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MaNanTS: Man Mayal! Last Chap/PG28/27th-April-15/PmsLater (Page 7)

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Posted: 20 April 2016 at 7:59am | IP Logged
Loved ur storyline...
Waiting what'll happen after 10 year...
For sure ur this story will be also as intresting like ur other stories...
Plz post the chappy tonight only...!

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Wow.. what a concept mawara..!!! Really looking forward to read it
The storyline seems to be quite intresting.. pretty excited to read the 1st part..!!!
Update soon dear..!!!

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Pls pls update soon loved ur track

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Interesting concept
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interesting concept...
update soon...
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Intresting concept cont soon
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Thank You for All the Banners! Do appreciate the efforts guys! :)

Before you all read the following story keep three major things in mind!

1-This story has no similarity with the Pakistani drama Man Mayal. The plot is totally different. The story title means 'Attracted heart'

2-This story contains majority of Hindi and Urdu dialogues! If Any of you will face any kind of difficulty in understanding do comment below I will solve your queries and all the ambiguities!

3-Lastly and most importantly! This story is very typical with high kind of dramatical situations those whoever can't handle these kind of emotional 'sh!ts' please feel free and don't read! I won't tolerate a single bashing comment in face of 'constructive criticism'! 

PS: Sorry for being rude in last point but it's for only few people! 

I love my all loyal readers! :)

Happy Reading! 

Chapter 1

"Re bawari! Nanduuu!!" Roopa Bua shouted for Nandini as soon as she hung up the phone after talking to her Nephew..

"Aa rahi hoon Bua!" Wearing a Golden and red lehenga choli, with matching khusa shoes, hair falling off her shoulders, earrings twinkled like stars in her ears as she descended down the staircase almost running, tripping and stumbling on each step.

"Araam say aa! Gir jye ge!" Bua scolded as Nandini approached her..

"Bua! Ap khudi tou bula rahy thy! Acha sab chodo! Btaoa bulya kiun?" Nandini asked in her ever bubbly voice and Bua shook her head..

"Tera kya ho ga Nandu? Acha sun! Tery un ka phone aya tha!" Bua spoke smirking at her and her cheeks immediately turned red on the mention of her 'Un'..

"Kya keh rahy thy?" She asked lowly rolling the edge of her dupatta in her fingers and her eyes suddenly found something very interesting on the marble floor to stare at..

"Tery liye aik khushi ki khabar hai! Suny ge tou pagal ho jye ge!" Bua spoke enthusiastically and her eyes glittered with emotions with that her heart thumped in her chest beating wildly.

"Kya khabar?" She asked so lowly that Bua almost missed it while Nandini felt her throat turning dry..

"Wo wapas aa raha hai Nandu! Teri tapasya! Teri lagan! Tera intezaar! Teri muhabat ka 'sidak'(true love,it's an Urdu word) usy wapas la raha hai!" Bua spoke this time in a little emotional tone patting Nandini's head and Nandini was feeling dizzy with the immense happiness she was having..

He was coming back. After 10 long long years he was coming back. 

Memories of 10 years back came rushing in her mind. 

The way he had tied the nuptial chain around her neck!

The way he had filled her maang with red vermilion!

The way he had took seven sacred vows with her!

Though with least interest but still those moments were beautiful for her. Getting married in the age of 17 was not her plan but her father was dying. He wanted to see her in safe hands so without any hesitation he asked his best friend to accept Nandini for his 21 years old son. 

Considering it Chacha ji's last wish HE married Nandini with all rituals obediently. The same night as soon as they completed rituals and stepped down the mandap Nandini's father's condition became critical and he died. After the funeral HE came to Nandini and knocked her room door...

"Main jaanta hoon kay tum is shaadi kay liye tyaar nahi the!" HE spoke softly to a shy scared Nandini hidden behind the silk curtain. Not for once he tried to remove the hurdle between them! Not for once he tried to take a step towards her and claim the right of being her husband. 

"Tm abhi chooti! Na samajh ho! Main tmhy kise bhi baat k liye majboor bhi nahi karoon ga! Tm agr mjy jaanti ho tou tmhy pta ho ga k main London jaana chahta hai music is my life! Me apny khwb poray krna chahta hoon! Laikin...!" He stopped and didn't complete his words..

"Ap jyeye!" She said softly and the frowns he had on his forehead turned in to serious expressions. "Main ap kay khawaboon kay rastay main nahi aoan ge! Ap ko kamyab dekh kar sab say ziada khushi mjy ho ge! Main dua karoon ge kay ap kay saary khwb pooray hoon!" She was speaking all the time controlling her tears which threatened to fall off her eyes.

