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PREM YAA MRIGTRISHNA, Th.2, EPILOGUE 2 & 3 Pg. 92 **24/10/16 (Page 45)

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pls try n update!

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  Big smile Nice epi..

  MU in d last ... hope Maan cleared that..Smile

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geet extremely very angry and she don't want to marry maan after seeing his photos with girls elders were trying to calm geet but she nowhere to listen anyone she's not picking maan call and wen daadi show him newspaper he without even getting ready went to geet state and hr bros also on geet side

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My Dear friends,
As I'm re-reading my story "Prem yaa Mrigtrishna", I realised that I have not shown Geet's reaction to this one sided relationship. Maan has always used her for his needs and wishes, be it contract marriage or being intimate with her! He has been extremely selfish. So I would like to show in next few updates what Maan's careless attitude can do to his relationship with Geet and his children! How does Geet's react to it and Maan learning what fidelity and paternal responsibility means! If anyone of you doesn't agree with me, please let me know your views. Without properly tying loose ends there can be no end hence NO EPILOGUE!
Thank you,

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                                [THIS IS A MEMBERS ONLY POST]
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                                                        Chapter 53

ALL THE NAMES & PLACES ARE FICTITIOUS (if any resemblance to persons & places is purely coincidental). Any royal titles, MEDICAL PROCEDURES, MEDICAL TERMS, MILITARY PROCEDURES, MILITARY TERMS, Punjabi terms, architectural terms, IT terms & programs, office hierachy, wedding rituals, etc. are from my imagination hence THEY ARE NOT TRUE. PLEASE DON'T BASH ME !!!!!


Location: Rajkumari Gayatri's Room, ROYAL PALACE, VALLABHGARH

"Bhai-sa, aap sab andar aa sakte hain!" (You all can come in!)
Maan was about enter Geet's room when Geet ordered in her royal cold and emotionless voice,"Humne aapko anumati nahi di hai Mr. Maan Singh Khurana, humare artharth Rajkumari Gayatri ke kaksh mei pravesh karne ki!" (I have not given you, Mr. Maan Singh Khurana permission to enter my meaning Princess Gayatri's room!)

Padmini foreseeing the hint of a battle and scene cajoled all brothers out of there saying to Brij, "Suniye, Rishi ke school books khareedine humare saath chaliye! Veer bhai-sai, Rajkumari Priyamvada ke parivaarwale aap se milne aadhe ghante (half an hour) mein aanewaale hain aap kriypa sheeghr tyaar ho jaaye! Yash bhai-sa, aapki bheinth (gift) Parineeta ne wapis lauta di hai." (Brij, we need to purchase Rishi's school books. Veer, Princess Priyamvada's family is coming in half an hour to meet you. Yash, Parineeta has sent back your gift!)

"KYA? KYA?" (WHAT? WHAT?) Both Veer and Yash ran to get ready for his love's family and to pacify his love respectively. Only Brij was standing like a stubborn adolescent refusing to move till Rishi pulled his hand dragging Brij with him saying,"Papa chaliye mujhe school books chahiye!" (Papa, please come you have to buy my school books!)

Padmini was the last one to follow and whispered in Maan's ear, "Jawai-sa, dhyaan se Gudiya abhi ghayal sherni hai!" (Maan, be careful Gudiya is like a wounded tigress just now!) Maan nodded understanding Padmini's meaning.

After everyone left, Maan went near Geet and slipped into her room saying in a soft and loving voice, "Mishty, tum galat samajh rahi ho!" (Mishty, you are misunderstanding the situation.)

