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Originally posted by SenRazia

Loving this one...
Now the forum has two 21st century Stories to read..
A save from my stupid oneLOL

Waiting for the updates!

Yours is not stupid, its very interesting
But you see my ideas are crazyLOL

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Originally posted by Trinaa

Originally posted by SenRazia

Loving this one...
Now the forum has two 21st century Stories to read..
A save from my stupid oneLOL

Waiting for the updates!

Yours is not stupid, its very interesting
But you see my ideas are crazyLOL
I love crazy ideas!

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Wonderful characters TrinaBig smile
Please update soonSmile

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Originally posted by Trinaa

Originally posted by SenRazia

Loving this one...
Now the forum has two 21st century Stories to read..
A save from my stupid oneLOL

Waiting for the updates!

Yours is not stupid, its very interesting
But you see my ideas are crazyLOL

Trina, if your ideas are crazy, what are mine? LOLLOL

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Great start trinaClap...bas ab jaldi se dusra update dedoSmile

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Originally posted by Trinaa

Originally posted by deejagi

Yaar Trina, we thought only lakshmila got into 21st century through Time Machine but looks like you are transporting the whole bunch to the future.
Are you trying to say Dashrath will die off without having any kids  / bahus in his presence or are you planning to bring them also to the 21st century?
Who is Ravan and where is Shurpi? Will they come out due to the malfunctioning of the time machine?WinkWink
But it looks more promising and more thrilling and interesting. Please post soon. Can't wait now tahtr you have let the CAT out of the bag.LOLLOLBig smile
Well there is no Rvan and Shurpi in my storyLOLLOL
You will get your answers soon when I will update
LOLLOL then who will spice up the story? ( I mean love story of these noble couples). They need not have to be outright wicked characters but as little pranksters?

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Trinaa Goldie

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Hi everyone.

First of all, I am so sorry, I made you wait for so much time.But now onwards i will try to be more regular with the updates.Hope you like like this. I am waiting for your feedbacks.


Part 2

Both of them turned to see Sita calling them so they ran up to her, but suddenly they stopped, although she looked identical to Sita and her voice was similar, yet there was something different about her. Instead of sari, she was wearing a yellow coloured top and jeans and her hair was tied in a pony. They looked at each other confused at what was happening.

Yuvika, Lakshya, you both are here, we all were searching for you both, don't you know how much tensed were we...and what happened to your clothes, when did start wearing such clothes.

Didi, we are fine but what's wrong with your clothes and why are you calling these names..

My clothes they are alright, and I am calling you Yuvika and Lakshya because these are your names only, and hey wait, why did you call me didi.I am sure you two are up to some mischief.

Bhabhi, what has happened to you and why would we do any mischief, I think you are playing prank on us, Lashman tried to make Simran understand.

Again, Bhabhi..Why are you calling me Bhabhi, I am not your bhabhi..I am your friend Simran, Sita was getting more confused.

You three are here, we were searching for you three, Rahul said as he walked up to where they were standing followed by the others, Bhuvan, Manasvi, Kristina and Shravan. He was about to say something but stopped after seeing the couple.

Lakshman and Urmila both were confused as well, first Sita and now the others, what's wrong with them, they thought.

Yuvika, Lakshya what was happened to you both why are you both wearing such ..Old fashioned clothes and what's with that bow-arrow you are holding Lakshya.

Mandavi di, what are you saying, first Sita di and now you too, you are calling us Yuvika and Lakshya, I don't know who these two are and then these clothes, I am so confused.

Lakshya, you only explain, Rahul asked Lakshman.

Ram bhaiyya, now you also, I am Lakshman how could you forget your brother, Lakshman asked getting impatient.

You two are playing tricks on us, we are not falling for that, Bhuvan said.

No bhaiyya, we are playing anything, you all are only playing pranks on us, Dont you remember I am Urmila and he is Lakshman, Urmila said.

Yuvika, we know you two love Ramayana but stop the drama, I mean it's getting too much, Kristina said while she continued to do something on her mobile.

