Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

PREM YAA MRIGTRISHNA, Th.2, EPILOGUE 2 & 3 Pg. 92 **24/10/16

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Dear Friends, 
Thanks to all of you for your encouraging words, which has made us come to the second thread of PREM YAA MRIGTRISHNA!
Hope you enjoy this thread as much as Thread 1.

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Chapter 41                                          pg. 01

Chapter 42                                          pg. 09

Chapter 43                                          pg. 13

Chapter 44 & 45                                 pg. 17

Chapter 46                                          pg. 20

Chapter 47                                          pg. 24

Chapter 48                                          pg. 26

Chapter 49                                          pg. 29

Chapter 50(a),(b) & (c)                    pg. 33

Chapter 51                                          Pg. 38

Chapter 52                                         Pg. 41

Chapter 53                                         Pg. 45

Chapter 54                                         Pg. 49

Chapter 55                                         Pg. 55

Chapter 56                                         Pg. 58

Chapter 57(A)                                   Pg. 61

Chapter 57(B)& (C)                         Pg. 65

Chapter 57(D)                                   Pg. 68

Chapter 57(E)                                   Pg. 72

Chapter 58(A)&(B)                          Pg. 76

Chapter 59(A)&(B)                          Pg. 81

Chapter 60                                        Pg. 84

Epilogue 1                                         Pg. 88

Epilogue 2 & 3                                 Pg. 92

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                      PREM YAA MRIGTRISHNA 



It was twenty four years back when Mr. Mohinder Handa had first time seen Rajeshwari or 'Rano' as he lovingly liked to call her. Mohinder had fallen in lov it was love at first sight for him. But seeing Rano's dress and way of talking he ignored his feelings as he knew Rano belonged to an extremely rich family and he was an orphan who was brought up in an orphanage. Time passed and his feelings grew stronger no matter how much Mohinder tried suppressing them. Mohinder had now started working for Talwaar Constructions as a senior accountant. Due to his intelligence and perseverance within a year Mohinder was promoted as Head of Accounts Department. After two years, Mohinder on KB's advice decided to open his own company  Initially stages of growth of his company was tough but by his hardwork and connections he built during working for Talwaars slowly his company started doing well. When Mohinder finally completed his first illustrious project he hosted a party and called Mr. Balveer Talwar with his full family when he saw his love, Rajeshwari again after 3 years, as she was staying with Talwaars for her studies. The moment Rajeshwari (21 years) saw Mohinder (31 years) she was extremely attracted to him.  After that Rajeshwari  and Mohinder started meeting first as friends, then as date and finally fell in love (Mohinder was already in love!) and decided to get married. When Rajeshwari disclosed her wish to marry Mohinder to her family there were fireworks. Her brothers were still willing to consider Mohinder though he did not have a family to boast about but he was self made man and doing very well for himself! But her mother Swarnanjali Singh refused to agree and said that if Rajeshwari doesn't change her mind, she will disown Rajeshwari and thats what happened. The two love birds didn't want to be separated from one another despite of Rajeshwari being disowned and got married in presence of their close friends. Rajeshwari's elder brother did her "Kanyadaan" without telling their mother. As Mohinder always felt himself not equal to Rajeshwari, she did not tell him about her royal lineage so that his insecurity doesn't increase! 

