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*New* AsYa TS : The Ties Of Heartbeatsl completed l Last part pg13

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Hello mello!! Honestly I was going to post it yesterday but the curfew led to the cutting of internet services for a day, infact it was an os but it got really long so I felt dividing it in two parts!!

This one is for my teddy bear, meri Surbhi di, the birthday girl (Both the songs are from Armaan and Amaal) and for the other birthday girl too, shailu di!Its also for my rasmalai, who is now an IF graphic designer...wuhu cheers...

And a speciall thanks to my Aishu di,, and please people tell her to be here, she is again gonna disappear.

And lastly to all those who made my day special by their beautiful comments on earlier OS, The Beautiful Stranger...thank you so much!!

Baapre! Itni badi thank you speech!!

 Hope you like it!! Happy reading!

[warning : no proof read, and the banner is too good for the story]

[Banner credits : Meri Rasmalai (ImmortalLove)]

"Asad chalo!"

"Asad vo hame mardalenge, Asad please chalo!"

"chodo!! Asad!!!!!"

He jerked up with sweat beads on his forehead, her screams still echoing in his ears. He placed his hands on his ears, trying to shut her screams, filled with fright and concern, for him. His eyes flew open, his breathing hard. He registered his surroundings, the white ceiling and some monitors filled the empty spaces.

"Zoya" The name came out as a holy verse, as if his life is dependent on that name. No sooner the name escaped his lips, his heart, all the events that occurred a few moments ago rushed back to his mind. As soon as he realized his surroundings, he sprang up from the bed and rushed towards the door of his room.

The nurse who was about to enter the room, saw the room's door opening in less than a micro-second, and the man tied up with white bandages at various injured places rushing out, where, he himself was unknown to, only one name that echoed in the hospital corridor.

She kept aside the tray of tools and ran behind him. Humera who just came out from one of the rooms saw him running like some maniac calling out for "Zoya" . She rushed up to him but he was least bothered about anything.

Before he could run anymore he was held by two of the ward boys. He screamed and kicked but their grip was stronger. He was tired and was panting, most of his wounds again soaked with the red colour. Humera reached there and saw him struggling with their grips, almost drained out of all the energy, only chanting "Zoya's" name.

" hey hey suno, suno...ek baar sunlo please I promise mei apko apki Zoya se milaungi" Humera spoke trying to gain the control of the situation, trying to control him. Asad stopped and his face snapped up towards Humera as he heard her name.

Humera sighed in relief inwardly as she saw him stopped struggling and looked at her as if she was about to offer him his life, with expectancy and hope with innocence and love filled eyes only for her.

" Good! I promise mei aapke Zoya se milvaungi, vo yahi hai lekin lekin listen usne mujhse kaha ki usse bhi tum se milna hai lekin ese nahi.." Humera continued trying to gain his attention who was searching for her. She sighed at the end of the sentence and saw him looking at her with a confused look. Humera knew that right now he needs to be treated, his wounds needs to be treated.

" usne kaha hai ki vo apko ekdum acchi condition me dekhna chahti hai and see right now you are not in a condition to even walk straight. See once we will treat this, then mei apko khud usse milaungi, kya unhe acha lagega to see you in such a condition, apko dard me dekhkar kya vo khud achha mehsus karengi? Nahi na? so come once you are fine enough we will got to her, okay?"

Humera tried to console him, she knew by the end she had hit the right nerve, because the look on his face clearly told he was registering and analyzing what she is saying. The ward boys felt his body loosen up, but before he could say something, he saw black and collapsed on the floor.

He woke up, but this time his mind reminded him, that he was in hospital. His eyes flipped open, this time he registered not only the tools and devices, but a few people too. The same lady who was consoling him a few minutes back was talking to two people, probably a couple. The lady was beautiful with soft dark brown tresses and big doe eyes adorned by kohl, beside her was a man that matched up her perfection. They both looked in their fifties.

A low hiss escaped his lips, as he felt the wound on his abdomen press causing the pain to pass through his whole system, grabbing the attention of the members in the room.

Humera rushed towards him helping him in getting up and sitting comfortably. The two elderly people there he noticed had the look of concern on their faces, the lady almost breaking down. He was confused but he was brought back to his world hearing Humera's words.

