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|#6| Drabble ~ The Billionaire's Ex-Wife (complete) (Page 124)

arnavkushiarshi Goldie

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Posted: 08 November 2016 at 12:22am | IP Logged
Please come back soon.

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yizhihenanjing Senior Member

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Posted: 15 November 2016 at 6:20am | IP Logged
Yay!! This thread is opening again, can't wait for Vani to complete this beautiful journey >.< , my most favorite story after Baby Doll 1 & 2 >.<

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radhika007 Goldie

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Please come back 
jj23 Senior Member

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Waiting...waiting...come soon
sunitikapoor IF-Sizzlerz

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I hope Arnav is not cheating...why Sheetal now.
Awesome chapter.
Swaran13 Goldie

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Posted: 15 November 2016 at 8:01pm | IP Logged
Pls update soon 
shekha2012 Goldie

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Please update soon 
MrBiebersWifey. IF-Sizzlerz

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~The Billionaire's Ex-Wife Ending~

Khushi looked around at a party that was going on in honor of a 40 million business deal that ASR won. She was getting increasingly tired and hungry, but she didn't stop greeting the guests.

"Mummy! Where's papa?" suddenly Khushi felt a tug on her sari and she looked down to find Tara asking this to her with a doll in her hand.

"He's there!" Khushi pointed towards where Arnav was sitting before taking Tara to him. She looked adoringly as Arnav picked Tara's small body into his lap and started hugging her while balancing his glass of drink in his hand.

"Ooh, ASR, this is your daughter eh? Really nice to see the only thing that the mighty ASR loves most!" Arnav's attendant spoke, making Arnav chuckle.

"Yes..this is the gorgeous Tara. My heart will always belong to her." Arnav kissed Tara's hair making Khushi smile widely.

"You know, Tara, your papa loves you SO much. He had brought a toy's company and named it after you! The Glitter dolls's ownership belongs to you. He didn't want to buy toys that every other kid can have, so he named a full toy company after you because he wanted to be a part of  your life after your..uh..parents got divorced. So he became a part of your life through those toys." the moment the attendant said this, both Tara and Khushi's jaw dropped. Tara became very excited while Khushi smiled at her excitement.

"ASR loves Tara too much, doesn't he?" Aliya caressed Khushi's shoulder, making Khushi nod.

"He does. He loves me and Tara both now.." Khushi spoke happily, glancing at Arnav with a shy smile and then she felt Aliya's hand remove from her shoulder.

"Are you sure that he loves you? Khushi..I don't want you to get are my baby sister... I want the best for you. Maybe Arnav said he loves you only because he wants to stay around Tara now. Maybe after living with you and Tara for all these months he is realizing that he cannot stay without Tara. Maybe he is using you just to stay close to Tara cos you both are divorced and you have Tara's custody. I mean..just look at him, he has more chemistry with that random girl Sheetal than he has with you. When he is with you all he talks about is Tara, Tara, and Tara. You look like such a inferior thing of his life." the moment Aliya said this, Khushi's heart shattered into a million pieces.

She looked as Sheetal sat beside Arnav and leaned towards him as she said something flirty to Arnav and he just smiled and didn't say anything else.

It hurt her so much.

She gulped as she silently looked at Aliya while Aliya waited for Khushi's response to her words but Khushi's only response was her bursting into tears as she rushed upstairs...



Khushi heard Arnav's voice as he opened the door and came towards her. She wiped her tears and looked at him. 

"Tara is so f**king adorable, Khushi. She was asking me if my eyes are made out of chocolate cos they are so brown." Arnav chuckled. "How can anyone be so cute?"

Khushi smiled forcefully and felt like the most horrible mother in the world seeing how much Arnav loves Tara and she feels jealous of it. She used to think that she'll be happy as long as Arnav loves and cares for Tara but now she felt so selfish and greedy that she wants to be sure that Arnav loves her too and isn't just using her cos she has custody of Tara. And her pregnancy hormones were making her go crazy too.

"Tum theek ho?" he cocked his head to the side and held her chin, looking at her wet eyes.

"Arnavji.." She suddenly put her hands on his chest and looped her arms around him, hugging him and scrunching  his black shirt in her fists. "Do you love me? Are you sure that you love me?"

