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Hello everyone...its kirti here with a os on swasan...it is my second os...first one got good response ...hope this one too is liked by u all...Actually mobile internet was off in my city for these two days and I was left with no source for timepass as my most of time passes on forum only so I thought to write it...was thinking to write about this from so many days but I am too lazy in everything...lol...so now finally wrote it due to being left with no choice...It is just my imagination on what can happen on this issue as this track can have good potential if it is explored,but I have tried to write everything in short.I am not a good writer or something but can simply pen down my weird thoughts...so bear with me. So here we go with this one...


[[[will be posting it in parts as ideas kept coming i my mind while writing and it became long one]]]




"Sanskar has not come till now"


Swara was sitting on bed of their room waiting for sanskar to come who was in study with adarsh and laksh to discuss about some important project from the time they came back from office.She has become habitual of sleeping in Sanskar's embrace now and so was unable to sleep without him.She was sitting there from so much time waiting for him playing game on her mobile,but now she was getting bored of this.It was already 11:00.She exited the game,put her mobile on charging on side table and took out something from drawer of that table and got busy in looking it.



Small pov of swara...looking and observing something in her hands


"My life took so many turns,went through so many ups and downs and finally it seems steady yet not.Who knows what comes next.I used to be a simple yet modern girl who used to live life according to her wishes and freely and offcourse credit goes to my ma and dida who showed their belief on me and allowed me to do what I wanted to do.I was a free bird but the one who knew her limits of freedom.Earlier I used to be swara who had some small dreams and her life was dedicated to fulfil those dreams.But with turn of events now I am Swara Sanskar maheshwari,who is completely dedicated to be a good daughter which I was earlier too but now responsibilities are more,a good daughter in law,a good sister in law,a good sister and a good wife...I hope I am because I am sure my husband surely consider me that as he loves me a lot,and I too love him a lot and we both know that very well.But from the time these responsibility came in my life I forgot to be swara and those dreams of mine.You can say my life has changed a lot and with it I too have become someone who I dint used to be earlier.Now my world started to revolve around these all responsibilities and proving myself able to fulfil these responsibilities that I forgot I had something else to do and that I very badly wanted to do earlier, but now that is a gone case because instead of all these things I have a very loving and caring family specially my husband and their love and care is more important than these dreams of mine.I am very happy in this life of mine ,though I miss something important but still I am very happy because of what I got and some very witty person said that we should be happy and contented in what we got because everything happens for good.Finally with these thoughts revolving in my mind I stopped looking in that thing in my hands and put that back into the drawer and again took my mobile and thought to play game again till sanskar came as now I don't want to feel bad looking that thing for a long time as that remind me that I could not do something in my life which I wanted to and probably will not be able to as I have already so many things to do.I had just started the game that I saw Sanskar came.


"You came too early patidev,what was the need of coming this much fastly,you should have taken some more time"


He dint responded to me and came and sat beside me on the bed and hugged me tightly and closed his eyes.It was clear that he was too much tired of working for so much time and needed some rest and so I decided to end my taunting game,hugged him back and asked him caringly and worriedly...caressing his hairs with one hand of mine...


"Have u taken your dinner that I sent with shivam bhaiyya and for laksh and adarsh bhaiyya too"


"No,Swara...I had so much work to do,laksh and adarsh bhaiyya had theirs but I dint took mine."He said in low voice still hugging her tightly.


"What ,Sanskar...how can you be so irresponsible about your health...look you are so tired of work and still have not eaten anything...how can you do this...what if you get sick...there had been not a big loss in business if you have used your precious ten minutes in taking dinner with adarsh bhaiyya and laksh...they were also having na then why din't you had yours or you could have after they had completed as then they could look upon the work...why did you only did so much hard work...and how could adarsh bhaiyya and laksh dint ask you to have dinner while they were taking theirs...how can they do that."...She was speaking continuosly and her voice was mixed with anger and concern and till then she has started crying...tears were running down her eyes.


Sanskar who was till now listening her silently felt something wet on his shirt near his shoulder and immediately came to know she was crying...he came out of hug and cupped her face...


"Swara,I am sorry baba...please don't cry otherwise not because of not eating something but I will surely get sick seeing you crying...I cant see tears in your eyes and that too because of my mistake...never...swara that project is to be handled by me and I only know more details about that so I was doing work continuosly on that and adarsh bhaiyya and laksh asked me to eat with them many times but I only denied them ...saying I will afterwards...so they dint insisted me more...now please stop crying...and ok baba I will eat now...I am going to take my dinner plate from kitchen ,,so please now stop worrying and crying and smile now otherwise I will not eat anything"...He said still cupping her face...and wiped her tears with his thumbs and was about to go when swara stopped him by holding his hand...


"You have not eaten anything from morning itself na,and don't try to speak lie to me"


He again sat beside her and nodded his head in yes..."but I am going now,you don't worry...will eat of whole day in one time only as you know very well your pati is a bhukkhad[foody]...food is still left in kitchen na"...he said trying to cheer up her mood...


"yeah food is still left in kitchen...and you go and get changed into night dress I am going to get your food and sleep happily today after eating as I am going to kill you tomorrow"...saying this she stood up from bed and started to go to kitchen...sanskar smiled and yelled from his place..."Swara,bring atleast two plates of food...bahut bhukh lagi hai"...and took his clothes from cupboard and went in washroom to change.




When he came out of washroom swara was already sitting on couch with two full plates of food kept on table in front her.When she saw him, she smiled...


