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MaNanTS: Man Mayal! Last Chap/PG28/27th-April-15/PmsLater (Page 28)

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awesome story <3
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The Update is heartily dedicated to my badtamiz but most lovely friend taurys_hafsa love you bae and sorry for keeping you await this much! :) muah! *_-

Before you all read the following story keep three major things in mind!

1-This story has no similarity with the Pakistani drama Man Mayal. The plot is totally different..

2-This story contains majority of Hindi and Urdu dialogues! If Any of you will face any kind of difficulty in understanding do comment below I will solve your queries and all the ambiguities!

3-Lastly and most importantly! This story is very typical with high kind of dramatical situations those whoever can't handle these kind of emotional 'sh!ts' please feel free and don't read! I won't tolerate a single bashing comment in face of 'constructive criticism'! 

PS: Sorry for being rude in last point but it's for only few people! 

I love my all loyal readers! :)

Happy Reading! 

Chapter  2-(Last)

"What's going on between you and Nandini!" Cabir asked to Manik staring at the sky it was their 4th day in Punjab and Cabir was noticing the awkwardness between Manik, Nandini. The way Nandini stared at Manik when he wasn't looking. The way both steal glances! The way they both avoid each other.

Manik look at Cabir and shrugged..

"What's going on?" Manik asked lowly..

"Manik! Am not a baby to miss the way you both behave! Am your best friend! I can notice it! The longing she has in her eyes! It says all..!" Cabir snapped back..

Silence from Manik's side...

"Do you love her?" Cabir's next question...

Again silence...

"Manik you have no right to even think about her!" Cabir again coaxed Manik who was silent till now. Manik tilted his head towards Cabir and shook it..

"Only I have the right to think about her!" He spoke softly and Cabir frowned...

"What do you mean? Tu tou aisy bo raha hai jesy tu he us ka husband ho!" Cabir taunted and Manik nodded his head.

"You are right! Am her husband!" Manik exploded the bomb and Cabir got up with a jerk..

"What the hell are you talking about???? You are the loser who left her 10 years back!!!! You bas***d!" Suddenly he shouted and was about to punch Manik when he held his hand...

"I can explain..!" He defended himself..

"Explain what???? You are the one who is a loser! Tjy us ki eyes ki sadness ni dekhti?? Us k aansoo ni dekhty jinhny wo har wakt chupany ko koshish karti hai? Us k chehray ki innocence ni dekhti!? Are you not a human? Dil ni hai kya tery seeny me???????" Cabir roared again and this time he succeeded in punching Manik.

Manik fell back on the grass and Cabir climbed him slapping him once again. He was so angry on his loser friend. He could see Nandini's pain how come he wasn't aware of it inspite of the fact that she was his wife...? Didn't he feel any kind of connection with her!!!

"Cabir! Bus!" Manik pleaded after a long 'pitai' session and Cabir finally left him..

"Speak up!" Cabir roared and Manik cleaned the blood which was oozing out of the corner of his lip. 

"We married 10 years back. I was 21 years old and she was only if 17! At that time my dreams were more important for me! So I--!" Manik started and before he could end..

"So you left her all alone! Typical village thought! Manik it's 21st century! You can't hook up a girl with you like this! Chood day! Azaaad kar day! Let her live agr tu us k sath family ni banana chahta!" Cabir spoke angrily and Manik trembled..

"I had offered her the same 10 years back but she denied it! She didn't want a divorce!" He spoke lowly and Cabir smothered a sarcastic laugh...

"Aur tu mera bhoola shehzada! Smj he na paya k wo tery naam pay sari zindagi bethny k liye q tyaar the?" Cabir taunted and Manik's head bent down..

"Q?" He asked and his own voice trembled..

He knew the answer..

"Apny dil say poch khoty!" Cabir scolded him slapping his head once again..

"Cabir buddy me sharminda hoon!" Manik defended himself and Cabir gave him a glare..

"Mj say mat bool us say bool jo ya sun'na deserve karti hai! Itne tou himat hai ni tujh main kay hm sab kay samny usy accept kary! Tu loser hai Manik!" Cabir was hell angry once again and Manik laid back on the grass listening to his scolding once again..


Nandini was cutting vegetables in the kitchen when she heard sounds behind her back. She turned and saw Manik looking for something in the fridge holding his right cheek. 

