KaYa OS: From a Secret To a Headline!

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Hola peeps!!
I am back with another OS on KaYa in a day!! Crazy, eh?Tongue LOL
But I can't help it! You guys have given me the best welcome in the entire world! This OS has a basic idea, that Kabir is scared of injections and Ananya takes advantage of it...
Actually, my bestie had given this idea, so this OS is for her!!!!
Love you Jaan-a!!!! Till infinity and beyond!Heart Heart

The OS is when the series has ended, Ronnie is alive and everything is normal... This might not be as good as the previous one, so don't keep your hopes high!
Please let me know how you liked it...

PS I am pathetic at funny dialogues!Dead Dead 

From A Secret To a Headline

The sun shone in brightly through the large French windows of Ananya's room. Occasional laughter, whispering and giggling could be heard from her room. She was talking to Tarini, her new found friend, who had accompanied her to the "wedding shopping" and was now in her room, relaxing with a cup of coffee. They talked about anything and everything in the world and just when Tarini thought it was time to leave, she noticed Ananya's expressions getting a little tensed. Putting a hand on her shoulder, she asked,

Tarini: What happened? One moment ago, you were fine, so why this sudden change?? Is there something troubling you?

Ananya: No yaar, but I am really scared... I mean, I am getting married to Kabir in less than a week; everything is going just so perfect, just the way it should be... Ronnie is alive, Kabir's love for me has only increased, but what if...??? Uh... Tarini, hello??? Are you listening???

But Tarini was not listening to anything. The words "scared" and "Kabir" seemed to ring a bell in her mind. She kept mumbling,

Tarini: Scared... scared????... yes!!!!!!! Scared!!!... Oh Tarini you are a genius!!

Before Ananya could realize what was happening, Tarini went up to her dressing table and pulled out a comb. She then tuned to Ananya and pretending to present news, held the comb to her mouth, and said,

Tarini: Hello lovely people out there! And of course, Ananya you too... Today, a long lost reporter, that's me, Tarini, is going to break a news which is absolutely sensational!! It has to be, when the news concerns Kabir Sharma!! So let me tell all of you... Kabir Sharma, the Prince Charming, and the fianc of this wonderful lady right in front of me, is scared of injections!!! **drum rolls**

Ananya: Ha! Tarini, you can't be serious... Are you???? Oh God! Really?! I don't believe this!

Tarini: Why do people doubt my news so much nowadays? Lady, you love him too much to hear anything embarrassing about him! Uff, let me show you.

Tarini took out her phone and showed Ananya some photos. Her eyes grew wide with each photo, and finally she joined Tarini in her laughter as she saw the mighty EIC of KKN being harassed by a mere injection!

Ananya: His expressions are priceless! How did you manage them?! He would kill you if he found out!

Tarini: Don't doubt my reporting skills dear! In the hospital, he was busy defending himself from the wrath of the head nurse when I took these photos... I thought I would include them in your wedding album and give him the shock of this life, but-

Ananya: But I just had a better idea! Come here!

After chalking out a foolproof plan, they decided to include Khalid too, as they needed his help.

Khalid: Hello Ananya! How are you today?

Ananya (suppressing her excitement): I am fine, Khalid, thank you! Are you free right now? Actually there was something I needed to discuss with you...

 Khalid: Oh don't be so formal, dear. Now tell me, what's the plan? How are we going about the prank on Kabir??

Ananya: But, how did you..??!?!

Khalid: Oh come on, your suppressed laughter and excitement clearly gives away that you have something cooking up against Kabir. So tell me how can I be of any help to you? It's been a long while since we spread some joy around here!

Ananya: That's right! Now listen... (After explaining) Okay? Be ready tomorrow at 10 am!


The next day at KKN-

Everyone was at work and Kabir was upstairs setting up new sponsors for his show without a hint in the world about what was going to happen. Ananya came in the office and rushed to her friends. She explained the plan to them who all agreed to put this plan into action.

After a while, Khalid came out his cabin and asked for everyone's attention, including Kabir's. He cleared his throat and announced,

Khalid: Listen everyone! I just spoke to my friend who is a senior doctor at the City Hospital and he said he would be sending a doctor here at KKN today to get the medical checkup done. I went through your records and some of you have to get your vaccinations updated, so she will be taking care of that too! And also-

Kabir: Hold it right there, Khalid! I am not allowing any doctor to come here and inject stuff into my employees!!... and City Hospital you said? Never!! It is the worst hospital that I have ever been to! The doctors there are very insensitive and the nurses are-

Somebody interrupted from behind.

Voice: and the nurses are??? Continue, Mr. Sharma, the nurses? What about them?

Kabir stopped dead in his tracks. He knew very well who it was. The owner of the voice had made sure he faced his fear in the hospital every day during his stay there. He slowly turned around. He saw an old lady doctor, which seemed too familiar to him, with a HUGE First Aid box and, right beside her, was Kabir's favourite, Head Nurse Sheila!

The look on his face was enough for Ananya to realize that it was going to be tough to hold back her laughter as the drama unfolded.

