Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

PREM YAA MRIGTRISHNA, Th.2, EPILOGUE 2 & 3 Pg. 92 **24/10/16 (Page 92)

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Waiting for epilogue 

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waiting 4 next

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Waiting for epilogue 

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                                        [THIS IS A MEMBERS ONLY POST]
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                                                  EPILOGUE 2

ALL THE NAMES & PLACES ARE FICTITIOUS (if any resemblance to persons & places is purely coincidental). Any royal titles, MEDICAL PROCEDURES, MEDICAL TERMS, MILITARY PROCEDURES, MILITARY TERMS, Punjabi terms, architectural terms, IT terms & programs, office hierachy, wedding rituals, etc. are from my imagination hence THEY ARE NOT TRUE. PLEASE DON'T BASH ME !!!!!


"Bhabhi mai Mr. Ankit Gupta se milne ke liye tyaar hoon!" (Bhabhi, I'm ready to meet Mr. Ankit Gupta) Meera agreed. Making Vicky dumb founded.

The whole family was overjoyed. Maan also first time said something about tradition. "Dadimaa aap please batta dijiyega ki bade bhai ki haisiyat se mujhe kya kya karna hai?" (Dadimaa, please tell me what rites and rituals do I have to do for Meera as her elder brother?)

"Zarur beta! Shashank abb pehle tum jaa kar Ankit aur uske parivaar se mil lo!" (Definitely. First thing Shashank please go and meet Ankit's family.)

"Ji Maa!" (Yes!)

Then Shashank and Meera left for their home. Rest of the family went for their respective work but Vicky was furious and without realising went to Maan's gym where he use to do "Karate" and "tai-chi". There  Vicky tried to release his pain in form of anger by breaking bricks and ice blocks like Maan use to. Seeing his younger brother in pain, Maan was about to go and console him when Geet stopped him,"Hummei gyaat hai aap Vicky Bhaiya ko dard mei dekh kar bahut takleef mein hain. Magar yeh kuch dinno ki takleef Vicky Bhaiya ko zindagi bhar ki khushi degi. Vicky Bhaiya ko Meera didi ka mahitav nahi maloom thaa jab tak woh unke paas theen magar abb unke door jaane se aap khud dekh lijiye Vicky Bhaiya ka kya haal hai! Vicky Bhaiya apne marzi ke aage yeh bhool gaye ki unke iss duvidha mein Meera didi kitni takleef mein hain. Iss liye unhein yeh dhakka lagna zaruri hai!" (I know you are heart broken seeing Vicky like this. But this few days of pain that Vicky is suffering will make his future life bliss! Vicky did not understand Meera's importance in his life as long as she was with him. Now just by knowing about her seperation, look at his condition? Vicky was only bothered about his wishes and forgot that in his stubborness and indecision how much pain Meera is suffering? So this shock was necessary for him.) Geet gently guided Maan out of the room. 

Next day, with lot of coaxing and cajoling, Geet managed to make Maan come with her to Sid's house, Vicky's friend with Meera. Maan never liked Sid but for his sister, Meera's happiness he finally agreed. Geet went and explained her whole plan to Sid.  Everyone was sceptical about the plan working, even Sid "Geet magar agar Vicky time se nahi aaya aur Meera aur meri shaadi hogayi toh?" (Geet, if Vicky doesn't come in time, and Meera & I are married. Then what?)

"Jahaan tak maine dekha 99% aisa nahi hoga magar agar phir bhi aisa hota hai toh aap dono shaadi kar lijiyega kyunki aap dono kunware hain!" (What little I know of Vicky, 99% he will come before the wedding. But incase he doesn't Meera and you get married as you both are single.) Geet said teasingly.

"Bhabhi mai Vicky ke siwaye aur kissi se shaadi nahi kar sakti!" (Bhabhi, I will marry no one except Vicky!)

"Hum jaante hain Meera didi. Iss liye agar Vicky bhaiya nahi aate toh hum kissi kaaran se shaadi ko rok denge! Aap chinta matt kariye!" (I know Meera. So incase Vicky doesn't come in time, I'll call off the marriage one way or the other!)

"Mai toh abhi bhi kehta hoon ki iss drame ke bajaaye Vicky kaa Meera ko propose karne kaa intezaar karte hain." (I'm still saying stop this drama and let's wait for Vicky to propose to Meera!) Maan objected.

