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New TS-YOU BELONG TO ME....Last part on pg 53 nd note on pg 54..on 8/5 (Page 27)

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Thanks a lot to all the lovely readers who had commented...
thank you all
well i m making it an SS..yayyy
but i think it will be ending in 9 or 10 shots...sorry guys cant extend more...

Guys i have updated bloodlines but have pm only those who told me to pm them..if anyone wants pm of that story do let me know...


Raman's P.O.V 

 Ishita and I Chilled at her place for a while We laughed, had fun , etc. Things Best friends would do We Played Until i had to go home She begged me to stay with her , But I Couldn't : I Talked to her before I Left "Ishita, Your the only girl , I Dated That I'm comfortable with" She smiles "And how many girls have you dated?" "Uhm..4" I Admitted She Flashes her teeth "Your my first , and your well the only guy I Talk too." She Says I Grab her in my arm and i look at her "You look Prettier without that glob stuff on your face" She blushes "I Only wear it to fit in" She Tells me "Don't Try to fit in , I Like you being Unique" I Confirm

She giggles and I Couldn't resist I Kiss her Okay More like We Were making out We were on her couch Kissing She allowed entrance of my tongue and I Stuck my tongue in her mouth She slowly does it back We stopped once we were out of breath "Well , I Got to go before I Get in trouble" I Say She chuckles and Kicks me out playfully "Lets do this again sometime , babe" I Suggest She smiled at that word :Babe She nods and I Ran Home Thinking About the Best day I Ever had I Walked into my house and My Mom Had just finished dinner "Raman where have you been?" My mother asks me "Over At Ish" I Stopped myself "Ishita's?" She says slowly


I Nod We Ate Diner which was : Mashed Potatoes , Green beans ,Macaroni and Cheese I Talked all about Ishita Except about her being my girlfriend "Mom" "Yes?" "Do You really like her?" "Well , shes a nice girl to me so Yes I Do Why?" She answers I Stuff my mouth with mashed potatoes and start talking Since my mouth was muffled she couldn't hear me "Raman, Stop with that" My mom hisses I Gulp down the mashed potatoes "Well we went out on a picnic and she just looked so irresistible so I Kissed and I asked her to be my girlfriend and she said yes" I Admit very fastly After that sentence I Was out of breath

"Honey , Are you asking me permission to marry her?" She asks I Raise my eyebrow , That was way out of the question I Shook my head slowly "Well , You sure sound like it" She answers "Just making sure you like her , cause shes going to be here alot" I Confirm "Fine by me" By the time dinner was done I Was happy , Thinking about my girl :

Ishita's pov:-

Today I Was going to Raman's house Mostly For the Upcoming Science Fair on Wednesday But i also wanted to see my Boyfriend I Started the day Getting dressed , getting ready for my day with Raman

I Was tempted to put on Makeup , I Was Debating on yes or no I Decided not to , but i felt weird without it My mom was dropping me off before she was going to work I Rang the doorbell Raman was smiling once he saw my face We Instantly hugged and he pecked my lips "Wow , you looks Great" I Smile , But i knew i did

I Greet his mother and she greets me back "Hey Kids , Have Fun , But Not too much fun" She Yelled Its not like we were going to do anything wrong right? But Raman Head me towards his room I Sat on his bed and started taking out our project We discussed how we were going to present it He's going to do most of the talking , well all of it I'm going to point to each thing he's going to talk about Once we're done We just just played around "Ready for tomorrow?" He asks me "I Guess" I Answer I Wasn't sure to act like Raman wasn't my boyfriend

" Ishita , I'm sorry"

"For What Exactly?"

"Thats we have to act like.."

"No Don't take blame It's all Shagun"

"Ugh, Shes soo.."

"I Know"

"You know instead of talking about sad things we could do"

Raman gets on top of me since i was laying down I Smile facing him "What?" I Wonder He smiles and starts Kissing me I moan a little and He smiles during the kiss I Still feel the sparks I Smile during The kiss also Soon Raman slowly Pulls away and stands up , he lightly grabs me also He carries me and he puts my legs around his waist I Wrap my arms around his neck He then Grabs my butt We Start Making out , and we continue Until we're out of breath I Move my hair out my face as we just sit on his bed breathing "Ahh" I Said Craning my neck "What happened babe?" He asked me "My NECK!" I Answer He Gets behind me and massages my neck Once My Neck felt better I Tilted my head back and i puckered my lips