"Now come and eat fastly...u have not eaten anything from morning...nothing good happens with eating one banana and that too by literally pushing carelessly in your mouth"




"Haan...speak, what happened...want something else...tell me I will go and make for you..."


"Swara,that two plate thing I said jokingly too cheer up your mood...I was no way serious about that...how can I alone eat two full plates of food...u should know I was joking"


"Sanskar I know you were joking at that time but I told you na I am going to kill you tomorrow as you deserve punishment for your carelessness but now I got a better idea...so instead of tomorrow now I thought to make u eat two full plates of food as your punishment ..so that you will not repeat it again,so now come fastly and start eating...Its already 11:50...I have to wake up early tomorrow ,so have to sleep too."...she said smiling at him..."and yeah eat all this otherwise I will again start crying...I am telling you"


"Swara ,please I will eat on time hence forth...will do whatever you say but please don't do this...really I am not that hungry...and moreover I am too much tired and want to sleep"...he said making a puppy face and really trying to making her understand his point...he looked so cute and innocent...


Swara started laughing on his cuteness...


"Why are u laughing...please I really cant eat this much"


"Sanskar,don't worry...I am not going to make u eat too much...but yeah u will have to eat one  plate atleast and a little bit more from second one...this much toh u can eat na"


"Yeah,I can eat that much...but then why did you brought two full plates...wasting food is not good idea swara just to scare me for sometime..."...he again said innocently...


Now swara started to say hesitatingly..."Second one is for me"


"What...swara u have again not eaten waiting for me...I have told you many times to not do this and eat properly but when do you listen to me...and now you too deserve punishment"...sanskar said in one breath...


"Sanskar...dont get hyper...first listen to me...I had already taken my dinner...It is second time..."


"What..."...and then when he realised what she said he started laughing loudly..."Swara...u are so much bhukkhad"...and kept laughing...


"Dont laugh at me sanskar..."...Swara said with cute anger..."It is all because of you only...our family does dinner at 8:30...and I too had at that time and now it is already 12:00...from so much time I am sitting waiting for u...so I got hungry...whats my fault in it...now let me eat and u too eat"...she said again with her cute anger...


"Swara u are too cute..."...he said pulling her cheeks..."And I am really sorry...I made u wait for so long and then made u cry and now laughed at you...please forgive me...I promise I wont repeat that..."...he said cutely and innocently that swara could not stop herself from admiring him...


"Sanskar,,,,,Its ok now forget all things and lets have food...okk...I know u are too tired and hungry so please eat fastly..."


And then they ate together feeding each other ...and after having dinner they went together to put the plates in kitchen and after coming back to room wished each other good night and slept in each others embrace...and soon sleep got over them as swara was being awake from so long and and worked all day in house and sanskar was too much tired to work whole day in office and then on project at home...and being in each others embrace and with each other give so much peace to these two and they forgot all tensions and problems of their lives and slept peacefully...there was only peace and contentment in their heart in them being with each other...together...and will always be...and it was a beautiful night with peaceful sleep in each other's embrace after doig so many works whole day for the duo...





So guys it was meant to be an os but I will be posting it in parts...this conversation got so long and I got distracted from main theme but I really wanted to write it as ideas kept coming in my mind...that pov of swara is related to main theme and will write accordingly in next part and after that that food conversation I liked to write so I did that...hope u all enjoyed reading...will be posting other parts each day one part...please tell me your vies on this one...


Please do like and comment as they mean a lot for me for not being disappointed with myself...


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Hello guys...I am back again with second part of OS...Thanks a lot everyone for all your likes and comments...really means a lot that u take your precious time in reading and commenting on this story as I am too lazy in both the matters...so many likes and comments means I will have to make sure that u keep liking further too and I may be able to meet your expectations and I will try my best in this...here is second part...please tell me your views about it...hope u all like it...tried to write something good...do tell me your views as it really encourage me to improve and keep writing...






Next day when sanskar woke up,swara was not there.He very well knew that she has gone to help ma and other ladies in kitchen by waking up early and getting ready.He remembers initial days of their fake marriage when he used to woke up earlier than swara and then used to wake her up.She used to love her sleep a lot.After all the tensions of the day making plans and crying,offcourse sleep used to give her a lot of peace and seemed like she loved that peace and because of this he had to make lot of efforts to wake her up.He remembers about how he used to wake her up,and a smile formed on his lips.Fact was that he loved to wake her up,because probably he had started caring a lot for her in those days only and was at his first stage of love for her before one day he finally realised it actually.He used to love every single moment spent with her,a small smile of her and his heart became big with happiness and when she cried,he felt like thorns are piercing in his heart.He did all he could do to make her happy,to snatch away all his pains.And all those efforts did not go in vain because now she is happy,and he himself is very happy and reason for it is that we both have each other with us.But now Swara is not that swara which she was earlier,offcourse she has changed a lot.Gradually he had to leave his habit to woke her up in those days because she herself has started waking up earlier than him,and as time passed she developed all those qualities which a good daughter in law of house should have.And now she is very responsible daughter,daughter in law and a very good wife...offcourse she is because she is my Swara,who is perfect in all ways.My Swara...I wonder I have started considering her my swara now only or it was a long time ago.He had probably considered that from the time she forgave him  for his mistakes,or the day he carried her in hospital when she was injured,or when laksh called her characterless or he himself don't know when it actually happened ,but it happened...love happened and when he realised it...it was the most beautiful feeling of his life which he did not hesitate once to tell the world specially swara ,no matter what was her response to that.He wondered why he fell for swara only...for 5 long years he was alone...he has probably met lot of girls but they were nothing for him,he did not even looked upon them but swara...he felt connection with her in first meet itself...When he returned as mad person and had put knife on neck of ragini...it was first time he saw her,then when he was eating food acting like mad which he wanted to show the world then none but she only cared for him,not his recently found friend ragini also...she only of all asked him to eat slowly and properly as it could choke his mouth...she cared for a stranger who she had met five minutes ago,but offcourse she could because she was swara for you.Her care touched me a lot but I dint show and instead reprimanded her and then she who was caring a lot for me asked ragini to ask me eat slowly...and then of all persons who knew me...she was the first one to think that I am not mad probably and just acting...why she of all as even my family members could not...there were many such incidents where our destiny seemed to clash...DESTINY...probably it was the reason for all things...because we were destined to be together ,swara and sanskar were destined to be together thats why destiny played lot of games so bring us together and ensured that we remain together,and it succeded because after facing lot of hardships we both are together and very happy with each other and I want our togetherness and happiness to last till eternity...forever...suddenly totally involved in these thoughts of him ,he remebered something.


