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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

PREM YAA MRIGTRISHNA, Th.2, EPILOGUE 2 & 3 Pg. 92 **24/10/16 (Page 80)

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both pt r grt 
geet heard that sasha trying to trap his maan again so she prepared of that and she already done her homework quite gud and police cant arrest him after anticipatory bail and in court too maan proofs innocent fr sonali allegation

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Amazing n wonderful updates

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priyasree IF-Sizzlerz

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Thanks for PM

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priyasree IF-Sizzlerz

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Sorry for commenting late

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Finally finished reading all updates.
Fabulous updates. 
Waiting for next update.

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nehag20 Senior Member

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Hii.. 1st time I m read ur this ff .. its just awesome ... 1st time in any ff wrtier used shudh Hindi ..OMG .. I can't believe ..that I read this much Hindi in my life .. but thank to u ... plzzz pm me when u ll updating next part .. I want to know what happen after Geet faint ...plzzz.. its request u...

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Read all parts in a go
Plzz do pm me from next parts

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                                        [THIS IS A MEMBERS ONLY POST]
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                                                Chapter 59 (A)

ALL THE NAMES & PLACES ARE FICTITIOUS (if any resemblance to persons & places is purely coincidental). Any royal titles, MEDICAL PROCEDURES, MEDICAL TERMS, MILITARY PROCEDURES, MILITARY TERMS, Punjabi terms, architectural terms, IT terms & programs, office hierachy, wedding rituals, etc. are from my imagination hence THEY ARE NOT TRUE. PLEASE DON'T BASH ME !!!!!


Before Geet could loose her consciousness she called "MAAAN!" Then everything went black. Maan was watching Geet with hawk eyes since she stood at the witness stand. Maan was escstatic hearing that he is going to become a father again but there was a doubt in his mind if its true or Geet has just said this to save him. He could see Geet getting restless as she was standing for too long. 

Just then she started rubbing her temples and Maan became alert. Maan got up and walked towards her as fast as he could. Both the lawyers & the judge were busy in trying to calm hysterical Sasha down. Hearing Geet's painful "MAAAN!" he broke into a run and just managed to hold His Mishty in his arms before she collapsed in dead faint! Maan's continous plea of asking his Mishty to get up in form of "Geet, GeET, GEEET!" broke the concentration of sparring lawyers & the judge with Sasha. KB immediately rushed near Geet and said, "Geetu, utt baccha!" (Geetu, get up my child!) But she did not respond. Mr. Mukherjee sprinkled water on her face but it didn't work. Then Justice Chowdhary's voice boomed, "Inspector call the ambulance at once! Court dismissed and next hearing will be tomorrow."
Maan was still trying to arouse Geet from her faint but could not. Just then ambulance arrived and under intense security Maan and Geet were rushed to the ambulance.  Admist non-stop flashes of camera and continous volley of questions,
"Mr. Khurana, what happened to Rajkumari Gayatri?" 
"Mr. Khurana, do you think you will be acquitted?" 
"Mr. Khurana, were you having an affair with Sonia Sikhand?" 
"Were you cheating on your wife?" 
"Are the quadruplets really your children or..." As the questions were slowly being aimed below the belt, Maan  temper was now rising. Before he could retaliate physically with the reporters, KB came between Maan and the reporters and said, "Ladies and Gentlemen of the press, I implore you to please give us way as Rajkumari Gayatri is extremely unwell and needs immediate medical attention. We will soon hold a press conference and answer all your questions! Please give us way!" When the media personnel moved a little back to let Geetand Mohinder's stretchers pass through KB said,"Thank you for understanding!" Then KB signalled Maan's body gaurds and security at once surrounded Maan and Geet, till Geet's stretcher entered the ambulance along with Maan. Now not only the media disappointed but also Sasha was  furious at thought of Geet becoming a mother again with Maan's child. Sasha made a vow that she will kill Geet & her unborn baby and make Maan hers!

Ambulance sped fast crossing all the red lights. Maan had already called and informed Dr. Girija Chauhan and Dr. Shashank. Dr. Chauhan along with her team were ready and wheeled Geet in. After 20 mins., Dr. Chauhan came out and said, "Maan its true that Geet is two weeks pregnant but its not a safe pregnancy as the fertilized ovum is embedded in fallopian tube and not the uterus, its called "Ectopic Pregnancy"!"


"Its a "high risk" pregnancy. Sometimes the ovum slides and gets implanted in uterus and sometimes not. If it does NOT slide to uterus and continues growing in fallopian tube, it can rupture the fallopian tube. It can also be fatal for the mother. What I'm saying is 'advice Geet to go for an abortion' !"

"Aunty, for me nothing is more important than Geet's life but she will not agree to an abortion!"

"Try and convince her as there is very low chances of foetus surviving anyway. By aborting the foetus we can save Geet's life and her fallopian tube for future pregnancy!!" Shocking Maan and Dr. Shashank.

Last two weeks have been agonising for Maan and Geet. Maan tried all ways to convince Geet for abortion by being loving, by blackmailing and by even loosing his temper but it was of no use as Geet refused to budge! Next day, Court had ruled in Maan's favour after Geet's statement and proofs! Maan was acquitted from all stated crimes! Sasha and Sonia were charged with defamation of an honourable man and tampering with the proofs. Constable Kaamini Chopra who was now suspended from Police force was charged with taking bribe on duty and treason. 

