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*New* AsYa TS : The Ties Of Heartbeatsl completed l Last part pg13 (Page 12)

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Hey! Me back with the last part of the TS...thank you so much for this beautiful response. Yes I felt that somewhere about how come sudden feelings means there is a confusion about the depth of their feelings...this chapter will clear all your confusions...

Thank you each and everyone for all the beautiful comments, they are soo encouraging you have got no idea!!Hug... This chapter is a roller coaster ride..lets see how many can reach till the end...LOL

Also I am going inactive from tomorrow, for a very few days... but when I will be back, I have something great great in store for you... at least this is what Aishu di and Surbhi di says as they have read that story till its done...

Hope you like it...

Happy reading!!

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The next few days, he kept trying to contact her and each time either it wasn't received, cut or the number was switched off. She sat at the same place, she knew he would try to contact her but she remained aloof, sitting near the window or caressing few pictures they took. It was after a lot of insistence from her friends she decided to step out of her home.

Zoya along with her friends was roaming in the market buying several items but she was least interested. She was looking around when her gaze fell on the mirror, she looked her reflection was taken aback when she saw someone else too in the frame, it was him.

He looked as if he hasn't slept for a fortnight, his face was pale and his eyes right at the moment showed a glint of happiness. She immediately retreated her gaze back on the ground, and moved towards her friends trying to mingle with them, faking smiles. She was well aware, she was the reason behind those puffy eyes and pale face. But she kept herself determined not to fall apart, it was a hard journey to gather herself and gain all the courage and confidence to be strong, she won't fall weak, he needs to forget her and he will forget her.

She sighed in relief when he didn't approach her. Her friends decided to leave, she followed them behind only to feel a tug at her hand and then someone pulling her. Before she could comprehend anything, she was cornered and her gaze held by his.

Averting her gaze she tried moving past him, only to be pulled back. She struggled removing her hand from his, but it only tightened.

"Asad chodo mujhe, leave me.." She said whilst struggling in his grip.

"Not before you answer me..." Asad whispered softly but with firmness.

"I am not answerable to you, just leave me..." She kept struggling but he didn't leave her.

"Oh yes You are, kaha thi? Andaza bhi hai kya haal horaha tha mera, zara sa bhi idea hai kya beeti thi, do you have an ounce of idea?" He finally spoke his arms gripping her shoulders, pulling her closer.

"Mujhe koi farak nahi padhta isse... ki tum kya mehsoos karte ho, chodo mujhe, just leave me... I need to go..." Zoya spoke through gritted teeth not wanting to meet his eyes, not wanting to see him hurt, his broken soul.

"Mene kab kaha tumhe farak padhta hai, mera to sawal hi kuch aur tha Zoya... Tumne khud mere sawalo ka jawab dediya... Tumhe farak padhta hai... Then why were you ignoring me?" Asad smiled and loosened his grip, but still held her. She looked down, not knowing what to answer. She felt his loosen his grip and took the advantage and jerked his hands off her.

"Nahi padhta mujhe farak... I don't care!...  and aaj ke baad mujhe chune ki himmat bhi mat karna, samjhe tum?" she turned back and moved forward, only to be stopped his voice.

" I know Zoya something is wrong and you are not ready to share it, but I will wait... Zoya I know you inside out, I know you are doing this for me, but Zoya in order to me make me happy according to you, you are hurting me beyond limits, so much that I may break one day forever-"

Before he could continue, she placed her palm over his mouth stopping him from continuing further. She found herself lost in the depth of his sincerity of his words that was reflected in his orbitals.

Realization dawned upon her and no sooner it did, she retraced her hand back and ran from there before she could do some more damage to her and his heart.

There were several other meets where she was trapped between him, his words and her inner voices but other times she use to dodge them, either by mingling with the crowd or running before he could approach her.

She was tired of all the games she was playing, it was breaking her and she knew him too. The more she tried to run away from him, his memory and all those feelings she was forbidden to feel for him, the more she fell into the ocean of his love. His determination and will power was making her weak.

She decided to put a pause this torture and walk out for some fresh air, it was late night. Suddenly she felt his presence, she saw him there sitting on a bench sipping on his tea, looking around. Before he could look around she ran to a corner and hid herself behind a wall. A tear rolled down her cheeks as she closed her eyes. Suddenly she felt a soft caress on her cheeks wiping her tears. She opened her eyes to look at him, whose eyes were wet too reflecting the same pain.

