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SS-The Immortal LOVE (Page 4)

ddfanb Senior Member

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Posted: 28 April 2016 at 10:13am | IP Logged
fourth part of my story
sorryi its  a long part. first i decided to break it in to 2 parts but then dropped the idea

Part 4

Gayatri was on the wheel  chair. She was moving with the help of it

Ranaji could not believe what he saw

Gayatri too sensed his presence and looked in front

Their eyes met. The world stopped for them

Ranaji ran to her and hugged her tightly so that never to lose her again

Gayatri too melted in his arms. Both were crying

Ranaji said - I found u again, I knew u can never leave me alone. I found u my queen

These words brought back Gayatri in reality and she broke the hug, and said who says u found me, u have lost me forever.

R- No Gayatri u r alive and I am going to take u back home and we will start our life again

G- Who says I am alive. Yes I am breathing, daily I woke up, and I sleep but Gayatri died three years back and none other but his husband killed her,

R- Gayatri I knew I did a big blunder. Pls forgive me, I came to know the truth after u left, I searched for u everywhere but in vain. I have changed now. Everything is changed in amerkot also.

Lakhan and swarna are married now and r blessed with a son

Hearing this G smiled

R- pls now forgive me. I have already suffered my punishment

Three years without u, every breath I was taking was a punishment without u

Pls now allow me to live with u

G- no ranaji, for me everything is over. I will never return to u

R- but we love each other,

G- no ranaji G who used to love u no more exist. My heart does not breathes for u any more

Don't waste ur time, leave rana indervardhan singh deo

R- no G u r understanding, I am here to take my wife home and I will.  Even if u don't agree I will take u forcefully

G- no ranaji u will not do anything like this, I am not ur property

R- no rani G u  r not my property , u r my beloved wife and a husband has every right to take his wife with him

G- don't dare to touch me

R- and who is going to stop me

Someone was watching their conversation from distance.

Suddenly R Ranaji felt  a hand on his shoulder. I am going to stop u

R-turned to  see the same man who was holding G his wife , in his arms.

R- who r u

Man- it is not important, important is that u cannot force her to go with u , and I will ensure that she is save

R- suddenly  can't take it anymore. He grabbed the man's collar and said she is my wife , who r u to stop me.

Man - smiles wife, so where were u in the past years, where were u when I found her unconscious in a wounded condition. Where were u when she needed u , when she was in pain

R- hearing this  he had no answer

Man- so better u leave from here peacefully or I have to call the police, it is not ur amerkot ranaji

Ranaji- looked towards his wife. But Gayatri was aloof, his eyes did not show any concerned for him

They were just empty without any emotion

Seeing her eyes Ranaji  heart ached and he left from there immediately

Seeing him leaving Gayatri cannot control herself

She rushed to her room and she cried , she cried after years , she cried like this only the night when she left ranaji. That fatal night which changed her life forever

G- no ranaji I still love u , I always love u but  am not ur Gayatri anymore,  I cannot be a liability for u, I cannot give u any happiness now

Ur life will be a punishment with me. U r better  without me

"Mein aapke laayk nahi rahi Ranaji"


Three days passed


 Gayatri was confined to her room after that day

She was not feeling well, she was in fever, and one of her friend was taking care of her

Man- in his room and seeing outside the window. This is the third day. Ranaji is still standing there .

For three days and night ranaji was continuously standing outside the ashram. And today it was raining heavily

R- no G I cannot live without u, now when I have found u, when after three years my prayers have been answered. Rana Inderwardhan sing deo cant accept defeat now, I will return along with u. Let me see for how long u will not melt.

Man- I have to talk to him

He went outside

Man- Ranaji what r u doing

R-smiles I am waiting for my wife to forgive me

Man- but Gayatri does not know that u r standing here for past three days, she is not feeling well she is suffering from fever.

R-listening that he was worried and started rushing to meet G

Man- holding his hand. Why ranaji why u r doing this, she is already in sorrow why r u making her life more complicated, creating more problems for her. Why can't u leave her alone

R- u will never understand this . only a man in love can understand this. I can  never give her trouble , I want her to smile and be happy always and I know and I think u also know that her  happiness depends on me because I  know she still loves me

Man- but cant u see, she is not the same G, she is a on wheel chair ,

R- it does not make any difference love her, her pain her sorrows her trouble r mine , we will face every challenge together

Man- it is easier to say than doing. Will u be able to love ur life with a girl who is incapacitated

R- no, I am her strength, as far as we r together we  will be happy

R- who  r u?

Man- I am a doctor, three years back I saw G unconscious near a river, she was wounded, I rushed her to hospital, the bullet was removed but her wounds were so deep  that we left the hope but someone prayers saved her, after a month she opened her eyes,. And when she gain conscious we got to know that her legs were non functional. They were not responding.

I met senior doctors and as they suggested , her brain injury due to failing from cliff made her lower abdominal portion paralysed. She has  to spend her rest life on wheel chair. As  she gain conscious she was worried about u as that man who tried to kill her was swearing to kill u also. She requested me to go to amerkot but took a promise not to tell u. So I went to ur palace and collected all information for her , she was so happy and relaxed to know that u killed that man and u r  fine. I also told her that how madly u r searching for ur wife.

