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RiShbala TS "DaMn yOu" ||COMPLETED @PG 27|| (17/06) (Page 19)

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]Hello guyzz... thankyou sooo much for coming... reading.. & commenting on the previous part... here is the next part... and as usual plzz do leave ur reviews in form of LIKE & COMMENT...Tongue...

DaMn yOu..

PART-2 (A)

RK stammered "yea.. I'll but...
Madhu interrupted "arrey Rk how will u show it now.. Its not here.. Why r u lying.. Havent u heard liar liar burnt on fire.
with madhu's dumb statement Rk wanted to die that moment only by banging his head. He is gonna lost his tender..!!
"WHAT..!! This much important venture & no cost accounting file.. !!" Mr.Mehra freaked out.
Madhu probed "Listen Mr.M.. I mean mr.mehra.. We were preparing it but cant... Soo Plzz dont freak out okkk..Big smile

Mr.mehra said to madhu mockingly "ahh.. How intelligent madhu..!!" madhu frowned & mr.mehra turned to rk "Wht.. The hell Rk.. Care to explain...!!"
"Mr.mehra we were preparing it but.." Rk started, dont knw wht to tell & how to make it up..
"Buttt... But WHAT..?" Mr.mehra exclaimed frustratedly.
"But we cant prepare it, because of short time... Simple..!!" Madhu shrugged.
"One month period is short time for you.." Mr.mehra exclaimed scandalized.
"Nooo.. No mr.mehra" Rk tried but mr.mehra cut him off.
"Then what Rk.. U R preparing it right..?"

Madhu poked again "Nope.. He delegate his work to me... He always did that to me.. Lazy ass..!!"
Rk murderously glared her to shut her damn mouth, but madhu doesnt paid any heed to him "... & i had prepared it also... But at the end moment..."

Madhu & Rk both went in flashback of last night EVENT of Tearing up the files while fighting with each other & later asked Bittuji to prepared it for them.

After a tiring day in preparation of the forthcoming meeting with Mr.Mehra... Exhausted Rk entered his cabin door, to have some peace. And wht he saw inside his cabin.. Made him standing rooted to the ground, furiously burning in anger.

He saw Madhu sitting on HIS chair, in HIS cabin... Drawing.. No, correction.. Scribbling all stupid lines with HIS favourite marker on HIS glass desk... While eating her favourite ice cream, from big ice-cream cup keeping It uncleanly, on HIS beautiful glass deskCry

