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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 9:42am | IP Logged
Hola frnds...we had a beautiful epi 2dy...agra preparing for jo's arrival and d palace looks no less than a bride Wink and we had akdha's desperation eagerness to see each other meet each other speak out their feelings a lot lot more to tell complain and forgive... Tongue and finally d love birds unite when jo reaches agra palace... Wink

jalal is restlessly pacing when a soldier comes and give him info about jo and he in happiness gives that soldier his necklace... Big smile jallu self talks of how desperate was he to meet her and speak to her and couldn't wait more... Tongue

all d begums r talking about jo and her stubbornness that 1st she only refused to come back when jalal had gone to take her and now she only was ready to come back... Big smile ruksar begum tells nazima that love was such that it made to do everything and it was for d 1st time in d history that an emperor had been to his begum's home to get her back asking for forgiveness and this showed her imp for jallu... Tongue

jalal is pacing when ruku sees him and thinks that d one who had left him he was waiting for her but d one who was with him since childhood he wasn't bothered about her...Wacko she asks him what was he doing to which he tells her that he was waiting for jo... Wink she tells him that just by waiting eagerly she wont reach soon but he tells her that he was helpless coz of his heart as he couldn't do anything neither sleep nor sit as its only aim was to meet jo... Wink meanwhile 1 soldier comes and informs him that jo was nearing agra and would reach agra next day aftn to which jallu is all glowing and gives hi md ring... Wink ruku leaves saying she had work to do...Geek

ruku instructs d bandhis to prepare for jo'a welcome as she would b welcomed in Rajput style... Big smile also she orders to cook food of jo's fav... Big smile

MA comes to instigate ruku... Confused she tells ruku that d one who had tried to snatch her place 2dy she was preparing for her welcome... Confused ruku tells her that her position was always safe and no needed to worry about...Geek but MA asks her that in that case she should tell that she was scared of jo but ruku refuses and leaves...Geek

jo's caravan reaches where MS was waiting for them... Big smile he welcomes his uncles and takes blessings from them meanwhile jo comes out of her palki and asks MS how come he was here to which he replies that jalal had told him to escort them form here to agra... Big smile for now they should rest... Big smile

resham comes and tells MA that d palace was decorated as if there was id celebrations going... Confused meanwhile adham comes and fumes in anger saying jalal had made all d imp officials for d welcoming of jo and he had given all d major posts to d hindus...Geek maham tells him to break d most trusted and loyal ppl of jalal creating a barrier btw them and d most dangerous person for them was atgah he should b targeted 1st...Geek hmmm both mother and son r fools if atgah gone adham will loose his life and so does mahamGeekSilly

jo asks MS y was he here and how was jalal? Wink maan tells her that he was here to escort her and he was glowing now after knowing that she was coming to agra but before that he was all dull... Tongue also he adds that he was about to come but he is supervising all d preps for her welcoming... Wink we have jo blushing LOL Wink

jalal gets d news of jo being arrived in MS's camp...and he is on cloud nine and gives d solider a ring... LOL bus jallu enuf of giving d jewelry pta chale u dont have any jewelry left to wear and instead of looking like an emperor u will look like a pauper... LOL

jo asks maan whether jalu had given any message to her but he tells her that his eyes spoke a lot but he dint speak anything to him may b he wanted to speak to her... LOL Wink and jo tells him that she wanted to reach agra asap as she missed SB HB Rahim and she had did a big mistake of being stubborn and not retuning back... Big smile he assures her of reaching soon and wishes good night... Wink jo recalls maan's words of how jallu was dull before but was happy after knowing that she was coming to agra... Winkall d while we have her blushing Wink

SB comes to meet jallu and tells him that she was thinking that after knowing about jo nearing agra his heart would b at peace but here he was restless... LOL he tells her that he was eagerly waiting for her when she would reach agra and meet her... Big smile he asks her since she was a woman she would know better and asks her how should he deal with jo when he meets her what he should speak to her asks her etc... LOL jallu toh gaya kaam se...ROFL payal ur song suggestion for jallu is perfect me majnu majnu chiloanga kurta faad ke...ROFL anyways jokes apart SB assures him that love doesn't need words to speak as it manages everything by default... Winkbtw I recalled a song seeing jallu's restlessness LOL and its mujhe neend nahi aaye mujhe chain nahi aaye koi jaaye jaake dhund ke laaye najane kaha dil kho gaya LOLWink