He pecked them and stood up "My room's a mess" He Admits "Not really.." I Confirm "I Want my room to be perfect , for you" He tells me I Blush a little He grabs a duster and hits my butt with it With my mouth opened i grabbed a spray He put his hands up I Giggle and put the spray down "How long can you stay here?" He Asks "How long do you want me to stay?" "Forever" He answers "I Mean , with my mom and her job it's" He stops me "Wait your mom's working this weekend" I Nod slowly "Spend the night" He suggests "Wouldn't that be weird? I Mean We're not married or anything" I Question "I Know but , we have a guest room" I Sigh and I Agree "YES!" He yells , He grabs me in a hug and carries my feet off the ground "Don't have clothes" I say rolling my eyes "Wear that" He points at my outfit "Fine , Give me some clothes to wear so I Can save this" He throws me some clothes

"Raman , Can i ask you something?" "You just did" I Sigh "Do you think we're moving to fast?" "Why , are we , was the kiss too far?" "I Want to keep US together For as long as possible , I Don't know" I Remark "I Know , If we're going to fast just tell me" I Nod in response He gets up to me and Starts Kissing my neck up and down "Okay I..Think This is a little to far" I Confirm He continues "Oh yeaah?" He then gets to my lips I Slowly kiss back He puts his hand up my shirt "Whoa!" I Shriek He stops and chuckles I Knew he was playing around "You know you liked me kissing you neck" "No" I Tried covering a smile "Don't Lie" "Fine , I liked it" I Admit He laughs and reels me in close "Mmm" He moans low

He then grabs my butt I Jump a little He looks at me Our eyes facing "Ahh , can't do it" he pulls away "What?" "Your too sweet for that stuff" "What , are you talking about?" "No!" He says Instantly "Show me then" I Suggest "Nah" "Alright then" I Say I Push him on the wall and start Kissing him He pulls away "You want to play like that" I Smirk , He pulls me down to the ground and he gets on tops of me He Brushes his lips on mine I smile

I Push Him off me , but then he pushes me against the wall "Babe" He then smashes his lips on mine he carries me and we continue making out "We going to fast for ya , Hun?" He mocks me "Nah " I Answer "You sure sweetie?" He makes sure I Nod He squeezes my butt And i grab his hair and mess it up "Aye , I Spent forever getting my hair ready for you" "Mhmm" I Say biting my lip He starts fixing his hair i giggle "Oh its funny?" He Starts messing my hair up "Stop!" I Snarl "Or what?" "I Won't sleep over" He sighs and stops

He sighs and stops I Chuckle "Your Fun You Know" He smiles and blushes a little "Can't believe how cool a Nerd is" I Gasp and slap him softly "I'm cool huh?" "Nope ...Perfect for me , your my girl" He confirms Causing me to blush "Your mine , only mine" I Say The moment starts ending silent He suggest playing Truth or Dare He takes a Dare I Dared him to Promise me That Soon We get to start dating actually in public He accepted His mother called us for lunch

"Sounds like you guys were having fun" His mother says after we head Downstairs "Yea we were" I Say biting the chicken nugget i looked at Raman He grins and Finishes his lunch "Thanks so much for lunch" I Say to his mother She gives me a warm smile "Oh Mom Can she Sleep over in the guest room?" Ramans asks "No Problem" I Smile and we walk back to Raman's room I Used mouthwash before heading to his room because i HATE Having bad breath "Am I Your first kiss?" Raman asks me I Put my head down and Slowly nod "Wow , You're pretty good though" "Pretty good?" I Ask "Prove to me your better" He put quotes around better

I Take up the challenge and while he's laying down on his bed I Smash my lips on his and He kisses back I Pull away for a second "Okay Your Amazing now keep going" He admits I Smirk and he pulls me into another kiss Man This Guy , Make me Happy

Raman's P.O.V

I'm Happy with her , I Think I Love her And I Hate how Can't hug and kiss her In Public ~ Ishita was an amazing kisser Once we stopped she decided to tie her hair in a bun I Wanted to do it for her So I Did , but i failed "Raman, Your not good at this" She tells me I Appreciate her honesty though I Step back to let her do Her hair by herself We Start Talking about Random Things She Smiled alot and i laughed alot too. I Love playing around with her Shes My Best friend "Ishita" She looks up at me "You're my best friend and my girlfriend" She Flashes a smile I Noticed how she Was Different From Shagun I Never had this feeling about a girl The feeling is just so strong When i first kissed her I Felt sparks

