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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

PREM YAA MRIGTRISHNA, Th.2, EPILOGUE 2 & 3 Pg. 92 **24/10/16 (Page 20)

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Continue soon
Thanks for pm

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awesome updates..
continue soon..

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Awesome updates!!!Beautifully written...finally Maan confessed his love for everything is fine between Maaneet...Loved it so much...Waiting eagerly for the next update...

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                                        [THIS IS A MEMBERS ONLY POST]
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                                                  CHAPTER 46

ALL THE NAMES & PLACES ARE FICTITIOUS (if any resemblance to persons & places is purely coincidental). Any royal titles, MEDICAL PROCEDURES, MEDICAL TERMS, Punjabi terms, architectural terms, IT terms & programs, office hierachy, wedding rituals, etc. are from my imagination hence THEY ARE NOT TRUE. PLEASE DON'T BASH ME !!!!!


Maan guided Geet to bed and made her lie down. Then was about to leave but Geet stopped him holding his hand saying, "Aap humari dil ki baath nahi jaana chahte?" (Don't you want to know what is in my heart?)

"Mujhe pataa hai ki tum mujhse beintehaa mohabbat karti ho. Mai toh shyaad itni paak mohabbat kar bhi naa paaon, jitna tum karti ho!" (I known that your love limitless. Your love is so pure and limitless that I can't even dream to measure up to it.)

"Kintu...?" (But...?)

"Jo ladki khud ki zindagi ki parwah kare begaire mujhe bacchati hai usse bada saboot mujhe kya chahiye? Aaj bhi Matheraan ki vaadiyon mei uske pyar ka ikraar gunj raha hai!" (The girl who was ready to give up her life for my saving my life, what more proof do I need to know about her love? Even today the cliffs of Matheraan still have the echo of her love confession. So what more can I ask for?)

"Oh Maan! Hum aapse bahut pyaar karte hain!" Geet confessed hugging Maan tightly unable to hold herself back any longer! (Oh Maan! I love you!)

"Kya kahaa? Phir se kaho!" (What did you say just now? Please say it again!)

"Hum aapse bahut pyaar karte hain!" (I love you!) Geet reiterated blushing.

"Mera naam dobara lo!" (Call me by my name again!) Geet nodded in negative shyly. Maan started giving Geet small gentle feather-like kisses on her eyes, her forhead and cheeks punctuating each kiss with "Mishty,...mera...naam...dobara...lo!" Before Maan could take Geet's lips in his and devour them, they heard sound of footsteps and Maan relunctantly stepped away from Geet. Dadimaa along with Nakul came with juice for geet and black coffee for Maan. 

"Dadimaa, kya hum bhi black coffee pee sakte hain?" (Dadimaa, can I also have black coffee?)

"Black coffee aur tum? Tum to sirf chai peeti ho!" (Black coffee? But you only drink tea!)

"Patta nahi kuch dino se black coffee peene ka aur pasta khaane ka mann kar raha hai!" (I don't know why for past few days I feel like having black coffee and pasta!)

"Beta, pregnancy mei yeh sab cravings hoti hain. Aakhir Maan ke bacche hain toh Maan ke taste honge!" (My dear, in pregnancy you have different kinds of cravings. They are Maan's chidren hence will have similar taste to Maan!)
Maan felt a sense of pride hearing "Maan ke bacche".

"Dadimaa, hum lete lete bore ho rahe hain. Kya hum abb office jaa sakte hain?" (Dadimaa, I'm getting tired of lying in bed all day. When can I start going to office?)

"OFFICE? Beta, Doctor ne aap ko rest battaya hai." (OFFICE? But, Doctor has adviced bed-rest to you.)

"Hum jaante hain. Hum sirf halka kaam karenge aur beithe rahenge."  (I know. But I'll sit the whole day in office and do very light work.)

"Dadimaa, aap chinta matt kariye, main Geet kaa dhyaan rakhonga!" (Dadimaa, you don't worry! I'll look after Geet) Maan said. His heart was bursting with joy to have his Mishty so close to him in office. In his office cabin's privacy he could do whatever he wants with her!

