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Posted: 20 April 2016 at 9:40am | IP Logged
so frnds we had yet again a wonderful epi... Tongue d love birds finally unite and we have kanha's idol being reestablished or punarsthapith what we say... Big smile by all d rituals and customs where a priest is called and he does all d mantras and we have akdha sitting for d puja and later we have jo and HB's convo... Big smile

jo being welcomed with pomp where d flowers r being showered on her and ppl r chanting her and jalal's names meanwhile we have rajasthani folk song being played as bgm... Tongue and d best part was fbs playing of their muh dikhayi and then jalal seeing her for d 1st time in palki giving a nostalgic feeling... Tongue and jo just heads on towards jalal where finally both greet each other in their own style... Wink and she does his arti... Tongue all d while both just convey their feelings thru eyes forgetting d surrounding around them as if only both xisted for jo jalal and for jalal it was only and only jo and then jalal extends his hand to her and she v hesitation gives her hand to him... Wink and hukka burns in jealousy and d other 2 devils feel irritated and leave...Silly

akdha along with d lady gang reaches jo's room and both joja with hand in hand and jo is surprised to see d rom decorated and jalal tells her since she had taken her kanha along with her so he thought of reestablishing her kanha's idol too along with her welcome... Tongue jo is all happy rather overwhelmed... Tongue btw pari looked pretty Embarrassed only I dint like this dull color of her dress thou its pink but still it looks less royal to me...these cvs r really impossible... Angry HB and SB smile looking at each other... Big smile d priest tells joja that they could start with d rituals and both sit for d puja... Big smile SB shows her happiness of seeing both 2gther... Tongueall d rituals r done and all leave while jo tells jalal that she wanted to talk to him but he tells her that she mite have been tired since she had travelled for a long time so he would talk to her later for now she should rest... Big smile

jo meets HB and she asks forgiveness from her... Big smile HB tells her that she agrees that whatever she did was right from her pov but she should have told her before leaving at least she would have done something as jo's departure was a punishment for SB and Rahim as he used to torture them for d story telling... LOL Wink finally HB tells her that her punishment would b she should not leave agra anymore and even if she wanted to go out of d palace she should inform her and jo becomes more emotional and lays her head on HB's lap... Big smile

then we have siblings meeting and gossiping I mean jo and shivani where shivani tells her that she had given a harsh punishment for jalal as he in spite being an emperor forgetting his empire wandered everywhere in search of her and also asked forgiveness from her but she dint budge... Big smile but after her arrival there was a kind of glow in his eyes... Tongue she adds that how much jalal loved her... Wink and finally it was jo's turn to tease shivani by tej's name... LOL jo asks her whether she was happy with tej...? Big smile shivani assures her that she was happy and all credit goes to jalal as he had forgiven both but also gave a job to tej... Big smile shivani asks about her parents and whether they had forgiven her to which jo assures her that parents cant remain angry for a long time towards their children... Big smile shivani sees d painting and asks her what a beautiful painting it was? Big smile

on d other hand we have hukka getting a painting done and gloats that she can never get defeated...Wackoand thinks of winning this game for sure...WackoSilly

jo asks moti who had kept this painting here in her room...? Wink moti tells her everything that how jalal had got this painting kept here and used to spend time here every night admiring her painting talking to her painting shedding painful tears and he never visited any of his begums after she had left is stunned to hear all d revelations... Big smile and is lost in jalal's thoughts when shivani teases her saying that now itself she had lost in jalal's thoughts since there was time for d night to arrive... LOL Wink jo gets irritated and both run behind each other finally hugging each other... Tongue Wink

jallu is in d room and recalls jo's arrival and how he had held her hand and both entered d palace and he smiles... Wink meanwhile soldier comes and informs about jo's arrival... Big smile and tells him to allow her arrives and she tells him that she wanted to talk to him... Big smile he tells her that thank god he heard her voice as his ears yearned to listen to her voice and he got d chance to hear it after ages... Tongue both share an eye lock... Wink and finally he tells her to wait and brings d whip and tells her that even thou he was an emperor he had committed a big mistake and so he should get d desired punishment and tells her to take this whip and hit him hard... Ouchjo just looks on at him Confused


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sweet_diksha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 April 2016 at 9:44am | IP Logged

Thanks Harshu...lovely episode... so full of emotions... or rather over emotions, by I will skip  other's emotions and will think just abt our AkDha's powerplay of emotions...