Her heartbeat quickened as she registered how close she was to him.

"Kuch chye ap ko?" She spoke softly and he turned with a jerk as till now he was oblivious of her presence. Nandini immediately spotted a reddish purple mark on his cheek. "Hye Rabba!!! Ya chot kesi lagi ap ko?" She freaked out and forgetting all the shyness, anger she rushed to him. He looked down guiltily and she without any hesitation dragged him to the dining chair. She immediately took out ice from the fridge and stared at the mark on his cheek...

"Kesy hua?" She asked lowly and placed an ice cube on his cheek..

"Wo I hit with the door!" He lied expertly and she bit her lower lip.

What would he tell her? That his very own best friend punched him?

He hissed as she lightly traced the wound with ice and her lips trembled as she tried to control the tears which threatened to fall off her eyes on his pain. Manik stared at her face and felt amazed as two tears fell on her cheeks. 

She was crying on his pain...

Unintentionally Manik raised his hand and wiped the tears from her cheeks. She finally look into his eyes and BOOOM!!!!

The dam of tears spilled out and Nandini sobbed louder, confusing Manik to the core...

"Am ok! It's not hurting!" He tried to console her but he was unknown of the real reason of her tears..

The heart was aching since last 10 years...

It was holding a river of tears..

It was paining beyond compare..

She needed him..

She needed him badly but he wasn't aware of it...

She wanted a shoulder to cry on...

She wanted HIS shoulder to cry on...

Manik was about to wipe her tears again when she backed off..

"Nandini??" He tried to held her but she shook her head...

"Doar rehye mj say! Pass aye tou doar nahi kar paoan ge!" She whispered painfully and before Manik could speak further she was running out of the kitchen..

Manik scratched his head and shook his head..

He was surely in a deep sh!t...


It was Mehndi night with a great hustle bustle and chaos in Malhotra Haweli. Manik wore his navy blue kurta and was about to button it up when..

"Doar rehye mj say! Pass aye tou doar nahi kar paoan ge!" 

Nandini's echo past by him and he shuddered with that thought. It's been two days since he last converse to Nandini. Now she was avoiding him. She was avoiding him to such extent that she wasn't even coming out of her room. 

She will be his death.! Manik had thought. Finally he buttoned up his Kurta and walked out of his room skimming through his cell phone. 

"Hye rabba! Ya Nandu bhi na!" He heard Bua cursing Nandini loudly and he look at her. He went closer to her and Bua too caught his sight. Then she looked at the plate in front of her which had white and yellow flower bangles in it...

"Changa hoya Manik putar tu aa gya! Ya pholoon kay gehny day aa apni voti(wife) nu! Jaldi main Yahen bhool gai jhali kuri..!" Bua said thrusting the plate Manik's hands.

"Bua main kiun?" Manik spoke nervously looking here and there..

"Hain kiun da key matlab? Key kuriyan vari sharma riya hai? Voti(wife) hain teri! Chal ja..!" Bua spoke angrily slapping his head and Manik made a bad face. He turned to leave and Bua looked at Cabir who showed her a thumbs up..

Plan successful...


Knock knock...

Manik knocked Nandini's room door and waited for her to open..

"Aa jaye!" He heard Nandini's voice and gulped the lump nervously. 

He didn't had the courage to face her. He was ashamed of himself. He was a fool to leave her alone. He didn't had the words to say sorry for those painful 10 years. He was so busy in his life. But how did she lived without him? 

He opened the door and slowly walked inside. Nandini's back was towards him. She was wearing a very beautiful yellow and white lehnga. A fairy? Manik was clean bowled.

"Kya baat hai Navya?" Nandini asked softly as she thought it was Navya and bent down to pick up something from the ground when suddenly her eyes caught the sight of his black velvet khusa and her eyes widened. She stood up with a jerk and turned to Manik.

"A-ap?" She stammered and Manik's expression softened. 

"Haan! You forgot your bangles!" He spoke placing the plate on the table and suddenly the realization hit Nandini that she wasn't wearing her dupatta. Manik too noticed it and their eyes simultaneously traveled to the dupatta lying on her bed. Nandini nervously walked forward to pick up her dupatta but her foot tripped with the carpet below. Manik rushed to get her and as a result of that stumbling both landed on the bed with Nandini over Manik. 

Heartbeats went wild..

Eyes locked...