Forgetting all his exhaustion, Rk angrily marched towards madhu. Hearing his angry footsteps madhu looked up to find him standing over her head.
Seeing him, madhu gave him her best smile "Hii Rishabh...!!"
"Hiii, my foot madhu... Wht the hell you are doing with my desk..!!" Rk barked angrily
Madhu frowned still sitting on his chair but then she scoop out one spoon full ice cream from her ice cream cup & offered him happily streching her hands to feed him "here... Have it.. Its yummy.. You dont need to act.. U know, u can get ONLY one spoon share from me.. Have it..!!"
Rk roughly took spoon from her hand & stuff it in his mouth..
"How is it.. ?? Nice naa.." Madhu asked, with glee.
In return, Rk harshly pulled her up from his chair by holding & twisting her arms "Gett off... From MY chair.. & how dare u to sit on it" he growled.
"ouch" madhu said rubbing her arms "moronic   Kudra... How ungrateful u are.. I feed u ice cream & youuu... & wht were u asking.. How i sit on this chair.. Duh..!!D'oh Idiot like this...!!" With this madhu pushed him off balance & again occupy his chair.
She smiled mockingly at him.. And this time Rk without giving her warning, indecently pulled her out of his chair holding her hand & pushed her hardly away from his desk... "Get outtt..!!"
"ouch... Are u mad... U pushed me... What if i would stumble & fall... Are u out of your mind.." This time madhu angrily marched to him.
Rk with equal anger retorted "then that would served u right... Monkey.."
"Watch ur tongue dork... & mohan uncle said me to do anything i want.. "
"Daddd.. !! Then go & do whatever u want in mohan uncle's house... Not in my office.. U get it.. & see wht u did u my desk..?" He pointed to his glass desk.
The whole desk is covered with most ugliest drawings made my madhu, a while ago.
"Do u think u are in kinder garden to draw at these shits on MY beautiful desk" He asked her sadly at his desk's condition.
In reply madhu shrugged & said "I made ur dull desk interesting & u r accusing ME..!! Everyday, i saw this boring plan dull desk with no pics.. So i thought to made it exciting.. Simple."
"Like this..!" Rk asked her unable to believe her logic.
Madhu shrugged again "I have drawn ur picture too.. See this one.." She said proudly, showing him her drawing skills.
Rk saw a disshelved dirty face with square eyes.. Round ears.. Triangle nose.. Semi-circle lips.. Electric-shock hairs. "He looks like this... THIS..!!" He questioned himself.
"This is me..!!" Rk asked madhu is a deadly serious tone.
She moves her head up & down.. Confirming its him & grinned.
"Madhubalaaa..!!" Rk clenched his teeth.. & picked up the ice-cream bucket from his ruined desk & emptied it on madhu's head, gladly.
"Rkkk..!!" She shrieked & moved back.. Holding her head... & rk rolled on his chair laughingly saying "The seed u sow.. The fruit u get..!!"
Madhu fumed at him for destroying her ice-cream.. She picked up all nearby available things from his desk & started to throw at him..
Rk laughingly dodged it all efficiently.
Seeing Him laughing.. This time madhu picked up a blue file.. Pulled out the paper from the file & throws the file cover towards Rk & as she expected it hit him "ouch" he exclaimed.
Again madhu teared up the papers in her hands into pieces & throws at him.
And Rk balled those teared up papers.. & started throwing at madhu like snowballs.
Taking it no more, madhu stride towards him & gripped & pulled his hairs hardly with one hand but at right time, Rk pulled her towards him, gripping her waist, plastering her body to his & twisted her hands on her back in order to stop her attacks, & thus bringing her more close to himself.
"Madhu stop..!!" He breathed out.
Sensing his breath on her lips, she stopped twisting & turning against His body. Madhu realised that she is badly trapped in Rk's armsEmbarrassed
Both were panting heavily. She chest moving up & down against his chest. Their faces are inches apart. This feels different and... And exciting.. But before they got to know what it is...
yeah.. Bittuji exclaimed in his full volume.
He was shocked to see madhu in Rk's arms.. All over him.. Gripping his hairs.. & Rk too gripping her waist & her hands.. Both are so close.. Both are so disshelved.. MEANS they are in compromising postion..!! Bittuji concluded.
Thats means Malik sir's daughter & Kundra sir's son doing hanky panky... Oh God..!! Bittuji thought.
Bittuji's exclamation broke Rishbala's dream land & they landed back on earth to see Bittuji stand fix on the door.. Wide eyes.. & shocked looks. Not getting Bittuji's looks both ask in unison "WHAT..??"
"errr.. I came to take costing file which is to be presented to Mr.mehra" bittuji said blushing profusely.
Seeing bittuji blushing both looked at each other & shrugged. They got parted & started to find the file.
"which colour file is it Bittuji.?" Rk asked still searching for file in his drawer.
"Blue color chief.." Bittuji replied still blushing..
"oh gosh..!" Madhu shrieked.
Hearing her Rk turned back to see madhu standing shocked.. Her hands covering her mouth.. Her eyes fixed on floor.. He looked down to finds the same blue file lying lifelessly on floor. Yeah.. Its their cost accounting file.
"You did this.." Exclaimed Rk
Both looked around to find all balled up paper lying here & there.
"No.. You did this.. You balled up the paper" madhu sighs in relief, as she is not the only one to be accused of.
"But ... U teared up the paper" Rk defend himself.
"soo.. Wht.. If i jump before lion.. U would too..!" Madhu frowned.
"But now what chief.. Who will prepare it all over again.??" Bittuji probes.
Both looks at bittuji & again looks at the each other & smile, understanding each other's thought. They loving moved towards bittuji. Bittuji looks at them with suspicion.

"You Bittuji.. You would prepare it all over again" they speaks in unison"
"yes.. U bittuji.. Now be a good pumpkin & prepare it by tomorrow okk... Bye.. Bittuji" she lovingly said him & went from there.
Rk uses his bossy tone & ordered him "Bittuji.. I want cost accounting file on my table, by tomorrow.. Be a good tea pot & finish it or else i would complain to dad, that you dont help me in anything.. Okk now.. Bye bittuji" rk quickly said & moves out.
Both left bittuji alone to prepare it.