Kabir: You?! Here, at KKN??? What are you here for?

Sheila: I guess you lost your hearing capability and are suffering from memory loss. Didn't Khalid tell you moments ago that I am here for the medical checkup? And the bigger news is, you are entitled to a special vaccination injection by me! So please-

Kabir: And didn't YOU hear me telling Khalid that I am not getting any checkup done!

Sheila: I heard that, but who said it matters? Now come on, arrange all your employees as I say, with you being after Khalid.

After much objection, he had to give in. After all, if this fact went out, it would be more sensational than the news he himself breaks! So in the name of self-respect, he prepared himself.

Meanwhile, all the people involved in the plan were having a gala time in the conference room, laughing away! Khalid was the first to come back to his senses and said,

Khalid: I guess I should go back now... be ready guys! And Ronnie, Richa, Sunny, and Baby, sneak out from the back door! And Ananya, under that table, quick! I am going out!

Lady Doctor (Tarini): Uh... Khalid, don't forget the pain you felt with the injection!

Khalid: Oh ya right! Thanks!

Saying so, he left the room and emerged in the office with the expression of being beaten by goons, rather than a mere injection, but that certainly did the trick. The whole office witnessed a cold and shivering Kabir Sharma enter the conference room. He entered the room and saw the doctor was going through some reports. He turned toward Sheila and stared at the injection which she was holding.

Sheila: Are you going to stare at me for eternity?! I ain't that pretty! Go and stare at your Ananya once you are through... Now come on, I haven't got all day!

He rolled up his sleeves and sat down in front of her. He shut his eyes tightly. Kabir, who didn't believe in God, had prayed to each one of them. His expressions tightened as he held out his hand and waited for the pain to strike!

One moment.

Two moments.

Nothing happened. He stared wondering what was happening, when he heard a muffled laughter. He got up, confused. He suddenly felt something soft on his foot. He jumped up and kneeled to see what it was... But he got the shock of his life there!

He was hell shocked when he saw Ananya and falling over his foot, laughing hysterically. He looked at the doctor and the nurse who were in the same condition. First of all, Kabir was not getting anything. What was Ananya doing under the table? What was so funny? Why did the doctor look familiar? He was about to open his mouth to ask them, when the unthinkable happed! Tarini was laughing so hard that her wig fell off!

Kabir gaped at her, a thousand things running in his mind. The journalist in him didn't take more than 10 seconds to figure out the big picture. He couldn't help but smile when the thought crossed his mind that the mastermind behind all this was Ananya. Meanwhile, they had come out of the room and had signaled Khalid about the success. Kabir came out of the room with a sheepish grin and everyone joined in the laughter.

He looked around the office, his eyes searching for her. He didn't like losing; he had scores to settle with her. Looking into her eyes, he walked towards her. But she further stumped him completely, when she stuck out her tongue and ran away!

What followed was a hilarious Tom and Jerry chase around the office. Everyone absolutely loved it! Actually, they didn't get to see their Hitler Editor running behind his girlfriend with a million dollar smile, everyday! Khalid looked at them and thought,

Khalid: You both truly are a "dynamic combination"... unprofessionally too!

The chase finally ended with Kabir scooping up Ananya in his arms and the office going awww!!'

Ananya: Finally figure out kar hi liya aapne? Vaise ek baat poochhoon? Aap andar dar gaye the na?  *chuckle* Maine aapko aaj expose kar hi diya!!

Kabir: Haan, haan, sabke saamne meri class le li... Aur kisne kiya yeh? Meri best friend (shooting daggers at a grinning Tarini) aur meri girl...

He couldn't finish as he saw a victorious grin come up on her face! Memories of him doing the same to her flashed before his eyes. He shook his head, accepting his defeat.

Ananya: Dekha! Tables do turn Mr. Sharma, miracles do happen!

Kabir: Accha? Chalo ab main tumhe batata hoon, miracle kise bolte hain!

And he took her inside his cabin and placed her on her feet. And needless to say, it just took them just a moment to indulge in a world class kiss initiated by Kabir and responded wholeheartedly by Ananya.

Kabir: So how did you like my revenge, sweety??

Ananya: The best, Kabir, the best.

Let me know how it was!!!!


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simply wonderful :)

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LOLROFLROFLThat was hilarious!!!!!Awesome OS!!!!!
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Wow Anandi Clap...loved it
while reading this OS ..whole time I was doing this ROFL

and You say you can't write funny dialogues...Well you you're wrong ...
Thank you for making me laugh Embarrassed...You are really good at WritingStar
Write more on KaYaWink

Edited by Zannat. - 19 April 2016 at 8:29am

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ROFLhilarious nd superb ud do write more dear...
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Awesome update 
Really hilarious 
I was laughing like hell  
Fantastic Anandi 
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It was too good dear...
Please keep writing dear..
Yeh dil maangE more..Wink
Love KaYa..Heart
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Anandi you justify your name wow what  a great happiness you gave to us.
It was hilarious to the core. You rocked.
My craving for your writing is increasing.
Was holding my stomach laughing while reading.
Too goodLOL

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