Soon a year was over, and Rajeshwari (Rano) gave birth to a cute and hazel eyed baby girl and named her Geet. Mohinder knew no bounds of happiness having a loving wife and a daughter a replica of his love, his wife, Rajeshwari. Time starts flying when one is happy and  in love, so was with Handas. It was four years since Mohinder and Rajeshwari's marriage, Rano was expecting their second child. Six months passed, Rano took Geet (4 1/2years old) to the Mall to get some school supplies. On the way back from Mall, Rano was walking with Geet and was going to cross the road when she saw a uncontrollable swirling truck coming in Geet's direction, Rano pushed Geet thus saving Geet but unfortunately could not save herself and got hit by a truck. After Rano passed away, Mohinder had only two things in life, one was his business and second welfare of Geet.  Mr. Balveer Talwar and his family tried to convince Mohinder to remarry if not for himself but for Geet's welfare, but he continously refused till one day when Geet fell from staircase and hurt herself when Mohinder was in office. Finally Mohinder agreed to remarry for Geet's sake! Hence, Mohinder (37) married Pammi nearly half his age (24). Pammi who was only interested in Mohinder's wealth started poisoning Mohinder's mind against Geet. The finally trump card Pammi played was holding Geet responsible for Rano's death!  After six months of Mohinder and Pammi's marriage, the heart of Rano's lover trampled upon the heart of a father!  Mohinder threw Rano's most precious gift to him, Geet out of the house. Just then Chitralekha came and gathered Geet in her arms. Before leaving Chitralekha said, "Jeeja - sa, aaj aap ne naa kewal Geet ko magar Rajeshwari didi ko bhi apne dil aur ghar se nikaal diya hai! Aaj pehli baar mujhe bhagwaan ko dhaniyevaad dene ka mann kar raha hai ki Didi apni Geet ka yeh haal dekhne se pehle chali gayeen!" (Brother-in-law, today you have not only thrown out Geet but also Rajeshwari Didi from your heart and home. Today, I'm thankful to God for the first time to have called Didi to him so that she could not see her darling daughter's condition.)!That was last day Geet had spoken to Mohinder. KB's warning had come true about Pammi being a "gold digger". Mohinder had had just happened to return from his tour earlier than expected otherwise Pammi was all ready to auction the whole of Handa Properties! Mohinder refused to divorce Pammi otherwise he would have to give her half his property which he would never let it happen! Pammi could never concieve hence, she could never become a mother!

After Princess Chitralekha left Vallabhgarh & adopted Geet, both of them moved to Shimla were Geet studied till 12th standard; and then moved to Delhi for graduation. 
In Delhi, Geet got Khurana scholarship in ABCD University and started working in KC after RK saw her intelligence, potential & diligence. After working in KC for three years a day before Maan was to join as MD of KC, Chitralekha along with their neighbours children, whom Chitralekha had also adopted passed away in the house fire leaving Geet once again an orphan. 

Maan joined KC having his own set of rules, regulations & discipline! Geet was extremely efficient and thorough professional thereby impressing Maan. After about a month, one fine day Savitri Devi had serious heart attack and was insisting on Maan to get married. In order to reduce his grandmother's stress and keep her happy, Maan and Geet got married socially and legally had a Contract Marriage. For the family's sake they kept extending their marriage contract for nearly two years! During these two years both Maan and Geet came close to one another emotionally. Geet did all her wifely duties in front of the family and Maan all his husbandly duties! Maan and Geet's marrige was keot hidden from the world as Geet wanted to achieve success on hber merit and not becuse of her marriage! Geet had loved Maan for past 5 years and Maan was extremely attracted to Geet since he met her. He had fallen head over heels in love with Geet but considered it as infatuation! One day in a business party both got drunk by mistake and came close physically as well. After nearly two years of Maan and Geet's Marriage, they met with an accident on the way from Mumbai to Matheraan which resulted in both of them loosing their memory! Although Khurana family suspect Rahul and Sasha for both accidents but have no proof for it! On doing tests, it was found that Geet is 2weeks pregnant. Also, the DNA of Geet and Rajmata Swarnajali matched, thereby confirming Geet to be the daughter of their long lost daughter Rajkumari Rajeshwari. As Maan use to get violent hearing name "GEET", hence Geet's name was changed to Gayatri and she was sent with her Royal family first to Vallabhgarh and after 3months to Jaipur to work in BRIMINISHI CONSTRUCTIONS (BC). Maan and Geet met each other again at BC in Jaipur after three and a half months of accident but didn't recognise one another! Maan felt that Geet was married and pregnant, and Geet found him to be an "egoist, characterless and rude stranger"! But, Maan had fallen in love with Geet and wanted to marry her when a second accident occurred in Jaipur! Due to which Maan's lost memory returned and now he wants to start his marital and family life with Geet and his children. But as Geet still has amnesia, hence, Maan and the whole family have to plan to get Maan and Geet together and then get them remarried in front of the world!