"Kyu karrahi ho Zoya? Aisa mat karo, tum sirf khudko nahi mujhe bhi dard derahi ho" Asad spoke with so much pain that she winced hearing the tone.

"Asad chale jao yaha se... tum apni aur meri dono ki zindagi ke saath khel rahe ho... bhul jao mujhe please Asad please..." she spoke finally letting her tears flow, breaking down, tired with her game.

"Kya tumhe rok raha hai Zoya, please batado mujhe... Please, hum milkar vo solve karenge..." Asad pleaded.

"Asad tum nahi jante ho yaha ke logo ko, yaha ke log agar kisi ladke ladki ko bina kisi rishte ke dekh lenge to unki zindagi narak se battar kardete hai, nikah se pehle mohabbat gunah hai Asad aur tum mere aur apne parivar ke bare me bhi jante ho, humari hesiyat hi nahi hai tum jitni... ye sab gunah hai Asad, aur har gunah ki saza hoti hai... Aur vo mauth se kam nahi hoti Asad..."

(Asad you have got no idea about the people here, if they see a lady and man together not related by some relation, they turn their life into a living hell, love before marriage is a crime Asad and you know about both of our family background, we don't even match your family standards... everything is a crime here, and every crime has a punishment and its none less than death...)

She broke falling in his awaiting embrace, clutching his collars tightly, crying her heart out. He wrapped his arms around her, snuggling more into her, finally finding the solace he was craving for since weeks. After a while, she parted away and wiped her tears.

"Please Asad forget me, move on, I can't see you so, please" Zoya joined her hands in front of him, pleading looking in his eyes.

"Bas itni si baat thi, tumne to mujhe dara diya tha Zoya..."(That's it? You scared me) Asad chuckled and smiled whilst Zoya look at him stunned.

"Asad ye itna asan nahi hai, tum jaante nahi ho-" Zoya shook her head trying to explain him, but he kept smiling and interrupted her.

"Zoya mere abbu Gaffur Ahmed Sidduqui hai, har cheez se wakif hu, lekin iss baat se tum bhi inkar nahi karsakti ki mohabbat ki takat sabse zyada hoti hai, mujhe bharosa hai apni mohabbat par, aur hum sabse ladenge chahe fir moth bhi saath hi aaye..."

(Zoya I am the son of Gaffur Sidduqui, I am known to every thing here, but you cant deny that love is the strongest, I trust my love, and we can fight everyone, even if we will have to die together)

Asad cupped her face and pecked her forehead.

Tere bina jeena hai aise

Dil dhadka na ho jaise

"I love you Zoya... I really love you Zoya" Asad finally spoke looking into her eyes and she wasn't shocked. Though they never said but it was quite evident.

"I love you too Asad... mujhe maaf kardo.." Zoya spoke and hugged him with all her might. He pulled her more into him. Unaware of the pair of eyes watching them they stood in each other's embrace soaking bliss, the warmth they missed.

Gaffur sat furious in his car, witnessing the sight in front of him, he quickly dialed Farhan's number, warning him about the progress that is being made. He warned her to check on Zoya, and he should never witness this, again.

Zoya returned home with a light and happy heart, she felt flying. She was happy, as she was climbing up the stairs, Farhan's voice stopped her.

"Kaha gayi thi Zoya?" Farhan inquired folding his hands across his chest.

"Bas bahar gayi thi, mausam acha hai na..." Zoya  answered looking down not wanting to meet his eyes. No matter how much she wanted to scream and announce that she loves Asad, she knew she will have to wait.


Yeh ishq hai kya duniya ko

Hum samjhaye kaise

"Jhoot! Zoya tum yaha ke kaide kaanun janti ho phir bhi tumhari himmat kesi hui?" Farhan said in a stern voice. Zoya looked up shocked at the revelation. Farhan sighed and moved towards her. Holding her by shoulders, he continued

"Zoya tum janti ho yaha ke kayde kaanun ko na, aur vese bhi Asad acha ladka nahi hai... Ye ameer baap ki beto ko kya bharose, aur vese bhi yaha nahi tha vo itne saalo tak New York me padha hai, allah jaane kesi taleem hogi..."

(Zoya you are well aware of the rules and regulations here, and even Asad is not a nice man... these sons of rich fathers cannot be trusted and even he has been born and brought up in New York, only god knows what kind of education he has been given...)

