Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

Devakshi OS - Attractions de Souvenir

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Sonakshi stepped out of the bathroom after a long steamy shower, towel wrapped around her delicate frame, her dusky skin glistened with tiny unwiped water drops and her hair was dripping wet. Standing before her open wardrobe in confusion and contemplation she mulled over her outfit for the day. Not someone who ever paid too much attention over her physical appearance, she had become extremely conscious of how she looked these days, she made attempts to look good and fitter than before. She loved doing it on the other hand, she loved dressing up for him, Mr Dev Dixit. 

She smiled and her insides instantly warmed up only thinking about him and their growing relationship which was now something much more than plain friendship. Taking a deep breath in she finally decided to wear the white kurti and palazzo pants which she had worn on their first date. "Yes!! Perfect outfit, he'll love it." and she blushed a faint pink. 

Quickly changing into her clothes she stood before the mirror to get dressed, lost in thoughts she dried her hair when she felt an arm wrap itself around her waist and she felt his warm breath on the back of her neck making the scant hair on her arm rise as she felt goosebumps. Looking up in the mirror she found him smiling his euphoric smile, his nose buried in her hair, breathing in the fragrance of her freshly washed hair.

"Dev" she whispered fondly and closed her eyes to feel the feel of having him close to her. She raised a hand to lovingly caress his cheeks but was zapped out of her thoughts when she felt her own hand against her cheek. Opening her eyes she looked in the mirror to find no one standing behind her and her palm resting on her cheek. 

Her eyes turned wide in shock & amazement as it dawned upon her that she had been hallucinating again. Slapping a palm on her forehead she exclaimed, "Sona ye kya kar rahi hai tu? You seem to have lost your marbles. You really really need to tone down this D effect from your mind, otherwise some day it is going to turn you completely mad." 

Speeding up the process of getting dressed she quickly applied light make up and put on her silver jhumkas for the final effect. Giving herself a glance over in the mirror she smiled happily and said, "Perfect." and left for Dev's home.

Standing in front of the mirror he buttoned the last button of his shirt and bent down to retrieve his cufflinks from the drawer.. Putting them on his shirt cuffs he opened his wardrobe to pull out a dark grey tie that would go with his outfit.. Pulling it out he struggled to tie it around his neck, he was never a tie person but today was an important day for him and the tie was necessary for a good impression. 

Huffing out in annoyance at another failed attempt in tying the tie he began calling Ria to help him tie it when he felt a soft hand on his shoulder. Turning his face sideways he saw the face of his sunshine appear in front of him. 

His frown turned into a warm smile on seeing her and his day already seemed better. His eyes glazed with fondness and love seeing her smiling cherubic face but then turned wary as he thought he was hallucinating her presence again like the previous times. 

He was seeing her everywhere, every damn place. Dr. Sonakshi Bose had seeped into his very psyche, he would imagine her shaving off his stubble when he shaved, he imagined her bringing in his black coffee in his cabin albeit with reprimanding eyes, he saw her at the dinner table serving him food and holding his hand, talking to him all the while as he ate, he would see her when he showered, he would see her when he ate, he would see her when he drove, he would see her everywhere. There wasn't a single place where he wouldn't see her. She was turning him mad every passing day. 

Sonakshi was passing by his room after giving Ishwari aunty her morning breakfast when she saw him struggling with his tie. She chuckled at his childlike antics, that man owned and managed an entire company and yet he couldn't manage to tie a tie. Chuckling again she entered in his room and placed a hand over his shoulder silently calling out to him. 

She saw his face turn towards her and his face light up with a warm amazed smile on seeing her and almost suddenly his eyes turned wary. Sonakshi's smile faltered seeing his wariness and felt scared. "Did I do something wrong?"  she wondered worried. "Not you again yaar. Why do you keep popping up anywhere and everywhere? I'm tired imagining you everywhere." he huffed out exasperatedly. Sonakshi felt hurt when she heard him sending her away but then hurt made way for amazement as it dawned upon her for the second time in an hour that Dev was in the same soup as her. 

He was equally smitten by her as she was by him. Smiling mischievously she spoke, "How will Aunty's health be managed if I go away Dev and more so I do not abandon my patients. I have to stay back till she is fine hain na?" 

His eyes widened in shock as he heard her respond to his monologue, yet not convinced of her presence he raised his hand tentatively and touched her face, his fingertips lightly grazing her model like cheekbones reveling in the smoothness and softness of her skin. Sonakshi's eyes closed of their own accord on feeling him touch her and she basked in the warmth of his touch. Dev's eyes turned intense with passion and love seeing Sonakshi's response to his slight touch and he was sorely tempted to step in closer to her. Giving in to the temptation, he stepped in closer and whispered, "So you're here for real." 