Anyway before I start , one thing I would like to ask...why Jo did Aarti of Jalal? As far as I know, aarti is done of a person who come back after a long time or of a man who comes back home after winning a war...and so Salima did aarti of Jo who has returned after a long time...but why Jo did aarti of Jalal?? Was it coz she and others think that Jalal won the war btw them and defeated her and made her come back??? I mean what CVs really thought of this action of hers??  Sorry , but I was equally confused abt this thing 2 yrs back, and even today trying to find the answer...can anybody tell it???

So back to Akdha...they both look at eachother and the world is forgotten...and why not... at that particular moment, they really don't need any "Haddi" btw them...they stand in front of eachother and the greetings done... but their eyes speak the unspoken words...that now we r united and won't go away from eachother ever...

And then Jalal forwards his hand  towards her...have u noticed? Till now many times he has hold her hand... sometimes to show that she belongs to him, sometimes to tease her, to dominate her to humiliate her... but this time it was different...this time he forwards his hand asking her to promise to be with him forever , wiping all that hurtful moments btw them and to start a new journey full of love , care and a strong bond of can Jo resist to this unspoken promise as well as challenge from him? She kept her hand on his firmly, willingly, with full of love and promise of togetherness for lifetime...and Jalal holds it tightly as if his entire world depends on it... and keeps it holding till they sit to perform that sthapana ritual...and frankly more than sthapana , it felt like they r performing the rituals of newly-weds...

And then when both r left alone, the awkwardness returns...though not in Jo, but Jalal becomes nervous...and it's natural...all the time she is calm, serene, coz she knows the real reason of her comeback, but he still doesn't know it completely...if she came back, coz she loves him, if she came back coz she has forgiven him... he is still waiting but he is nervous to ask if they can start afresh, or he still has to do the "prayschit" for his misdeeds which made her leave everything including him and their relationship...yes, he is happy that she has come back... but all those harsh words exchanged btw them r still somewhere deep in his mind, which still make him fear to take any initiative in their further relationship...and so he leaves her making a pretence of her tiredness and her rest...

But back in his room, he can't hide his happiness and ecstasy for getting her back to his life... but it's shortlived...coz just when she comes back to meet him, his nervousness also returns...and there we get to see Jalal not as a shehenshah but as a husband...he becomes restless, for what she will say...he is not sure if she is yet ready to start the new life by wiping just that stupid incident btw them, or they have to restart their new relationship from scratch...all he can do is just hope that , their relationship is still strong to the point, where it was before that incident...

and then when he finds her in front of him, all those emotions he has faced since she left him, returns to haunt him back... and there he does what he thinks necessary...he asks her to punish him that will help him come out of his guilt... his repentance is complete all he needs is her assurance that she has come back for his love and nothing else...the bitter incident btw them means nothing for her now, and that he has gained the most precious place in her life that is in her heart that now is ruled only and only by him... Jo has come out of her pain and hurt, and now it's her love and support that will help him to forget his guilt and pain...

May be someone will think, how CVs can show Jalal so week... but showing emotions is not weakness...rather it makes him more human... why a person who is Shehenshah , should never show his emotions to anybody??? And basically she is not anybody, she is the one who owns his heart... so what's wrong if he shows his innermost feelings to her? Afterall only she is the one who holds the strength to behold that softness in him with gr8 care, love and safety, so the shrewd and mighty king for the world can stay strong while ruling the large world that exists beyond their small world...

Isn't it a beauty of togetherness????

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ayushimehra IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 April 2016 at 9:44am | IP Logged

Thanks Harshu,

These days, Maybee I personel  life very busy, but living Akdha-Land, or No mood coming from There, ha ha because i feeling too much, relax or happiness there, So who who watching show they can, apply this Trick getting relax. Or i am song full mood today, so going to add many songs,

Jalal made jodha Home,-coming,Remarkable Movement,...sure Where Akdha these days, Felt, again, Goose Bumps, How  Rt, +PS, performed this Memorable episode.

Too much liked, Jalal welcome jodha, Rajvanci, culture, style, Which way warm welcome ceremony orgainsed,...fully leave effect, on Awam+Main jodha Heart,...She went from Agra Heart+broken staze, but came, Agra, With lot of respect,...What we or jodha can more accept from Jalal. So King giving full respect Welcoming his beloved Begum.