Kristie, Can you stop playing on your mobile for a while sweetie, Simran asked her.

Simi, I am not playing.. I am doing research, she complained.

Gosh, Kristie, not again, first these two behaving so strange and now you and your mobile, Manasvi pulled away her mobile.

Kristina tried to pull it back but Simran topped her.

Stop, you two, cant you two wait for a few seconds, Simran chided them.

Drama which drama are you talking about, Urmila asked. You all are behaving so weirdly and then these surroundings have also changed, the place does not look like Ayodhaya anymore.

Ayodhaya, this is not Ayodhaya this is Delhi, Rahul said. You said you were Urmila and you are Lakshman, are you both seriously not joking.

Yes, why we would joke, Lakshman said. And how come we reach Delhi, I have never even heard of this place before?

What???Are you Lord Ram's younger brother and King Dashrath's son reallly? And you are Sita's sister Urmila??Mandavi asked.

Yes we are, why are you asking this Mandavi di, Urmila asked not getting anything that was happening around to them.

So you both are from Treta Yuga, Bhuvan asked. From Ramayana.

Yes, we are. But why do you all ask? Lakshman said.

Because this not Treta yuga, this is Kali yuga, ie the 21st century and nor is this place Ayodhaya.And we are not your brothers and sisters either, Simran said.

Manasvi pulled Bhuvan aside and whispered, what is this Tretayog,.I have heard of my kinds of yog but this Tretayog, what's this.

But everyone heard her and started smiling, Manasvi, I will tell you..It is not tretayog it's treta yuga,ie the time when Ramayana was written. I thought you would know as this is your favourite show, leave it. There are four yugas in the ...Kristina wanted to tell about all the yugas and everything else she knew about.

Everyone was getting tired of listeninf to her so at last,SHravan said,Its alright Kristie you can explain it to us later on, they must be very tired so you should now.

Everyone felt relieved, except Kristina who made a sad face.

Lakshman-Urmila looked at Simran in disbelief after all that she had said. But...but how is this po..possible. How can we come here? We were just..Urmila stammered.

Even we don't know how come this is possible,hmm, this sure must be the time machine, Rahul said thoughtfully.Did both of you come across any machine like device?

Let me think, actually we were just walking then..we saw that device and I just touched it and then it started making some noise and ...Lakshman narrated the whole incident with Urmila adding few parts ...and then when we opened our eyes we were here and we saw you.

So the time machine is just here, Kristina asked.

Yeah, it is over there. Urmila showed them the time machine.

But what exactly does this..time machine do, Lakshman asked. Do you know who made it??

So here is it, this machine was made by Sita's uncle Khusal. It is a very unique machine using which we are travel to past as well as future. But it was not complete the last time we visited Uncle, Rahul explained.

Hmm, Lakshman and Urmila said. This is something which we had never heard. In our time we haven't seen any such gadgets. Nice.

But..we have one problem, I mean how can we both go back, I think this machine only can help us, but how, Urmila said worriedly.

Don't worry, we will help you, I am sure that since the machine brought you here so this will only help you to go back,...but there is a problem...everyone looked at her confused, and the problem is we don't know how to operate this machine, Kristina said.

I think we should call Uncle Khusal, only he can do something about it, Shravan said.

Don't worry everyone, no need to call me I am here itself, they heard someone call them from behind.

They saw Uncle Khusal walking towards them, all of them include Lakshmila greeted them.

Hello, by the way, who are these two? He asked Simran.

Uncle, they are Lakshman and Urmila, from Ramayana. They have arrived here by this time machine, Simran told him.

What, really, is it them? He asked. He was presently surprised to see them, he shaked hands with Lakshman and greeted Urmila.

But uncle, how did this time machine, reach Tretayug and the last time we meet you it was incomplete, Bhuvan asked.

Hmm, I forgot. It was completed so I wanted someone to do the trial and I asked someone, I don't remember how they were now, he said.