Sanskar stood up from his place...went to swara's side of bed,opened the drawer ,searched something and took out something from the drawer...


Yesterday,when he return to room from study,he was about to enter the room...when he saw swara watching something very carefully,her expressions told him that she was sad about watching something in that...then her expressions suddenly changed to a little happiness as a smiled formed on her lips and then when again she put that thing into drawer her expressions again changed to sadness...she was very much engrossed in her thoughts that she did not noticed him that time and then again when she took her mobile and started doing something in it...he made her aware of his presence,he wanted to ask her about what she was thinking and watching but then all those conversations started ...she was so sad about that and then after all that eating and all ...both were so tired that they slept soon and sanskar did not want to make her more sad about that thing as she was already  a lot because of him so he decided to let the idea go for then and to ask her afterwards.


And now finally he decided to check what she was looking.It was scrapbook...beautifully decorated inside and outside...On cover page it was written SWARA BOSE in beautifully decorated words...he opened it...on first page it was written...MY DREAMS...on initial pages she has written what she wanted from her family...how she loves them and basically her feelings and then as he moved forward she has written qualities she wants in her HUSBAND...and her thoughts about being married and all...sanskar read all she wanted from her husband and seriously some of them were really serious but only some of them because rest were childish and silly but as his swara wanted that he noticed carefully what she had written and decided to be like that and do only what she wanted...thats called love in which u can do anything and sanskar's love was too genuine for that...initial half of book contained these things and then some pages were empty and there was a partition where other half of book started and there it was written...REAL AND BIGGEST DREAM OF MY LIFE...He was about to turn the page then he heard sounds of swara's anklets and her saying loudly that going badi ma... and he immediately put back the book in drawer as he did not wanted swara to know he was checking her things in her absence...went to his side of bed and acted like he was sleeping because he knew very well that badi ma has asked swara to wake him up and bring him down for aarti and he did not wanted to miss chance of being waken up by her.


Swara enterd the room and saw that sanskar was still sleeping.She went near him and asked him to get up,then she shook him a little so that he may get up,but he was still in deep sleep.


"Sanskar ,please get up,its too late...u have to get ready,then attend aarti,then have to take breakfast,and then finally have to go to office...and u have only 20 minutes for getting ready..."...She yelled for him to finally listen and wake up but he dint...


Sanskar was still not opening his eyes.Just then swara said ..."Sanskar I know U are not sleeping...rat ko tum soye tab blanket  ulta nahi tha...so get up quikly...and I know u don't move so much in sleep so that blanket becomes like this"[U can imagine like other side of blanket,my silly idea as nothing came in mind...]


Sanskar opened his eyes and saw his blanket and was regretting that in hurry he covered blanket like that...but it was fine...and proper...sanskar looked at swara...


"I know u were acting to sleep...when I came in room I saw u quikly getting under blanket...it was moving so I got to know u were already awake...now be quick...everyone is waiting..."


Sanskar smiled that she did not see what he was doing before it and said..."mujhe uthao...otherwise not going to wake up"


"I cant...u are too heavy to pull...but let me call badi ma ...she will help me and then we both will be able to do that...let me go and call her"...and she acted to go...


"I have already got up swara and going to get ready in few minutes and coming downstairs'...he said getting up of bed...little bit frustrated ...


"Good boy..."


Sanskar gave a sarcastic smile...swara was about to go...when he called her..."Swara"


"Sanskar...please your romance and romantic talks afterwards...I have lot of work to do...sorry baba...now please make it fast..."


"First listen to me...its about something else..."


"What happened..."


"Are u happy living with me and this family??"...he said with a serious face...


"San...sanskar...what type of question is this...I am very happy and u know that very well but why are u still asking like that"...she said genuinely...


"No,I mean something bothering u,something u want or don't want... I mean to say...


"Sanskar ,stop talking anything and stop using your brains in this matter...I am very happy and if I am ever sad about anything u are always there to cheer me up...to make me happy and to snatch aways all pains and problems...so till then u love me and is there with me...dont ask such questions...U must always know my answer haan"


Swara if it is so then ""tum mere karib kyon nahi aati"...he came close to her...gave a kiss not just peck on her cheeks and went to bathroom leaving swara startled and when she realised what just happened ,a smile formed on her lips...and then she went downstairs smiling...


