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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

RiShbala TS "DaMn yOu" ||COMPLETED @PG 27|| (17/06) (Page 27)

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Hii friends... Heartily thanks to everyone, for ur constant support on this comical story...Star
Sorry for the delayDisapprove...Here is the last part of the story... Hope u like it...Smile
This one is dedicated to .Tanmaya. For her constant reminder, pms, & suggestion for this part...
@.Tanmaya.    Dear.. U wanted it to be 4-5 parts, & i have told u i would give an epilogue as 5th part.. But when i sit to write, i have nothing in mind, apart from some Rishbala scene... So i merged all ur suggestions & Rishbala scene in this one update.. & eventually i think, am keeping my words to you, as this is the 4th part...
Hope u dont mind the changes.. & thanks again, for taking interest in this storyTongue

DaMn yOuD'oh

PART-2 (B)

"U need not to know rocket science to get pregnant.." Mrs.mehra said coyly & dash her shoulder with madhu's teasing her.
Madhu kept standing there bewildered.
On the other hand, Mr.Mehra signed the deal with PEN, keep the papers on the DESK.ROFL
"Congratz Mr.mehra, we are business partners now.." Rk said Zestfully & gave him a side hug.
"Same to you Mr.Kundra, we are fortunate to get your's company's Support" Mr.mehra replied warmly.
"Our business will reach to greater heights in future.." Rk ensures.
"I trust you in that.."
"So.. We would like to take your leave now.." Mrs.mehra said coming towards them.
"Yeah.. Sure"
Mehra's and other coordinators & members walked out of the conference hall... Leaving Rk & Madhu Alone.

As they walked out Rk grabbed the papers lying on DESK & Looks at them with all Love he has in his heart.Embarrassed
"Yes.. Yes.. Yes.. I cracked the deal.. Dad would be sooo soo proud of me..!!" He exclaimed merrily, just like a child getting 1st prize in Monkey race.
He was rejoicing his victory when he heard____


*CRY*      *CRYYY*

He looked around to find no one in the Room except him... then his eyes lands on floor to see madhu sitting there...
And she is shaking...
And the sniffing noise is coming from her direction.
Means she IS cryingCry
Rk thought confused.
He throws the papers on the desk & hurriedly runs to her.
He kneeled down on floor in front of her & saw Water Droplet sitting on floorROFL and some drops... Errr... Tears sliding down from her cheeks.. Her eyes dropped down.
She is crying... But why..?? I didn't snatch her butterscotch ice cream from past 1 week, as i was busy with presentation.
Shaking away the thoughts, he asked her cupping her face & wiping off the tears___
No matter how much they fight, he cant see her in tears, as like his parents, he too is protective towards Madhu.
"Madhu.. What happened yaar.. Why these water works ...?"
In reply, more tears begins to run down her cheeks with Accelerated speedWink
"Madhu stop crying & tell me." He took her in his arms, rubbing her back , to console her.
"Rk... Rk..!" Getting a support, madhu hugged him more, burying her face on his neck.
"Shh.. Madhu.. Dont cry.. Tell me.. What happened..?" Rk said wrapping his hands around her more firmly.

"How'll i show my face to my parents now..!" Madhu asked between her sobs.
"err.. Why, has your makeup kit got lost, displace, burnt, stolen or anything..?? No worries madhu.. I'll buy u a new makeup kit, to hide ur face's impurities..!" Rk spoke the first thing came in his mind.
In reply madhu's cry got louder.
"I have a beautiful tonned face.. I dont need makeup.." She cried.
"okk.. Then..!" Rk asked perplexed.
"How will i go home now..??"
"I'll drop u..!! I can do that atleast.. I have a car too.. Thats too in better condition than yours" he replied chuckling at his own joke.
"Mommy-Dad will kick me out of home..!"
"err.. Then i'll catch you.. You are not too much heavy.. And am strong too.." He said praisinG himself.
"They will see me with their accusing eyes..!" Madhu sobbed.
"umm.. Then i"ll put some love drop in their eyes.. Then they"ll see u with their Loving eyes." Rk said impressed with his idea.
"How will i meet their Gazes.. How'll i make eye contact to them..!" Madhu said in her most saddest tone.
"Oh God...!!" Rk Exclaimed & quickly pushed her & backed away from her.
Madhu got jerked with the sudden push.. & looks at him with most innocent big teary eyes.
"You have Maa Ki Aankh.." Rk said palming his own eyes & peeping her at, from between the gap of his fingers.
"what..?" Madhu asked grumpily "kiski maa ki aankh..??"
"Teri.. Yours.. I mean.. You got conjuctivities..?" Rk asked still covering his eyes with his palms.
"NOO... Goof..!" Madhu snorted & then again bow down her head, palming her face, she resumes are crying session.
"Then.. Why u said.. U cant make eye contact with ur parents...??" Rk enquires as he took a step towards her.
"Cause i did a shameful act..!" Madhu replied in low voice.
"Whats a big deal in that... You.. Yourself is so shameless.. So.. Shameful acts is expected from you.." Rk said as he again sit besides madhu on floor.