Both couple Arase their back, Harsh differences,...Both already forgiven eachother, ...Both love, ready to Bulit strong their relationship, even comparsion to past, or today they standing  front of eachother,...Fully Heart-level,

Song line;

Dil nee Yee kha hee dil see Mohabbat hoo gayi hee Tumsee,...

Jalal always said He has  no heart,...or jodha said, she not ready, to accept him, but now equations changing,...or Both wants to see, one ZHALAK of eachother.OR   Both not  wants, one movement Eyes will miss eachother, Presence.

A,..Which was Amaging, Welcome song, Which binded the atmosphere, un-countable stars.

(Pagg, Pagg Padharo,...Mangal gaoo;;;;;;;; Rajsathani Folk song filled with blessings)

  How, words can describe this, scene,


Song was full of blessings. your   Groom,  will got long, life, jabb takk Ganga-yamuna, full of water, 


Speechless scene, One side, Jalal moving his foot-steps, other side jodha  walking steps, moving slowely-slowely, but her eyes were focused on  Jalal or jalal eyes were Focused on Jodha;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;EKK TAKK, this word, can justfy that movement,  Marvellous,


Jodha recalling marriage rituales,  first both not care Marriage rituals, but Now both understanding, Imp of marraige or imp of both eahother.


because i am, Song land living    Rukk NAA PAOO MEE, CHALTI AOO,  MEE, DIL  KOO


(this song  can justify this situation.    )


Both so much vibrated, Happy,, or these type of movements always words, lost, but  eyes or face expressions speaks All. Jodha , Bind hands,eyes saying sorry, +Pranam, very emotional movements, Jalal Sielance Aadab,...spoke all. Or Eyes saying, to God, Thank God, you sent My beloved Back, or Jodha little shyness, little Nervousness spoke all.

First time, after marriage Akdha met, or Jodha hand was  sharp knife, ha ha, But now realtions  grown up, Then she was big Hater him, Now Heart beats for him, side by side female or bride feeling coming in jodha inner.



C Hand-catching .& AaRTI scene;


Jodha, welcomes jalal through AaRTI, it means,God  blessing with couple, & when she Tilk

to  Jalal, means, jalal respect should be maintened, &His future will be Bright.


 How little, symbolic,are very meaning full in Life.


 jalal recalls, back movement, & present his hand, In Front of jodha,  ( Actually this phase changing both internally, but both not know how much other changed) when both are taking marriage, PHERE, Then jodha not ready to give, her hand, or MV complete that ritual, again same situation came, or jodha without hesitation giving her hand,& put on jalal Hand, Means she  giving, again acceptance of this reltaion, ...i am ready as your begum. Ha ha, i faith on you, i ready to spend my life with you.


(both wants to accept eachother, or All awam seeing, Which place jodha , made in King's Heart, or, Rain of blessings, getting both,) If we started blessings of people cause of our doings, it shows our height increasing, cause of our good doings, now outer of world.

suppose, jodha is saying, now i am your responsibilty, &jalal  was saying, not worry, I am with you, you can trust me,his words, Come with me, his words showing, He has right on jodha

& he is incomplete, without jodha. Or jodha showing trusting on him, or wants to surrunder these movements.Oh jalal amazing.   song line to banti hee.


(MANG KEE SATH TUMAHARA MEENE MANG LIYA SANSAR;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Mang;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Big smile


Totaly thoughtless scene was, jodha respectfully entered, in Agra place       ,


Both eyes were saying, Time should be stopped here, & this movement never finished.

Back ground music, Humm Dono hee Sath,;;;;;;;;filling episode with amajing beats.


( Have a fun, Ruk, SHARRIF, AK leaved that place,  Ruk reason undersatnds, Is AK & Sharrifare missing, JEVEDA &BAKSHi;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;   but i think they unromantic person, , how can know importance of Love.   )LOL


Surprise for Jodha. Kanha temple;


Oh God great, Jalal you sure not same person as you before, You know little little Heart, happness doings. You surprised jodhu, her, Big Kanha temple.


A, First you own mughal, gave jodha freedom, she can worship, Murti pooza, now you , what again did, less people this earth can  do or you One of them. So Many starts for you.


B How cute that scene was;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Again Thoughtless or Timeless scene, or back gound mucsic beating now spiritual.time both hand again united.