Farhan spoke in a soft yet stern voice trying to make his daughter understand

"Nahi abbu, Asad bohat accha ladka hai, mujhse bohat mohabbat karta hai-"

(No abbu, Asad is a really nice man, he loves me a lot -)

Zoya continued trying to make Farhan understand.

"Zoya tum samjh nahi rahi ho, mene kehdiya na bas..." Farhan sighed tired, but kept trying to make his daughter understand.

"par abbu-"

"himmat kese horahi hai tumhari, mujhse iss lehze me baat karne ki?"

(how are you even having the courage to talk to me in such a manner)

Farhan's voice echoed in the room

"Abbu mei bhi Asad se mohabbat karti hu, aur karti rahungi, chahe phir kuch bhi hojaye, aapsabko jhukna padega-"

(Abbu even I love Asad, and I will, no matter what happens, everyone will have to bow down-)

Zoya spoke with determination

Ab dilo ki raaho me

Hum kuch aisa kar jaye

Ik dooje se bichchde to

Sans liye bin marr jayein

She was cut off by a loud slap that echoed in the room. Farhan was enraged hearing the way she was talking, ignoring his words and his final thread of patience broke when she crossed her limits stating her opposition to their ideology.

Zoya on the other hand was stunned due to the sudden force that hit her, she lost her balance and fell down, her forehead hitting the table's edge. Her hands flew up to her cheek which was stinging with pain and then to her forehead which was bleeding. Her mother rushed towards her, taking her in her arms.

"Ainda mujhe pata nahi chalna chahiye ki tum uss ladke se mili varna isse bura bhi hosakta hai" Farhan shouted and left the room. Her mother helped her to get up and started treating her wounds.

Asad on the other hand, felt something wrong, his heart was skipping beats, as if something wrong was going to take place. Caressing her picture, pulling it close to his heart, he tried to calm himself.

Oh Khuda...

Bata de kya lakiro me likha

Humne to humne to bus ishq hai kiya

The next morning she got up and left the home before anyone could be up. She sat near the lake, gazing at the water, waiting for him. She felt his presence and turned to see him. She stood up and smiled though it was paining from the slap she felt yesterday. Asad was about to hug her but then he saw something that made his heart ache.

Her cheeks were slightly red and swollen her forehead was covered with bandage. She was confused why he stopped. He moved forward and slightly touched causing a low moan to escape her lips and her eyes shut tightly in pain. He pulled back his hand and fisted them.

"vo kal gir gayi thi to thodi si laggayi thi..."

(I fell down yesterday, its just that)

She tried making some excuse but failed miserably. He hugged her and she cried.

"Asad unhe sab pata chalgaya hai, ab vo hume nahi chodenge.."

(Asad they know everything they wont leave us)

She kept chanting and hiccups escaped during sobs.

" Tum bhagna chahti ho? Yaha se dur?" Asad finally asked

"Nahi...nahi Asad...hum bhagenge nahi, we wont run..." She spoke, looking into nothing, while he placed his chin on her head.

"you trust me Zoya, do you trust us Zoya?"  Asad asked her caressing her hairs and she nodded, unaware that from now they wont be alone.

Oh Khuda...

Bata de kya lakiro me likha

Humne to humne to bas ishq hai kiya

Asad lifted her hands and slipped the ring he got for her in her hands and she looked at him and smiled.

She returned her home and saw her father in rage, and her mother crying. She was worried but before she could speak anything, her father pulled her hairs and she winced.

" Mana kiya tha na, samajh nahi aya?" Farhaan lashed out through gritted teeth.

She winced but looked straight in his eyes, this time.

"I will meet him, Pyaar karti hu usse... Jo karna hai karlijiye..." She spoke without fear. She knew if she would be scared, there would be many Asad and Zoya's who would suffer, she need to this.

Again this time she was rewarded with a slap, this time with more force. Before she could regain her balance, Farhan again held her this time by forearm.

"Abhi milogi usse?" Farhaan asked with a warning tone.

"Ha" Zoya again replied without any kind of fear and again a slap echoed in the hall.

Zoya's mother, Shireen rushed to her and held her, pleading her husband to stop. Farhan pulled himself up and sighed, raking his hand through his hair, trying to calm himself.

Zoya cried in her mother's embrace, who kept consoling her, whispering sweet nothings to sooth her.

