Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

PREM YAA MRIGTRISHNA, Th.2, EPILOGUE 2 & 3 Pg. 92 **24/10/16 (Page 29)

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Posted: 16 May 2016 at 2:35am | IP Logged
awesome updates..
thank u for pm..
waiting for next update..

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_shinchan_ IF-Rockerz

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Fabulous update dear..
Geet is been kidnapped by sweety and rahul..
Maan knows everything about rahul's plan and is trying not to show his panicked state to him coz he may harm geet..
Thanku for pm
continue soon

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-Lehar- IF-Sizzlerz

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Oh no that sweetie bhalla succeeded in her mission she kidnapped Geet and went away ...RK got confused seeing maan's cool demeanour but after reading what maan write on computer screenis confusion   got clear...other side rahul thinking why maan wasn't reacting the way they thought...eagerly waiting for the next part

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                                     [THIS IS A MEMBERS ONLY POST]
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ALL THE NAMES & PLACES ARE FICTITIOUS (if any resemblance to persons & places is purely coincidental). Any royal titles, MEDICAL PROCEDURES, MEDICAL TERMS, Punjabi terms, architectural terms, IT terms & programs, office hierachy, wedding rituals, etc. are from my imagination hence THEY ARE NOT TRUE. PLEASE DON'T BASH ME !!!!!


LOCATION: KHURANA CONSTRUCTION earlier in the day at 5:00pm

Maan had been on phone when Geet's kidnapping was taking place. He was on call with Major General Virendra Pratap Singh. Major General was the one to inform Maan about what is going on and who actually is Rahul. Before he could mention that Sweetie is Sohni, Geet was kidnapped. He had said that he was sending a Commando. 

It was about half an hour later after the kidnap when Veer walked in with another young man and was guided to Maan's cabin. Before Veer could say anything, Maan hugged Veer tightly and whispered in his ears,"Veer yahaan spy cameras aur transmitters lage hain iss liye mere saath chup-chaap chalo!" (Veer there are spy cameras and transmitters mounted here so come quitely with me!)

The three men left for the garden at the backside of KC for complete privacy, where RK and Vicky were waiting. Veer offered his hand to RK saying, "Lieutenant Colonel Udayveer Singh and Major Gajendra Singh reporting for duty !" Stunning all three men present.

"Veer, tum commando ho? Mujhe toh laga ki tum Geet ke bhai ki haisiyat se yahaan aaye ho!" (Veer you are a Commando? I thought you came here as Geet's brother.)

"Nahi Maan Bhai! Mai ek commando hoon aur apne parivaar aur apni suraksha ke liye apni identity divulge nahi kar sakta! Aur aap teeno se bhi request hai ki yeh baat kissi ko matt battaiyega please. Dadimaa ko bhi nahi!" (No Maan!  I'm a commando and cannot tell my family to protect them as well as myself. I now request three of you not to mention it to anyone. Not even Dadimaa!)

Three men nodded. Veer and Vikram sat on chairs provided and Veer spoke, "When was Gayatri kidnapped? Major, please note down the particulars." Gajendra nodded.
Then Veer, Gajendra, Maan, RK and Vicky started planning.

Location : Unknown Old barn of Hoshiyarpur at 7:00p.m.

"Yeh Maan Singh Khurana darra kyun nahi lag raha? Uski girl- friend kidnapped ho gayi hai!" (Why is this Maan Singh Khurana not looking upset? His girl-friend has been kidnapped.) Rahul said in frustration viewing the scene in Maan's cabin at his laptop.

"Kyunki woh EK SINGH(lion) HAIN, JUNGLE KA RAJA. Siyaar(fox), Bijjoo(Hyena) aur lomadi(vixen) se nahi darrte! Woh (Maan) sahaasi (brave) hain saamne se vaar karte hain tum teeno ki tehre peeth-peeche (back stabbing) vaar nahi karte." (Because, he is A LION, KING OF JUNGLE. He is not scared of fox, hyena or vixen. Maan is brave and he believes in attacking from front and he doesn't back stab like three of you.) Geet who had just walked in replied with pride. 

"Geet tum aa gayeen maine tumhara kitna intezaar kiya hai!" (Geet you are finally here. I waited so long for you.) Exhuberant Rahul went foward to gather Geet in his arms. 

(imagine brave expression)

But before he could touch her, Geet took out a knife from her jhola and said, "Mr. Rahul Malhotra, mai ek Singh ki Singhni (lioness) hoon. Tumari is chalaak lomadi Sasha Maheshwari ki tehara nahi ki choti si choutt par cheekne chillane lagoongi. Mai maarna aur maarna dono jaanti hoon, khabardaar jo mujhe haat lagaya toh. Mai kewal Maan ki Geet thee, hoon aur rahoongi." (Mr. Rahul Malhotra, I'm a lioness of my lion. I'm not a cunning vixen like your this Sasha Maheshwari who will yelp in pain at the smallest cut. I know how to kill enemy as well as myself. Don't you dare touch me! I was, I am and I will always remain Maan's) Geet said in firm and cold voice.