Brown versus molten..

Chocolate versus honey...

Ice versus fire...

The moment was dazed. Enough to make them feel dizzy. First ever in life they were so close that too like this. Never in their wildest dream they had thought that being close to each other will be so amazing. Manik's one hand traveled to grip her bare waist and Nandini's heart jumped in her throat. 

Staring in her eyes Manik slowly turned their positions and now she was under him. Manik had totally lost it even Nandini too wanted to drown in the love which was oozing out of her heart. Manik lowered over her and she titled her head a little. 

He reached her side of the neck his breath fanned her skin. Her one hand went in his hair and with other she tried to fist something her own dupatta came in her hand. She crumbled it in her hand helplessly sucking a sharp breath when she felt Manik's lips on her skin. Manik's lips traced the side of her neck and she went all breathless. Manik's one hand reached under her back and he lifted her a little up to get an access of the strings of her dress. As soon as he pulled the strings open Nandini's eyes snapped open.

It shouldn't be happening. No doubt she needed him but she won't fell weak in front of him that too like this. Her love was not only being physical...

She didn't knew from where did she got the courage and she tried to push him away...

"Ruk jaiye!" She spoke breathlessly but her tone was stern and again tried to push him snapping Manik out of the moment and making him realize what he did. He got up with a jerk and Nandini too sat up holding her dupatta near her chest. Manik look at her with the corner of his eye..

"Ma-main wo!" Manik tried to speak..

"Kuch kehny ki zarorat ni..!" She started coldly and Manik's head bent low. 

"Nan--!" He tried again but...

"Kaha na! Kuch kehny ki zorarat nahi..!" She almost yelled and Manik stared at her. "Ap kya smjhty hain khud ko? Bhagwaan ho???? Kya ap ny kbhi poocha kay Nandini tm kesi ho? Kya ap ny kbhi pocha kay Nandini tm ny ya dus saal mery bina kesy guazary? Kya ap ny kbhi ya jan'ny ki koshish ki kay Nandini tumhy meri yaad tou ni i? Nandini tmy raat me nend aa jati the? Nandini tum roi tou ni? Nandini tm bemaar tou ni hue?" She was yelling and suddenly she got up with that he too got up nervously. Her next move left him baffled as she grabbed his collars..

"Ni ni ni!!! Ap ny ni pocha ! Q k ap ko meri parwa kbhi the he ni..! Myny kuch kaha ni tou chup chaap chaly gye? Myny bola kay me reh loon ge ap k bina tou ap ny maaan liya??? Q maaan liya? Q?? Mjh pay taras ni aya ap ko? In dus saloon me aik baar bhi meri yaaad ni i?? Aik baar bhi ya yaad ni aya k apny patni ko chood k aye hain?? Ni..! Ni yad aya ap ko! Wo kya kehty hain ap ki zubaan me! 'Selfish'..! Ap aik selfish insaaan hain..! Naftrat krti hoon ap say! Naftrat!" She yelled again and finally pushed him away. 

Manik who was standing ashamed was startled too. He deserved this he truly deserved this. 

Her shouts!

Her shikway!

Her broken heart! 

He was the one who was responsible for her broken state! 

He was the one who filled the innocent heart with poison..

Though she let him go but at least he shouldn't have left her without giving any hope..

"Ap ko kya pata kitne tarpi hoon ap k liye!" Suddenly her shattered voice snapped him out of his thoughts and he look at her face which was so painful and sad.

He wanted to scream that he too had spent so many painful nights in her 'yaad' but he didn't had the courage to do that..

"Ap kya janain kay is sindoor aur magalsutra kay sahary dus saal kesy guazary myny! Kitny logon ki batain suni..! Na ap jan'na chahty hain aur na main btaoan ge! Main jaanti hoon aik baar phir ap chaly jayen gay! Apny khwabon ko pora karny!" She spoke her last words lowly and run out off the room hiding her tears.


"Baba ap ny bulaya?" Manik entered his Father's room just before the function start and saw Bua also sitting there..

"Hmm! Bulaya hum ny! Bethiye!" Baba spoke softly gesturing towards the couch and Manik quietly sat..

"Ji Baba boliye!" Manik said obediently and Baba looked at Bua nodding his head..

"Manik! Hum ny ap ko ap ka faisla jan'ny k liye bulya hai!" Baba started and Manik became nervous..