"Dono bhai ek jaise hain! Bada bhai sirf contract marriage karna chahta thaa aur chota bhai 6 saal mein bhi apni mehbooba se apni dil ki baat nahi keh sakaa! Dono bhai mere hi matthe madne the!!" (Both brothers are the same. The elder one wants to do only a contract marriage and the younger one is not willing to propose to his sweetheart even after 6 years! Both brother's responsibility is dumped on me!) Geet humphed and walked out of Sid's house muttering.

Maan and Meera followed behind. "Bhai, aaj kal bhabhi ko kya ho raha hai? Bahut Gussa karne lagi hain! Waise abb woh truly Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana bann gayeen hain!" (Bhai, what's wrong with bhabhi? Now days she has started loosing temper a lot! Now she truly looks like Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana!!) Meera said pulling Maan's leg.

Maan just saw in time before Geet was hit by a truck and screamed, "GEET!" 

Geet at once moved aside seeing the truck by then Maan and Meera reached near her and Maan held her arm tightly and said furiously, "Ghar ke ander toh bahut badi badi baatein kar rahi theen aur ghar ke bahaar apna dhyaan bhi nahi rakh sakteen!" (Inside you were giving lot of advice and outside home you can't even look after yourself!)

"Yeh aap..." (You, are...) Geet went limp before she could complete her sentence. But Maan saw just in time and picked her up in his arms before she could fall down! Maan wanted to take Geet to the hospital but Meera told him to take Geet home as her father was coming for routine check up Savitri Devi and RK. Once he reached home he carried unconscious Geet inside. 

Seeing Geet unconscious in Maan's arms Savitri Devi, RK and quadruplets were worried. Armaan at once came and questioned Maan in a strict and no nonsence voice,"What have you done to our Maa-sa? Everytime she goes out with you she comes back sick."

"WHY YOU..."

"Armaan beta, pehle apne Dad ko tumhari Maa-sa ko sofe par letaane do aur Chote Dadu ko unhein examine karne do phir apne Dad is baat karna. Samaan beta, Armaan ko samjhao please." (Armaan please let your Dad make you mother lie on the sofa, and Shashank Daddu examine her, then you talk to your Dad. Samaan can you please look after Armaan?) Samaan understood that Badi Dadi wants his help and took Armaan with him.

Maan took Geet in their room as there would be more privacy there. Dr. Shashank with Meera went in the room and shooed every one out. By the time Dr. Shashank finished examining Geet, she woke up. "Geet beta mujhe lagta hai ki..." (Geet, I feel...)

"Meera didi please bura matt maniyega, kya hum chachaji se akele mein baat kar sakte hain. I mean as a patient to doctor." (Meera can I please talk to Dr. Shashank in privacy i.e. Patient to a doctor!)

"Haan bhabhi kyun nahi." (Off course!) Meera left.
Seeing Meera out, Maan was about to enter when Meera stopped him,"Bhai, Bhabhi papa se akele mein kuch baat karna chahti hain." (Bhai, bhabhi wants to talk to Papa in privacy.)

"Akele mein??" (In privacy?) 

"I mean as a patient to a doctor." 

After 10 mins. Dr. Shashank came out and spoke to Savitri Devi,"Maa, Geet bahut kamzor hai aur uske teen saal pehle ke miscarriage ke stitches dard kar rahen hain. Iss liye please aap usse koi bhi aur mera matlab hai koi bhi bhaari saman matt utthane dijiyega. Dusari baat Geet ko aaram aur paushtik khaane ki bahut zarurat hai. Teesara, please usse kamse kam stress dijiyega!"  (Maa, Geet is very weak, and her miscarriage stitches of past three years have started hurting her. So please see that she does not lift any heavy weight. Secondly, Geet needs lot of rest and nutritious food. Last but not least, she should not have any stress!) Savitri Devi nodded understandingly. "Maan Geet bacchon ko godi mein BILKUL BHI NAHI UTTA SAKTI HAI! Iske stitches raw hain toh tumhein dhyaan rakhna hoga!" (Maan, Geet ABSOLUTELY CANNOT CARRY CHILDREN IN HER LAP! Her stitches are extremely raw hence you have to be extremely careful!) Maan understood Dr. Shashank but felt a little embarassed. Khurana family had by now understood that Geet needs to rest, eat well and not lift any weight. Maan and rest family entered Maan & Geet's room. Savitri Devi lovingly caressed Geet's head and kissed her forehead saying, "Geet beta aapko itni kamzori ho rahi thee toh aapne humse pehale kuch kyun nahi kahaa!" (Geet if you were feeling so weak why didn't you tell us?)