"Maan sirf mera hai aur mera hi rahega!" Sasha screamed. (Maan is mine, only mine!)

"Rahul yeh kya baat hui? Tumne wada kiya thaa ki Gayatri ko hum dono share karenge!" Dev was annoyed. (Rahul what is this? You have promised that we both will share Gayatri!)

"Hum sahi the ki Dev Singh Rathore ek bijjoo (hyena) hai jo sher ki jhootan khaata hai magar yahaan toh woh siyar ki jhootan bhi khaa raha hai !" (I was right, Dev Singh Rathore you are a hyena who eats a lion's leftovers but now you are eating even fox's leftovers!)

"Tum bahut bol rahi ho. Abhi dekhaata hoon!" Dev said going to inner cabin. (You impertinent woman I'll show you.)

"DEV RUK JAAO!" (DEV STOP!) Rahul cautioned him but Dev kept walking."DEV RUK JAAO, WARNA MAI GOLI MAAR DOONGA!!" (DEV STOP! OTHERWISE I'LL FIRE!)Rahul aimed at Dev, thereby forcing Dev to stop.

Before Rahul and Dev's fight could accelerate, Sohni came forward and said, "Leader maine apna kaam kardiya hai. Abb mere paise?" (Leader, I have concluded my work. My payment?) Rahul threw a packet in her direction and she left.

Rahul told Sasha, "Unn dono ko andar se lao!" (Bring both of them from inside!)

Sasha got both the women. One was a young girl around Geet's age and another was a middle aged woman with head covered. "Jao inse mil lo, uske baad apni akad dikhana." (Go and meet them and then show me your attitude!) Rahul said. Sasha removed the palla from the lady's face and Geet saw the face that she had lost hope to ever see. 

(ignore sindoor)

Tears started shimmering in her eyes and similar was the effect with the middle-aged lady. Geet ran to her and hugged her tight saying, "CHOTI MAA!"

"Yeh aap kya kar rahi hain? Iss awastha mei aapko bhaagna daudna nahi chahiye!" (What are you doing? In this condition, you should not run and jump around.) Chitralekha said patting Geet's head. Geet hugged her Choti Maa and tears started falling freely. Gathering herself together she said, "Rahul aap kya chahte hain? Aap ne kiss kaaran humari Choti Maa ko bandi bannaya hai?" (Rahul, what do you want? Why have you imprisoned my mother?)

"Tum bahut samjhadaar ho. Abb mene samjhaa ki Maan ne tumhei apni girl-friend yaa rakhel kyun bannaya!" (You are smart. I now understand why Maan has made you his girl-friend cum mistress!)

"KHABARDAAR! Rahul Malhotra jo tumne humare pavitr rishte ko apni gandi zubaan aur soch se apavitr kiya. HUM MAAN SINGH KHURANA KI PATNI HAIN. Humara unse vidhivat vivaah hua hai. Humne unke saath saat(7) phere liye hain, woh abb humare pati hain saat janamon ke liye.(glaring at Sasha) WOH HUMARE INN BACCHON KE PITAH HAIN (caressing her baby bump).Humne neeji kaaron se humare vivaah ko gupt rakha hai. Kintu woh tum teeno ki  aukaat nahi jaane ki." (BEWARE! Don't you dare make our pure relationship impure by your disgusting words and thinking! I'M MAAN SINGH KHURANA'S WIFE! We have been married by all rites and rituals. We are bound for 7births and no one can seperate us(glaring at Sasha). HE IS FATHER OF MY UNBORN BABIES! (caressing her baby bump) Due to some personal reasons we could not announce our marriage in front of the world. But you three are not important know to know about it.)




Rahul, Dev and Sasha were now petrified as till now they were thinking that Maan is having an affair with Geet but it was a shock for them that she Maan's wife and also Maan is the father of Geet's unborn children. Maan as a lover was easy to face but as a husband and father he maybe dangerous. Rahul, Dev and Sasha went a little far and gathered in a group for next plan of action while Geet was with Chitralekha and Priyamvada. Chitralekha found a small wooden box and made Geet sit. She was looking at Geet with lots of love and affection. "Meri Gudiya, kaisi hai? Maa banne wali hain. Doctor ne battaya kitne bacche hain?" (How is my doll? She is going to be a mother. What has doctor said, how many children are you carrying?)

"Haan, chaar!" Geet said blushing and Chitralekha kissed her in a motherly manner. (Four!)

"Mrs. Khurana, aap ko pareshaan karne le liye maafi chahte hain, kintu hum yahaan se bahaar kaise nikhalen?" (Sorry to disturb you Mrs. Khurana, but how do we get out from here?)

