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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

PREM YAA MRIGTRISHNA, Th.2, EPILOGUE 2 & 3 Pg. 92 **24/10/16 (Page 60)

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Thanks for PM

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Sorry for commenting late

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Chapter 57 D
Amazingly beautiful update

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Waiting for next

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Wow.. Suuperb yaar.. From geet u derstanding maan, maan finally understanding geet.. Geet making mohinder understand where he is wrong.. Maaneet wedding and romance.. Too good yaar.. Cont soon hun.. I just hope sasha kuch na bigaad paye..

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                                               THIS IS A MEMBERS ONLY POST]
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                                                            Chapter 57(E)

ALL THE NAMES & PLACES ARE FICTITIOUS (if any resemblance to persons & places is purely coincidental). Any royal titles, MEDICAL PROCEDURES, MEDICAL TERMS, MILITARY PROCEDURES, MILITARY TERMS, Punjabi terms, architectural terms, IT terms & programs, office hierachy, wedding rituals, etc. are from my imagination hence THEY ARE NOT TRUE. PLEASE DON'T BASH ME !!!!!


After pheras and blessing of elders and Kingdom of Vallabhgarh, it was time for Geet's Vidaai. All the elders made Maan and Geet (Geet sat on left side of Maan still in their gathbandhan) sit together. Then male elders did "Tilak" (putting vermilion on centre of bridegroom's forehead), Maan's forehead and fed him sweets much to  Maan's discomfort (Maan was fitness & diet freak and seeing such high carbo made him panic);

and  female relatives and elders smeared "Tilak" on Maan's forehead and put "sindoor bindi" (red round spot) on Geet's forehead and fed them both sweets. 

Last two couples left for Tilak were Maharaj Prithviraj and Maharani Sumitra; and KB & Chitralekha. Out of the two couples, Maharaj and Maharani first did Maan's tilak, whereas as KB and Chitralekha did Maan's tilak last as they had done Geet's 'Kanyadaan'. Chitralekha and KB did Maan's tilak who were still tied in gatbandhan since they did 'Kanyadaan'. They first did Tilak on Maan's forehead and Chitralekha put sindoor bindi on Geet's forehead and filled her Geet's maang with sindoor. Then both Chitralekha and KB went around the newly wedded Maan and Geet three times and then touched Maan & Geet's feet as they were considered Lord Vishnu and Goddess Mahalakshmi's re-incarnation. Maan and Geet were about to get up when Chitralekha and KB touched Maan & Geet's feet but Maharaj and Maharani held them down respectively and nodded "no" as all the elders were reciting some shloks (verses) under breath. Khuranas were taken aback as well as impressed by this ritual! After that Chitralekha and KB went away from the mandap. Maan & Geet were guided to their decorated car by Brij, Veer, Yash and other male & female family members. Rajmata, Maharaj, Maharani, KB and Chitralekha sat in a remote corner of the mandap from where they could see Geet but Geet was not allowed to see her Maa and Bauji till she comes for her "Pag Phere".Geet hugged all her three brothers making her cry hysterically. Maan was first time seeing Geet so emotionally broken. The whole Vallabhgarh was crying doing Vidaai of their beloved Princess. Not only the Royal family and people of Vallabhgarh were crying but it seemed that the Gods from heavens were also shedding tears in form of rain. Vicky, Meera, Adi and Pinky brought the quadruplets earlier and left for the Haveli before the rain had started & the bridal car could leave the Palace. Brij, Veer and Yash who were controlling their tears so far could no longer hold their tears back and started howling once they saw the decorated car move! 

Khuranas had decided that they will do Geet's "Grah Pravesh" in the Haveli of Vallabhgarh as Delhi was 6hrs. away one way. If Geet would have to come back to Vallabhgarh for "Pag Phere" next day it would be three trips to and and fro between Vallabhgarh and Delhi which was not adviceble with four children! So Dadimaa did a simple but traditional "Grah Pravesh" of Geet, Maan and quadruplets in the Haveli. After an hour Brij, Veer and Yash came to the Haveli and took Geet and quadruplets back to the Palace from where tomorrow again after Geet's "Pag Phere" ceremony, Geet and quadruplets vidaai will be done and all of them will leave for Delhi. Maan who was looking foward to his Suhaag Raat with Mishty in his arms and was ready to blow up. When no one was near, Geet came and whispered in Maan's ears "Sabr ka phal meetha hota hai!" (Be patient and the end result will be sweet!) Then Geet winked and moved away making Maan more frustrated.

Next day Maan woke up earlier than anyone else and got ready immediately! When Dadimaa, Ranjit and half asleep Vicky came downstairs for breakfast, they were surprised to see Maan all dressed in dark green kurta with maroon emberiordery. 

Dadimaa understanding Maan's restlessness and impatience decided to pull his leg and said,"Maan aap itni subah-subah kahin jaa rahe hain?" (Maan where are you going this early in the morning?)

"Dadimaa, Maan bhai kuch zyaada formally dressed nahin hain workout ke liye?" (Dadimaa, isn't Bhai too formally dressed for a workout?)

