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ARSHI SS - Naughty girl & Mysterious boy epilogue pg14 new 23/5 (Page 14)

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  happily ever after or is it ?



Khushi pushed arnav hard and ran opening the door  while  screaming for help , arnav had followed her  trying to stop her but she  behaved like a mad women  full of adrenaline   running in her body . she threw whatever came to  her  hand  at him ,   she tried opening the door  but arnav   picked her up  cavemen style ,  khushi kept on throwing her hands and legs in the air as  a protest.


Arnav pinned her near the door  and tried calming her down . he took his fangs off a  and talked in polite tone.


"relax khushi . I am sorry I was  just messing with you .   you fell for the same thing again " arnav tried to lighten the environment  by a chuckle at the end but khushi  didn't listen to a word he said and kept on screaming and shouting while trying to push his body with all her strength  . arnav  lost his patience seeing her go haywire without even listening to him.


He kissed her lips , cupping her cheeks tight in his hands . a kiss that started as a    measure to stop  khushi's scream  turned into a passionate kiss as khushi responded with equal favour as him after initial resistance  .   they licked , nibbled , sucked  and their tongue  danced together in the joy of getting once familiar taste .


Both lost in the kiss fell on the sofa   and kept on making out  but soon their  magical  encounter got disturbed by  a loud  sound of something falling . both turned angry glances to the intruder .arnav soon  realised the happening seeing his roommate  expressions .


Arnav  straighten himself  while khushi did the same while the intruder kept on looking at them  , making khushi feel uncomfortable  . arnav finally broke the silence with the pleasantry introductions   and necessary explanations ,


"khushi , that's my  creepy roommate / cousin  Nandkishore mehta    . whose room  you saw earlier . he decorated it for  last Halloween but kept it like that ever since . he   is a tech geek , whatever you felt or seen was designed by him " arnav kept on looking at khushi while saying this as if demanding for an indirect apology .


"and NK this is khushi  , my  umm... friend . who I  asked you to help me scare  . "    arnav   said everything with  caution   in slow tone .


"hello "



Both said in unison ,


After a weird awkward silence    nk  said the words without a thought .  " khushi  kumari gupta , oh !  that kiss me kiss me  girl   .  "


Khushi    stared at arnav  and  gave him angry glance  for sharing something so personal  arnav just shrugged in response  as if saying he just saw us making out  whats the big deal now ,


"he kissed me  , resulting in my suspension from school for weeks " khushi said in her defense.


"hey !  you are the one who seduced me  , you started it "  arnav said in response .



"oh ! I love to see a  , after   fight make out "   nk  said  while siting  on the sofa on the opposite side while still keeping his eagle eyes on them .


"shut up ! nk "  both arnav khushi said in unison"



One week later

Khushi entered the restaurant  with caution  ,  looking here there . khushi saw arnav coming towards her with a apologetic smile on his face  while khushi still mainted her angry look , she wont give in so easily how dare he pull prank  on her  twice .


"khushi  I am really sorry " arnav said as soon as he came in her hearing distance while khushi just shrugged in response and made her way towards their table  , ignoring his apology .


Both sat on opposite chairs  in deadly silence for a while  ,waiter came to take their order both gave it and continued with their cold attitude towards each other .  arnav was losing his patience with khushi , he played a harmless prank for that he has been apologising for a week sending her flowers , gifts , she was the first girl who has effected him  to this extend . he has not been able to sleep well ever since he saw her , she has turned out to be more beautiful  then she was earlier but the thing that attracted him the most about her is her  innocence and  childish nature  . she is still the crazy girl that she was.


"the prank   was not funny  arnav " khushi finally broke the silence making arnav look at her in surprise  , he was not expecting the cold war to be over so soon .


"it was a little funny " arnav said without thinking for a second resulting in receiving angry glares from khushi .


"I .. I mean come on khushi it was small prank , its over now . I promise to never to do that again "  arnav corrected himself .


"promise !" khushi said pouting  like a child .


"promise "  arnav said in husky voice while  brushing his finger her nose making her blush beetroot .


"so should we cancel half of your order   " arnav asked while looking for waiter , making khushi look at him confused .


"why ? "  khushi asked confused.


" in  you anger towards me , you ordered food  to the size of khali  haaa..."   arnav said while trying to control his laugh , not getting any response from khushi  arnav looked at her face  which on the verge of exploding .


"mei itna hi khati hu "[I eat this much ]  khushi said anger ruling her mind , she continues her   dialogue " don't worry I will pay for my dinner  , miser singh raizada"


"khushi I didn't mean that  I "  arnav  scolded himself for getting himself in such situation . waiter came in time with their food making both engross in it , barely  having any conversation .


After finishing  food , khushi  collected the courage to finally demand answers , she might not get a chance like this again .


"I need answers arnav "  khushi said  looking arnav in the eyes .