"Kesa faisla Baba?" Manik asked nervously..

"Nandini pichly dus saloon say ap kay naam pay bethi hai..! Kya ap ko nahi lagta kay ya us k sath nainsaafi hai? Ap usy bina koi umeed dilaye! Bina usy kise bandhan me bandhy! Bina us ka haq diye chaly gye! Ya tou ap usy saath lay jye! Ya phr azaaad kar dijye ta kay hum us ki shaadi kahen aur kar dain..!" Baba's straight forward words almost pierced in his heart and he stared at Baba's face. He nervously traced his tongue on his dry lips..

"Baba! Ap mjy thoda wakt dejiye! Main ap ko bta doon ga!" He spoke hastily and before giving Baba time to say anything he was out of his room...


"Nandini!" Someone called her when she was standing in the corridor adjusting the garlands around pillars and she froze on her place. She turned and saw Arayaman standing with his all time devil smile on his face.

"Key kar raha hai tu idar?" She spoke coldly when he walked her closer. 

He was a flirt. He was behind her since few years...

"Aray main tou bus yoon he! Suna hai tera ghar wala aya hua hai..! Is baari tjy hawai jahaz pay sath lay jye ga ya phr say yahen chood jye ga!" Arayaman asked sarcastically and Nandini slapped his face hard..

"Aa mera tay mery ghar waly da masla aa! Tu kon hota hai boolny wala? Apni bakwas band kar aur dafa ho ja yahan say!" She whisper yelled at him and Arayaman's eyes spitted anger. Nandini run from there and Arayaman rubbed his cheek..

"Ya thapar tjy bht mehanga pary ga Nandini! Bohat ziada!" He spoke spitting the blood on the floor...


Arayaman had scared Nandini she was running crazily to get a safe place when she collided with Cabir..

"Aray bhabi ji..! Ap theek tou hain na?" Cabir asked holding her steady and her eyes snapped at him on the mention of 'bhabi'. "I know that you are Manik's wife!" He cleared her confusion and she panicked..

"Veer ji..! Ap apny sab friends ko na btaye ga! Un ki bht insult ho ge! Wo jab behtar smjhain gay bta dain gay!" Nandini spoke holding Cabir's hand and he was amazed...

"Bhabi ji..! Manik! Ap ko us ny koi naam koi pehchaan ni di..! Phr bhi ap us ki side leti hain? Kya chahti hain ap?" Cabir asked in a dazed tone and Nandini smiled weakly..

"Main un ko chahti hoon!" She said lowly and walked away. 

Cabir shook his head dejectedly and turned to saw a shocked Manik standing. He had heard CabiNi's conversation. 

"Sun liya? Tjy chahti hai wo!" He spoke sarcastically..

"Ya tou ap usy saath lay jye! Ya phr azaaad kar dijye ta kay hum us ki shaadi kahen aur kar dain..!" Baba's voice echoed in his ear and he shuddered on even the thought of his Nandini being associated with someone else..

Wait!! What His?? 

That moment of decision came striking him..

She was his life...

She was the one for whom he was longing..

"Ap aik selfish insaaan hain..! Naftrat krti hoon ap say! Naftrat!" Her words rang in his ears once again and yes!!! 

It was done...

"Kuch boool?" Cabir shook him and he looked at him finally smiling satisfied with the decision..

"I have decided!" He spoke cheerfully..

"Hain?" Cabir exclaimed...

"Yes! I have decided that this time I won't go alone..! I will take Nandini with me!" Manik's tone was determined as well as happy...

"Wah mery Shair!!!! Finally! Am so happy!" Cabir yelled happily and pounced on Manik as a result they both landed on the floor laughing together..

"Oye khoty hat jaa!! Log humain gay samjhain lain gay Nandini aur naraaz ho jye ge mj say!" Manik laughed and laughed. While Cabir was going mad with happiness...

Finally a little peace...


She stared at him as he was busy in his cell phone as usual. 

"Didi ap bhi lagwaoa na Mehndi..!" Navya nudged her and she just nodded. 

She wanted to apply mehndi on her hands his Mehndi but she was scared what if he become angry? She spoke too much in the evening maybe. He was not glancing at her even..

Should she take his permission..? 

He was standing all alone as she walked him..

"Suniye!" She started nervously and he turned on her voice. 