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68yr. old. She was Chairman of Khurana Industries i.e. Khurana Constructions, Khurana Interior etc. but has now given resposibilities to her son, Ranjit Singh Khurana. She is currently Chairperson of Khurana Hospitals. She is also heading Charitable Institutions and Trusts. She is also Chairperson of newly inaugrated Khurana Foundation (KF). She has two grandsons-Maan & Vicky! She likes Geet very much as a person and future daughter-in-law of Khurana family.

50yr. old He is a widower. Chairman & CEO of Khurana Industries i.e. Khurana Constructions, Khurana Interior, Khurana Hotels etc. He is also MD of Khurana Constructions. He is a man of strong character. He loves Geet like his daughter. He has a wish along with his mother Savitri Devi to make Geet his elder daughter-in-law (badi bahu) i.e. Maan's wife, after Maan takes over responsibilities of MD of Khurana Constructions.

29yr. old. Eldest son & heir of Khuranas. He has a degree in Bachelors of Architecture as well as MBA degree. He has looks that girls just die for! Tall, handsome, having sexy stubble on his face & well toned body with 8pack abs. Very loving & soft towards his family. He has just finished his job in another Company, Shekhawat Construction as he felt he will be given undue leniency in Khurana Construction while initial working days. Now after two years of work in Shekhawat Constructions, he is going to join his father's company as MD of Khurana Constructions. He still cannot accept that sometimes reality and situations forces us to change our rules and regulations. 
The kind of life partner he wants he feels is impossible to get! Hence, he does not want to get married. Although he is not a "ladies man", but girls and woman cling to him for his looks, money and fame! He doesn't mind it as he feels that they are an arm-candy for him thereby helping him avoiding questions about his marriage and if there is a special woman in his life! He is very idealistic and is very particular about rules and regulations set by him or Khurana family even at expense of other person's happiness! 

27yrs old. Fun-loving, jovial & a prankstar. He works in Khurana Interiors as the head of designing department. He loves to party and have a nice time. He is a big flirt but soft hearted! He can even flirt with his Dadimaa. He is in love with Meera and was heart-broken when she rejected his marriage proposal. He is trying to woo Meera with Geet's help! He considers Geet as a sister.

49yr. old. CEO & Head of Khurana Hospitals. He is a famous heart surgeon. A very close friend of Ranjit Singh Khurana. Though Dr. Gupta belongs to a business family but was always interested in becoming a doctor. He refuses to work in a hospital by his business family as he feels they are too business minded. Hence, he joined Khurana Hospital. Though Savitri Devi is Chairman of Khurana Hospital but only for name the main person behind it is Dr. Gupta. He is also Dadimaa's doctor whenever required or can assist them by sending someone in emergency.

SASHA MAHESHWARI: 23yrs. Old. Works as an assistant architect. Very selfish and lazy in her work. Love to boss her juniors! She hates Geet as RK sir has a soft corner for her! She often belittles Geet on her way of dressing and behaviour! Her main aim is to marry one of the Khurana brothers.

Last but not least our favourite, ADITYA SRIVASTAV (ADI): 
28yrs. old. He is Head of Accounts department. Very close friend of Maan! His father was loyal employee of Khuranas. After his father's death, Khurana's employed him. He is very loyal to Ranjit Singh Khurana and Khurana industries. Adi can do anything for Khuranas especially, Maan. Maan trusts him the most professionally & personally. Adi saves Geet from Sasha's jealousy. Adi is very impressed and appreciates her hardwork!

21yr. Old. Geet is doing Final Year Bachelor of Architecture on scholarship provided by Khuranas. She is very bright in studies, topper of her batch but does not have finances for higher studies. Ranjit Singh Khurana saw her when he visited her college as chief guest to award her prizes. He realised her calibre and potential, hence, offered her scholarship to study further and a part time job as his secretary in Khurana Constructions to make Geet meet her daily expenses. Geet never takes undue advantage of Khurana's i.e. Savitri Devi & Ranjit kindness. 
She is true definition of beauty & grace. She has a milky white complexion, hour glass figure with doe-like hazel coloured eyes. She lives in a small house with her Mausi, Rajji and Tito. She is the only earning member of the family! A girl of very strong values and character. She never compromises on her self-respect and values. She has no time to think of her wishes and desires as she has no time between housework, studies and her job! There is one desire of hers or of all girls that is "a person to love her for herself as she is neither rich, beautiful (according to Geet),doesn't have a family or any status in society"?