She told  me everything about u and her, as slowly we became friends. As  I said to her that I am going to meet u and tell u everything about her condition but she stopped  me  saying that she is not fit for u anymore and ur life will be worse than it was if u have to lead ur life with  a girl who cannot give u  any happiness

R- hearing all this and realizing what all His G went through  and why she behaved as she did it brought tears in his eyes but then a determined lover  said - I know what I have to do.  I need ur help , Will u help me

 Man - what u want to do?

R ranaji told him his plan a, both man shared a smile and were satisfied that they r doing right for the girl they love  as a lover or as a friend

hope u all like it 

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kuhelidebbarma IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 April 2016 at 10:15am | IP Logged
Superb update yaar...loved it! 
Please update the next part soon!
Rhinohippo Senior Member

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Posted: 28 April 2016 at 10:16am | IP Logged
wow lovely stroy
awesome part 4
update soon

mishtyDD Senior Member

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Posted: 29 April 2016 at 3:26am | IP Logged
lovely update
loving ranaji character
what plan did he made. disclose soon

sishtyfan Goldie

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Posted: 29 April 2016 at 3:48am | IP Logged
superb update!! Clap
thank u fr the pm!!
i cant wait...pls update soon!!

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ananya2010 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 April 2016 at 4:00am | IP Logged
Awesome updated, loved it.
Both love each other madly but are separated, poor Gayatri is on wheelchair, what plan has Ranaji made with the doc to convince Gayatri.
Waiting for the next update, please continue soon.

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Angel-33 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 April 2016 at 4:42am | IP Logged
Waiting for the next update
ddfanb Senior Member

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Posted: 05 May 2016 at 4:33am | IP Logged


hello everyone

it is the next part.thought i thought that it will be second last one but i think there will be two more chaters to conclude the story. . 

Part 5

Next day morning

(Gayatris eyes closed. again she was hearing ranaji voice. Again I am dreaming of him. From the day she met him again she was dreaming of him but today it seems different. And such sweet smell it is. Slowly she opens her eyes. She was all surrounded by flowers red and white roses her and ranaji favourite .she saw around. She was in her room or their room.  She was on the side of the bed facing the window. She was s o happy to be there, she smiles but suddenly reality strikes her

Gayatri- shouting where I am, how I am here is anyone here

Ranaji- (smiling) at ur service mam.

G- how I am here

R- it is ur home rani and welcome back

G- irritated by his smiles. How dare u bring me here? I want to go back

Ranaji smiles remembering the night before-(Doctor went to G room and gave her the medicine but that not were regular ones, it was a sleeping pill, G soon feel asleep. Ranaji arranged an ambulance and G was shifted to the palace at night itself with the help of doctor, ranaji throughout the long route confirmed that she is comfortable and he emphasized that D should accompany them, he was not ready to take any chances when G is involved, G was safely in the palace, in their room and on their bed.)

G - what makes u smile, I can't tolerate this, and u cannot force me to be with u.

R- no I cannot force u, but I can request u, pls G forgive me pls

G - No rana Inderwardhan sing deo everything is over between us

R- no Gayatri, it can never be over between us, because the bond between us is LOVE and love never dies, the love is immortal.

G- love, it was never there. I don't love u anymore and u, u never loved me

R- I love u, we love each other, it is our love that has survived time, and made us meet again. It is our fate to be together,

G - I don't love u

R- u love

G- no


R - we will see to it later. first u get ready, it is time for breakfast.

Ranaji leaves

Nurse came to help G

G scolds her and sends her out. . I cannot tolerate his whims. I have to go. she looked around but her wheel chair was not there. She tried to move down from the bed to search for her chair. But she could not make it and was about to fell when two strong hands were around her waist and kept her safely on bed.

G - started crying on her inability,

Seeing her cry was too much for R.

R- why r u crying. pls don't cry, he was about to wipe her tears.

G- stop his hands. Don't dare to touch me, u r taking advantage of my condition, of my being handicapped, U r captivating me here, u have kidnapped me.  I hate u

R- pls stop crying. I hate ur tears

G- u r the cause of my pain, u r reason of my tears.

R- but I want to make u happy and make u smile and that's why I brought u here because we both can be happy only when we r together. Now stop crying and take bath and change, doctor is shortly arriving to see u. i am sending the nurse

G-  ne need to send her , I am not going to live here , I don't need a doctor, u can't stop me. I will make u leave me.

R - never ranaji.   Infact I will prepare u to live with me

G- it will never happen. I will make u change ur decisions

R- raja never changes his decisions.

G- neither rani

R- smiles so u accept that u r a rani and my wife, good progress in few hours.

G- irritated, throws a pillow in him

R- smiles. ok let's make it a fair game.   We will give each other two days. In two days u will accept that u love me and u will accept to live with me

G- it will never happen, not even in two years

R- it is a challenge that I will win

G- if u loose?

R- then I myself will leave u at ur ashram

G- be prepared to do that

R- let's see. (smiles and bend his head to place a sweet kiss on G cheeks.)

G- - pushes him back. How dare u

R- it is my right, Gayatri u look so sweet when u blush saying this she went outside leaving G hocked


i will continue it only if u will leave ur reply and likes as most of us have left the forum so it is useless to complete it if no one is reading

waiting for ur feedbacksSmile

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