jo in her khema has a telepathic talk with jallu Wink she talks that she was sure that till she doesn't reach agra he won't get sleep and there jallu speaks that his sleep had gone to her khema... LOL Wink he asks forgiveness thru telepathy and she tells him that he had done enuf of regretting she was only fool of not listening to him coz of her attitude... Big smile both r lost in each other... Tongue

finally d wait is over and we have d love birds finally uniting after ages... Tongue its next day and all a agra wasis r at d entrance of d gate to welcome jo... Wink jo arrives with her brothers and maan and we Rahim going to her kisses her and she too reciprocates to him meanwhile HB SB comes and she takes blessings of HB... Big smile but her eyes r searching someone spl and that's her jalal... Wink finally she gets a chance to see him and both share eye lock... Tongue totally lost in each other d happiness d peace and serenity clearly visible on their faces... Tongue after ages they were meeting... Tongue

waiting... Big smile

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sharmacatty IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 9:45am | IP Logged

Star It was a beautiful EpisodeStar

Episode started with jallu's happy face which automatically brought a broad smile on my face too.Big smile

Loved  Ruksaar's  answer to nazima that if u understand this thing, then today you would have been at jodha's place.LOL

Though rukaiya knew that jalal was waiting for jo,still his answer, "Jodha begum ka intezaar", hurt her.Broken Heart

"Lekin Kya kare iss DIL par hamara zor nahe h.."

"Naa kisi se baat karne ka man kar raha h na araam karne ka man kar raha h.."

"Agra hamare DIL me sirf Ek tamanna h to wo h ki jald se jald jodha begum ka Deedar ho"


This was the same man who in his entire life imperiously stated that he doesn't have a Heart. but today he doesn't have any control on his HEART.Star

And I am loving this lovely shehenshah.Heart

"hamari khushi apki khushi se alag nahi thi jalal.."Ouch

Ohk, just for a flick of second I felt bad for ruks today. But I don't want to write in detail about this right now.

Adham was right!! "Jalal pagal ho gaya h"LOL

Jo was so happy to know about preparations that jalal was doing for her welcome and maan singh was Smile

Salima and jalal's scene was so lovely.StarStarStar Jalal looked so cute in this scene.Day DreamingDay Dreaming

I loved dialogues of salima and jalalStarStarStar

"Kyunki  Kal na kewal Agra men balki apki aur jodha begum ki zindagi me bhi ek naye Zindagi ka sooraj damkega"

 How true!!Day Dreaming

"Kal jab hum jodha begum se mukhatib honge to uss samay  hume  kya karna chahiye"

Rt was looking so cute while saying this.LOL

"Humne aajtak zameen ki bahut ladaia ladi h.. lekin yeh pehli baar Dil ka mamla h.. hume zara bhi andaaja  nahi ki hume kya karna chahiye.. Hum bahut anari h iss mamle me"

His fine dialogue delievery always makes the scene more enchanting Smile

" Apko kuch kehne ki jarurat nahi h shehenshah kyunki mohabbat ki apni ek jubaan hoti h jo bezubaan hote hue bhi sab keh jati h.."

"Aap jante h mohabbat me jab Do Dil judte h to bina kuch kahe aapas me baten karteh.. ek dusre ki baten sunte h.. ek dusre ki baten samajhte h.. aur hume pura yakken h ki apke aur jodha begum k sath aisa he hoga"


"Aap aram farmayen salima begum kyunki hume kaha neend aane wali h"Big smile

 No need to say how I like Akdha scene when both were thinking about each other.

"Kal bhor hote he sab thik hojayega.. Hum apke paas honge"

"aapka sath paake ab sakoon aayega jodha begum.."

 I still remember, during those days  our excitement was no less than our jo-ja but frankly my excitement is still the same , though I have watched the epsiode many times but still.. that is the charm of our akdhaStarStarStar

In aankhon me tum zabse ho gaye gum

Sara jahaan tera chehra..

Preet ka ye rang.. Ab tere sang..

Aur bhi ho gaya gehra..

Ishq h  wo ehsaas

Ishq h wo zazbaat

Badal de ye duniya

Badal de ye halaat

 Ohk so the much awaiting scene is here, Finally.WinkSmile

The ambience was so delightful and loved the scene really. Jo was enthralled to see all preparations, that he did For Her Welcome and a soft smile was playing on her lips all the while. But her eyes were searching around for her shehenshah, oblivious of those happy eyes who were watching her keenly. He couldn't help but smiled and smiled broadly when she entered the palace.Big smile

The moment her eyes met his, a blend of emotions  erupted inside her. With  impassioned eyes she gave a faint smile, which reached her eyes and he gave a broad smile in return with a blink.Heart

All the while I was Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Such a Lovely gesture.HeartHeartStar

And I was smiling and smiling broadly,leaving my all work and tensions for these 20 mins.


