Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

PREM YAA MRIGTRISHNA, Th.2, EPILOGUE 2 & 3 Pg. 92 **24/10/16 (Page 57)

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maans possessiveness made dadi upset
she tells about his mothers death  n y maan is like that
geet understood the postion of maaan
he came n applied haldi to her n she did on him
mausi n geet knew each other well
all happy to see geet in bridal attire
mohinder asks sry for his behaviour to geet
nice parts

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Flawless updates
thanku for pm

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                                      [THIS IS A MEMBERS ONLY POST]
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                                                Chapter 57(D)

ALL THE NAMES & PLACES ARE FICTITIOUS(if any resemblance to persons & places is purely coincidental). Any royal titles, MEDICAL PROCEDURES, MEDICAL TERMS, MILITARY PROCEDURES, MILITARY TERMS, Punjabi terms, architectural terms, IT terms & programs, office hierachy, wedding rituals, etc. are from my imagination hence THEY ARE NOT TRUE. PLEASE DON'T BASH ME !!!!!


While upstairs father and daughter's emotional conversation was going on, downstairs, the 'baraat' was welcomed with rose petals and sprinkling of rosewater. Few of KC staff had also joined the wedding i.e. Romeo, Manish-a and Pandeyji. Adi and Pinky were considered family from Maan and Geet's side so were present for all the ceremonies. First there was "milnee" i.e. Father of bride welcomes father of bridegroom, sister of bride welcomes sister of bridegroom and so on. Next Maharani Sumitra did Maan's aarti to welcome him, and were waiting for Geet for the ceremony of "Jaimaal" (bride and bridegroom putting garland around one another!) Rajmata asked Chitralekha, Brij, Veer and Yash to bring Geet down but they were one man short when Rajmata suggested them to take Vicky with them as Geet considers Vicky as her brother.On reaching Geet's room, five of them heard the conversation going on between Mohinder and Geet. Making them realise that how one wrong decision by a parent can ruin their child's life forever. Before four men could become emotional, Chitralekha took charge, "Gudiya, chaliye aapko Rajpurohitji bula rahe hain!" (Gudiya, come Rajpurohitji is calling you.)Taking her wedding dupatta or chunari Chitralekha placed it above Geet's head and the four brother's heads. Chitralekha then said ignoring Mohinder totally,"Abb aap chaaron iske chaar kone padkiye aur iski chaon mein Rajkumari ko mandap tak le jaaiye!" (Now you four hold the four corners and take Princess under this to the wedding venue.) 

Hence,Brij, Veer, Vicky and Yash guided Geet to the centre of the wedding shamiyaana (tent). 

Where Maan with lot of humility and love held out his hand for Geet's to hold. Get held Maan's hand tightly and climbed on the podium where"Jaimaal" was to take place with love in both Maan & Geet's eyes.

 Admist lot of fun, jokes and laughter Maan and Geet's jaimaal was done. 

After Jaimaal was done, photographers and videographer cornered the going to be wed couple and non-stop flashes of photographs continued along with best wishes by relatives and guests. 

After an hour of this photographs and best wishes session finally concluded and both Maan and Geet went to change for pheras in seperate room. Padmini and Priyamvada along with Pinky took Geet upstairs to change into a heavy lahenga for the pheras. Geet went to her room and needed to use washroom facility so Padmini, Priyamvada and Pinky left Geet alone for sometime. When Geet came out of the washroom before she could register, she was pulled in strong manly arms and a pair of warm masculine lips fused with her petal soft lips preventing her from screaming. Finally when unable to breathe, Geet gently pushed Maan,"Yeh aap kya kar rahe hain? Bhabhi-sa, Priyamvada bhabhi-sa aur Pinky abhi aate honge! Aap sheeghr hi yahaan se jaaiye!"(What are you doing? Padmini, Priyamvada and Pinky will be here any minute. You please leave immediately!)

"Mishty, mai abb aur tumse door nahin reh sakta. Maine tumhare dil ko aur tumhare Maa aur Bauji ke dil ko dukhaya hai, please mujhe MAAF KAR DO!" (Mishty, I cannot bear seperation any longer. I'm sorry for hurting you, your Maa and your Bauji. PLEASE FORGIVE ME!) Maan said holding Geet's hand and bending on a knee in front of Geet. 

Melting Geet into a puddle of emotions she was trying desperately control and hugged Maan tight. 