"huh ! what answers "  arnav looked genuinely confused . khushi humped at his response and scolded herself saying he cant mind read khushi took a deep breath and said


"why no one admit to know you at school , why there is no detail of your admission .  where did you vanished all of a sudden  after our second kk.. kiss . where were you all these time ."  khushi said in one go .

Arnav expression change into  a pained one , making khushi question herself about her decision to ask him . whatever  arnav is hiding is painful . khushi decided to let it go , but arnav s hand reached hers in second as if asking for a emotional support , khsuhi holed his hand between hers , assuring him .


"I was 10 when I saw my parents murdered  in front of me , I was hiding in the closet  that time while playing hide and seek  with my friends . I never thought that that day would be the last when I will see them alive  but what  shatters me the most every time is the nightmare  that rule my day night of them getting shot in our own house . I was a witness to the  crime , cant forget their faces for a second . so with the help of uncle who was the  commissioner at that time I was put into witness protection program . principle of our school was  my father's friend so he enrolled me taking every precautionary measures . all my teachers were requested to never give a detail about me .  uncle asked me to remain aloof not make much friends because it will blew my cover put me in a danger  , that part was not so difficult because after my parents  death , I was as good as a dead body not smiling , aloof , too much deep in studies . " arnav said everything  trying to remove the images of his dead parents  from his mind that kept on making its way out even after so many years


"arnav  I am sorry . I ..   did you find the killer ?"   khushi questioned squeezing arnav's hand


"yes , they had been sentenced to death   last year "  arnav said taking deep breaths  , relieving that movement when he was face to face with his parents killer was always the hardest .


Both sat their in silence  , arnav tried to won over his emotions , he has never shared this with anyone outside his family and sharing it  with khushi has somewhere opened the deep wounds but at the same time he had felt unburdened .


Khushi tought to change the sad silence .  " but where did you vanished after our kiss "  khushi asked liking whining child . 

A small smile reached arnav's lips with her question  " why did you wanted continue ?"  arnav asked with wink  making khushi  mouth  wide open in o .

"no  of course not "  khushi said in a small voice , their week before kiss flashing in her mind making her go red in embarrassment.


"you get easily distracted khushi . you were busy getting scared of coach sir when my chemistry sir  took me away from you at the right time "  arnav  answered her question


"oh , I  wanted you to get punished too ,  I hated that how always a girl is blamed " khushi said in a meek complaining voice .


Arnav  laughed at her  complain


 " I did get punished khushi " arnav said in deep voice looking at her hazel eyes  intensely .


"how ?" khushi asked


" by moving far away from you "  arnav said while his eyes still locked with  khushi's


Khushi cheeks turn  more redder then before making arnav smirk at her shyness .arnav took both of her hands in his  ,making  khushi look up again at him .


"khushi , whenever someone questions me , what fun thing I have done in my life ?  the only thing that comes to me is   our first kiss . whenever someone ask me  if I ever had a crush on a girl , the only face I see is yours . seeing you  after so many years is nothing more than blessing to me .  I don't know what to call these feelings but  I cant see my self without you . life after meeting you has been so memorable  and fun loving that my every other misery seems so small " arnav took a red box out of his pant's pocket and  opened it  to let the red emerald ring shine in the bright lights .

 Every action of arnav lead khushi to react totally shocked , she was not excepting a proposal

"oh my god !  "


"seriously "


"you got to be kidding me "


"I am kid "

"I cant get married this soon "


"I didn't had any boyfriend before .  hey devi maiya I cant get married  to the first guy that proposes to me "


"I haven't even completed my before    pre marriage bucket list and I haven't made a post marriage bucket list "


Small stream of water over khushi's  face  made her come out  of her hysteria and look at arnav who was squeezing the ring like rubber making   water ooze out of it was some kind of water gun . arnav laughed hard  looking at khushi s face while she looked at him in confusion and as the reality hit her  with arnav s next sentence .


"I didn't said anything about marriage khushi " arnav said controlling his laughs but failing miserably .

"ARNAV !  UHHH! "   khushi   screamed angrily  another prank , she stood up and  strode angrily towards the door while a  sheepishly smiling arnav followed her trying to pacify her.




Arnav  layed on the bed looking at the  ceiling above him , thinking about day's event  .  he had been successful in pacifying khushi by giving her a ice cream treat and promising to  bring jalebis tomorrow  at her home  , who knew such small things can make someone so happy then a diamond ring but  that is khushi for you .

 the moment arnav has seen her for the first time in school  giggling  and talking  to her friends near the school gate   , arnav have somewhere lost his heart to the smiling angel in a second . when she has stalked him  in school  just to  get his attention , arnav has felt so happy but that happiness was short lived  remembering how  anyone who is close to him is in constant danger . arnav has thus ignored her advances of being friend  ,acted rude to her  , he will never be able to forgive himself if something happened to her because of him .