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-Felicity- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 9:45am | IP Logged

Thanks for the beautiful analysis, Harshu di! Star

We had an amazing episode today. AkDha's smile was ever-present on their faces, and the same was with me. EmbarrassedBig smileLOL

Before I get into the main episode, why was Jallu so keen on giving away the very few accessories he was left with? Angry Apna budget dekh kar daan karna chahiye. ROFL

I'll start with the MS-Jodha scene, I started watching from here only. Loved this entire scene. Embarrassed And Jo is practically all red throughout. EmbarrassedEmbarrassedLOL And seems like Maan Singh has also learnt all these eye talks living with AkDha. WinkLOL 
Loved it when MS tells about Jalal to Jo, and she is all red thinking about him, and we have the lovely Ishq hai woh ehsaas BGM. Day Dreaming

Jalal-Salima Begum scene was lovely. Hayye...Itta sharma rha tha Jalal! EmbarrassedLOL But he looked really cute blushing so a cute, innocent kid. Embarrassed The glow of love was so evident, and the smile never vanishing! Big smile Nazar na lage inn dono ko! EmbarrassedLOL Waise we know ki kitni buri buri nazrein hai mere AkDha par witches ki! Dead

Salima Begum has such a pleasant screen presence, she makes the atmosphere seem happy. Big smile Loved her dialogues in this scene. Especially, " Mohabbat ki apni ek alag hi zubaan hoti hai..." Heart

Well, I suppose AkDha have been using this very same zubaan since long, long back. There have been times when only their eyes have spoke, and their hearts have heard. Heart

The next scene is truly symbolic of love in the air. Heart They are communicating through that very special language of love, the one that SB just mentioned to Jalal. That's why I believe she doesn't need to tell Jalal about that, both JJ very well know how to talk without words. 

The moon is, once again, playing the silent cupid, helping our two hopelessly-in-love love birds to communicate.EmbarrassedStar The moon has since ages, been taken as the official cupid and love messenger. Here we have just another example of the same. EmbarrassedLOL

And what to say about the last scene! EmbarrassedStar AkDha have spoken so many times through eyes, in fact they practically do so all the time, but still, this scene is special. 

The eagerness of meeting her love, and the pain of separation, both so well depicted in two mere eyes! Heart Kudos to Paridhi for this. Clap

Jalal's face is a bit calmer here... for he is not only Jalal the love here, but also Shehenshah Jalal...and hence has a control on his expressions.Big smile

Will write more on it when the entire scene comes tomorrow. Big smile

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ayushimehra IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 9:47am | IP Logged

Thanks Harshu, Today again which episode we going to getting, That, will place Many, Hearts, including me,  whole life memorable. Or sure, Many of us getting Goose+Bumps.

Yesterday we saw, Jalal happiness, Which , seeing All his voice, or doings,  When life we get Amaging Movements, Priceless movements,...we Live that movements fully Open Andaz,...

A, Is jalal feel in life, these type of happiness +movements before, NO, so its Heart miracle if Heart learn us, Feel Sadness,...He also  learns Feel happinessThat movements,...Which only who can feel , Who have Heart this Earth,... you Can,t enjoy through Mind some Feelings, Happiness, so necessary element living life, is Heart,...or jalal got this, Now he is flying like Bird, Open sky, or enjoying little little movements of life.

When we waiting for someone, we again again see Watch, Maindoor, we walk, right, Left, Haa Haa same doing jalal , we feel  today time,  behaving like slow+motion, 

Time +Heart  gives company eachother,...or both are fast, No stops. So jalal vibes or heart, beat increasing, or tough for him wait for jodha, he wants  waiting time will finish, or when he will see face of own beloved,...Jodha.

So When he gets Jodha reached here, or fine, He gives, front person,...Like pearls, etc,...He unable to hide, his Happiness +smile,,...Jalal everything , Extreame, Angery peack height, or now reversing, Full happy,...He knowing how to live life.