He had decided already about the discussion happened with Baba. He can't let her go and now he was relaxed. He knew that she can be convinced easily so he smiled as he saw her standing near him..

"Ji khehye!" He said softly and she fidgeted with her dupatta blushing deeply also embarrassed of what she spoke to him earlier.

He was so sweet instead of me being rude he was acting so calmly. She thought...

"Wo main! Maafi mangna chahti the! Mjy wo sab ni bolna chye tha!" She said lowly and Manik shook his head..

"It's ok! Haq hai ap ka..!" He said politely and she was relieved also happy when she heard the word 'haq' was he ready to give her what she wanted? 

Don't keep your hopes high Nandu..

Actually Manik was thankful that she insulted him because of that only he was able to decide what he wanted moreover Cabir was the one who was constantly nagging him for Nandini. He made him realize that whatever he was longing for in those 10 long years was Nandini. Manik surely left her but his mind and heart were not unaware of her. Yes he didn't call her not because he didn't want to but because he felt himself in guilt. What would he talked to her? He didn't had the face to talk to her.

Now today when she insulted him and when Baba asked about the decision the only he realized that yes! Yes! Yes! She was the one whom he wanted..

'Dair aye darust aye'...

Manik stared at her as she opened her lips to say something and then closed them..

"Aur bhi kuch kehna hai ap ko?" Manik asked obediently hiding his smile and Nandini raised her head to meet his eyes before tucking it low again..

"Ji..! Kehna hai..!" She said lowly nodding her head like a scared rabbit and Manik wanted to laugh.

Where was that tigress who was shouting at him in evening..?

"Wo bhi keh dejiye?" He smirked and she gulped the lump trying to find that voice with which she was shouting at him earlier...

"Wo..! Main! Meh-mehndi! Lag-laga loon?" She asked so innocently that Manik really wanted to die on her innocence..

"Laga lijye!" Manik said softly and her cheeks were red tomato. She was so happy. Her heart went wild as she got the permission.. 

"Aur kuch?" He asked after a pause when she didn't left the place..

"Ji..!" She again nodded..

"Boliye!" He asked smiling ear to ear..

"Wo..! Agr ap ijazat dain tou! Ap ka naam bhi likhwa loon apni Mehndi main?" She asked shyly and Manik was so amazed.

For the first time they were having a friendly conversation...

"Hmm! Ap ko Ijazat aik shart pay mily ge!" Suddenly all the walls of awkwardness melted and it felt that they knew each other since eternity..

"Shart?" Her molten eyes were filled with shock..

"Ji haan! Shart!" Manik said nodding his head and she bite her lower lip..

"Kesi shart?" She asked in a confused tone and Manik walked forward. She moved backward and finally she was trapped between him and the wall...

"Ap ko hmara naam laina ho ga! Hum ap kay in haseen laboon(lips) say apna naam sun'na chahty hain..!" Manik demanded in a husky tone enough for Nandini's heart to jump in her throat.

"Ya ap k-kya bool rahy hain?" She stammered breathlessly as his one hand held hers pinning it above her head. She will surely die. Now being so close to him didn't feel wrong. What happened earlier today was good but this time what she saw in his eyes was something that took her breath away..

"Wahi jo apny suna! Dharam Patni ji..!" He whispered in her ear tugging the jhumki with his teeth and she sucked a sharp breath on the mention of 'Dharam Patni'...

"Man--..!" She was unable even to complete her single word...

"Manik..!" He whispered seductively and she was amazed with his behavior...

"Ja-jany dijye na!" She stammered badly blushing like a rose..

"Na..! Pehly hmara naam lena pady ga!" Manik spoke softly and she stared in his eyes...

Did she just see a glimpse of love? 

She shivered on that thought..

She was about to take his name when..

"Nandu! Tjy Bua bula ri hain!" She heard Arayaman's Voice and she panicked. What if Manik comes to know about Arayaman..

Manik turned on the voice and creased his eyebrows..

"Ya kon hai?" Manik asked to Nandini his tone was drenched in possessiveness. He didn't move an inch. Nandini was still trapped and one hand was still pinned with the wall by him.. 

"Aray Manik Veer ji..! Arayaman kehty hain mjy!" Arayaman was shameless..

Manik looked at Nandini and she lowered her face. Then he stared back to Arayaman who was smirking. Manik felt the evil eyes of Arayaman on his little innocent wife. 

