Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

PREM YAA MRIGTRISHNA, Th.2, EPILOGUE 2 & 3 Pg. 92 **24/10/16 (Page 65)

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Thanks for PM

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Waiting for next

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nice pt
after KC 
chitralikha and KB alliance discussion and all found they already married and both loved each other too

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Awesome update 

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                                                     Chapter 57(B)

ALL THE NAMES & PLACES ARE FICTITIOUS (if any resemblance to persons & places is purely coincidental). Any royal titles, MEDICAL PROCEDURES, MEDICAL TERMS, MILITARY PROCEDURES, MILITARY TERMS, Punjabi terms, architectural terms, IT terms & programs, office hierachy, wedding rituals, etc. are from my imagination hence THEY ARE NOT TRUE. PLEASE DON'T BASH ME !!!!!


Maan was a silent spectator so far but seeing KB kissing Geet again and again even though in a fatherly fashion his possessiveness, insecurity and jealousy arose making him say,"Dadimaa, abb Geet ki 'Haldi' ka samay ho raha hai!" (Dadimaa, its nearing time for Geet's 'Haldi'!) Hearing which Geet gave him an icy glare, KB stiffened and Dadimaa gave him an annoyed look. Chitralekha immediately handled the situation and took on Geet's motherly role, "Gudiya, jaaiye aur purane kapade pehan kar aaiye! Rampyaari Kaki aap haldi aur Chandan pissiye." (Gudiya, go and wear old clothes and come! Rampyaari, please go and grind haldi and Chandan together.)

"Nahi Maa pehle aapki 'vidaai' hogi aur uske paschaat 'grah pravesh' hoga! Jiss kissi ka yahaan mann ubb raha hai, woh yahaan se jaa sakta hai.  Waise bhi 'Haldi' pehle dulhe ki hoti hai! " (No Maa, first your 'vidaai' (farewell) will be done and then your grah pravesh '(entering your new home) will be done. If anyone is getting bored here they are most welcome to leave. Anyway, 'Haldi is first applied to the bridegroom!) Geet said in a cold, expressionless and firm tone.

Before World War III could erupt Savitri Devi said, "Swarna, hum chalte hain waise bhi abb aap sabka neeji paarivarik rasamon ka samay hai aur humko Maan ki "Haldi" ki bhi tyaari karni hai!" (Swarna, we will leave now. Anyway now all ceremonies are very personal meant for close family. I also have to arrange for Maan's "Haldi" ceremony!) Thereby Savitri Devi along with Khurana's left diplomatically & gracefully the Palace for their Haveli. 

Once Dadimaa sat in the car, she was so ashamed of Maan's behaviour that she said in an icy cold voice, "Aaj hum ek Maa ke roop mei haar gaye jo apni santaan ko achi parvarish nahi de paaye." (Today I have failed as a mother who could not give good values to my child!) After that there was silence from her despite of Maan's apologising (Besides Geet even Savitri Devi can get Maan to say sorry!). RK also did not know how to calm his mother down! Even Vicky did not have any jokes and pranks to make Dadimaa break her silence. On one side was Dadimaa's cold silence and another side Geet's pain and coldness. Maan was frustrated that Geet was again upset by Maan's words, he never thought that making his family and his in-laws remember the wedding schedule could cause so much furore! Maan knew that he has to take it slow with Geet, but seeing Geet with a man, any man be it her father, uncle, brother or teacher rubs him the wrong way i.e.His possessiveness, insecurity and jealousy comes to the forefront.He doesn't want to loose HIS GEET to anyone just like he lost his mother.He won't be able to bear if Geet leaves him and goes. As Geet is not only his love but his soul as well. However, now he understood the true meaning of what Geet had said, "agar hum bhi woh sab karte jo aap ne abhi tak kiya, jaise gair purush ke saath rishta rakhna, gair purush ke saath raat raat bhar party karna, sharab peena ityadi. Toh kya aap hummei  maaf karte? Agar hum kissi gair purush ke saath aissi asheel tasveerein khichwate, chahe kissi nek karye ke liye ho. Toh kya aap hummei apnate? NAHI KABHI NAHI !" (If I would have done what you have done so far, like having relationship with other men, going for late night parties with strange men, I would start drinking etc. If I would have got pictures clicked in a compromising position no matter how innocent the reason was. Would you have accepted me? NO,NEVER!) Just by seeing Geet in KB's fatherly embrace, how possessive, insecure, jealous, hurt and pained he was, so when Geet saw him in arms of his ex-girl friends i.e. Natasha, Tanya, Devyani etc. and friends who were girls i.e. Sameera, Rishika etc. how painful it must have been for her and how insecure she must have felt! But Geet was mature enough to handle the situation like a responsible adult not making it known to anyone including him. Whereas he like an immature and impulsive teenager interrupted Geet's Maa and Dada's wedding rituals making her upset!