Ohh, they nodded.

Uncle, can you help us reach back to our own time in Treta yug, everyone would be worried for us over there, please can you, Urmila politely requested him.

Yes, yes I will help you for sure. I will first set the correct time and then you both can go back, he said and went to look at the machine.

Others happily waited, Lakshmila were happy that they would return soon.

After sometime, Rahul finally spoke up. Uncle, what happened why it is taking so much time?

Actually, I am afraid..He tried to say something.

What happened uncle, any problem, Lakshman was feeling impatient.

Actually, this machine has broken and the wires are broken, so I need to repair them only then can you both go back.

What, they all were in shocked. Uncle, how much time it will take, Kristina asked.

Maybe 6-7 days at least, he replied. Lakshman and Urmila looked at each other.

Can't you do something earlier, they asked.

No, I can't I will have to take them back to my lab, till then you both stay here, so I am going now with this, bye. Saying so he left from there.

What are we going to do now, everyone would be searching for us now and now we will have to spend one week here itself, Urmila was in tension.

Calm down Urmi, he said holding her by her shoulders. I am here with you, together we will solve this. But first we will have to think, what we going to do here.

Hmm, Rahul said. Sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you both but you can stay with us. Right guys, he asked,

Yes, everyone agreed with him.

No, we can't. I mean we don't want to trouble you all, Urmila said.

Trouble and you, no way. Indeed we will be happy if you stay with us, and then it was because of my uncle that you both have come here. So please come with us.

Yes please, Bhutan and Manasvi requested them.

Lakshman and Urmila looked at each other confused.

Fine, we are coming with you. Thank you for letting us stay with you, Urmila said.

So come with us, Manasvi showed them the way.

No, first you don't have to thank us for this. And second..Simran explained.

Secondly, you both will have to tell us more about yourself and your family because we are your huge fans, ..I mean followers, Shravan said as he pulled Lakshman.

All of them the friends' house, actually it was Rahul's father's bungalow but all of them lived their together.

They showed Lakshman and Urmila around the house and then all of them sat down in the drawing room to chat with each others.

So did you both like our place, Manasvi asked them.

Yes, it's beautiful. We loved it, your house is so different from those in our times, Urmila said.

By the way, can I you ask you something, Lakshman asked.

Yes, sure, you can ask us anything, Shravan said.

Who are Lakshya and Yuvika, he asked. When we saw you, you were calling us with that name.

Well, they are our friends. They look just like you, actually their voice is also like you. They looked just like us, so we thought that you were them only, we are so sorry, we were so confused, Rahul said.

No need to say sorry, indeed we are also sorry, but where are you friends now, you have any idea.

I think they must gone to Tretayug, I mean they must the people who had got into Time Machine and gone to your time. I am sure, Simran said thoughtfully.

Yeah, they are like that they love experimenting on Uncle's device and are so naughty, especially this Lakshya, it must have been his idea only. Yuvika is smarter.

Urmila giggled, others looked at her.

Oh! I am sorry, this reminded me of Sumitranandan. Your friend is just like him, isn't it? She asked Lakshman.

What do you mean, he asked her.

You both are so similar, you are also naughty like him don't you remember that we are here because of you only.

Yes, as if you are very innocent, your dupatta only landed us here.

Please, you both don't fight, Kristina said softly. It's not your fault.

By the way, you were going to tell us about your family, please tell us. We want to know more about you all, she added.

Yes, we all want to, others joined her.

Wait, suddenly Simran got up and pulled Rahul with her towards the stairs.

What happened, Simran, Manasvi asked.

We are coming, just two minutes, Rahul replied.

I think they are planning something, Shravan whispered in Bhuvan's ears.

Maybe you are right, but what is it, Bhuvan asked him. Shravan shrugged his shoulders indicating he didn't know.

Rahul, I have a plan. Come here and she told something to him very softly in his ears.

Hmm, nice idea.They all would be surprised especially Lakshman bhaiyya and Urmila didi.