"Maan, accha hai tum tyaar ho. Naashte ke baad tumhare saath kuch office details discuss karni hain. Especially tumhari nayi PA ke baare mein."(Good you are ready Maan. After breakfast we need to talk on some urgent business matters. Especially regarding the appointment of your PA.)

"BASS! BAHUT HUA! MAIN RAJMAHAL JAA RAHA HOON APNI PATNI AUR BACCHON KO LAANE!" (ENOUGH! I'm going to the Palace to bring my wife and children back!) Maan said in anger.

"Maan Shaant ho jaaiye! Naashte ke baad hum Geet aur bacchon ko vidaa karaa ke laa rahe hain. Hum toh aap se kewal mazak kar rahe the. Chaliye naashta kariye!" (Calm down Maan! After breakfast we all are going to get Geet and children)

"Mujhe bhook nahi hai."(I'm not hungry!)

Just then Bhola entered carrying a basket of food. "Thakurain-sa, Rajkumari-sa ne Jawaai-sa ke liye naashta bheja hai aur yeh chitti bhi!" (Ma'am Princess has sent breakfast for Maan Sir and a letter as well.) Before Bhola could give Maan the letter Vicky whisked it away but Maan's reflexes were and are faster than Vicky so he took the letter and shut himself in the study. 

In the study, Maan unfolded the letter and read,
"Shubh Prabhat Maan! (Good Morning Maan!)
Hum poori raat aapke baare mei sochte rahe! Humara bahut mann thaa ki hum aap se kal raat hi vaartalaap karen, kintu Mahal pauhchane par humne dekha ki Samaan ko bukhar hai aur uske pashchaat poori raat Samaan ne hummein chodha hi nahi. Uski dekh bhaal mei raat kab guzari hummein patta hi nahi chalaa. Aapko intezaar karaane ke liye hum kshama-prarthi hai!
Hum jaante hain ki aap kal se bahut krodhit hain kyunki humari suhaag raat ek din ke liye sthagit ho gayi iss liye aap abhi bhi bhooke pyaase bheithe honge! Kintu aap yeh sochiye ki hummei ek din aur apne parivaar ke saath vytith karne ke liye mil raha hai, uske paschaat hum poorn roop se aap ke honge, tan,mann aur vachan se. Iss liye aap abb apna maun vrat aur upvaas todhiye aur battaiye ki humare haath ka banna naashta aapko kaisa lagaa?
Aap ki aur kewal aapki,
Maan ki Geet"
(Good Morning Maan,
I have been thinking about you the whole night. I really wanted to talk to you, but on reaching the Palace, I found Samaan burning with fever. The whole night he has been cranky and not left me for even a minute. In looking after him how the night passed, I don't know. I know you were waiting for my call, hence I apologise for not calling you. 
I know you are very angry at our first night being postponed and now must be sitting in anger without eating and drinking. But you try to think that this was my last day with my family. From now on I will be yours by body, heart and soul! Hence break your silence and fast and eat something. Please tell me how have I cooked your breakfast?
Yours and only your's,
Maan's Geet)

Maan immediately ran to the dining room and started eating the pasta before Vicky could gobble it up. After breakfast Khuranas went to the Vallabhgarh Palace and the final vidaai of Geet along with her children after her marriage was done. 


Samaan had started feeling slightly better but was still cranky and sticking to Maan.


Geet and Maan were standing at threshold of KM, Geet was on Maan's left side. 

When Meera blocked the entrance of KM, and wanted money or 'nek' to let her Bhaiya and Bhabhi enter. This custom is called "dwaar-chaar", when her sister blocks the entry of her newlywed brother and sister-in-law till sher gets some token in form of cash or kind. Maan gave her a beautiful diamond set as "nek". Making Meera escstatic and showed to her father saying,"Daddy, I got a diamond set! Thx Bhai!" Maan gave Meera a botherly hug, making everyone emotional! Everyone was first time seeing Meera showing her emotions.

The group moved foward, Maan was carrying Samaan, Geet was carrying Armaan, Vicky was carrying Maanvi and Ranjit was carrying Maansi. Dadimaa came with aarti thaal and became very emotional. Dadimaa with lot of love and blessings applied "tilak" on Maan's forehead and asked Meera to put "bindi and sindoor" on Geet's forehead, as widows don't touch sindoor.

Dadimaa did aarti of newly wedded couple & welcomed them inside home. Geet put her right foot inside the 'chaukhat'(the main door bracket) and kicked the 'kalash' full if rice. Meera put a big 'thaal of aalta(mahawar)' next. 

Geet dipped both her feet in it and held Armaan and Maanvi, whereas Maan held Samaan and Maansi in his arms. Geet then walked inside the KM leaving her footprints on the way,(symbolizing that 'grah-lakshmi' has entered home) with Maan on her right side. Thereby completing Geet's "grah-pravesh" in Khurana Mansion, Khurana family & Maan's life along with her children! 

But Maan wanted to emboss his and Geet's foot prints in clay so Adi got a pate of wet cement so that Maan and Geet's foot prints for ever are preserved! 

Making geet fall more and more in love with her husband!