Geet is the daughter of the long lost Rajkumari of Vallabhgarh Rajeshwari, and now is called RAJKUMARI GAYATRI SINGH 

She is now working as Professional Assistant (PA) to Chairman of BRIMINISHI CONSTRUCTIONS (BC) as well as Chief Architectof BC. She is now called as Mrs. Gayatri Singh to hide her true identity in order to be known for her merits and not royal lineage! she is pregnant.

48yr. old Geet's mausi. She is unmarried and doesn't have any child hence adopted Geet after death of her sister, Rano. Charu also adopted two more children. They are Charu's late neighbour's children namely, Rajji and Tito

52yr. old. Mohinder is Geet's father. He is fairly well off businessman of Chandigarh. He remarried after Rano's death to a young and beautiful girl. But his new young wife, Pammi can't stand Geet. Hence, Charu adopted Geet at her young age of 5yrs.
Pammi and Mohinder could not have any children! Now Geet was also legally adopted by Charu. Mohinder realised very late in his life that he has lost his most precious possession in form of Geet. Mohinder tried to financially help Geet to make ends meet but she politely said that she can't take help from strangers! He also remembers KB's continous warning against Pammi, which is coming true now!

23yrs. old. Receptionist at KC.  Very jovial, full of life & loves eating. Geet is Pinky's friend since joining KC! She understands Geet's pain and helps her in her trying times. Pinky loves Adi !

25yr. old. She is Dr. Shashank Gupta's daughter. She is Chief Architect of KC. She is Geets mentor in KC. RK & Shashank want Meera to marry Vicky. Although Meera loves Vicky but keeps it hidden. She has refuses to marry Vicky as she feels he is never serious about work and life! She admires Geet at being able to handle home, studies and work. She tries to support Geet whenever she can.

45yr. Old Mohinderlal Handa's friend cum lawyer. But he has broken all personal contact with Mohinder since he remarried and disowned Geet. He treats Geet as his daughter but could not adopt her as he was a divorcee with no intension of ever marrying! Geet's calls him "Dada". Mohinder without telling Pammi he has willed his property in Bangalore to Geet, which only his friend KB knows!

Rest office staff same as GHSP.


Wife of late Maharaja Rajveer Singh (fictitious name). Queen Mother of Kingdom of Vallabhgarh  (fictitious name). She was a strict and always wanted rules to be followed. She was a typical royal i.e. aristocratic,full of pride and self-importance. She had four children - two sons and two daughters, Prithvi Raj, Harshvardhan, Rajeshwari and Chitralekha. Rajeshwari had married a commoner against Rajmata's wish hence she was disowned. Initially there was no change in her attitude after Rajeshwari left but with passing of time she realised the importance of family. She realised importance of having her daughters, especially after Chitralekha also left! Rajmata started missing her daughters and started searching for them. Rajmata is desperately trying to find their whereabouts but there has been not much success.

Eldest son of Maharaj Rajveer and Maharani Swarnajali. Present King of kingdom of Vallabhgarh. He was furious at his mother for disowning his sister and has not spoken to his mother since Rajeshwari left. He married against his mother's wishes to Sumitra. She was daughter of their Diwanji. It was love at first sight for Prithviraj when he saw Sumitra. Prithviraj and Sumitra have only one son, Brij.

Second son of Maharaj Rajveer and Maharani Swarnajali. Crowned Prince of kingdom of Vallabhgarh. He was married to a sweet and docile pincess, Pallavi. Although it was arranged marriage but Harshvardhan fell in love with his sweet and docile wife soon. He has twin sons, Udayveer (Veer) and Yashvardhan(Yash). He lost Pallavi during the birth of his still born daughter. Since then has become an introvert and started painting his love, Pallavi.

