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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

PREM YAA MRIGTRISHNA, Th.2, EPILOGUE 2 & 3 Pg. 92 **24/10/16 (Page 26)

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Posted: 14 May 2016 at 9:53pm | IP Logged
Lovely update 
Maaneet moments too good... 
Geet getting negative vibes from sweety
Maan finding about her
Priyamvada called her brother n gave the info 
Story turning interesting 
Eagerly waiting for the next update 

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Fanastic update dear...
maaneet moments were amazing Wink
geet is getting negatime vibes from sweet hut maan shrugged it off..
Geet's intuitions are correct as sweety is reporting to that Rahul. .
thanku for pm
continue soon

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Wonderful part
Loved it...
Loved maaneet moments
Geet getting negative vibes from sweetie balla but maan asuured her that he has checked her back ground ...but then he called some detective agency and asked to gather full information about  sweetie...other side priyamvada git rahul phone and informed someine about rahul terrorist activities hope nothing bad will happen with geet

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                                       [THIS IS A MEMBERS ONLY POST]
          The Author of this post have chosen to restrict the content of this Post to members only.
                                         CHAPTER 48

ALL THE NAMES & PLACES ARE FICTITIOUS (if any resemblance to persons & places is purely coincidental). Any royal titles, MEDICAL PROCEDURES, MEDICAL TERMS, Punjabi terms, architectural terms, IT terms & programs, office hierachy, wedding rituals, etc. are from my imagination hence THEY ARE NOT TRUE. PLEASE DON'T BASH ME !!!!!



A week passed since Sweetie Bhalla's project started. In this week not only Maan and Geet came closer but also Geet and Sweetie started spending time together. On home front, Geet has taken over all things related to Maan i.e. Arranging his cupboard, making his black coffee & breakfast in the morning (the day she did not feel queasy in the morning), stitching loose buttons of his shirt etc. besides romancing all through the day initiated by Maan but often it was also initiated by Geet, due to her pregnancy hormones. Both the love birds were coming closer and finding each others likes and dislikes which they did not already know. Maan discovered that Geet is a very bubbly girl and loves to play pranks but due to hard times she faced, she became very sober. Geet discovered that although Maan belongs to a rich family he has simple taste in privacy i.e.he wants to build a wooden cabin in a forest near a trickly brook or river. Though Geet and Sweetie's spending time was forced due to work but still they were times they were close company of one another but never alone Maan saw to it. Maan was extremely alert with Sweetie around Geet without making Sweetie aware. One day Geet was unwell and didn't come to work. Rest of the staff was fine and took it in their stride but Sweetie was asking too many questions i.e. What happened? Does she need a doctor? I should go and look after her etc. till Maan lost his temper and said, "Ms. Bhalla, you are a client of KC not personal nurse of Geet." But Maan now realised that what Geet had said about getting negative vibes about Sweetie were true. After being given a reality check, Sweetie left as without Geet there was nothing for her and Maan immediately called his contact in IIDIA.

One more week passed, Sweetie or Sohni was now getting restless and panicky as she was unable to woo Geet. Just as a lover gets restless when he is unable to woo his beloved so was Sohni regards Geet. Finally the day came which Sweetie was waiting for impatiently. Geet was waiting for Shyamlal at the main lobby of KC all alone to go back to KOH when Sweetie saw her. "Mrs. Singh, (Geet refused to let Sweetie call her by her first name) can I drop you somewhere?"
"No thank you Ms. Bhalla, as my driver is just bringing the car." then Geet looked away ignoring Sweetie. Seeing that Geet is ignoring her, Sweetie messaged someone.

