Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

PREM YAA MRIGTRISHNA, Th.2, EPILOGUE 2 & 3 Pg. 92 **24/10/16 (Page 63)

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Thanks for PM

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Waiting for next

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grea part dear
liked it...

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Amazing ud 
maan geet marriage ritual continue making maan frustrated
he desperately waiting fr geet after finishing very rituals maan able to have his moments with his wife 
and he turned as possessive passionate and desperate lover and teasing don't effects him it's geet who get embarrass
both r afraid of each other's health geet forget everything in maan's love maan afraid of armaan haha

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Nice update dear Mann and geet life to going smoothly he is very possessive and passion towards geet

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                                         [THIS IS A MEMBERS ONLY POST]
          The Author of this post have chosen to restrict the content of this Post to members only.

                                                   Chapter 58 (A)

ALL THE NAMES & PLACES ARE FICTITIOUS (if any resemblance to persons & places is purely coincidental). Any royal titles, MEDICAL PROCEDURES, MEDICAL TERMS, MILITARY PROCEDURES, MILITARY TERMS, Punjabi terms, architectural terms, IT terms & programs, office hierachy, wedding rituals, etc. are from my imagination hence THEY ARE NOT TRUE. PLEASE DON'T BASH ME !!!!!


Geet was in ladies washroom of a six star hotel when she overheard a conversation of a woman. The lady was talking loudly on phone presuming she is alone, "Sunn Chhutan tujhe sab kaam jald se jald karna hai. Maal bahut milega. Ek kaidi hai naam hai Sasha woh uss Maan Singh Khurana ho haasil karna chahti hai." (Listen Chhutan, you have to finish work as soon as possible. There is lot of money involved. There is a prisoner by name of Sasha and she wants Maan Singh Khurana.) Hearing Maan's name, Geet's ears perked up. She went closer to the adjacent cubicle hiding herself. "Mai Sasha ko jail se nikaaloongi aur tu Rahul ko. Rahul uss Maan Singh Khurana se badala lena chahta hai aur uski biwi ke saath aaish karna chahta hai! Haan, haan teen peiti mil rahi hai, deradh (1 1/2 ) peiti teri aur deradh meri." (I will help Sasha to escape from prison and you help Rahul. That Rahul wants to take revenge from Maan Singh Khurana and wants to make Maan Singh Khurana's wife his mistress. Yes, Yes we are getting 30 lacs for it. 15 lacs are yours and 15 lacs are mine.) The woman was listening to the other side. She said in an angry voice,"Tu zyaada hawa mei matt udd Chhutan tu mujhe Constable Kaamini Chopra ko apni dhaus dekha raha hai. Tu jaanta nahi mai kya kya kar sakti hoon!" (Don't be too big for your boots Chhutan! You are trying to be over smart with me, Constable Kaamini Chopra. You don't know what all I can do!) For few second there was complete silence then Kaamini continued,"Theek hai paison ke saath-saath tujhe raat bitaane ke liye ek mast ladki bhi de doongi. Jab sahi samay ho toh tu bataana. Kya do hafte baad?...Haan...Haan wahan BEST BUSINESSMAN OF THE YEAR award ceremony hai!...Theek hai toh deal done! Abb mai phone rakhti hoon." (Alright, along with money I'll provide you with a sexy girl to spend the night. Let me know when its the right time? What after two weeks?...Yes...Yes at the BEST BUSINESSMAN OF THE YEAR award ceremony? Ok done deal! Now I'm calling off!) Scaring the life out of Geet at thought of Rahul and Sasha breaking from the prison and harming Maan.

It was now six months after Maan & Geet's marriage, and Geet's gut feeling was grfowing stronger that there is danger to Maan's life! Last week he was barely saved from having a serious accident as an uncontrollable truck was heading in his direction and had Adi not pulled him out of the way at correct time, it would have been too late! Then Maan's car brakes were tampered with but Driver Shyamlal's quick thinking saved both Maan and the driver. She was debating whether to tell Maan or not? After lot of inner conflict decided not to tell him after remembering his emotional breakdown after the demise of his mother and bitter experiences after that. Hence, Geet called her most trusted friend, Abhimanyu or Abhi (Please see CS). Abhi had met Geet first time when her cottage had burnt down. He had helped her after tragic circumstances and helped her in legal formalities then and had given her assurance of finding the culprits. He had also protected her from embarassing & personal questions and dangerous situations. Few months later Abhimanyu had been promoted and got transferred out of Delhi. During his time in Delhi, Geet often met Abhi and shared with him her feelings of grief and loneliness of loosing her family. She also shared her feelings of unrequited love for Maan and his ignorance regards her being there. Abhi had also shared his romantic feelings for his batchmate, Aditi whom he had met during his IPS training.  As now, Abhi was Assistant Commissioner of Police(ACP) and had good contacts in Police force and Crime Branch, he would be able to help Geet to protect her husband's life ! Abhi had contacted Geet after nearly 2 1/2 years on her wedding day and she had stored his number. With shivering hands she picked up her mobile and made a call to Abhi & Veer.

