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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 2:53am | IP Logged
Chapter 5
Both jo and jalal were lying on bed they were tired and want to get some sleep. Both of them slept by hugging eachother. 
After some time while sleeping they were disturbed by a sound. 
It was jalals phone. He got a text message from mirza that he with shivani and Abdul with salima were going to outing. At the same time jo got a call from bhakshi. Bhakshi also informed that she and dadaji were going to dehradun and also informed her not to cook food for them. Then jo got doubt and saw the time it's almost 6.30 in the evening. Jo got tensed Jalal saw her and asked wat happened jo y r u tensed who's call is that. 
Jo - nothing jalal bhakshi and dadaji went to dehradun so she said not to cook food for them tonite and will return after 2 weeks and sorry to disturb u r sleep jalal Then jalal
Jalal - oh no jo don't be sorry. It's Mirza who woke me up. I got a message that mirza with shivani and Abdul with salima were going to outing so he texted me and will be back in 4 days. Jo became relaxed and got up from the bed to wear a dress then jalal also got up and wore his shot while jo wore a baby pink Saturn sleeveless nighty which is upto her knees Jalal was hypnotized by her beauty.

Here mirza was getting bore so he and abdul planned to go for outing .but he should inform it to someone as bhakshi and dadaji went to dehradun he thought to inform jalal but he texted as he was sure that they were intimating with eachother. 

Here bhakshi and dadaji went to dehradun for some work on land for the construction of hospital
Flashback ends

Singh mansion
Surya was getting tensed thinking wat happened to jo. He was also thinking how jalal left everyone wen he heard that jo was unwell but again thinking that they just share aCousins relationship with each other and convinced himself. He called everyone but no one knows abt jo finally called abdul and came to know that she is well.
(Jalal don't like to celebrate his birthday with anyone so Abdul didn't mention anything about it)
Surya thought to meet jo as he wants to get a glimpse of her so he decided to go to Kk mansion tomorrow to know about jos health and if possible to say her about his love to her.

On the other hand ruqaiiya was thinking to go and meet jo ( ruqaiiya is going to meet jo only to get some time with jalal)so she calls up atifa and asks her if she wants to come. 
Atifa - hi ruqaiiya kal shopping Chale Ruqaiiya thought for a while and said k then
Ruqaiiya - actually am thinking to go to Kk mansion tomorrow to know about jos health would u like to join me

Atifa was happy when she heard abt Kk mansion and said k
They hung up
 (Actually atifa hates jo Becoz jalal always compares everyone with jo especially girls, and always thinks about jo. His possisiveness for jo was not liked by her but wen she came to know that her bhai surya loves jo she started to think about it and thought jo and jalal were childhood buddies so he was possisive about her and wen he will get married to her he we'll surely forget jo)
Convincing her self like this she went for dinner. 

In Kk mansion
Both jo and jalal were alone. Jalal gave leave to all the maids so that he can get some privacy for him and jo
They were watching TV lying on the couch.
Jo was lying on jalal. They were watching twilight breaking dawn part 1 and 2 wen Edward and bella were kissing in the water jo got up and changed the channel. Jalal observed her which is not gone unnoticed by jo she became crimson. 
Wen jo changed the channel and there comes Ramleela
Jo turned red and jalal with smirk asked her Jo am hungry . she became shy and asked him
Jo - wat do you want to eat jalal. 
Jalal - u
She becomes red with shy
Wat happened jo
She doesn't reply anything. Jalal comes closer to her and whispers "come fast jo am waiting in the room and get me something to drink. J thinks for a while and goes into the kitchen