"Well, you know I don't like to repeat myself. Neither in business meetings or personal life." Arnav sighed. "But yes. If you want me to repeat: I love you."

"Why do you love me and Tara so differently? Why..why do you show that you love her all the time but you don't do that for me?" Khushi really wanted to kill herself for asking such questions.

"Are you seriously comparing my love for a kid with a love I have for the woman in my life? I am not a very romantic man, Khushi. But I do love you." Arnav spoke only to achieve a push from Khushi. He looked in shock as Khushi sobbed uncontrollably and grit her teeth angrily.

"Oh..oh, right. You are only romantic towards Sheetal. Hai na?"

"Khushi..what the -...are you out of your damn mind?! Sheetal is nothing to me!" He cupped her cheek while she looked downwards and cried hard.

"Every time that I thought you love me, you have just disappointed me. When Tara was born and you called me 'baby' for the first time I thought you'll finally love me back. But you divorced me soon after it. When I thought you love me when you kissed me after the divorce, you broke my heart again by saying that you only kissed me cos you find me too sexy when I am pregnant. You have broken my heart so many times that it just is not sure that you, Mr Arnav Singh Raizada, can ever love me." Khushi blurted out hurtfully. 

"" Arnav tried to comfort her seeing tears roll down her eyes continuously but she pushed him away again.

"You say you love me while you keep receiving flirty texts and flirty lines from Sheetal. You probably only said you love me so that you can stay around Tara as I have Tara's custody." Khushi's words stunned Arnav and he held her wrist tightly, making her wince in pain.

"YOU REALLY THINK SO LOW OF ME?! Khushi, I never told you I love you when I didn't. I never gave you any false hope. And now when I did say I love you, you doubt it? You're a bloody blind idiot if you can't see that I truly love you. I think it is YOU who doesn't love me, because all you know is how to whine and doubt me. If you loved me, you would have trusted me instead of crying all this heartbreak crap of yours." as soon as Arnav said this, Khushi gasped out at how much his words hurt her. Arnav looked as the devastated emotion on Khushi's face made the room's atmosphere turn from tensed to painful. 

"Al-Aliya told me that you must have told me you love me only cos you wanna stay around Tara cos I have her custody." Khushi said making Arnav clap.

"Good! So now what Aliya says is what you believe in more than you believe in me. Thank you for this, Khushi." Arnav spat sarcastically before getting up and leaving the room.


"Papa, mummy... why are you both not talking to each other? I thought you both love each other." Tara pouted as she saw Arnav and Khushi being silent on the dining table.

"Tara, can't you just stop talking and eat quietly for once? You are literally too small to interfere in what goes on between me and your mother. Stop it." Arnav scolded Tara, making Khushi shocked that he got angry at Tara for the very first time in his life...all because of her..

She felt so damned guilty.

She looked as Arnav busied himself in his phone while Tara innocently looked at Khushi. Breaking Khushi even more. 


"Mummy..are all these fairytales true?" Tara asked later when Khushi was reading a fairytale to her while Arnav was sitting on the other side of the room, working on his laptop.

"Do you want a prince charming too?" Khushi smiled. "If you are lucky, you will find a man who won't break your heart and will love you always. I hope no one ever breaks your heart."

"Did a man ever break your heart, mummy?" Tara wondered and Khushi's heartbeat slowed down.

Khushi took a deep breath.

"Yes." Khushi answered making Arnav gulp..knowing it's him itself who broke her heart.

How can he get so angry at Khushi for her valid concerns? He has been a monster to her. He had broken her heart every single day of their loveless marriage and he broke it again when they got divorced. He must have lost count of how many times he has broken her heart, how many times he had unintentionally sparked a hope in her heart that he will finally love her only to make that hope die every time. Naturally she has become like this..unsure, lost, confused just like the little Tara who has no idea whether a prince charming exists who would love her.

"Now, go to sleep..princess.." Khushi kissed Tara's cheek and carried her to another room as she put Tara into bed. 

And the moment she came back, she found Arnav looking at her. She blinked slowly as Arnav stepped to her, and laced his fingers with her. He kissed her soft and slow, taking her breath away.

When they pulled away, Khushi found Arnav breathing faster than her. He swept her off her feet and put her on the bed. Quickly unzipping her salwar and pulling it off her head. 

