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Thahaan TS : Khamoshiyan

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Guys, this one is actually the third part of my previous os Tears of Love but it wasn't directly linked to it so I made a separate post. And one more I have used some hindi dialoges, I am a malayali and now I can understand basic hindi, all thanks to hindi shows and movies but I don't really know how to use it. So sorry for all the grammar mistakes. Here it goes...


                                                      <font size="6">KHAMOSHIYAN</font>

Thapki walked to the garden, the sun was shinning bright, It wasn't too hot ,a coolness still lingered in the air. The happenings of the previous night were still fresh in her mind. She wrapped her hands around herself losing herself in the memories, feeling his touch. But the bitter memories resurfaced despite her constant efforts to shut them down. He says something ,while his eyes shows something else. Today morning also, she saw it , the love ,hidden inside them. Yes the old Bihaan is still somewhere deep inside him. She just needs to dig him out, but how???
                                                  Ouuch..., she pulled her hand away. What was that? She had got lost in her thoughts that she had no idea about where she was headed. She looked at her hand, one , two drops of blood ticked out. She turned to look at the cause of her pain. For a moment she forgot where she was, she forgot all about her worries, ...she was back in their tabela and he , he was standing there shy, yet so cute holding that single red rose in his hand. She was partially turned away from him and he from her, yet both of them could feel each other's heart.
                                                                    Her heart was thudding inside her, she didn't know what was happening to her. She sat down ,on her knees , her eyes taking in on the beauty of that rose, whose thorns that just pricked her fingers.
                                   "People consider roses as the symbol of love but for us its the symbol of our tashan, ladayi, kuch yad aaya?
                                                                                 Yes, she remembered everthing, all their ladayis, all those gifts they exchanged that day.She was still not sure about what she felt then when he forwarded that rose to her. She never truly understood what his childish acts, his talks, everything about him ,did to her. It aroused in her those feelings that were beyound her understanding, beyound her controlbut she knew they were so strong, intence but everytime until now she refused to acknowledge them. Maybe thats why she couldn't just throw away that rose, his gift on valentine's day. Losing that rose was like losing him and she shuddered at that thought, no she would rather die. And like he said that was the symbol of their cute knok-jocks and they were precious to her like him and she couldn't just give them up. So she thought of a way to keep them alive forever.
                                                 And here she was, looking at the first rose that has blossomed on the rose plant that she had planted on that eventful night. Yes, quite eventful. Memories, memories of their tabela days flashed across her mind. How he always stood for her, how he cared for her, how he brought smile and sweetness back to her life just like he promised and she,what did she give him in return? Tears filled her eyes blinding her vision.
                                                                          Her hands slowly caressed that rose. It was blood red just like the tip of her fingers. But that small cut didn't hurt her now. As soon as her eyes found found out the cause of her pain all her pain vanished. Pyaar ka dard hai meeta meeta pyaara pyaara. She smiled. She had lived this moment hundreds of times in her imagination. She was excited for this day when she would be able to see that first blossom . She could n't wait to see the smile, the surprice he would feel when she would show him this, tell him how special it is to her, him, them. He was such a sweet , innocent child, he got so happy with small things. And this was such a perfect gift she wanted to give him.She wanted to show him how much his gifts, he means to her. But now, everything is ruined. She ruined everthing. She couldn't hold her tears anymore. Sobbing ,she ran inside.

It was afternoon, everyone had lunch and were seated in the living room. Thapki was sitting with Kiran and dadi while Bihaan sat opposite discussing something important with Bauji."kitna boring hena, aaj, mujhe sach mein neend aa rahi hai, Pata nahi ye Bihaan bhai ko aaj kal kya hua.(Today is such a borind day, I am feelinf so sleepy, I wonder what happened to Bihaan bhaiya these days)" Thapki felt really uneasy listening to these words. Bihaan just sat there as if he hasn't heard a thing, but the sudden stiffness in his posture told everything." Ek minute, I know exactly how to change this gloomy mood"saying this kiran got up . Thapki smiled ,'she is just like bihaan who also couldn't stand to see his family sad'. Once again the tears threatened to overflow.He wasn't looking at her, not even one glance, like she was invisible. She couldn't sit there anymore . She made an excuse to dadi and was retrating to thier room when, suddenly she froze.Her heart skipped a few beats. She slowly turned around only to meet his surpriced, shocked eyes staring at her . Thier eyes met , questening each other yet not uttering a word. A silence spread , a silence which took them back to an unfortuanate evening, an evening both of them can now only remember with a feeling of nostalgia, a feeling of lost...