*DROP*          *DROP*          *DROP*

Getting no reply from her, he saw Big.. Big tears sprawling on the floor and this time ogling at him. He frowned at the Tear's Ogling session & averted his gaze from tears & again take madhu in his arms, embracing her.


"What..!" A voice came from an angry Mr.Kundra.
"What..!" Came from a restless Mr.Malik.
"What..!" Came from thoughtful Mrs.Kundra.
"What..!!" Came from confused Mrs.malik.

"What..Disapprove" came from a fearful bittuji, as he looked at four of them, ready to crumpled him down.
"Are u mad bittuji.." Roared Mohan kundra.
"Are u freak bittuji.." Exclaimed Radha Kundra.
"Are u Insane bittuji.." Asked Malik.
"Are you fat bittuji.." Enquires Padmini.

"err.. .. Am just bittu.. You guys suffix 'Ji' with my name, so i became Bittuji for you..!" Bittuji replied wanting to run away, as soon as possible.

     "How can you say that bittuji..?" Asked mohan.
"With my mouth... Big chief..!" Bittuji replied obediently.
"He knows that Bittuji.. What Mohu trying to say is, how can u even think Rishu & madhu will do such thing, thats too in office..!" Malik asked shaking his head.
"I have seen with my OWN eyes.." Bittuji defended.
"D'ohD'oh silly bittuji, everyone sees their outer environment with their OWN eyes only.." Radha said intelligently.
"Thats my wife.. So intelligent.. I love u so much Radhu Baby.." Mohan said admiring Radha, as she blushed away.
Bittuji looked at the duo with wide eye open.
"Oh god... This oldie chief is too romancing.. Thats why moldie chief is romancing with madhubala... No doubt like father like son..
If this continues.. Then my chief's bro/sis and his son/daughter will play together... No.. No.. NoooStern Smile..!!
Bittuji thought & starts coughing.

*COUGH*          *COUGH*

"Can we get back to the topic Mohu..??" Malik asked
"Yes.. What were u saying Bittuji.. Rishu & Madhu.. What..??" Padmini asked.
"Chief & Madhu doing hanky-panky in office room with ice cream & accounting papers..!" Bittuji cleared.
""Chiii.. Bittuji.. What kind of words you use... Hanky-Panky... Eww..!" Padmini said scrunching her nose.
"Paddu is right.. From where did u learn all such words Bittuji..??" Mohan asked.
"Big chief.. Haven't u heard the song___
Gori tera nakhra bada hanky panky type da..
kisi hit ganne pe jo, kamar matka degi tu..
Phatichar se ye Dil ban jayega shezada..
Unchi wali heel phenke dance Basanti.."