C,. Pandit pooza time,...Jodha words,...".Hum Dono to sath hee hee,..." spoke all, so all  Dusti thoughts washed away, or jodha ready to move, New phase of Life,or Both doing pooza, changing side, which Right for pooza acc to Hindhu Mythology. As jalal not see  without jodha his life, Jodha also not seeing her  Life without Jalal.

 both were blessed, through  GOD,suppose now they are accepting eachother, as Husband & wife,  New journey  will be start now.    jodha eyes saying thanks to jalal.words she not getting saying for thanks.


i liked, H B words, this movement, is, How combinding, TWO COMMUNITES, eachother,

so this was a little start,  changing of Jalal   now he will become Akbar   .How much he changed.  


Both wants to talk eachother, oh No    Cuti couple,  feeling very nervousness.  

but they not know , in this staze what is other, mentel Staze, & fear in mind will sure

second will not feel bad. so this time BLANCE is needed.  



H B & jodha talks were good, & meaningful. HB realize jodha, you my daughter, you part of this family, if disturbance came between couple, she should talk to her, this not the way Leave house,...Agree Hb words, but my thought Realtionship always moves  when both invests.

Jodha not shared SB+HB, because both lives one, limit,...or they not come out their limit area.


 But Sometime need one has to go, out of his way, to, explain,thats best help, you can't help, when you living own limits or front needed, above help, because then he or she need above more & more, But too much liked, Akdha both understood, What they going to Loss, or reconized their importance for eachother.


HB is happy, jalal has got his HEART, HB knows One Hit was necessary, to jalal, waking up his heart, Actually jalal start to feel from Heart, after coming jodha, but he not knows Heart tackling also necessary, Heart finding, or you love someone not means;;;;;;;;You got right saying, front person, Harsh sayings because you angry, Its Delicate +sensetive feelings, Which Hurts, so need to be carefulness.


 ( actually, HB also feels from Heart, but now my thought is because jalal up-bringing, by MAHAM, so his thoughts wereSimiler to Maham.)

so as mother she will be happy.




Sister bonding again shown Good Way, Jodha sharing all talks with MB +shivani,

Ruk , Mind game going to start. Ruk mind game not give her whole life little relax.

MB telling jodha, What feeled jalal jodha absense, how was, his condition , without jodha.  So Moti tells All, or jodha feeling or understanding, How much jalal felt aloneness.


Interesting scene last scene; jalal walking left right, (Harshu you will kill me, Because i mood full writing songs songs Ha ha



Chupana bhi nahin aata 
jatana bhi nahin aata
humen tumse mohabbat hai
batana bhi nahi aata


Recalling memories;


Jalal standing in impatiance jone       , Losted in Jodha's memories.


Arre Re Arre Ye Kya Hua Maine Na Ye Jaana
Arre Re Arre Ban Jaaye Na Kahin Koi Afsaana

Arre Re Arre Kuchh Ho Gaya Koi Na Pehchaana
Arre Re Arre Banta Hai To Ban Jaaye Afsaana


Both not knows they already forgiven eachother, because internal travel also covers more

its also a meaning. but yes mind  needed to satisfy with words.  


Jodhu evergreen Bold, enters in Jalal HOZARA, or Awaited movements atleast finished, or How eagerly jalal waiting jodha, or, fully heart level,...Or saying thanks to khudda, i hear words,...Jodha , saying him Shahenshah.


Both  face saying, how much both bear Pain eachother absense, or jalal, maybee which type, first but he care, Maham Ruk, HB, maybee style different, but he secure all, but when he faced much aloness in life,...only jodha memories, +jodha painting was for him, consoling own.

Is he not deserve, partner, from whose  shoulder, he will put his head, his feelings, his happiness his sorrows, his Rommance teasing etc etc, he got that, so he today living some realxable movements with that, or saying thanks to God.


Last scene, which  movements couple lived, No words can justify that movements.


(yee jindgee ussi kee hee joo kissi kaa hoo gaya payar hee mee khoo gaya)



jalal is saying, to jodha, Punish me, oh no HUNTER was his hand.then i will face you confidentely. But precious was that, jalal, knows he hurted jodha or jodha knows, she took much time, sometime our own guilt, is bigger then, sorry, or gulit is enough, so, you both already forgiven eachother, so Welcome all, Akdha land. 