                         Khamoshiyan... Teri Meri Khamoshiyan...
                          Khamoshiyan... Lipti Hui Khamoshiyan...
                                                                                 How they had unwillingly danced with each other for the first time ever. How they were made to hold each others's hand. How they couldn't separate themselves even though they wanted, like fate just kept pushing her into his arms. But that seemed like a long long time ago, a lot of things have changed, yet nothing has changed.
                    Kya Uss Gali Mein Kabhi Tera Jaana Hua...
                   Jahaan Se Zamaane Ko Guzre Zamaana Hua...
                    Mera Samay Toh Wahin Pe Hai Thehra Hua...
                     Bataoon Tumhe Kya Mere Saath Kya Kya Hua...
                                                                                          His owns words echoed in his ears, his heart
                                                     When I first thapki in dhruv's office, I thought we were opposite poles, me p for pachim and she p for poorab. We always fought whenever we met. I never thought I would marry her but god had something else planned for. I fell inlove with her and then I confessed, thapki agre...
                                                                                        He cursed the moment, he said those words. His words have a habit of coming back at him to bite him. Never in his dreams had he thought that these words would come true, atleast half of it would come true. But he couldn't help it. Even now he can't just not stop loving her and he hated himself for that. Why does she have to look at him like that, like she cares, making him feel like she feels the same too. No, ye tumhara mottibudhi keh rahe hai Bihaan, she doesn't love you...
                                           He looked at her, straight in the eyes, his heart ripping apart.

                           Sulagte Dilon Mein Hai Khamosh Uthta Dhuaan...
                                                                                                                 and she felt his pain, burning her inside out.
                                   Khamoshiyan Aakaash Hai
                                   Tum Udne Toh Aao Zara
                                  Khamoshiyan Ehsaas Hai
                                  Tumhe Mehsoos Hoti Hai Kya
                                 Beqaraar Hai, Baat Karne Ko
                                     Kehne Do Inko Zara...
                                                                                          Thapki bhabhi, bihaan bhai, kaha kho gayi? (thapki bhabhi, bihaan bhaiyya , where are you lost)Thapki was suddenly brought back to reality. She saw kiran looking at bihaan and then at thapki with a teasing expression." Kya phirse koyi romantic sa dance karne ka mann to nahi kar rahi, yad aayi ye song? (You guys are not thinking about going for another romantic dance, are you)" she asked bihaan and burst out laughing." kya kiran let stop teasing them, let them have thier moment, let them cherish their memories" dadima said suppressing a laugh. "Kaunsi memories?" bauji asked confused. "Arre bauji yeh humari thapki aur bihaan devarji ka reception wala song hai(This is bihaan&thapki's reception song)"." Toh my dear love birds, are you two ready for a dance??? "Kiran asked more like an announcement . All this time bihaan was standing there as if he was on fire and that was his limit. H e walked away from there saying he has some work.

                          Khamoshiyan... Teri Meri Khamoshiyan...
                    Khamoshiyan... Lipti Hui Khamoshiyan...

                             Seeing him go, away from her, from himself, escaping from his own feelings,she finally saw it very clearly, she got her answer and in that split second , she made her decision.

                                                      Thapki slowly took the flower in her hand as if she was afraid it would get hurt. Yes she couldn't hurt him anymore. Slowly and carefully she cut the thin branch and separated the flower, making sure that she hasn't caused any damage to the plant. Afterall this was only the first rose. There were many buds waiting to blossom. The spring was yet to come, to fill their life with colours and happiness. She took the flower in her hands and looked at it lovingly, "Bihaan you gifted me a rose, telling me its the symbol of our tashan, you gave me everything, more than I deserve. And now its my turn to give you the happiness, the care, the support , the love you deserve, everything you ever wished for, starting with this. I don't know how you will react but do what ever you want, give me your best, I am ready. And yeah, this rose that I am going to give you is not the symbol of our jagdas, this is the symbol of our love that is hidden in our tashan...Love you B for Bihaan Pandey, apne B for Beevi se bachke rehna...



1.Do you guys remember bihaan's exact words when he was asked by the media people to tell thahaan love story in their reception . His words struck me right then and since that day I had been waiting for those words to come true. Anyways I wanted to reproduce his exact words but this was all I could rememberCrySo if anyone remembers ,kindly pm me or comment below so that I can edit my ts, its a request..

2.Sorry for not giving any thahaan romance or cute thahaan scenes, I wanted to give thapki some time to realize her love and bihaan to cool down . Sorry if this was BJKT and boring. I planning to go for 3 or 4 parts more, so you by the end I hope I will be able to write some good thahaan scenes.

3. So thats all please do comment, write whatever comes to your mind, tell where I was wrong, where I should change and improve.Thanks for readingSmile


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Yes! His words came true but her mistake makes it look like a bitter truthCry
Loved it!! Plz continue asap Wink

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It is one of the most beautiful works on Thahaan till now. Just loved it.

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The title itself takes you to the reception day .the way u hv brought it to the ts  is outstanding.loved it.Love the emotional connections b/w then.beautiful update.

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Eagerly waiting for the next part.
Kowsi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 April 2016 at 11:23am | IP Logged
It took me back to that Khamoshiya song!! Very good one Angel I love how you put the memories linked with the feelings!! 

Keep it up girl

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Wao girls ,you play with the memories so well.and yes I wanted this to come in show so badly. Plx stalker..take note.
Best os of this week till date.

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Angii you just nailed it!! StarClap
and yes his words did come ture !! Embarrassed
I LOVED IT!!! Heart

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