After few hours, Geet was brought to a beautifully decorated bed, above the bed was a canopy of tube roses and lot of scented candles. Meera, Pinky and Maan's cousins made Geet sit at the centre of the bed. When Maan opened the door to his room, he stood mesmerised seeing his(their) room looking so beautiful.

Then went ahead and saw his Mishty sitting in centre of the bed looking like a rose. 

Slowly he went near the bed lifted the chain of flowers and sat next to his Mishty. 

Maan gently unclasped Geet's hands around her knees and placed royal blue coloured velvet jewellery box on Geet's palms saying "Yeh meri Mishty ke liye jiski aankho ki chamak ke aage yeh pattar ke tudke kuch bhi nahi!" (This is for my Mishty whose eyes sparkle brighter than these pieces of stones)" Geet slowly opened the box and gasped at the beauty of the diamond and sapphire set. 

"Yeh toh bahut keemati hai!"(These are very precious and priceless! ) "Meri Rajkumari se zyaada keemati nahi hai!" (Not are not as precious and priceless as my Princess!) Then very slowly lifted Geet's ghunghat and was transfixed. 

Geet's beauty was more radiant than the jewels she was wearing and the jewels she was holding in her palms! Geet's eyes were looking down at her feet due to shyness, she was blushing creating a beautiful red hue on her cheeks, trembling & quivering of her lips was increasing with Maan's closeness giving an indication of her nervousness and uncontrollable desires!! When she could not take his silence anymore she said softly, "Suniye!" Making Maan come out of his trance like state. Maan slowly removed her ghunghat and uncovered her face. 

He gentle lifted her face by lightly clasping her chin and came close to her as if about to kiss her. 


Geet's shyness got better of her and she hugged Maan tightly. Slowly Maan made geet lie down on he bed and he came on op of her. 

Making each part of top of her body rubbed against Maan's rock hard muscular torso. Slowly their emotions and desires for each other overtook with Maan lying on top of her and he started giving light delicate kisses behind her ears followed by his nibbling of her ear lobes. Geet's desires were soaring sky high and she said in a husky voice, "Hummei aap sampoorn roop se apna banna lijiye Maan. Humare rom-rom ko apne prem mein sarabor kar dijiye! Hum woh mehsoos karna chahte hain jo hum pehli baar mehsoos nahi kar paaye!" (Make me your's Maan in true sense. Let me feel your love in each and every pore of my body! Let me feel what I could not remember feeling the first time.) Now there was no holding back. First her tikka, necklaces, earrings & jewellery were removed and then slowly her clothes but these were just superficial barriers. Finally Geet gave herself totally to Maan with her full trust and faith. That night two lovers became one after a long and painful seperation. How many times they both made love neither knew. But by the time they felt complete, they were exhausted and finally slept only when the sun was rising in the horizon.

It was around five and a half months since Maan and Geet marriage. Since their marriage, Maan had turned into a possessive, passionate and desperate, lover. The most surprising thing was that Geet was loving this possessive, passionate and desperate husband of hers! After Dadimaa's telling the truth about Maan's mother Garima's death and its effect on Maan, Geet became a little more compassionate and was able to see the insecure 10yr. old (Garima had passed away when Maan was just 10 yrs. old.) boy within. Once Geet was free from her maternal duties in the day, Maan would not leave Geet even for a second. Luckily they were in Khurana Mansion and Khurana family was extremely open minded people and turned a blind eye to Maan's passion. If they were in Vallabhgarh, Geet can't imagine how she would have handled Maan's advances. Once just before bedtime, Maan caught Geet just as she walked out from washroom after a shower. 

She was still in her bath robe, Maan grabbed Geet and started kissing her passionately shocking Meera who had come to give Geet her milk before her bed. Meera covering her eyes just put the milk glass at nearby table and fled saying,"Bhai at least lock the door and remember kids are sleeping in your room!"

"It because of kids especially Armaan that I have to stay a foot away from my wife when they are awake. But I will not stay away from my Mishty when they are asleep!" Maan continued his passionate kisses and nibbling and made love to his wife umpteen number of times, her skin was red and blue due to Maan's passion in form of love bites (which was often a cause of teasing her by the family members and embarassment for her). Maan finally stopped his passionate advances after he saw Geet lying unconscious on the bed and not responding to his loving and passionate gestures. It scared the hell out of Maan and he rushed and got water and sprinkled on her thereby reviving her and then gathering her in his arms and went to sleep. This incident scared Maan and he kept himself under control for few days but not for long. Maan was not the only one scared, Geet was also scared fearing Maan's life, especially after overhearing the conversation three weeks back!

Plz press 'like' & comment (if possible?)

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Dear Friends,
Today I have given you an extremely long update! I have now concluded Maan & Geet's Pre-wedding, Wedding and post wedding rituals! I hope you enjoy them. I hope you all are partially satisfied with presence of Maan and Geet in this update!
Please give your precious comments & feedback as I come to know what I have overlooked or if I have stated something wrong. Customs and rituals are from my imagination with inspiration from traditional age old customs!
Thank you,

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Fabulous romantic update dear, loved it...

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