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ARSHI SS - Naughty girl & Mysterious boy epilogue pg14 new 23/5 (Page 11)

foreverhers IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 May 2016 at 11:26pm | IP Logged
Woah! How did I miss coming across this particular fiction of yours?
But then, I'm glad for your PM which let me here where I am... Reading this wonderful fiction.
A hybrid Arnav with qualities of both Vampire and Witch... Wow! And he wants to make Khushi his bride? Unbelievable!
This fiction is wonderful.
I just can't wait for more!
Update this one soon.

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dhakad_chori Goldie

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Posted: 15 May 2016 at 6:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Kryptic.Keya-

Woah! How did I miss coming across this particular fiction of yours?
But then, I'm glad for your PM which let me here where I am... Reading this wonderful fiction.
A hybrid Arnav with qualities of both Vampire and Witch... Wow! And he wants to make Khushi his bride? Unbelievable!
This fiction is wonderful.
I just can't wait for more!
Update this one soon.

Glad you liked it Embarrassed haaa... its too much crazy i know LOL
SirenMitra IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 May 2016 at 10:15am | IP Logged
Woah!! Is this real or dream? Arnav is came back after 8 years and declare that he's a Vampire... Khushi said YES to marry him... What's going on? 

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dhakad_chori Goldie

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Posted: 20 May 2016 at 8:56am | IP Logged

  SHOT -5



"khushi marry me


"ok !"

"welcome to my world mrs vampire raizada "  arnav laughed villainously.


"mrs vampire + witch  raizada " khushi corrected looking at him lovingly .


"of course  !  lets  celebrate with a drink " arnav directed his head towards khushi s neck to have a taste of  her sweet blood.


"mama !  mama!  We also want a sip "   two cute cubby kids come running to khushi both  opened their mouth making their fangs come out .


" a family that eats together , stays together  ! " arnav exclaimed  while nearing kids to khushi's neck 





"khushi  wake up  ! wake up !   what happened ?  its just a nightmere "  payal  asked while trying to wake up a screaming khushi in sleep .


"jiji  ?   jiji!   "  khushi woke up from her nightmare hugged payal tight to conform her presence and also the fact that she was dreaming   .


From the past two weeks she has either avoided going to the place that she saw arnav  in or not going  to office altogether . she had been successful  in  avoiding arnav altogether but  arnav's truth  made her have sleepless nights and these nightmares a  regular visitor . khushi is still confused is this all  true or just figment of her imaginative mind .she has shared everything  about arnav to payal and akash , they had laughed and joked about it not trusting a word about it . akash have even suggested seeing a psychologist ,  making my late night adventures from childhood till now of watching  ghost , vampire , wolf  movies is costing her a big deal .




"khushi please open the door , I just bring breakfast to the table"  payal said in a polite tone while picking up  food vessels




Khushi went to open the door  while humming  a new romantic tune greua'  . the sight in front her made her freeze on spot  , her eyes wide open , her mouth hanged open in o shape .

"this song is just made for us isn't it "  arnav's deep hoarse voice  reach khushi' ear making her scared .


"a.. arnav "   khushi finally found her voice back .   she looked at a  wickedly smiling arnav holding red roses in one  hand and one  shopping bag in another .    


"who is it khushi ?"  payal voice came from the dinning room , making khushi go all nervous .


"so may I come in ? " arnav asked still smirking .


Arnav s question trigged khushi's brain and she uttered fast "  no you cant "  thank god for her PHD in  vampire shows she knows that a  vampire cant enter unless invited in the house by its owner . khushi s  nervousness got down a notch only to be increase further  as arnav entered  pushing her aside  , making her tremble in fear and shock hows  that possible , a vampire cant enter  home without permission   khushi thought not understanding how  her idea failed .


"a vampire cant , but a witch very well can "  arnav answered her mind's thought  , his mouth near her ears , fanning his hot breaths on her making  her feel  butterfly in her stomach  , arnav flicked khushi's red nose while looking at her lovingly .


"what do you thought you can hide from me . no! no! baby no need to be shy . the moment we all have  been waiting for is here  ,lets get married  . " arnav said all these near her lips , his hands cupping her cheeks .with  that arnav went to the dinning room   pulling khushi with him , leaving red roses  on the table near by .



"arnav leave me !   leave my hand  please . I cant marry you !  " khushi tried snatching her hand from his tight hold but her efforts earned her no result


"marry .. khushi who are you talking to ?  come have breakfast  ?  "  payal said looking at khushi confused and then continued plating the dishes on the plates .


"tell them we are getting married now . if they like they can follow us and be a witness to our wedding " arnav said to a scared khushi who only replied in "huh" as if not understanding the situation or his statement .


Aranv dragged khushi to there pooja room where statues of various dainties    were   situated ,and pulled out a  red dupatta and covered  khushi's head with it . then he took out magalsutra and sindoor from the bag .


Seeing the magalsutra in his hands , khushi finally came  back to her senses and screamed for help as he made his way to tie around her neck .


"help !  jiji , jijaji  help please  , arnav is trying to marry me forcefully "  khushi screamed  . akash and payal came running on her  call .



"khushi  what happened . why you look so scared " payal asked looking confused.


"jiji see ,arnav  the hybrid of vampire and witch is trying to marry me  . help "  khushi answered her right hand in  the tight hold of arnav.


"khushi ji , what are you saying there is no one here "  akash said looking here and there .


"jijaji , believe me , he is here in front of me  .   help me "  khushi  said pleading them to believe her .