"Ah! Arnav!" She moaned as he put his fingers on her wetting core...he pulled out his fingers and put those wet fingers inside his mouth. He leaned down and passionately started kissing and sucking on her whole body, she couldn't stop moaning while he couldn't stop his breathing from fastening and his groans from diminishing.

"I'm not a prince charming, right? I'm the one who broke your heart." he asked as he thrust inside her, tears filling his eyes. 

"You are the villain." Khushi laughed making him laugh too.

"Maybe in real life there is no prince charming. Maybe there is just a villain who loves you so much." Arnav cupped her breasts in his each palms and gave them a squeeze.

He got up and brought a box of sindoor and mangalsutra that was kept in Khushi's wardrobe that she never ever wore after their divorce, but had kept safely in her makeup bag. He came and filled her parting with the sindoor and putting the mangalsutra in her neck before cupping her face softly.

"You are the strongest woman I have ever known, Khushi." he spoke as he pulled her body up and placed her on his lap, still thrusting while she moved her lips in order to meet his deep thrusts. "You are so much more than what Aliya or Sheetal or anyone say or do."

"Never again, Arnavji. I'll never listen to what Aliya says again and I'll never doubt you about Sheetal.." Khushi held his hands and kissed them lovingly.

Arnav stuck his mouth against hers. "You are so high, so high in my heart..Khushi.. that I won't even be able to explain it in words ever. So let me show you."

And then there was complete silence, no words exchanged as Arnav made passionate love to Khushi. Every time she thought it was enough, he held her, hugged her again and loved her even more...


"Goodmorning, beautiful." 

Khushi's eyes opened to Arnav saying this.

"Goodmorning." Khushi smiled at him.

Suddenly their bliss was broken as Aliya came inside their room without knocking while Khushi squeaked cos she was naked and she hid herself into Arnav's chest and he put a blanket over their bodies.

"KHUSHI! What are you doing? I.." before Aliya could speak further, Arnav got up and slapped Aliya hard.

"This slap is for hurting Khushi more times than I can count. You have always hurt her and you don't deserve her respect that she had for you as a sister. You told Khushi that I am using her for Tara's custody? ENOUGH, ALIYA. Stop your nonsense. I will never want you, ever. EVER. Stop trying to break Khushi and I apart because Khushi and Tara both are my life and my life has no place for you.. And if you ever even DARE to hurt my wife ever again, I will not spare you. Got it?!" Arnav hissed and Aliya glanced at Khushi to find the sindoor in the parting of her head. She cried out before running away...

"Arnavji.." Khushi sighed out.

"No Khushi, don't try to say that I did anything wrong. Aliya deserved it!" Arnav shouted thinking Khushi is gonna be pissed at him for being bad to Aliya but Khushi sighed out again.

"N-no..Ar-Arnav...I think my water just broke." She said nervously.

Arnav's eyes widened and he stumbled back. Khushi gaped, remembering how freaked out Arnav had gotten the day she was gonna give birth to Tara.

"NOW?!!? THE BABY IS COMING NOW?!!?" Arnav stormed out of the room at the speed of light, while Khushi screamed out in pain. 


After 4 long hours in the hospital, Arnav heard the amazing news that Khushi has given birth to a baby boy. 

He went inside with Tara before looking at the small baby that took both Tara and Arnav's breaths away.

"He is so small, papa! I brought this lollipop for him but it looks too big for his mouth..look at his mouth, it is just too small." Tara spoke in horror holding the pink lollipop of her hand making Arnav chuckle before he went towards Khushi and hugged her tightly. 

"You got what you wanted, Mrs Raizada. You wanted a boy...I wanted a girl...but I guess I have to adjust with having just a boy and we can try to make a baby girl later tonight.." Arnav smirked making Khushi groan out.

"You are a bad father, Mr Raizada. Can't you see how cute Arsh is..and can't you see how much pain I went through to bring him into this world!" Khushi exclaimed while Arnav hugged her again and kissed her neck.

"You already thought of his name?! His name is Arsh? You want it to be Arsh? Ok then it'll be Arsh.. He is perfect, Khushi. I love you so much." Arnav sighed into the crook of her neck while Khushi hugged him back as she looked at Tara playing with their new little bundle of joy, Arsh.

Her heart was finally at peace, and she had everything a girl could ever want.

"I love you too, Arnavji."

~~~~~~THE END!~~~~

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