She knew that she held no importance in his life but she had always loved him. And now she didn't wanted to be a hurdle in his dreams...

HE was amazed by the maturity she showed by letting him go..

"Agr tm chaho tou main tmhy azaad kar skta hoon! I mean divorce!" He spoke lowly and she immediately swiped the curtains away coming face to face to him. He stared at her face which was covered with tears. The dupatta fell off her head, slipping down the shoulders and pooled on the floor but she didn't care. The mere thought of him taking his name away from her was so painful...

"Main ap kay khwboon kay rasty main nahi aoan ge! Laikin mj say apna naam mat lijye! Main ap k aagy hath joodti hoon! Main! Main ap koi haq ni mangoon ge! Kuch bhi ni!" She begged folding her hands in front of him and he was in a fix now. 

Never in his wildest dream he had imagined that he will be hooked up with a girl 4 years younger than him. Ok the age difference didn't mattered but marrying a girl with whom he had no compatibility. From the age of 12 he had lived in city hostels, apartments to seek education. His and Nandini's father were the Choudhry best friends of the village. Nandini was a total village girl and Manik was used to of the city life. He had his own dreams and won't be compromising on his dreams for a girl who was his wife now...??

"Agr main wapas he na aya tou! Kya mery naam k sharay sari zindagi guzar lo ge?" He asked her in dazed tone and she looked away..

"Ji..!" She whispered in a shattered tone and he stepped forward, bending down he picked up her dupatta. He quietly straighten it and spread it on her head. She was just crying with silent tears with head bent low. Without exchanging another word he backed off and left her in tears. Whenever he used to call she hoped that he will ask Bua and Chacha ji to talk to her but the day never came. Neither he came back nor he talked to her.

And today..! Finally he was coming back..

"Jab pichly hafty phone aya tha tou myny Navya ki shadi ka btya tha! Aj us ny bola k wo aa raha! Us k kuch dost bhi aa rahy hain gaoan dekhny aur shadi pay bhi ayen gay! Ab kay aye ga na tou tjy sath he bhejoon ge! Bohat kar liya intezar tu ny!" Bua's last line made her throat chock and she run towards her room..

"Jhali..! Sharma gai..!" She heard Bua's laughter behind and collapsed on the bed. 

Just a mere thought of him was enough for her to forget everything. God knows for how long she kept lying on the bed staring at the ceiling...


"Navya aj meri Nandu ko changa sa tyaar kar day! Manik ki nazar haty he na is say!" Bua instructed Navya chopping the vegetables and Navya chuckled. 

Today finally he was coming back along with his friends a few more hours left and Nandini was almost dying of the nervousness...


"On this trip I will surely find a gaoan ki gori!" Cabir announced putting on his shades dramatically as Manik's Prado ran on the bumpy road of the Bhatinda village making everyone chuckle..

"Yeah yeah! You and your plans!" Mukti spoke slapping his head. Dhruv and Alya laughed..

"Hey! Don't you dare to stare at any women here with bad intention! My Dad is a chaudhry of this village! Don't you dare to spoil my image!" This time Manik spoke glaring at Cabir who laughed..

"Tera image?? Don't make me laugh man!" Cabir spoke rolling on his seat breaking in the fits of laughter and Manik shook is head giving him a 'is-ka-kuch-nahi-ho-sakta' look.

"Manik! Tell us about your family??" Alya changed the topic as Manik never shared anything about his family much..

"Yeah! I have a Dad! Who is the you know the most big respectable person of this village! A bua whose husband died jin ki beti ki shadi hai and I had a Chacha ji..! Who was my Dad's best friend and he also died..!" Manik ended the family story hastily without the mention of HER..

"Oh your Chacha! Didn't he had any child?" Mukti asked and Manik gulped...

"Yeah! A daughter!" Manik spoke lowly...

"Well you don't seem excited about your chacha's daughter? That means I have a chance on her!!" Cabir was so enthusiastic about her while Manik's head snapped at him...

"Don't you dare to flirt with her!" He almost roared in anger and Cabir stared at him with a shock plastered on his face.

"Why??" He asked still recovering from the shock and all look at Manik for an answer..

"Be-because...!" He stammered...

"Because??????" All demanded...

"Because she is married!" He spitted out and all sighed..