"Aap dhyaan rakhenge? Aap se sabke saamne apni shaadi ka ikraar toh karaa nahi jaa raha aur aap dhyaan rakhenge! Khair, hum pehle Girija aur Shashank se baat karenge aur phir apna nirnaye lenge. Aap Vallbhgarh soochit kar dijiye ki Geet swasthiye aur sakushal hai aur uski yaadasht wapis aa gayi hai!" (You will look after her? You can't even announce your and her marriage in front of the world, and you will look after her. Anyway, let me talk to Girija and Shashank and then decide.You call Vallabhgarh and inform them that Geet is healthy and her memory has returned!)
Later in the evening after Dadimaa and Geet spoke to Dr. Girija Chauhan, it was decided that Geet can work but NO SITE VISITS and climbing stairs. She has to do work sitting and lying for an hour after lunch. Maan said not to worry, he will see to her welfare. Dadimaa said she will send her lunch and snacks from home. But the main problem was what to tell KC staff regards Geet's pregnancy? Geet said she will handle it. 


Next day Geet entered KC half an hour before Maan's arrival alone i.e. without Maan as they were still hiding their relationship. But Dadimaa was adamant on Khurana's driver, Shyamlal dropping Geet to work. As soon as Geet entered KC, she was surrounded by the staff, Pinky, Romeo, Pandeyji, Manish-a, Tasha and Adi. 

Pinky could no longer hold back her excitement and started her rapid fire, "Arre Geet tu kahaan chali gayi thee mujhe bina kuch battaye? Aur tu itne din kahaan thee? Aur abb pregnant bhi hai?" (Geet, where did you disappear without telling me? Where have you been? Your are pregnant now!)

"Pinky, kya hum beith ke baath kar sakte hain? Aaj kal hum zyaada der khade nahi ho pate!" (Pinky, can we sit and talk? I unable to stand for long nowadays!)
Making everyone realise her state. Ever oblidging Romeo came and said,"Yeh lijiye Geetji aap pehle beithiye!" (Geet Ma'am, please sit down!) Pandeyji got water for her. Everyone pulled chairs and sat surrounding her. 

Geet started telling her fake cum true story, "Matheraan jaane ke samay Maan Sir aur humara accident ho gaya. Thakurji ki kripa se hum dono bacch gaye. Kintu Maan Sir ki yaadasht chali gayi aur hum gaadi se bahut door gaonwalon ko sadak par mile jo hummei uttha kar hospital le gaye. Doctor's ko hummei examine karke patta chala ki humari bhi yaadasht chali gayi hai. Sanyog ki baat thee ki humare pati bhi waheen ussi hospital mein admitted the. Woh hummei apne saath ghar le gaye jahaan unki dekh rekh mei humari yaadasht wapis aa gayi. Uske paschat humari saal bhar ki judai ke baad hum dono ka milan hua aur abb unka pyaar nishaaniyon ke roop mei humare kok mei pal rahe hain. Humare pati wapis desh ki seva ke liye chale gaye! Kyunki humari kok mei "quadruplets" yaani 'chaar bacche' hain, doctor ne hummei bed rest battaya thaa aur hum office nahi aa paaye! Kintu humne Dadimaa ko batta diya thaa kyunki Maan Sir ko amnesia thaa!" (On our way to Matheraan Maan Sir and I met with an accident. By God's Grace we both were saved, but Maan Sir lost his memory and I was found some distance away from the accident site by some villagers! The villagers took me to the hospital. After medical examination, I was also found to be suffering from memory loss. By coincidence, my husband was also admitted in the same hospital. He took me with him home and nursed me back to health and thereby my regaining my memory. After his absence of a year from my life, we could now no longer hold ourselves from each other and hence, now I'm pregnant with "quadruplets", meaning four children. As its a high risk pregnancy, I was adviced bed-rest. But I had informed Dadimaa as maan Sir was suffering from amenesia!) Except Adi no one in the group knew that this story was not fully true! However, unknown to the KC staff, Maan had entered KC premises from back door only known to him as he could not let Geet travel alone so he had followed her in his car keeping a fair distance! He was also eager to know what will Geet tell KC staff. Before KC staff got more inquisitive, Maan entered the office through his regular way thereby surprising the gathered staff.