"Kya naam hai apka?" Humera asked him while she checked his heartbeats and injuries.

"Asad..."  A whisper was the answer to her loud and frank question. Humera smiled and asked him further.

" Hello Asad, I am doctor Humera Ayaan Khan, ab kesa lag raha hai?" Humera smiled introducing herself, only to receive a slight nod.

"Asad ye hai Dilshad Ahmed Khan and Rashid Ahmed Khan, jo apko aur apki  Zoya ko yaha lekar aaye, aap dono inhe kisi jungle ke paas mile the, behosh aur ghayal(injured). But don't worry you both are here now, safe and sound." Humera spoke trying to ease out his situation.

"Asad, beta mujhe bataoge ki kya hua tha? Tum dono ese kyu the?"  Dilshad placed her one plam on his cheek, caressing it softly and the other one caressing his tresses.

Rashid and Humera moved forward remembering his violent reaction, feared that he may do something they do not wish to see, but were left stunned by his reaction.

No he didn't retorted back, instead he looked up at Dilshad with pure innocence, he placed his hands on her, clutching them.

" Mei sab bataunga, but please kya mei Zoya se mil sakta hu, kya mei usse dekh sakta hu?"  Asad pleaded softly, in such a helpless voice that reflected his vulnerability, with such a loss of hope, that if they denied he may close his eyes forever...

 Dilshad nodded and kissed his forehead. She helped him to get up and walk towards the room where his life resides right now. All the way to her room, he clutched Dilshad's hand, in a fear of losing or seeing something that he won't wish ever.

Humera slowly pushed the door open, only to reveal a pale soul residing on the hospital bed, with numerous tubes attached here and there, several places covered with bandage. The body looked as if it's already lifeless, but the fog that covered the oxygen mask was the witness that she was still breathing, fighting back for her life.

"Zoya" A soft whisper left his lips, immediately his grip loosened on Dilshad's hand and another body who just lost his soul taking in the sight of his lady love walked towards the bed.

Placing himself on the stool beside the bed, he took her hand in his and clutched it softly. Caressing the back of her hand, he looked towards her and finally the drop that was waiting to be fallen escaped his orbitals.

"Aap bohat acchi acting karti hai doctor, meri Zoya to bolne layak hi nahi hai" Asad chuckled, tears still rolling down his cheeks. Humera smiled and placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Don't worry Asad, apki Zoya ko kuch nahi hoga, bas aap unke saath rahiye, unhe aapse zyada taklif hui hai, isliye unhe thoda sa zyada waqt lagega. But Asad I wanted to ask you something, kya Zoya pe kabhi violence hui hai except jo abhi recently hui hai?" Humera inquired softly.

Dilshad walked up to him, and wiped away his tears. He immediately wrapped his arms around her waist and buried his head in her stomach. Dilshad kept caressing his hairs, letting him cry.

After a while Asad calmed himself and asked Dilshad and Rashid something that shocked them.

"Kya mei aap dono ko ammi abbu bulasakta hu?" Asad whispered while all the three stood shocked. Rashid came and bent in front of him.

"Bilkul Asad, agar isse tumhe khushi milti hai to ha, par kya tum hume bataoge kya hua tha Asad?" Rashid patted his cheek and asked him.

Asad nodded and smiled, walking back the memory lane, the lane of their love and their struggles.


When he saw her for the first time, he was mesmerized not only by her ethereal beauty but with her inner self. She was dressed up in a cream net anarkali, her hairs left loose and her ears adorned with long ear rings, that swayed each time, she screams and points finger on the person who dared to tease her friend. The girls there already were ready with their sandals. As soon she screamed "attack" everyone started doing so. He stood there smiling, when her gaze fell on him. She saw him smiling, that enraged her , she marched up to him and glared.

"Itni hasi kyu arahi hai janab?" She asked giving him a tight smile, folding her hands across her chest.

"Meri shakal aisi hi hai..." He replied trying to hide his smile and mirroring her gesture.

" tum jeso ki shakal mujhe bohat acche se pata hai.." she retorted.

"Really vo kese? Koi hai kya? Experienced lagti hai" he slid his hands in his pocket and bit his inner cheeks.

"dekho!" she pointed finger at him.