(Sohni's car)


Suddenly a big luxurious SUV came and stopped in front of Geet & Sweetie followed by Shyamlal in Maan's black luxury car. Before Geet could reach Maan's car, Sohni along with her driver pulled Geet in the SUV and drove off. Shyamlal tried stopping them but Sohni's driver pushed him so hard that Shyamlal fell on the ground hitting his head on a marble steps on the way. Security Gaurds immediately raised alarm as they were too far to stop the abduction of Geet. Out of the four gates in KC building, three were immediately closed but fourth was still being closed when Sohni's driver shot the security gaurd and raced past the closing door. Emergency alarm was raised throughout KC. Hearing the alarm Maan said on the phone, "IT SEEMS THEY ARE HERE!" and put the phone down and ran towards the main portico. He went to portico and found some of KC staff surrounding semi conscious but extremely hurt Shyamlal. Little far away from him was lying one of Geet's payal, few Geet's broken bangles.

Shyamlal held Maan's hand and was murmuring in his delirious state, "Maan Baba,...woh...Sweetie...Memsahib...
saath. UNHEIN...AUR BACCHON KO BACCHAIYE!" (Maan Sir, Sweetie Ma'am abducted Geet Ma'am! Please save Her and the children.)

"Aap shaant rahiye! Sab theek ho jaayega! Abhi ambulance aa rahi hai, Kaka." (Kaka, calm down. Everything will be fine. Soon ambulance will be here.) Maan said patting Shyam lal's hand Hearing Maan's emotional words Shyamlal closed his eyes unable to fight any longer with his injured body! 

"Sir, unhone ek security gaurd ko bhi goli maari hai! Aur ek mehangi SUV mei Geet Ma'am ka apharan kiya hai." (Sir, they have shot the security gaurd. They have abducted Geet Ma'am in a luxurious SUV.) Maan's security gaurd informed him. Looking at Adi, Maan came into his MSK mode but this MSK was more dangerous than before, as he was now a wounded tiger. "Adi, I want Mr. Shyamlal and Mr. Ramlal (Security Gaurd) to get the best treatment in Khurana Hospitals and KC will take care of their medical expenses. All the four gates will remain closed for next two hours and everyone's mobiles will remain off till stated. I WANT ALL KC STAFF IN THE MAIN AREA RIGHT NOW! All new employees, trainees and interns joining dates are postponed till further notice."

Once all the staff, RK and Vicky were gathered in the main area of KC, Maan announced, "As many of you are aware that there has been an abduction done in the premises of Khurana Construction. The person abducted is my PA and also Junior Architect of KC, Mrs. GEETIKA SINGH. (Bring gasp from RK, Vicky and many staff members!) I always considered my employees as my family as KC's progress can only be if employees are hardworking and diligent. But unfortunately one of you doesn't deserve to work in KC as you are not only a traitor but also a terrorist! Just remember what happened with one employee today can also happen with you tomorrow." There was a pin-drop silence no one spoke anything and neither did anyone come foward to confess his/her crime. Maan continued,"As the traitor doesn't want to confess, therefore unfortunately all of you will suffer. From today onwards your personal handphones, tablets, laptops etc. will be left at the lockers provided near the Gaurd House on entering KC premises and it will be returned to you on leaving KC premises. I hope you will co-operate otherwise they will be forcefully removed from your possession. No one can bring any food from home or outside, they will have food which is provided in KC cafeteria. Today office will close two hours late and you all will be paid overtime for it. Now BACK TO WORK!"

Maan went to his cabin followed by RK and Vicky. In complete silence he went to his desk and picked up Geet's photograph lying in his desk's top drawer giving it a kiss placed it back. 