After reaching the Haveli, Savitri Devi at once got down from car and locked herself in her room. RK, Maan and Vicky were extremely worried and started banging on the door yelling "DADIMAA, MAA, DADIMAA" but there was no response. After sometime Savitri Devi opened the door with a pale face, red eyes and tears, she looked at RK and said, "Ranjit beta hum aap se akele mei kuch baat karna chahte hain!" (Ranjit I want to talk to you alone!)

"Ji Maa!" (Alright Maa!) RK entered and Savitri Devi closed the door on Maan's face when he was about to enter Savitri Deviji's room, suprising Maan but making him understand the gravity of the situation. Both Maan and Vicky left from outside Savitri Deviji's room.

Inside the room, Savitri Devi was crying non stop and RK's no amount of consoling and solace was making her quite. Finally RK sat near her and hugged her saying,"Maa, aap itni vichlit kyun hain!" (Maa why are you so upset?)

"Ranjit kya humari parvarish itni buri hai ki Maan samay aur mauka dekhe bina kuch bhi aur kaise bhi bol sakta hai?" (Ranjit is my upbringing so bad that Maan said anything in front of anyone without seeing occassion and etiquette?)

"Nahi Maa baat yeh nahi hai. Aap Maan ki bhaavnaiye bhi samjhiye, woh Geet ko lekar bahut possessive hai aur jab usne Geet ko Kulbhushan bhaisaheb ki baahon mein dekha aur unhein usse mathe par kiss karte dekha toh uski possessiveness, insecurity aur jealousy bahaar aa gayi!" (NO Maa! You please try and understand Maan's feelings. He is extremely possessive about Geet. When he saw Geet in Kulbhushan's embrace and Kulbhushan caressing and pecking her forehead, his possessiveness, insecurity and jealousy came out!) 

"Itni bhi kya insecurity ki ek pitah ko apni beti ke sar par pyaar se haath pherne se usse jealousy ho? Agar Maan itna possessive hai toh humare khayaal se Geet ki behetari ke liye yeh shaadi nahi karni chahiye!" (What kind of insecurity and possessiveness is this that Maan can't see a father hugging his daughter and a father caressing and pecking her forehead? If Maan is so possessive about Geet, I think its better if we don't get Maan and Geet married.)

"Maa, aap yeh kya keh rahi hain? Saare mehmaano ko invitation cards paunhach gaye hain. Media ke log mujhe har roz hazaaron phone karke Rajkumari Gayatri aur Maan Singh Khurana ki shaadi telecast karne ki legal rights dene ke liye pareshaan kar rahen hai aur aap iss last moment par..." (What are you saying Maa? All the invitation cards have been distributed to the guests, media is calling me umpteen number of times for been given the legal rights to telecast the wedding of Rajkumari Gayatri and Maan Singh Khurana and you at the last moment...)

"Inn sab cheezon se zyaada zaruri hai Geet ka atma-samaan aur suraksha.Abb hummei samajh mei aaya ki Geet hummei kya battana chaha rahi thee. Usne woh dekh liya jo aap aur hum ek Dadi, Pitah aur Maa ke roop mein nahi dekh paaye!" (More important than this is Geet's self-respect and security. Now I understand what Geet was truly trying to show us. She foresaw which we could not as a grandmother, father and mother.)

"Woh kya hai Maa?" (What is that Maa?)