"U will  always be happy till I am there with u swara...u are right...and I will make it sure"




Done with this part...I really dont know how it is or will be liked or not but tried my best...waiting for your views...do share...please...


will complete it in next two or three parts...till then keep reading if you enjoy it...and will try ,y best to make it good...

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Hello everyone...completed all the parts...enjoy reading and do tell me your views by your comments...really need comments as I am expecting so much from this story...please don't think me overdemanding...please do comment along with liking...


Not proof read as I am sitting from morning writing it and posted  as soon as I completed so sorry for mistakes...if there are any...






Sanskar returned home in night from office.He had dinner with family as today he had come home early and then went to his room,and thought to do his secret activity...but his bad luck...laksh came to his room to spend some time with his brother saying as both of their wife were busy in kitchen so he may be getting bored as today there was no office work because of them completing the project and getting the deal done,so why not spend time together and remind their old days when they used to do lot of fun as friends and as brothers.And left with o option sanskar had to spend time with him,though it was not like that he dint like to be his brother cum best friend which he got after a long time,but he was more impatient for his secret activity of reading swara's scrapbook as he was becoming impatient to know what was there in that after that page and title real and biggest dream was making him more impatient to know about it and make it real to see the smile and contentment on face of his princess,but he knew he will have to wait.Laksh and sanskar chatted about their old days,their fun they used to do and some heartly talks and then as girls do, complain about their respective wifes that both remain too busy in work and about their family...who don't understand them...these brotherly talks in fun way.Laksh was telling how ragini shows tantrums and how she just make him do all works of his choices,doing atyachar on bechara laksh.just then swara entered and was angry on what they were talking about the sisters and complaining about them.Ragini too came there and then the two have to do good efforts to make their respective wife to forgive them and then all four spent some time together and ragya left to their room and swara asked sanskar that she is very much tired and immediately went to sleep.But sleep was far away from sanskar's eyes.After sometime when he was sure that swara was in deep sleep,he put swara's arm which was around him aside, careful to not wake her up and went to swara's side of bed and took out her scrapbook from table.He took out some of his files,switched on the lamp,sat on couch and put scrapbook on a file so that in case swara wake up somehow he can say to her that he is doing some office work which he had forgotten and is important,And then opened the scrapbook.


Sanskar turn to next page where he has left and it was written..."MY MUSIC SCHOOL"...and reading that title sanskar called himself stupid,idiot,fool and what not.How can he forget that during diwali,she did tell him about her only dream and how badly she wanted to fulfil it."You are idiot sanskar"..."How can u forget that and not know about that"..."She told u what she want yet u got so engrossed in your happy life that u don't remember such and important thing...u should know her without her telling anything but this time u failed in it"..."But situations were like that only..."...he thought...and put the scrapbook at side to get involve n his thoughts remembering those days...


When swara has told him about her dream,then only he had decided that he will do all possible efforts to help her in it,though she would not accept his help as a husband at that time but will surely as a friend.At that time she had somehow become serious about it too,and when ragini asked her to accompany her to banaras then she thought to accompany her a s she will talk with famous music teachers of that place for her music school,but destiny had some other plans and all that drama of ragini's kidnapping started.And then when it seems to be come to an end biggest turn come in their life with swara accusing him and that day he thought there is no more reason for him to live,to be happy and to have dreams because swara was the reason ,he has started living and he has started dreaming for a better life but that reason was no more as swara was no more HIS,...because HIS swara trusted him even when he was a stranger for her but not now,...though after that she wanted to come to him,to be HIS and to live with him,and he could happily live his life too,but the day she did not trusted him,he started not to trust his destiny...everything was over for him and he closed doors of his heart.And now he realised that he too was wrong somehow at that time,because he has himself broken promise of lifelong support to her which he had promised to did no matter what but one thing made him do that...and then things kept messing up until finally one day everything became fine with him reuniting with her,marrying her again and are fine until now,though problems came but they were with each other and now finally everything is fine between them and in their families.But in between all the chaos,he forget about this thing and swara also never talked about it again and as she was always happy and cheerful, he had no reasons and chances to know anything or to remind about it.But now that he know about it he will make it happen,and very soon and then he remembers something and a smile formed on his lips.


After it sanskar again opened the scrapbook and to see what was exactly about music school in it...there swara has formed a rough sketch of building of school...complete details about what she wanted the building to be like...all arrangements ...and facilities she wanted in that school...there were pics pasted with names and speciality of famous music schools of india as well as foreign and the things which she wanted to adapt from those schools in that of her own...some important points which she will adapt making it different from others...She had not dream of a very big music school or famous one as she was not that rich to afford that but she wanted one of her own which will work according to her and which will be very special,,,...one which will satisfy her,...one in which she can make a small world for her and she had vowed to make all efforts to make her dream come true.Then there were her pics with her ma and dida or alone when she visited any music academy anywhere...when she won any music competition...when she had lived special moments with family or friends along with MUSIC...her pics with her guitar...her pics with some of famous music teachers or personalities when they used to be chief guest in school or other competitions she had won...her pics with trophies she had won...some writings about her love for music...her writing about how music was her only companion when she used to miss her papa...her every experience with music...she has written a special page about her experience with music and there on next page she has written that how she wanted this writing to be on a special board in her music school so that everyone may know..."Silly girl...has already done everything...plannings and all...but this silly girl of mine is so special'...thoughtsanskar...and she has written short short notes on importance about music...how it feels life in everyone and this also she wanted to teach her students...overall she had made all plannings for her schools like a very good head...Sanskar came to know from it that swara has lived music and this dream all her life...she is preparing this scrapbook from her childhood itself...But now she had completely forgotten about it...no she has not forgotten about it but wants to..."Stupid swara,cant she tell me,talk with me and ask me to help her to fulfil it...but she is swara afterall who will always sacrifies her wishes for making everyone happy and to keep everything perfect..."...now he come to know about her happy and sad expressions...she was sad because of this and happy for getting him and this family...so many persons who love her...he was sure about it...and then sanskarturn back the pages  to the page where she had written her wishes about her husband and there it was...to fulfill all her dreams...


