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#4ARSHI~||Prohibited Love||~Completed (Page 23)

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Brilliant update
Finally confessed
Thanks for pm

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I have no clue what is happening. when i go home after office I try to update or comment it showing some technical issue whether it is from mobile or laptop. now I updating from it from office over here it is fine. I have talked with moderator, if it continues then you have to follow the blog.

Love isn't practical. it isn't meant to be easy. It doesn't appear on command. It doesn't let you fall for whomever you'd like. it surfaces neither at the most opportune moment nor in the most convenient. It'll pair you with someone you might never have expected. It'll put you face to face with endless obstacles. But in the end, none of that will matter because its how you overcome its obstacles that will define your love. It may not be practical , but love is ultimately the best thing that will ever happen to you. -Anonymous

love isn't always perfect. it isn't a fairy tale or a storybook. and it doesn't always come easy. love is overcoming obstacles, facing challenges, fighting to be together, holding on and never letting go. it is a short word, easy to spell, difficult to define and impossible to live without. love is work, but most of all, love is realizing that every hour, every minute, and every second was worth it because you did it together- Anonymous


"She is fine now, ASR, she had panic attack due to excessive stress that is the reason she faint." Lavanaya informed him Arnav as staring out of the windows thinking about what happen an hour ago. As soon he showed the paper to Khushi, her face paled as if he had asked her life. When he made her sign, he felt something wrong almost going to fall he immediately hold her from falling. Though he knew this wasn't right time but still he made her wear the ring. As he was never good in telling his emotion only thing he could ask her to what kind of marriage she prefers. Then she looked at the ring and then to him dazed and instead of reply she hugged him agreeing to his proposal. But he got alarmed when she was not breathing; he immediately called lav.
"So how come great business tycoon ASR came to India? "Lav put her hand on shoulder breaking his thoughts.
"Something emergency came up, but I had send your wedding gift" Arnav said, after leaving to Dubai few months later Lav got married with one of her colleague.
"Yeah, more than gift I was expecting you" she sighed than shrugged off "ok leave it. So tell me when I am going to get invitation of your marriage, don't ever thinking of not inviting me I am warning you beforehand only"
Arnav looked her with her questioning look how come she came to know.
"I saw your mother ring on Khushi's hand, you won't simply gave your mother ring to anyone, so I assume" lav saw his expression she stopped, as he was not happy "Aren't you happy? Isn't Khushi good enough"
"She is more than perfect for me" he said "but..."
"So you want to say you are not prefect for her" lav completed his sentence.
"Yes" he sighed frustrated "but this is not the way I wanted. I can't see her in this state, she suffering because of me, just one sign I asked her see her condition as if I asked her life. I doing right, I am doing wrong. I don't know. I am conflicted between my own thoughts."
Lav looked at Arnav  "You are not conflicted between your own thoughts. It's between your heart and mind. Because Khushi's naivety and innocence is too contiguous. No one can escape it. You tried with you famous anger but you couldn't escape her charm" she laughed at thinking about many time Khushi got sick due to his anger, though it's not funny still she find it. Khushi also didn't leave him so easily "but when you realized your feeling for her you left, because at that time this relation was taboo. But now it is not. Your heart knows it, let it be the way it is. Because I had been through this so I know struggle, it will lead you nowhere except pain. As a friend I can only ask for acknowledged what feeling you have for her. You won't regret it, ASR. "
Lav saw Arnav was completely lost on his muse what she said, she knew he was battling between mind and heart, as soon he will his heart take over his mind, everything will easy for him. Lav exited quietly out of his room let him give some time alone to think.
Khushi stir, open her eyes trying to adjust her vision in the morning light. Slowly all her memories came back crashing almost making her grasping for air. When she saw none in the room a painful sob escaped from her mouth, making herself curl into ball.
"Khushi, Khushi" Khushi immediately was pulled out make her seat.
Arnav was sitting corner of the room, when he hear Khushi's plaintive whimper he got alarm.