Episode was,  Clap Clap  Clap    Clap no words can describe. totaly  Heart-Level, ...  episode.


yesterday, only oneness, & sileance speaked.totaly  Time-Less episode.


 1 jalal, was waiting Jodhu, How cute he was looking. , suppose heaven see,  Phirshity

waiting For APSARA;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;yes they are not less of PHIRSHITY& APSARA.  

people are getting  MOTI IN PRIZES, HOW beautiful movement was that.?only feeling coming,Heart


Kuch naa Kaho, kuchh BHEE  NAA  KAHO      Day Dreaming  

 2, Jalal others begums were talking, about jodha, or forgetting name, but like word, Love +self respect,...Both  precious things, or not Get, in market, Earns from Heart,..Otherwise No use.

(her one line spoke all,...Now Love will speak own language,...both understanding What is Love ?


3 Ruk +jalal talk, Jalal wants Ruk will enjoy his happiness,person when in happiness wants, some will Listen her or his talk, or company him or her.

 But Ruk showed Real face


4, Maham +Ruk talk, (Proverb fits Sonne pee suhaga ), Ruk always Hit Maham Her style, if anybody take class Maham, its Ruk, or Ruk class Maham always take. Ha  ha.

5, Ruk +maham difference, Ruk not want creation,  she will more fall,  front of jalal eyes, but Ruk this probelm, taking advice wrong people destroy her own relationship. Sure Ruk +maham fight have a difference.


6 Khema scene very attractive.


MS came to , welcome, Jodha, MS first also came with jodha respectfully, Now MS, again  Came,  or jodha will reach Agra, honourably way, By MS.;;;;;;;;;;These episode sure written, Well +Good way.

Today more no comments Negative Persons. 

Jodha confuse, What going on, Or Jodha wants to hear, How is jaal;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; MS ans, after getting your coming message

now He is FINE, jodha also feel relaxed, when she decided, coming back AGRA., jodha which expression gave, suppose, Going to all well now, Both are feeling so much,  beautiful  Movements vibration  Or . I am going to be CRAZY.  Ha ha.


(seeing jalal waiting, or he getting one by one Message jodha here, Jodha there,...sure  Horses did a Great Job,...That day,...So clap to banta hee.)Clap


Jodha giving shy, +Nazakat type expression, Which  time demand, See difference first jodha, To the front , Ques +Ans,...But now coming her inner female, qualites, Shyness, nervousness, Face expressions,...because now she coming as begum,so naturally difference came, first coming or this time coming.


Jalal Heart+Beat increasing more more,  Or SB notcing this, SB knowing Jalal feeling What?

Or SB light, smiling saying all.

Liked SB words, seeing which enemies tremble, King feeling nervousness.


Salima & jalal talks;


Amazing, only HEART TO HEART talks. Salima words were, LOVE has its own language

what can ,anyone say, Love  finds his own way, Everyone way is beautiful.Because, MANZIL is also so beautiful;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;, but yes, some people feels it, but beautifuly shown .

Jalal has lost his sleep;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;OH jalal,oh jalal  Embarrassed    you are Losting

when anyone lost HIS LOVE, that impossible Movement,       


recalling this;


Aankhen Bhi Hoti Hai Dil Ki Zubaan

Aankhen Bhi Hoti Hai Dil Ki Zubaan

Bin Bole Kardeti Hai Halat Yeh Pal Mein Bayan

Aankhen Bhi Hoti Hai Dil Ki Zubaan

Bin Bole Kardeti Hai Halat Yeh Pal Mein Bayan

Aankhen Bhi Hoti Hai Dil Ki Zubaan

Oh My God, otherside same jodha feeling, her Bakkarari more increasing.

 Moon sceneClap

 As as time coming Reaching Agra, Jodha Time also,  still, only Waiting, when will Rise, morning, or she will soon reach Agra, or both , wants to improve own mistak


Moon always attract Lovers.  jodha standing PoSTURE, , jalal  BEKRARI posture, both are very deep feeling jone;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;How this NIGHT will FINISH.VERY LONG NIGHT for LOVERS.SIELANCE WAS speaking, that scene, only Thoughtless Scene.

totally TIME LESS    Clap   Clap    Today words are not getting.because  HOW CAN you write feelings.



Back ground music;;;;;;;;;;In Ankho mee Tumm,...How filled episode full of stars.


Which i feel, This episode, Jodha Close eyes, back+ground music, or jalal second side, Nervous Waiting jone, walking,...but Jodha was Dissolving inner which love ,  Fragrance, start to coming, or Raining her inner.