Sanskar saw her sleeping peacefully with a smile on her face...and a smile came to his face too.He kept his files at their usual place as they were of no use...swara was in too deep sleep to wakeup...and then slowly went and kept the book in her drawer.He came to his side ...swithched off the lamp and lay on the bed beside her...he went near swara...kissed her forehead lightly...and immediately a small smile came to swara's lips as she got to know his touch..."this will be wider soon shona...I promise"...and hugged her tightly and slept peacefully because tomorrow he had to start his new mission{insted of swara,let sanskar to get some missions but hope it is good one}...and have to become successful too...




Sorry don't know much about what to write about scrapbook...google baba pe dint get something good so wrote what came to my mind...so sorry for that...

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"Sanskar where are we going tell me,enough of your suspense"


"Swara just 10 more minutes"


"Sanskar u are saying this from last 30 minutes and we are in this car from last 1 hour..."


"Swara please this time really 10 more minutes..."


"Sanskar but tell me where are we going...It is construction area...mostly there are empty lands...or some half done projects...are we going to celebrate my birthday here??...means seriously sanskar after those royal dates and all,u have planned this for my birthday??"


"Swara just shut for 5 more minutes...and enjoy view outside..."


"What enjoy view outside...what is there to enjoy patidev..."


"Swara,don't u trust me..."


"I trust u sanskar...but I enjoy like this while taunting u or in our cute fight...and I know if u have planned then it must be something special...ok then 5 more minutes na..."...and she put her finger on her lips looking forward like a cute child...and sanskar smiled at this...


That day after reading the diary sanskar remembered that it is swara's birthday after 10 days.So he decided to give her surprise on her birthday.Next day he woke up early and went to office,there he asked his manager to find a perfect place for a music school and it should be best in all ways...perfect location...and do this work as soon as possible.There his manager told him about two or three places ouside the city after two days which were isolated yet peaceful and suitable for some school or institution,and that place could be developed a lot in future with this type of constructions.Sanskar visited all the places and then one he found suitable...just perfect...it was a little outside kolkatta but its location was perfect ..being away from city it was quite peaceful for some school and it was not that far away from the main city that travelling can be difficult for students...so sanskar found that place suitable,and he immediately told his manager that he wants to buy this plot as soon as possible as he has even less than one week.His manager immediately made all arrangements...Sanskar met with the owner of land...he was quite a good person and he wanted to sell his land due to his personal reasons and when sanskar offered him a good deal,he immediately agreed and then about two days before swara's birthday all formalities were done and that land now officialy belonged to Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari .Sanskar was so happy that finally first and most important step has been completed.Then next day he went to meet bade papa in his cabin where DP,RP.adarsh and laksh all were present...He told DP about all which he has done and about all his plans...he also told them about how it was swara's biggest dream and how she has lived this dream all her life and how now he wanted to complete it for giving her happiness.All present there were overwhelmed and happy and proud to his love for swara...It was clearly visible how much he loved her.Both RP and DP gave his blessings to him and as DP has said swara his daughter he willingly wanted to help sanskar if he need any type of favour from him and they all told him to completely support him in all his plans.Adarsh and laksh hugged him and both told him jokingly that how he was establishimg the standards so high for a good husband that their wife will complain a lot about them and how now they will also have to do something special for their respective wives but how they can never match him and they also happily agrees that he is the best husband and nobody can love anyone the way he loves swara.Sankar then asked them not to do so much praising of him and then their brotherly talks and fun was there.After reaching home when swara was busy in kitchen,DP and RP called AP and sujata to come with them and then laksh messaged ragini and asked her to come with parineeta bhabhi somehow to DP's room and clearly warned her that swara should not know anything...she tried to ask him but he told that he will tell but now just do as he said.Then ragini told pari about it when swara was a little bit aside and then ragini  left saying she has to serve water as all men has come back from office,swara wanted to go herself to see sanskar offcourse but then ragini told her that she cooks this dish better than anyone else so she should proceed with it and teased her that she has enough time to see and talk with sanskar in room to which swara didi not argue further and ragini went and after sometime pari too left saying she has to bring some crockeries from storeromm and she will arrange table till then she should take care of kitchen and swara was ok with all this and she dint thought much about it and kept herself busy in her work.And then everyone gathered in DP's room and he told everyone about everything.AP and sujata has no problem with this all and sujata being so happy for her bahu and proud of her beta hugged sanskar and told her how happy she was with all this.Pari was also happy with all this as recently she has come out of her insecurity phase and then apologised to whole family and now everything was ok in the family.Ragini was beyond happy for her sister and to know that how much sanskar loves her and come and thanks sanskar for all this and how he is such a good husband and swara is so lucky.And the sanskar told them that how swara has given all her time to family forgetting her dreams and sacrificing a lot and now he is very happy that he himself and whole family is going to do something for her and thanked everyone for their support.And then sanskar told everyone what he has planned for her birthday and what  everyone has to do and everyone agreed.Then everybody returned to their respective works and days went happily.


