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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

PREM YAA MRIGTRISHNA, Th.2, EPILOGUE 2 & 3 Pg. 92 **24/10/16 (Page 9)

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Dear Friends,
THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR GET WELL SOON WISHES! I'm feeling slightly better!
Sorry to disappoint you for a small update but unfortunately I'm unable to write more than this.
I also apologize for pictures that have disappeared will try and retrieve them!

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                                                  CHAPTER 42

ALL THE NAMES & PLACES ARE FICTITIOUS (if any resemblance to persons & places is purely coincidental). Any royal titles, MEDICAL PROCEDURES, MEDICAL TERMS,Punjabi terms, architectural terms, IT terms & programs, office hierachy, wedding rituals, etc. are from my imagination hence THEY ARE NOT TRUE. PLEASE DON'T BASH ME !!!!!



It was two weeks since Geet had moved into KOH. Maharaj and Maharani had left the day Geet had come to KOH. Rajmata had already left a week back as it was soon going to be the senior Maharaja Rajveer Singh's death anniversary. Geet did try to resist and stop her departure cribbing and saying to Rajmata, "Nani-saa, hummei bhi apne saath le chaliye. Hum aapke bina kaise rahenge? Hum inn sab ko acchi tehara jaante bhi nahi!" (Grandma, please take me with you. How will I stay without you? I don't know these people well!)

"Gudiya, aap ghabraah kyun rahi hain? Veer bhai-sa aur hum toh hain aap ke saath!" (Gudiya, why are you scared? Veer and I'm with you!) Padmini calmed Geet down and Rajmata Swarnanjali left! Few days later Veer also left on the excuse of his old friend coming from US to meet him but the actual reason was that Veer was called SOS regarding on a matter of National Security. Now Padmini had also to leave next day, as Brij was unable to cope with Rishi and his school any longer! Hence, Geet was now going to be left alone with Khuranas. 

"Bhabhi-sa, abb aap bhi jaa rahi hain. Hummein apne saath Jaipur le chaliye!" (Padmini, now you are also going! Please take me with you to Jaipur!)

"Gudiya, dekhiye abhi aapko apne bacchon ki suraksha aur swasthiye ke baare mein sochna hoga. Aap maane chahe naa maane, Jaipur aur Vallabhgarh se zyaada cheekitsaa ki suvidaiyain (medical facilities) Dilli mein hain!" (Gudiya, please think about the children and their health and safety. Whether you openly accept it or not, there are better medical facilities and medical care in Delhi than Jaipur and Vallabhgarh )

"Kintu, hum akele itne bade ghar mei kaisse rahenge?"(How will I stay alone in such a big house?)

"Uski aap chinta matt kariye, humne Dadimaa, atharth Savitri Deviji se keh diya hai ki woh iss OH mein chaubees ghante kissi ko aap ke paas rakhengi. Samaran rahe ki do din bad aap ka ultrasound hai. Bhuliyega matt!" (Don't worry about that, I have requested Dadimaa, meaning Savitri Deviji to make someone stay with you 24hours! Remember you have to go for ultrasound after 2days! Please don't forget!)
So today even the last member of Royal family left for Jaipur leaving Geet feeling insecure and lonely! Unknown to Geet, Dadimaa had made arrangements for Maan to sleep in the room next to Geet which had a concealed connecting door.

Once Padmini had left, Geet went to sleep as multiple pregnancy made her more tired and exhausted. When she got up in the evening, Dadimaa came with Nakul and an old dignified lady who looked from well to do family. Geet at once bent to touch her feet when she said,"Nahi aapko iss awastha mei jhukna nahin chahiye!"  (No, you should not bend in this condition!) 

Dadimaa introduced her as Srimati Ashalata Jhaveri. She belonged to a rich business family. After her husband's death she was thrown out by her son and daughter-in-law.  She will look after Geet now and later her babies once they were born! As she came from a good reputed family Geet said, "Aaj se hum aap ko 'Asha Maa' bulaayenge!" (From today, I'll call you 'Asha Maa'!) Maan had just returned from office and was going to come in to check Geet when Dadimaa was introducing Srimati Ashalata Jhaveri. He was relieved to see such a dignified lady looking after his wife and children. Maan came and touched Mrs. Jhaveri's feet, saying,"Namaste Chachijee!" 

"Jeete raho beta!" (God bless you my son!)

"Ashaji, yeh humare bade pote hain, Maan Singh Khurana!" (Mrs. Jhaveri, he is my eldest grandson, Maan Singh Khurana!)

"Behanji inke kaun nahi jaanta. Itne kam umar mei bahut pragati ki hai! Apne se badhon ka aadar bhi karte hain, yeh jaan kar atya adhik khushi bhi hui hai!" (Ma'am, who doesn't know him! He has achieved so much at such a young age by hardwork! He also respects elders that even more endearing!)
Two days passed, today Geet had to go and get her ultrasound done. She was very excited as she will get to see her babies today. Padmini had kept in touch with Geet since her leaving Delhi. She had also told Geet about what to expect in the ultrasound. In these two days, Geet and Mrs. Jhaveri bonded very well. Mrs. Jhaveri was looking after Geet with lot of love and affection. Geet felt that she is finally getting motherly love which she was missing since her Nani-sa had left. Mrs. Jhaveri felt that she has finally got a daughter whom she always longed for as she has one and only son!