Night 10
Jo was sure if jalal starts drinking he will be rough so decided to take some milk
Here jalal is waiting for jo it's almost 15 min but no sign of jo
Then the door opened and jalal saw jo coming towards him. She handed him the glass of milk and sat on her bed side. 
Jalal kept the glassAt the corner and came closer to jo and started kissing her. Her thin transparent dress is revealing her breasts . He started kissing her an after some time their clothes were on floor. 
Jalal started kissing, nibbling and sucking her nipples .Jo saw jalal and the her concentration was diverted towards the glass of milk. She said jalal u first drink the milk
Am trying jo came the reply then she said jalal am talking about the milk in glass.
Ooh jo I want to drinks ur milk
Ohh my stupid hubby after becoming mother only milk will fill there. He was disappointed and asked jo
Jo wen our baby will come into the world then I will drink ur milk u should save for me
She became red Rose there after her hubbies talks. Then jalal took the milk and poured on her bare belly an breasts and started liking it. And wen he felt his manhood wet he inserted in her womanhood and kissing her passionately they slept

It's almost morning
Jo and jalal were still sleeping. 
On the other hand surya got ready an left to Kk mansion
Atifa went to ruqaiiya and and after shopping both went to Kk mansion

It's almost after noon 1.30 but our lovebirds were still sleeping hugging eachother. 

Meanwhile surya reached the mansion an wen he came inside he was shocked and again went to the first steory and again shocked as it was looking like some one were intimating then at the same time ruqaiiya and atifa reached Kk mansion and both of them headed to jos room but they were shocked seeing surya there
Hi bhai
Surya turned and saw them and asked wat were they doing here
Ruqaiiya said actually surya we came to meet jo
Then surya said even I came to meet jo
Then the trio headed to check where is jos room as they never went there even ruqaiiya don't know

Here it almost 1.35 jalal saw jo sleeping and again was going to sleep wen jo woke up
Both of them smiled seeing each other
Then jo slowly whishpered"jalal I want you still deep inside me"hearing her jalal was exited he slowly came out and again inserted deep inside her and with pleasure she started moaning and squeezing his manhood. 
Jo was not atoll satisfied her pregnancy hormones need still more looking at her eyes jalal could easily understand. ? He slowly got up still inserting in her with him she to got up and both were in sitting in the form of lotus flower . in pleasure jos head was banging her pillow an her one hand was squeezing his manhood and the other hand was disrupting the besheet
And all this was seen by surya who became angry and went away from there ruqaiiya ans Atifa were shocked and could not digest the fact wat they saw and left the place with anger, hatred and insecurities
And our lovebirds were not in the mood to ruin the Sunday

Precap-wat happened bhakshi, 
Good news bhabi
Jalal and jos happy moments

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sandy_143 Groupbie

Joined: 13 October 2010
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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 3:07am | IP Logged
Chapter 6
   Jo and jalal were tired
After sometime jo saw jalal who was already asleep so she got up from the bed and went to bath it was already 3.30 after she gets fresh up she wore a loose cotton frock. Meanwhile jalal was feeling emptiness so got up and saw jo going to the dressing room. He was still lazy then got up and went to bath and after some time he came out and wore a black shirt and red jean
He went to downstairs and saw jo was already ready .she cooked some pasta four both jo and jalal and after having them both went to th hospital. 

At singh mansion
Surya was shocked and was thinking wat he saw he was praying to god that it should be a nightmare so that wen he woke up he should get peace but his luck is not good

Aatifa was not able to control her anger wen she saw both jo and jalal together. 
She started breaking all the things and was crying continously and was thinking that she was betrayed. She was shattered. 

Ruqaiiya was sure that there is something in between them as she heard many times from salima and abdul about jo and jalal. She was happy for jalal but also sad that she couldn't get jalal. The thing wat she saw was enough for ruqaiiya to understand that they love eachother and no one can seperate them as she observed the passion in jalals eyes which is only for jo. So she decided to side herself. 

In Kk mansion
Both jo and jalal came back
Jo was tensed thinking about reports
And wat will happen if this news comes in front of the world. 

Days were passing on mirza with shivani and Abdul with salima were back and wen they came to know about jos pregnancy they were happy and started teasing jalal. 
It's almost 2 weeks now bhakshi and dadaji will be back and reports were also going to come. Jo was damm happy and little bit of tensed

Finally the waiting has come to an end
Both jo and jalal informed the good news to dadaji as dadaji heard the news he was soo happy and thought that he was soon going to become great grandpa. He was happy and blessed his children then jalal said about jos tension and health. Hearing this he was shocked and don't want to loose his great grandkids. 