Bittuji started singing & jumping, In his Words Dancing... Just like a frog, whom u have just poked with a stick, while doing science experiment in laboratoryROFL
All four gawk at him like they are seeing an anteater doing Bharatnatiyam dance.
Sensing their gaze, bittuji stands straight & pulled down his shirt, to hide his extra grown stomach, as while dancing a button of his shirt flies awayROFL
Mohan goes around Bittuji & poked him with his finger.
"Molu see.. This extra large Crocodile, has so much energy.. I think we still have hope to see lil bittuji crawling in our house" Mohan said & all started to laugh & Bittuji blushed.
"you are mistaken Bittuji, our Rishu & Madhu will never do that.." Radha said.
"And if they do it we'll be the luckiest parents.." Padmini rejoice.
"Our wishing of becoming grandparents would get fulfilled.. Imagine our family would be complete with____ Radhu, Mohu, Paddu, Molu, Rishu, Madhu, Bittu... Everyone with 'U' suffix" mohan said happily.
"And if Rishbala have daughter we'll name her Pihu.. & if son then its Rihu..." Padmini said dreamingly.
"Rihu... ?? Why not Rahu or Ketu..??" Bittuji said mockingly, at their obsession with suffix 'U'
"And u are a Shaani bittuji.. How can call my grandson as Rahu-Ketu ...?" Radha retorts angrily
"Relax Radhu Baby, bittuji didnt mean it.. Did u bittuji" mohan glare him.
"Ofcourse not" bittuji said not wanting to become sandwich.
"But alas...!! Its not gonna happen cause.. Rishu & madhu hate each other.. 24*7 fight.. Fight.. Fight.. Poking each other.. disturbing each other" malik said.     
"Thats why we made them work together, so that, they can develop some cooperation between them." Radha said.
"Bittuji they were fighting.. Am sure & next time.. When u see them TOGETHER that MEANS they are fighting.. Its NOTHING MORE THAN A FIGHT.." mohan declared.
"okk.. Big chief.. I just to aware you.." Bittuji murmured.
"Go bittuji..." And buttuji walks out.


RK still embraced madhu trying to calming her down.
"Madhu what is it.. Will you please say..??" Rk asked with lot of patience.
"I got pregnant" Madhu finally blurt out.
"What" Rk asked startled.
"How..? " Rk asked again unbelievably.
"The normal way" madhu replied lost still burying her face in Rk"s neck, wetting his neck with her tears.
"How do u know..? Who said..?" Rk asked still unable to believe her.
"U said in the meeting" madhu sobbed.
"What... Me.." Rk asked himself bewildered.
"Yes" madhu confirmed.
Rk replay the whole meeting session in his mind, as realisation drawn on him.
What i said casually to handle the situation, madhu is taking that seriously.. Silly madhu.. No dumb Madhu.." He thought to himself & smiled, ruffling her hairs lovingly.
"But i dont get it.. How came i get pregnant..?" Madhu question.
Rk was going to reveal the truth, when madhu proclaimed "how can i get pregnant... I havent sleep with anyone"
Thats somewhere soothes him that madhu hasnot been with anyone, exactly at this point he thought to have some fun.
"Anyone..? Havent u sleep with any one..?" Rk questioned.
"No one" madhu replied shaking her head in negative.
"Hmm.. But u know .. U dont necessarily need to sleep to get pregnant" Rk said mischeviously.
Madhu's eyes wide opened as she withdraws herself from his embrace, facing him.
Rk pressed his lips together to suppress his laughter.
"You know.. There are other ways... Without sleeping too, it can be done.. U know about it right.." Rk said faking a concern.
"ofcourse... I know..!" Madhu replied all flushed never expect to talk of it.     
"Oh .. U know about it..?" Rk asked all interested.
"Y-yes.." Madhu felt shy & averted her gaze, standing up she moves towards the wall.
"Ahaan.. So madhubala knows everything.." Rk too stands up & starts advancing towards her.
She stands against wall, & looks at him.
"But now what... Am pregnant..!!" She said thoughtfully.
Rk smiles at her, as he cages her between himself & wall.
"Now nothing.. Cause u r not pregnant.." He said as he leans on her.
"How can you say that..?" Madhu demanded.
"In the obvious way.. Through Mouth.." Rk rolled his eyes.
"Nooo.. How do u know that am not preggy..!"
"Cause.. U didnt sleep with anyone" rk replied.
"How do u know that i didnot sleep with anyone" madhu demanded.
"YOU.     ONLY.     SAID.     THAT.     NOW" RK replied gritting his teeth. She is testing his patience.
"But it can be done without sleeping too.." Madhu repeats.
"God damn Madhu.. SO. WHAT..?" Rk growled losing his patience.
"So.. I might be preggy." Madhu replied rather meekly.
"No u r not.. Am repeating for nth time" rk said annoyed.
"But u said in the meeting"
"I lied to grabbed the deal.. But didnot knew u are so dumb to believe that..!"
Madhu's eyes rounded & so her mouth.
     "hawww.. U lied.. Dont u know liar liar burnt on fire.."