"khushi there is no one here . maybe you need rest " payal said calmly


"enough !    end this drama khushi . they cant see because they don't believe I me but you do don't you .  you always wanted a husband like me didn't you?  .  you will be the queen of vampire + witch world . "  arnav explained and took his hand's took her neck to tie the magalsutra


Khushi looked so scared  almost on the verge of tears ,looking at payal and Akash for help who stood there confused . looking at his approaching hands  khushi fall down on her knees and  uttererd everything that came to her mind while sobbing in between.



"I am sorry  . I  should not have made that bet  or kissed you , I wish we had  never met thus day would never have came .  I am sorry I shouldn't have watched   that  vampire shows and movies all day night or those scary movies of nineties " khushi's  apology came to a abrupt halt  listening to now turned   loud laughs of people around her .  she looked up to see payal laughing her heart out , hiding her head in the cocoon of akash's neck who is trying to control his own laugh  but failing miserably . she turned her head to look at her right to see  little amused arnav  .


"you bet you are sorry khushi  haaa..."  Payal said while controlling her laughs in between .


Khushi s tiny brain finally understood the situation she was in , she got up from the floor her  eyes showing  the building anger in her ,


"   getting married to a vampire + witch  hybrid is  a very sensitive issue , this is not funny guys "  khushi screamed looking at them angrily . her this statement   even made arnav lose his control and laugh whole heartily  .


"it is a little " arnav said in between his laughs . 

 Khushi looked at arnav angrily  but soon  her anger turned into something as a sweet  tingling feeling burst inside seeing  him laugh this much for the first time , his hairs falling on his forehead , his eyes full of joy , his lips curved in smile  , he looked so much younger and handsome the he is .  khushi s trance was broken by payal's coughing . khushi looked at a amused payal  who cant stop showing her teasing expressions to khushi .


" come on!  arnav lets have breakfast .  " payal  said  looking at arnav .


"I thought you never ask. I am famished " arnav said  while walking to  the dining room  with akash ,   giving a  quick glance and wink to khushi .making khushi go red in embracement.




*two days later*


"that's my  apartment  . come in ! " arnav requested khushi to come inside his apartment . khushi entered inside shyly . after breakfast  at payal's house they didn't get time to talk as arnav had an urgent work  so he has to leave early then as per payal s phone conversation with him , arnav had told her that he has gone out of town for two days leaving khushi at her own with building number of questions . payal had told her that how she had planned this prank  to make her  understand how foolish it to see be drowned in the world of vampire ,witches , wolfs  or other horror movies and   making others watch with her too through these torturous movies . payal had said that it is a new kind of prank intervention   .


"that's the kitchen , that's small living room "  arnav gave khushi a tour of his apartment , as  arnav walked ahead and  khushi followed him  observing small little details of his apartment .  red and grey combo furniture and ceiling .


"and well  here s my bedroom " arnav said  opening the door  of his bedroom  , as he opened the door khushi felt a sudden  change in the environment  , as if air around her had got thick  and environment turned  scary . khushi eyes got wide seeing  the sight in front of her .  A big  black coffin    resides the middle of the room  , blood bags hung around the four walls .


"and that's my  bed . would you like to sleep in it ? arnav  voice heavy  ,  his voice  echoing in the room while khushi stood their shocked and numb . arnav shut the door making a loud sound , making khushi flinch with fear .


 "arnav  ,  haa... Very funny ,you scared me .   stop it now  ok . " khushi said nervously hoping this to be a stupid joke .


" hey babe !   sorry but joking is not into my blood .  you called me to get answers right  let me give  you a lot of them "  arnav whispered near khushi's ear . maybe it was fear in her or does she really heard a scary tune run in background .


"when you came back with payal that day , her mobile has fallen on the road that day when you were dragging her  with you , scared of me . she has came back to it , that's when I thought to pay her a visit  . she had come with a plan to act as a ghost or something  just to have fun with you . I agreed readily   .  she was a little shocked  with my vampire + witch hybrid version  idea  but she  just praised me for my unique idea which will definitely scare you  but I hope she knew that was just not some idea it was the truth about me  . I now you will never trust me to be alone with me  so I played  along  being friends with your sister . and now  I have you all alone with me "   arnav ended  his story with  a devilish smirk on his face  , circling her arms around her  tiny waist making her  collide with  his hard   chest . khushi gulped down nervously


"it cant be the truth  . you are  lying . " khushi said  still shaking in fear.


" am I khushi "  arnav said  bring his face closer to her's  . arnav used his finger to turn khushi s head right  as arnav said some  magical words of sort in a different language  and suddenly the painting   hanging on the wall caught fire  , turning into ashes into second .  khushi heart raced  seeing the scene  in front of her .


"would you believe me now ? "  arnav said as  he  drew out his  fangs and directed them towards her neck .



Khushi   stood shocked out of his wits , its looks like her sisters little prank has turned out to be true . what will khushi will do now .



Sorry for the delay  friends but my grandparents visted us so it made day more busy  in work and  gossiping .

Hope you like this update   next would be an epilogue   I will   post that tomorrow .

And now yay!  Barun in tashket  cant wait for  hundred of pics , videos , new experience of fans and  him.Embarrassed


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nandrajogdivya IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 May 2016 at 9:03am | IP Logged
luv it superb

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ILoveDoremon Goldie

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Posted: 20 May 2016 at 9:08am | IP Logged
ok so he is a vampire?

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pirl18 Goldie

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Posted: 20 May 2016 at 10:20am | IP Logged
Cliff hanger
Don't make arnav evel n vampire too

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MysticRiver IF-Addictz

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Posted: 20 May 2016 at 10:29am | IP Logged

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