Farhan again kneeled down in front of Zoya and held her hand softly. Sliding her locks behind her ears, he cupped her face.

"Zoya beta samajhne ki koshish karo, tum janti ho na... mei apni beti ko khona nahi chahta please samjho... aur kya galat kehte Gaffur bhaisahab, ye sab sirf dikhawa hai.. nikaah se pehle sab kuch sirf ek khel hota hai.. jitni jaldi ye baat samajh jao, behtar hoga"

(Zoya dear please try to understand, you know everything... I don't wish to loose my daughter, please understand...and brother Gaffur doesn't says anything invalid, this is all fake.. before marriage its all a game.. the sooner you understand, the better its going to be.."

Farhaan left leaving a distraught mother and daughter.

Pyaar ki in raho me

Milte hai kitne dariya

Since that incident, Zoya wasn't allowed to step out, but she did talk to Asad through her phone, secretly. She knew everyone needed to be calmed right now, if she rebelled, the matter may get worse but she did sometimes and violence was the reward she got.

Farhaan kept trying to make her understand but she always either ignored or back answered. He was so blinded by Gaffur's beliefs, that he ignored his daughter.

Zoya was becoming weak day by day and Asad did notice that.

Laakh tufano me bhi dil ko

Mil jata hai zariya

Gaffur who happened to pass by Asad's room heard him talking to Zoya. He called up few people and asked them to gather outside Farhan's place.

Everyone was gathered outside Farhan's place. Gaffur pulled a crying and struggling Zoya out and threw her on the ground.

"Iss behaya ladki ne humare bete ko apne jaal me fasane ki koshish ki hai... khud ki hasiyat dekhe bina, humare bete se mohabbat karni ki khata ki hai, isse iski saza milegi..."

(This shameless woman has tried to trap my son... without looking out to her background, she had made the mistake to love my son, she should be punished)

Gaffur announced with pure venom for Zoya, while Zoya and Shireen looked up at him disbelievingly. Gathering courage she spoke

"Ha ki hai mohabbat aur Asad bhi karta hai, ishq karna agar khata hai, to saza do mujhe.."

(yes, I do love Asad and he does that too, if loving someone is a crime I am ready for the punsihment)

And yes, the next moment she was slapped by Gaffur. The whole crowd hovered above her.


Iss dil ke irrado me hai itna asar

Lehron se kinaro pe karta hai safar

Asad witnessed the horrifying sight, managed to pull a way through the crowd and wrapped his arms around her. The crowd who was too busy in beating Zoya with their sandals, failed to notice Asad. Zoya hid herself in his embrace. Asad winced looking at her bruised state, he was looking at her after so long, the pain he was receiving was nothing to the pain he felt looking at her bruised form.

Shireen struggled to free her clutches from her husbands who too had angry tears in his eyes. Shireen wanted to run and pull her daughter in her embrace.

Finally the crowd dispersed and was shocked to see Asad. Asad finally sensed them stopping and got up, managing to pull Zoya up to.

Oh Khuda...

Bata de kya lakiro me likha

Humne to humne to bus ishq hai kiya

"Himmat kese hui, aap sabki meri Zoya ko haath lagane ki? Bohat hogaya.. Chalo Zoya ese logo ke beech me rehne se ye nahii samjhne wale, insan kehlane layak nahi hai ye..."

(How dare you, how dare you all to even touch my Zoya? Enough.. lets go Zoya, these people wont understand, they are not even worthy of being called humans)

Asad spoke up enraged pulling Zoya closer to him.

"Asad beta tum? Tum yaaha kese? Beta choddo iss ladki ko, ye ladki-"

(Asad you? how come you here? Son, leave this girl, this girl-)

Gaffur spoke trying to make Asad understand but was cut off by him.

"Mr. Gaffur Ahmed Sidduqui, one word more, and I swear I will forget that you are my father. Zoya never took the first step, it was me who initiated this" Asad said and looked at his father enraged.

He started strolling forward along with Zoya. Zoya looked up at him with adoration and he smiled at her. But her face scrunched in horror, she screamed his name, but it was too late.

Oh Khuda...

Bata de kya lakiro me likha

Humne to humne to bus ishq hai kiya

She saw an unconscious Asad being dragged away by Gaffur's men, but she was too weak to protest, she only clutched the ring he gave her close to her heart, and then was embraced by a black world.