"END moment what..?" Mr.mehra exclaimed bringing rishbala out of their reverie.
"At... At end moment.." Madhu stammered.
"u want to call off this deal" mr.mehra threatned.
At this Rk spoke loudly gaining sense "No mr.mehra.. At the end moment.."
"WHAT..?"Mr.mehra growled.
Rk replied with measurable voive " the pain started..!!"
"PAIN..!!" All exclaimed in unison.
"yes.. All i had to take her to the hospital" rk said confidently.
"Who..??" Mrs.Mehra ssked.
"Madhu.. She is pregnant naa...!!" Rk replied.
"What..!!!" Madhu voiced out shocked.
"Ooo.. Baby u r also expecting... Congratz dear..!!" Mrs.Mehra said delighted.
Madhu said freaking out "Rk... What the f*ck are you..."
Madhu started but Rk didnt let her complete & hugged her tightly, pretending to clam her down "Ohh baby... Please relax.. Dont freak out plzz.. Remember doctor said there is some complication & you should not stress out... Plzz relax madhu.." Rk coaxed her.
"Doctor said..??" Madhu asked Rk bewildered.
Mr.mehra intervene "Mr.kundra i..."
But Rk didnt let him finish "yes.. Mr.mehra.. Now you only tell me how can i forced her to finish the work, in this condition." Rk said faking sympathy.
"And how can i finish the file.. By not taking care of her.. Hope u understand.. Ofcourse.. U'll understand.. As u too is going to be dad... Right.. Whatz more important to u.. Ur baby & wife or work..?" Rk asked him hypothetically, applying reversed psychology.
Mrs.mehra waited anticipatedly for Mr.mehra's answer.As if sensing his wife' gaze on him, Mr.mehra like a Henpecked husband replied "oh..yes..yes.. Mr.kundra, i love my family more.. They are more important." Rk smirked at him.
"umm.. Ms.malik congrats.." Mr.mehra said but madhu stands there all lost.
"errr... Ms.malik, am congratulating you" mr.mehra probes but madhu didnt replied.

Rk again got tensed, what if madhu spill out the beans, then he'll surely lost his tender--- nooo..!!
"See.. Mr.mehra, how lost she is.. So much stress & tension.. Look at her face.. So pale.. She is so lost about losing the contract.." Rk went to madhu's side & keep his hand over her shoulder & started his acting "Madhu.. Baby.. Dont worry.. Mr.mehra wont call off this contract deal cause of cost accounting file.. He would definitely sign this contract.. Infact he will sign the contract now itself.. Right Mr.mehra.. Wont you..??" Rk asked Mr.mehra innocently.
"Ofcourse Mr.kundra.. We will as ur all other data are accurate & costing can be considered" Mrs.mehra replied cheerfully.
"Okkiiess.. Then.. Lets sign the deal now..!" Rk said excitedly. He leaved shocked-lost madhu's shoulder & moved from her side.
He handed the contract papers to Mr.mehra. while they were busy in signing the papers, Mrs.mehra comes to madhu.

"How are you feeling madhu" she asked her merrily.
"shocking" madhu replied lost.
"Shocking...!! Why..!! The result of such activities are always babies.." She said slyly.
"which activities..??"
"Very personal activities" Mrs.mehra said grining ear to ear.
"But i dont understand.. How come i get pregnant..??" Madhu asked as if asking the most complicated question of this world.
"How come u get pregnant means... Its not rocket science" Mrs.mehra winked.
"Hun..! Rocket science.." This time madhu looked at her perplexed.
"yeah.. U dont need to knw rocket science to get pregnant.. Biology is enough.." She said proudly.

"But how..?" Madhu asked frustratedly.
"How means.. Ohooo... I get it... U were taking protection right..!! But it happens.. Protection fails sometime.. " She said slyly & dash her shoulder with madhu"s shoulder.. Teasing her... Ignorance of bewildered madhu standing there.

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Part 2 (A) updated...on pg 19 Embarrassed

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Awesome update...Clap
Loved it...LOL
Oh my gosh! These two r pagals...ROFL
Madhu scribbling on Rk's fav desk... ROFLDrawing his face... Square eyes, triangle nose, curvy lips... Haha... ROFLEven a 3 yrs old baby will draw better than her...ROFL Then Feeding him ice cream... I thought he will push her hands but he roughly ate the ice cream before pushing her..ROFL. Then their fight... Rolling paper... Oops cost accounting papers...ROFL & pulling each others hair & bittuji's kebab mein haddi entry..ROFL & bittuji thinking they were doing some hanky panky...ROFL Then these two crazies delegating the work on the poor tea pot bittuji...ROFL So many Rolf moments... But the pregnancy one took the cake...ROFL
Ah! Our smartass Rk came up with a brilliant excuse & sealed the deal! ROFL
Such a fun filled update... Thanks dear! 
Continue soon!

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Damn you aaniya it was totally crazy.
so love in air !!!!
next part they are fall in love.
what u feeling madhu "shocking"lolz
thanks god she was shocking ,otherwise the she told she is not pregant.
loved it,loved this story.
update soon.
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hey nice update i really laugh like crazyy... oh od its just awsome yaar
wanna know how will madhu react to tis pregnant act poor bittuji...anyway update soon
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Damn you Rishbala .. Wink
two crazy souls and their crazy activities 
damn awesome update Aaniya dear..Star  Big smile

laughter ride it was..just fab..ROFL

Mrs. and Mr. Mehra's ..Bittuji's reactions..and Rk Madhu explaination  ROFL  
 and FB ..damn funny..ROFL

OMG!!   ROFL  ROFL    and its 
so w'fully written ...Clap Star
.loved it alot .Embarrassed
.enjoyed it totally...LOL

waiting for next update.Hug

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pms has been sent to all those who have commented on previous part.. & rest pms will be send later onn...Embarrassed

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