Today when swara's birthday started at 12:00 firstly sanskar lightly kissed her forehead and wished' happy birthday love' in her ears and then swara woke up and hugged him in excitement...he make her stood up from the bed and took her to the hall where everyone has gathered with a beautifully decorated cake in a table and whole house was decorated.Swara was so happy to see all these decorations and everyone's love towards her.She went and took DP,AP,RP and Sujata's blessings and all four blessed her wishing her happy birthday,then pari and ragini came forward and hugged her and wished her birthday and then adarsh wished her birthday and laksh came forward and wished her shaking his hands with her and then she went near the cake and everybody asked her to cut the cake...sanskar came to her and hold her hand and they both cut the cake together with all other family members singing happy birthday swara... Swara took first piece of cake...she wanted to feed sanskar but was thinking when DP said to feed it to sanskar and then swara knowing they got her feed that to sanskar blushingly and sanskar feed her back and then she feed the cake to rest of family members.After all this ragini and pari went to put the cake in fridge.Then the two came back and everybody presented their gifts to swara...AP and DP presented her a beautiful idol of radha and Krishna...RP and sujju gifted her laddu gopal...sujata has selected this gift as she wanted her poti ar pota soon...Adarsh and pari gifted her a necklace set and laksh and ragini gave her chocolate box saying everyone gifted her of their own choices but they gave something of her choice...swara was happy with it but then ragini presented her a set of beautiful earrings saying laksh is kanjoos but she is not and then keeping aside fun she told her they both have chosen both gifts together and then after this gift session everybody retired to their room...after going in room swara asked sanskar if he dint brought something for her to which sanskar went to cupboard and gave her a packet...she opened it and there was a beautiful saree in that...swara was so happy to see that when sanskar said it is just for her to get ready in it and come with him to her real gift tomorrow to which swara only gave a smile because she knew that HER Sanskar  must have planned something special for her as he always does and she kept the saree in cupboard and came to bed and both slept hugging each other.


And now after waking up in morning both of them got ready,and saying bye to all family members as sanskar has already asked permission here they were travelling in car for 1 hour with swara continuously asking questions from him and he just asking her to wait for sometime.

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pakh IF-Rockerz

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"We have reached swara..."...Sanksar said stopping the car...got out of it and opened the door for her...she got out and looked at her surroundings...It was a plot...deserted land...no sign of residence nearby...with nothing decorated or any special arrangement...she was looking it with confused look...""What are we going to do here sanskar...are you thinking of romancing here in this deserted area where there is no one...if it is so then it is very bad gift for my birthday Sanskar...u gifted me such a beautiful saree for coming here in this dry land...and we even did not brought something to eat too...what are we going to do here...and how is it a gift for my birthday...spending my time here...is that called gift...?""


"Swara...yaar stop speaking for sometime and tell me do you like... the area ...the location...its perfect na..."


Swara gave are u kidding me look..."who will like this type of location for spending time on her birthday"...


Sanskar hold her by her shoulders asked her to close her eyes..."no cheating"...and took her to some distance..."Now open your eyes..."...and there it was...a board written THIS LAND BELONGS TO MRS SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI...Swara looked at Sanskar...


"The area...the location...its perfect na ...for your MUSIC SCHOOL...mrs maheshwari..."


Swara looked at sanskar with teary eyes..."Sanskar this..."...and she choked and could not complete and hugged sanskar tightly...


"Swara I can not see tear in your eyes for any reason may be it is for happiness or sadness and due to me never no matter these are because I made u happy...I hate tears swara...in your beautiful eyes..."...and wiped those tears...


"Sanskar tumne ye sab...I mean how do u..."


"U remember u told me about it on diwali..."


"U remembered..."


"Sorry swara..."...he said making a sad face..."I did not remember...I forgot ...I just got involved in so much happiness I got due to u being with me that I forgot ...forgot to know if u are happy or not..."


"Sanskar...shut up...I was really so much happy with u ...so so much that I cant even described...u are my whole world sanskar...never say again like it...that was the reason u asked me this that morning and then changed the topic...but that answer of mine was genuine sanskar...I was always happy being with u...and will always be..."


"I know that swara but this is also a part of your happiness and I am really sorry I got to give u this hapiness after so long..."


"Sanskar just shut up now...stop saying sorry infact I should say thank u to u for understanding me and doing this much for me..."...


"Then u also not  dare to say thank u...remembered the rule...and then I did this for me...not for u so why should u say thank u...I did this to make me happy because your smile bring smile on my face and your happiness bring me lot more happiness than u...so I did this for me..."


" ok baba.."...she said smiling between tears which were still not leaving her due to this very special act of her husband..."But then if u dint remember how do u get to know..."


And then sanskar told her about  seeing her that night with diary and all his secret activities after wards...






"Now leave all that...will u not like to have a round of whole plot..."...he hold her by his one hand around her shoulder and they start walking...


"Swara...u remembered I spoiled your last birthday...U were broken and had tears that day because of me...I can never forgive myself for that swara...I just...I am really sorry swara..."...he said after walking some distance...


Swara just  took off his hands around her shoulders and start walking ahead leaving him... with tears in her eyes and crying a lot...loudly...sanskar ran after her and finally got to catch her ...swara hugged him tightly immediately and till then they both were in tears...