Asad woke up, to find himself on his bed. He clutched his head due to the throbbing headache. Gaffur entered the room to see him in that condition. As soon as Asad saw Gaffur, only one word escaped his lips, Zoya.

He got up and rushed out, but Gaffur's words stopped him.

" Asad, ek baar bhi milne ki koshish ki to tumhari mashuka nahi bachegi.."

(Asad, if you try meet her once even, your lady love wont be spared)

Gaffur announced with a smirk. Asad gave him a disbelieving look.

"Aaj tak mene socha ki shayad sudhar jaoge, lekin nahi... isliye ab agar ek kadam bhi bahar rakha to samjho Zoya khatam.., bhul jao usse.."

(Till the moment I thought you would understand, but no... so if you even stepped out of the house, remember you wont ever see her face again... forget her..)

Gaffur announced and left the room, leaving a distraught Asad behind.

On the other hand, Zoya woke up to see, her house being decorated. She saw her father entering the room with a box. He placed the box on the bed and asked her to get ready.

"Taiyaar hojao, Nikaah hai tumhara aur agar kuch bhi karne ki koshish ki to yaad rakhna Asad nahi bachega ab"

(Get ready, Its your marriage and if you tried to pull any stunt then remember Asad would be not spared now)

Farhaan announced and left the room leaving a distraught Zoya behind whose worst fears came true.

Aaj apne rango se bichdi hai ye tasveere

Hatho me kahin toot rahi hai

Mil kar do taqdeerein

She sat in front of the mirror, she was being dolled up, her hairs being curled and pinned. The beautiful diamond necklace was suffocating her. She was decked up in a beautiful red and golden bridal attire. She always wanted to look so pretty but only for her Asad. She was a bride beautiful outside but empty inside.

Shireen entered the room and all the girls ran out of the room leaving the mother daughter.

"Zoya" Shireen called out to Zoya but Zoya kept looking at her reflection. Shireen placed her hand on her shoulder

"Bhagjaiye Zoya" As soon as the words left Shireen's mouth, Zoya's head flew up to her mother's face and Shireen nodded in approval.

Zoya hugged her mother crying and thanked her. Shireen helped her to get out of the house through window and went out to engage people so that they don't register Zoya's absence soon.

Zoya ran and reached the place Asad would be. She saw him sitting by the waterfall, their secret place. He heard the voice of anklets and turned back to see her. She padded to him and hugged him crying.

"Asad chalo yaha se..." Zoya pleaded

" Par tum yaha.. tum janti hona..." Asad spoke, his voice hoarse, laden with confusion and concern.

Duniya ye jeet gayi

Dil haar gaya...

Nahi socha tha mil kar

kabhi honge juda

"Asad janti hu agar hum ek doosre se milte hai to ek doosre ko kabhi dobara nahi dekh paenge, lekin vaada kia tha ki jeenge aur marenge ek saath, aur ab to agar vapis gayi to bhi marejaenge... Please Asad chalo!!"

(Asad I am well aware that if we met each other then we wont be able to see each other ever again, but we promised that life and death will be shared, and now if we returned then too we will be killed, please Asad lets leave)

Zoya pleaded and Asad complied.

They both ran as far as they could, though she was weak but she did manage to run as fast she could. But everyone in the marriage hall were now aware of the runaway. Everyone spread out to find them.

Finally after good 40 minutes, she fell down tired. She was so tired that her head was spinning. Asad kneeled down beside her.

"Are you okay Zoya? Asad asked with a voice laced with concern

Zoya only nodded breathless but then something pricked her ears, there was a voice of ruffling.

Zoya stood up terrified, Asad was confused.

"Zoya thodi der ruk jaao.."

"nahi Asad chalo, vo log yahi hai aas paas, Asad chalo vo log  hume mardalenge!!" Zoya screamed and pulled him up, but was too late when she saw some people surrounding them. She clutched Asad's hand tightly hiding her behind him.


Oh Khuda...

Bata de kya lakiro me likha

Humne to humne to bus ishq hai kiya

The men pulled them apart and hit Asad's forehead with rod.

Zoya who was struggling in one of the goon's clutches saw this and screamed

"chodo!!! Asad!!"

But her pleas were ignored, he was being beaten and she was being slapped. A few of the men punched Asad and then took him by his collar and pushed him towards the tree, causing several cuts on the forehead.