"Dadimaa, agar yeh aapse, mujhse yaa kissi bhi family members se kuch kehti toh yeh humesha "superwoman" kaise banti?" (Dadimaa, if she would have told you, me or any family member than her image of "superwoman" would have been broken!) Maan said in an annoyed tone.

"Stop getting angry on Maa-sa. Its always you who causes her pain! Whenever she goes anywhere with you alone she comes back either crying or sick."

Geet butt in before World War III could erupt between father and son. Armaan was as possessive about Geet as Maan was. "Amy beta, ismein aapke Dad ka fault nahi hai. Aapki Maa-sa ko thode din se thakaan ho rahi thee magar unhone kissi ko nahi battaya thaa!" (Amy, its not your Dad's fault. Mom was feeling tired and weak but did not tell any family member.) Seeing Vicky there she immediately changed the topic, "Meera didi parson aapki shaadi hai aur aapko abhi *******designer ke pass lengha trial ke liye jaana hain." (Meera day after is your wedding and you have to go immediately to  *******designer for trial.) Looking at Vicky, Geet said, "Vicky bhaiya kya aap Meera didi ko designer ke paas le jaa sakte hain? Hum le jaate magar chachaji ne hummei bedrest battaya hai!" (Vicky bhaiya can you please take Meera didi to the designer for trial. If I was well, I would have taken, but Dr. Shashank has adviced me complete bedrest!) Geet requested Vicky and Meera.

"Bhabhi aap aaram kariye mai le jaaonga!" (No bhabhi you rest, I'll take her!) Vicky agreed half heartedly!

"Meera Didi, kya aap hummein washroom tak madatt kar dengi!" (Meera can you please help me till the washroom?)

"Geet mai..." (Geet, I...)

"Maan Geet ke stitches dukh rahe hain aur Meera ek ladki iss liye woh behtar samajhegi. Aap bacchon ka dhyaan rakhiye!" (Maan, Geet's stitches are paining and Meera is a girl so she will be able to understand Geet's requirements. You stay with children!) Savitri Devi said as a matter of fact.

In the washroom,"Didi, aap woh hi lengha yaa saree chuniyegaa jo Vicky bhaiya ko pasand ho. Ho sakta hai ki Vicky bhaiya aapko koi dil dukhane wali baat kahen, magar usse apne dil par matt lijiyega. Kyunki abhi Vicky ek prankstar aur Vicky ek premi ke beech jung chhidhi hai! Best of luck! Abb aap jaayiye!" (Didi, you please choose that lengha aur saree which Vicky likes! Maybe Vicky may say something hurtful to you but please don't let it effect you. Because just now there is a war going on between Vicky the prankstar and Vicky the lover! Best of luck! Now you should leave!) Meera shyly kissed Geet's cheek and ran out. Just then Maan walked in Geet yelled,"Aap yahaan kya kar rahe hain? Hummei thoda ekaanth chahiye thaa!" (What are you doing here? I want some privacy!)

"Main tumhara pati hoon." (I'm your husband!)

"Hum jaante kintu abhi hummei "EKAANT" chahiye!" (Yes I know. But I want "PRIVACY" just now!) Geet said raising her voice. Just then Savitri Devi banged the door,"Maan aap Geet ko pareshaan karna bandh kariye aur Maansi ko sambhaliye woh ro rahi hai!" (Maan please stop troubling Geet! Please come out and handle Maansi as she is crying.) Maan having no other alternative hence irritatedly left. Finally giving Geet privacy to freshen up.

Meera and Sid (Ankit) decided to have a simple wedding at home with close friends and family. Hence bedsides the bride and bridegroom there were Dr. Shashank, Khurana family, from KC --- Adi, Pinky, Pandeyji, Romeo and Manish-a. The quadruplets were very excited. Girls were loving being dolled up but boys were getting irritable. Even Armaan was giving Geet hard time who always listened to Geet. 