Disowned elder princess of Vallabhgarh. Rajmata was very angry with her marriage to a commoner. After about half a decade of her marriage, Rajeshwari died.

Left Vallabhgarh around a decade and a half back. Rajeshwari died and Rajeshwari's husband did not want to keep the child with him and his new wife! Chitralekha stepped in and adopted an orphaned child of her sister, Rajeshwari. As Chitralekha was aware that Rajmata will not accept disowned Rajeshwari's child, so she too left the kingdom of Vallabhgarh. 

YUVRAJ KUNWAR BRIJENDRA SINGH (Brij)                            32yr. old next in line for throne after Yuvraj Harshvardhan. He is married to Padmini since past 7yrs. They have a 6yrs. old son, Rishabh (Rishi). He is the owner of meduim size construction company in Jaipur called BRIMINISHI CONSTRUCTION (BC). The company belongs to only his immediate family i.e. Brij, Padmini and Rishi and doesn't have anything to do with his royal family. Although he is the eldest son of Maharaj Prithviraj and is expected to handle the throne after Harshvardhan but he would rather like to hand it over to Veer or Yash. He prefers to be a selfmade man! 

RAJ KUNWAR UDAYVEER SINGH (Veer)                               26yrs. old. Veer is eldest son of Yuvraj Harshvardhan and twin of Yash. His main interest is in physical activities such as horse riding, polo, rowing and defence techniques whether its self-defence i.e. Karate; sword fighting or wrestling! Although he is a graduate but he doesn't have any interest in jobs which are sedentary! He is actually an undercover Commando. No one not even his family knows that he is a Commando.

RAJ KUNWAR YASHVARDHAN SINGH (Yash)                            26yrs. old. Second of son of Yuvraj Harshvardhan and twin of Veer. He is happy go lucky man! Extremely good at heart and sympathetic towards poor and needy folk. He is willing to give away even the shirt on his back for poor people! He is in Final Year of MS (Master in Surgery) wants to become a Surgeon specialising in Oncology (Cancer) so he can help poor and needy people in his Kingdom and outside as well!

29 yr. old. He runs an Interior Designing company. Childhood friend of Vicky. He loves Dadimaa and RK like his own family. He is not pally with Maan and tries to stay as far away from Maan as possible. Vicky requested Sid to help teach Maan a lesson and help Geet to win Maan's love and win back her prestiage in KM and Maan's life!

30yr. Old Psychiatrist. He had a crush (which Varun is thinking to be love!) on Geet when she was in school but couldn't tell her his feelings as she was too young. Then he had to leave Shimla for his MS in Psychiatry in Mumbai. When he returned, Geet had left Shimla. Now when he has found Geet, she is not only married but pregnant as well! To top it all now she has lost her memory as well!

21yr. old. She is Gayatri / Geet's secretary. She is very simple but well educated girl. She is an orphan. She wants to do well in life but by hardwork not by buttering up the bosses!
She is very fond of Geet and protective of her as well as Geet is pregnant.

He has no morals and beds a new woman every night! In office surrounding he was forced to keep himself in check hence curbed himself by just passing lewrd and obsene comments on female staff. He is very angry with Geet and Maan at getting him arrested. Rahul has made a vow to destroy MSK and Geet. He is basically an evil person. He is involved in smuggling of arms and ammunitions! His main business is to supply arms and ammunitions to the terrorist organisations and underworld. He can easily murder anyone if it is beneficial for him. WANTED BY INTERPOL!

He is married to Naintara Singh Rathore, but still wants to bed a new woman every night! He married Naintara as she came from a rich business family, but soon lost interest in her as the male family members refused to invest money in his useless business propositions. They are only tolerating him for their daughter/sister's happiness as Naintara belongs to a traditional and conservative family, hence her family is not agreeable for Naintara's divorce! 