"Asad!" her scream echoed in the dense forest. She bit the man who held her on his forearm and rushed but the man held her back and pushed her on the ground. Asad managed to free himself and looked at the man raising his leg to kick her and he held his leg pushing it back. They both were pulled up and again caged between two different groups of goons.

She felt dizzy and fell down on the ground. Feeling the clutches loosing she rushed towards Asad and hugged him, the pain shared by them. Asad freed his hands from their clutches and wrapped them around her. He saw one of them approaching with a knife and turned around causing the knife to pierce through his skin on his abdomen.

Oh Khuda...

Bata de kya lakiro me likha

Humne to humne to bus ishq hai kiya


He winced loudly and fell on his knees.

"Asad!!" she screamed but was pulled back through her hairs. The man raised the knife but she covered her face with her palms causing a cut on the back of her palms.

The rod hit both of their heads and on an instant they fell on the ground. Their eyes drooped, she pulled her hand with the ring close to her heart, seeing Asad closing his eyes. She whispered his name and fell unconscious.

The men there felt that they were treated enough and went away. The breeze and the hovering trees were the witness of the dreadful sight of two lifeless souls only their fingers entwined with each other.

After a while Asad opened his eyes and saw her lying unconscious, her whole face smeared with blood. . Gathering all the energy he can he pulled himself up and went near her. The whole make up used to hid her all the bruises of those slaps and beatings she suffered before now was nowhere to be seen. The sight made his heart wrenched. Her complete body was bruised, she looked no less than a corpse and no one can assure that she could even survive. He patted her cheeks but she didn't respond. The pain in his abdomen was increasing. He managed to pull her and scooped up her in his arms. he was able to walk only a few steps and fell down the next moment

And that's how Rashid and Dilshad found them...


The room grew silent, silent tears rolling down everyone's cheeks.. Everyone looked up to the lady whose immense courage and love for Asad made them cry. Asad looked at his lady love, with immense pain and adoration. He softly caressed her cheeks and pecked her forehead. Rashid held his lady love, even they ran away from home and got married, their situation was somewhat similar to theirs but theirs was far better than the two souls that were in front of them.

Humera had seen many cases such but each time they made her emotional. Ayaan who was standing at the door and eavesdropped complete conversation with his sister hugged his wife, thanking God for their well being and prayed for the lady that lay on the bed. Najma walked up to Asad and placed her hand on his shoulder.

"She is very strong, she will be fine, just be with her" She smiled and Asad nodded.

"I lost faith in the word parents. I felt nothing but hatred when I heard the word ever since my biological father punished my lady love. Since childhood, I craved for the love of parents, but they had no time for me, for the first time I felt loved, and it was Zoya. There were moments when I felt upset but she supported me, for me parents are my god, because I never saw almighty but I was always told ki parents are the messengers of god, because he cannot be everywhere so he made parents.

Isiliye jab mene suna ki aap ne meri aur meri jaan ki jaan bachayi, I knew that vo insan sirf mera khuda hosakta hai, isiliye mene Ammi Abbu kehne ki ijazat mangi" Asad completed softly he knew somewhere they all would be curious to know why did he addressed them as parents.

The silence was broken by the raged breathing of Zoya. Everyone's attention was now captivated by Zoya. Humera rushed forward and started doing all the check ups.

Asad held her hands and called out to her and was rewarded when she opened her eyes. Asad immediately hugged her.

She opened her eyes, they scrunched due to the light. The first face she was of him. All the moments rewind in front of her eyes. Her breathings were raged but he held her hand and bent down and hugged her. She closed her eyes feared that again someone would appear and pull them apart. After a while she calmed down and looked up at the silent spectators who were smiling. She clutched Asad's arm in fear but he assured her that they were safe and would be together forever.

Few years later...

Asad paced around the corridor, last time he waited so long was when he got his Zoya back. Zoya took time to recover, due to all the happenings she often slipped into trauma but the love showered by Asad and the whole Khan family was enough to bring her back to normal.

After 6 months, they were married in a small ceremony. Asad was named Asad Ahmed Khan, the Khans accepted him as a family member. His job practiced in New York helped him to have one. He started working as a normal employ in Rashid's company and with his hard work and determination helped him to rise to the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and she joined her dream course, Media and Communication. They also lodged a complaint against Gaffur and his men and were arrested too.

His thoughts were broken by a tug on his pants. He looked down to see Armaan, Humera and Ayaan's three year old son. He bent down to his level.