"I am sorry swara..."


"For what ..."...she said still in crying voice.


"For what I did that day to u..."


Swara hit him strongly on his chest..."U stupid,idiot...u should say sorry to me...say sorry to me...but not for that day but for today...for saying sorry again and again to me...to make MY SANSKAR  guilty...say sorry for that otherwise I will never talk to u and promise me to never ever just think or talk about past...U know what I am happy with all that happened...T HAT WAS OUR DESTINY SANSKAR...DESTINY WHICH WANTED US TO MEET AND TO BECOME ONE...DESTINY WHICH MADE US CROSS EACH OTHER'S PATHS LATER TO MAKE THAT PATH ONE FOR BOTH OF US ON WHICH WE BOTH ARE WALKING TODAY ...TOGETHER... HAND IN HAND AND I PROMISE TO DO IT FOR ...FOREVER...AND I KNOW U TOO WILL DO..."...she hugged him tightly again saying this...


"I am sorry swara for whatever I did which make u cry this time...please stop crying I promise I will never talk about anything like that again...please stop crying ...I promise na...dont cry on your birthday..."...he said himself too crying a lot..."


"Ok...now please u too stop crying..."


"I am not crying...look..."


"U are...and that too like girls..."...and she wiped his tears and kissed his eyes one by one and sanskar closed them and then sanskar too wiped her tears...and they both hugged each other tightly...


"Swara...tumhara make up kharab ho gaya...ab tum kaisi lag rahi ho ...how will u correct it now..."...he said jokingly...swara took out mirror from her purse and corrected her make up and now it was perfect and she asked sanskar to take water bottle from car and to wash his face which was too tear stained...


They went back to the car and sanskar washed his face...


"U make me cry on my birthday stupid mr maheshwari with your stupid talks...dont to dare to talk like that again..."


"So...vo sona...no no shona...I love u a lot..."{sorry incompleted}


"Swara smiled and hugged him...I  love u too sanskar...but now  what..."...she said smiling knowing what he did now...


Just then they listened coughing sound from backside...it was of ragini and laksh and they both parted from hug...


"Sankskar ye..."...said swara


Just then other cars too arrived with all the family members and a pandit ji with them all...whole gadodia and maheshwari family...


"Sanskar sab ...I mean..."

And then sanskar told her everything about what all he had talked about family and plans and all...


"Swara beta,I have talked with one of my friend owning  best construction company of kolkatta and work will be started after two days...sanskar too had talked with him."


"Thank u bade papa...and I so much lucky I have got such a supporting ...caring and loving ...family..."


"We are lucky to get u beta...to get such a good bahu for our house..."...said AP to which sujata too nodded and came forward and swara took blessings from them and hugged them.


"Swara...I have read u want a small school of your own but will u mind if I want it to make best music school of kolkatta and then u will have that responsibility to take it forward and make it best in india...choice is yours..."


"Sanskar u are sounding like businessman..."


"Swara I just want to know your genouine choice and offcourse responsibility come with work so I want my wife to everything according to her choice and do her best...After all u are Mrs Sanskar Maheshawari...wife of..."


"Best businessman of kolkatta...right Mr maheshwari..."...and then adrssing the whole family...I had dreamed which I could fulfil..."


"But I am dreaming something from your dream Swara...I will fulfil yours...will u do it for me..."..."But choice wil be yours and say it to me honestly and I am always with u..."...


"your and my dreams are ours sanskar...I hope I need not to say more..."


Sanskar smiled and so does the whole family...and after that everyone went to the land and then panditji did some pooja and broke the coconut on the land and then asked swara to dig out once using a spade and sanskar too accompanied him and they both performed the task...and then panditji left from there leaving all family members all alone.


"So Swara what will u name your music school"...asked ragini...genuinly...


"Swara beta...U should name it swaragini sangeet vidyalaya...my both daughters name...I will be very happy.."...said shekhar...to which everyone was hapyy...


"Shekhar ji let swara decide what she want to name it..."...DP said...


"Haan durgaprasad ji...I was just saying it and I am sure swara too will have no problem with it..."


"JI...Swara beta u tell...have u think about something..."


"Bade papa...haan...baba...vo I have already decided name so I am really sorry..."


"Its ok swara...but I will be happy if u named that but its ok...beta...kya socha hai tune..."


"I want to name it SANSKAR MUSIC ACADEMY...I hope you all have no problem with it..."


Sanskar looked at swara surprisingly...while all others were happy with that...sanskar was beyond happy listening it...HIS SWARA...all he could think...


"Its very good choice beta...now I think we all should leave...heat is too increasing..."...DP said...


"Bade papa I and swara will come later if u don't mind..."...sanskar asked...


"No problem beta...I think we all should leave now...he said to rest..."


And then all elders blessed both swara and sansakr and left...only ragini and laksh were left with swasan...ragini came and hugged swara...


"Ragini vo..."


"Swara...u don't need to explain...and I am really very happy ...and u know what nobody can love u more than sanskar...and I can never do that...I am really happy with your decision..."


"U are the best sister ragini..."


"Swara don't know about earlier time as I was not but now I am trying my best to be the best sister ...the tag which u give me because u are the best sister..."


"Ragini...I will kill both u and sanskar and don't ask me the reason...And forget about past ...we all are happy now..."


"Acha baba...and vaise bhi ab hum chalet hain...hume laksh se bhi toh kuch karvana hai na...vo toh hamare liye kuch nahi karte..."...Ragini said acting...to which laksh give a smile and give dangerous look to sanskar saying look what u have done and both of them left smilingly...