"Tu tou aisy possessive ho raha hai jesy teri wife ho! Hahhh! Tu bhi na!" Cabir spoke smiling all the time and Manik looked away..

Cabir ka wife wala taunt had brought him HER memories. 


"Manik veer Ji!" Navya shouted happily and went running in Manik's arms...

"Kesi hai tu?" Manik asked patting her head and She smiled in response. Bua too came and hugged Manik..

"Bua ya sab mery dost hain! Dhruv! Alya! Mukti! Cabir!" Manik said pointing towards each of them and waved at Bua and Navya. 

"Baba? Kahan hain wo?" He asked to bua..

"Wo shaam main ayen gay!" Bua said smiling at them and they all sat in the lounge. 

Bua was talking to his friends and his eyes roamed at the surroundings everything was as it was as he left. 

But where was she??

"Veer ji!" Navya nudged him and he looked at her..

"Jisy ap dhoond rahy ho na wo kitchen me hai!" She whispered in his ear and he nervously looked away on the embarrassment of being caught.

Suddenly he heard the chiming sound of anklets and he snapped his head at the source only to get the most beautiful sight of the century..

Nandini was coming out of the kitchen holding a tray with lassi glasses arranged over it. 

She had grown beautiful. 

10 long years. Manik had fought with himself about having feelings for Nandini. Every time he lost...

She was still wearing the nuptial chain which he had tied in her neck 10 years back. She was still having the vermilion in her hair. She was still living with his name! For his name...

"Nandu Didi aa gye!" Navya exclaimed snapping Manik out of his dream and he inhaled her beauty. In those long 10 years there wasn't a single second when his mind wasn't aware of her thoughts.

Her pleading face...

Her teary eyes...

Her shivering lips...

All were stuck in his mind...

"Hi..!" Manik's buddies greeted her together and she smiled heartily towards them...

"Hi..! Welcome to Punjab!" Her accent was so define and mature. Each word she had spoken was a clear she didn't seem illiterate! 

"Hi..! And thank you for this warm welcome!" All exclaimed except him. Now she was distributing Lassi among them and finally she turned to Manik.. 

Her gaze was low...

The respect was still there...

Haya, sharam...

She forwarded the tray towards Manik waiting for him to pick it up but Manik's gaze was fixed on her face.

Suddenly he felt her cheeks tinted red.

"Las-lassi!" She stammered softly and he didn't knew why he was behaving like this...

"Shukria!" He spoke politely and picked up the last glass. 

As soon as he picked up the glass she turned on the heels and almost run towards the kitchen..

She was still the same..



Nandini breathed exceptionally rapid resting her hands on the kitchen slab..

He was so handsome..

Still the same...

Nandini didn't had the courage to look at his face. But she stared at his hands when she offered him the glass of Lassi. 

The signature bracelets and bands were still there. His long edgy expert fingers. Nails cleanly cut. Rado Watch in other hand...

Nandini was aware of his gaze since the time she entered the lounge...

She should avoid him...

She should...


"I will dance on that Bollywood track! That nageeena dance!" Cabir exclaimed excitedly as all sat in a semi circle on the terrace after dinner and Navya burst out in laughter...

"It's Nagin dance Cabir veer Ji!" She spoke shaking her head and now everyone else broke into laughter..

"Aray veer ji! Ap bhi dance karen gay na meri shadi pay?" Navya asked to Manik who was lost in his cell phone, looked at her and just smiled nodding his head..

"Wahhh! Kitna maza aye ga! Ap sab bhi karo gay dance aur mari Nandu did bhi karen ge! Hai na didi?" Navya was a chatter box and Manik's eyes snapped at Nandini who was already looking at him. She immediately looked away and nodded...

"That's great! We will have so much of fun!" Cabir and Mukti were hell excited. They all started talking accept Nandini. After sometime Cabir noticed her unusual silence..

"Aray Nandini! Why are you so silent? Tmhy batain karni nahi aati kya?" Cabir spoke poking her shoulder and she smiled at him..

"Aati hain..!" She said softly and he shook his head in dismay..

"Acha Nandini tell us? Kitny years huay tmhri marriage ko?" Suddenly Alya started and Nandini fidgeted with her dupatta hell nervous to answer anything while Manik's anxiety increased. We can say it was just a luck that nobody has referred Nandini as his wife in front of his friends 'yet'.

"Dus saal!" She almost whispered..

"Wow! But you look so young! Do you have kids?" Mukti asked and this time Nandini was forced to look at Manik who immediately looked away..