Today Maan was to honour his idol, his mentor and his Guru in the business world, Mr. Subhashchandra Mittal(SCM). Mr. Mittal was a pioneer in business circles for few innovations and thereby getting BEST BUSINESSMAN OF THE YEAR for ten consecutive years till Maan started getting the award for past three years. He did not want to leave Geet in her present state of sad, depressed and tense frame of mind, hence, wanted to take Geet for the ceremony as well but could not! Award ceremony being a highly official gathering,due to tight security only awardees, presenters and administrators were given the invitation card.  When Maan told this to Geet apologetically, Geet said not to worry as due to her maternal duties and poor health she can't anyway go. Although the real reason was something else known only to Geet! 

Maan was dressed in his black tuxedo looking extremely handsome and dashing making Geet miss several heart beats seeing her magnificent husband dressed to kill. She said lovingly, "Abb aap humari chinta chodhiye aur Mittal Uncle ki khushi mein shaamil huye! Kissi hot-hot, gori-gori ladki ke peeche matt bhaagiyegaa!" (Now stop worrying about me! Celebrate Mittal Uncle's joy! Don't run after hot-hot and fair girls!) Geet said with a possessive tone.

"Mujhe jo hot-hot, gori-gori ladki chahiye thee woh toh meri bahaaon mein hai!" (The hot and fair girl I wanted is already in my arms.) 

Maan gathered Geet in his tight embrace and kissed her passionately till Geet was gasping for breathe. "Tum mera intezaar matt karna wahaan bahut samay lagega!" (Don't wait for me, I'll be late!)

"Hum bhi bass abhi bacchon ko khaana khilaakar sonne jaa rahe hain!" (Yes, I'll just feed the children & make them sleep, then I'll also go to bed.) Geet said as a matter of fact rubbing her neck and lower back. Finally Maan relaxed after past two stressful weeks. He always admired Geet's beauty and professionalism. But in these past two weeks, Maan saw Geet's intelligence, grit and stubborness!

Location: Crystal Ballroom of a six star Hotel, Delhi
Maan reached the venue got involved in talking to his other contemperory businessmen. Brij and Mohinder were also there. Suddenly Maan bumped into Veer and another well buit man and Maan asked in a suprised fashion,"Veer tum yahaan? Magar...!" (Veer your are here? But...!)

"Jeeja-sa, aap dheere boliye hum undercover mission par hain. Yeh humare saath is mission par kaam kar rahen hain ACP Abhimanyu Ranawat." (Maan softly, I'm on an undercover mission. This is ACP Abhimanyu Ranawat, who is working with us.) "Abhi, yeh hain,Mr. Maan Singh Khurana, Geet ke pati!" (Abhi, this is Mr. Maan Singh Khurana. Geet's husband!) Veer introduced both the men. Maan and Abhi shook hands.

"Accha toh woh aap hi hain jiss ke pyaar mein Geet pagal hui jaa rahi thee!" (Oh! So you are the one Geet is crazy about!)

"Abhi, tum kya kehna chaaha rahe ho?" (Abhi, what are you saying?) Veer questioned. Abhimanyu narrated about his and Geet's first meeting and their friendship. How they opened their hearts to each other regarding their rocky love life etc. Maan went to his jealous and possessive mode when he heard about Abhi & Geet's friendship. But hearing the whole story and about Abhi being engaged to Aditi he calmed down slightly!

Soon the award ceremony started and all the awardees were facilated. Last was the award for Pioneering contributions in the field of business. Maan rose to give Mr. Subhash Chandra Mittal (SCM) the award. Geet had reached the hall just in time with Vicky. While everyone was looking at the stage, Geet was looking around at audience, Media personnel, waiters, waitresses & bar tenders. Just then she saw a beared guy with a camera in his hands and wearing a cap & sunglasses making Geet suspicious. She also saw a waitress romping around in extremely short dress with heavy make up and buck teeth sticking out. Pointing at the two strange looking persons, Geet told Vicky, "Bhaiya, aap inn dono ko dekh rahe hain?" (Vicky do you see those two?) Vicky nodded. "Jaa kar Veer bhai-sa aur Abhi se kahiye ki woh Rahul or Sasha hain. Jaldi keejiye! JAAYIYE!" (Inform Bhai-sa and Abhi at once. Hurry! GO!)

"Bhabhi, Magar aap?" (Bhabhi, but you?)

"Hummein kuch nahi hoga." (Nothing will happen to me.)
Unknown to Geet two pair of eyes had seen Geet's entry. Mohinder was surprised to see Geet at the venue but seeing the grim and tense expression on her face he understood that all is not well. As Geet was approaching the stage, Sasha picked up the pistol hidden in her skirt and fired. Mohinder just covered Geet with himself in time and bullet pierced through the left side of his abdomen making him drop unconscious. Meanwhile, Geet slowly and stealthily went on stage from hidden side entrance and stood in front of red trajectory beam focused on Maan's left side while he was presenting award. Rahul was so much in concentration to hit his bull's eye i.e. not to miss Maan, that he didn't realise when Geet came and stood before Maan. Before Geet could push Maan or get both of them out of the way, Rahul pulled the trigger!

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