Finally Geet yelled at Armaan. Children were surprised seeing their mother's angry avatar. First time Armaan readily went with Maan seeing his furious mother. Geet suddenly remembered that she had not seen Vicky for long and asked kids. Maanvi said,"Maa-sa, chachu subah se chhat par beith kar ek black drink pee rahe hain!" (Mom, Vicky uncle since morning is sitting at the terrace and having a black drink!)

"KYA?" (WHAT?) Geet exclaimed then with her eyes indicated Maan to go and have a look. 

Soon it was time for wedding ceremony. The priest called the bridegroom. Sid came under long sehara. When Pinky asked to see the bridegroom's face, Maan diverted the topic by saying,"Pinky abhi der ho rahi. Shaadi ke baad dekh lena!" (Pinky its getting late, see the bridegroom's face after the wedding!) The whole Khurana family relaxed. Then the bride was called. Meera was looking very pretty in wine red lengha. 

The pheras started, now Meera was getting jittery as there was no sign of Vicky. Geet told Meera with her eyes to calm down and she went looking for Sid. When she reached the room where Sid was staying, it was locked from outside. She unlocked the door hearing banging coming from inside and saw Sid there dressed as bridegroom. Geet then went looking where Vicky is? On searching his room she found a note that he going far away from Meera as he can't see her being with someone else. When Maan didn't see Geet near wedding mandap, he came searching for her and saw her sitting frozen with a letter in her hand.Maan touched her shoulder and Geet started crying, "Yeh humne kya kar diya? Humare kaaran do pyaar karnewale juda ho gaye! Chaliye hum Meera didi ki shaadi rokte hain!" (What have I done? Due to me two lovers have seperated. Lets go and stop Meera's wedding!)
"Nahi Geet, jo ho raha hai hone do! Meera shaadi karle yehi uske liye sahi hai." (No Geet, let the wedding take place. Its better for Meera that she gets married!)
"Kamse kam Didi ko yeh to jaane ka toh haq hai ki unka dulha kaun hai?"(At least Meera has the right to know her bridegroom's identity.)
Just then Samaan coming running,"Maa-sa, Maa-sa, Mausi aapko bula rahi hain!" (Mom, Mom, Aunt Meera is calling you!)
Geet ran with Maan screaming, "Geet rukho! Geet RUKO! GEET RUKO ! TUMHARI TABIYAT THEEK NAHI HAI!!" (Geet wait! Geet WAIT! GEET WAIT! YOUR HEALTH IS NOT ALRIGHT!)
Maan and Geet reached sametime to see a furious Meera,"Bhabhi, maine aap se kaha thaa ki MAI VICKY KE SIWAYE KISSI AUR SE SHAADI NAHI KARONGI, magar aaj aap ki wajeh se..." (BHABHI I HAD TOLD YOU THAT I WILL ONLY MARRY VICKY ! But because of you...!)Before Meera could complete her sentence the bridegroom removed his sehara stunning everyone. 

It was none other than Vicky as Meera's bridegroom now her husband !

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                              [THIS IS A MEMBERS ONLY POST]
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                                                  EPILOGUE 3

ALL THE NAMES & PLACES ARE FICTITIOUS (if any resemblance to persons & places is purely coincidental). Any royal titles, MEDICAL PROCEDURES, MEDICAL TERMS, MILITARY PROCEDURES, MILITARY TERMS, Punjabi terms, architectural terms, IT terms & programs, office hierachy, wedding rituals, etc. are from my imagination hence THEY ARE NOT TRUE. PLEASE DON'T BASH ME !!!!!


Meera asked surprised, "Toh Sid mera matlab Ankit kahaan hai?" (Then where is Sid, I mean Ankit?)

"Kyun abhi toh meri sweet bhabhi par gussa ho rahi theen ki tum sirf meri yaani Vicky ki dulhan bannogi. Abb kya hua?" (Why you were getting angry on my sweet bhabhi that you will only be my wife. Now what?)

"Haan woh..." (Yes, that...)

"Yeh sab Maan bhai ka idea thaa." (This was Maan bhai's idea!)

"Mere se apne bhai ko aur tarapte huye nahi dekha gaya! Iss liye maine Sid ko kamre mei lock kar diya aur Vicky ko dulha banna kar yahaan le aaya!" (I could not see my brother's suffering anymore. So I locked Sid in his room and got Vicky dressed as a bridegroom and brought him here.)