(Female Nature she feel, Love, introvert, or jodha , drowning her inner, Man, feel,extrovert

),... i trying to binding through words,...but  no words can describe this episode beauty.


Atleast Movement came which waiting Everyone; so New Dasta, Now will written in Agra.or Destiny, started to create her magic.


A, Sure jalal dress or eyes fiiling with Love,...Eyes which  love fills own inner or gives expression,...Front person sppechless,...Jalal eyes were full of emotions.



Speacial scene, Jodhu  reaches AGRA.


How, picthourid,        Warm welcome,to our jodhu,  by King jalal, yes jodha deserves this.      


jodhu comes out of, DOLI TYPE PALKI.      


(BAHARO PHOOL BARSOO MERA MAHBOOB AYA HEE, this song can describe, that movement)


How sensible was this scene.

 totaly Eyes language speaked.SORRY, LOVE, X:Y:Z, only eyes were saying.Jodhu welcomed by NEWELY BRIDE.(THIS Ocassionwas happened in so big level, its increased also jodha dignity, which wasTOUCHED;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;so how this movement Peacefully came& Peacefully happened .

Rahim, &SALIMA, HB, How they accepted jodha, suppose, which happened, that was bad dream, NOW NEW life is waiting for you.


Jodha, eyes only finding jalal;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;oh JODHA, you also so cute, you also have fallen in love, you only want;to see;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;only one ZHALAK of jalal.

& when eye contact happened;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;only feeling come," STATUE

both said eyes, to eyes everthing. Only SIELANCE came.i recalled, MUGHALYAGAM MOVIE,

when, SALIM sees first time ANARKALI.       ,


 Dress was how cooled, jalal was also standing, MANO HE ACHIEVED, ANMOL KHAZANA.

(PRICELESS movement)Big smile Fully speechless Episode desrveStar




 bahaaro phul barasaao

meraa mahabub aayaa hai - (2)
havaao raagini gaao
meraa mahabub aayaa hai - (2)

o laali phul ki mehandi lagaa in gore haatho me
utar aa ai ghataa kaajal, lagaa in pyaari aankho me
sitaaro maang bhar jaao
meraa mahabub aayaa hai - (2)

nazaaro har taraf ab taan do ik nur ki chaadar
badaa sharmilaa dilabar hai, chalaa jaaye na sharamaa kar
zaraa tum dil ko bahalaao
meraa mahabub aayaa hai - (2)

sajaai hai javaan kaliyo ne ab ye sej ulfat ki
inhe maalum thaa aaegi ik din r^itu muhabbat ki
fizaao rag bikharaao
meraa mahabub aayaa hai - (2)

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mamtasingla IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 10:06am | IP Logged
jallu is very excitedLOL

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harshu27 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 10:09am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mamtasingla

jallu is very excitedLOL

he is hyper xcited... LOL
Donjas IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 10:10am | IP Logged
Before starting my response to today's delightful episode, let me point out an interesting thing. We are rightly concerned about response to posts, but if you look at yesterday's feedback, nearly 25 likes and 8 pages of comments is a good showing for any show, especially a repeat. It seems because of exams or other work, people are taking longer to respond but they do trickle in over the course of the day.

Anyways, a good episode and you in fun mood is a deadly combination because it creates a very tasty post. Humorous and energetic, that is how I would describe it.

The episode's beginning had Jalal nervous and excited. Rajat is superb as the first time in love Emperor who is at the same time delighted and terrified at the new feelings inside him. His joy is obvious, and when an Emperor is this happy, common sense dictates that other folk join in the happiness. Today Ruqs proved that in villians, she is more astute than Maham. We have Maham who went against the tide, and openly attacked the one person whom Jalal has started caring the most.

Today the love guru responsibility was with Maan Singh. That entire scene delightful, Maan Singh giving Jodha interesting tidbits of how much her absence hurt Jalal and how her return had filled Jalal with joy. The look of delight on Jodha's face at this news was worth watching. A combo of pleasure and shynes that Paridhi aced.

Then we have the scene of both our lovebirds looking at the moon lost in romantic thoughts. Salima is there to give last minute advice on love to Jalal, the mighty warrior is nervous and uncertain.

The Jodha return scene is delightful, the ceremonies and the long lost meeting of little Rahim with his choti Ammi added emotional punch. 

A good episode and tomorrow will be better.

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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 10:11am | IP Logged

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