Hukum Aapka Tha Jo Maine Na Maana, 

Khatavaar Hoon Main Na Aaya Nibhaana, 

Sazaa Jo Bhi Dogi Woh Manzoor Hogi, 

Aji Meri Mushkil Tabhi Door Hogi, 

Bandaa Hai Yeh Khudse Begaana,



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sharmacatty IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 April 2016 at 9:46am | IP Logged
It was really beautiful,  delightful and enchanting Episode.Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
I want to write so much but right now I can't as I am busy dear. Confused
Will try to post tomorrow harshuWink
Thanks for the pm!!Smile

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harshu27 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 April 2016 at 9:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sharmacatty

<font face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="2">It was really beautiful, delightful andenchanting Episode.Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming</font>
<font face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="2">I want to write so much but right now I can't as I am busy dear.Confused</font>
<font face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="2">Will try to posttomorrow harshuWink</font>
<font face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="2">Thanks for the pm!!Smile</font>

ya d epi was beautiful and treat for our eyes... Tongue its ok do post ur detailed view 2mrw will b waiting... Wink ur welcum... Big smile

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ayushimehra IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 April 2016 at 10:08am | IP Logged

posted page 1.

Harshu i have to go  somewhere,  i will read all posts after coming. after one hour

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mickeymini Goldie

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Posted: 20 April 2016 at 10:13am | IP Logged
Again a awesome blossom episode
The eyelock is itself to burn the screens
How close they were !!!
Irrespective of the surroundings
But we have some people totally drenched with jealousy and some giving irritating looks
Bdw anyone noticed mahamanga is absent here
Chudail SE vimukthi mil gayi LOL
Rajat was looking to good with that tilak
He looks quite handsome
Pari is not less but yes the attire was bit not Royal
Pink suits her a lot n laterone she wears one dark pink lenhenga in which she looked so beautiful
Bdw she used a white kajal anyone noticed
It was some spcl effect for pari's eyes

The whole puja scene was good
It was picturized like some real pooja is taking place
I just love the picture where both doing pranam at the same time

Why jalal has stopped her from talking ??
May be he is still hesitating to talk to her LOL
Wah !!! Wah !!! Kya haal ban gaya shehanshah ka

HB and jodha are more daughter n mother than dil n saas
Always love their bonding
But only once HB hurt jodha a lot
But jalal made her realize her mistake

Hooka tha hooka ka hi Sahara Lena hamare liye aur jalal ke liye tik hai
Orelse with her shouting session hamare jalal tha behara hojata
Let her enjoy with her hooka with some evil plans always cooking
Angry Angry

Shivani jodha moti teasing started
Well it was a good scene
Jab SE jodha Agra ke liye nikli hai tab SE har ki jalal ko praises pe praises dethe ja raje hai hahaha

Finally jalal is like a child
Tuition Jane ke liye darthe hai Na waise
Finally Jo comes n again eye lock Embarrassed

Tmrw is gonna the most awaited passionate hug between akdha
Most important the jaltha hua rukuiya ka chehra
N the most irritating track is gonna start with hukka with her dramas
Thanks for PM Akka
I think my review for this episode is OK
Bohot kuch likna chahthi hoon but jab likthi hoon I miss some points
HahahaHahaha LOL

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Donjas IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 April 2016 at 10:38am | IP Logged
It was a beautiful episode, but it is obvious from your admittedly well written and enjoyable episode that your enthusiasm has dimmed over the past couple of months. Totally understandable, and right timing too, because on the near horizon are pretty bad tracks.

Anyway, on to the episode. It was a very dreamy kind of episode. First the way Jodha and Jalal gaze at each other, they have a faraway unseeing look in their eyes. A stirring background music, and occasional flashbacks of the most memorable scenes of JA. That set the stage.

Jodha approaches Jalal and stands close to him. The crowd around them is roaring, but they hardly seem to notice, they have eyes only for each other. Their eyes speaks when lips won't.

 He takes her hand and leads her away.

Passionate chemistry, and intense performances by Rajat and Paridhi.

The Mandir re establish scene was nice too. Once again it showed unity in diversity that this show has always espoused. Jalal is eager to conduct the rites with the same enthusiasm as for a Muslim occasion. Again we see a spiritual side of things which is pleasing to watch.

Tomorrow, another good episode. I hope we find you in better mood tomorrow. I really hope you can maintain the very high quality of writeup for a little while longer. 

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