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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

PREM YAA MRIGTRISHNA, Th.2, EPILOGUE 2 & 3 Pg. 92 **24/10/16 (Page 11)

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Awesome ipdate dear..
The royal family has left and Geet is now left alone in KOH..
But dadima has arrange maan's bedroom next to hers without her knowledge and she has also appointed a lady to take care of geet..
Geet was very excited for her ultrasound..
Maaneet went to hospital, though geet didn't wanna go with him but she didn't has any option..
Wow!! They are going to have quadruple Big smile
Maaneet were very happy seeing the foetus on screen..
Thanku for pm
continue soon

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Omg... Shocked Shocked Shocked four babies at once...
itne babies k logo ko 3-4 saal lag jate h bt yahan to maan k super sperms ne ek hi baar me 4 foetus create kr diye LOL LOL
Bt i m wondering how will geet cop up 4 babies all together LOL LOL

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                       [THIS IS A MEMBERS ONLY POST]
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                                        CHAPTER 43

ALL THE NAMES & PLACES ARE FICTITIOUS (if any resemblance to persons & places is purely coincidental). Any royal titles, MEDICAL PROCEDURES, MEDICAL TERMS, Punjabi terms, architectural terms, IT terms & programs, office hierachy, wedding rituals, etc. are from my imagination hence THEY ARE NOT TRUE. PLEASE DON'T BASH ME !!!!!



Maan and Geet entered KOH at late in the afternoon. Dadimaa and Mrs. Jhaveri were waiting for them. 

Seeing that Geet was being carried by Maan both the women got worried. "Maan beta, kya hua? Ge...Gayatri theek toh hai?" (Maan, what happened? How is Ge...Gayatri ?) Anxious Dadimaa rushed towards Maan.

"Dadimaa, Chachijee aap chinta matt kariye! Thakaan ke mare Gayatri se chala nahi jaa raha thaa! Woh kaheen ghir naa jaaye iss liye maine usse utha liya! Abb woh soo rahi hai toh mai usse uske kamre mein leta deta hoon!" (Dadimaa, Mrs. Jhaveri there is nothing to worry! Due to weakness she was unable to walk, therefore before she could fall I carried her. Now she has gone to sleep so I will lay her on her bed and come.)

"Haan beta! Hum abhi Nakul se keh kar uske liye juice nikalvate hain!" (Yes! I'll ask Nakul to take out juice for her!)
Maan nodded and left for Geet's room.

"Behanji, aap kyun takleef karti hain, hum juice nikal dete hain!" (Ma'am, why are you troubling Nakul, I will make it!)

"Magar yeh aap..." (But this is ...)

"Gayatri ne hummei apni Maa bola toh hum uske liye itna nahi kar sakte?" (Gayatri addresses me as her mother, can't I do this much for her!)

"Theek hai, jaisa aap theek samjhein!" (Alright whatever you think is right!)

Maan returned and Mrs. Jhaveri left to make juice. Once, Mrs. Jhaveri left, Dadimaa said, "Maan abb aapko aur Geet matlab Gayatri se phir shaadi kar leni chahiye, aur woh bhi poore reeti aur riwaaz ke saath sabke saamne!" (Maan now you must remarry Geet, I mean Gayatri will all rites and rituals in front of the whole society.)

"Dadimaa, chahta toh mai bhi yehi hoon magar Geet apne amnesia ke kaaran mujhe, apne pati ko bilkul bhool gayi hai. Woh toh apne jhoote Armywale pati ko hi apna pati samjhati hai! Maine kahaa ki bacche hum dono ke hain toh usse lag rahe hai ki hum dono ke beech koi naajayiz rishta hai!" (Dadimaa, even I want to marry her. But due to her amnesia she has forgotten me, her husband. She considers the fake Army husband as her real husband. I told her that the children are are ours and she feels we are in an illegitimate relationship!) maan said in a deafeated tone.)

"Hum jaante hain Maan, magar aap ko abb Geet ka samaan lautana hai aur apne bacchon ko unka haq dena hoga." (I know Maan, but you have to return her respect as well as give your children your name, which is their right!)

"Dadimaa, mai kahaan manna kar raha hoon, agar Geet maane toh mai aaj hi mandir mei usse shaadi karne ko tyaar hoon!" (Dadimaa, where am I denying anything. I'm willing to marry Geet today if she is willing.)

"Maan beta aap Gayatri ke pati hain?" (Maan you are Gayatri's husband?) Mrs. Jhaveri  who had come to ask Dadimaa where are the oranges kept for making juice, heard Grandmother and grandson's conversation.


Mrs. Jhaveri hugged and kissed Maan's forehead in a motherly fashion. Dadimaa and Maan told Mrs. Jhaveri, Geet and Maan's story from the time she joined Khurana's till now. Also they swore Mrs. Jhaveri to secrecy for Geet's safety! Before Dadimaa, Maan or Mrs. Jhaveri  could talk anymore, RK and Vicky walked in saying, "Maan batao mai kitne bacchon ka mai Dada bann raha hoon?" (Maan now tell me, how many childern I'm becoming grandfather off?)

"Aur mai Chacha?" (And me, Uncle) Vicky quipped in. 

"Are haan, hum toh aap se poochna bhool hi gaye!" (Oh yes! I forgot to ask that!) Dadimaa said sheepishly.

"Dadimaa, Dad aur Vicky aap sab chaar pote/potiyon yaa bhatiye/bhatijeeyon ke par dadi, Dadaji aur Chacha bann rahe hain!" (Dadimaa, Dad and Vicky your are becoming grandmother, grandfather and uncle of four grandsons/grand daughters/ neices or nephews!)