"Hum galat samajh rahe hain? HUM? Aapne humse contact marriage ki apne gharwaalon ke liye magar phir bhi aap ki zindagi mei kuch nahi badala aapki waise heen raas leelaein chalti raheen. Hum kuch nahi bolein. Aapki saheliyaan, dostein sab aayeen samay-besamay hum kuch nahi bolein. Aap ne apne pyaar ka izhaar kiya aur hummei apni patni poorn roop se sweekar kiya, hum bahut harshit hue. Hum dono maa-baap banne hummei lagaa ki bhagwan ne hummei sab kuch de diya jeevan mei, magar hum galat the! Aap apne jeevan bilkul bhi nahi badale aur naa hi badalna chahte hain. Theek hai woh aapka jeevan hai magar abb hum apke jeevan ka hissa aur nahi bann sakte. Pehle hum samajik aur aarthic roop se vivash the kintu abb nahi! Abb humare paas apna parivaar aur hummei prem karne wale gharwaale hain hummei kissi ke saamne jhukne ki zaroorat nahi! Waise bhi humare samaj aur Vallabhgarh ke niwaasiyon ke liye toh hum abhi bhi avivaahit hain toh koi samasya hi nahi hai! Bhagwan kare aap sada sukhi aur samridh rahe! Kintu abb humara rishta aur aage nahi chal sakta iss liye hum aapke jeevan se jaa rahe hain!" (I'm wrong? ME! You did a contact marriage with me due to your family's ill health but your life didn't change. Same drinking, women, parties etc. But I didn't question! Your girl friends, friends who were women would arrive anytime day or night. I didn't question! You confessed your love and proposed to me and I was escstatic! We both became parents, I felt God has bestowed me with all happiness, but I was wrong! You never changed and don't want to change. That's fine with me as its your life but I can no longer be part of your life! Before I was forced into this relationship due to society and financial pressures but no longer! Now I have an illustrious family and loving family members who can look after me without me having to bend in front of you. Anyway according to Kingdom of Vallabhgarh we are not married so there is no need for me to be with you. I pray to God that you always remain happy, successful and prosperous in your life! However our relationship can no longer go ahead as I'm leaving you!)

"GEET TUM KAHIN NAHI JAA RAHI HO! Woh ladki mere client ki beti Selina hai jo ek model banna chaah rahi hai. Kyunki mera naam mashoor hai iss liye usne mere saath kuch tasveerein khichwayeen aur kuch nahi hai. Mai sirf aur sirf tumse pyaar karta hoon!" (GEET YOU ARE GOING NOWHERE! That girl is my client's daughter, Selina. She wants to become a model. As I'm a famous and renowed person my photographs are clicked everywhere so for publicity sake she wanted to have some photographs clicked with me. I love you and only you!)

"Humare ek sawal ka jawaab dijiye,"agar hum woh sab karte jo aapne abhi tak kiya toh? Agar hum kissi gair mard ke saath rishta rakhte aur aissi asheel tasveerein khichwate,toh kya aap usko sehan kar paate?"(Please answer my one question, "if I would have done what all you have done till now? If I would have got obscene photographs clicked with a strange man would you have accepted it?")



"Geet meri baat samajhne ki koshish karo..." (Geet try to understand...)

There was a knock on the door and Geet opened it there stood Savitri Devi and RK. 

Seeing them, Geet covered her head and touched their feet,"Jeeti raho, Khush raho beta!"(Blessing!) RK blessed her.

"Sada suhaagan raho!" (Blessing of good marriage!)Savitri Devi blessed.

"Dadimaa aapne galat aashirwaad diya hai! Humara bhaagye mei naa toh suhaag hai aur naa suhaagan banna!" (Dadimaa, you gave me a wrong blessing. I can neither get married nor be a married woman!)

"Nahi beta aap humesha se ek suhaagan theen, hain aur rahengi! Maan se aapka rishta ho chahe naa ho. Aap humesha se humari beti pehle aur bahu baad mei theen. Aapka aur Maan ka jo bhi nirnaye ho magar duo cheez kabhi nahi badalengi -- ek ki aap humari beti hain aur dusara ki Sam, Amy, Avi aur Mannu Khurana Khandaan ke waaris hain!" (No my dear you were a married girl, are a married woman and will always remain a married woman! You may or may not have a relationship with Maan, but you were always my daughter first and daughter-in-law later! Whatever your and Maan's decision maybe but two things will never change---- one you are my daughter and second that Sam, Amy, Avi and Mannu are Khurana's grand children!)