A week after Geet's call to Abhi & Veer, again there was a repetition of what happened around nearly six months back. On page 3 of a newspaper were few pictures of Maan and a strange girl in a compromising pose. Luckily Dadimaa saw these pictures before anyone else. Dadimaa was about to hide the newspaper when Geet came carrying landline phone saying,"Dadimaa, aap ke liye Khurana Foundation se Mrs. Shah ka phone hai. Woh keh rahi hain ki Khurana Foundation ke account mei se koi gabaan kar raha hai!" (Dadimaa, there is phone call for you from Mrs. Shah of Khurana Foundation. She suspects that someone is embezzling funds from Khurana Foundation's account.)
Hearing this Savitri Devi rushed leaving the newspaper behind. And Geet saw the page open with Maan's photographs!! 

She started reading the article with headlines, "MARRIED BUSINESS TYCOON, MR. MAAN SINGH KHURANA IN ARMS OF AN UPCOMING MODEL. IS IT LOVE OR LUST?" Geet read the whole article and froze. She first gulped down a glass of cold water and calmed herself and then calculated some numbers on her fingers. Geet left the room when Maan walked in. Seeing grim and serious expression on Geet's face he was confused and then saw the open page 3 of the newspaper lying on the table. He could foresee that his life will once again turn upside down and a tsunami is to follow!! He ran behind Geet, calling Adi and cancelling his today's meeting on the way!

After the news of Maan's relationship with model named Sonia appeared on newspaper and news channels, Chief Inspector Nanavati with his team came and said, "Mr. Maan Singh Khurana we are here to arrest you on the charges of molestation and rape of Ms. Sonia Sikand!" 

"WHAT?" Maan asked in a shocked voice. "BUT I DON"T KNOW ANY SONIA SIKAND!" Maan stated.

Geet was already prepared and presented Maan's anticipatory bail papers. "Inspector here are papers of anticipatory bail granted to Mr. Maan Singh Khurana by court!" 

Inspector questioned Geet,"Aap kaun hain Madam?"(Who are you Madam?)

"Hum hain Mrs. Geetika Maan Singh Khurana aur Vallabhgarh ki Rajkumari Gayatri!" (I am Mrs. Geetika Maan Singh Khurana and Princess of Vallabhgarh Princess Gayatri!) Geet said with her royal attitude.

"Rajkumariji, aap ko kaise vishwaas hai ki aapke pati nirdosh hain?" (Princess, how are you so confident that your husband is innocent?)

"Kyunki hum jaante ki iss kaand ka mastermind kaun hai? (As I'm aware who is the mastermind behind this!)

"Kaun hai iska mastermind?" (Who is the mastermind?)

"Miss Sasha Maheshwari!"
There was a gasp from Maan and the Police Inspector.

"Magar woh toh jail mei hain! Unke paas naa toh phone hai aur naa hi computer hai jail mei !"(But she is in jail. She has no form of communication as she neither has mobile nor any computer!)

"Kintu jail ke andar ka aadmi yaa...aurat bhi toh ho sakti hai!" (But it could be an insider in the prison?)

"Bina saboot ke aap ek police karmchariye par ilzaam laaga rahi hain, iss ke liye aapko jail bhi ho sakti hai!" (Without any proof you are accusing a Police personnel and you could be sent to jail for this!)

"Aadmi yaa aurat aapke kiranewala bhi ho sakta hai. Kintu yeh ek Police karamchaari hi hai!" (Man or woman can also be the one supplying groceries to the Police Station. Unfortunately its a Police personnel.)

"Aapko kissi par shaq hai, Rajkumariji?"(Whom do you suspect Princess?)