Suddenly the bell rung jo opened the door it was bhakshi she was looking tensed Jalal and dadaji came down and saw bhakshi looking tensed then jo asked wat happened bhakshi then with anxiety she said good news bhabi u r going to have twins. Really bhakshi came the reply from jalal Then jo with tears hugged dadaji and dadaji kissed her on forehead

Jo and jalal were happy
Jalal hugged her and thanked her for such a precious gift
Precap-problem ka solution

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sandy_143 Groupbie

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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 3:15am | IP Logged
Chapter 7
Both jo and jalal were happy and every thing is normal it's almost a week Jo and jalal were having finals in cllj only 4 months left for them to complete their studied

In canteen mirza and abdul were talking to jalal wen abdul saw moti coming to them
Hi moti said the trio she took her seat and congrats jalal for good news tand says that jo is tensed thinking wat will if the news revealed by hearing this mirza became ttense and asked wat will we do bhaijan then at the same time jo was also coming talking to ruqs and salima. 
Seeing jo jalal asked to not to talk about this topic in front of jo. 
Mean time surya and alisha also came to them and took their seats
Surya in anger was observing jo and asked 
Surya y r u looking tired jo
Jo nothing surya
Surya wat is the mark on ur neck jo and y were you covering it with your hair
Jo became embarrassed and gave a fiery look to jalal who was controlling his laughter and Not able to face his wife.
Jo - it's nothing surya one big fat mosquito had bitten me very hard at night
Where as the others who know about their relationship were holding their laugh as to not to embarrass job as she was already having some tensions
Surya - jo y were ur eyes red and ur also having dark circles as if u were not sleeping properly are you fine asked with anger and concern
Jo became shy and said it's only because of exams. 
Jalal and abdul were staring at eachother and thinking y is surya observing jo like that and asking so many questions like a teacher asks a student

Jalal - k leave it jo I think we have to leave and jo and jalal left while mirza with shivani went for shopping
In car jo is blushing and said to jalal
Jo - Jalal Y is surya observing me like that no one observed me like that other than u
Jalal - even am thinking the same jo. I dint like him questioning u and saying ans to him
Wat did I say jalal said Jo
Jalal with a smile said I will say u tonite jo
No jalal say it now said jo
Am I looking like a mosquito jo asked jalal Then jo said with irritation
Jo - then wat should I say jalal that it was our love making effect should I say them that you were bitting and sucking me should I say that it was Becoz of your rough romantic sex
Jalal with smile said -jo u were saying as if u were not a part of it

Jo became shy jalal saw and said ji more than me u were like a wildcat. 
When we are on bed u become soo bold and wild some times I become bold to control u this made her become rosy red and then jo said - it's Becoz of u jalal u were the one who always make me something different which I never realised. I don't even know wat happens to me wen am with you
Jalal - don't say like that jo even am not less and I accept it. I know am so rough but only Becoz of u jo,. love you jo and want u in me said jalal

After some time they headed to home as both of them were waiting for their intimate

At night while having dinner jalal asked dadaji about jo
Dadaji said tomorrow i will say and I want everyone on time
And asked jo to not get tensed as he had a good news for them. 

Everyone headed to their respective rooms
Jalal slowly came close to jo and said it's time to intimate. 