"No! He doesn't lives in India!" She spoke lowly...

"Oh then where does he lives?" Dhruv asked..

"Lon-london!" Nandini was on verge of crying and Manik grew inpatient..

"Ok stop it guys! This topic is making her uneasy!" Alya warned everyone as she felt Nandini's uneasiness. "It's ok if you don't want to share!" Alya said to Nandini and she got up with a jerk. She stared at Manik for a moment and tears glistened in her eyes. 

It was hurting...

"Didi! Kidar ja rahy ho?" Navya asked...

"Sony ja rahi hoon! Good night!" She spoke softly and before anyone could stop her she was already going down the stairs...

She came in her room and locked it. Tears stung in her eyes as she fell on the bed controlling herself.

Before dinner Manik had distributed the gifts to Baba, Bua and Navya..

"Veer ji! Tusi Nandu didi k liye kuch ni laye?" Navya asked worriedly and Nandini who was peeking behind the curtain felt a lump forming in her throat. 

Manik look at Nandini and for the first time Nandini too stared back..

"Am sorry! Me lana bhool gya!" He said shaking his head and she looked down immediately..

She knew it...

She already knew it that she held no importance for him but still a hope..

The hope which forced her to live for him...

She fell on the bed and cried...

Why he came back? Why..?

She was ok when he wasn't there. At least she had a 'bahana' to satisfy her heart that whenever he will come back he will come back for her. But now he was back and not for once he tried to talk to her. Not even he spared a glance at her. 

She pinched her chain and hugged a pillow...

Seeing him in front of her eyes and not able to interact or talk to him was so hurtful. 

He was always like this. She was very young when he left Haweli for studies and went to city. He had always treated her as if she never existed.

It was all her fault..

She was the one who was hoping..


Yaar day Verey aaiyan Tap Tap Galiyan
Labdi phiran main tenu malmal akhiyan

She stared at him from the balcony as he played cricket with his friends. He wasn't aware of her gaze but her eyes were glued on his handsome face. 

Why he always behaved that like he don't care? Why he always act oblivious of her presence? He always pretended as if she never existed.

It was hurting her. It was hurting her beyond compare! He was causing such a damage to her soul which was irreparable. He even avoided eye contact with her. She used to stare him but he always ignored her skillfully...

Mahi main tenu samjhawan ki
Tere naal kun laiyan akhiyan
Tere naal mein laiyan akhiyan

While playing suddenly he slipped on the slippery grass causing everyone to burst out in laughter Nandini too laughed and it chased his attention. Manik's head snapped up at her and he caught her laughing at him. Nandini's laughter came to a halt as she saw him attentive towards her and their eyes met. Manik kept staring at her still lying on the grass and she too stared at him intently. The ocean of her eyes was so deep that for an instant Manik felt himself drowning. Their heartbeats quickened almost causing their hearts to jump on their throats...

"Ooo Hero! Ab uth bhi ja!" Cabir's voice snapped them out and Nandini immediately run inside blushing profusely, leaving an embarrassed Manik alone in his friends...

Beparwah may tere ishq vich bandhiyan
Bas tera mukhra dissay baqi tay main andhian

Nandini gathered courage, once again taking a deep breath, before knocking the door of Manik's room. Bua had given her a glass of milk for Manik. She denied but bua became angry. 

Nandini's trembling hand raised and knocked the door lightly.

"Yes!" Manik's deep husky voice reached her ears and her heartbeat quickened. She turned the knob of the door and peeped in. Manik was half lying on his bed and was engrossed in some book. She slowly entered the room. Hearing the chiming sound of her anklets Manik's head snapped up.

"Wo! Bu-bua ji ny doo-doodh bheja hai!" She spoke nervously and he nodded towards his side table before resuming his activity. She stared at him for few moments as she was shocked on such rude behavior. Not for once he thanked her and tried to look at her. She quietly placed the glass on the table and again stared at his face but he wasn't looking.

"Main jaoan?" She asked lowly expecting a little answer..

"Hmm!" He just hummed nodding his head again and that was it for Nandini. She run out of the room hastily before tears could fall off her eyes. She crazily run in the corridor all the time wiping her tears..

Manik was unaware of her vulnerable state...

Mahi main tenu samjhawan ki
Tere naal kun laiyan akhiyan
Tere naal mein laiyan akhiyan

"Nandu Didi!! Barish ho rahi hai chat pay paray kapray bheeg jayen gay! Utaar lo!"Navya shouted from the lounge and Nandini who was already on roof immediately gathered all the clothes. She hastily run down the stairs to reach Navya and suddenly she tripped on the last stair twisting her ankle badly. She fell on the floor and Navya rushed to get her..

