kabhi kabhi apne friends ke baare mein bhi sochna padta hai... We have to keep their feelings in mind too..." She again tried to explain him but no use. He was stuck on one sentence that he don't want to be away from her. 

"Nandiniii... Kahan reh gayi..." Aliya called her from outside. 
Manik makes another grumpy face. 
"Manik please Mujhe jaane do... I'll be back as soon as they sleep... Please..." She pleaded requesting with a cute face. 
He let go of her arms. 
"Ok... But remember.. I'm waiting here for you... But only for half an hour... If you don't come then I'll come and tumhe utha ke le jaaunga..." He warned her. 
"Per yahan kyun storage room  mein... Wait in our room na... I'll came there..." She asked. 
"No I don't want to take any chances... Yeh mere dost ho kar bhi mere dushman bane baithe hai... Kya pata... They will come in our room searching for you... No no no..." He shake his head like getting scared. 
She chuckles on his antics again and gave a tight kiss on his cheek. 
"Sometimes you act so cute... I love you... My cutie..." She said pinching both of his cheeks. And before he replies she ran from there. 
"Arey suno tou..." He lift his hand to catch her and smiled rubbing his cheeks. 

In the room where Mukti Aliya and Nandini suppose to sleep Mukti was dusting off the bed sheets and getting ready to sleep. 
"Manik stopped you in the middle right..." She asked seeing Nandini entering the room. 
"No it's not like that... I went to bring water..." She cut her off and showed the water jug and glass which she grabbed as an excuse. 
"Waise... I think he is pissed at me Nai... Because  I'm keeping you guys away from each other... And don't tell me he isn't... I know him very well..." Mukti was enjoying his situation. 
"But Mukti don't you think we are doing too much with them... Understand yaar... After so many hurdles they are together atlast... We shouldn't do this to them..." Aliya was soft heart after all. 
"You think I don't know that Aliya.. I know yaar... But Tu dekhna... After their wedding wows... They will have lot of fun... Trust me..." While Mukti was saying that Nandini thought 
'Mukti I'm so sorry but Manik have different plans and I'm afraid I have to follow what he wants otherwise he will create a scene here.." She was looking at them with pity. 

"Wahan kyun Khadi ho... Come na let's sleep..." Mukti patted the bed beside her while lying down. Nandini walked and hopped on the bed and Aliya joined them too. 
To Nandini's disappointment Aliya and Mukti made her sleep in the middle so that she couldn't move. And another surprise was Mukti was hugging her by her waist. 

'Oh Aiyyappa... Yeh sab mere saath hi hona tha... Wahan mere patidev... Mere intezaar mein bhooke sher ki tarha storeroom ke pata nahi kitne chakkar kar chuke honge..." She lift her eyes up to the ceiling and closed her eyes. 
"Ek Taraf possessive husband Aur Doosri taraf uske possessive friends. Kahan phasa diya.. Dono ko Khush rakhne ke chakkar mein mera diwala nikal raha hai..." She wanted to go out before Manik his ever mischievous and naughty but very ziddi husband  creates a drama. 
Her happiness has no bounds when she heard Mukti's small snores. 
Mukti was very tired due to traveling and all the dancing around in the villa. 
Nandini turned to check on Aliya, she was also falling asleep. 
Nandini slowly remove Mukti's arm from her waist and tried to got up. 
"Where are you going???" Aliya whispered not disturbing Mukti. 
"Washroom..." Nandini whispered back. 
Nandini supported Mukti's arms with a pillow and got off the bed. Aliya turned around and settled herself. 
Nandini went inside the washroom and stayed there after her business is done. 
She came out after a long time. And she was happy to see that both the girls were sound asleep. She went near them and adjusted their comforters. 
"I'm so sorry girls... But I have no choice.. Woh tumhara dost hai naa, Aaj bhi pakka pakka monster hai... If I don't listen to him naa.. He will definitely make it a big deal... " she self talks and left the room closing the door behind her. 

Here Mr Manik monster Malhotra is pacing in the not so spacious storeroom impatiently back and forth. 
"Nandini abhi tak kyun nahi aayi... Shall I go and check.. No... She said she will come in half an hour... Still few minutes left... I will wait... If she take more than half an hour then in I will go... " he thought for sometime. 
"No if she don't come in 40 minutes then I will for sure go and bring her..." He makes a final decision and started pacing again. 

As Nandini stepped out of the room she was about  to collide with Cabir who was going in in his room with two glasses in his hands. One with milk and one with juice. 
"Wo wo wo Nandini... Tum itni raat ko Kahan jaa rahi ho..." Cabir asked.
Nandini tried to hide her guilt of leaving the room to go to her husband. But Cabir caught it. 
"Ohhh... Like thaaat... Tabhi main sochun... Ki yeh hamara sher Mukti ke conditions manne waala Tou hai nahi phir Kya plan banaya hoga  ko   ..." Cabir smirked. 
"Actually Cabir... Woh main..." 
"You don't have to give any explanations... I can totally understand your situation... How he is keeping you in the middle of all this... And I know how he is emotionally blackmailing you..." He chuckles...
"Sshh... They are sleeping... Waise Tum yeh glasses le kar Kahan jaa rahe ho..." Nandini puts her fingers on her own lips to stay quiet. 