Rk felt like banging his head.. No madhu's head.
"Soo .. I left with no choice, as u f*cked up the file last night & messed everything up" rk blamed.
"You started the fight.. U always do that to me... You are bad.. And now you proved that you are.. You told lie.. Bad guys tells lie." Madhu whined.
"hmm.. Then i dont mind reforming my mistake" Rk said naughtily bringing his face close to hers, inches apart.
"How about converting that lie in truth" he said softly brushing his lips on hers.
Madhu stood there fix with wide eyes.
"Say Miss.Dumbo" Rk probes as he pecked at the corner of her mouth.
Madhu's eyes dropped to Rk"s Kissable lips.
"How long will we keep fighting.. All knows no one can bear u other than me.. Think, if we became husband & wife, we'll be officially allowed to share everything.. 50-50... Half urs & half mine.." Rk said while stoking her cheeks.
"Infact.. U dont need to give me only 1 spoon of ur ice cream, i can have my share, in other way from youWink" rk said & winked at her.
"umm.. List some other advantages.." Madhu orders.
"Think.. U dont have to move to other place after ur marriage.. We all can live together.. As we are.."
"means.. If i marry you.. I dont have To go away from our parents" madhu said getting excited.
"Yes" Rk said tugging her hair lock behind her ear.
"Means.. All will love me.."
"Yes.." Rk said chuckling.
"Okk.. I love u too then.." Madhu cheerfully jumped & hugged him.
"Let me love u too then" rk said mischeviously breaking the hug & pushing her back to the wall.
He slide his hands on her waist, leaning on her, he takes her lips in his, and fortunately for him, his madhu didnot gave any eerie reaction. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pushing herself more into him, responding to his kiss.
"This is the invisible pull we feel.. When we are close.." Madhu said breaking the kiss.
"hmm.. I got to know it earlier..but was doubtful that whether we"ll work or not.. Thats why i never approach you.." Rk said nuzzling her neck.
"Hmm.. But i still didnt forgive you.. U told lie of me being preggy.. What'll Mr & Mrs.Mehra think of me.." Madhu said tilting her hand giving him more access.
"Damn you madhu.. I told naa.. I would make the lie true.. No worries.." Rk replied taking her earlobe in his mouth.
"Damn you too kundra" madhu moaned.
"Pleased to be damned.." Rk winked at her, as he carries her up in his arms.
He puts her down on the conference DeSk & climbs on top of her, exploring her mouth & body, when____

*RING*          *RING*          *TING*

Rk withdraws from madhu with the ringing of his cell in his denim's pocket.
He moved up & respond the call, still leaning over madhu.
"Yes dad" he replied.
"Rishu.. Whats this.. Mr.mehra called a few seconds ago & said that u told him that madhu is pregnant...!! How can it be.. Where is madhu.. How is she.. Give phone to Madhu.. Molu & paddu wants to talk to her" mohan from other side commanded his son.
"Relax dad.." Rk said drawing circles on madhu's neck with his fingers.
Madhu raised her eyebrows asked what happened. Rk shakes his head in negative saying her not to worry.
"That was a lie.. Things were getting out of control so i said it.. No worries.. All good"
"What..!! U said lie.. Are u stupid.. How can u play with her name.. Now what'll they think of madhu" mohan asked angrily.
"uffo.. Dad.. I"ll reform my mistake.. bye.." Rk cuts the call, keeping the mobile on silent mode, throws it on chair, getting back to his sessions with madhu.
He slide her top up & starts roaming his hands on her stomach, pinching her waist. Madhu starts giggling & starts to push him off.
"What..?" He asked annoyed, his hairs disshelved.
"You are tickling me" she giggled.
"of course not .!" He said & dipped his head in the crook of her neck.
"Dont do that" she shoved his hands off her stomach.
"What'll i do then..?" He asked as he sighed.
"This.." She replied & pull him down locking her lips with his.

They were lost in their kiss when..