"Lady Constable Kaamini Chopra!"

"Rajkumariji aap ke paas kya saboot hai ki Constable Kaamini Chopra dagabaaz hain?" (What proof do you have that Constable Kaamini Chopra is a traitor?)

"Aapne humse humara shaq bataane ko kahaa woh humne keh diya. Yadi pramaan hota toh hum dawaa karte aur aap humse pooch-taach karne ke bajaaye unhein arrest karte!" (But you had asked me for my suspicion and that I'm telling you. If I had proof, I won't be saying that I suspect her but would be saying that I accuse her and you would not be busy interrogating me but arresting her!) Embarassing the Police Inspector. "Iss karye ka motive hai humare pati ke liye Ms. Sasha ki vaasna hai. Aur Constable Kaamini Chopra ke liye paisa aur Ms. Sasha ki designer watch!" (The motive for this crime is Sasha's lust for my husband. For Constable Kaamini Chopra the motive is money and getting Sasha's designer luxury watch!)  Shocking both the Inspector & Maan. Unknown to the trio, Savitri Devi, RK, Vicky and KB heard the whole conversation. Standing at the doorway. Inspector took the anticipatory bail order and left with his constables disappointed that he could not arrest the Maan Singh Khurana and bring feather to his cap!

Savitri Devi, RK, Vicky and KB rushed in the room and Savitri Devi asked in worried tone,"Geet beta yeh sab kya hai?" (Geet, what is all this?)

"Dadimaa, yeh Sasha ki dusari chaal thee inko aur hummein alaag karne ki. Sasha ki pehali chaal thee Lady Constable Kaamini Chopra ko khareed ne ki!" (Dadimaa, this was Sasha's second move to seperate Maan and me. Her first move was buying Lady Constable Kaamini Chopra!)

"Matlab?" (Meaning?)

"Kya aap sacchi itne bhole hain ki aapko sach nahi dekh raha hai, yaa aap humse sunna chahte hai?" (Are you really this innocent Maan that you can't see the truth or you want me to explain?) Maan was still confused. "Theek hai toh suniye, Sasha aapko haasil karna chahti hai. Usse faraq nahi padhta ki aap shaadi-shuda hain aur chaar bacchon ke baap. Aapko haasil karna uska junoon bann gaya hai! Iss liye woh poora saam, daam, daand aur bhedh istemaal kar rahi hai! Kintu woh bhool gayi ki iss baar uska paala kewal Geet se nahi, magar Mrs. Geetika Maan Singh Khurana se padha hai jo Vallabhgarh ki Rajkumari Gayatri bhi hai! Rajkumari Gayatri ko apne dushmano ko theek karna beikhoobhi aata hai!" (Fine then listen, Sasha wants to possess you. It doesn't bother her that you are married and a father of four children. You have become her obsession! That's why she is using all wit, money, force and power to make you hers. But she has forgotten that she is no longer dealing with simple Geet but she is now dealing with Mrs. Geetika Maan Singh Khurana who is also Vallabhgarh's Princess Gayatri! And Princess Gayatri knows very well how to deal with her enemy.) Geet said with Royal attitude and her head held high.

"Geet tumhei yeh sab kaise maloom hai?" (Geet how do you know all this?) Then Geet narrated all what she had heard in the ladies washroom of a six star hotel. Hearing which Savitri Devi's blood pressure accelerated and she fainted so Dr. Shashank was called. Dr. Shashank was tending to Savitri Devi. Ranjit & Maan were also with her as she was not leaving Maan's hand from her hands and Ranjit was worried for his mother's health!  

Seeing the correct opportunity with Maan being preoccupied, she called Vicky, KB and Maan's most trusted body gaurds, Hanuman Singh and Bahadur Singh in the study. She stood tall and in a regal way and said "Humari aap sabse ek vinti hai aap inhein ek pal ke liye bhi, kabhi bhi akela nahi chodhenge. Kyunki inn par do baar hamle ho chukein hain, ek baar truck se aur ek baar brake fail karke!" (I request all present here not to leave Maan alone even for a moment. Maan has been attacked twice once due the uncontrollable truck and second with tampered breaks!)