Swasan were left alone there...


"I will not say thank u.."


And swara smiled at him because both knew what other wanted to say without actually saying with words...


"What will we do here now..."


"Sanskar took out swara's guitar from back seat and showed her..."At place of your music school...we will enjoy with music...what say and yeah u will have to strive a little but don't worry I have made arrangements for that also but just for sometime..."


"No problem about food...u are there its enough...but about music school not mine but OUR MUSIC SCHOOL..."


And they sat their on some logs of wood nearby with swara in sanskar's lap ,his hand around her waist  and playing her guitar and both singing one or another favourite songs of them with each other...


Land of music school was filled with music of both of them...music of love...music of care...music of understanding...music of a promise to be like that till eternity...


"It was my best birthday sanskar..."


"Many more like this to come princess..."

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After  5 years swara was sitting in her cabin of THEIR music academy.It was exactly about five years and today was her birthday.


She had woke up at 12 and everyone wished her and then after cake cutting and all she again slept and then in morning she wanted to spend her whole day in music school as she is doing from last three years...yes SANSKAR MUSIC ACADEMY was inaugurated before about three and half years after its construction was completed...as sanskar has said it was biggest music academy of kolkatta along with magnificent building and all possible facilities and every thing which she has thought about...It has various features which she wanted to adapt from famous music academies and now sanskar has made all her dreams true...It was no. 1 music academy of whole west Bengal and came in top 10 music academies of india...and credit of it she will give to her as she has dedicated herself completely to the school,she had done her all possible efforts to make the music academy best as sanskar has asked her and as he said it had become HIS DREAM to see her at top...there she was ...at top...because if he can FULFILL HER DREAMS...there was no way she will not do that for him...but along with her hardwork she will give credit to her so much supporting family and sanskar...no need to describe him in adjectives as they will fall less for him as all the adjectives which could describe the best were his qualities.Her family has supported her a lot...she did not used to spend most of her time here as there are lot of management peoples but still she is the one who make all plans and tactics for the academy...for that she has to work a lot and she was not able to dedicate her whole time to her family and its works but everyone understood her and were being so much supportive to her...Her sister ragini and pari bhabhi had taken all responsibilities of house and never complained about her and not this only but they had also taken responsibility of THEIR PRINCESS SANSKRITI in her abscence...sanskar used to remain most of the time at office till evening and only she used to be with her but when she had to come here due to some important work and was not able to take sanskriti with her than ragini and pari bhabhi used to take care of her a lot,,ragini along with her own daughter and pari bhabhi as her own daughter.Sanksriti was too three and half years old ...she was born only a month before inauguration of music academy.Today morning she had come here with all her family members,then they did some pooja in school itself...and all the students of academy has prepared a program for her on this special day of her as she was director of the music academy,...She used to love to spend her time with these students...she would come here whenever she felt bored ... sometimes alone and most of the time with sanskar...this was THEIR little world which gave  alot of happiness to both of them. Then after the program students retrived to their classes and family went back home after havins some food which she has organised  and for students there were arrangement of food during lunch time which has still some time.Then only sanskar.she and sanskariti were left here.Sanskar was here only till sanskriti asked him she wants to listen to the song which someone was practicing in a nearby classroom so she went with sanskar and swara was here as she had some work to do.Her princess too was fond of listening music and there were there special sessions in night when the father daughter duo will sit and listen and she will play the music and sometimes sanskar too sing along with her and their princess will enjoy...and now sanskar has started calling her queen as now princess was someone else but she dint like that word queen so she asked him to call her shona to which he agreed.


She has a lot of dreams and there was a special dream between those dreams and the time when she has lost hope for that dream of her...that was the time when someone made that dream of her his own and then both were there to fulfil each other's dreams...and that someone was HIS husband...HIS SANSKAR...the best husband, friend and as I said adjectives seems less as he was simply best in everything and as she has thought everything happens for good and this was the BEST  thing in her life...SANSKAR...WHO FULFILLED HER DREAMS...


With her involved in her thoughts sanskar came along with their princess and she came and hugged her mumma and told her how papa took her and showed whole school and she listened good good songs in her cute voice...and sanskar came and sit beside her on couch on which she was sitting and side hugged her...she put her head on his chest with their little princess on her lap...






Guys I am done with this story and should not say that but I am in love with my own story and If u all too love this story like I do then please do tell me by liking and specially through your comments...will be waiting and as anyone I too love appreciation and if u all too find it appreciable please tell me...thank u all who have read and liked it and will do...


Involving in something is really too hard...cudos to all who write SSs and FFs...I am feeling so happy after completing it...

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Hansika..... IF-Rockerz

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Awesome Update Kirti.
Loved Swara's Pov here where she completely Ignored her Dreams in order to Fulfill the Responsibilities and to be a Good Bahu,Daughter and a Good Wife.
I so Love the way how SwaSan understand eachother and become eachother's biggest Strength and Support.
Swara's Anger is Justified for being Careless abt Health and Skipping the Food to Handle a Project.
Sanskar's Care and Concern for Swara is a Pure Bliss.
Waiting to see how Sanskar is gonna Fulfill Swara's Dream of Music school.
Continue Soon Kirti.

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Sujayricky IF-Rockerz

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Superb start Clap
Seriously i am loving this story alot
Swasan bonding is awesome Day Dreaming
And their punishment was nice LOL
Superb story
Do update soon please

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