"Abb var aur vadhu badon ka aashirwaad lijiye" (Bride and bridegroom please take blessings of the elders!) Panditji's voice brought everyone present to the reason why they are gathered here. Vicky and Meera touched Savitri Devi, RK, Dr. Shashank and were about to touch Maan and Geet's feet when there was a thud. Maan turned and saw Geet lying in the floor. 

Dr. Shashank immediately gave orders, "Maan, Geet ko apne room mein lekar jaao mein Dr. Girija ko bulata hoon." (Maan take Geet in your room I call Dr. Girija!)

"Dr. Girija?"

"Maa, Geet pregnant hai. Aur mujhe shaq hai ki pichli baar ki tehara iss baar bhi complications naa ho!" (Maa, Geet is pregnant. I hope she doesn't have same complications as last time!)

"Matlab phir chaar bacche?" (Again four children?) Maan asked carrying Geet in his arms.

"Zaruri nahi chaar ho! Teen, Doo yaa Ek baccha bhi ho sakta hai! Kya subah se Geet ne kuch khaaya hai?" (Not necessarily four! It could be three, two or one child. Has Geet eaten anything since morning?)

"Patta nahin. Subah se woh kaam mein lagi thee Meera aur Vicky ki shaadi bahut achi tehara se ho jaaye! Chahti thee ki Meera ko lage woh apne maike se vidah ho rahi hai. Hum sab bhi shaadi ke kaamon mein busy the!" (I don't know. From morning she was busy getting all things ready to make Vicky and Meera's wedding memorable. She wanted to make Meera feel that she is getting farewell from her maternal home.) Making Meera realise how much Geet cared for her.
Maan was getting worried as she was not responding to his sprinkling water on her face, rubbing her feet. Quadruplets were also standing subdued next to Geet's bed. Even Armaan was standing quitely holding Vicky's hand tightly.
Just then Dr. Girija Chauhan came and said,"Can I request all of you to please give me privacy to examine the patient?"
After 20 mins. Dr. Chauhan came and said, "Dr. Shashank was right. Geet is four weeks pregnant and its a tough pregnancy. As earlier Geet had delivered quadruplets under stressful circumstances and then her miscarriage three years back. Was she aware of her pregnancy?"

"Yes Dr. Chauhan, Geet was aware of her pregnancy two days back when she fainted but she had stopped me from telling the family as she wanted Vicky and Meera's wedding to happen without any stress and tension."
Just then Armaan came and hugged Dr. Chauhan,"Doctor Aunty, Maa-sa kaisi hai?" (Doctor Aunty, how is Mom?)

"Beta, tumhari Mama bahut kamzor hai iss liye usse teen mahine ek dam bistar par letna hai aur tum chaaron bacchon ko uski dekh bhaal karni kai. Kyunki 8mahine baad tumhare ghar mein baby brother yaa baby sister aayenge." (My dear she is very weak and hence has to lie down in bed for next three months. You four children will have to look after her. Because after 8months, you will have inyour home a baby brother or baby sister!) Then looking at Maan Dr. Chauhan said, "Maan I need to shift Geet to hospital as I can't treat her here. I have called ambulance, it should be here soon. Now I will suggest that can you all please try and take children a little away so that they are not scared by siren sound. Dr. Shashank, I need your help." Dr. Shashank nodded went inside with Dr. Chauhan.

Two hours later, Meera and Vicky were in a room in Khurana Outhouse, but with quadruplets. Maan had to spend the night in hospital, and the children were closest to Vicky after their parents! Meera had wanted her "grah pravesh" to be done by Geet. So Dadimaa decided to let Meera and Vicky stay in Khurana Outhouse and did their simple grah pravesh there. That night was tough for everyone. An hour after reaching hospital Geet regained her consciousness. But she was very weak nad kept dozing off. Savitri Devi and RK were with Meera and Vicky were trying to handle children with them, till 10:00pm and then went to sleep in Khurana Mansion. Geet was semi-conscious state when Maan got a frantic call from Vicky at 11:00pm that Armaan & Maansi are bawling and Samaan & Maanvi are also restless! Geet told Maan,"Aap bacchon ke paas jaaiye mai theek hoon." (You please be with children, I'm fine!)
"Magar mai tumheein akele chodkar kaise...?" (How can I leave you alone...?)
"Dekhiye bacche ghabra rahe hain aur Vicky bhaiya aur Meera didi ki aaj suhaag raat bhi hai. Waise bhi yeh Khurana hospitals hai, yahaan hummei kya takleef hogi? Aap jaaiye. Humari aap se vinti hai!" (Listen children are scared, beside its Vicky bhaiya and Meera didi's first night. Anyway this is Khurana Hospital, what discomfort can I have? You please go, I humbly request you!) Geet pleaded. Finally Maan left unable to say no. But Maan had called Pinki, Adi and Romeo to stay. Pinky was in Geet's room and Adi and Romeo were outside her room.