"Pregnant wife ho tou midnight mein left right karna padta hai... Because they gets hungry in the night naa..." He showed the glasses. 
"But you know what Nandini... Manik is right in his place... Agar main uski jagah hota na... Aur Navya mujh se dur hoti na Kuch mahino ke liye... Than even I would not let her leave my sight for a single second..." He stand leaning on the railing. 

"Manik suffered a lot... And I'm sure you also went through the same... You guys shouldn't stay away from each other... I totally agrees with his point... But Mukti... No one can explain her... Uske rules and uske restrictions... Anyways... You too enjoy this moments... Isme bhi Ek alag hi mazaa hai..." Cabir smiled widely. 
"Thanks Cabir for understanding..." She said. 
"Acha ab jaao... Isse pehle ki Woh tumhara monster Manik yahan AA jaaye..." He signed her with his head and walked towards his room. 

 Meanwhile Manik arranged a bed using the extra mattress in the storeroom with clean sheets and two pillows and a blanket. 
When Nandini entered the storeroom slowly she was again pulled into bear hug. 
"Kahan reh gayi thi tum... Main Bas tumhe lene aane hi waala tha..." He dug his face in her neck.
Nandini wrapped her hands around his waist. 
"I told you naa... After everyone sleeps than I will come... Par yeh Kya... You arranged a bed already..." She was happy  to see the bed in the corner of the room, but she was really impressed with his concern. 
"You I tell you... You know how to have it your ways right..." She snuggles her face in his chest. 
He tightens his hold. 
"Thanks for being so stubborn... Warna I would have missed this... You know Manik... I love you, I love you more than anything in this world..."  She closed her eyes feeling like home and safer In his arms.

"I love you too Nandini... You are my heartbeat... Without which I can't live..." He whispered in her hair. 

He started  taking slow steps along with her and he make her sit on the bed he created. They both sat and instantly he make her sit in his lap spreading his legs in front of him. 
Nandini was holding him by his neck and sitting in his lap like his baby closing her eyes. 
It feels so right, this moment is so perfect... Meant for each other moment. They feel content being in each other's arms. 
And the atmosphere is supporting them with all it has. The mesmerizing moon was peaking from the only window they have and spreading it's moonlight all over the room.  

"Manik..." She whispered in his neck. 
"Hmm..." He was busy enjoying this moment with her. 
"Kuch sunao na..." She requested. 
"Abhi... But everyone else is sleeping. ..." He said. 
"Yes but.. This room is all the way in the corner and only one window here... No one will hear you.., Pleaseee.,," she make a baby face. 
He kissed her on her forehead and started rocking himself to and fro to make her sleep. 

Itni mohabbat karo na
Main doob na jaaun kahin
Waapas kinaare pe aana
Main bhool na jaaun kahin
Dekha jabse chehra tera
Main toh hafton se soya nahin

She lift her face to look at him, his eyes were closed and he was lost in the song resting his head on the wall. 

Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chhipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Main kisi se kahunga nahi

She touched his cheek with her right hand and turned him towards her. When he looked into her dreamy and sleepy eyes she gave a big smile to him and gave kiss on his cheek. 

Mujhe neend aati nahi hai akele
Khawabon mein aaya karo
Nahi chal sakunga tumhare bina main
Mera tum sahara bano
Ik tumhe chahne ke alaawa
Aur kuch humse hoga nahi

She snuggles herself more to him hiding her face in his neck where the neck and shoulder joins. She kissed him on the sweet spot. It gives a shiver to him all the way down to his spine. He pulled her more and tighten his hold on her. 

Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chhipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Main kisi se kahunga nahi

They lie down in the same position Manik pulling her up on him feeling her whole body close to him. Nandini was tracing her index finger all the way from his forehead to his cheek down to his chin and turning his face to her she kissed his chin. 

Hamari kami tumko mehsoos hogi

Bhiga dengi jab baarishein
Main bhar kar ke laaya hoon
Aankhon mein apni
Adhuri si kuch khwahishein
Rooh se chahne wale aashiq
Baatein jismon ki karte nahin

Manik was enjoying  her little teasing session while his fingers were making there work on her waist. 

Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chhipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi

Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chhipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Main kisi se kahunga nahi


She was almost asleep on him. He make her lie down on his side with her head on his shoulder and closed his eyes. 

"There's nothing better than this Nandini... Thanks for coming back into my life again..." He said so softly that Nandini couldn't even hear it. 

The drifter into deep slumber. 

End of part 20

I know I know I'm late, but I was searching for the nice pictures that goes with this update. 

So tell me how do you like it. These days we writers are not getting enough response on our stories. Maybe people are loosing touch on the chemistry of MANAN. 

My dear beautiful people we just need your few words so please write something. 

You won't loose anything but it will give us everything.

So start commenting and make us happy. 

Waiting for your comments and precious words. 

If I get good response than I will try to give an early update on life partners 

Thanks a lot for your patience 

You all take care and stay blessed 

And always keep smiling 

Love  you all. 

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