"Ki aaj tak Maan apni Maa, Garima ke jaane ko accept nahi kar paaya. Garima ki mauth balhe hi road accident mei hui ho magar Maan apne aapko Garima ki mauth ka  kasoorwaar samajhta hai. Uske mann mein abhi bhi yeh darr hai ki 'agar woh apni sabse pyaari cheez koh apne se alag karta hai toh woh usse hamesha ke liye door chali jaayegi'. Iss liye woh Geet ke liye over possessive hai. Magar apne bacchon ke liye utna possessive nahi hai. Hummei lagta hai ki Geet ko yeh satye shaadi se pehle battana zaruri hai!" (That is he is still unable to accept his mother, Garima's death. Garima may have died in a road accident but Maan still blames himself for it. He still feels that 'if he lets his most loved possession leave him, he will loose him/her forever!' This is the reason for his over possessiveness for Geet, which possessiveness he doesn't have for his children. I think Geet should know the whole truth before her marriage.) Saying this Savitri Devi left for arranging Maan's 'Haldi' and then for Rajmahal.

Later before Maan's "Haldi" ceremony started Maan had stealthily gone earlier and applied Haldi on Geet, His Mishty before anyone else could. Geet had also applied Haldi on Maan in privacy of Geet's bedroom. 

Geet had become slightly softer after hearing about tragic circumstances of Maan's mother, Garima's death and his emotional state. Once Maan was back at haveli, Maan's "Haldi" ceremony was performed admist lot of leg pulling, laughter and jokes as Vicky and his friends; Maaan and Vicky's cousins along with Adi, Romeo, Manish-a and Pandeyji were present. 

Although due to fear Romeo, Manish-a and Pandeyji did not tease Maan much.

Similarly Geet's ceremony was also performed but it was a sober affair keeping a royal protocol. 

Once both Maan's and Geet's "Haldi" ceremony was over, both Savitri Devi at the Haveli and Rajmata at Rajmahal announced,"Abb Var (dulha) aur Vadhu(dulhan) pheron tak nahi milenge!" (Now bride and bridegroom will not meet till marriage ceremony!)

Due to friction present between husband and wife and cold war going on between the Royal brothers trio and Maan, it was decided to postpone sangeet till after the wedding in Delhi. That night Geet's and other ladies mehendi was applied after children went to sleep. As it was a women's affair no Maan was allowed to enter in Rani Mahal. Savitri Devi and Meera also joined in Rani Mahal at Vallabhgarh for the mehendi. There was also no "Bachelor Party" for Maan, as Vicky seeing his brother's difficult and defensive mood was scared to throw a party.

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                                                Chapter 57(C)

ALL THE NAMES & PLACES ARE FICTITIOUS (if any resemblance to persons & places is purely coincidental). Any royal titles, MEDICAL PROCEDURES, MEDICAL TERMS, MILITARY PROCEDURES, MILITARY TERMS, Punjabi terms, architectural terms, IT terms & programs, office hierachy, wedding rituals, etc. are from my imagination hence THEY ARE NOT TRUE. PLEASE DON'T BASH ME !!!!!


Next day, dawned nice and bright for late November morning!

 With it came the arrival of Maan's Preeti Mausi or Savitri Devi's elder sister, Mrs. Manpreet Chadda or Preeti Mausi. Although Preeti Mausi seemed very strict and eccentric woman but with heart of gold! Preeti Mausi was old fashioned typical Punjabi lady, wearing a salwaar-kurta with head covered with a white dupatta.

But was full of life, fun and laughter. She came and told Savitri Devi,"Savitri, mennu apni bahu nu mila. Maine sunna hai ki woh ek Rajkumari hai?" (Savitri, I want to meet your daughter-in-law? I heard that she is a Princess?)

"Aaho Didi! Magar Didi aaj shaam ko shaadi hai toh woh yahaan nahi aa sakti aapko hi Rajmahal chalna hoga." (Yes Didi! But as the wedding is tonight, she can't come here, we will have to go to the Palace.)

"Toh der kiss baat ki. Chal abhi chal." (So why are we waiting? Lets go!)

"Tussi Maan aur Vicky se toh pehle mil lo." (Why don't you meet Maan and Vicky first?)

"Mere rukhne ka fayada Maan toh abhi apna "ooh-aah"(referring to Tai-chi) kar raha hoga aur Vicky abhi tak palang todh raha hoga." (Even if I wait Maan will be doing his "ooh-aah" and Vicky will be still sleeping!)

"Toh Ranjit se mil lo?" (Why don't you meet Ranjit?)

"Woh abhi morning walk ke liye gaya hoga. Kyun tu mennu apni bahu nahi dekhana chahandi?" (He must have gone for his morning walk. Why don't you want to introduce me to your daughter-in-law?)