Next day Geet was discharged with lot of do's and don't. On reaching home with Maan's support she did Vicky and Meera's "grah parvesh". When Vicky and Meera bent to touch her feet she stopped them saying, "Aap mere bhai aur behan hain aap kaise mere pair chhu sakte hain?" (You are my brother and sister. How can you touch my feet?)
Meera hugged Geet and cried her heart out saying, "Bhabhi, I'm sorry! Mujhe aapse aise buri tehare baat nahi karni chahiye thee!" (Bhabhi, I'm sorry! I should not have not spoken to you so rudely!)
"Bass kariye didi aap tab pareshaan theen apne pyaar ko khone ko lekar."  (Calm down! You only behaved rudely as you were very scared at the thought of loosing your love!)

Slowly time started passing i.e. 7 1/2 months passed. Today since morning Geet was feeling uncomfortable. She was neither able to sit, stand or lie down. She went to wash room when she saw spotting and got alarmed. Maan luckily was working from home this last month. She came out and asked Samaan who was playing in her room to go and call his father urgently but being a child he didn't understand the seriousness. 
Just then Dadimaa walked in and Geet's pain started, "Dadimaa, hummein hospital jaana hai, inhei jaldi bulaayiye." (Dadimaa, I have to go to hospital urgently! Please call Maan!) Geet doubled in pain and fell on the bed. 
Hearing urgency in Geet's voice Savitri Devi immediately started calling "Maan aur Vicky! Jaldi aayiye! Geet ko hospital le jaana hai!" (Maan and Vicky, hurry up! We have to take Geet to hospital!) But they couldn't hear Savitri Devi and she could not leave Geet in pain alone. Samaan now saw his mother bundled up in pain on bed and ran to call his father and Chachu. 

Samaan went where Maan was on phone and yelled, "Dad jaldi chaliye, Maa gir padati hai!" (Dad, hurry! Maa has fallen!) 

"KYA?" Maan ran following Samaan. 

Maan carried Geet to the car and Vicky drove. They reached hospital and Geet was wheeled in. Within thirty minutes of the Khurana's arrival at the Khurana Hospital, Khurana's heard a baby's cry. Nurse came out and showed Maan a baby boy, "Mr. Khurana you have become father of a son!" Geet was soon wheeled out of OT and brought to her room. After holding her new born son, Geet named her son as"Aryamaan" or Aryan. 
On Aryan's first birthday, Geet had a party for only family members and no outsider. Geet said Aryan is too young anyway to understand anything. From Khurana's side it was Savitri Devi, RK, Dr. Shashank, Vicky, Meera and Adi. From Singh Royal family there were --Rajmata, Maharaj, Maharani, KB, Chitralekha, Mohinder Handa, Brij, Padmini, Veer, Priyamvada, Yash and Pari. From Geet's non-family side there was -- Pinky, Pandeyji, Romeo and Manish-a. Throughout the party, Maan was admiring his wife who had not only open heartedly accepted his family, her long lost family but also extended family i.e.Pinky, Pandeyji, Romeo and Manish-a. Geet showed him that love is like an ocean who has space for everyone. Love is boundless whereas attraction or infatuation is restricted! Finally Maan Singh Khurana's life was on track and complete. Maan could now after 7years of marriage and after five children would have no problem in distinguishing TRUE LOVE from ATTRACTION i.e. KYA PREM HAI AUR KYA MRIGTRISHNA?

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Lovely update 
Meera and Vicky got married 
Geet deliver a baby boy 
Happily ending 
Thanks for PM

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lovely updates..
thank for pm..

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