Maan opened his laptop and started typing on it. After sometime when Maan still did not talk, RK was now got irritated and annoyed with Maan. "Tum aise kaise beith sakte ho Maan? Meri bacchi ko dhundho!"(How can you sit so quitely Maan? Find my daughter!) RK shook Maan. But Maan cooly turned the laptop screen towards RK and Vicky, "Aap dono dekh ke battaye ki yeh project ka plan sahi hai ki nahi?" (Please both of you see and tell me if you like this project plan?) RK was about to yell at Maan when Vicky nudged him took at laptop screen. RK looked at the screen and started reading in his mind, "Dad aur Vicky, poore KC mei spy camera aur transmitters lage hain. Humari har baat aur action Geet ke kidnappers yaa aatankwaadi dekh aur sunn sakte hain. Geet ko Rahul ne kidnaap kiya hai. Mai iss liye shaant beithne ki acting kar raha hoon jisse Geet ko woh koi nuksaan nahi pauhchaaye. Rahul ek arms dealer hai jo aatankwaadiyon ko arms supply karta hai. Woh KC mei arms delivery lena chahta hai iss liye usne Geet ka kidnap kiya hai. Usse maloom hai ki Geet aur mai ek doosare se pyaar karte hain magar woh yeh nahi jaanta ki Geet meri patni hai. Usse laga ki Geet ki kidnapping ke baad mai kamzor pad jaaonga aur KC par dhyaan nahi doonga aur woh araam se apne hatyaar yahaan chupaa sakegaa. Rahul Geet se pyaar karta hai iss liye mujhe vishwaas hai ki woh Geet aur bacchon ko koi nuksaan nahi pauhchaayega! Kyunki agar bacche theek rahenge toh hi Geet bhi theek rahegi. Kuch der mei Commandos yahaan aa jaayenge."
(Dad and Vicky, KC is fully covered by spy cameras and transmitters. Our each word and action can be viewed by Geet's kidnappers and terrorist. Geet has been kidnapped by  Rahul. I'm acting to be calm and cool so that they don't harm Geet. Rahul is an arms dealer who supplies arms to the terrorist. He wants to use KC as the venue for arms delivery and thats why he has kidnapped Geet. He knows that Geet and I love one another but doesn't know that we are husband and wife. He feels that by his kidnapping Geet, I'll become despondent and will stop taking interest in KC and he can easily enter and use KC for his nefarious activities! Rahul loves Geet and hence will not hurt her. As Geet's well being is in children's well-being, he will not harm children as well. Soon Commandos will also arrive here.)

"Plan toh theek lag raha hai magar mujhe kuch changes chahiye!" RK turned laptop in Maan's direction. (Plan is fine but I need some changes.) Maan started reading, "Theek hai beta, magar Geet ka kaaid mei zyaad der rehna theek nahi hoga uski sehat ke liye!" (Ok Maan, but get Geet out of captivity soon as so much stress is good for her health!)

"Theek hai! Dekhta hoon mai aur kya kar sakta hoon!" (Fine! I'll see what I can do!)

Location : Unknown Old barn of Hoshiyarpur 

"Yeh Maan Singh Khurana darra kyun nahi lag raha? Uski girl- friend kidnapped ho gayi hai!" (Why is this Maan Singh Khurana not looking upset? His girl-friend has been kidnapped.) Rahul said in frustration viewing the scene in Maan's cabin at his laptop.

Plz press 'like' & comment (if possible?)

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Posted: 15 May 2016 at 6:03am | IP Logged
lovely update geets doubt on sweety was turning true as she was asking too manyquestions abt geet he decided to find more abt her sweety was trying everything to get geets attentions but when that didnt work she kidnapped geet injuring the driver and guard maan was calm he knew rahul had kidnapped her he even knew rahul is a terrorist who had handling of illegal arms he wanted maan to be distarcted so taht he can diohis work but maan dosent want him to believ that he wants him frustarted which did work as rahul was confused that how can maan be calm when he has geet

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love2_soma IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 May 2016 at 6:41am | IP Logged
tu toh gaya rahul...geet ko kidnap kiya tune...

awesome update...

loved it very much...

thank u very much fr d lovely update...

eagerly waiting fr d nxt prt...

continue soon plz...

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Bechara Rahul maan se pange lega

Ab maan uski achhe se band bajayega

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Awesome update dear, so maan new about Rahul is planning, he puts camera in maan is cabin also

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