"Aap sahi keh rahi hain Rajkumari ji, mujhe bhi iss baat ka sandeh thaa. Aap chinta matt kariye hum dono bhai Maan Sir ke saaye ki tehara unke paas rahenge!" (You are right Your Highness! I was also doubtful that Maan Sir has been deliberately made a target. You please don't worry, we both brothers will follow Maan Sir like a shadow!)

Once the body gaurds left, she told Vicky and KB, "Hummein aap dono ki madatt chahiye. Hum chahte hain ki hummein BEST BUSINESSMAN OF THE YEAR award ceremony ka entry pass chahiye!" (I need help from both of you. I need entry pass for Best Businessman Of The Year award ceremony.)

"Magar Geetu woh toh tight security event. Tujhe Maan ki safety lekar kuch shaq hai? Agar hai toh aur security badha de! Tujhe kya pareshaan kar raha hai? Batta toh!" (But its a tight security event. Do you have suspicion regards Maan's security? If yes then employ more security. Tell me what's troubling you?)

"Woh hum abhi aap dono ko nahi batta sakte magar humara Best Businessman Of The Year Award ceremony mei jaana avaashiyak aur nishchit. Vicky bhaiya agar aap pass dilane mein sahita kar sakte hain toh theek hai varna hum kahin aur se intezaam kar lenge!" (That I can't divulge right now, but its definte that I'm going to Best Businessman Of The Year Award ceremony. Vicky if you can arrange passes then good otherwise I'll make some other alternative!) Rajkumari Gayatri spoke in a cold and no nonsense voice. 

"Theek hai bhabhi mai koshish karta hoon!" (Alright I'll try Bhabhi!)

Once Vicky left, Geet told KB "Bauji hummei aapki wakaalat ki avashiykta hai! Aap humare saath aayiye!" (Father, I need your legal advice. Please come with me.) Geet and KB left for the Khurana Outhouse.

Location: Khurana Outhouse
"Geetu, ek pitah aur wakil ke roop mein mai tumhei yeh karne nahi de sakta!" (Geetu, as a father and a lawyer, I can't give you permission for this!)

"Aap kewal ek pitah aur wakil ke roop mein soch rahe hain. Ek pati hokar dekhiye. Agar aaj jo humare pati ke saath ho raha hai, Bhagwaan naa kare kal Maa ke saath bhi yeh ho, toh kya aap tab bhi isse galat therayenge!" (You are talking as a father and lawyer not as a husband. If what is happening with my husband, God Forbid happens with Maa, will then also you consider it wrong!)

KB dejectedly agreed , "Theek hai, bolo tum kya chahti ho!" (Alright, tell me what you want!) Geet narrated her plan.

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                                     [THIS IS A MEMBERS ONLY POST]
          The Author of this post have chosen to restrict the content of this Post to members only.

                                                Chapter 58 (B)

ALL THE NAMES & PLACES ARE FICTITIOUS (if any resemblance to persons & places is purely coincidental). Any royal titles, MEDICAL PROCEDURES, MEDICAL TERMS, MILITARY PROCEDURES, MILITARY TERMS, Punjabi terms, architectural terms, IT terms & programs, office hierachy, wedding rituals, etc. are from my imagination hence THEY ARE NOT TRUE. PLEASE DON'T BASH ME !!!!!


Lady Constable Kaamini Chopra was forced to finally confess her misconduct in front of ACP Aditi Singh after prolonged third degree. Although Geet by anticipatory bail orders could prevent Maan's arrest but could not prevent him from being summoned at Court hearing. So next week court hearing started. The day of hearing, Geet got up a little late as she was feeling unwell since morning. So she hurriedly got ready after feeding the children. Today she was dressed in a Royal fashion in turquoise net saree with her head elegantly covered. Her posture and walk was showing her royal stature to people even a foot away from her.

Maan was on her right with his typical MSK attitude & walking with her. Just then Sasha and Sonia walked in surrounded by Lady Constables. Seeing Sasha, Geet pretended to trip and Maan at once encircled his muscular arm around her slim waist. Whereas Geet entwined her right arm in crook of Maan left arm and gave him a tight side hug. Onlookers felt that Rajkumari has tripped so has held her husband i.e. Maan's arm, but only Geet & Sasha knew what it was. Geet was making clear to Sasha that Maan is hers and she will never leave him. While Sasha was internally boiling at currently being helpless.KB on her left side had walked ahead with his cool demeanour to talk to his assistant. On entering the court room, Sasha and Sonia were made to stand in the accused box and Maan was taken to the witness box. Geet sat among the audience in the first row. The audience present in the court room were more interested in having glimpse of a beautiful Princess rather than the case. Sasha was hoping that her case would get media coverage but her case was being overshadowed by Geet's beauty, royal stature & Geet's confident look. Media was waiting outside the courtroom to get glimpse and interview of Her Highness Princess Gayatri as the judge had given strict orders that NO MEDIA WAS TO BE ALLOWED INSIDE THE COURT ROOM! 