Came the horrible sound of Bittuji. With the sudden croaked vulgar noise, Rk became so startled that he rolled off the DESK and Landed on Floor with a THUD...!!!
As he tried to get off madhu, he falled. Hearing bittuji madhu too jerked up & sit. Offended Rishbala looked towards the entrance door to see bittuji standing wide eyed, with a Frown and a File.
"What the f*ck bittuji.." Rk growled, as he stands up.
"What are u doing chief... How can you so THIS with madhubala..?" Bittuji asked shocked.
"Why cant i do THIS with madhu...??" Rk asked glaring bittuji.     
Madhu glace at both of them, still sitting in the desk.ROFL
"She is only daughter of malik sir.." Bittuji said out of his wits.
Rk looked at bittuji stunned "Sooo.. Where is it written that i cant do IT with your malik sir only daughter..?"
"I have never expected THIS from you.." Bittuji said shaking his head.
"Why cant u expect THIS from me.. Am a man for god's sake.. I can do IT..!!" Rk said clenching his teeth.
"You are a man doesnot mean u will do such thing with this poor little girl"
"What... .. Little girl..!! Who the hell is lil here..?" Rk asked losing his patience".
"Just because madhubala is not as strong as you.. Doesnot mean u'll suppress her"
"She herself.. Was also doing that with me.. If she let me to lead, then what can i do..!!"
"whatever.. I wont let you do IT..!" bittuji declared.
"WHAT..??" Both Rk & madhu shouts scandalised.
"She is mine.. I'll also see.. How'll you stop me" rk said in challenging tone.
"You dont owns her.. I'll not let you KILL her..!" Bittuji said in same challenging tone.
"What Kill..!" Both exclaimed Astonished.
"What.. Kill.. Havent u studied bio, she will not die with that.. For biology's sake..!" Rk stated restlessly.
"I dont give damn to bio.. Madhu would have been dead, with the way you were hovering over her.. You were choking her throat, If i hadnt come in time you would have KILLED her, while FIGHTINGROFL" An angry bittuji said.
"WHAT..!!" Both remained spell bound with bittuji's declaration. Bittuji assumed they were fighting, as Mohan Kundra said.
"You thought I was killing her..!" That knocked Rishbala that bittuji has mistaking their kissing attempt as murder attemptROFL
"Yes, u are..!" Bittuji remained adamant.
After gaining sense Rk spoke clenching his jaws "I. WAS. NOT. KILLING. HER...!!"
I was Kissin her not Killing her.. Rk wanted to add, but didnt.
"Dont lie.. I saw u all over her.. Last night too u both were fighting with ice cream & papers"
"Thats different DumboJi.. Last night, and this.." Madhu tried to explain, but bittuji cuts off.
     "I know, u both fight with each other.. But that doesnt mean u'll kill her,chief.. She is malik sir only daughter.. He'll broke down" bittuji tried to make them understand.
"Outt..!" Rk roared, seeing Bittuji has gone nuts.
"Noo.. I'll not let u two fight.. I WONT LEAVE U ALONE.." Bittuji whined.
"Haww.. Thats so mean bittuji.." Madhu said with a frown.
"Damn you bittuji.. Out now.." Rk said Irritated with bituji as he said he'll not leave them ALONE.
"NO.. U have to understand.. Fighting is not good.." Bittuji said, not budge to go out.
"Damn you Bhuddu Ji.." Rk growled & throws pen stand at him.
"Damn you tadpole Ji.." Madhu snorted, making faces & throws water bottle at him, to make him go outWink.

Damn you Rishbala..Wink

Earth is round again.. I started with office scene & ended in office scene too...Tongue
So.. My first ever story has ended today.. Tons thanks to you all... For liking, supporting this story.. & encouraging me to write..!! Star

Love you all...

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awesome & hilarious ending...ROFL
loved it so much, 'damn you' girl... ClapWink
God! at the start when Rk guessed why she was crying.. i was like shut the f**k up man...AngryAngry let her tell the reason... you stop guessing your silly guesses like make up, i will drop u home with my car which is better than yours.. love drops... conjunctivities,... LOL!! i wanted to kick Rk at that place... poor baby girl was crying bcos of his lie... but he was making fun of her... still i will forgive him.. bcos he reformed the situation...EmbarrassedLOL 
Poor bittuji... no one didn't believe him that rishbala were doing hanky panky.. they were so sure rishbala were fighting as that was routine.. LOLLOL
Mr. dumboji... you & your timing? is there any anti f**k radar inbuilt in bittuji's body??ROFL 
always he comes on the right timing & spoil the fun... LOLLOL
i was so sure that this time he is gonna mistake the situation & he did... he thought Rk was killing her... his chief's only Shaitan... oops i mean only darling daughter...LOLLOL
i wish instead of throwing a pen at bittuji, Rk could have thrown some heavy glass paper weight & broke his head...ROFL good job madhu splashed water on him & chased him out!ROFL
such a fun entertaining story dear... really loved it... thanks! keep writing more... love u...Hug

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God!! ROLF.. Such a hilarious update... I am madly laughing reading this update...