Dev would have long back lost his job had it not been for his father, Diwaanji and Naintara's pleading in front of Rajkumari Padmini. He is a man of expensive tastes i.e. Wine, women, gambling, night clubs etc. As he requires money for his expensive life style he joined Rahul, but Dev only does Rahul's dirty work of baiting the prey, whereas Rahul does the killing. He wants to bed Mrs. Gayatri Singh but was unable to as Yuvraj Brijendra transferred him to Jodhpur making him extremely angry.

Rajkumari Priyamvada is Princess of Kingdom of Ramgarh. She is 23yrs. old and working as a volunteer in Ramgarh Foundation till she gets a job. She is a qualified fashion designer. While she was serving food in Ramgarh Foundation to orphan children, Rahul came and kidnapped her! Her security gaurds were out numbered by more and better armed henchmen of Rahul. She is in Rahul's captivity and waiting for her royal family to rescue her from Rahul's clutches.

30yrs. Old Handsome and muscular man. Abhimanyu or Abhi had helped Geet when her cottage had burnt down. He had also protected her from embarassing questions during police interrogation. Abhimanyu was then one star Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) as he had just joined the Delhi posting after IPS training. Few months after meeting with Geet, Abhimanyu had been promoted and got transferred out of Delhi as two star ASP. Abhimanyu Ranawat was now Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) in the Rajasthan cadre. He was in love with his batchmate Aditi Singh biut had not been able to confess his love to Aditi.

 Aditi Singh

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Congrats for the new thread Thumbs Up

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                              [THIS IS A MEMBERS ONLY POST]
          The Author of this post have chosen to restrict the content of this Post to members only.

                                                CHAPTER 41

ALL THE NAMES & PLACES ARE FICTITIOUS (if any resemblance to persons & places is purely coincidental). Any royal titles, MEDICAL PROCEDURES, MEDICAL TERMS, Punjabi terms, architectural terms, IT terms & programs, office hierachy, wedding rituals, etc. are from my imagination hence THEY ARE NOT TRUE. PLEASE DON'T BASH ME !!!!!


Location : Unknown Old barn of Hoshiyarpur 

Three people i.e. Two men and one woman were sitting with drink glasses in their hands. 
"My plan was so intelligent of getting their car breaks to fail, not once but twice!" Said the woman.

"No! It was my informing you of their whereabouts i.e.Jaipur!" One man said. 

"Wow! What brainy people I have!" Second Maan, who was also their leader said sarcastically!

"There is no reason to be sarcastic as at least we both came up with an idea, what have you done?"

"Yes! See by my idea both of them have lost their memory and will not remember our deeds. Now I can use that Geet to my advantage!" Woman said.

"I would love to spend a night with Gayatri Singh in my arms! Also I would like to kill that Yuvraj Brijendra who threw me out of main BC branch so that he could have Gayatri to himself!" Man said

"I don't know what you men see in that old fashioned behanji?"

"STOP IT BOTH OF YOU! LET'S CONCENTRATE ON THE MISSION, IF YOU PLEASE!" Leader yelled at both of them. "From now you both will follow my plan, as I'm having a consignment of arms coming soon which we have to hand over to a terrorist group and I need to use KC premises for this! But as long as MSK is in alert mood, we will not be able to enter in KC unnoticed. Hence, here is the plan...!"

"Fine! Why are you making such a complicated plan? Leave it to me leader, I will seduce the hotty MSK!"

"SHUT UP YOU IMBECILE! Your brain is same size as your skirt, miniscule!"


"NOW GET TO WORK! We don't have much time we have conclude this mission within two months! MEETING DISMISSED !"

Unknown to the trio, this conversation was overheard by an army man who alerted his head quarters! 