"dekh hi to raha hu..." he teased further.

"uuhhh...mera matlab hai suno..." she warned him

" don't worry I can see and hear at the same time" he answered her.

"agar apni jaan bachana chahte ho to bhag jao yaha se, varna tumhari halat bhi uss aadmi jesi hogi" she glared and pointed to the man that now was beaten black and blue from top to bottom. She gave him one last glare and walked away with her friends, giving him one last look.

"ye khwab hai kya hakeekat, Asad, one and only Asad kisi ladki ke saath baat karrahe the, vo bhi itne cheesy way me...woah.." his friends hooted behind him, while he ruffled his hairs, looking at her retreating back.

Asad returned from New York, a few days ago after completing his education and job for two years. His father Gaffur Sidduqui was one of the most influential man of the town. He was one rich man who probably owned the whole town. He was strict with his principals, he was cultured and followed the old traditions.

On the other hand, Zoya was the daughter of Farhan Qureshi, a middle class man, who like all others followed Gaffur and his traditions blindly.

Gaffur was searching for a perfect bride whose family would not only match his standards but his traditions too, least aware, that his son already lost his heart somewhere Gaffur would never approve of.


The next meeting was when she was returning with her friends from some movie show and bumped into him. They both were shocked to see each other, and Zoya again started fighting, his image from their previous encounter plastered in her mind, but Asad kept teasing her until they saw few kids playing around and probably some drunk person dashing his car at a really high speed. Before anything could be comprehended Asad pulled all the kids to side, before the damage is done.

The kids were frightened but Asad consoled them and they left thanking him. He rubbed his pants and got up to see Zoya smiling at him.

"kya hua? Ese kyu dekh rahi hai?" Asad inquired amused that she was smiling at him.

" dekh rahi hu aap itne bure bhi nahi hai" she smiled and he walked off as his friends called out to him.

"Hey, tumlogo ko pata hai kya, ye kaun hai?" Zoya asked, suddenly wanting to know about him.

"Are ye Gaffur Sidduqui ka ek lauta beta hai, abhi abhi New York se vapis aya hai.." Her friends informed her and she nodded.


As he entered the dargah, he saw her sitting with her hands up in the air, praying to the almighty. He was once again left enchanted by her beauty and soul. She looked angelic and he prayed that she always be so, happy and innocent. She opened her eyes and saw he was sitting in front of her, praying just like her. She smiled and got up moving out.  She moved out and started helping to offer food to the poor people outside the dargah. As she was doing so, she felt his presence beside her and saw him mirroring her gesture.

"Aap mujhe follow karrahi hai?" Asad teased as they both bent and placed the food content in the plates.

"Mei kyu aapko follow karungi, shakal dekhi hai apni, sadko pe to kya , mei apko insta aur twitter pe bhi follow nahi karungi" She ended joking.

"Really itna bura dikhta hu? I don't think so... sachme kya, should I start grooming myself?" Asad said suddenly conscious of himself.

"Aap bhi? Aap bhi itne conscious hojate hai looks ko lekar?" she started laughing and moved ahead to keep the vessels back.

"nahi nahi generally I don't but definitely ab aap keh rahi hai to...apka hukum sar ankho pe" he bowed down in front of her and she laughed clutching her stomach and he looked at her, for these smiles he could anything. Without his knowledge a smile dared to crept up his lips.


(Song : Bol Do Na Zara

Movie : Azhar)

Itni Mohabbat karo na

Main doob na jaaon Kahin

She moved ahead laughing but stopped in her tracks when she felt a tug at her duppata. She turned back to see him. She gave him a confused look when he shrugged and raised his hand showing that the end of her duppatta was stuck in his watch. She giggled and moved forward untangling it. She moved forward and then turned back  smiling

"Yahi rukne ka irada hai ya chalenge bhi.." She smiled and he jumped in excitement while she shook her head.

They were walking with Zoya looking straight and he kept stealing some glances.


Waapis kinaare pe aana

Main Bhool na jaau kahin

 "Vese aapne apna naam nahi bataya..." He tried initiating conversation and she smiled.

"Aap khud hi pata lagalijiye..." She chuckled teasingly.

"No worries, I will do that, but till then aapko kya bulaya jaaye..." Asad replied teasing equally.