And i still do "Lets go jogging" She suggests "Bad Idea , Shagun's Usually around here On Sunday" I Say She pouts a little "I Hate Her , she said i had a flat" She stopped herself I Tried to get it out of her "Chest!" She blurts out finally I Look down at her chest and She doesnt have a flat chest at all "Jealous" I Say coughing She giggles and punches my arm "Ayyee , Only friends punch each others arms" She smiles then Pecks my lips "OH CRAP!" She says I Raise my eyebrow "My Backpack" She Tells me "Lets walk to your house I Could use some fresh air" I Offer She Grins and we head out the door We walk in the Warm hot sun , talking . She Hopped on my back and I Had to carry her She was quite heavy though I Broke out in sweat once we reached her house She comes out with her stuff including Lotion , perfume , hair asseccories ,etc. And 2 water bottles She hands me one I Gulp it down "Am I That heavy?" I just gasp for air ignoring her question

We walk to my house , without piggyback rides She stopped my tracks my getting in front and me Her eyes sparkled in the sunlight "Yes?" "Raman, Do you think we'll stay together?" "Baby, I Hope we stay together forever, The only girl I Actually care about is you" "Awh" She Grabs my neck and gives me a quick peck She's Quite short but shes my shortie Once we get back to my house I Felt Dirty I Decided to take a shower , but i didn't want to leave Ishita SHe forced me to go I Hurried up with my shower I Returned to my room shirt off When Ishita saw me without a shirt All she did was Smile , not saying anything I Grabbed my shirt and threw it on

I Saw her frown a bit "Why so sad?" "No reason" She lies "Mhmm" She then hits my chest lightly I Chuckle on how weak she hit me "What do you want to do?" She asks me "Anything you want to" She looks at me like she didn't want that answer "Lets do something" She Suggests "How bout" I Answer I Sit Down and she gets on top of me I grab her waist and we start frenchkissing For the rest of the night until we got tired She Headed to the Guest Room

And I Laid on my bed Ready for School. ~ I Woke up with Ishita nosetonose on mine "Get up" She whispers I Got up and Got Dressed up Ishita was done before I Was. "Ishita" She raises her eyebrow "Why are you wearing makeup?" I Asked her "Because.." She looks down I Forced her too look me in my eyes "Please" She pleaded

"Fine" She smiles and I brush my lips on hers She bites my lip Spicy Once we stopped we headed downstairs to eat breakfast My mom was still in bed So I Microwaved us Some Hot pockets Ishita Ate that Fast and So Did I We decided to walk to school I Held her hand and we talked and laughed When we almost reached school "Meet me before every 2 periods" I Tell her "Where?" I Dragged her over a spot , Our new place

I Wanted to give her one last kiss Before we head to science Instead it kind of turned into a makeout session When we both pulled away she just smiled and she Headed on without me I Go in after her pretending I Wasn't with her When i walked up to my friends They said they smelt something They sniffed me , only to find out it was me Ishita's perfume rubbed off on me Dang. When the bell rings I Head to 1st period When I Walk into the room I See Ishita Grin when I Walk in I Take a seat About two seats behind her And We Just Talked about our projects We have to dress formal for the event A.K.A Science fair Which started at 5:30 p.m At School

Mr.Shekhar really Made everything clear When the bell ring I Ran out Happily I Headed to my locker , I Shoved my books in and Slammed it shut Only to have Shagun all over me "Babe , I Love You , Please take me back" She whispers in my ear "If you loved me Sleeping with other guys wouldn't be an option" I Snarled back Rushing to P.E "Oh Yea , Stay Away From Ishita" I Added She rolled her eyes


hmm  quite a long update so i want long comments tooWink

Do like and comment

Love HeartTanuSmile

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Superbb updatess

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Fantastic update
Ishita n raman being cozy cozy Wink Embarrassed
Shagun so chipku Angry
Why raman not accepting her publicly Confused
I want ishita vs Shagun for raman LOL
Ishita good kisser Embarrassed
Ishita was heavy but raman avoided her question Wink LOL Embarrassed
Waiting for update asap

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They r njoying
Why Raman hiding this from sagun
Sagun is so chipku
Update soon

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Raman ishita togetherEmbarrassed
Raman telling his mom was funny..
 Want them to go public n show shogun her place

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Oh god these are too much itni jaldi itni aage bad Gaye hein cool and will they remain together forever?? And den he asking his mom wether she likes ishita or not as if he is going to marry her Datz wat I also taught good and then he also warned Shagun to be away from ishita y did he say dat?? Shagun will do exactly wat he told her not to do na

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Superb update..
Ishra together n happy
Loved it

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Superb update dear 
Thanks for the pm 
Hot and sexy update 
Plz continue soon

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