Without caring for Arayaman's presence he leaned forward and pecked her forehead gently. Nandini felt her forehead burning with the sensation of his lips. Then he slowly left her hand and cupped her left cheek..

"Jaoa! Bua ki baat sun lo! Jaldi ana main intezaar kar raha hoon tmhra!" Manik spoke all the time caressing her cheek and she felt secured from Arayaman's predator eyes under his touch..

"Abhi aati hoon!" She finally smiled at him and he backed off slowly. She almost run from their before turning once giving him a sweet smile and he smiled back..

He never knew that he loved her so much. Just a mere threat of her being snatched from him and he was on the line.

Arayaman was constantly staring at them and Manik finally turned to him..

"Pehli aur akhri baar khabardaar kar raha hoon! Jaanta hai na kon hoon me? Doar reh meri biwi say!" Manik spoke glaring at him and Arayaman chuckled shaking his head...

"Biwi? Dus saal me tou yaad ni aya! Ab biwi ban gai?" Arayaman spoke sarcastically and Manik didn't wasted a single second in grabbing his collars...

"Ya tera masla ni hai! Apni bakwas band kar aur nikal lay yahan say warna kise ko moo dkhny k qabil ni rahy ga!" Manik whispered yelled at him and pushed him away..


"Didi..! Aisa lag raha hai jesy shadi meri nahi ap ki hai...! Zara Mehndi ka rang tou dekho!" Navya exclaimed loudly to Nandini enough to grab Manik's attention whose head snap towards her hands. It was baraat day and everyone was sitting on breakfast table..

"I have heard kay jin girls ki mehndi ka color dark ata hai un k husbands un say bohat pyaar krty hain!" Alya spoke cheerfully and Nandini shyly looked at Manik who was shaking his head playfully..

"Correct Alya! You heard it right!" Manik himself exclaimed and all laughed. Manik winked at Nandini and she run from there hiding her blush. Without coming in anyone's notice Manik too excused himself and run behind Nandini finally trapping her in an alone corridor once again..

"Mehndi achi hai..!" He said holding her hands in his. She smiled staring at his face. "Kya dekh rahi ho?" He asked tucking few strands behind her ear and she smiled more..

"Kuch ni..! Bus apny app ko yakeen dilana chah rahi hoon! Agr ya sapna hua aur toot gya tou? Main ab ap k bina ni reh paoan ge! Ap say doar jany ki soch say he saans rukny lagti hai..!" She poured her heart out and he tucked a finger under her chin..

"Nandini! Main us har aik lamhy liye maafi mangta hoon jo tmhy mery bina guzaarny pary! Har us raat k liye maafi mangta hoon jo tm ny meri yaad me jaag k guzaari! Har us aanso ka badla chuka doon ga jo tm ny mery hijar main bahaye! Main bohat sharminda hoon! Main jaanta hoon mjy aany main thodi dare ho gai actually thodi ni kaafi dare ho gai and am a man of actions! Tou mery actions say tm jaan he lo ge!" Manik spoke all the time caressing her cheeks and finally few tears left her eyes...

Itne khushi? Nazar na lagy...


Navya's marriage function was done beautifully Nandini had cried buckets of tears and everyone had a tough time to console her. Specially Manik was so restless seeing her crying this much. His friends were all around so he didn't getting a chance to calm her down..

"Nandu! Chup kar ja mera putar! Na ro! Wo aye ge na tj say milny!" Chacha ji consoled her when she cried on his shoulder..

"Chacha ji..! Main kesy rahoon ge akly!" She whined again and Manik wanted to just hug her and wanted to told her that she wasn't alone he was with her..

"Putar ji..! Bus karo na! Sab hain ap k sath!" Chacha ji once again tried and but it went in vain. Fab 5 and Bua were watching the duo aimlessly..

Manik was about to say something when suddenly his cell phone rang..

"Hello Manik Malhotra here!" Manik spoke as it was an unknown number..

"Hi Manik! It's Vijay! I hope you remember me! You had promised me that whenever you will come to India tou you will visit me! And luckily am here in a village next to Bhatinda! Why don't you give me a chance to impress you!" Someone spoke from other side and Manik remembered him. Once he met him in London and he promised him that once he will come to India they all will visit him. He was one of the most known Music Producer in India. After discussing the matter he hung up as they decided tomorrow afternoon. 