Jo and jalal went to their room as jalal took his laptop and started doing his work. Jalal asked her to take some sleep as he is busy in some work but jo took her laptop and said jalal even I have work. Then jalal said he won't allow her to sleep so wants her to sleep 
Jo said only 15 min and jalal said k
It's almost 9.30 jalal finished his work and went to jo. 
Jo went to dressing to change .jalal went to dressing and asked her not to wear anything. Jo was shocked and asked y. 
Then jalal naughty replied Jo every morning wen maid comes to our room for taking clothes for a wash she use to get either torn clothes or nothing which always keeps her in dilemma. 
Jo was shocked after hearing this
Then jalal said don't worry jo it's our life we r one and can do anything with eachother
Then jo became shy and was going to wear something shot and loose wen jalal covered both of them with a blanket completely naked. 
Jalal - don't waste time jo I don't want a single second two get wasted
Jalal picked up jo and took her to their bed. 
He covered her with his body and his body is covered with a blanket
Jalal was looking at jo and started kissing her all over her body and started smooching her twins and said Jo I want my kids now. Jo was becoming red with his talks and said
Jo - darling hubby u should wait for 9 months. Jalal with a smile started lovemaking roughly jalal said jo now I will show you how a mosquito bites and started biting her neck, lips, breasts with passion. It's almost 1am jalal was still kissing her and slowly inserted in her. 
He was repeating the same and jo was clutching the bed sheet and also marking on his back. He was still doing the same and asked jo can we have something she was in deep pleasure and just nodded her head .jalal took some oil and started applying on jo. He was rubbing her skin with hot oil all over her body while she is just having him inside her. Then she asked in a husky tone
Jo - wat r u doing
Jalal - jo bhakshi said it is good for pregnent women and gave me this hot oil to give you then I realised u don't like to apply hot oil on ur skin so thought to have something different with it said jalal in a husky voice. 

Both were tired and still craving jalal was still applying oil on her bare belly, breasts thighs etc.
Jo was banging her head with pillow not understanding how to decrease the thirst in her. 
Jalal knew it very well and wrapped jos legs around his waist. He lifted her while kissing her breasts and then lips took her to the dressing room. 
Jalal sat on the couch with jo still kissing and made her lie. He was still inserting in her both of them sat in front of the mirror and removed the blanket. Jalal was looking at jo in her birth ware similarly jo was also doing. 
Jo and jalal were craving for eachother. Jalal was going deep inside her while kissing. 
Both of them were sweating and also oily. Jo was completely tired and jalal was not in the mood to bath. It's almost 3.30 am both were still making love wen jalal got a call. He was not picking the call as he was busy with jo
The caller is none other than atifa. 

In Singh mansion
Atifa thought that both jo and jalal were intimating with eachother Becoz it was a mare attractions between them as their grandpa was not there.
She was not able to sleep. It's almost 3.30 am she was getting tensed and thinking wat is happening between jo and jalal. So thought to propose him soon but not able to wait. So she was calling him continously but jalal was not picking the call she was becoming hyper and decided to meet him now and propose. 
She got ready and left. 

In Kk mansion
Both jo and jalal were lying on bed they were tired and want to get some sleep. But notable to sleep as their skin is oily. Jo was hell irritated so asked jalal to come out of her so that she can bath. But jalal was not in the mood of moving out as he was feeling immense peace inside her. Then jo said she is feeling irritation with oily skin and want to have a bath. 
Some thing struck to jalal He took the ac remote and kept in high point and also placed the heater beside jo so that she can sweat. The heater was also on high temperature. 
Now jo was also sweating and feeling mild. She was still kissing jalal. She wrapped her legs around jalal as he was deep inside her. Both were feeling content and kissing eachother without break continously till morning 5. The room was full of sex smell. Suddenly jalal heard his phone again ringing. He was hell irritated with this phone so without breaking the kiss he took his phone and saw the caller it was atifa he don't want to pick the phone and threw it on the ground. After some time atifa reached jalals room and was trying to open the door but it was closed then she heard someone moaning she was not able to hear properly.Then she peeped from the keyhole and shocked two see jalal kissing jo. They were completely naked and relishing eachother. 
Then she remembered bit marks on jos neck surya observing jo and questioning her about dark circles as jo heard it jalal was covering his face and was looking at Abdul and mirza and winking at them. Moti , mirza, salima, abdul shivani sukanya controlling their laugh. 
She wanted to push jo from there and make jalal hers forever all these were observed by jalal and jos private maid who always clean their room every morning and also burn their torn clothes and sometimes (rarely) wash jo and jalals blood stained clothes. 
Atifa left from there. 

It's almost 5.30 am both jo and jalal had a romantic bath with eachother and did namaz
Jo was looking weak whereas jalal was also very sleepy. 
At 7 am both went to breakfast and after breakfast dadajis decision about wat to do with jo


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