Keeping a hand over his palm she nodded her head in acknowledgement of what he said and he smiled a full smile touching his forehead to her's. Moments passed and then reality sinked in for Dev, "Holy shit!! She is here for real. Crap. Crap. Crap. Way to go Dev Dixit. You've blurted out nonsense in front of her and not to forget you also blurted out that you've been hallucinating her everywhere. Yikes. This is going to be so embarassing."

Pulling away Sonakshi opened her eyes and saw Dev's embarrassed and slightly red face and chuckled alerting him to her presence. She continued chuckling as his expressions turned stern. Taking the tie from his hand she pulled a stool and stood on it to tie the tie. Dev looked down at her immersed in her work and then happened to notice their comical height difference and chuckled upon which she looked up at him with questioning eyes. Pursing his lips he nodded his head in negative to which she shrugged in confusion and went back to tying the tie. 

Deciding to tease her a bit for all the fun she had at his expense he muttered,"Payback time baby."  Smiling devilishly he snaked an arm around her waist effectively startling her with his mischief, pulling her close he looked down at her and played with a stray lock of hair which had escaped out of her bun. "Dev please. You're distracting me." came her soft reprimanding voice. "Feeling distracted are we Sonakshi?"  he asked with a smirk. "Mean man, You're a mean man Dev Dixit. Taking advantage of a situation where I cannot voice my thoughts. I won't leave you without revenge. Just you wait" she swore under her breath. 

Gazing at her slightly pink cheeks he raised a hand and again grazed her cheekbones with the back of his hand making her gasp. "You look very beautiful today Sonakshi. Even better than our coffee date. This pink suits your cheeks a lot." he said softly in amazement of her natural beauty. 

"Thank you ." she replied and her blush turned a deep red making him laugh lightly at how shy she could be. He had never thought that Ms. Bose, someone who was ready with arms and ammunition all the time to argue, could be so soft and so shy. Her expressions turned mutinous on seeing him laugh at her condition and she started cursing him under her breath again. 

She tied the knot of his tie a bit too tight in her irritation at him. Coughing he loosened the knot for his comfort and chuckled again, "Trying to strangle me to death Sonakshi?".Smiling sarcastically at him she mumbled, "Wish i could Mr. Aubodhro." and he grinned at her kittenish anger. His grin turned into full blown laughter on seeing her evident irritation and he took the chance by pulling her into a close hug, trapping her hands between their chests as they hugged. Kissing her on the top of her head he inhaled her fragrance and sighed, "Thank you for this Sonakshi you saved me from turning mental."  

Sonakshi looked up at him yet surrounded by his arms and smiled fondly, "You're welcome." Stepping out of his embrace she started walking out of the room but stopped almost immediately and walked back to where Dev stood. "Perfect revenge." she thought and gave Dev one of her cheeky smiles which confused him to no extents. Confusion made way for pleasure as she pulled him down by his tie and kissed him on either of his cheeks and kissed his nose before finally releasing him. Stepping back she saw his frozen form and dazzled expressions and smiled over her sweet success. Blowing him a kiss she whispered, "All the best Mr. Aubodhro." and walked out of the room. 

Dev stood there in contemplation and shock feeling a myriad of emotions, reveling in the feel of her lips on his cheeks. He smiled like a love sick idiot when he realized that Sonakshi bose had just kissed him on his cheeks and left. Raising a hand he touched his cheeks where she had kissed and inhaled the fragrance of her lips. Putting a hand over his heart he smiled wide and whispered to himself, "Thank you Ms. Bose but you'll be the death of me someday." Ruffling his hand in mirth and happiness he bent down to pick his car keys and wallet and left his room already counting hours when they would meet. 

Okay hie friends, my name is Kashmi and I'm a very silent reader of this forum. The crackling chemistry between Dev and Sonakshi is just irresistible and it made me want to write something on them very very desperately.. Here I am with this OS, hope you'll like it. Would proof read it later in a bit of a hurry to get done with my target of the day.. Would wait for your feedback to know how you'll liked it. So do comment and like and yes constructive criticism is always welcome.. Signing off until next time.. Sayonara.. Big smile

Kashmi. Hug

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 U hv a beautiful stream-like flow in ur writing...
Charming and at par elegant...

Keep writing more cheesy OS...sEmbarrassed

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Hey This is so beautiful.
Loved this OS Kashmi.
Do write more, and loved the way U described everything.
And welcome to the Forum Of KRPKAB
I am Anushka.

With Lots Of Love,

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Gorgeous stuff! Loved it to the core and each word falls like a melody to the heart. Beautiful! 

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loved it...awesomely written Star 

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Beautifully written...Embarrassed

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Loved it...next on the lips!

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Beautiful OS :)

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