"I am here, Khushi, breath" Arnav kept rubbing her back for comforting, as again her breath became uneven "breath, breath, I am here just breath".
At last he feel her breath on his neck, he closed his eyes with relief and hold her tightly as she was crying again
"uwin.." she kept mumbling something which was vague to his ear.
When he understood her stood her word he pulled her out of her cupped her cheeks "I am not leaving, I am not going anywhere, Khushi".
" those paper, yo...uill...eventually leave me" her work came half clear between her crying, as dadi had showed the paper before, he was planning to break with her relation. That was only thing which kept them together.
"I won't Khushi, Yes it is true I made you sign because I don't want that relation with." Arnav said.
"w...why?" her lips quivered " why can't we stay in this marrie.."
"we are not married Khushi" Arnav cut her "not in the eye of law. In the eye of law I am your caretaker. And I don't want to be that anymore in the burden of that that relation Khushi" Arnav took her left hand caressing ring with thumb finger "Because I want you take you as my wife. That's why I made you I made you wear ring, maybe my timing of proposing was wrong. But this is what my heart said, I know I had ignored it for long time. but now I want this, my heart wants this. You make me happy, Khushi. Will you marry me again?" Arnav open his heart to her.
A sob broke from Khushi's lips but somehow she managed to smile and hugged him tightly
"Should I consider this hug as yes"  Arnav said hugging her back.
She nodded, still crying on his shoulder but this time it was happy tears.
"You should leave samayra, as your work is over" Anjali said with anger, thinning her lips tightly. As dadi had asked for samayra's help she couldn't disagree as dadi had helped her family during critical time and gave her job in Raizada co.
"No wait di" piya gave a small squeezed to Anjali hand, then stood in front of samayra "Khushi was innocent in all this but you hurt her a lot. Though she never showed she was hurt, but I know inside she had cried whenever you said and insult her with cruel words."
When samayra was trying to explain, piya gave her one tight slap.
As samayra hold her red cheek, and looked at piya "I was expecting this slap from Khushi, but she is too kind to forgive a person easily. But I am not, because you hurt my small sister. Always remember this slap, whenever you think of hurting anyone. Now leave" piya pointed to door.
"Piya" Dadi yelled "yeh kisi batamzee hain"
Anjali piya tuned back to dadi
"dadi, stop it" Anjali yelled with same rage "chote had accepted Khushi".
"He can't" she shouted
"I can dadi"
All face tuned to Arnav's voice who step into the room.
"You can't" dadi said again.
"I can dadi, and I am taking her as wife"
"that girl will bring shame like her siste.."
"ENOUGH" Arnav vocal raised, making her stop from saying anything "Not a words against them." both of them have equally importance in his life "soon you understand, it will better for you accepting"
"if you marry that girl, I will leave this house" dadi tried to blackmail.
"As you wish dadi" Arnav said calmly "I will tell my driver to leave you safely wherever you want" indirectly he showed her way out of the house.
Dadi was left shocked at his behavior and she left cussing angrily  "That girl is a curse and will never bring happiness in this house" as everyone turned to door saw Khushi was standing tear was following one by one as dadi had purposely said that word to hurt her feeling. when Khushi tried to stop her she signed her 'don't touch me'.
Anjali walked toward her wiped her tear "Let her go. You know she is like this, then why are you crying, soon she will realize, ouch!"
"di" Khushi got alarmed seeing Anjali hold her stomach but Anjali was smiling making her confuse.
"see, even baby is kicking saying baby can't see your crying" Anjali smiled
"really, Can I touch it" Khushi soon became excited hearing baby kick, wiped her own tear.
Arnav slowly exit out of room give the girl privacy.
"yes" Anjali placed Khushi hand over her stomach where she can feel kick.
Khushi almost eyes widened when she felt the kick "ohh..ohh"
Khushi was sitting in the hall with everyone, as they had called panditji for fixing the marriage date. Everything felt so surreal, in a short spam of so many things happen. Out of all this joyous moment something was missing, she couldn't feel the happiness as the way dadi had left the house and her word kept replaying on her head 'That girl is a curse and will never bring happiness in this house' those words filled with animosity toward her.
"Khushi" piya shook her breaking her thought as everyone was staring at her.
"ha..woh...I was.." Khushi try to cover up but she just felt lost Arnav was staring at her.
"ok leave it babydoll" Karan smiled.
"hmm" she nodded,
"Di was asking when you prefer the marriage, panditji has found 2 muhrat for marriage on is after 3 weeks and other is after 5 months" piya said.