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Originally posted by --Evil_Angel--

Lage 440 volt chune se tere...Wink ROFL

Big smile Jhatka laga.. Hayee laga..
--Evil_Angel-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by .Poorva.

Originally posted by --Evil_Angel--

Lage 440 volt chune se tere...Wink ROFL
Big smile Jhatka laga.. Hayee laga..
Jor ka Jhatka Hayee joro se laga..Haan lagaLOL BTW.. Hatka laga ki Kaata Lagaaa.. Hayee laga..ROFL
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Damn you aaniya;it was totally crazy ,hilarious updates.
(that why i like it soo muchh)
@mazing ,awesome ,superb ..
(no words to discribe ,girl)
i laugh like crazy ...
backs to the story..
finally rk get the deal!! mr.mehra sigh the deal with PEN(pen si to sigh karte hai ka !!!k g ka student thorai hai jo pencil use kare !!)
1st prize in monkey race !!lolz.
madhu ,madhu !!what i say u
gets 1st prize in dump competition.
she is cry like pregant lady !!
madhu question and rk answer !!lolz
what !!(4 what like serial)
and what ! from a fearful bittuji (poor bittuji)
mad ,insane,freak and fat bittuji.
how can u say like this bittuji !!!
with my mouth lolz.
i have see my own eye ,everyone see outer enviroment with their own eye!!;;
what a intelligent radhu baby!!
bittuji thought lolz oldies and moldies chief babies play together...
bittuji dance and your discribe...
frog whom u just poked in science lab
(me just remain what i do in dissection)
his shirt button flies away (bittuji show his family pack)lolz.
extra large crocodile had such enery.
we still have hope for little little bittuji:
become grandparents wish is fulfill(don't worry !!work in running ,result out in some time ,if bittuji don't interfer between rishbala romance)
loved girl name pihu..
i loved this part most !!!
madhu still in her water work !!
rk tease !!!,madhu question !!,
(damn u aani u rocked baby)
i don't mind reforming my mistake (that's our rk!!go make lil lil moldies...)
right rk no one bear this madhu !!
advantages of marriage...,it girl !
invisible pull with we (i think u too are opposite direction magnet !!)
oh desk job!!
first mohan call ,later famous ..bittuji ji.
he think rk try to kill madhu(or credets goes to our oldies chief)
i laugh hard when rk said
kill..she will not die with that ,have not u study bio!!
i don't give damn bio lolz lolz.
damn u buddhu ji ,tadpole ji,crocodile ji ,frog ji,damn you !!!!!

love it soo much ,damn u aani
u rock it babes!!!
lots of icecream ,cake ,...
candy land give u .

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Awesome ending 
Pani.Puri IF-Rockerz

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Sorry for being late ... Well Rishbala infact Aaniya is back to square one . The story ended from where it got started ... LOL RK stop coming up with so many lame ideas as to why Madz is crying ... You should listen from the horses mouth instead of coming up with so many silly thoughts which makes me feel like banging your head against a wall ... So finally RK confessed that what he feels for Madz and even she reciprocated the initial start .. Again wrong timing Bittuji as usual ... LMAO RK falling down is epic ... I was just visulaising that how would it look when RK would have fell down ... Ahhh Bittuji wear a good watch so that your timing is good when you enter into Rishbala's territory ... Oh comm'on Aaniya you dissapointed me ... I thought you will also show Rishbala marriage and their after marriage scene but you just ended the story from where it got started .. Can we have an epilogue on this story ?? It was an awesome ending to this comical peice ... Superbly written by you ... 

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kg15 77 17163 14 August 2014 at 3:23am by ananya2010
for me only rishbala rishbala rishbala

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deepak148 57 17263 10 October 2013 at 4:08am by adyluvskat
Defending my Rishbala Rishbala Rishbala

Author: wildspam   Replies: 7   Views: 3703

wildspam 7 3703 19 April 2013 at 7:47pm by ddgirl

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