He came back and saw Nandini missing. Maybe she went to her room. 

"Roopa! Kal humy dosry gaoan jana hai! Hum chahty hain kay ap bhi hmry sath chalain..!" Baba announced and Bua nodded..

"Actually hmy bhi jana hai kal..!" Manik said and explained the situation..


"Ab rona ni..! Agr roi tou main naraz ho jaoan ga!" Manik warned her next morning wiping her tears as she sobbed in front of him once again..

"Main nahi roaon ge par naraz ho kar mjy chood kay mat jaye ga!" She panicked and held his hands tightly..

The distrust once again shook him...

He was responsible for it...

Yes he was responsible for her shaken and vulnerable condition...

He will heal her...

"Main kahen ni ja raha! Par tmhy rota ni dekh sakta! Please! Ab rona ni ok?" He said softly and she nodded still sniffing loudly. "Main aj apny friends kay sath aik Music Producer say milny ja raha hoon! Baba aur Bua bhi ja rahy hain! Tm akyly reh lo ge?" He asked lowly staring at her face and she smiled..

"Agr ap jaldi any ka wada karen tou reh loon ge!" Nandini said sweetly and Manik chuckled...

"Jaldi aoan ga! Aur aj main apy sary friends ko bhi bta doon ga! About Us!" Manik spoke lovingly and Nandini was super happy...


It was a stormy night. Nandini was still alone at Haweli. No one had returned yet. She was desperately waiting for Manik. But he wasn't there yet. She tried to call him once but there was no response..

All the windows of Haweli rattled loudly as she tried to close them. She walked out the corridor to close the back door when suddenly she saw a shadow. 

"Kon hai?" She dared to speak and backed off...

"Kon ho skta hai? Main hoon meri jaaan!" It was Arayaman...

Nandini's eyes widened with horror as he came in light. His eyes had something...

"Tu..!!!! Key kar raha idar! Bola tha na doar rehna!" Her own voice trembled when she tried to shout...

"Door tou main tj say reh ni skta!! Islye aj raat saari doori mitany aya hoon!" Arayaman's voice turned in furious one and Nandini backed off..

"Dekh Arayaman! Door reh mj say! Ya aaty he hoon gay! Aur agr inhn ny tjy dekh liya tou chodain gay ni!" Nandini was shaken badly. She knew Arayaman was way too stronger then her..

What if he really...

No no...

Suddenly she started running crazily to save herself and Arayaman ran behind her...

"Ruk ja Nandu!!!!! Warna theek ni ho ga!" He shouted but Nandini didn't stopped..

Her heart was praying for her savior...

She run but Arayaman reached her. He pulled her dupatta roughly and fell down leaving red marks on her neck. Finally he trapped her in a corner..

"Hahhh! Kahan tak bhagy ge? Akhir ana tou tjy mery pass he hai?" Aryaman spoke dangerously and Nandini trembled...

"Nahi..! Nahi..! Maaanikkk!!!" She shouted as Aryaman pounced on her like a hungry loin. He didn't wasted a single second in ripping of the sleeves of her shirt and biting her harshly on her neck...

"Maniikkk! Manikkk!!!!" That's all she was shouting as she wriggled in his grip tears knew no boundaries...

"Khamoshhh! Nahi aye ga wo tjy bachany!!!" Aryaman shouted and was about to slap her when someone held his hand. Nandini stared at the person before whispering..


Fab5 were late Vijay insisted them to stay but Manik wanted to go back as he wasn't getting good Vibes. Something was wrong. He drove back like a maniac all asked him the reason but he himself didn't know. That's what happen as soon as he entered the Haweli he heard Nandini's shouts...

"Himat kesy hue teriii???" Manik yelled pushing him away and rewarded him with a awesome punch while girls held Nandini who was crying bitterly..

"Janta hai kon hai wo???? Patni hai meriii! Patni!!!" Manik yelled punching Aryaman more and fab3 stood shocked while Cabir sighed...


"Patni?? Dus saal baad yad aa gya choudry saab?" Aryaman spoke sarcastically and Manik raored again. He beat Aryaman until DhruBir forcefully separated him from Aryaman...


"Why you didn't tell us?" Mukti shouted slapping Manik's head and he sat with head low..

"You played so unfair with that fragile doll..?" Alya was in tears..