"How come I know?" Zoya raised her eyebrows while Asad pretend thinking, tapping his index finger on his chin.

"Aahana..." Asad finally said looking at her intently...

"Aahana? Ye kese?" Zoya asked curious to know.

"Aap khud hi pata lijiye..." Asad teased and she stomped her feet.

Dekha jabse chehra tera

Main to hafto se soya nahi

He smiled looking towards the window, his mind occupied by the lady of his dreams, his Aahana. He smiled remembering her response today. He didn't know what was happening to him, only his heart wanted to befriend hers. He wanted to be friends with her, not more not less. He loved seeing her, her smiles, her eyes, her voice shone in his dreams. He smiled, lying back on the bed, letting the sleep engulf him.

Bol do na zara

dil me jo hai chupa

Main kisi se kahunga nahi

Zoya smiled feeling the soft hands of her mother caressing her hairs when suddenly she asked her mother something

"Ammi, Aahana matlab?"

"Aahana, ye to bohat hi pyaara naam hai... janti ho iska matlab hota hai pari ya fir vo insane jo sabke dil me basa ho jiska zikr hi sabko andhrooni khushi(inner happiness) se bhar de.. jese aap" Shireen smiled and hugged her daughter close.

Zoya hugged her mother but her thoughts were occupied by someone else. Unknown to her, she felt her lips shaping into a huge smile

Bol do na zara

dil me jo hai chupa

Main kisi se kahunga nahi

Main kisi se kahunga nahi

"Aahana!!" She heard him calling and she turned back to see him smiling at her. She stood there, smiling at the name he gave her. She felt someone tapping her shoulder and looked up to see him raising his eyebrows. She looked here and there when suddenly a thought pricked her mind.

"Mujhe aapse koi baat nahi karni!" Zoya huffed and turned around, biting her lips to control her smile.

"Kyu? Kya hua?" Asad asked tensed not knowing where he went wrong.

"Aapne mujhe ye naam kyu diya, ye Aahana kisliye?" She asked curiously but hid her curiosity behind her angry demeanor. He smiled looking at her

"Oh to aapko matlab pata laggaya, mujhe laga tha aap intelligent hai... par intelligent se zyada curious hai ye nahi pata tha..." Asad whispered the last part stunning her.

He smiled and flicked her nose with his finger and looked ahead.

"Fine phir aapne ye naam mujhe kyu diya?" Zoya asked surrendering.

"Because mujhe laga ye naam apke liye hai, bas, ab kyu, iss baat se main khud anjaan hu.."

Asad said and they started walking. Finally they reached her school where she teaches. She smiled and waved him a bye.

The school was over and she came out when her gaze caught his. She saw him playing basket ball with few of the junior students. All the students were enjoying and that was evident. He saw her looking at him and raised his brows and she shook her head denying anything. He bid everyone bye and walked towards her.

"So how was your day?" Asad initiated and the conversation was taken forward by her. They joked, they laughed and they talked.

It was his routine to play with those small kids and walk backs her to her home. Zoya didn't disclose her name but she knew his.

Finally one day Asad was waiting for her after her school and when she came out he dragged her.

"Asad batao na kaha jarahe hai..please!!" Zoya aksed him for the umpteenth time but he hushed her and finally stopping somewhere he covered her eyes.

"Asad ye kya bachpana hai, haath hatao na please" Zoya scolded him

"Shhh just wait and watch" Asad just hushed her and helped walking somewhere.

Mujhe neend aati nahi hai akele

Khwabon mei aya karo

Finally he removed his hand and she fluttered open her eyes. She rubbed her eyes, adjusting to the sudden light. He was shocked by the scenery in front of her.

The water fell through a good height, grass and huge stones surrounding the land and the water spread in a beautiful lake. Some of the butterflies flying here and there and the rest of the part was occupied by the bushes and trees. Her hands flew up to her mouth taking in the beauty. She jumped, squealed and twirled around.

"Asad ye sab?" she asked in a whisper..

"Iss jagah ke baare me koi nahi janta, mene kuch dino pehle ye jagah discover kari thi, to socha this special place for someone special..." Asad said looking at her, he knew these reactions would be haunting his dreams.