"Rajkumari-sa, aap hummei Geet bula sakteen hain!" (Princess you can call me Geet.)

"Yaa phir Vallabhgarh ki Rajkumari Gayatri." (Or Princess of Vallabhgarh, Gayatri!)

"KYA? AAP RAJ..." (What? You are a Pr...)

"Shhh. Dheere boliye! Choti Maa, aap aur Rajkumari-sa ko hum bahaar nikaalne ki koshish karte hain." (Shhh. Please speak quitely! Maa and Princess, I'll try and make you escape!)

"Magar aap Gudiya?" (What about you?)

"Aap humari chinta matt kariye. Bhalhe Rahul ek aatanwaadi ho magar woh hummei nauksaan nahi pauhachayega kyunki woh daawaa karta hai ki woh humse prem karta hai. Usse pata bhi nahi chalega ki aap dono yahaan se kab nikal gayeen! Nikalne ke baad unhei phone kar dijiyega (Geet scribbled Maan's no. on both Chitralekha and Priyamvada's palms with the pen in her jhola). Woh sab sambhal lenge." (Don't worry about me! Rahul maybe a terrorist but he won't harm me, because he claims that he loves me. He won't even come to know when you both have left from here. Just call Maan once you are out of here. (Geet scribbled Maan's no. on both Chitralekha and Priyamvada's palms with the pen in her jhola). He'll handle everything!)

"Nahi hum aapko akela chodhkar nahi jaayenge!" (No I will not leave you alone and go!) Chitralekha said adamantly.

"Choti Maa (placing Chitralekha's hand on her baby bump) aap ko apne naatiyon ki kasam!" (Choti Maa (placing Chitralekha's hand on her baby bump) for your grand children's sake.)

"Aapko itna vishwaas hai jawaai-sa par?"  (You have so much confidence on our son-in-law!)

"Hummei apne si bhi jyaada unpar vishwaas hai. Jab tak Maan hain tab tak Geet hai." (I have more trust on him than myself. Because as long as Maan is unharmed, Geet is alive!)

Meanwhile, Rahul, Dev and Sasha were trying to discuss new strategy of action. 
"Rahul, abb kya karen? Geet toh Maan Singh Khurana ki patni nikali. Woh toh abb bhooka sher hoga, hum logon ko khaane ke liye tyaar!" (Rahul, what should we do? Geet turned out to be Maan Singh Khurana's wife. He must be a hungry lion now! Ready to gobble us alive.) Shivering Dev said.

"Mujhe toh lagta hai Geet jhoot bol rahi hai. Maan iss behanji se shaadi nahi kar sakta." (I feel that Geet is lying. As Maan can never marry this low standard woman!)

"SASHA!Apni hadd mei raho! Geet ke saath tumne kuch bura kiya yaa kahaa toh mujhse bura koi nahi hoga!" (Sasha, keep in your limit! If you do or say anything derogatory against Geet, you will see the worst side of me!)

Just then two of Rahul's hench men came in and said, "Boss, hum kuch der Chai peene jaa rahe hain!"(Boss, can we get tea break for sometime !)

"Theek hai jaao." (Fine go!) He turned back and looked to see if three woman are there and found them chatting in soft voice. He turned back to continue his decision with other two. Geet had noticed Rahul's indirect checking and also his preoccupation with Dev and Sasha. She gave signal to Chitralekha and Priyamvada who followed the henchmen. Once they were away from Rahul, Dev and Sasha's hearing and sight, Chitralekha and Priyamvada at the same time hit both the hench men from back with a big log leaving them unconscious and ran out of the den straight into Veer's rescue team.

Two and half hour later Veer and Gajendra along with their special unit with Maan accompanying them left for Hoshiyarpur. The rescue team was slowly approaching the old barn when Veer was hit by a young girl running holding a middle aged woman's hand. Veer steadied her but she fainted in his arms. Seeing Chitralekha he immediately said,"Bua-sa aap jeevith hain?" (Aunt, you are alive?)
"Tum kaun ho beta? Jaldi jao Gudiya ko bacchao woh unn jalaadon ke saath akeli hai. Hummei apne ajaname bacchon ki kasam de kar uss jhopdi se zabardasti bahaar bhej diya!" (Who are you my son? Please hurry Gudiya is in captivity of those three ruffians in that hut! She forced me to leave making me swear on her unborn children.) Chitralekha fainted. 

Plz press 'like' & comment (if possible?)

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love2_soma IF-Sizzlerz

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abb toh tum gaye...

awesome update...

loved it very much...

thank u very much fr d lovely update...

eagerly waiting fr d nxt prt...

continue soon plz...

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shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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Superb update 

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tabby999 IF-Addictz

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hi lm 
nice update ..
geet ne jis tarah se rahul ka samna kiya that was amazing ..
how did geet recognise that  rajkumari ..
now veer know where geet is 
thanks gor update 
waiting for next 

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great update dear
liked it...l

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