Don't tell anyone, Simran reminded him.

No, I won't and he did as she had just said.

After that they both returned to their places. What's the plan, Shravan asked Rahul.

Plan and me, nothing, you must be imagining things, he replied.

Please tell me, I promise I won't tell others, he said making a cute face.

No means no, I won't tell and it's final, he said.

Lakshman and Urmila started telling them about themselves and their family, especially their siblings.

Really, your siblings just like us only, Shravan asked excitedly.

Not just look, they are just like you in their looks, their voice and even their behaviour, Urmila said.

Wow, that's amazing. I couldn't believe this, Simran added.

You are just like my Sita bhabhi, just as sweet, caring and amazing as her, Lakshman said.

Simran smiled, Our Simran is like that, Kristina hugged her.

And you are like my Shrutkirti, just as intelligent and sweet as she is, Urmila said to Kristina.

You remind me of Ram bhaiyya, just as wonderful he is, Urmila said. My jijashree is just like you, always supporting me.

And you are just like Shatrughan, just as playful and naughty, Lakshman told Shravan.

And me, Manasvi asked.

Just like Mandavi di, hard from outside and so soft from inside, Urmila hugged her.

And are like my innocent Bharat bhaiyya, my dear brother, Lakshman told Bhuvan.

Wow, this is so wonderful. We are just like your siblings, I can't believe it, Manansvi said.

And I feel so happy that you have compared me to your dearest Ram bhaiyya,Rahul said.

It's true, you are just like them, so staying here is just like we are with are siblings, Lakshman said.

That's why we are just loving this place and your company is giving us great joy, Urmila added.

We are so glad, that you both love this place. We are happy that we could make you feel homely and comfortable even if a little bit, Simran said.

Indeed, we are so happy to meet you. We want to know more about yourselves, we have a great love in mythological stories and Ramayana is just are favourite, we admire you all a lot,Rahul said.

Wow, it's wonderful for us too. So what do you want to know about us, Lakshman asked.

We just want to know everything about you all, please tell us more about your brothers and sisters, Kristina asked.

So let's begin, I will tell you, Urmila began. She and Lakshman told them more about their brothers and sisters, the amazing bond between them, some of their childhood stories , their parents and everything about their family. All of them enjoyed a lot listening to these, and sometime they would also tell those stories about their childhood, their friendship and their family. Everyone was enjoying themselves a lot.

Suddenly the door bell rang, Lakshman asked, where did that weird sound come from?

Nothing, just someone has come to our house, I will see who it is, Bhuvan started to get up but Simran stopped him.

You sit and enjoy, I will see and she ran up to see who has come. While others continued with their chitchat. After some time Simran entered with a plate and kept it on the table.

Wow, this is the surprise you had planned for Lakshmila, Shravan asked grinning at her.

Simran smiled and then Bhuvan, Manasvi, Kristina and Shravan jumped on the pizza and started eating it.

Hello, you guys should have waited for our guests to begin but you all jumped on the pizza as if you had not eaten for days, Rahul scolded them lightly.

Sorry, bhaiyya didi you both start...this is very tasty, Shravan licked the cheese that had come on his lips.

Can you tell us what dish is this, actually we have seen anything like this in our time, Lakshman said as he hesitantly picked up one piece to eat it.

It's called pizza, it is an Italian dish, please try it, it's delicious, you will love it, Kristina said.

Pessa, whatever, this dish is just yummy, Urmila said after tasting a bit. By the way, who is this Italian, can I meet her.

Manasvi giggled, you don't know, Italy is not a person, it is a place very far from India, this dish is from there only.

Whoever has made this, this is very delicious, better than what I eat always, Lakshman said looking at Urmila after they had finished the pizza.

Sumitranandan, what did you mean to say, she glared at him. That I don't make good food.

Yes, of course. Sita bhabhi makes better food than you, he tried to tease her.

What did you just say; say again, she said hitting him with a pillow.

I was just joking, sweetie, Lakshman said as he saved himself from the pillow.