"Oh...di..I want a simple marriage between close family members" Khushi politely replied
"So after 3 weeks panditji" Shaleen said to him and bided him.
"why so fast and simple, Khushi" piya frowned "we want a grand wedding"
"because she said she want do get 5 kids as soon as possible" Anjali laughed
"what! Di, No" Khushi cheeks turned red in embarrassment "I didn't say that"
"Really, than I will show them video, what you said on 14th birthday" Anjali teased her.
"Di, no" Khushi stomped her and left to kitchen, as behind everyone burst out laughing.
"Khushi" Arnav stopped her from cooking anymore jalebi which she was preparing from more than 2 hours.
Khushi lips quivered and closed her eyes so that he doesn't see her eyes which had filled with tear.
"wash your hand, and come to my room" Arnav ordered.
"ji" she nodded, as Arnav left to his room.
Arnav tried to concentrate on file, but he couldn't see any words in it except Khushi's eyes which were filled with sadness. when they were talking about marriage she was physically present but she was lost somewhere. when he heard footstep in his room he mentally smiled because the only person who never knock the door of his room.
"ji app ney bulaya[you called me]" Khushi said putting a smile on her face. But her red and puffy eyes where saying different story.
Arnav stood and walk towards her, as Khushi immediately her gaze turned to floor. Arnav pulled her chin with his index finger make her eyes contact with him "what's wrong Khushi" Arnav asked
"no don't try to lie" before she could ignore he stopped her.
he took his step back from her "Dadi's words are hurting right!" Khushi was taken back "today dadi, next someone else, Khushi. life is not that easy. Thousands of hardship will become obstacles on your way." Arnav forward his hand toward her "because once you hold it, it will be difficult to break free. So I am giving you choices Khushi because you still have time to back away"
Khushi was staring at his hand, each second felt like eternity for Arnav, because choices always comes with consequences whether it is right or wrong.
when Khushi didn't hold it, he pulled his hand but before that Khushi hold it took a step toward him making an inch distance. Choices were made.
"Yes, I am hurt with dadi's word but this is not first time she said anything like this I heard more worse than this. But this is not hurting me, the only is hurting me that I failed myself, I failed to change her perspective toward me even I did everything she asked. I thought one day her mind will change and will accept me. But before that she left the house." she explained, she never thought dadi leave the house because of her.
Arnav raised her toward cheek, Khushi closed her with warmth of his hand as he rubbed her tear which fall from her eyes.
Khushi continued "And I know life won't be easy neither it will be going to be perfect. every day it will throw us in obstacles, challenges, hardship. But if I say I am not afraid, then I will be lying. I can overcome the obstacles, fight the challenges, even can also survive the hardship. Only if you are with me." Khushi looked at their hand where fingers were intertwine together "I am choosing this, and in end its going to be worth it" she close the distance keep her head on his chest feeling the rhythm of his heartbeat.
he didn't say anything neither she asked again.
She was going to take the risk. because she was waiting for 2 years for this moment. And she is ready to face all the struggles and complexities, make this worth it, and make her love work. And there time will come where he will confess his feeling.
"Khushi" Arnav again said her name, there was a pause for a moment "I love you"

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wow superb update loved it can't wait for next part thank you for pm.
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soo nice
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I finally caught up with the updates. Sorry or being late. My AD is getting very hectic Ouch
But the updates were  a treat to read. 

Finally khushi is getting what she deserved from the longest time ever. 

And i can't believe arnav confessed his love too Day Dreaming

Absolutely beautiful.

cheers to the updates. 
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It was great update
Loved it
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Superb update.. happy to see Khushi getting her happiness her Arnavji as her life partner.. Arnav confessed his love for his Khushi.. felt nice to see Arnav finally agreeing to his heart and giving their relation a chance.. loved the amazing update.. 

thanks for pm Smile
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      Awesome update loved it ...
             Thank you  for pm...Smile

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