Nahi chal sakunga tumhare bina main

Mera tum sahara bano

Since that day, they often went to that waterfall, away from the world and spent time with each other. They were walking on the road, it was all silent. Asad was walking backwards in the same direction as Zoya, they were teasing and talking to each other, when he failed to notice the rock behind and stumbling he fell backward. Zoya held his hand on time preventing him to fall back but his weight was more than hers and they both fell back on the ground.

Zoya opened her eyes and looked at him, he had his eyes closed. For the first time she looked at him properly. But then she saw some blood on his forehead and instantly, as if on fire she got up. She helped him up and made him sit on the bench nearby.

Ik tumhe chahne ke alawa

Aur kuch humse hoga nahi

He looked at her, the care and concern in her eyes pulled him like a magnet to her. She removed the small handkerchief and water bottle from her purse. Drenching the cloth in water, she wiped of the blood very softly. Deep inside he knew he was falling for her, and he wanted to.

She was aware of his gaze all the while but she was busy treating the wound, it needed more attention. Once she finished she looked at him, to be pulled in those soulful deep eyes.

"Tum theek ho?" Zoya asked him, and he nodded still looking at her in a daze.

Bol do na zara

dil me jo hai chupa

Main kisi se kahunga nahi

They were sitting on the rocks and chatting about their days.

"Vese Asad mera naam pata chal gaya?" Zoya asked swaying her feet in the water.

"Umm nahi, ab tumne sabse mana kiya hai naam batane ke liye to kese pata chalega?" Asad asked shrugging his shoulder matching her sways.

"Zoya.." Zoya spoke casually

"Hmm?"Asad asked confused

"Zoya, Zoya naam hai mera..." she smiled at him.

"Zoya.." He whispered her name as if testing it but her ears caught that.

Was her name so beautiful as it sounded? She smiled at him and looked straight, trying to comprehend the feelings.

Bol do na zara

dil me jo hai chupa

Main kisi se kahunga nahi

Main kisi se kahunga nahi

Zoya smiled and thought to announce that its her birthday after two days. She was about to speak when suddenly he interrupted.

"Zoya, actually voh I am going to my aunt's place tomorrow, unki beti ka nikaah hai" Asad said and sighed. She felt dejected, why? He wasn't with her on her any of the birthdays then why was she feeling upset. She nodded slowly, and wiped the lone tear that was about to escape.

They were sitting when they heard beautiful slow song playing somewhere.

"Dance?" Asad got up and asked for her hand, before she could speak anything he pulled her up and slid his hand around her waist, pulling her closer. Her hands moved up to his shoulders, clutching them. They looked into each other's eyes, trying to get all the answers they were finding.

He captured her index finger and twirled her around, then pulling back towards him. Turning her such that her back was facing his front, he lifted her up. Putting her down, he sensed that she was lost somewhere, so he decided to loosen up the awkwardness.

He started dancing around her trying to copy the tap dance and some of the famous steps of bollywood, she laughed seeing him so and then joined him.

She was jumping when she stumbled back and fell into his arms, both looking at each other, only the soft breeze caressing their faces.

Humari kami tumko mehsoos hogi

Bhiga dengi jab baarishein

She was standing on her terrace, gazing softly outside. The weather was announcing the arrival of rain, feeling cold she turned around but was stopped by the pitter patter of the rain drops. She turned around and suddenly saw Asad, she moved forward but he then vanished into thin air. It was a complete day, he was away. Walking in the open area she twirled around, drenching herself in those silver threads, each and every moment of their times together flashing in front of her and she enjoyed it. She missed him terribly, somewhere she knew the feeling that was surfacing her heart and she was enjoying it thoroughly.

Main bhar karke laya hoon

Aankhon mei apni

Adhuri si kuch khwaishein

He was getting ready for the ceremony when he looked outside and saw the rain splashing against the window. He went and opened it letting a few drops touch and sooth his face. He remembered all their moments together and smiled.

Sitting down in the hall he saw the marriage ceremony taking place, just then he felt he saw Zoya. He turned around to see her standing in a beautiful bridal dress, walking towards him. Standing with him, she slowly whispered "Qubool Hai".

Suddenly everyone clapped around and he broke out of his trance and looked around. Realization dawned upon him, he was hallucinating, and it was all a figment of his imagination. He smiled realizing the direction his thoughts were taking place.