I am not going to leave you, she said throwing the other pillows one by one. But Lakshman would save himself from them all, making her angrier.

Then she picked up a mobile and was about to throw it at him, when Manasvi saw it.

Wait, please don't throw my mobile, it's very expensive, she said as she snatched it from Urmila's hand. Please.

Manasvi calm down, Bhuvan calmed her.

But how could I , she was about throw my mobile, She said showing her mobile.

I am very sorry dear, I didn't know that, please, Urmila said.

It's alright, but be careful next time, I am also sorry, I know I overreacted, but this is my mobile and I am very careful about this, she explained.

It's alright, I will careful now onwards. But Sumitanandan, no one can save you now, she ran behind Lakshman.

Others looked at them and giggled, they just remind me a lot about Yuvika and Lakshya, hope are also fine, Simran said.

They will be fine, but just see over there, my God, they look so cute, Rahul said pointing towards the couple.

Lakshman was holding his ears, Please my Mila, my sweetie, please forgive me, sorry, I promise, I will never ever make fun of you, he said while making a puppy face.

No, I will not, she said folding her hands on her chest.

Di, please just once,... for us at least, Shravan said.

Yes, di please, others joined him.

Not for me, for them at least, Lakshman added.

Oh, but just for once, she said smiling.

Yeah, Lakshman was hugged her tightly, but she pushed him lightly. No, not here in front of everyone.

She turned to see others smiling at them, she turned her face away feeling very embarrassed.

You could continue, no one is watching here, Shravan whispered in Lakshman's ears.

Bhuvan pulled him away, why are you troubling them.

They were sitting together to discuss more stories when Manasvi shouted, OMG!!How Can I forget this?

Everyone was surprised at this behaviour of hers, well all except Bhuvan looked at her and getting the clue, went somewhere.

Others looked at her and she told them, come with me , you will understand yourself once we get there. I am shocked that you all also forgot about this.

Back in Treta Yuga

In the deep forest, two people were walking around searching for something, but they are unable to find it.

I thought we had left are machine here but it's not here. Where is it? The girl asks the boy.

I am sure, we had left it here itself. Search properly, it must be here itself, he replied.

I have searched this place properly, but it's not here. If it was here, we would found it. It's not some small thing, it's the Time Machine, how can it just disappear?

That's what I am thinking. I am sure someone must have taken this, I mean to say, he gulped , its s-t-o-l-e-n, he said the last part rather very softly.

WHAT, its stolen? What are going to do now, our Time Machine I stolen? How are we going to go back? And it's so dark that we can't search here in this darkness. We will have to wait till morning, she said moving up and down in tension.

I know dear, please calm down Yuvika.I am with you, me are together, remember. We will solve this together.Ok, he went towards her.

What "we will solve this together? It's not a joke, we are literally struck in Treta Yuga without our Time Machine? What to do now? How can you be so chill? She asked him angrily.

We will solve this, but please don't shout. It's not my fault, I didn't know that something like this would have happened, otherwise I wouldn't have come here in the first place itself.

It's your fault only, I shouldn't have agreed with you, she walked away. Now where are we going to spend the night? I am just too tired.

Yuvika wait, don't go alone. I am coming with you, Lakshya called out to her, but she didn't listen to him.

Suddenly she stopped near the bushes and peeped through the bushes in the direction where light was coming from. She realized something and called out to Lakshya.

Lakshya, look over there, She pointed towards the fire.

What's that, he asked her. It's just a fire. So what?

Don't you understand, if there is fire, someone must be there too. I think we should go there and check, she suggested to him.

Fine, maybe we could get some place to rest at night and then we will see what can be done tomorrow once we wake up, he agreed.

Yeah, maybe those people may also help us, let's go. They both got up and went there with their bags in the hope of finding some help.







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Originally posted by -purvideshmukh-

Great start trinaClap...bas ab jaldi se dusra update dedoSmile
Thanks alot.
Hope you like this partSmile

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