"I didn't expected this from you!" Dhruv spoke dejectedly..

"Enough guys! Manik! Nandini! She needs you! In k questions ka answer tu kal bhi day skta hai niw gooo!!!" Cabir said pushing Manik and he just nodded..

Yes his Nandini needed him...


Giving a faint knock on the door Manik entered Nandini's room and it was very dark. He saw a vague figure sitting in the terrace window. He had to be courageous. Taking a deep breath he walked towards her and she didn't look at him. She was sitting motionless..

He slowly bent down. Without saying anything he held her shoulders and made her get up. She stood in front of him all ashamed ,without the dupatta, torn sleeves neck marked red..

"Theek ho?" He asked lowly and without wasting a single second she banged in his chest crying out loud clutching the back of his shirt tightly as he wrapped his arms around her..

"Nahi! Nahi hoon theek! Mjy nahi rehna theek! Main theek hony ka dikhwa karty karty thak gai hoon! Mjy rona hai Manik! Ap k seenay pay sir rakh k rona hai! Ap k galay lag rona hai! Mjy samait lijye Manik! Bohat bikhri hue hai hai ap ki Nandini..! Sambhaal lijye warna mar jaoan ge! Meri saza khatam kar dijye na!!!" She wailed and wailed crying her lungs out as she lost all the power to fight with the world alone...

"Shhh! Nandini! Look at me!!!" Manik said softly and forced her to face him. "It's all over ok? You are not alone anymore! Main hoon tmhry sath! Main tmhy chood kar kbhi ni jaoan ga! Kbhi ni..!" Manik said in a determined tone and innocence filled her face..

"Tou apna lijye na mjy!" She whispered innocently and Manik's expressions softened. He swiftly picked her up in his arms and walked towards the bed. He placed her on the bed ever so gently and hovered over her. She stared in his eyes before wrapping her arms around his neck. He smiled in assurance and bent down to fuse their lips finally celebrating their love after the wait of 10 long years...


She snuggled in his chest more to avoid the sunlight disturbing her sleep and he kissed her hair once again..

He started at her innocent Angel face and smiled wholeheartedly as last night once again came roaming in his mind..

"Nandini!" He whispered ever so gently in her ear..

Sony dijye na!!" She complaint like a baby and he chuckled...

"So Jana but I have something for you!" He spoke smirking all the time and her eyes snapped open..

"Kya?" She asked excitedly and Manik held out the pendant in front of her..

"This is for you! Laya tha par deny ki himat ni the!" He said in an embarrassed tone and Nandini held it near her heart..

"Bohat khobsurat hai..! Shukria..! Har cheez kay liye!" She said lovingly resting her forehead with his..

"Nahi..! Tmhra shukria kay tm ny mjy maaf kar diya! I love you!" He whispered lovingly fusing his lips over hers and she melted in his arms replying to the kiss before whispering an 

"I love you too!"

And they live happily ever after...

The End...

Do comment hit like button! Desperately waiting for your response! Actually dying for your comments...

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manancavyAA Groupbie

Joined: 25 May 2015
Posts: 99

Posted: 26 April 2016 at 1:10pm | IP Logged
u said u'll be posting in 2 hrs... its more than 2hrs now...tt update soon cant wait

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sadiya51 Goldie

Joined: 25 April 2015
Posts: 1224

Posted: 26 April 2016 at 1:13pm | IP Logged
Wow such an amazing update
Everything was fabulous from the starting till the end
Thank god nandini shouted n cabir beat manik warna akal hi nahi atti usse
And that aryaman he was such a jerk
Thankfully manik saved nandini
And at last their confession of love was truly beautiful

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Chokypie Senior Member

Joined: 16 August 2015
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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 1:27pm | IP Logged
Wow dii!!!
Awesome update...i was waiting for your update only...

Just loved it...
Cabir again helped Manik by giving him some brain...WinkLOL
Our Manik baba is though full innocent boy...

Good that Nandini shouted on him and he realized his feelings...

And the mehandi scene it's fab...Clap
Aryaman track gave Manan chance to come closer i felt so...
But he was a jerk...

After Manik realised his feeling's his care love for Nandini was awesome...
The ending was beautiful loved it...

Thank you...
Take care...Smile

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achustar Groupbie

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 1:35pm | IP Logged
amazing update...

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