Rooh se chahne wale Aashiq

Baatein jismo ki karte nahi

It was her birthday today, everyone was with her. In the morning her students and teachers surprised her, her mother and father gifted her and made something special for her. In fact at the moment she was with her friends at the restaurant. She looked outside to see a couple walking hand in hand and then the boy kneeling on his left knee, handing the girl a bunch of roses, another couple dancing in the rain and then the third couple walking hand in hand. All the while she imagined him and her all the while.

After bidding her friends farewell, she moved towards her favourite place, near the waterfall.

Bol do na zara

dil me jo hai chupa

Main kisi se kahunga nahi

She was standing on the grass, all their moments playing in front of her. She was missing him and she accepted that. A lone tear cascaded down her cheeks and immediately a soft caress wiped her tears. She looked up to find him standing there, but she smiled sadly thinking it was a piece of imagination but then he didn't disappear this time. She looked at him shocked and the next instant she hugged him.

He hugged her closer, if it wasn't one of her students call to him, who played basket ball with him , he would have never known that it was her birthday today. He missed her all those moments there and he can sense her mirroring his feelings when she hugged him.

Bol do na zara

dil me jo hai chupa

Main kisi se kahunga nahi

Main kisi se kahunga nahi

A while later when they parted, her gaze fell on the small table with a cake and candle. Her smile grew wider seeing that.

"You knew?" Zoya asked and Asad shrugged. They moved towards the setting and enjoyed the old age ritual of cake cutting. A while later, he removed a gift wrapped box and handed it to her. She opened the box and found a beautiful frame of her pictures. She smiled and thanked him.

"But you were busy in those ceremonies, then?" Zoya asked confused

"Yes I was, but nothing is more important than this smile... Anything for you" Asad whispered and smiled. She looked at him stunned. Was she really as special as he made her feel? What did she do to deserve this? What was happening?

"Thank you so much Asad, for making me feel so special..."

"You are special Zoya, you are, more than any thing else the world, for me"

His confession took her by surprise and she hugged him.

"I love her" His heart whispered

"I love him"  Her heart replied.

They stood there embracing each other, finding solace...


They met, they talk, they laughed and  they did  realized they grew closer, they were heading somewhere, somewhere where only heart can lead, and mind wasn't a part. Sometimes they did realize the growing relation and where were the heading to, one ignored and one smiled.

However Asad was the first one to realize and accept his feeling while on the other hand, Zoya was smiling a lot more, registering all the changes she felt and she was happy, she was accepting the things. She always wanted to feel this and she was sure about Asad.

" Zoya I want to talk to you about something...hey no, so formal, okay one more try..."

"Zoya I wanted to say that yes just like fork and knife, we are poles apart, I mean we are so different so so much...hey propose karna hai personification nahi samjhana...focus focus Asad..."

Asad stood in front of his mirror, practicing what he wanted to say but failed each time, not finding any appropriate way to speak. Finally after an hour he decided, whatever happens will be there and then, it won't be planned just like this, his falling in love with her.

Zoya on the other hand smiled thinking about the progress, she was ready to accept her feelings for him but she was hesitant to take the first step. She was busy in her own world, but the message on her phone brought her back to the earth.

"Zoya, can we meet? I mean I wanted to tell you something really important, meet me near the waterfall at 5 today!"

It was Asad's message, she smiled hoping that something important' would be the same what she expected.

It was 4:30 pm, she descended down the stairs, looking ethereal in a beautiful red colour dress, his favourite. But something pricked her ears.

"Yeh aaj kal ke bacche, esa hi hona chahiye tha unke saath. Are jab pata tha ki ye sab galat aur khaas taur se yaha fir bhi milte the, bina kisi rishte ke, bade aaye mohabbat farmane... yahi hashr hona tha, jitni jaldi unke maa-baap iss baat ko manle utna behtar hoga..."

" Ye to hona hi tha, mene suna hai ladki ke abbu kaafi ameer the aur ladke ke walid chote se khet me kaam karte hai... Par ji hua kya un dono ka?"

" Kuch nahi, hona kya tha... buri tarike se zakhmi hogaye hai, allah jaane bachenge bhi ya nahi...are ek baar nahi kitni baar kaha tha unhe na kare par fir bhi... chodo ab khana laga do..."