Time was approaching for Geet's ultrasound and Dadimaa had still not come and Mrs. Jhaveri was new and did not the whereabouts in Delhi. Finally they saw Maan much to both's surprise. 
"Ge...Gayatri tum hospital jaane ke liye tyaar ho?"(Ge...Gayatri are you ready to leave for hospital?)

"Haan, magar Dadimaa?" (Yes! But Dadimaa?)

"Dadimaa ki friend ka accident ho gaya hai iss liye woh unke saath hospital gayeen hain aur Dadimaa ne aapko bhi wahaan bulaaya hai, Chachijee. Kyunki Dad ko Jaipur jaana padha Vicky ko kuch wahaan problem hai!" (Dadimaa's friend met with an accident. Hence, Dadimaa had to accompany her to the hospital. Dadimaa has also called you there Mrs. Jhaveri. Because Dad had to leave SOS for Jaipur as there was problem there!)

"Mujhe magar...?" (Me! But...?)

"Aap chinta matt kariye humara purana aur bharose ka driver Shyamlal aap ko le jaiyega!" (You please don't worry! Our old and trusted driver Shyamlal will take you there!)

"Magar Gayatri akele kaise...?" Mrs. Jhaveri again interrupted.(But how will Gayatri alone...)

"Mai jaaonga Gayatri ke saath aur waise bhi woh Khurana Hospital hai iss liye sab uska dhyaan rakhenge!" (I'll go with Gayatri and anyway everyone will look after her as it is Khurana Hospital!)

Helpless and confused Mrs. Ashalata Jhaveri left with Shyamlal under Maan's supervision. Once she had left he said, "Nakul, Girdharilal se gaadi nikhalne ko kaho!" (Nakul, ask Girdharilal to take out the car!)

Geet was very angry at Maan's dominating attitude and tone but kept quite as she remembered Padmini's words,"Aap sirf ek aurat hi nahi hain abb, ek Maa bhi hain iss liye apne bacchon he baare mei sochiye naa ki kewal apne maan aur samaan ke baare mei." (You no longer are only a woman but a mother as well. So think about your children welfare beside your self respect & pride!). Although,she tried controlling her temper but refused to talk to Maan or answer any of his questions! Hence, in complete silence they reached the hospital.


Maan and Geet reached KH and went towards Ultrasound department. A senior Nurse came and took Geet in for pre-ultrasound check up. Maan was about to follow them in when a young nurse stopped him saying, "Sir, what is your relation to Mrs. Singh? Only the next of kin can go with her for ultrasound!"

"I'M THE UNBORN BABIES FATHER!" Maan thundered at the audacity of the girl to stop him. Hearing Maan's roar all the staff became alert for volcano to erupt!

"Sorry sir! I was unaware that Mrs. Singh was your wife!" The junior nurse tried explaining while shivering.
Just then the Matron came running. She said in a calm and cool voice (although inside she was shivering!), "Mr. Khurana,what are you doing here? Please come with me Sir! Mrs. Khurana is waiting for you!"

Hearing from the matron's mouth "Mrs. Khurana", Maan calmed down slighly but still said in his famous MSK angry tone to the shivering nurse, "What is your name, girl?" 

"Sir, she is new here. Its her first day on the job! Hence, she was unaware that she is talking to the owner of this hospital, Mr. Maan Singh Khurana!" The nurse's eyes widened and understood why matron was sweet talking to the man.

"Just hope that today is not your last day at work!" Maan said in an exceptionally quite voice and bloodshot red eyes and walked towards the ultrasound room taking strong and forceful strides!
Maan reached the room, to witness Geet half sitting covered under the sheets waiting for the sonography to start with a big pout on her face. As it was a high risk pregnancy, Dr. Girija Chauhan was doing the ultrasound and not a sonographer! Soon Dr. Chauhan came, removed Geet's kurta slightly from the abdomen and started the ultrasound and both the parent's eyes were glued on the screen in front of them marvelling at God's creation. Doctor started pressing the ultrasound probe on Geet's stomach and said, "this is the first foetus"; then showed the next "this is second foetus"; next she showed "this isthird foetus" and the last one, "this is fourth foetus""So, Mr. & Mrs. Khurana, you are going to be proud parents of quadruplets or four children!" Then she got all the four pictures on the screen and left the new parents with their babies.

Both were emotional and tears started brimming in their eyes seeing the God's blessings showered on them. Geet also without realising placed her hand in Maan's and rested her head on Maan's shoulder!

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Lovely Update

Geet now alone at the Khurana Outhouse and Daadima has brought an elderly lady to take care of Geet but she too was needed and now Maan had to take Geet to hospital I cannot understand why Geet gets angry at Maan when he is not rude towards her
both parents witness the ultra sound and get congratulated by the doctor I wonder will Geet remember
the doctor referring to her as Mrs Khurana

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Nice update. Geet staying at KOH and DM arranged for someone to be with her all the time. Maan and Geet overwelmed on seeing the ultrasound and their four  babies. Thanks for pm.

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Lovely update geets family very cunnigly one by one left geet making her understand that she needs to stay in Delhi as it's the only place she can get best treatment for her kids maan was with geet but geet had no clue dadi bought a lady to look after geet and her babies geet had an instant liking towards her maan took geet for her first ultrasound though asha lata was hesitant as she didn't know maans real relation with geet but she accepted as she had no choice geet though angry but for her kid didn't say anything nurse questions maan making him angry was double sorry knowing maan owns the hospital both really happy to be proud parents of four kids 

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Lovely update
Waiting for next update

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