The moment Dadimaa mentioned, "Sam, Amy, Avi aur Mannu Khurana Khandaan ke waaris hain!" The reality hit home to Geet, which she was aware from the start but ignored. However, after seeing Maan's picture with that girl, Geet's anger, pride and ego overtook her sense of logic and reason. Seeing her words having a deep effect on Geet, Savitri Devi with her eyes signed Maan, RK and everyone else to leave. Rajmata Swarnanjali wanted to stay but one glare from Savitri Devi made her also leave. "Geet beta, hum jaante hain ki jo Maan ne kiya woh sahi nahi hai. Magar hum apne Maan ko jaante hain, shaadi se pehle jo bhi ladkiyaan uski zindagi mei aayen woh kewal uska bhram thaa yaani infatuation unke saath koi jismani rishta nahi thaa. Jab usne aap se contract marriage ki humare aur Ranjit ke kehne par woh bhi uske liye ek deal thee kyunki woh dil se nahi dimag se soch raha tha iss liye uski ladkiyon ke saath dosti kaayam rahi. Magar abb Maan badal gaya hai jab se usne aapko poorn roop se apni patni samjha hai. Naa woh late night parties mei jaata hai, naa kissi ladki ke saath aur naa hi sharaab peeta hai. Maine Maan ke client, Mr. Rodericks se baath ki thee aur woh keh rahe the ki jo Maan keh raha hai woh sahi hai. Selina aur Maan ke beech koi rishta nahi hai!" (Geet, I know what Maan has done was wrong! But I know my Maan, before your wedding whichever girls he was associated with were all his infatuation there was no physical involvement with them. When he did contract marriage with you for the sake of my and Ranjit's health, it was just a business deal for him which he did with his brain not his heart hence his relationship with girls continued. But Maan has changed since he decided to give you proper status of his wife. He has stopped going for late night parties, no girl-friends and no drinking. I have spoken to Maan's client, Mr. Rodericks and he said Maan is speaking the truth. There is no relationship between Selina and Maan !)

"Dadimaa, shaadi toh do dillon ka rishta hai aur agar pati-patni ke beech har baath ke liye saboot chahiye toh shaadi ka matlab kya hai? Shaadi mei prem ke saath-saath vishwaas ki bhi avashiyakta hai. Agar bacchon ke kaaran humne abhi samjhota karke inse shaadi kar bhi li, kintu aage kya hoga? Hum aap se bhi wohi sawal karte hain Dadimaa jo humne inse kuch samay pehle kiya hai, "agar hum bhi woh sab karte jo inhone abhi tak kiya, toh kya yeh hummei  maaf karte? Agar hum kissi gair mard ke saath rishta rakhte aur aissi asheel tasveerein khichwate, toh kya yeh hummei apnate?"Nahi, kabhi nahi ! Aap, yeh aur humara parivaar chahta hai ki 'ek aurat ka swabhimaan ek maa ke haaton majboor ho jaaye?'Toh theek hai hum apne bacchon ke ujjwal bhavishye ke liye iss rishte ke liye tyaar hain!" (Dadimaa, marriage is a bond of two hearts! If for validity of each and every statement a proof is needed, then what is the essence of marriage? In a true marriage along with love, trust should also be there. Even if I compromise now and get married to Maan for my children's sake but if later same thing happens then what? I'll ask you the same question which I asked Maan a little while back," if I would have done what all Maan has done till now? If I would have had a relationship and got obscene photographs clicked with a strange man would Maan have accepted me?" No never! You, Maan and my whole family feel that I should give more importance to role of a mother compare to my self respect! Alright for better future of my children, I agree for this marriage!) Dejected and disappointed Geet said and left for washroom. 

Making Dadimaa feel very small in front of Geet. 

This whole conversation was also heard by Maan who was hiding in Geet's room balcony making him realise the gravity of the situation and Geet's insecurity!

Plz press 'like' & comment (if possible?)

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Continue soon
Thanks for pm

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Lovely update 
Geet is true at her place 
Thanks for PM
Update soon 

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