"Bade papa, Badi mumma ko kya hua? And chotu baby kab aaega?"

Armaan asked innocently waiting for his friend that Zoya would bring with her. Asad smiled and patted his cheeks. He scooped him in his arms and pulled himself up. Armaan can only relieve him in this tensed fill situation.

After a wait of one hour finally the door opened and nurse came out with a tiny life with her. Asad moved forward and saw a small life staring up at him. His eyes welled up. He gestured Dilshad to scoop her.

"Ammi aaj mei aur Zoya saath hai to sirf aap sabki vajah se, sabse pehla haq apka hai Ammi.." Asad smiled at Dilshad. Dilshad took the little bundle of joy and pulled out a little kohl from her eyes and placed it behind the infant's ear.

Armaan jumped and kept calling Asad. Asad took him in his arms and took him to the infant. Armaan was amazed at the little wonder and touched her and pulled back feared he would hurt the child.

Finally Asad took his daughter in his arms, he felt so different. A new warm feeling surged through him. He was a father now and he wanted to share his feelings with his soul mate. He entered inside the room and saw Zoya lying on the bed with her eyes closed. He walked up to her and she opened her eyes. He bent down and placed his little girl on her lap. Zoya's orbital's welled up seeing the little infant.

Asad pecked Zoya's forehead silently thanking her for this beautiful gift.

"Aahana" Zoya whispered and Asad nodded.


That's it!

Oh god!! Sooo long... Hope you like it...please do tell me how was it, it was the first time I wrote something such!

One thing, yes I won't justify what Gaffur did, but to an extent Farhan is justified. He is a father who feared losing his daughter because he was well aware of the ways of the society he lived in. however his manner wasn't justified neither the way he acted when things took turn. The scenes were not to hurt anybody's sentiment just a part of the story. I hope nobody is hurt and took this thing as a fiction. One cannot deny that these things still are a part of society. This story was my very first attempt at this genre, so please forgive me for any kind of mistake and please do point them out so I can work upon them.

Hope you liked it...please do leave your reviews...

Check out my new AsYa OS : The Vesper's Whisper

I m so happy, finally a story of mine, withthe title of COMPLETED!

Good day! Take care!




Edited by riddhi1206 - 16 May 2016 at 11:57am

The following 40 member(s) liked the above post:


suearmaniac IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 26 February 2015
Posts: 11287

Posted: 01 May 2016 at 11:14am | IP Logged
Riddhu Hug
So finally almost ek saal Baad m here to unres EmbarrassedLOL
But better late then never { I know it's very very late Star}
But you know partly m late coz tu toh apni team wali h toh I knew u won't mind if I make others happy first. But I also know that everyone has a limit of being patient and i truly m sorry coz I know u were waiting fr me on this particular one coz it is my  bday gift n I like an idiot is making an entry now Ouch
But ki kara jb busy Rahi TB toh u know n free home Bhi I hv so many pending stuffs ki bs LOL 
And Mene lazy bum wali adat Bhi aj kl seekh li h SleepyLOL so m in a mess but still Abhi I can't see u wait more so here I am Nd with my akhiyo ka waar I apologise for holding this TS at the back fr so long 

And ryt now I m missing u on this forum so much Ouch
I mean seriously ldkiii !! Angry after reading this like 
There could hv been stories going on written by u n ppl going crazy begging u fr updates on this forum...you should come and re read this TS ur self first n know that how amazingly u write. I don't know why u dheela pading or thinking ki writing wagairah B u se naa Hobe.bilkul Hobe ! Multiple times Hobe ,( Meera style) 
I just wish to see you on this forum with more write-ups Big smile
Coz u do wonders why u write Nd realize this AngryLOL

Coming to the update I have this habit of starting frm the end .
And in the end I was in tears.it was like an amazing end jaha pyar ki jeet hui and silly n rashid came as farishtey in asya ki.life Day Dreaming aur asad addressed them as parents hayeee...some bonds are just made to happen 
The song oo khuda omg Kya feel ara h yr
How could you even write that!! (Me khud itna Sundar na likh baati yr) 
Such intense...emotional...action ...saddening scenes jo like h Allah sooo beautiful.
Tremendous effort seriously ( aake padh ye kinda accha u wroteAngry
U hv a way with words yr riddhu I mean everything that u write is always beautiful chahe fir wo sad updates hi kyu naa ho [ HOTA H WOH BEAUTIFUL ... Now dnt gimme that shit ki Mai Markham maring...kyuki m known in this forum to speak my heart so m just saying n u urself know ki Kya mehnat lgi hogi ye likhne me n kesa approach rahahoga so just accept and let me appreciate ] 