"The court proceedings may begin!" Justice Sudhanshu Chowdhary announced.

The Prosecution started interrogating Maan, "Mr. Khurana, aap Miss Sonia Sikand ko kab se jaante hain?" (Mr. Khurana, since when do you know Miss Sonia Sikand?)

"Mai kissi Miss Sonia Sikand ko nahin jaanta!" (I don't know anyone by the name of Miss Sonia Sikand.)

"Agar aap Miss Sikand ko nahi jaante toh yek tasveerein aapki aur unki kaise hain?"(If you don't know Miss Sonia Sikand than how are you in these photographs with her?)

"Mujhe nahi maloom yeh photo shopped bhi ho sakti hain!" (I don't know, they may have been photoshopped.)

"Toh Miss Sikand aap par rape aur molestation ke charges kaise laga sakti hain?" (Then how can Miss Sonia Sikand charge you with rape and molestation?)

"Kyun nahi lagaa sakteen? Mai ameer hoon, dekhane mei theek thaak hoon aur mere saath naam jodne se unhein free publicity mil sakti hai. Miss Sikand hi nahi Ms. Sasha Maheshwari bhi mere saath apna naam jodna chahti theen. Woh Khurana Constructions mai chhe(6) saal se kaam kar rahi theen magar unka kaam bahut hi poor quality ka thaa. Ms. Sasha Maheshwari ko yeh naukari mere father ne sirf aur sirf iss liye di thee kyunki woh humare wafadaar Munshiji ki beti hain. Magar Munshiji jitne wafadaar hain yeh utni hi beiwafaa." (Maan handed proof of Sasha's embezzling money in the court!) "Humne Sasha ko bahut daffa naukari se nikaalna chahaa hai magar Munshiji ne humse har daffa request ki toh hummei naa chahte huye bhi isse Khurana Constructions mei rakhna pada! Magar yeh tasveer kab aur kisne khenchi mujhe nahi maalom!" (Why can't she charge me after all I'm rich, handsome and if a girl's name is joined with mine she can get free publicity. Not only Miss Sikand but even Ms. Sasha Maheshwari wanted to join her name with mine. She is working in Khurana Constructions for past six years but her work quality was & is very poor. Ms. Sasha Maheshwari was recruited in Khurana Constructions only and only because she is daughter of our faithful employee, Munishiji. Whereas Munshiji is extremely loyal to Khuranas she is extremely disloyal (Maan handed proof of Sasha's embezzling money in the court!) We have tried to sack her many times but Munishiji's pleading made us force to continue employing her in Khurana Constructions.)
The to and fro of volley of questions continued to happen till KB stepped in as Maan's Defence lawyer and said, "Your Honour, Prosecution has no concrete evidence its only circumstantial evidence. Hence Prosecution has no valid evidence to prosecute my client. I request Court to drop all charges of rape & molestation against my client, Mr. Maan Singh Khurana on the basis of assumption and circumstantial evidence."

"Mr. Shekhawat do you have any witness who can state that allegation by Prosecution are false?" Justice Sudhanshu Chowdhary questioned.
KB looked at Geet and she nodded in affirmative but KB shook his head in negative. This exchange was witnessed by Maan who was now getting inquisitive. Just then the Prosecution lawyer's Mr. Devdutt Mukherjee voice boomed,"I would now like to call Mrs. Geetika Maan Singh Khurana as well as Princess of Vallabhgarh, Rajkumari Gayatri to the witness box."
Bringing a loud gasp from whole audience especially Maan, "NAHI!" (NO!) "GEET TUM WITNESS BOX MEIN NAHI JAA SAKTEEN!" (Geet you cannot go to witness box to testify!) Maan objected and held Geet's hand.