"KYA?? CHAAR!!" (What? Four!)

"HAAN! Magar Dr. Chauhan ne hidaiyat di hai, ki chaar pregnancies hone ki wajeh se woh full term wait nahi kar sakti. Iss liye bacche nau (9) mahine se pehle ho sakte hain agar koi complication hui toh. Geet ko bahut aaram ki, healthy food aur bina tanaav ke vatavaran ki zarurat hai!" (Yes! But Dr. Chauhan has forewarned that as there are four pregnancies, she may not wait for full term of nine months for normal delivery if any complication is present! Geet needs lot of rest, nutritious food and stress free environment!) Handing the ultrasound pictures to Dadimaa.

Just then Meera came carrying box of cake and sweets. "Yeh kya Maan bhai? Itni aachi khabar hai aur aapne sab ka muh bhi meetha nahi karaaya?" (What is this Maan bhai?Such a good news and no sweets!)

Make grim environment relaxed with Vicky yelling, "Mithaiii!" Vicky had ear to ear grin seeing his favourite sweet carried by his sweetheart!

"Ek minute Vicky pehle hum thakurji ka bhog lagaye ayein aur phir Geet ki nazar uttarenge uske baad aap mithaii khayega! Meera aap humare saath chaliye! Ashaji aap Geet ke saath baeithye!" (One minute! I'll first offer it to God, then ward off evils from Geet then you can have it! Meera you come with me. Ashaji please be with Geet!) Making Vicky disappointed to see Meera leave with Dadimaa. But at the door step Meera turned and winked at Vicky, making Vicky's day!

Seeing Maan serious, grim and worried, finally RK asked, "Kya baat hai beta? Tum humse kuch chupa rahe ho!" (Son, whats wrong? You are hiding something!)

Maan hugged RK and started crying, "Dad, mere gunahon ki sazaa bhagwan Geet ko de raha hai!" (Dad, God is punishinmg Geet for my sins!)

"Kiss gunahon ki tum baat kar rahe ho mai samjha nahi!" (Which sins are you talking about?)

"Maine Geet ka Dadimaa aur aap ke liye pyaar, uska akelapan aur uski majboori ka fayada utthaya thaa jis wajeh se woh iss contract marriage ke liye tyaar hui. Woh toh kabhi bhi nahi chahti thee Dadimaa aur aap se jhoot bolna yaa aap dono ko dhoka dena! Mene majboor kiya ki warna mai usse naukari se nikal doon ga. Maine use Khurana Scholarship ka taana diya thaa!" (I had used Geet's love for Dadimaa and you, her loneliness and helpless to make her agree to do a contract marriage with me! She never wanted to lie or cheat Dadimaa and you, but I threatened to sack her. I kept harping that she is under Khurana's obligation as she is studying on Khurana Scholarship!)

"Geet pichle dhaai (2 1/2) saal se apna Khurana scholarship se naam hatta diya hai!" (Geet hasd removed her name from Khurana Scholarship 2 1/2years back!)

"KYA??" (What?)

"Magar mujhe abhi bhi nahi samjh mei aa raha ki tum itna dukhi aur tense kyun ho! Aisa toh tum apne business rivals ke saath bhi karte ho!" (But I still can't understand why are you so unhappy and tense. You always used the same strategy with our business rivals.)

"Dad, doctor said if she is anyway stressed i.e. physically or emotionally, the bleeding can reoccur and we can end up loosing babies or her; or loose both her and babies. Rahul, Dev and Sasha have also joined hand and have combined. They have vowed to destroy Geet, Khuranas & me!"

"Bro, don't worry! Nothing will happen to Bhabhi or children. We will employ the best security service. Also we should contact Vallabhgarh and make them aware of the situation."

"I agree with Vicky!" RK patted Maan's back.

Dadimaa and Meera came back from the temple. Meera distributed the prasad while Dadimaa and Mrs. Jhaveri went to ward off evils from Geet!

A week passed and Geet was getting bored so she went to the corner of her room, where the wall was lined with books like in a library. She was browsing through the books title when a particular book caught her attention. She tried to pull the book out but it was stuck, Geet applied a little force but it didn't budge, but when she used more force to pull it, it became loose and fell on the floor with a thud sprawling the pictures on the floor which were hidden in the book's pages. 

Seeing the pictures of Maan and herself dressed in wedding finery standing side by side; 

Maan and herself sitting side by side doing ahooti;

 Maan applying sindoor (vermilion) in her parting; and

 Maan tying mangal sutra around her neck. Geet felt her head spin and before she could register anything she started swaying. Before her touched the floor she was picked up by two strong hands and that was the last recollection she had before darkness enveloped her!

Plz press 'like' & comment (if possible?)

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Continue soon
Thanks for pm

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Whoaaa maan needs to catch the trio before they harm geet.. Hey baba ji geet aur bachon ko kuch na ho.. Superb update yaarzz welcome back.. Atleast geet knows now that shes married to maan.. Cont soon hun

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Superb update maan took geet home all were tensed but he assured she is just tried hogi na char bacche Jo hai geet ke pet mein maan told he is geets husband Mrs jhaveri happy for maan dadi wants maan to marry geet but he is helpless as geet dosent remember him he is in lot of guilt for hurting her doc has strictly told no amount of stress is allowed to geet as it will be dangerous for the baby danger is lurking around as he knows his enemies r closing in geet finally comes to.know maan is her husband 

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Amazing update
Waiting for next update

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