"Didi! Tuusi theek ho? Hye Rabba!! Ziada dard tou ni ho ra?" Navya panicked all the time trying to touch Nandini's ankle. Nandini was in extreme pain. "Veer ji..!!!! Manik veer ji..!" Suddenly Navya shouted for Manik and Nandini shook her head. She was about to stop her when Manik along with his friends came running. 

Manik saw her on the floor holding her anklet and his heart flipped.

"Nandini!" He panicked frantically and Nandini stared at him as it was the very first time he took her name. He run towards her and knelt in front of NavNi..

"Dekhye na veer ji! Didi gir gai!" Navya was in verge of crying over Nandini's pain.

"Tm bhi na Nandini! Kab seekho ge? Kab badi ho ge? Har wakt bachoon ki trha girti rehti ho!" Manik scolded her angrily and she stared at him in trance. 

He cared for her?? 

She was still on trance and she didn't noticed when Manik picked her up in his strong arms. Instinctively she wrapped her arms around his neck and noticed how much perfect she looked in his arms. 

Dil mein andhera hai shikwoon ka dhair hai
Teri diwani hoi tera qasoor hay

"Grow up! You have to behave sensibly! You----!" He was still scolding her as he walked towards her room but she was more interested in enjoying his warmth. She was more interested in inhaling his cologne scent. She was more interested in hiding her face in his neck. But unfortunately the ride didn't last longer as soon he reached the room and placed her on the bed. She felt so empty. 

Again broken..

Suddenly her temper rose. Manik now sat in front of her holding a balm in his head.

"Paoan aagy karo!" He ordered with authority but she hide her foot in her lehenga. Manik frowned and stared at her.

"Mjy nahi chye ap ki madad! Main khud kar loon ge!" She said softly and Manik was shocked..

"Nandini! Stop being a child!" He snapped back and she finally look at him her eyes spitting anger.

"Q? Karoon ge jo mera mann kary ga karoon ge! Pichly dus saloon me bht dafa mery pair me moach aye hai aur ap ki madad ki bina he theek hue the! Ab bhi ho jye gee! Ap jye yahan say!" She almost shouted. She too had the right to show her anger..

"Nand--!" Manik tried..

"Myny bola jyeee!" She shouted and Manik got up dejectedly. He left the room quietly..

Chote se dil nu samjhawan ki
Tere naal kun laiyan akhiyan
Tere naal mein laiyan akhiyan

As soon as he left the room Nandini fell on her pillow and her muffle cries echoed in the room.

She didn't mean it...

She not only hurt him but she had hurt herself too...

Wasn't she right? 

If he could hurt her then she will also do the same..

But the fact was...

She loved him enough to let him go..

Patta patta boota boota janay sara haal dil e janam
Main hoon manmauji piya, kaise kiya tera mann mayal

Manik came in his room and banged the door behind him.

"Mjy nahi chye ap ki madad..!" Nandini's voice echoed in his ears and he fell on the bed controlling his emotions. He opened the side table drawer and pulled out a red velvet box out of it. He opened the box and held out a gold heart pendent. He had bought it for Nandini but didn't had the courage to give her. He was in guilty. He didn't had the courage to even stare in her eyes. The longing he saw in her eyes had shook him. 

Chote se dil nu samjhawan ki
Tere naal kun laiyan akhiyan
Tere naal mein laiyan akhiyan

Nandini's tear were unstoppable. Her heart was bleeding. The person who could treat her wounded heart was...MANIK..

OHK! So am late I know. But was hooked up with studies! How was it? Typical story! But I was compelled to write something like this.! I hope you guys liked it! Do comment and hit like button! Am desperately waiting for your response cuz once again I have put my heart in this! 
Ps: won't be able to update on weekend! My nicece is coming am very excited! :)


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softysakshi Senior Member

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Posted: 21 April 2016 at 9:52am | IP Logged
So a new story!!!
The concept is awesome...
Completely melodramic...
Sometimes I love this...
*nandini ka intzaar* *saccha lyaar**
Wowww...it was good all over...
Loved the chappy to the core...
Felt like crying over Nandini's fate...
Manik's behaviour...so cold...unfair to Nandini..
Wait for reason to unfold...
Let's see how his friend come to know abr Nandini being manik's wife...
Continue soon..


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