"Mai bass yeh keh rahi see ki aap inna lamba safar karke aaye ho thak gaye hoge. Thoda sa aaram karlo. Magar agar aap chalna chahte ho toh chalo! Mennu ki?"(I was only saying that you rest as you have come after a long journey. But if you want to meet her right now, lets go!)

Savitri Devi along with her elder sister left for Vallabhgarh Rajmahal. 

Manpreet was highly impressed seeing the granduer and elegance of the Palace. As Savitri Devi is Rajkumari's grandmother-in-law she was immediately guided inside by gaurds with immense respect, impressing Preeti Mausi further. Savitri Devi had already informed Rajmata so Swarnanjali had made sure that Geet was ready to welcome Savitri Deviji's guest in proper attire. They were taken to the informal living room where all the royal ladies i.e. Rajmata, Maharani, Padmini, Priyamvada along with Geet and children were present. 

Geet was busy with Armaan as he was being cranky and refused to let Geet go, so her back was facing Savitri Devi and Manpreet. Manpreet saw a girl with head covered bent over a small 11 month old cranky boy and three other children of same age but they were two girls and one boy. Finally, Armaan relaxed and Geet turned and there was synchronised reaction from Preeti Mausi and Geet,
"Geet, tu?" (Geet, you?)

"Mausiji, aap yahaan?" (Mausiji, you?)

Both Manpreet and Geet ran towards one another, hugged each other and started crying. Seeing their mother crying the quadruplets become restless and unnerved, hence started wimpering. Samaan who was always a mature for his age and never ever cried even when hungry as he was exact Maan's replica started crying full throat seeing his mother cry. Breaking Rajmata, Savitri Devi, Maharani Sumitra, Padmini and Priyamvada shocked trance who were stunned seeing Preeti Mausi and Geet's"Bharath-milaap". Geet ran to Sam and took him in her arms and ordered Veer as he had come hearing the commotion, "Veer Bhai-sa, inhein jaldi se jald Rajmahal bulaiye!" (Veer bhai-sa, please call Maan immediately!)

"Gudiya, HALDI KE BAAD AAP DONO NAHI MIL SAKTE!" (Gudiya, you both can't meet as your haldi ceremony has been done!) Maharani Sumitra adviced.

The cries & wimpers had by now turned to howling and the volume was increasing minute by minute as now Armaan, Maanvi and Maansi also joined in, and no one was able to pacify them as all the four children wanted Geet at same time.
"Mami-sa, yadi aap chahti hain ki yeh vivaah aaj saayein kaal ho toh inhein sheegr bulaiye!" (Aunt, if you want this marriage to happen tonight, please call Maan as soon as possible!)

"Kintu..." (But...)

"Sumitra, aap bhool rahi hain ki yeh Var-Vadhu baad mein hain, maata-pitah pehle. Udayveer, sheeghr "Jawai-sa" ko bulaiye!" (Sumitra, you are forgetting that they are first parents and then bride and bride groom. Udayveer call Maan immediately!)

Ten minutes later, Maan came running still in his workout outfit and in half an hour everything quitened down. Children were fed and had gone to sleep exhausted after 30 mins. of intense crying. All adults now sat in the Choti beithak with their cups of tea and coffee. Maan also took a cup of his black coffee as now in Palace everyone knew about Maan's urge for black coffee. But Before Maan could take a sip he was ordered by Preeti Mausi to go back to the Haveli. Meanwhile, Geet was busy in instructing the maids about children's needs for tonight. Preeti Mausi said, "Maan , abb tum Haveli jaao! Geet se shaam ko dhang se tyaar hokar milna naa ki baniyan aur pajame (Manpreet refferring to Maan's workout clothes) mein!" Bringing smirk and snigger by all present. Embarassed and frustrated Maan left but calmed at the thought of soon their coming together forever.Manpreet was told full Maan and Geet's story. She was introduced to Samaan, Armaan, Maanvi and Maansi as Maan and Geet's children. Preeti Mausi told about how Geet and Manpreet knew one another as Geet had stayed with Manpreet as a PG after the burning down of her cottage, when Pinky had gone for a family wedding. On Pinky's return also she continued to stay at Manpreet's place till Geet started working. That's how they both knew each other so well.

Evening came, Geet was dressed and looked like a true Princess bride. 