Zoya took a step back, her hands flew up to cover her mouth, trying to muffle the sob that was about to escape. She ran back to her room and threw her purse on the bed. Leaning against the door, she placed her palm on her chest, trying to regulate the organ that was skipping beat every second. She slid down the door crying.

What was she thinking? She was so very well aware of the traditions and ideology then how can she think such way, knowing that Asad was someone, completely different from her and her family in all the terms she can name, only he was a human probably mirroring the same emotions she had. She knew all the limitations, then why did she allow her heart to have those feelings which can be only for the one in the limitations. But has heart ever done things planned or is fate ever controlled by us.

She wiped her tears, no she cannot do this, she cannot risk his and her family's life. She knew Gaffur Ahmed Sidduqui would go to any extent to save his pride and respect in the society even If destroys his own child's life. She was well aware that Asad was sent to New York at a very early age, thus there was no special attachment due to the distance and Gaffur's nature was a cherry on the cake. All that mattered to him was his pride, respect and money.

She stood up with a determination, that she will end this whole thing here and now, she won't meet him, she cannot and she will not. She saw her phone buzzing. Picking it up, it displayed Asad's name and his photograph which she took in one of the previous encounters. She touched the red circle and ended the call, placing it on the table.

It was 8 pm and he still sat there, with a hope that she would come, he glanced at the ring in his hand, the one he planned to give. He tried numerous times her number but every time it was cut from the other side. He knew something was terribly wrong but he waited.

She knew he would be still there but she was bound by her own limitations, some things that she needs to do if she wishes for their well being. She sat in her room, several times her mother called out to her for lunch and dinner but each time she denied leaving her parents worried.

He was still there when he decided to leave. Dejected he got up and went towards his home, he knew something was wrong, very wrong and he will see to it. He avoided dinner which went unnoticed by his parents, thinking he might had something with his friends. Sleep was far away from both of them, they kept looking at the sky trying to calm themselves, eliciting courage and confidence to walk on the path they have chosen for them.


So here it is, the first instalment and for those who made it till here, and want to read ahead, well I can say that the whole TS is written only your reviews are awaited. And yes, the next one would be a treat for the fans of mangalpur track. Hope you all liked it.

It was my very very first attempt at writing something such, in fact the next update contains a lot of sad and intense emotions, but I promise it's a happpy ending for sure.

Please do leave your reviews here and hit the like button.

I really need to know how was it, even if you want to throw tomatoes and onions you can, uff cheeze mehengi horahi hai na!!

Take care, good day!!


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The following 46 member(s) liked the above post:


mummyoftwo Groupbie

Joined: 15 October 2013
Posts: 165

Posted: 19 April 2016 at 1:57pm | IP Logged
Very nice story!
Waiting for the next update.

Beautifully written!!

The following 1 member(s) liked the above post:


fariaflower Groupbie

Joined: 24 December 2015
Posts: 140

Posted: 19 April 2016 at 3:44pm | IP Logged
That was very beautiful! I loved it Smile Heart

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sapnaf52 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 01 April 2016
Posts: 2708

Posted: 19 April 2016 at 7:06pm | IP Logged
Awesome starting ,
waiting for next

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shweta_yadav IF-Rockerz

Joined: 29 June 2012
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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 7:41pm | IP Logged
Superb ..nice one ..continue soon

The following 1 member(s) liked the above post:


muskaan17rocks Goldie

Joined: 04 September 2014
Posts: 2000

Posted: 19 April 2016 at 8:12pm | IP Logged
It was beautiful dear
Loved reading it to the core
Their first meeting to the progression of their love was beautifully described 
Wonder how they reach the hospital in such a critical situation 
Seems like it has to do something with asad's father
Looking forward to know what happens next
Please continue soon
Will be waiting impatiently Smile

The following 1 member(s) liked the above post:


Devakshilover IF-Rockerz

Joined: 11 January 2014
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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 10:06pm | IP Logged
it's really beautiful and full of emotions would love to read more

The following 1 member(s) liked the above post:


MysticRiver IF-Addictz

Joined: 16 October 2004
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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 11:38pm | IP Logged
well written...Clap

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