their first kiss is embedded in his brain  forever . he wish he could tell her how her innocent face is enough to seduce him for eternity but alas she has continued  the tortures act , making him get lost in her rosy lips , how he wished that it had never stopped but it ended .  but what hurted him the most was that  for her everything was just a stupid prank nothing else hadn't see cleared herself again again while apologising  that  had made arnav heart to shatter to million pieces thinking that his first love don't reciprocate his feelings .


the second kiss had came as shock to himself too and her responding to it was nothing less than magical . he sometimes wish that he  can be a vampire or has supernatural powers so as to  get away from this world  with his khushi  forever in his arms . his uncle punishment of   taking him away from school ,from her  has been so tuff , but he has followed  his uncles suggestions  with no second thought for the sake of khushi .


after 8 years  when he had seen her , his happiness had no bound     but when he tried to talk to her she  had been so scared of him , making arnav regret his decision to talk to her , she probably hated her for his deeds .  but when next day he had met payal , who has shared  her plan to scare khushi a little   arnav  was not ready at first but thinking it might be his chance to get near her was to tempting to ignore .  khushi  might have changed physically but her heart , her childishness , her laughs , her beautiful nature had remained the same all these years .


he has fallen again with her so hard and this time  he was  not  going to let her go , he had promised himself . he will try everything to gain her love . this mysterious boy will win naughty girl's heart  for sure .


arnav opened the drawer  near his bed and took out the small  red box   that contained his mother's ring that she has  kept to give to her daughter in law . arnav hit his head saying idiot   . yes like idiot he had  almost proposed her today , he should have know  she would get shocked and she wil probably have other big plans then to  marry a guy that she don't even  know properly .  her hysteric reaction  has made him a little sad but he has composed himself soon   promising to take things slow  with  her . NK s stupid toy water ring has come as a blessing to  rectify his mistake , he cant lose her  now .

he will help her fulfil her pre  marriage bucket list and  they will fulfil post marriage bucket list together , he is hopeful .arnav smiled to himself  thinking about khushi and how stupid his lover for her had made him.


arnav's thought got disrupt as  door bell rang impatiently , making arnav confused thinking who might be at this ungodly hour that too in such stormy rainy weather .  he  opened the door only to be shocked looking at a fully drowned khushi  who was  shaking  due to cold .


"what the . .   khushi what are you roaming in this weather , are you ok . what if somehing happened to you  dammit ." arnav  brought khushi inside while scolding her  ,showering her with  his concerns .


"yes "  khushi s  voice came in a whisper making arnav ask  her to repeat .


"what "  arnav said


"  YES "  this time khushi  said it aloud ,


" yes what ?  "  arnav brought towel   for khushi and asked her confused . as arnav  tried to  dry her wet hairs with towel , khushi stopped  him  and brought  his ring finger near his eyes , making arnav  look confused .


Khushi   looked at arnav with innocent expression  and said in meek voice "  my ring  " 

 "what ?"  arnav still remained confused .


"  ahh!!   " khushi pulled her hair frustratingly and said " I so wish with this hritik's body , Salman's look  you also had brain of Einstein  .   I want of my  RING that you proposed me with  now  arnav."  


"khushi are you serious  ?"  arnav conformed his doubts again because he cant believe his dream will come true so soon .


" nahi !   no !   I have  a habit of knocking on people's door in the middle of night   asking for rings like  bhootioya chiudail  ."  khushi said sarcastically  as she  got up  and started searching the room for ring


Aranv  took her in his embrace  as soon as she finished her retort  . he holed her tight , her body perfectly  covered in his , arnav lips curved in huge smile  . khushi  responded equally to the hug ,  her erratic heart beated  loud enough let all  hear . arnav  moved himself out of  hug and positioned his head and lips to kiss her senselessly only to be stopped  unceremonaly  by khushi's hand on his lips .


"first  RING , I want to wear the ring "  khushi said   looking at him lovingly


Arnav slide the ring  in her  finger and  then   they kissed till the dawn of new day and even  after it .



Sorry for the delay again but don't blame me  please blame barun who  had looked so hot in every dress he had wore in Tashkent  Embarrassed that it took me so  much time drooling over them .  his very look was marvellous .  some of the fans  really made me jealous Confused and invade barun's [personal space to huge level  but still I am  happy that no news of him being kissed in tashkent  had come yet small mercies  you see. 


So here this short story ends , I leave remaining things to your imagination for now ,  I  have  lot on my plate nowdays  so will  try updating my other ffs   hopefully  this week because next week is very hectic .


Thank you all , who liked it  and shared their vies on the stories .  you have no idea how  happy I feel reading your comments , thank you so much for supporting this  amateur  writer  and showering your love on  my stories . don't hesisted  to  let me know of my mistakes and suggestions to make my stories  worth reading .


I also have another request  , would  please help make banner of my stories or  would like to make one for me . thank you in advance . Embarrassed

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i so loved the story.

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sooo sweet
loved it

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luv it superb

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lovely ending

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finally got to know arnav is not any vampire...sad to know about arnav's past...khushi is his angel in his black n white life...loved the cute proposal...thank god khushi said yes to him...lovely update

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