But I want to do one thing ! Jitni duniya bhr ki gaaliyaan Hoti h sb directed at Farhan Nd gaffur and all those men jo ek Akeli ldki ko mil krke maar re the...when she was weak n taking advantage of her...disgusting how can a father witness his own daughter being hit by other man Angry
It drained me Nd I m just imagining how did u write this yr...that violence at home n zoya 
Being beaten fr meeting asad...that made me cry n brought a feeling of helplessness yr I dnt know shayad I was too much into it while reading or this was indeed so captivating in a manner ki esa lgta h Aap wahaaa ho...but Kuch kr nh paare ho Nd such harsh realities of life pta nh India m kaha kaha practice Hoti hongi . It's all heartbreaking.

But when they runs away poora mangalpuri essence aata h Smile
And it is just like a Barbie movies 
Prince high standard  ka n princess in love n family conditions n then they together make it thru Big smile

Teko ek Badi wali Huggies n kissy fr this brilliantly penned update Hug

And m unable to post shin Chan gifs to irk u Confused
That is kinda spoiling ur jhallofy ka mood
Also I typed this review and WHY WHY DID I ACTUALLY REFRESHED THE PG CryCry
San jo likha did gaya Nd then I tried writing again Pr Mann nh hua gussa ara tha khud Pr fr not copying the matter kyuki wo Wala comment zada accha I wrote
Still in between my Mumma k taunts I tried to post as original one as I can 
Lastly I am planning to reblog this entire TS on my blog (only to show off how amazing gifts I get on my bday LOL
Love you riddhu fr such an amazing different n ur first attempt at writing such successfully!! 
Mwuaaah Heart 

Edited by suearmaniac - 01 April 2017 at 9:43am

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Amina... Goldie

Joined: 01 April 2015
Posts: 2144

Posted: 02 May 2016 at 6:41am | IP Logged
It was Amazing Dear ...!!!
So Heart Touching ... Full Of Emotions ...!!!
And A Beautiful Ending ...!!!
Very Very Well Written ...!!!
Loved It ...!!!
muskaan17rocks Goldie

Joined: 04 September 2014
Posts: 2000

Posted: 02 May 2016 at 8:04am | IP Logged
This was amazing dear
Loved it to the core
Was extremely heart touching
How they both stood up fro their love and finally their love won against all odds
And the last part, made me smile to no end
They named their daughter ahaana
Reminded me of their first meeting
It was seriously a treat to read this flawless work
Please do write more on asya Smile
anuv6 Senior Member

Joined: 08 May 2015
Posts: 490

Posted: 02 May 2016 at 8:23am | IP Logged
It was Amazing  ...
So Heart Touching and Warming part ... rula diya mujhe
Very Very Well Written ...
Loved It ...

Full Of Emotions ...
And A Beautiful Ending ... perfect.

sasir IF-Rockerz

Joined: 18 March 2013
Posts: 7047

Posted: 02 May 2016 at 11:51am | IP Logged
Heart wrenching..
Poor asya..
Yes these things happens in some places...
Feeling bad for them..u really done Justice..
Thank u
anopama IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 September 2013
Posts: 6950

Posted: 02 May 2016 at 9:43pm | IP Logged
Finally Aahana 
Inner happiness is found 
After such and emotional roller coaster ride of Asya 
Was a tough journey they had in the finally part of getting together and staying together 
Asad fought her with her for them to be together 
Then she fought the society for him and her 
And him being by her side always 
Life or death 
Fathers like gaffur and farhan can never be condone 
When they care more of the society than their own children 
Love it 
They got their happily ever after .
angel_juhi04 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 September 2011
Posts: 21611

Posted: 02 May 2016 at 10:17pm | IP Logged
Awesome Story DearClapSmile
AsYa's love story was so cute
Its very less stories where Asad is so cool
I think u are d 1st to make Gaffur as Asad's fatherLOL
Tune Shirin ko Farhan ki biwi banayaROFL
Gaffur gives me negative vibes
Kya faayda bete ko US me padhaakar jab soch itna ghatiya ho?
Zoya decided to end d relationship due to fearCry

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