"Mamiji, aap ne mujhse ek sawaal kiya thaa Vicky ke aane se pehle ki "Geet chaar mahine pregnant hai. Toh jo bacche uski kok mai pal rahe hain, kya woh mere hain?" HAAN WOH MERE BACCHE HAIN! Aap ko aur baaki sabko bhalhe laga ho ki Geet ki kok mei jo bacche hain, woh mere nahi hain. Iss liye aap sabne unka DNA aur mera DNA match karaaya. Magar mujhe apne se zyaada apni Geet par vishwaas hai. Woh apni jaan de degi magar mere siwaiye kissi aur ko khud ko chunne nahi degi! Humara bhi normal pati-patni ki tehare jhagde hue hain, magar hum sabke saamne uske baare mei baat nahi karte the siwaiye ek daffa ke jab Natasha aayi thee. Mujhe woh raat yaad hai woh Chopra's ke project completion ki party thee. Aur hum dono mein phir se Natasha ko le kar jhagda hua thaa. Apne gusse ko shaanth karne ke liye hum bar mei juice peene gaye the magar bina bar tender se pooche jo orange juice bar ki mezz par rakhe the woh pee liya aur uss mein Vodka mila hua thee! Mujhe toh business parties mein peene ki aadat hai magar Geet kabhi nahi peeti hai. Iss liye usse woh raat shyaad yaad nahi hogi magar mujhe acchi tehara se sab yaad hai aur bacche mere hi hain. Mujhe abb iss baare mei aur koi baat nahi karni!" (Aunt, you had asked me a question,"Geet is four months pregnant. Are the babies growing in her womb, mine?" YES THEY ARE MINE! You and everyone here may have had doubt on the paternity of children in Geet's womb, but not me! You also matched their and my DNA! But I trust my Geet more than myself. She will kill herself but never let any other man besides me touch her! Like any husband and wife, we too had our share of spats but we always fought in privacy of our room except once when Natasha was here. It was the night when we were in a party held in honour of Chopra's Project completion, we again fought because of Natasha. To cool our anger, we went to the bar to have a juice. But without asking the bar tender had the drinks placed on the bar counter thinking them to be orange juice. But it was not plain orange juice, it had Vodka mixed in them. I'm used to having a little bit of alcohol as I attend business parties but not Geet as she is a teetotaler. Hence, I remember that night but Geet does not . The children are mine and now I don't want any more discussion on this topic!) Giving the Royal family their answer.

"Jawaai-sa aap krodhit naa hueye! Hum kewal iss liye aap se pooch rahe the aur humne DNA test bhi issi kaaran karaya thaa, kyunki Gudiya ko pichle sade chaar mahine se pehle ka kuch samaran nahi hai!" (Dear son-in-law, please don't get angry! We only asked you and also got DNA done as Geet is suffering from amnesia and has no memory besides that of past four & a half months!)

Maan walked away from study into lounge, where Geet was lying still unconscious! He sat next to her caressing her head and now that he was alone with His Mishty he let the dam of emotions burst in form of tears. 

His body racked with his guilt and pain and tears refused to stop,"Mujhe maaf kardo Mishty! Aaj meri wajeh se tum iss haal mei ho!" (Please forgive me Mishty! I'm the cause of your plight!) After calming himself he called Lalitha, the maid and leaving Geet under her supervision and care left for the washroom to freshen up. Unknown to Maan, few of his tears had fallen on Geet's arms and face thereby slowly awakening her from her unconscious slumber!

Meanwhile, in the study, Savitri Deviji along with Rajmata Swarnanjali, Maharaj Prithviraj, RK, Maharani Sumitra, Padmini and Vicky were discussing how to introduce Maan to Geet and bring them both closer before telling Geet the whole truth in least stressful way! Just then Maan walked in and said, "Mere hisaab se pehle aap sab (looking at Rajmata Swarnanjali, Maharaj Prithviraj, Maharani Sumitra & Padmini) yeh pataa kijiye ki Geet ke dil mei uske jhoote Armywale pati ke baare mei kya bhaavnaiye hain? Uske baad kuch aage sochenge! Abhi toh hum sab ko mauke paida karne padhenge jiss se mera aur Geet ka baar-baar aamna saamna ho!" (According to me, first of all you all (looking at Rajmata Swarnanjali, Maharaj Prithviraj, Maharani Sumitra & Padmini) please find out what feelings Geet has for her fake husband who is suppose to be in army! After that we will decide the next course of action. Now  plan ways for Geet and me to come in front of each other as often as possible!) 