"Aap chinta matt kariye hummei kuch nahi hoga!" (You don't worry, nothing will happen to me!) Geet pressed Maan's hands with determination. Geet then went to the witness box and stood with pride, grace & elegance like a true Princess. Geet was carrying her clutch purse with her.

"Rajkumari..." (Princess...)

"Hum chahenge ki aap hummei Mrs. Khurana sambodhit karen." (Please address me as Mrs. Khurana.)

Mr. Mukherjee nodded in affirmative and continued, "Mrs. Khurana aapko kaise patta chala ki Miss Sasha Maheshwari, ki aap ke pati par buri nazar hai?" (Mrs. Khurana, how did you come to know that Miss Sasha Maheshwari has evil intensions on your husband?)

"Wakil sahab, ek stree hi dusari stree ko acchi tehara samajh sakti hai. Yeh baat humare vivaah ke teen varsh poorv ki hai. Tab hum naa toh Mrs. Geetika Maan Singh Khurana the aur naa hi Vallabhgarh ki Rajkumari Gayatri the. Hum kewal ek seedhi-saadhi Geet the jo apne parivaar ke saath Delhi jaisse bade sheher mein rehte the, apni Maa aur bhai-behan ke saath. Hummei Mr. Ranjit Singh Khurana ne apni PA yaani Khurana Constructions ke CEO ki PA ki naukari di thee jisse hum apna ghar chalane ke liye paise mil jaayen aur saath hi saath hum apni padhai bhi poori kar lein. Uss samay Ms. Sasha Maheshwari ek Junior Architect theen jo khud ko Khurana Constructions ki malkin samjhati theen. Har ek intern aur trainee par dhaus jamati theen. Aap chahen toh KC ke purane staff se pooch sakte hain. Kintu hum inki naa toh dhaus sehte the aur naa hi nakre. Iss liye Sasha humesha hummein sabke saamne neecha dekhati theen. Kuch samay paschat Maan Sir ne office aana shuru kiya, Sasha ne bahut koshish kari ki Maan Sir ko woh apni ore aakarshit kar paayen magar woh nahi hua. Iss beech Maan Sir aur hummein prem ho gaya aur humne vivaah kar liya. Kintu iss vivaah ka humne kuch neeji kaarano se samaaj ke saamne khulaasa nahi kiya. Sasha apni harkatein karti rahi ki Maan Sir uski ore aakarshit hon mafar asafal rahi. Aakhirkaar Khurana Parivaar ne Sasha ko gaban karte aur beiwafaai karte pakra jiska saboot abhi abhi Maan Sir ne aapke samaksh rakha thaa Your Honour. Kintu phir Munishiji ne phirsed vinti ki aur Khurana Parivaar ne Sasha ka tabadala Jaipur karaa diya. Iske pashchat kuch din sab theek raha. Kintu phir Miss Sasha Maheshwari ne apni ek aur chaal chali aur Maan Sir aur humara car accident karaaya jisse hum dono ki yaadasht chali gayi. Uske paschat kya hua Adalat jaanti hai kyunki uski sazaa hi Miss Sasha Maheshwari bhugat rahi hain jail mein!" (Mr. Mukherjee, a woman understands another woman very well. This incident is three years before our wedding. I was at that time neither Mrs. Geetika Maan Singh Khurana nor Vallabhgarh's Princess Gayatri. I was a simple girl living with my family in Capital city of Delhi. My family consisted of my mother, brother and sister. Mr. Ranjit Singh Khurana offered me the job of his PA i.e. PA of Khurana Constructions' CEO. So I could take care of my household expenses as well as continue my studies. That time, Ms. Sasha Maheshwari was just a Junior Architect who considered herself the owner of Khurana Constructions. She use to throw her weight around each and every intern and trainee.  You can verify my statement with the old staff of KC. I would not bend down to her whims and fancies, hence she use to belittle me in front of KC employees. After sometime, Maan Sir started coming to office and Sasha tried her all feminine wiles on him to attract him but she failed. Finally, Khurana family discovered that she was cheating them by embezzling company funds and selling confidential informations to Khurana's rival companies, proof of which my husband has already given to you. There again Munshiji pleaded and the Khurana family transferred her to their Jaipur branch. For sometime everything was fine. But once again she played dirty and got Maan Sir and my car to meet with accident by tampering with car brakes and we both lost our memory for sometime. What happened after that Court knows as she has been convicted for that crime and now is in jail.)