Just then there was a knock and Pinky's high strung voice said,"Geet jaldi kar, Panditji jeejaji ko bulanewale hain aur uski thodi der baad tujhe!" (Geet hurry up! Panditji is going to start the wedding ritual soon. He is just waiting for Maan Sir to come and then will soon call you!) 

Hearing her voice, Geet panicked and said, "Aap jaldi jaaiye Maan isse pehale ki baaki sab yahaan aa jaayen!" (You please leave immediately Maan before anyone comes in!)

"Kya kha tumne ?" (What did you say?)

"Aap jaldi jaai..." (You please...) Maan put his long slender painter like finger on Geet's lips and said in soft, husky and seductive voice  "Mera naam dubara lo!" (Call me by my name again!)

"Aap kyun mujhe musibat mei dal rakhe hain. Aap please jaaiye!" (Why are you creating problems for me? Please go NOW) Geet said in a scared voice. Maan nodded in negative. 
"Aap..." (You...) Geet started breathing rapidly out of fear of being caught. 

"Mera naam phirse lo toh mai chala jaaonga varna sabko hummei saath mein dekhne se mujhe koi problem nahi hai. Tumhei hai!" (You call me by my name once again and I'll leave. You have problem if someone sees us together but I don't have any problem!) Seeing Geet's state, Maan moved closer making Geet shriek "MAAAN!" 

"Gudiya, wahaan ander kya ho raha hai? Kya "Jawai-sa" tumhare saath hai? Rajpurohitji "Jawai-sa" ko do daffa bula chuke hai!" (Gudiya what is happening inside? Is Maan with you? The royal priest has already called Maan twice.) A strict and diciplinary mother's voice of Chitralekha demanded. The only thing that Geet was immensely scared was the angry voice of her mother, Chitralekha. Although Chitralekha hardly ever yelled, screamed or punished Geet except once when she had performed poorly in Grade 8. But all children are aware of that one tone of voice of their parents which allows no nonsense! Geet somehow pushed Maan towards balcony; and quitely opened her room door from inside and ran towards washroom carrying the lahenga she needed to wear. Chitralekha in anger banged at the door with force and it opened. Chitralekha came in with Padmini, Priyamvada and Pinky, but finding no one there she was suspicious but calmed herself down. Five minutes later Geet came out wearing her lengha and blouse. The four ladies got to work and got her dressed in no time. If before Geet was looking an innocent, blushing beautiful bride. Now she was looking gorgeous, classy, elegant and graceful. Each and every inch of her was oozing Royal aura !

Maan had reached just in time when in an irritated tone for the third time Rajpurohit said, "Var ko vivaah ki vidhiyon ke liye bulaiye!"(Call bridegroom for marriage rituals) Seeing Maan he reprimanded him,"Yajmaan yadhpi muhurth tal gaya toh agle ek saptah tak vivaah ka koi muhurth nahi hai!" (Sir if today's auspicious time elapses then you will have to wait for a week for an auspicious time!) Maan immediately sat down and started following Rajpurohit's instructions seriously. The sapthpadi and Pheras were too be performed on a raised dais so it could be viewed by all the citizens of Vallabhgarh.While Geet was getting final touches to her make up, jewellery and attire by beautician and Pinky, Maan was sitting in mandap following Rajpurohit's instructions. Raj Purohit chanted few mantras & performed some rituals. Maan was made to do some offerings and recite some shloks (verses). A while later Raj Purohit chanted "Vadu ko bulaiye!"(call the bride) Geet was called and made to sit on Maan's right side. 

Then came the moment everyone was waiting for. Panditji called, "Kanya ke Maata-Pitah ko Kanyadaan ke liye bulaiye!"(Call the Bride's parents to give away the bride!) Mohinder stood up and wanted to come and sit down but then he remembered Rano saying that "Jo Maata-Pitah aapni beti ki khushhaal vivaahit jeevan ki kaamana karte hain unhein "Kanyadaan"jode mei karna chahiye!" Remembering that last time KB had done Geet's Kanyadaan alone and how much she suffered, hence, Mohinder pulled himself back. KB and Chitralekha, sat at the designated place started doing 'Kanyadaan', handing their most precious possession or their Gudiya to Maan with tears in their eyes as well as the eyes of the whole Royal Singh family. When Chitralekha and KB placed Geet's hand in Maan's hand he immediately raised it to his forehead as if its most pious and spiritual hand for him. 