Rajmata, Sumitra and Chitralekha had tears of joy in their eyes seeing their daughter ready to enter her new life and home with her husband and children. Geet also got emotional as  today could in true sense have the feeling of leaving her "maika" as she had finally in past six months experienced what a true maika feels like. Just then Maharaj and KB came in her room, they felt a sense of pride seeing Geet dressed in a Royal fashion extruding shyness, grace, dignity and elegance of a true Princess! 

The both grown up and strong men had tears in their eyes. Tears of joy at the thought of their daughter entering her new life and home. Tears of sadness at the thought of handing their most priceless possession to Maan in form of "Kanyadaan"! Geet's leaving them and their having to relinquish their sense of beautiful responsibility and their right on her to her husband."Beta, sadaa khush rehna. Kabhi bhi koi pareshaani ho hummei yaad karna!" (Always remain happy my child! Please call us if you ever have any problem?) Maharaj said breaking down.

"Geetu, tumhei pareshaani ho nahi sakti aur agar hui toh mai uss Maan Singh Khurana ko Court kheench kar le jaaonga!" (Geetu, you should have no problem and incase you do, I'll drag that Maan Singh Khurana to Court!)

"Yeh aap kya keh rahe hain? Beti ko aashirwaad dijiye ki "uska shaadi-shuda jeevan sakushaal ho", yeh kehne ke bajaaye aap usse court kacheri ki baat kar rahe hain! Kuch der ke liye apni wakaalat chodiye!" (What are you saying? Instead of blessing your daughter with a happy and prosperous married life, you are talking about court and legal proceedings? At least for sometime forget your job.) Chitralekha reprimanded KB. Geet ran and hugged both her parents and was extremely amused seeing their cute fight and then she hugged her Mama-sa. When she saw Mr. Mohinderlal Handa at her room's doorway making her shocked and then her body stiffening. Seeing her stiffen, Maharaj broke the hug and turned to see who annoyed his Gudiya?

Seeing a middle aged man on doorway everyone was surprised and before they could question, he himself said, "Mai Geet ka naajaayaz baap hoon!" (I'm Geet's illegitimate father!)

"Aap Rajeshwari ke pati hain?" (You are Rajeshwari's husband?) Rajmata asked with happiness and excitement.

"Nani-sa, yeh humari Maa-sa ke pati the abb yeh Mrs. Paminder Singh Handa ke pati hain! Haan inhone hummei janam diya hai." (He is not mother's husband but he is Mrs. Paminder Singh Handa's husband. Yes he is my biological father.) Geet said with bitter undertone.

"Geetu, Pammi abb iss duniya mei nahi rahi!" (Geetu, Pammi is no longer alive!) KB informed.

"Mr. Handa, aapki patni ke baare mei sunn kar hummei dukh hua." (Mr. Handa, I'm sorry hear about your wife's demise.)

"Rajmata, Rajmata, baraat Rajmahal ke bahaari dwaar par aa gayi hai!" Lalitha came running. (Queen Mother, Queen Mother, the bridegroom's side (baraat) has come!)

Hearing about baraat the whole Royal family left hurriedly leaving Mohinder with Geet.

"Geet beta, mujhe maaf kar do. Meri ek galati ki sazaa hum dono ko mili hai. Magar sabse zyaada tumhei. Kumse kam abb Rajeshwari ki atmaa ko shaanti milegi ki uski Gudiya apne Nanihaal paunch gayi hai, jo uska haq hai! Gudiya apne Papa ko maaf karde beta, abb toh tu khud ek Maa hai aur maa-baap ka pyaar aur majbooriyaan samjhati hai!" (Geet, my child please forgive me. My one wrong decision gave us both so much pain. But you suffered the most. Now Rajeshwari's soul will be at peace that her Gudiya is in her maternal home where she rightfully belongs! Gudiya, please forgive me as you are a mother yourself and understand parent's responsibilities and dilema!) 

"Haan samjhate hain. Kintu aap yeh samajh nahi paaye kyunki aap pyaar aur vasana mein itne andhe ho gaye hi patni ke pyaar ke samaksh ek pitah haar gaya!" (Yes I understand. But you couldn't understand. As you were blinded by your love and lust as a husband and then lover. Hence a father lost to a lover & a husband.)

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Dear Friends,
I know I have updated after a week but I have given you double updates.I was wanting to give you all triple updates but internet is very slow and its getting late in my time zone. Hope to give you one update tomorrow. I hope Maneet fans are not too disappointed with these two updates!
Thank you,

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