 Maan spoke in his usual MSK voice, "Mrs. Singh, I want you in my cabin with De'Mellos file right now. Adi also see that Mrs. Singh gets Sweetie's project...(seeing Geet's hidden glare meant for him, Maan corrected himself) I mean Ms. Bhalla's project file as she will assist me in it! At 10:00a.m., I want you, Meera and Tasha in my cabin. Now, EVERYONE BACK TO WORK!" Although he was a terror named MSK  but presently he was nervous cat at thought of being confronted by his extremely furious wife, Geet in privacy of his cabin. 

Location: Old and uninhabited barn in Hoshiyarpur

A man was talking to two women i.e. One middle aged and one young girl in an ordering and insulting tone. "Tum dono apne aap ko aurat kehti ho, khaana tak toh tumhe banna nahi aata hai!" (You both call yourself women? You both can't even make a simple meal.)
"Hum ek Rajkumari hain, hummei khanna banna nahi aata! Aur inki umar zyaada hai aur yeh beemar bhi hain, toh inko doctor ki zarurat hai!" (I'm a Princess and don't know how to cook. She is old and sick, who needs a doctor.) Young girl pleaded.

"Humme jaane do. Kya tumne humme yeh sab zilat jhelne ke liye bacchaya thaa?"(Let me go. Why did you save me if you wanted to insult me in such a way.)

"Rajkumari Priyamvada (please see CS) jab tak tumhare Rajparivaar se koi mujhe paise nahi deta tum kaheen nahi jaa rahi ho!" (Princess Priyamvada till your royal family doesn't pay ransom for you, I won't release you!)
"Budiya, maine sirf Geet ko paane ke liye tujhe bacchaya thaa. Teri safety ke liye Geet mera har kaam aur mujhse pyaar bhi karegi. Tu sunn le jab tak Geet mere paas nahi aati tu yaheen padi rahegi. Marna chaahegi bhi toh marne nahi doonga tujhe!" (You old hag, I just saved you so I could get Geet. For your safety sake, Geet will do whatever I ask for and love me as well. Till I don't get Geet, you will rot here. You will wish to die but I will not let you die!)

"Magar Geet toh ek suhaagan hai, uski shaadi ho chuki hai!" (But Geet is a married woman!)

"Toh mai usse vidhwa banna doonga aur phir usse shaadi karoonga. Geet sirf meri hai!" (So I'll make her a widow and then marry her! Geet belongs to me only!)
The man walked out of the room in temper leaving a broken mother and helpless princess.

The man went next door and saw Sasha and Dev sitting and waiting for him with a strange woman dressed in flashy clothes. "Sasha and Dev I had told you not to bring any stranger to our hideout without permission!"

"Rahul,(Rahul frowned at Sasha giving away his identity!) I mean Leader as Dev and I are not allowed in BC & KC respectively she is the only who can lure Geet out of BC / KC into our trap."

"Is she trustworthy?"

"Yes, she is my best friend, Sohni. She has recently come out of jail."

"Oh so she has already visited jail. Fine include her in the plan." Rahul looking at Sohni said, "Agar tumne mujhe dhokha diya toh apni jaan se jaaogi!" (If you betray me you will loose your life!)

"Aap beifikar rahiye leader, mai sab sambhal loongi!" Sohni said. (Don't worry leader. I'll handle everything!)

"Yaad rahe mujhe Geet sahi salamat milni chahiye. Uska baal bhi baanka nahi hona chahiye! Yeh tumhara advance hai aur baaki kam hone ke baad!" Rahul threw a packet towards her. (Remember that I want Geet safe and sound. I don't want even single hair in her body hurt. This is your advance, remaining after the work is done!)
Unknown to the quarteret, Rajkumari Priyamvada had heard everything.

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Continue soon
Thank for pm

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Lovely Update

I'm really glad that both Maan and Geet are closing the distance between them now its time that he marries her in front of society this hiding game is carrying on way to long and Geet has to always lie about her husband
before it was because Maan did not believe in marriage now he does so she could have waited until they at least got married and end the lies
it seems that Rahul wants Geet at any cost

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wonderful update

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nice part dear
wow new entry...

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