"Yeh kahaani acchi hai magar iska saboot?" (This is a nice story, but what is the proof that its true?) Mr. Mukherjee questioned.

"Humne jo kuch bhi kahaa hai, Police jaanch kar sakti hai. Humara Matheraan jaane ke waqat pahadiyon par acccident hua tha!" (Whatever I have stated in Court can be verified by Police. We met with accident on the way to Maatheran on the hills.)

Just then a Police inspector enterted the courtroom and handed the accident file to the judge saying,"Your Honour Mrs. Khurana sach keh rahi hain, yeh hai saboot ki Mr. aur Mrs. Khurana ka car accident Matheraan jaate waqat pahadiyon par hua tha!" (Your Honour Mrs. Khurana is right. This is proof of Mr. aur Mrs. Khurana's car accident on hills of Matheraan!)

Mr. Mukherjee changed his tactics and again said, "Mrs. Khurana how do you expalin these pictures? This clearly shows that Mr. Khurana, was having an affair with Miss Sonia Sikand."

"Can I see those photographs please?" Mr. Mukherjee handed Geet the photos.

"I regret to tell you Mr. Mukherjee that they are photoshopped. I have the originals." Geet said handing some photographs. 

"Your Honour here is the Government's Cybercell and Graphic Departments report saying that the photographs are morphed." Now Mr. Mukherjee felt that he is loosing this case as both the accused i.e. Sasha and Sonia have lied to him and the Police. But being a veteran and stubborn prosecution lawyer he aimed below the belt and tried to hit Geet where it will hit her the most thereby breaking her confidence. "Mrs. Khurana how are you sure that Mr. Khurana is not cheating on you? Do you know where he was two weeks back? He was not in Khurana Mansion, Khurana Outhouse or Khurana farmhouse."

"Yes he was in none of those places as you stated but he was at XYZ Hotel's cottages in Simla with me."

"Do you have any proof for it?"

"Yes I do. This CCTV footage of XYZ Hotel."

"I object My Lord! This evidence was not given to the Prosecution for studying before hand, hence should not be permissible in Court." Mr. Mukherjee objected.

"Your Honour, the Defence was given this evidence just 15mins. before the Court  hearing. I implore you to view it as its a question of a Gentleman's honour and dignity." KB requested.

"Please play the CCTV footage!" Justice Chowdhary thundered.
The footage was played and it showed Maan and Geet entering the cottage of XYZ Hotel at 8:00pm on the date in question and leaving the same cottage at 10:00am the next day.

"This is a lie Maan was with Sonia." Sasha screamed.

"Miss Sasha Maheshwari how do you know whether Mr. Khurana was with Miss Sonia as you were in jail? Besides the CCTV footage confirms the truth of Mrs. Khurana's statement." Justice Chowdhary questioned.

"It is not Geet I tell you."

"Everyone can see Mr. & Mrs. Khurana's faces very clearly. There is no question of any doubt!"

"This footage is morphed just like those photographs in the newspaper." Sasha blurted out in anger and frustration.

"Your Honour, I would like to clear my husband's name once and for all. Hence, I would like you to see these test results which even my husband and our defence lawyer has not seen. These results will put all curiosity and confusion at rest regarding my husband's whereabouts that day, thereby proving him innocent. I was given these results by my doctor just today morning." Geet said with tears in her eyes and brought out a white envelope from her clutch purse handing to Justice Chowdhary.

Justice Chowdhary read the results aloud, "The results suggest that Mrs. Khurana is two weeks pregnant which tallies with the time mentioned regarding Miss Sonia's molestation and rape. Does Prosecution have anymore witnesses?" Mr. Mukherjee nodded negative. "Does Mr. Khurana's defence have any more witnesses?" KB also nodded negative. "In that case, I..."

"No this can't be, you are lying Maan. Geet is also lying she is not pregnant. Maan is mine only mine!" Sasha ran in Geet's direction but before Sasha could touch Geet, two lady constables held her from both side and dragged her to the accused box. By now Geet was getting tired and her head was swimming.

But before she could loose her consciousness she called "MAAAN!" Then everything went black.

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Dear Friends,
This is last update for sometime as my in-laws are coming this weekend and then I'm going out of town. I don't think I can give you any more updates in near future. Earliest update will be 25th September. incase, I can take out time, I will do so and post something.
Thank you in advance for understanding.

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