Making Rajmata, Maharaj Prithviraj, Maharani Sumitra, Chitralekha and Padmini feel that Maan is correct choice of husband for their Gudiya whereas KB, Brij, Veer and Yash felt Maan is doing drama to get in their good books! Geet fell in love with Maan once again seeing this gesture!

Their thoughts were broken by Rajpurohit's command of "Var ki bahen ko bulaiye 'gatbandhan' ke liye" (call bridegroom's sister for tying bride & bridegroom together). Meera tied Geet's dupatta with Maan's stole (hanging around his neck). Maan and Geet got up for the pheras, "Vadhu ke bhai ko 'kheel-dan' ke liye bulaiye" (call bride's brother for 'kheel daan'). Brij, Veer and Yash together did 'Kheel-daan' alternately among themselves for each phera. "Kheel-daan" is when each time the couple completes a phera, the brother of the bride puts some 'kheel' or puffed rice in the bride's hand, which are passed to the groom's hand and then offered to the fire. This ritual symbolizes the brother's wishes for prosperity of his sister and her husband. At the last phera, Brij came near Maan and whispered in his ear in a firm threatening and no nonsense tone,"DON'T YOU DARE MISBEHAVE WITH MY SISTER AFTER YOUR MARRIAGE OTHERWISE YOU WILL SEE HER BROTHER'S ROYAL FORM!" Rajpurohit made Maan & Geet hold hands and take first four pheras (rounds) with Maan in front. 

In fifth, sixth and seventh phera Geet was in front. Once all pheras were done, Geet was made to sit on Maan's "Vamang"(left) side thereby becoming his "ardhangani"(his better half). Meera lifted Geet's maang tikka and Maan filled Geet's 'maang'(parting) with sindoor 

and tied mangalsutra in her neck.

"AAJ SE AAP PATI PATNI HAIN" Panditji announced them to the world as husband & wife.

Maan & Geet went and touched first Preeti Mausi's feet. She blessed Geet with age old blessing "Sada Suhaagan raho! Dudhon nahon! Poutton phaloon". Next they touched Dadimaa's feet and she said,"Sada ek dusare ka saath do aur ek dusare ke humsafar bano.Khush raho!" Then they touched RK's feet "Sada khush raho tum dono!" Maan & Geet were about to touch Rajmata's feet when she said, "Abhi aap dono Bhagwan Vishnu aur Mata Mahalakshmi ka swaroop hain, iss karan aap humare athva Vallabhgarh ke kissi bhi bade ke pair nahi chhu sakte. Aur waise bhi Vallabhgarh mei beti aur damad charan sparsh nahi karte!" (Currently you both are incarnation of lord Vishnu and Goddess Mahalakshmi, hence no elder in Vallabhgarh will let you touch their feet. Besides in Vallabhgarh a married daughter and a son-in-law never touch feet of bride's family!)

After all the wedding rituals Maan and Geet were made to stand as a married couple on a high dais so the whole kingdom of Vallabhgarh could see their one and only Rajkumari-sa as a new bride. The crowd was going beserk cheering with chants of "Sada Suhagan raho Rajkumari-sa! Dudhon nahon!Poutton phaloon Rajkumari-sa!"Residents of Vallabhgarh wanted to go near and touch their Rajkumari, thereby making it impossible for the security to control them. People were seeing a royal wedding after few years as the last wedding in the Royal family was of Rajkunwar Brijendra and now Rajkumari Gayatri's. Finally, Maharaj made Geet and Maan sit on the dais and the residents of Kingdom of Vallabhgarh walked in a line to see their Princess and her husband from close quarters and give their good wishes and blessings to the newly wedded couple.

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Lovely update
Waiting for next update

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Lovely update geet was having argument with mihinder geet was taken to manao where all the rituals were done maan being extra gentlemen towards geet later she was taken to change clothes for pheras maan sneak in and apologies geet for his behavior totally understanding her pov both has a romantic moment priest irritated with maan but hearing he will have to wait a year if they don't get married now he sits finally both got married brij warning maan not to hurt his sister whole valabhgarah happy to see the couple married and looking perfect

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Lovely update 
Finally wedding happened without any problem 
Thanks for PM
Update soon 

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hi thanks 4 da pm n terrific fab update! superbly written! lovely pics! Maaneet's wedding day! Geet looks gorgeous! Maan apologises 2 Geet n asks 4 forgiveness! KB thinks Maan is dng drama! Maaneet married! nice wedding! elders bless the couple! update soon! pls update Priyasi n Mrignayani! thanks

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