Everyone who was gathered in the study agreed to Maan's idea and before they could start planning a flustered Chandu came rushing to the study saying "Didiji, hosh mei aa gayeen hain! Didiji, hosh mei aa gayeen hain!" (Geet Ma'am has recovered! Geet Ma'am has recovered!) Making everyone relieved and were about to rush to the lounge, when Maan stopped them, "Kya aap sab Geet aur mujhe pandrah(15) minute akele mei de sakte hain? Mai dekhna chahta hoon ki mai usse kitna yaad hoon!" (Can you all please give Geet and me 15 minutes alone? I want to see if she remembers me!) Maan requested. Although in Maan's dictionary there is no such word as request only order, but for his Geet he is willing to change.

Maan went in the lounge and found Geet sitting propped up against the pillows in a half lying position with her feet on the sofa. Maan signalled Lalitha and Chandu to leave. Seeing that both of them are alone, Geet was about to get up and leave the room when Maan in a very seductive voice said, "Don't get up sweetheart, it won't be good for you or the babies!"


"YES! You are going to have more than one child."
Geet was shocked and without realising rested her back against the sofa cushions."Do you remember who I am, sweetheart?"

"Yes! Your Mr. Maan Singh Khurana, MD of Khurana Constructions and heir to Khurana Industries! Stop calling me sweetheart!"

"Then what should I call you Mishty? Mother of my babies?"

"YOUR BABIES! How is it possible? I'm married. My husband is in the army! So how could I...?"

"What an absurd question? You are going to deliver our babies in five months and you are asking how babies are made?"

"You are lying! I can only be intimate with my husband and no one else! Hence, these babies belong to my husband and me." Geet said with confidence.

"Here see this DNA report, which very clearly states that the children in your womb are mine. I'M THE FATHER OF THE BABIES IN YOUR WOMB!"

Geet read the DNA reports and said, "No it can't be true. Please leave from here right now!"

"Your are asking MSK to leave him from Khurana Estate?"


"You are in Khurana Outhouse (KOH), which is part of Khurana Estate (KE)!"

"Very well in that case I'M LEAVING KOH & KE!"

"What will you answer my Dadimaa and your Nani-saa? After all they are very close friends!" Shocking Geet into silence but her temper was rising thereby making her face slowly turn red.

Seeing her rising temper could raise her blood pressure (BP), Padmini quickly walked in carrying a glass of juice saying, "Arre Gudiya, aap jaag gayeen, accha hua. Lijiye juice peejiye!" (Good you are awake Gudiya! Now have some juice.)

"Hummei nahi peena!" (I don't want it) Geet sulked like a spoilt child.

"Aap sirf ek aurat hi nahi hain abb, ek Maa bhi hain iss liye apne bacchon he baare mei sochiye naa ki kewal apne maan aur samaan ke baare mei." (You no longer are only a woman but a mother as well. So think about your children welfare besided your self respect & pride!) Padmini tried reasoning with Geet.

Understanding the meaning of Padmini's words, Geet took the juice glass from Padmini. Maan quitely walked out from rear as Khurana and Royal family walked in to the lounge!

Plz press 'like' & comment (if possible?)

(I know you all have guessed who the trio are! But will reveal their identity in next update!)

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ambbiha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 12:20am | IP Logged
Awesome part. Maan trusts his geet so much and thats what we were expecting from him. Those three idiots wont leave maaneet alone. How maan told geet about ther kids were awesome. Waiting for see ther tom and jerry playLOL

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nakh5683 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 12:56am | IP Logged
Lovely update so a couple ppl r after maaneet Twp lust after her one after maan let me guess it's Sasha rahul and dev one who was eyeing geet when brij threw him out he is planning a dangerous scheme as a terrorist attack but an army officer heard them maan explained the situation when they consummated though dosent remember but maan does he trust geet with his life he was in remorse for hurting his mishty but now when elders where planning to get them close SP that geet could know abt her memory loss maan wanted to know how much she remembers he told geet that she was carrying his baby showed her DNA results but geet denied but was shocked to know her nani and maans dadi r friends seems slowly she will be told abt her past

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